Teen Wolf (1985) Script

(electronic music)

(drums mimicking rapid heartbeat)

(indistinct echoing voice drums)

(heavy breathing, rapid heartbeat)

(indistinct echoing voice)



You guys suck.

No, really?

(coach) You're looking good. Nothing to worry about. It's fine.

Hot, isn't it? Shouldn't have gotten in his way, Scottie.

Looking good out there, babe. How would you know, Stiles?

You want to forfeit the game? Yeah, what's wrong with that?

No. No?

My players have league scoring records at stake.

If we quit now you can beat the traffic.

There's a lot to learn from losing. We'll play if it's that big a deal to you.

(scattered applause)

(player 1) Over here, over here!

(player 2) Push it up.

It's not going too well, is it? Look at their sneakers.

If our guys had sneakers like that who knows what they could do.

(player 1) Shoot.

(player 2) We're all open.

That fat kid's got a great arm.


Over here. Pass it.

Forget it, dork.


(music building)

(man) Nice try.

I wanna get out of here.

It's not that bad. First game of the season, 11 more to go.

It's just a game.

You better shape up. I can't do this all by myself.

What is that? Liverwurst? What?

I thought you were on a diet, Chub. I don't know what you're talking about.

Chub, look at this.

Give me that. Stop snooping around in my locker.

Look, I can smell that liverwurst from over there.

Oh, yeah, right. Underneath these?

All right. Great game, guys. We showed them.

We lost, Stiles. The umpire needed glasses.

Remember that seven buck s? You owe me.

Without a keg, they won't let me into the party.

Where would you buy it anyway? Lend me five.

Later. Two.

Hey, Chub, how's the diet? Lemonade, you were terrific.

What the hell is that?

Lemonade, my man. What it is?

I'm raising some cash for the Afro-American festival...

Can we talk?

(buzzing sound)

Hey, Scottie, come on in.

Great game. Want a thigh or a wing? That's not necessary, coach.

You said that if we had problems, we should come to you.

That's what I'm here for. Great, because I got a problem.

What kind of problem? As you can see, I'm a very busy man.

It's kind of complicated. Oh, those kinds of problems.

What is it? Drugs? Girls? I'd like to help, but I'm tapped out.

The IRS is breathing down my neck like it's a personal vendetta.

No, coach. How can I put this?

I'm going through changes.

Don't worry about that. We all go through that.

Some a bit later than others.

Sorry I didn't notice. I haven't been in the locker room much.

I don't think it's gonna be possible for me to play on the team anymore.

Oh, yeah? Well look, I know what you're going through.

A couple years back a kid came to me the same way.

Saying to me the same thing you're saying.

He wanted to drop off the team.

His mother was a widow, all crippled up. She was scrubbing floors.

She had a pin in her hip. He wanted to drop basketball and get a job.

Now these were poor people. Hungry people with real problems.

Understand what I'm saying?

What happened to the kid?

I don't know. He quit. Third stringer, I didn't need him.

I'm a first stringer. And you work for your old man.

I should be coming to you when I need money.

Fine. Thank s a lot, coach.

Don't mention it. Like I said before Mi casa su casa.

Thank s.

(girls talking, laughing)

(girl 1) Are you going to work? Will you walk with me?

(girl 2) Catch you later, Boof. (Scott) Bye, Tina... Sheena..?

(Scott) I had the strangest dream. It was bizarre.

Was I in this one? You, Pamela and a bunch of chickens.

How the hell are you? Say no.

Great talking to you. Chickens?

Yeah, big chickens. Giant chickens. Like fryers.

(Scott) That guy was right. We do suck. No news there.

71-12. I don't even know what I'm doing out there.

I'm sick of it, Boof. I'm sick of being so average.

And it's not just basketball. It's school, this town, everything.

I like Beacontown.

I'd like my life to change. I don't wanna end up working for my dad.

You're father is a terrific guy. Boof, look at me.

Now try and be objective.

Am I all right? Is there anything wrong with me?

You should shower after basketball. I do.

