Teenage Bank Heist (2012) Script



[Breathing heavily]




Morning, Cassie. Glad you could join us.

Sorry I'm late. Hi.

Good morning. Kid's late again.

Okay, you have a good day, Mr. Rodriguez.

[Mr. rodriguez] Thanks. You, too.

Hey, what took you so long? I thought you left the house right after me.

I did. Traffic was unbelievable.

Okay. I'll log you in. Go get your drawer.

No. Mom, please. I got it.

Cassie, honey, I know you want to stay up all night and talk with your friends online, but you can't come in here 20 minutes late all the time.

Mom, this is, like, the second time this has ever happened.

Just relax.

Actually, it's the third.

If it happens one more time, Mr. crenshaw's gonna let you go.

He said that? Why doesn't he just tell me to my face?

Because I'm the one that convinced him to hire you.

That is so passive-aggressive.

[Female dispatcher on radio] Unit 6, what's your 20?

Unit 6 at union and west kalmia.

Okay, you may not need this job, but I do.

Oh, so I'm making you look bad? Is that what you're saying?

If I'm such an embarrassment to you, then why do you force me to work here?

Force you? Do you know how many kids your age are out of work?

Besides, I thought you wanted to save for college.

You know, lately, I don't know about college.

You promised me you would enroll at the j.C. This fall.

Maybe I changed my mind.

[Scoffs] When are you gonna get serious?

Here we go again. You don't want to work.

You don't wanna go to college like the rest of your friends.

Look, I don't care what you do with your time.

Just find something...

Anything you're passionate about... and do it.

Mom, can we talk about this at home?

I'm at work.

Ugh! You remind me so much of your father it's not even funny.


Turn around. What... no.

Your hair's... I don't need your help!

Your name tag's upside down.

Mom, I didn't mean it. I just...

I'm sorry.

You're right.

It's just... Sometimes I forget.

What? That you're all grown up.


Look, I know it's corny, but to me, you're...

Always gonna be my baby girl.

I can help who's next in line.

[Whispers] It's not corny.

Oh, God. Mom... [Man] We're being hit!

[Yelling] Don't shoot!

Don't shoot! Mom...

[altered voice through speaker device] Go!

Move! Yes.

Step away from the counters, now! Stay down!

Stay down. Stay down. Open the door!

Three seconds, and I'll shoot him!

Nobody move! [Gasps]

[Voice altered through speaker device] Take out your cell phones, now!

Toss them on the floor! All of them! Get down!

All the phones! Let's go!

Hurry up! Do it!

All right. Everybody into the vault. Let's go.

Go, go, go! Go! Get up! Go! Okay. All right.

Move it! Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go! Okay. Wait...

Go, go! Faster!

Go! Hurry up! Ow, ow!

Wait a minute. You come with me. Mom!

Get in there! Stay there! Mom!

[Screaming, yelling] Get over here.

Please don't hurt them. Please, I'll do whatever you want.

You do everything I say, exactly how I tell you, okay? Okay. Yeah.

Move it!

Are you crazy? My daughter's out there.

They'll shoot you both. I'll take my chances.

Now give me that key!

Hurry up! All of it. Put it in the bag.

Right on time.

Let's go.

Listen to me. Go outside and let them in.

Do whatever you normally do.

Don't try to give them any kind of funny signal, 'cause if you do, I'll shoot you in the back.


Good morning, Cassie.

Good morning.

How's your day going? Really good. You?

Another day giving 100% to the top 1% so they can keep me in the bottom 10%.

How's your mom? She's good.

That woman deserves a promotion.

Five years working for this company, and I bet she hasn't missed a single day.

Kind of makes you wonder why the hell we even do this crap.

Where is everybody?




Bob, please, they have my daughter.

I cannot just stay in here.

What if it was your daughter?

Hurry up. Gotta make sure.

Hey, John, you all clear?

Hey, John, do you copy?

Give me the "all clear," buddy.

Bob, please.

I'm sorry. I can't.

Give me that key!

Dispatch, officer's radio is 10-3.

I'm going inside to check it out.


Where are you going?

[Grunts, groans]

Put the money in the bag!

Hurry up! Go!

[Groaning continues]

Robbery in progress. Shots fired.

[Dispatcher] Copy that, unit 6. Police en route.

The zipper's stuck. What? You kidding me?

Why are you doing this?

Let's go.

[Man] Oh, watch out.

[Woman] What are you doing? Be careful.

Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Watch out.

Get in the back of the van, quick!


No, don't! Hey!

What the hell is the matter with you?

[Grunting] Stop it!

Take it easy!

Come on! Stop it!


