Teen Titans Go! S3E47 Script

Who's Laughing Now (2016)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go


Dirty boy getting clean

Want to get that real good green

Put that soap where it goes

Put that soap on my toes

Soap don't get in your nose



[SHRIEKS] It happened.

Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, look.

It happened. [ALL GASPING]

Nice. Welcome to the club.

Show you what I got

Feelin' so hot

Everything that glitters is gold Oh, the wispy hairs.

Ew. Gross. All of you.

But they are so soft, Raven. Like the kitten cat.



You should be happy for me, Mama.

These hairs mean that I ain't a boy no more.

As a man.

Now I gots to do what all mens do when they be mens.

And what dos the mens dos?

Become a weightlifter. Drive fire trucks.

Show off their armpit hairs in public.

No, a mans gots to find his spirit animal.

[GASPS] I do not think you should look for the animal ghosts.

They're not ghost, girl.

Spirit animals in which your life experience.

They teach you important stuff, like how to get by in this big crazy world.

It's like college for dudes who turn into animals.

Well, I for once support any form of higher education.

Uh, isn't higher education usually really expensive?

Yes, but if he chooses the right spirit animal it will open a lot of doors for him.

That's right, Robin, my man.

And then me and my hairy pits will be on easy street.

[GIGGLING] He's soft.

[GIGGLING] So soft.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

While spirit animals are great, they aren't necessarily for everyone.

I'd hate to see you settle with so much debt and in this economy, whoo!

Personally, I think spirit animals have just become big business.

Focus more on sports and partying, than education.

Now with the money you'd spent on spirit animal have you instead considered in investing in, say, a rental property.

Or what about looking into a training school?

Who's talking about school, Cyborg?

I'm looking for a spirit animal, you knucklehead.


Perhaps the Silky could be your animal ghost.

[GHOULISH VOICE] Boo. Boo, boo, beware the phantom.

[YELLING] Boo, boo, boo!

[WHIMPERS] Not feeling it.

Then we'll go on a spirit animal tour, so you can make an informed choice like a man.



Ah, so many animals to choose from, yo.

How about a horned frog?


Ah! Nah.




Whoa, check out those bears. Nice.

That's what I want my spirit animal to be!

But the cost of being a bear is astronomical.

Maybe you should find a two-year community spirit animal, like that old donkey.


Then transfer to the bears.

In the end you get the same spirit animal.

No way, dude. Donks ain't cool.


I want to be a bear.


Uh, what up, yo?

My name is Beast Boy, and I want to be a bear.









BEAST BOY: Yeah, boy!


Well, how did it go?

[LAUGHING] They were all...


And I was like... [GROWLING]

And then this one dude was all like...


Does that mean you were accepted?

Yeah, boy. I'm a bear!

I have the happy feelings that you found your place amongst the animal ghost bears.

So, you're really going to live here?

It's so gross. There's bear poop everywhere.

That ain't poop, Mama.

My spirit animal already taught me that is called scat.

[ALL GROANING] That's going to be my major.

I'm going to be a Scatman.

Ta-ta-ta-ta-da-ta-ta-da. Scat I'm so the proud of you, Beast Boy.

We all are.

But how are you going to pay for this?

I got some government loan of salmon and honey.

Whoa, that's a lot of salmon and honey.

It will take forever to pay that back.

[SHUSHES] Once I'm a bear, I'll be rich.

While data shows having a good spirit animal leads to a better paying job, there's no guarantee those spirit animals are going to give you the experience you need to make it in the real world.

Chill out, bro. Whatever.

I'm a bear and that's all that matters.

Now I gots to get to the cave.


What up, my bear bros? I'm ready to learn.

Hope I gots what it takes.


Oh, man, a bear party? Shouldn't we be studying?


I guess a little fun won't hurt.






[GROANING] Oh, bother.


No, I'm not really into sports.

I really came here to learn about myself.


Man. Okay, I get it, you love sports.

But, like, this is supposed to be a higher education, right?


Uh, yeah, cool, yeah.



Guys, can you keep it down?

I'm trying to read my spirit animal book.

You guys are going to teach me something?


A picnic?




All that salmon and honey for this?



Beast Boy is sure going to be excited that we're bringing him clean clothes and this care package of goodies.


You know the rules. You stepped in the scat.

You're a Scatman.

Argh, fine.

Ski-bi dibby dib yo da Dub dub yo da dub dub


BEAST BOY: That's some good scatting, bro.

And I should know, I'm majoring in it.

I'm the Scatman.

Ski-bi dibby dib yo da Dub dub yo da dub dub


Beast Boy, how goes your journey with the spirit animals?

Oh, these spirit animals.

Man, all they do is party, play sports, and steal pick-a-nick baskets.

You mean, picnic baskets.

No, pick-a-nick baskets.

No, picnic.

Pick-a-nick. Say it with me.

Pick. ALL: Pick.

A. ALL: A.

Nick. ALL: Nick.



[GROANS] Whatever, I'm just saying this is terrible.

I think you're right, Cyborg.

I should have bought a rent-o-property.

Booyah. Told ya.

Well, consider it a lesson learned.

BEAST BOY: But now I'm in salmon and honey debt and the government is going to kill me!

No way.

We're going to get that salmon and honey back from those garbage spirit animals.

But we're going to have to beat them at their own game.


Spirit animals don't care about no education!

I'm talking about football!


Okay, spirit animals, the rules are simple.

You win, you keep the salmon and honey.

We win, he gets it all back.

Agreed? [BELLOWS]







We need a field goal for the win.


Are you cray?

It's too far. I can't kick it from here.

Maybe you can't, but have you considered a two-year spirit animal?

It's a lot cheaper and without the distractions of sports and partying, you can focus on learning.

I knows what you're saying, bro.

My spirit animal is going to be a two-year community donkey!




ALL: [WHOOPING] In your face, bears.

Guess that means you guys give me back all that salmon and honey, fools.



That's what you get for convincing people to spent thousands of dollars just to learn things they could figure out for free.

Leaving them with a mountain of debt and a useless piece of paper that reads, "Diploma."

They're pedaling a dream that doesn't exist anymore.

The bears are doing this?

That's right. We don't need to learn nothing!

As a man.

Whoo! Look at those pits.

Show you what I got

Feelin' so hot

Everything that glitters is gold