Then there's nothing wrong with you.

Then why won't Pamela Wells say two words to me?

You can do a lot better than her. Like who?

Don't you have to be at work? Did I say something wrong?

No, no. See you at the party.

Hey, Angela. What was the score?

Very funny.

What was the score? Don't tell me, I'll lose my count.

Down to our last waffle iron.

How am I expected to compete with wrenches made in India?

I'm not Sears and Roebuck.

You look a little tired today. The coach isn't giving you steroids, is he?

Not likely. Maybe he should. We lost 71-12.

Beacontown hasn't won a game in... It must be three years.

(Scott hears high-pitched sound) Ow!

Don't take it personally. It's all part of growing up.

Yeah, I guess so.

Any deliveries? Down at the high school.

Some strange sounding guy called. Sounded like he was in a hurry.

I'm not sure what I wrote down. That's what the clipboard is for.

Well, it is.

(rapid heartbeat)

(high-pitched sound)

It's broken.

A dog whistle?

Hi, Mr. Thorne. How are you, sir?

Thank s.

What an arm. Thank s, Mr. Thorne. I appreciate it.

I knew he was out there.

I didn't actually hear him, but I knew he was there.

I could only see a thin white crack of light which set my bedroom apart...

(man) More sensual. We need to feel you, want to smell you. Hurt me.

...from the dense and heavy darkness.

But surely I could feel him. It was Nick.

(crashing noise)

What was that?

Sorry, sir. That was me.

What do you want from me? What do people want from me?

I am merely trying to rehearse. I'm sorry.

I've got the stuff that you ordered.

Are you from the hardware store? Yeah.

Pamela? Excuse me. Are you going to the party tonight?

I'd like to give you a ride. The paint. My paint.

A can of cocoa, a can of mauve. Am I right?


Kirk, how was my reading? Beautiful, darling.

Very sensual. I'm still in pain. Thank you.

You're welcome. Listen, about tonight... I'm serious. I'd like to take you.

I've got a van.

Hope your acting's better than your hook shot, boy.

I already have a ride.

Or maybe you were just acting like a basketball player.

He just delivers hardware, Mick.

Maybe he should get back to delivering it. Come on.

(Kirk) I said mauve. Not turquoise!

Mr. Lolley?

The boss says I'm to pick up a keg. Is that right?

The boss called you, right? Can't say he did.

Hot damn. The boss is throwing a bash for one of the boys at the gravel pit.

He just got paroled.


Well, I've got plenty of bread.

Here. There's a little extra for you.

Got to see your ID... sport.

I don't even like beer. Never... say... die.


What would you say if I wanted to quit the team?

Quit the team? Yeah.

That's pretty drastic. You're not the worst player they've got.

Your mother always said you could do anything you wanted to.

I was thinking of doing something else. Like what?

School play.

Theatre has its place, I suppose, but what about your commitment to the team?

Dad, has anything ever happened to you that was so weird...

Maybe we should have a chat. How's the king of nuts and bolts?

Stiles, nice shirt. Thank s. Come on, we're late.

Boof going with you? I don't know how she's getting there.

Is this OK? Don't worry, I'll get it.

Have a good time. Be careful.

Come on. Hey, listen. Stiles.

Is there a rash going around? Why, you wanna catch one?

I'm serious. No...

...but I heard Mr. Murphy, the shop teacher...

...got his dick caught in a vacuum cleaner.

Forget I asked.

Stiles, you're crazy. No, not crazy. It's perfect.

Now you just stick this in your pocket like this.

You don't say anything except "Give me a keg, buddy. "

Pay for it so he can't say you robbed him.

You know I'd do this myself, but that old guy already kicked me out.

Give me the gun. Give me the money.

I'm gonna try and buy it. That's it. He's a ball buster and it won't work.

(Stiles) It won't work. That's it.


Never say...


No, not that. No, I think I'll leave it. No, thanks a lot anyway. Bye.

Do you have any more of that liqueur? My sister really liked that.

Yes, thank you.