Wait a second. I've seen you before.

From school. You graduated last year.

She didn't graduate. She got kicked out.


Hi, Cassie. Why is she here?

She recognized me.

Oh, that's great. Just great.

Are you out of your mind?

What the hell is going on?


How much you get?

Probably twice as much as we expected, but so what?

A hostage, Abbie? Seriously?

I had to. She was not part of the plan.

Yeah? Well, bringing live ammo wasn't part of the plan, either.

Wait. You did that? Yeah. And she shot the guy from the armored truck.

Oh, my God. We killed somebody. We didn't kill him.

He was moving when I ran out of the truck.

I can't believe it. We're screwed!

Everybody just chill, okay?

We're not screwed. It's a black market gun.

I made sure to cover my ass, unlike Abbie over here, who stupidly decided to bring her best friend along...

Her best friend who's gonna talk.

She won't. She knows us. She will.

What were you thinking, Joyce?

You could've got us all killed.


[Police radio chatter]

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I am f.B.I. Agent Christine mendoza, and I'm gonna be leading this investigation, which means I'm gonna have to speak to each and every one of you.

So please don't leave the premises.

Folks, I'm detective barker.

Please have a seat in the sterile holding area over here.

Detective, I'm Joyce aveson. If you need medical help...

My daughter... ma'am, please. We'll be with you in a moment.

Just take a seat. They kidnapped my daughter.

Come with me.

I swear to God, if you tell the cops I did this, I'll tell them you helped Abbie plan this whole thing, which you practically did.

Knock it off! We hold Cassie until tonight.

That'll give us time.

You can go get out of the state, and I can do what I gotta do.

[Girls grunt]

What the hell are you doing?

Taking the back way.

The cops will be looking for us on the main road.

[Girls grunt]

What does she mean, that I helped you plan this?

Abbie, what does she mean by that?

Forget it. The less you know, the better.

Don't listen to Marie. She's full of crap. Watch your mouth.

Wait just a minute. So a couple weeks ago, when you were asking me all those questions about the bank...

My schedule, how many employees are there, the vault, what time the armored truck arrives...

I thought that you just wanted a job.

I was trying to help you.

And you sure as hell did. Shut up, Marie!

I trusted you.

I'm sorry.

And you set me up.

How could you guys do this to me?

Cassie, take it easy.

Why, Abbie? I had to!

Grace, stop the van right now. I'm getting out.

Okay, cool. So you're gonna let her call the shots now.

Is that what you're gonna do, grace?

Grace! Cassie, calm down!

Grace, do it now! [Grace] Cassie...


Oh, my God!

[Grunting, yelling]

An armored car driver was shot this morning as two heavily armed men wearing ski masks held up the palm vista bank here on the 2300 block of El cajon boulevard in downtown San Diego.

The robbery happened right around 9:30 A.M., just under an hour ago.

Fortunately, the driver sustained only minor bruising due to the bulletproof vest he was wearing at the time.

According to the bank's manager, the two masked men escaped with an undisclosed amount of money and were last seen driving away from the bank in a green van.

Must be nice to work with your daughter.

[Joyce] It is.

I got her the job to spend more time with her.

Her dad died of colon cancer when she was ten.

Sorry to hear that.

I haven't really been there for her.

Maybe I was the reason she was getting into trouble at school.

What kind of trouble?

Oh, she was suspended.

For what?


Takes after her mom.

Well, I hear this morning in the vault, you and your boss got into it.

Yeah. I was trying to help Cassie.

So you interrupted an armored car driver who attempted to stop the getaway?

Yes. He was aiming toward my daughter.

I understand how you feel. I'm sorry.

As a mother, I believe I have the right to protect my child.

But you forget, these armored car drivers are trained to handle the situation.

Do you have children, Ms. mendoza?


Well, then, forgive me when I tell you that you're wrong.

Because there's no possible way you could understand how I feel.

[Barker] Mendoza.

We got the surveillance video cued up.

Please stay put.



Is everybody okay?

I need help. [Coughing]

Easy. I think I messed up my leg.




You okay?




Cassie, stop!

Cassie! Cassie!

Get off of me! Cassie, please stop!

This is how you pay me back? What?

For last semester in the locker room?

I can't even believe you're bringing that up.

I got suspended for fighting, for defending you, and this is how you thank me?

This is the thanks I get?

You almost killed us.

Marie... I ought to pop you right now!

Come on. Take it easy. I told you she'd try to run to the cops.

She can't afford to. Like you said, if she goes to the cops, we'll say she was in on it.

We'll say she's the insider.

But that'll never happen, because she's gonna do what I say.

Right, Cassie?


