Teen Titans Go! S3E9 Script

The Fourth Wall (2015)





Teen Titans, let's go

Teen Titans, go Oh, yeah! It's TV night!

Let's numb our minds, yo!


Hello, Titans.

Ugh, Control Freak. Change it.

Don't bother changing the channel.

Blah, there's nothing good on tonight.

Stop... Changing... The... Channel!

Sorry, I think it's the only thing on.

Control Freak, your evil pop culture references aren't welcome here!

What is the reasoning of this interruption?

Well, I heard it was TV night at the tower and I have the perfect show for you to watch.

Enjoy! [BEEPS]


RAVEN: Wait, that's us.

That's my jam!



We're in a show?

No, you are a show.

What are you talking about, you corrupt couch potato?

I have turned the Teen Titans into entertainment.

At this very moment, you are being broadcast to TVs around the world!

People are watching us?

Your every move!

The audience is watching you from just beyond the fourth wall.

Look for yourself.

People are watching us without our permission?

Ew! What a bunch of creeps.

Creeps. The creeps.

You fools be creepy.

Hey, stop antagonizing the audience!

[GRUNTS] I see why you'd want to broadcast this. [GASPS]

But what's your evil game?

This show was supposed to be my greatest achievement.

It was supposed to bring me awards and the respect of the entertainment industry.

Instead, everyone thinks it's garbage.

Why would anyone dislike us?

Oh, I don't know... Dookie jokes!

We don't just do dookie jokes.

Yeah! We do toot jokes, too, yo.


Your sense of humor is so lowbrow.


Yeah, lowbrow.

You've encapsulated us so well.

And then, there's your acting.

If you can call incessant screaming "acting."

[SCREAMING] But we are not the acting.

This is how we are!

That's even worse.

And finally, the audience hates how you look.


I'm talking about the animation quality.

Look for yourself. [BEEP]


Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't get any precious golden statues or industry accolades, but we don't care!

But you will.

Because if this show doesn't get better soon, I will reboot you all.

You're bluffing.

Oh, yeah?

I've rebooted the Teen Titans once before.

Look upon your previous incarnations. [BEEPS]


That looks like us... But better!

These Teen Titans were about character development, drama and heart.

I used to be so much cooler.


Shh, I want to watch.



Wow. Whoa! Oh... Oh.

What? That's how it ends?

And there is no sixth season to resolve the plot's hanging from the cliff?

You ended that show?

You monster.

Okay, okay, okay. I admit, rebooting those Titans, it was a mistake.

But rebooting you won't be if you don't bring me an award and soon.

Freak, out.

Titans, this is perhaps the most serious threat we've ever faced.

Er, where's Beast Boy?

Doing his underpants dance in front of the fourth wall.

Yo, creeps, you want to be creepy?

Creep on this.

Creeping like a creeper. Creeping like a creeper.

Get away from there, Beast Boy. No one wants to see that.

Oh, yeah, they do.

Uh, uh, uh... Creeping like a creeper.


Titans, focus.

You heard Control Freak.

If we don't improve this show, we'll be rebooted.

Well, if you think we should add more toots, I gots toots for days.

[FARTING] Stop with the toots and dookie!

They don't hand out golden statues for dookie.

But they do hand out toilet paper.


That's the kind of joke that's going to get us rebooted.

If we are going to play Control Freak's demented game, it's time to lose the lowbrow humor which means no more dookie jokes.

We do smart people comedy from now on.

Now, shut your butts and let's get highbrow.

I do say, did you hear the news about the election?

You'll have to speak up, I'm listening to the current exit polls concerning the election.


Would you care for a pear?

A pair of what?


Ah, nice word play, Titans, and those puns.

Now, let's check those brows.


Our next step to becoming a respectable, award winning show is improving our acting.

You're each going to say this line with the emotion I give you.

Cyborg, sadness.

"Mary took her ducks to the pond where they ate bread."


Did you lose your heart when you got those robot parts?

[WHISPERING] Hmm, yes!

Starfire, anger.

"The Merry ducks went to the pond and ate..."

That performance makes me angry!

Raven, happiness.

"Mary took her ducks to..." [WHISTLES]

Talk about range... Terrible.

Beast Boy, show me heart break.


Mary... Boo! Boo!

Watch me and you'll see what an award-winning performance looks like.


[DRAMATICALLY] Mary took her ducks to the pond where they ate bread crumbs...



Well, Titans, we've improved our acting and humor, but award season is almost here and we still have to do something about how we look.

Our design and animation.

Do you mean bringing dead people back to life?

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!


No, that's reanimation, Raven.

Oh, sorry, guys.


Animation is created by countless talented animators laboring day and night to create the illusion of life.

And, in our case, they're doing a terrible job.

I am sure the animators are doing their very best with the limited budget and aggressive schedule.

No excuse!

Hey, animators, take it up a notch.

We need higher quality and a more whimsical style.

Hop to it, let's go!



Now, that is some whimsy.

Feels like a student film, yo!

Oh, yes, a true labor of the love.

The quality of movement, it's astounding.

Now, let's put it all together and get ourselves some accolades.


Would any of you care for a slice of rhubarb pie?

[MAN'S VOICE] Why, I would love nothing more in the world than a slice of 3.14159.

How circular of you, Starfire!


Good one. Good one.

Now, if you would all excuse me, I need to toot.


How wonderful!

I believe our brows are the highest they've ever been and our performances are worthy of Shakespeare.

Congratulations, Titans.

This is a big improvement.

Then, does this mean you are not going to "reshoe" us?

Oh, I don't have to.

You already rebooted yourselves.


[GASPS] This was your evil game the whole time.

I can't believe how easy it was to make you change everything about yourself.

We won't let you get away with this.


Oh, you have no choice.

I can still reboot you with the push of a button.

Now, just sit back, be charming, and let the accolades roll in.


No, we have to be true to ourselves.

Even if it means being rebooted.

Titans, toot!


No, no, no, no! This is so low brow.

All together.


We's back, yo!

Not for long.

Reboot us if you want, Control Freak, but we are proud of who we are and what we represent, and we are not changing any of that based on your evil whims.

We are the Teen Titans!

We're in the club getting' busy Wow! That was really beautiful.

[STUTTERING] Maybe you guys aren't so awful after all.

Then, you won't reboot us? Oh, no, I'm doing that for sure.

Now, look out at your audience for the last time.

The fourth wall.

Titans, we have to break the fourth wall.

Then he won't be able to broadcast us.