(dark-haired woman) Hey, Debbie, are you coming?

(rapid heartbeats)



I'd like a keg of beer, please. You don't say.

Yeah, how much is that? Do you have any ID, sonny?

You little bastards just won't give up, will you?

No ID, no goddamn beer. Can't you get that through your thick skull?

(with deep voice) Give me a keg of beer.

And these.

# Finding my way

# Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah

What did you say to that guy? Just, "Give me a keg. "

That's it? Yeah, that's it.

Well, Lewis. This is it. Tonight's the night.

Pamela is gonna be there and so am I. So is Mick.

He won't be there. They're going together.

They're not going together. Mick is like 20 years old.

He's still in high school because he did time in jail.

Forget Pamela Wells. They're not going together.

(Lewis) He's a total psycho.

Why don't you go for Boof? She likes you.

You sound like my dad. Pull over.

(Scott) Trust me. We've got to stick together.

(Lewis) I'm not even listening anymore.

Once and for all they're not going out. Yeah, they are.

Not. You're mistaken. You're crazy.

Lewis, take my wheels. I don't have my license yet.

Just do it.

Let's just go to the party. This isn't a good idea.

Surf's up.

Drive in front of us. Not too close.

What are you gonna do? Will you just do it?


I'm gonna go slow, all right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Don't worry. We've got everything under control.

You do your thing and I will do mine. Cowabunga!

(# "Surfin' USA", The Beach Boys)

(mimes to song)





Wipe-out! You all right up there?

Yeah, no sweat. But just watch those waves.

(Stiles) Hello, everybody. I have arrived.

You look great.

Yeah, nice hit, baby.

You are a cheese ball. That's my middle name.

You'd never catch me up there. You'd be the king of urban surfing.

No way, Louie. That's my baby. Give me that.

(disco music)


Looking for someone in particular? Not you.

There you go. She said two words to you.

Just like I said. No dry throats tonight. Did I come through or what?

OK, put it down over there. If we don't get to it, take it home.

(all) 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30!

That's it.

You got some kind of rash?

Matchmaker lady, the hat. All right.

Next up is... Whoa, help me Rhonda!

What do I have to do? Read the name on the paper.

It says, "Chubby".

Matchmaker lady.

All right.

All right, Chubby, baby.

You have to eat this whole bowl of Jell-O.

What do I have to do? Hold the Jell-O.

All right, next up is...


It's... Scott.

Booferino gets the Howard boy. I don't know if this is a good idea.

You're gonna love it. In fact, it's the grand prize.

Two minutes. Anything goes, baby. And don't disappoint us.

(muffled cheering, wolf-whistles shouts)

It's kinda funny that you got me. I lied. I got Malcolm.

Malcolm's a good guy.

You can come a little closer. I promise I won't bite.

(all) Go, go, go...

Take this cup to Thorne's house, tell him you're from the Board of Health and you want to check his... blood sugar.

Boof, I feel kind of weird. How do I feel?

What is this? You gotta see this.

See what? I don't see anything. Come on.

(Boof) Aren't you getting a little bit rough?

Hey, your fingernails!

(hand slaps face)

It's awful quiet in there.

(all) Oooh!

Do you guys think they're dead? There's only one way to find out.

So, tell us. What's it like coming out of the closet?

It was unexpected.


(muffled sounds from TV)



Jeez Louise.

Scott? Can I come in? No, Dad.

No, I'm doing something in here. I'll say.

You may be surprised. Whatever it is, you can tell me. I'll understand.

No, Dad. No, not this time.

Scott Howard, this is your father. Now open this door right this minute.

OK, Dad.

You asked for it.

An explanation is probably long overdue.

An explanation? Jesus Christ, Dad! An explanation? Look at me.

Look at you. It's not as bad as it look s.

Wait a minute, Dad.

You mean you knew about this and you didn't tell me?

I was hoping I wouldn't have to. Sometimes it skips a generation.

I was hoping it would pass you by. Well, it didn't pass me by.

It landed on my face. What the hell am I gonna do?