Grace and Abbie...

They might be your friends.

Don't confuse them with me.

Come on.


[Mendoza] Okay, now check this out.


Does that look weird to you?


Play it again.

Right there.

She says something.

Why are you doing this?

What do you think?

I think I'm gonna go talk to the mother again.

We need to pull everything out of the van and wipe it down.

You do that. I'm getting my money.

I... I think I broke my leg.

The bone is popping out. I am so sorry I grabbed the wheel.

I should never have done that.

Shut up. Take this.

Start picking up the money. Go.

Abbie, we gotta get outta here.

Yeah. No kidding. Someone might see us.

I got it handled.


I said I got it handled.


[Barker] A moment prior, she's cowering in fear.

Then, suddenly she stands, and they stare at each other for nearly ten whole seconds.

Now, I'm no psychologist, but I'd say given the proximity, they seem pretty comfortable with each other.

That could mean anything. You have no idea the emotional hell she was going through at that moment.

Actually, I do. Were you there?

He was aiming a gun at her, point-blank.

Ms. aveson, I spent ten years at the border during the Mexican drug wars.

El Paso, matamoros, Tijuana.

I've seen more than my fair share of hostage situation, kidnapping attempts and beheadings.

Great resume.

You wanna impress me?

Find my daughter.

I think they know each other.

What? [Barker] It adds up.

Body language, the way they talk to each other, ten seconds of visual recognition.

You have got to be kidding me. A dozen people in a vault.

Your daughter is the only one chosen to empty the cash drawers and escort the courier from the armored car.

They grabbed the last person to go into the vault.

That just so happened to be Cassie.

You show me a video of these bastards sticking a loaded gun into my baby girl's face, and then you try and tell me that she's working with them.

Are you crazy?

We'll talk about this later. Please excuse us.



Let me check yours, Abbie. We'll do it later.

Don't worry. You'll get your cut.

My God, Marie! You called your boyfriend?

What did you tell him?

Everything. I kind of had to.

That was not part of the plan.

Baby, baby!

Nobody's supposed to know about this!

[Laughing] Come here.

[Laughing] You all right?

Let's see what you got. Oh, my God.

Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Whoo!

[Laughs] Hey, Nick.

How'd you get here so fast?

You live across town.

A shortcut.

Who's this little sport-rocket?

Shut up. She's not your type. [Chuckles]

[Marie] Let's go.

Bye. [Groaning]

We have to get her to a hospital now. I know.

Come on. God, let's get the hell out of here.

Up you go. [Nick laughing]

Come on. We gotta get somewhere. Here.

I got you. Come on, come on, come on.

[Nick laughing]

Come on. Yeah!

Okay. Be careful. [Nick] Yeah! Whoo!



[Printer whirrs]

What's taking her so long?


She's probably updating her Facebook page.

"Hey, everybody, I just robbed a bank!

O.M.G.! So much fun!" [Laughs]

You're not funny, Nick.

So, why is it that they brought you along?

Your driving skills?

Oh, kiss my ass. Abbie needed help.

I was the first person she called.

Was this worth the money?

We didn't do it for the money.


I think they know each other.



Wow. Nice.

When can we take her to the emergency room?

Don't worry about it. Abbie, you do what you have to do, okay?


I promise I will get you there as soon as I possibly can.


That's them.

Hello, Abbie. You got the money?

It's right here.


Where's my dad?


[Man grunts]


I'm okay, honey.

They hurt you.

It looks worse than it is.

Are you all right?

I did what they asked.


Oh, my God.

Where did you get all that? Don't worry about it.

I'm gonna bring you home, okay?

Just be strong another couple of hours.

Abbie, what did you do?


You bring $500,000 a coyote pass, off highway 98, 12 Miles east of ocotillo.

You park at the road block, then hike in half a mile.


At the old water tank, you're gonna see a road.

Wait for us there. Okay.

4:00. You come alone. No cops.

Do exactly like I say, or he dies.

Oh, and I'm gonna keep your papa's computer. I like it.

[Clicks off]


Hey. I just got a call from the station.

It looks like they might have found the getaway van.

Where's the mom?

Haven't seen her.

[Cassie] So how did it happen?

You know how my dad does real estate in foreign countries?

Three weeks ago, he went down to Tijuana.

He said they grabbed him right off the street.

Drug cartel, mafia...

I have no clue who they are.

But they called me and told me that I had to give them a half a million dollars by today, or they would kill him.

Pretty good scam, if you ask me. Who's asking?

Ow, ow, ow. Sorry.

Why didn't you just go to the police?

You heard what he said.

If I go to the cops, they will kill him.

