Teen Titans Go! S3E31 Script

Arms Race with Legs (2016)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go

What are you doing?

Tryin' to jump 'n' touch this doorjamb, yo!

Wow, what a great way to annoy everyone.

Mama, don't you know, jumping and touching things is the way to show everyone how cool you are?

Those jumps are not cool.

Oh, yeah? Check this.


Boom! ALL: Ooh!

I want to be cool, too!


I am the cool!

Shamma Lamma Mu-mu.



Wow, there is nothing impressive about what you're doing. Please stop.

Can't stop now, Mama.

We're gonna jump 'n' touch all day!

Top of the fridge, yo!



The face!

Ooh! ALL: Whoa!

Touched it. Got it!

Blam! Smackey-smack!

Okay, Titans, let's take it up a notch.

Ceiling light!

[ALL GASPING] Impossible, bro!

You are as arrogant as Icarus.

Your wings will surely melt.

Don't be a Icarus, you dummy!

Your doubt will only make me leap higher!



How? Tell me how?

One word.



I'm all about the buns! BOTH: Ooh!

[CHUCKLES] That's right.

Nothing makes you jump higher than tight buns.

Buns? Are you kidding me?

Jumping has nothing to do with buns.

It's all about the legs.

Legs? More powerful than buns?


Prove it.

[CHUCKLES] Not interested.

Why? Are you scared?

The power of the legs isn't something to be used for fun and games.

Yup, she's scared.

I'm not scared.


[CHUCKLES] She's quaking.


ALL: Lady Legasus!

Behold the power of legs!



So much of the height.

[SOBS] My buns!


Buns are for burgers, bro.

We wish to make jump like you, friend Legasus.

I'm flattered, but no.

I just needed to teach you a lesson.

The power of quads, hammies and calves can be intoxicating.

Unchecked, that power can lead to bad things.

How can something bad look so good?

Come on, Lady Legasus, have some fun, please!


[CHUCKLES] Okay, okay.

I guess a little fun couldn't hurt.

That's what I'm talking about.

CYBORG: Thunder Thighs!

STARFIRE: The Incredible Quad!

BEAST BOY: The Calf!

ROBIN: Captain Cankle!

RAVEN: Together, we are the League of Legs.

Hop to it!

ROBIN: Wall! RAVEN: Window!


CYBORG: Walk sign!

STARFIRE: Smackey-smack.

Old lady!

ROBIN: Roller coaster!

Batman! STARFIRE: Batman!

Batman! Batman!




The city is so beautiful from up here.

You see, the Lady Legasus, nothing bad happened at all.

Our legs are still noble and pure.

I'll admit, that was fun.

But it's time to put the legs away until they're truly needed.

Whoa! What's going on?

Just legging it up Cankle style.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Dig on these juicy calves, Mama!

I thought we agreed to put the legs away.

We attempted to put away the legs, but they refused.

Also, I was hungry.

Hungry? Look at these hams.

Don't tell me they don't look delicious.


This is what I warned you about!

You're using your legs improperly and they're taking control of you!

Actually, we were just following your lead, Raven.

Yeah. You used your legs to jump higher than Robin.

And you enjoyed the glamor of legging it about town with us.

But I... But... But... [STUTTERS]

But, but... What's that, Mama?


Having car trouble? [ALL TALKING INDISTINCTLY]

What's come over you? You have to stop.

Try to stop us, Mama.




That's it.

I call upon the League of Legs to disband!

We would be happy to if you can prove you're still strong enough to lead the League of Legs.

A challenge?

A jumping contest.

If you win, we'll go back to being the Titans.

But if I win, you're out of the league forever. No way.

What? Don't have the thickest thighs on the block anymore?

Are you the chicken?

You certainly have the legs of such a bird.


Fine. I accept your challenge.

Good luck. You'll need it.

Because I've got a leg up on this competition.

Watch and learn.



Ha! Beat that.


How? Impossible.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I used to think it was all about them legs, but now I realize it's all about these legs!

Your legs.

They're becoming evil.

Oh, yeah. Sure. [CHUCKLES] Right.

Look at them.

We don't take orders from you anymore, Lady Legasus.

Or should I say, Raven!

You remember our deal?

Come on, you guys.

Let's stretch our legs.

CYBORG: Walk sign!

Old lady! [SCREAMS]

ROBIN: Roller coaster!

BEAST BOY: Batman! STARFIRE: Batman!

Batman! Sorry.


What have I unleashed on the world?

And I was the only one who could stop them. [GRUNTS]



Those cheaters rigged the challenge!

I knew these gams wouldn't have let me down.

Time for Lady Legasus to step back into the leg-light.

Lady Legasus.

You mean, the Lady Chicken Legs.

What you think you're doing dressed like that?

You lost, remember?

Didn't your mother tell you it's a bad idea to store weights in your onesie?



Put aside the threat in your thighs and cruelty in your calves.

It doesn't need to be this way.

How dare you challenge us?

You don't have a leg to stand on.

You're right. I have two.

Super, meaty ones.

Now here's something I think you might get a kick out of.


Ha! Kick, kick, kick, kick!


ROBIN: You're on your last legs, Legasus.

Join us or suffer the consequences.


I call upon the ancient Spirit of Legs.

Quadratus femoris, obturator internus!

Behold the power of Mega Legasus.

Your legs aren't the wet noodles I thought.

But can you stand up to this?

ALL: Leg lock!

We finish this now!


Cankle crush!


Quad quake!

Ooh! The ouch!

Thigh thrust! [GROANS]

My legs!

Not these legs, Mama!

You don't deserve those legs.

Or these.

Calf kaboom!



Wait... What happened?

I don't think our legs are controlling us anymore.

Oh, thank you for shattering all the bones in our legs, Lady Legasus.

We's was acting like real jerks.

We should have listened when you warned us about being corrupted by leg power.

I'll never use my legs again.

I know how you feel.

But in time, you'll earn the right to call yourself Captain Cankle again.

No. I will literally never use my legs again.

They're broken very badly.