We really need to talk about this. Forget it. I don't wanna talk. Go away.

(wind blowing)

(wolf howling)

Tough night, huh? Yeah, you could say that.

And there was a full moon last night.

I meant to talk to you about that last evening, but you were kind of upset.

Here's a nice hot cup of cocoa. Look s like you can use it.

That'll help.

Look Scott, being what we are is not without its problems, but it's not all bad either. Tell me about it.

You can do things the other guys can't.

Oh, like chase cars and bite the mail man?

When you want it, you're gonna have great power.

And with great power goes a greater responsibility.

Your mom and I learned to live with it. And what if can't?

I can look forward to stealing babies in the middle of the night.

And killing chickens.

Fearing full moons, dodging silver bullets. Well, no thank s.

Don't believe all that stuff. With certain obvious exceptions werewolves are people like anyone else.

What I'm trying to say is the werewolf is a part of you, but that doesn't change the inside.

Look, I've got a bad outside hook shot. I'm allergic to eggs.

I've got a six dollar haircut. I mean, I have problems.

I don't need this one.

I gotta get to school.

That went well.

Hello. Hi.

There's something different about you. That's nice.

Did you change your hair?

Missed you at lunch today, Scott.

Oh, yeah. Hi, Boof. Sorry, I forgot.

Well, I have to go study my lines. Kirk... Mr. Lolley... he's so demanding.

Bye. Bye.

How's it going, Stiles?

The twins surely would have died if they hadn't been saved by a... what?

A miracle? Yes, I suppose.

But what form did this particular miracle take? Scott Howard?


Very amusing Scott, but you are correct.

The infants were saved and suckled by a wolf.

A she wolf. (echoing) Wolf, wolf, wolf.


Ahh!... tishoo.

Thomas Wolfe. Don't you people read what I assign you?

"Look Homeward Angel". Scott, it's a book. By Thomas Wolfe.

(echoing) Wolfe. Wolfe. (woman) Scott.

Come on, Scott. It's a lot simpler than it look s.


Just try, Scott.

(rapid heartbeats)


It's wet. You can't go in.

That's wet, too!

Don't change, don't change. Stay calm, stay calm.

Little far from you side, aren't you? No.

I mean, yes, sir, but the halls were wet.

Let me see your hands. Sir.

Let me see your hands now.

You don't have a marker on you, do you?

No. No, sir.

I've got my eyes on you and if you ever get out of line...

(bell rings)

Yeah, I gotta go.

What are you doing? Big brother keeps an emergency stash.

I got to talk to you about something, because it's making me nuts.

If it's that intense, I'll need a solid buzz to think clearly.

Look, I wouldn't even mention it to you, but I got to talk to someone.

If you're gonna tell me you're a fag, I don't think I can handle it.

I'm not a fag.

I'm... a werewolf.

Where would that scumbag keep it?



Scottie? Stiles, it's me.

What do you think?

Can you do that any time you want?

I guess so. I mean, I just did.

But sometimes it happens when I don't want it to.

What can I say?

You're beautiful.

Hey, what can a teen wolf do?

I can smell what you're looking for. The stash?

Oh no, I checked there.

Stiles, this is just between you and me, OK?

Yeah, yeah. TW.

Look at you.

You're gonna be glad you came to me, because with the right angles we're gonna turn this into something... monstrous.

Stiles. Stiles.

(Dad) Go ahead. Shoot it, shoot it.

(Dad) No way, no way. Don't foul me now. Here we go.


(Boof) Yeah!

Hi, Scott. Hi.

Boof came over for a little one on one. She's killing me.

What? What's so funny?

We were just chatting. Do you mind? No, why should I mind?

Well, I gotta get going. Would you like to walk me home?

Boof, I just got here. Scott.

Yeah. Thank s for everything.

You better work on that jumpshot. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Are you coming? Yeah.


Get in!

So, you guys were chatting. Harold Howard and his famous chats.

What did he say?

He mentioned you were thinking of quitting basketball to work on a school play. Yeah.

