Teen Titans Go! S3E7 Script

Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory (2015)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go BEAST BOY: Summertime...


It comes and goes.

But last summer was...


And that magical time at the lake, we thought summer would last forever.

And in some ways, it has.

But when Robin died, we realized that time doesn't stop...

Not even for love.

Hey, I'm not dead.

Shh, I'm giving our summer some emotional depth, yo.


BEAST BOY: At the funeral, we learned that summer was temporary.

But those moments we shared were eternal.

Enough! I am not dead!

And summer is over.

And you know what that means.

Oh yeah! Labor Day, baby!

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Woo-hoo! Everybody...

No, it's time to go...


Excuse me?

You heard me. Back to school!

That's where you adopt the identity that will define you for the rest of your life.

And crane kick your karate rival from the evil dojo, while falling in love with Elisabeth Shue.

Dude, we're awesome teenagers with no parents.

We can do whatever we want anytime.

Why would we give that up?

Because our unique personalities that have never been previously depicted in film or media, are perfect for a school environment.

Star, with your good looks and friendly attitude, you're clearly the Homecoming Queen.


With your massive shoulders and bulging muscles, you're obviously a jock.

Raven, with your refusal to play along and deep seated anger, you're clearly a basket case.

What about me?

You, you're a nerd.

Huh, really?

I always felt more like a bohemian.

Shut it, nerd.

School isn't about what you feel on the inside.

It's about dressing up the outside, so everyone knows who you are by looks alone.

So, who are you?

Well, obviously, I am the all-American boy next door.

I am the guy who stands up to bullies.

The guy who is elected student body president.

The guy who becomes valedictorian.

Who's with me?

If going to school means being assigned an arbitrary label, we're not interested.

I'll buy you all new clothes.

ALL: We're going back to school!


Friends, I feel this is the beginning of a meaningful life experience.

There is so much hope here.

It's strange, it makes me want to learn and grow as a person.

Too optimistic, basket case. Stick to your label.

We need to be on the lookout for a bully, so this all-American boy can take him down.

Actually, I gotta get to English class, Robin.

Me, too. I'll come with, brah.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

You two cannot hang out.

But why not? They are the best of friends.

What about their labels?

Look at this massive jock.

He's gorgeous with his big muscles and handsome face.

There's no way he'd be friends with a nerd.

Just look at him. He's so small and awkward, always studying, talking about wizards and dragons all the time.


You think you can break down social boundaries, nerd?

Not on my watch.


Crane kick, crane kick, crane kick!



Man, we've been here five minutes and you already got us in detention?

Well, when I see a bully, I take him down.



No regrets. That's just the way of the all-American boy.

All-American boy? More like crazy crane kicking guy.

I am still unsure who exactly was the bully in that situation.

What, you didn't see this nerd trying to bully his way into hanging out with this cool jock?

Why do you care about labels so much?

Maybe, there's more to us than what's on the surface, bro.

[SCOFFS AND MOCKS] That's ridiculous.

We all have our parts to play and now that I trashed a bully, my next part is to become student body president.



Dude, I made it! I made the team!

That's what's up.

I never thought I'd be competing in an academical decathlon.

Friends, Raven has the most wonderful news.

It's just an article in the school paper, Star.

Turns out I love writing.

It's a great way to share all the feelings that I keep bottled up.

We're learning so much about ourselves, yo.

School is the place to be!



Vote Robin for student body president.

Progress is his middle name.

Ah! What is he doing?

Oh, no, he must think he is having one of the "Naked in school" dreams.

Wait, aren't people usually terrified when they have that dream?

[EXCLAIMING] Vote Robin!

Whoo! Vote Robin! Whoo!

Vote Robin! Break it down now.

He's really owning it.

He probably just thinks he'll wake up any second.

[LAUGHS] Yeah, boy!

Now, that's how you run for office.

Dude, you are naked in school!

I know.

And this is not a dream.

I know.

The student body will have no choice but to vote for the...



Oh, you think that's funny, nerd?

Try laughing at this.


Crane kick, crane kick! [GROANING]

I cannot believe we have been detained once again.

I know.

Now, I'm gonna miss the academical regional championships.

Who cares about your Nerd Olympics?

I was disqualified from being class president.

You're missing the point of school, Robin.

It's not about labels. It's about learning who you are and finding your place in the world.

Save it, basket case.

I have one chance left at being the all-American boy.

I have to become valedictorian, no matter what it takes.


Phew, I really studied hard.

No games, no scams, just honest effort.

I think... No, I know it paid off.

I am the proud of you, Robin.

We all are.


Yo, guys, the valet-dictorian announcement is posted!

[GASPS] Robin, you made the list.

[GASPING] I'm valedictorian!

No, dude, you're salutatorian.

[CRYING] What?

Salutatorian, you ranked second in the class.


Yeah, it's really good.

And Beast Boy is the valedictorian.

Turns out learning ain't hard, if you just put all your brains on it.

You're the valedicto-narian, baby!


No! I was supposed to be number one!

I'm the all-American boy next door!


Crane kick! Crane kick! [GROANING]

Crane kick! Crane kick! [GROANING]

Crane kick! Crane kick! [GROANING]

Wax on! [GROANS]

Paint the fence!

Sweep the leg!

Johnny, you're a cream puff!

I hate this stupid bike!

I'm from Reseda!

Thanks for getting us expelled, dude.

We shall never learn of our true potential now.

You guys were right.

I was wrong to assign us those labels.

I am glad you have come to the understanding that it is impossible to describe the complexity of a person with a simple label.

What? No. I just had the labels wrong.

I am actually the bad boy with a troubled past and an uncertain future.

My heart is my compass.

And these fists are my only companions.


Now, read this.

[WHISPERING] "Dear Principal, we accept the fact that we're..."


Out loud, nerd.

"Dear Principal, we accept the fact that..."


When did the Principal ask us to write a letter?

Keep reading or you're totaled, man.

Totally? Totally.

"Each of us can be described with the simplest label.

"A green guy who can turn into animals."

CYBORG: "A Cyborg."

STARFIRE: "A space princess."

RAVEN: "A half demon."

ROBIN: "And a super cool bad boy."


Crane kick

Falling, falling

Crane kick

Falling, falling

Lightning earrings

Skulls on my shirt

Crane kicks raining

I'm gonna make it hurt

Nowhere to turn

Nowhere to run

My crane kick will find you for everything you've done


I wanna crane kick you

Oh, baby, i

I wanna crane kick you

In the face

Crane kick

Falling, falling