Aren't they in Mexico? I mean, how would they even know?

They told me that if I tell the cops, the cops will tell the feds, and the feds will tell the Mexican government, and they would find out, because they have people working inside the Mexican government.

Okay, so, why didn't you just use your own money?

Your father's, like, a millionaire, right?

This house alone must be worth, like... zip.

Mortgaged to the hilt.

My dad lost everything in the recession.

We have nothing.

[Marie] Boo-hoo.

Poor little rich girl, forced to live like the rest of us.

Ever since I lost my mom, it's just been me and my dad.

I didn't have anybody else to turn to.

Why didn't you just come to me instead of doing all this behind my back?

If I had, would you have helped me rob the bank?

That is 370,000 United States currency, baby, and that's just what's in this bag.

Whoo! Give me the bag so I can check the rest of it.

Let go, Marie. No, you let go.


What was that?

Someone pulled in front of your house.

It's Cassie's mom.

Mom... Grace...

[muffled shouts] She saw me!

Hurry up! Put Cassie in the bedroom!

Nick, get the money off the table!

You kidding me? I just finished stacking this up. Nick, now!

No, I don't think so. Bring me the other bag.

I'll count it. Abbie!

Hurry up! Go! Now! Freaking kidding me.

Come on, come on, come on!

[Joyce] Abbie!

I know you're in there!

[Groaning] Easy.

Please open this door.

If you say a word you're dead.

If your mom walks through that door right now, I'm gonna shoot her in the face.

[Joyce] Abbie!


Here. Right there.

Abbie, I need to talk to you now, please.

You know that I saw you. Please open this door.

What are you doing?


Everybody be really quiet.

Hi, Joyce. Good morning.

Hi. Abbie, I don't suppose your dad's home?

Mm-mm. He's on a business trip. Why?

Where's Cassie?

W... um, she's not here.

Abbie, don't lie to me.

I'm not lying.

Is Cassie in some kind of trouble or something?

I don't know. Is she?

You're really starting to scare me. What is going on?

I think you know exactly what's going on.

I do? Because I... Cassie!

What... hang on! Cassie!

Wait... no. She's with you, right? She's working today.

Stop with the act. I know you were at the bank today.

Where is she?

At the bank. She's not at the bank.

You took Cassie hostage. What?

I could've told the police. I didn't.

All I want is my daughter.

Please. Where is she? Joyce, slow down.

[Whispering] I saw a big roll of plastic in the garage.

We dig a hole in the desert, get rid of both of them.

[Whispering] Shut up.

[No audible dialogue]

What is that?

This is a still frame from security video at the bank.

This is the wrist of the person who robbed us this morning.

My God, are you okay? Was anybody hurt?

Abbie, stop it.

I was with Cassie when she bought that for you.

A million people have bracelets like that.

Cut the bull!

No offense, but are you on, like, some kind of medication or something?

Because none of this makes any sense.

A few weeks ago, Cassie told me you were asking her a lot of questions about her job.


Why were you so curious?

Joyce, be real.

Do you really think that I'm the kind of girl who would rob a bank?

You're telling me that you have been here all morning, alone?


Prove it.

I guess you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

No, I'm gonna look in every room in this house.

I'm gonna go out there and shoot her right now. Wait, wait.

Cassie? Get in the bathroom. Get in the bathroom.

Cassie, are you back here? Wait! Joyce, wait!

Ms. aveson, please!

Cassie, are you back here? Wait!

Oh. Hey.

Baby, what's going on?


This is, um...

This is my friend's mom.

Oh, hi. I'm Jack.

[Nick, Abbie chuckle]

Babe, why don't you go back to bed?

I'll be in in a minute.

Are you sure? Yes.


[Sighs] I love you.

I love you, too. [Chuckles]

I can't get enough of this.


[Nick, Abbie chuckle]

I'm sorry I lied.

I wasn't alone.

Please don't tell my dad.

I guess I owe you an apology.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. You've been through a lot this morning.

What about Cassie?

Do the police have any idea where they took her?

No, not yet. Um...

The cops said that once the bank robbers get far enough away, they usually let the hostage go.

But I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm really sorry.

What's this... Coyote pass off highway 98?

Oh, that's just a message for my dad.

Some guy called about some kind of development out in the desert.

I'll have to remember to give that to him.

I'll let myself out.


[Sighs] She's gone!

[Mutters] [Grunts]


Hey, that's twice today I've saved your bacon.

Least you could do is say "thank you."

I'm not sensing gratitude right now. No.

I think Abbie needs to learn that it's better to give than receive.

[Cassie] Abbie...

We're taking it all.