I can see why. She's very pretty, Scott.

But she has a boyfriend. A very large boyfriend.

The way things are going now I should just stay away from everyone.

Even me?

I couldn't get rid of you if I tried.

What? Do you remember?

How old were we? Six? Five.

I wanted to run away, but you wouldn't let me go alone.

I thought you'd get lost. We just walked around the block because our parents wouldn't let us cross the street.

I thought they were gonna kill us. But nobody even knew we were gone.

Did you ever tell anybody? Me neither.

Scott, if you ever need someone to talk to, if something is bothering you, I'll understand.

Not this time, Boof. You won't understand.

I've gotta go. Yeah, bye.

OK, now here's the drill. Play 'em man for man.

You know who you've got. (Stiles) Hey baby, ten hut. Nice haircut.

"Be all that you can be. " What is this? Is the president here or something?

Good luck, Scott. Thank s. Thank you.

It'll all be over in less than an hour.

Any strategy against Meechum, coach?

You guys are great. You got nothing to be ashamed of.

Go out there and give 'em hell.


(referee) That's a foul. Let's go.

(coach) Come on, set it up.

Up to the line, Scottie. You can do it.

(crowd) Ahh!

Go and get me some salt. Salt.

(referee 2) Flick the ball back to him.

(player) Go, Scottie.

Easy, easy.


(indistinct conversation)

(coach) Come on. Let's go.



Come on.

(cheering applause)

All right, guys. Let's play a little ball here.

(country music)

Hey Scott, did the coach know? Hey, I didn't know.

How do you feel? He feels... like a winner!

Boof, did you know? Are you kidding?

On the house, sonny.

Hey, Lewis.

Whoa, Mr. T. You may think you're special, but let me remind you that I'm still the vice-principal.

Hey, I'm no different than anyone else.

That's nice. You look good in that.

Well, Scott Howard. Hey, Boof.

Aren't you afraid you'll disappoint your fans?

I can't help that the town is wolf crazy.

This wasn't my idea.

There are some advantages. None.

All sizes. No waiting, everybody. Check it out. Right here.

Hey Scotto, tip of the iceberg, baby. We are cleaning up.

Boof, I've got something for you.

Here we go. Check it out. All sizes. No waiting.

Elegant. (Pamela) Scott.

Listen to this. Kirk wants you to be in the play.

He does? Wait a minute. What about basketball?

It won't interfere. It's a small part. Just for you.

Here, Pamela. This is for you. It's too big for me.

There are some advantages, Scott. Admit it.

You can murder my family. You can ravish my body.

But I beg you with all that is decent and holy, don't destroy my plantation.

Sergeant, burn the fields.

And when you're done with that, burn the house.


Wolf... wolf... wolf person. Whatever your name is.

That was really... Thank s, babe, I love you.


(knock on door)

Come in.

Hi. Close the door, please.


(rapid heartbeats)

Relax. We're just one big happy family in the theatre.


What happened to the wolf?

Can you just change back and forth whenever you feel like it?

Sure. Sometimes I have to get kind of worked up to be the wolf, but it's not too hard.

What do you think about to get worked up?

Different things.

Wolves aren't supposed to be shy.

Pamela, what are you doing?

You are an animal.



Five in a row.


Did you know he was gonna be here?

We had such a nice day today. Don't spoil it.

(Scott) OK, you got it.

Nice. Good. OK. Good form. Nice approach.

Oh, poo. Boy, that was nice and warm.

OK, address the ball.

Tuck in your tummy. That's good. OK.

Here we go. Are you ready?

Hey, that's my girl. Don't touch her again.

She's my date tonight, pal. You don't scare me, freak.

Underneath all that hair you're still a dork, Scott.

I've handled your kind before. Your mom used to steal chickens.

Till I blew her head off with a shotgun. Right, Scott?


(indistinct conversation)

So, does Mick always act like that?

You can hardly blame him. He is my boyfriend.

You mean was your boyfriend. Is my boyfriend.

But what about us? What about us?

This afternoon in your dressing room. Yeah?