We had a deal. I changed the deal.

Marie, please. Between your bag and mine, I'm sure we've got over a million dollars right now.

Our agreement was to keep everything over 500,000.

That's not enough for you?

I've expensive taste.

Okay, what about Abbie's dad? You saw what they did to him.

If they don't get the money they asked for, they're gonna kill him.

That's Abbie's problem, not mine.

Let's go.

I say we kill all three of them, cover our tracks.

It's not required. What if they talk?

Then they'll get 30 to life for armed robbery.

They're stupid, but they're not that stupid.

Come on. Let's hit it.


Come on.

You think you're better than me, don't you?

Come on.

What's happening? We need to get outta here right now.

Why? Because Nick and Marie are gonna be back any second, and this time, they will kill us.

Move. But...

Mm. [Sighs]

When we get to the hotel in Reno, I'm gonna throw this money all over the bed.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.

And then I'm gonna throw you on top of it...

[Chuckles] And then I'm gonna take off my...

What the hell is this?

[Yells] You gotta be kidding me.

[Marie screaming]

I'm gonna kill her! I'm gonna kill her!


Cassie, I'm gonna drop you off a couple blocks away from the hospital.

I know that I have no right to ask you for a favor, but can you please wait to talk to the cops until after 4:00?

Just give me that time to get my dad back.

Can you promise me that? Yes. Yeah. I'm just worried about...

Abbie, let's go. Okay.

We're gonna take my dad's car so grace can fit in the back seat.




Hold on, hold on, hold on. Damn it!

The car is gone!

Check upstairs. Yeah.

They're not here.


[Police radio chatter]

[Mendoza] So what exactly did you see?

Well, there were four women who came from the van, and then they walked up that hill, and...

A brown truck arrived, and a man stepped out, and then everyone got in. They drove off.

Women? You're sure?

Yes, I'm pretty sure I know what a woman looks like, dear.

What age were they?

Well, the guy was in his late 20's, and the girls were college age.

High school, maybe.

And what ethnicity were they?

Well, they were all white, except one girl was African-American.

Looks like she'd broken a leg. They were helping her walk.

This is a long shot, but any of the girls look like this?

You know, I was standing all the way over there.

I'm not sure...

Yes. Possibly.

Yes, one girl did look like her.

Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Wells.

Agent mendoza, before you leave, maybe you could help me.

I'm looking for someone.

His name is Gary. Gary Wells.

He's seven years old.

He should be back by now, but I haven't seen him yet.

I'm very, very worried, and I want you to look for him, please.

Okay. I'll do that.

I'll wait for your call.

All right. I want you to alert every emergency room in the area to be on the lookout for an African-American girl, 18 to 25, with a sprained ankle or a broken leg.

Whoa. Wait a minute. You don't actually believe what she said?

My grandfather was the same way.

One second, he'd be sharp.

The next second, he'd be...

Floating off to another planet.

Not gonna hold up in court.

[Cassie] How did you know they would rob you?

I didn't. But when we flipped the van, Nick came to pick us up way too fast.

And then when we got home, I saw footprints in the house, and the back door was unlocked.

I always lock that door.

My guess is, while we were robbing the bank, Nick broke into the house and was waiting to ambush us when we got there.

But then Marie called him to come pick us up. Yeah?

Come get us. We crashed the van. You what?

You heard me! You got the money, right?

Shut up, and get over to the old dirt road!

Yeah. I'll be right there. Regardless, he and Marie were planning to screw me over all along.

So while you guys were waiting outside in the car, I counted the cash, and I put it underneath the bathroom sink and replaced it with my dad's paperback collection.

Hello. This is Joyce.

Mrs. aveson, this is detective mendoza.

I've got some new evidence involving your daughter.

What is it?

I'd like to discuss it in person.

Can you meet me at the f.B.I. Headquarters on 3rd street?

One last favor:

When you talk to the police, leave grace's name out of it.

Um, hello! Thank you.

Cassie, I don't have that long.

Are you really gonna go talk to the kidnappers without any protection at all, like a gun or anything? Do I have a choice?

I mean, my life's over.

I'm gonna go to jail either way.

But I'm gonna try to get my dad back first.

I'll see you later.


I'm coming with you.


Cassie... Just shut up and drive.

[Joyce] So when do you think this happened?

According to eyewitnesses, the car crashed at about 10:30 A.M., 45 minutes after the robbery.

But by the time we got there, the car was already abandoned.

Do you know if Cassie was with them?

Somebody who looks like your daughter was seen there, along with a man in his late 20's and three girls approximately Cassie's age, one of whom had a broken leg.

Ms. aveson, three teenage girls robbed your bank this morning.

The reason I called you in here today is 'cause I need to talk to you about Cassie's friends.

I'm gonna need a list from you of names, e-mail addresses...

No. Cassie's friends are all going to college.

Trust me, they're not spending their summer break robbing banks.

Are you sure about that?

Tell you what, um, why don't you give me a list of names, and I'll confirm whether Cassie knows them or not.

That's the way it's supposed to work, isn't it? I'm just trying to help you.

The best thing you can do right now for your daughter is give me as much information as possible so that "a" we can find her, and "b" we can rule out any connection with the bank job.

And if I don't?

Well, then, the evidence just stacks up against the both of you.

Excuse me?

That little stunt you pulled this morning with the armored car driver, covering up for her now...

How do I know you're not the insider?

How do I know you're not orchestrating this whole thing?


I get it.

And now I won't be discussing this any further with you without a lawyer.

Please, it's just a list of names.

That's all I'm asking.



So what happened to you?

I was hiking, and I guess I wasn't watching where I was going.

Okay, on "three." One, two, three.

I guess you're not gonna do that again.

Thank you.

You watch her back, okay?


Ortho room. Wet-to-dry dressing.

[T.V. Chatter] Come on.


Hi. I'm gonna need you both to fill out some forms.

Can't grace just do that? This is for insurance purposes.

They're gonna want as many third-party statements as possible.

Why don't you have a seat, and I'll go get the paperwork? We don't really have time.

It's only gonna take a minute. It's gonna help your friend out.

Okay. We'll come back later.

[T.V. Chatter continues]

Excuse me, ladies.

Can I have a word with you in my office, please?

Uh... Uh, what's wrong?

I just need to ask you a few questions.

Why? Just routine.

Nothing to worry about. Please.

Follow me. We just came to drop off our friend.

[Woman] The getaway van was found overturned and abandoned...

I'm sorry. I can't let you do that.

On the security camera, where we can see one of the robbers stuffing the money into a green duffle bag.

The robbers left with one of the bank employees, and...

Run! No, they were here.

They just ran by my security officer.

Go, go, go!

[Security] Out of the way! Move it! Move it!

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Move it!

[Man] Whoa... what... watch out.

[People exclaiming]

Get out of the way! Get out of the way!




Come on! Come on!

Okay. Let's hurry up.

[Man] Yeah. Security tried to stop them, but they got away.

Okay. Thanks. I'm on my way to the hospital right now.

All right. See you soon. Okay.

What? Is it them?

They call from a different number every time.

Hello? [Man] Hey, chica.

We just watched American t.V.

Somebody robbed the palm vista national bank and got away with a million dollars in a green bag.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You think I estúpido? I tell you what I think.

I think you got a million dollars, and you're not telling us.

I don't have a million.

I have 600,000 or so, but that's it.

The price just went up. You wanna see your papa alive, you meet us at the border in 90 minutes, you bring us a million dollars.

You can't do this. I did what you asked.

One million. Don't be late, or I chop off his head.


What they'd say?

Abbie, what is going on?

I did what they told me to do.

I pull of the impossible, and then they change the rules at the very last minute?

Well... God, those sons of bitches!

Now they want a million dollars.

There's nothing I can do.

My dad's gonna die, and there's nothing I can do.

No. No. He is not gonna die, okay?

We'll get the money. How?

We can't rob your bank twice.

Can we?

Her name's Cassie aveson.

She goes to your high school. Do you know her?

I know of her. We're not friends, if that's what you're asking.

That's interesting, because the admitting nurse and the security guard said that this girl was the girl who admitted you in this hospital less than an hour ago.

They're mistaken. My friends Barbara and Nancy dropped me off.

Really? So why do you think Nancy and Barbara ran from the security guard?

Sometimes they smoke a little weed.

Maybe they had some on them and didn't wanna get busted.

Where'd you go hiking this morning? Torrey pines.

You sure you weren't here? 'Cause my witnesses said that Cassie was helping an African-American girl with a broken leg out of a van this morning that just so happened to be the same van used in the getaway at the bank robbery.

How long you gonna play this game, grace?

You're a smart woman. School principal says you're going to Stanford, gonna be a lawyer.

Good for you.

You should know better than to get messed up in something like this.

I know you were with Cassie this morning.

Who else?

Come on, grace.

If you cooperate with me, that's gonna take the edge off, you know?

It's your first offense. You're gonna do a short sentence.

But if you don't, I'm gonna make sure you do hard time for armed robbery and attempted murder.

Do you understand those legal terms, counselor?

All right. I'll talk.

Okay. Good.