Yeah... Well, you see the spring dance is coming up...

And I already told you I'm going to the dance with Mick.

(dogs barking)

Hey, Chubaroo, nice game, guy. Yeah.

At least we're winning. He is. When do we get the ball?

What good is the championship if we don't get to play?

It's not how you play, it's whether you win or lose.

And even that's not important. How about a celebration?

Chubby, ice cream sundae? I'm on a diet, remember?

Brad, glass of milk?

I don't get it. What's their problem?

Let me give you some advice. I have three rules Get 12 hours of sleep, don't play cards with a guy whose name is also a city and avoid ladies with dagger tattoos.

Stick with that and everything else is cream cheese.

Great game there, Scottie.

Thank s, coach.

(Scott) Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Where did you get this? We traded in the Nova. Even swap.

How much extra did you pay for this? Even swap.

For certain considerations. Lookey here!

Stiles. Hey, surf's up?

Yeah, surf is definitely up. Let's go pick up Lewis, OK?

What? What is it with Lewis? He's avoiding me, right?

He's scared of me.

We've got fine wheels, good tunes and a total disregard for public safety.

You're right. OK, let's go. Surf's up.

Wait a minute.

These waves are mine.

( # "Surfin' USA", The Beach Boys)

(Scott) Unbelievable!

(Stiles) You know what? You look great up there!

Missed you at the hardware store.

Sorry. I was with Stiles this afternoon. I know.

You saw? Yeah, I saw.

Unless that was another werewolf doing a handstand on Stiles' wolfmobile.

Look, Dad.

I'm trying to get a grip on this. I really am.

Is Thorne still on your back? Yeah, Thorne...

...some Neanderthal named Mick and the entire basketball team.

You've dug your own hole with those fellows, but...

...this Thorne business is my fault.

What do you mean your fault?

It goes back a few years.

As you know, I loved your mother since we were kids.

We were meant for each other.

But for some reason Rusty Thorne set his cap for her too.

No matter what we tried, he wouldn't go away.

One night, things got physical and... And you turned into the werewolf.

Out of anger, Scott. I turned into the werewolf out of anger.

In front of his beady, little eyes. Was he scared?


He lost control of his bodily functions. I wish I could have seen that.

It wasn't a very nice thing to do. But it worked.

After that he never bothered your mother or me.

But to this day, I don't know who was the most frightened that night.

Old Rusty Thorne... or me.

You gotta get a hold of it, son.

Morning, Daisy. Morning.

Boof. What's up? Nothing.

Why does anything have to be up? I thought I'd walk to school with you.

Got any plans for the spring dance? Hadn't given it much thought.

I'm surprised they haven't decided to call it "Teen Wolf Ball".

Will you... go with me to the dance? I'll think about it.

Is that a yes? Yes. On one condition.

You take me to the dance. I thought we just established...

You, Scott Howard. Not the wolf.

No. Look, I've got to be the wolf. That's what everyone expects.

Is that what you want? Everybody likes the wolf.

All right, almost everybody.

You said it yourself. If I go as Scott Howard, I'm gonna be average.

Why do I have to be like everybody else?

That's not a problem for you anymore.

And I guess I don't have a date for the dance.

Look, Boof, I'm sorry. I can't.

Hey, listen. You'll still dance with me, won't you?

Even if I'm a werewolf?

Yeah, I'll still dance with you.

And feed me grapes? Don't push it.

Tickle my paws?

(# "Saturday Night Fever", The Bee Gees)

She's right. You are an animal.

(disco music)

(girl 1) There he is!

(girl 2) Oh, my God!

(girl 3) You look fabulous. Absolutely gorgeous!

(Scott) Nice to see you. Thank you, thank you... How are you doing?

Hey, save me a dance? You'll have to ask my escort.

Stay away from her tonight. I'm warning you.

Hey, Stiles.

Thank you. Thank s.

Hi, how are you doing?

(all) Wolf, Wolf, Wolf...

You still wanna dance with the wolf?