All right. Start with this morning.

I wanna know everything.


I, um... I woke up.

Did some reading.

"No person shall be held to answer on a capital, "or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury."

Fifth amendment?

I'm not gonna say.



[Nick] Just shut up, all right? I'm sick of hearing about it.

You were holding it. All you had to do was look inside.

We bagged 370,000, all right? We're going to Reno, just like we planned.

I want the rest of it. We know where Abbie's gonna be at 4:00.

I'm not mixing it up with pancho villa and his band of mariachi mutilators.

All right? I won't. Well, I've got it all figured out, so...

If you did, I don't wanna hear about it.

Okay. Remember: One honk, I go in;

And two, you get out of there.

Okay? Okay.

Listen to me!

We get to the border early.

We grab the cash from Abbie before the kidnappers show up.

There isn't enough time. There isn't enough time!

I wanna be on the road in the next 30 minutes, just like we planned.

Pack your stuff.

Douche face.

I thought I said I wasn't talking to you.

[Mendoza] Grace Miller, 18 years old, African-American, senior editor of the school newspaper.

That ring a bell? Um...

She's at the adobe park hospital medical center with a broken leg.

My guess is she probably broke her leg when the van flipped. Part of the robbery.

I've been trying to get her to talk for the last 20 minutes, and she's not saying anything.

That's why I called you.

Is Cassie friends with grace?

Ms. aveson?

I, uh... I don't know.

You sound unsure.

She's mentioned the name, grace Miller, in passing, but just like any other girl in school.

So, no, I don't know if they're actually friends.

I guess you'll just have to ask Cassie when you finally get around to locating her.

You know, I may not be a mom, but if I were, I think I'd know who my kid hangs out with.

In fact, I'd probably know everything about her life.

I'd search her room for drugs from time to time, because you never know what she might be up to.

I'll take that into consideration.

And I'll call you if I get any more names.


It's her.

That was one sneaky-ass move, Abbie.

We need to talk. I'm listening.

I don't need any long-term trouble from you guys, so I wanna work out a truce. What kind of truce?

You've got 370,000.

I've got 650,000.

I'm willing to put up 150k for you guys to back off.

Half a million for each of us. No hard feelings.


We're interested.

Then it's a deal.

No changing your mind.

No changing my mind.


I'm out front of your house.

Stay on the line.


We're outside. Where are you?

Why don't you come inside, have a beer, talk it over?

Actually, let's do it outside.

Fine. Come here.

You guys come to me. I've got the cash in the trunk.

All right.

[Grunts] Come on!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What the...


Little bitch. Nick!

[Breathing heavily]

Stay out here! Watch the front door!

[Gasps] Stop!


[Pounding on door] Open the door!


[Keys jingle]


[Nick] You see her? No.

Well, she's in here somewhere.



[Floor creaks]







Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Shhh. It's okay.

It's okay.

Abbie, come on. We gotta go.

We're gonna go get your dad, so...

We just gotta get outta here.

Abbie, come on. We gotta get out of here.


What do you think they're gonna do when they find the bodies?

It'll look like a drug deal gone wrong.

There are probably 20 guys out there that would love to see Nick dead.

So you wanna tell me what happened?

[Nick groaning]


Oh, you don't have it in you.





I... no.



Hi, grace.

How you feeling?

Hi, Mrs. aveson.

Uh, great.

They're gonna operate in the morning.

Where's your mom?

She's on her way.

She had to work up in Oakland today.

Those are pretty. Where'd you get them?

Uh, my dining room table.

Sorry. I didn't have time to go to the florist.

But strawberry, banana, pineapple, with protein powder and a vitamin dose.

Wow. How'd you know this was my favorite?

'Cause you and Cassie always get the same thing.

You have for years.

Where is she?

The f.B.I. Knows you were involved.

What I don't get... Why would someone like you, about to go to one of the top universities in the country, want to rob a bank?

Do you need money for tuition?

Grace, please, tell me what's going on.

As I was driving here, I was thinking I should prepare some really clever argument to convince you to talk, but I couldn't come up with anything.

All I know is, uh...

My husband's gone now.

Cassie's my whole life.

I make her breakfast, um...

I, uh...

On mondays, I wash her clothes.

I pay her car insurance when she forgets.

[Crying softly]

I want to, uh, help pick out her classes for college, and, uh...

I really hope she goes to college.

I wanna see her find a career she really loves, and, uh...

Grace, I really wanna see her get married.

This morning, someone in a mask put a gun to her head, and I couldn't do anything.

I'm her mother, and my job is to protect her, and I couldn't do anything.

Is that the last time I'm going to see her?

Oh, grace, please. I don't know where she is.

I don't know if she's been taken from me, or if she's just running away from me or what is going on.

So please, please!

Please, grace, just tell me what's going on.

I love her so much.

And I love you and Abbie. I always have, ever since you were little and I coached you in soccer.

Remember that?

We never won one game, but we had a lot of fun, right?


I am so sorry about all this.

I... I can't say anything, but if it's any help, just know this whole thing will be over in 45 minutes.

That's 4:00.

What's happening at 4:00?

Coyote pass, off of highway 98.

They're going to the desert. Grace, why?

Why are they going there?

I can't say.


[Abbie's father] Abbie, what did you do?

4:00. Don't be late, or I chop off his head.

There it is. Right up there.


Okay. It's gotta be down there.

Cassie! [Echoing] [Gasps]


Oh, my God! Are you okay?

How did you find us? It wasn't easy.

What are you doing here? I want the truth. You need to leave.

Why? What is going on?

They can't see you. They'll think it's a trap.

She's right, mom. "They"? Who's they?

[Stammers] Girls, I am not budging, so you better just spit it out.

What is going on?

All right. Abbie's dad was kidnapped in Tijuana, and the kidnappers are gonna be here any minute.

What? They told me that I had to give them a half a million dollars or they would kill him.

That's why I robbed the bank. She's telling the truth, mom.

Did you help her? No. I had no idea she was doing any of this until today.

Please, don't hate me, Ms. aveson.

My mom is gone, and my dad is broke.

I couldn't tell the cops. What else could I do?

What would you do?

[Cassie] Mom, you really have to leave right now.

This is mendoza. Code 10-31.

I'm at the end of coyote pass trail off highway 98.

I'm gonna need backup. Code 10-31.

[Abbie] Please, Mrs. aveson, my dad's life depends on it.

We need to get outta here now. We'll call the police. They'll handle it. Come on.

No, I'm not leaving without my dad!

You and Cassie should just go and get outta here.

No, we all go together.

No, I'm staying.

You're always bugging me to have some kind of ambition, right?

To believe in something. Well, Abbie is my best friend. Oh, jeez.

If I walk out on her at a time like this, what kind of a woman am I?

You are gonna be a dead woman, and none of that idealistic garbage that I taught you will mean anything, do you hear me?

Let's go, both of you! [Vehicle approaching]


Who are you?

This is my friend and her mom.

I told you to come alone. You a cop?

No. I'm just here to help Abbie.


Pretty ones.

You got the money?



It looks like a million to me.

Senorita Duncan, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Maybe we do it again sometime, yes?





[Kidnapper chuckles]

[Father groans]

[Man on radio] Mendoza, do you copy? [Gasps]

[Gasps] Who's there?

Who else you bring?


Federal agents! Drop your weapons!

Drop your weapons now!

Now! You're completely surrounded!

Ms. aveson, get down.

Get your people behind me now. Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Where are the other police? Turn around.

You alone, senora? Shut up and turn around!

Get down on your knees now!


I don't see nobody.

What happened to your police friends? They forget about you?

[Mendoza] Turn around, now!



No! Miguelito!

[Grunts] Miguelito.



[Breathing heavily]

He's getting away! Let him go.

Get outta here! Get outta here now!


I'll get those gringos!









Give me that.

So you're my pretty little bank robber, huh?

I know what my daughter did was wrong.

She didn't mean to hurt anybody.

She doesn't deserve to go to jail.


She's all I have left.

Is there something you can do?

Is this the weapon you used in the bank robbery?

Well, is it, or not?

Who does the gun belong to?


It's black market. It can't be traced.

Are you prepared to make a statement that those were the three guys that kidnapped you this morning?


I want you to think about what I'm asking you, Cassie.


Come on. [Groans]


Careful. Careful.

I still have some contacts in Tijuana.

I'm gonna say I got a tip the robbers were here, making their way to the border.

What's that?

Look at the surveillance video at the bank.

You'll see.

Come on.



Thank you.

I never wanna see your face again.

[Man on radio] Agent mendoza, you copy?

Mendoza. We're 15 minutes out.

I'm gonna need a 10-52.

Copy that. All right.

The three of you need to get out outta here.

You, too. I'm staying with my daughter.

If I'm gonna pin this bank job on those three guys, you're gonna need to leave.

Look, you have no idea what I have gone through to try and find her today, and if you think for one second...


I'm gonna be okay.


I guess you will be.

Hey, can I ask you a question?


If you were in Abbie's situation and someone you loved was kidnapped, and you had to get ahold of a million dollars, what would you do?


I'd probably rob a bank.