Your public wants you. Do you mind?

(# "Big Bad Wolf", Bunny and the Wolf Sisters)

What? What am I gonna do about you?

Hey, Boof, I am what I am.

All I said was I might wanna dance with him.

You can't possibly take it seriously. Not unless you want to have his puppies.

I want Scott for just a half hour. I really missed him.

Stay away from Pamela. She's mine. Stick with your own kind, freak.

Like that little tramp. (people gasp)


Mick, watch out!

What are you all laughing at?

Get back here. You're just some kind of animal.

Come on, freak. Get back here. Let go of me. Let go.

Get back. I'll rip your head right off. Come on, freak.

I'm not through with you yet. Come back, freak.

This isn't done by a long shot. Get back in here, freak.

Come back here, freak. We haven't settled this yet!

Hold it.

Now you've done it.

You don't know how long I have waited to get you right where I have you.

You're never going to play basketball again. You know why?

Because you're not going to be here anymore, that's why.

You're out of here, Mr. Howard. And don't you...

Thorne. Go on home, son. Go ahead.

I'll handle this.

You never learn, do you, Rusty? You stay away from me.

I want you to leave my son alone.

He's a good kid. He's just having a tough time right now. OK?


I knew I could count on you, Rusty.

You can murder my family. You can ravish my body.

But I beg you with all that is decent and holy, don't destroy my plantation.

Sergeant, burn the fields... Hold it. Hold it, baby.

...down the house. Hold it right there, babe.


...this is a full dress rehearsal. We need to see the wolf.

So wolf out, wolf up, wolf it. Whatever you do. Pronto amigo Mr. Lolley. I've been doing some thinking and I decided I'd rather play the part as me.

Well, play it. Play it as myself. That wouldn't be theatre, would it?

See, no one wants to see you.

Well, like I said, I'd rather play it like this.

OK, I see. How am I gonna put this to you?

Look at it this way no wolf...

...no part. What do you think?

Wow. Bummer, huh?

(Stiles) Hey, Scottie.

I'll have Friday nights free. Even if you won't be the wolf, do you have to quit the team? Are you kidding?

You've seen me play basketball. I suck. They want the wolf. I can't do it.

Wait a minute. What's going on? What are you guys talking about?

We're talking about the wolf, Stiles. I can't do it anymore. You saw what happened.

Are you crazy? Maybe.

The championship is coming up in less than four hours.

Everyone's depending on you. Are you gonna let down your team?

Your school? This whole town?

What about me? I've got a large investment going on over here.

Hey, Scott, do it for me.

(bell rings)

I gotta go, man.

Scott, help me out. Do the right thing.

That's all I wanna do, Stiles. That's all I wanna do.

(cheering screaming)



(all) Boo!

Chubby, get time. Come here.

See that?

Come on.

That's a purple heart, kid.

(coach) Smart basketball, Brad, taking a charge like that.

Oh, man.

So where's the wolf? Not today, coach. No wolf.

Wait until the second half. Build up their confidence.

Look, coach, no wolf. Not now, not ever.

I wanna play, but I gotta be myself.

OK, but we're gonna get our brains beat in, you know.

Sure you won't change your mind? I've had it.

This is all your fault, Howard. I think we can take these guys.

Terrific, now where's the wolf? No, I mean it. I think we can win.

This is the championship. It doesn't matter how we got here. We're here.

If we're gonna win, we gotta do it ourselves. We don't need the wolf.


(male spectator) Harold, your boy let us down.

(Mick) You're dead.

(Scott) Shoot. Shoot it.

Shoot it!

Shoot it, fat boy.


(# "Win in the End", Mark Safan)

How much more can you take, freak? As much as you can dish out.

What's so funny, dork?

That's four fouls. One more and you're out of there.

Come on. Make your move.


Come on, fat boy. Try it.

You gotta get back. Get back.

You got two shots. Get back. Off the court.


(ball bouncing)


(# "Shooting for the Moon", Amy Holland)

Let's blow out of here. Drop dead.

Ripped by: SkyFury