Tekken (2010) Script


Man's voice: After the Terror Wars, governments fell.

Corporations took control, fighting over what remained.


Eight companies survived and divided up the world.

Those companies were collectively known as Iron Fist.


The American territories fell to the mightiest corporation of all, Tekken.

Once a year, they hosted a tournament which was no game, kill or be killed.

Outside the Walls of Tekken City, in the burned-out slums they call the Anvil, that's where it all started.




# Define your meaning of war #

# To me it's what # # we do when we're bored #

# I feeI the heat # # comin' off of the blacktop #

# And it makes me want it more... # [EXPLOSIONS]

# Because I'm hyped up # # outta control... #

[MEN YELLING) # If it's a fight, I'm ready to go #

# I wouldn't put my money # # on the other guy #

# If you know what # # I know that I know #

# It's been a long time coming #

# And the table's turned around #

# 'Cause one of us is goin' #

# One of us is goin' down #

# I'm not runnin' #

# It's a little different now... # [SCREAMS]

# 'Cause one of us is goin' #

# One of us is goin' down! #

Man: You're mine!

That's gotta hurt.

# Define your meaning of fun... # Man #2: Here!

# To me it's when # # we're getting it done #

# I feeI the heat coming off # # of the blacktop... #

[MEN YELLING] # So get ready for another one #

# Let's take a trip # # down memory lane #

# The words circulate # # in my brain #

# You can treat this # # like another, all the same #

# But don't cry like a bitch # # when you feel the pain #

# It's been a long time coming #

# And the table's turned around #

# 'Cause one of us is goin' #

# One of us is goin' down #

# I'm not runnin' # # it's a little different now #

# 'Cause one of us is goin' #

# One of us is goin' down! #

The rooftop!

# One of us is goin' down... #


# One of us is goin' down! #

# I'm not running # # it's a little different now #

# 'Cause one of us is goin'... # [HELICOPTER WHIRRING]

# One of us is goin' down! #



# One of us is goin' down! #





[KNOCKING] # Don't seem to do no good... #

Open up. Come on. # I think I'lI sort it out on my own #

# It's your turn to listen, baby #

# You'd better leave me alone, gonna leave you behind... #

I told you to use the side entrance. I knocked, nobody answered.

You can't hear anything over this old noise.

Hey, this is real music, not that corporate shit they play in the city.

What was that song you were playing last week? The Roaches?

The Beatles. You see what I'm talking about?

Loss of art... the end of creative thought.

What happened to you?

It's nothing. You're the only one who gets through the gang zones. I don't know how you do it.

I guess I'm motivated. What you are, Jin, is a believer in the cause. You just don't know it.

I'm not a joiner, Bonner. Come on, man.

Play your cards right, one day this could all be yours.




20,000 gigs.

Get some serious speed with this.

For what? Secret internet, new underground, off the Tekken sub grid. I'm sorry I asked.

Used to be you had a choice, free market, justice system, Now everything's Tekken. Look, would you save the speech until after you've paid me? Whoa.

Keep the change.

What's this, Bonner? You said Global dollars.

I say a lot of things. I drink.

You said Global dollars.



Now we're good.

When you gonna need another run?

Don't know. Iron Fist coming up.

The Jackhammers are cracking down.

Now you tell me.

Jin, kick back.

Gotta learn how to relax. [LAUGHS]


Man #2 over P.A.: Honor through discipline.

Peace through grace.

These are the goals demonstrated each year at the Iron Fist Tournament.

As reigning champion for the past four years, we are honored to host the Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken City.

Strength through order.

That is Tekken.

Woman over P.A.: Thank you for your loyal listening and appreciation.


Announcer on TV: There are just two nights left before the kickoff of the Iron Fist Tournament. Announcer #2: That's right.

Just two days left and the competition begins back where it started, here in Tekken City.

How's the Iron Fist action going? Ah. Too early to tell.

Two-time semifinalist Marshall Law didn't even make it through the preliminary rounds and is forced to fight in an open call for the wild card spot.

How's my tab? You're up to 350. tapped out.

How about now? Ooh.

That's why you're my favorite customer.

Catch you later.

Hey. Hey.

You got anything interesting?

Everything I got is interesting to somebody, you know what I mean?

How about coffee? Coffee. [LAUGHS]

Yeah, coffee.

That's 100 an ounce. Jesus.

Hey, man, there's none of that freeze-fried, stepped-on instant bullshit, you know what I mean?

You know what they used to call Colombian?

That's what that is right there. This is the good shit, my friend.

All right. Give me one of those oranges too.

And a bar of chocolate.

Ah. Business must be booming.

That'll be 200 Tekken red.

How about 100 Global blue?

That will work.

Nice doing business with you. Always.

Hey, Jin! I haven't seen you around, man.

I've been busy. Thought anymore about our offer?

No. Sorry. Hey, just wait a minute, man.

Now you're tough, man. I used to watch you street fight.

That was for money. And this is for a cause.

Heihachi Mishima and his Tekken gestapo treat us like slaves.

I've got my own life, my own problems.

I told you, man. This asshole is a waste of time.

No no, he's just another punk who'd rather die in the Anvil than stand up like a man.

Hey. Hey, man.




Is everything prepared?

Representative fighters are en route from their home corporations.

Good good. I'm transferring command of the Tekken Jackhammers to you for the duration of the tournament.

Oh, Father, I am honored.

Tighten security in the Anvil and the outer sectors.

I will send additional units to patrol for anti-corporate insurgents.

Not even minor infringements will be tolerated.

With respect, I should've given the speech today.

A chance to pass the torch from father to son.

When I think you're ready.

I have been ready for years.

Your job is to maintain security.

Do not disappoint me.


Woman over P.A.: The Anvil curfew begins in five minutes.

Please return to your homes.

The Anvil curfew begins in five minutes.

Please return to your homes.

[DOOR OPENS] The Anvil curfew begins in five minutes.

Please return to your homes.

I remember those moves.

You should. You were my best student.

I was your only student, Mom. Are you hungry?

I've been rationing protein squares.

How about an orange? Very funny.

Coffee? You always talked about missing it so much. This must've cost a fortune.

I can afford it. Runs have been good.

Jin, running anti-Tekken contraband will get you killed.

Or I could always enter Iron Fist, make some real money, huh?

You will have nothing to do with Tekken, do you understand?

I wilI not have you waste your talent.

But it wouldn't be a waste. It pays.

And what difference does it make?

Who cares where the money comes from?

I care. This is not what I trained you for.

Then what the hell did you train me for?

Do you think that life on the other side of that wall will bring you happiness?

Trust me, it won't.

Oh, here we go.

The world burned because people had to have more.

And this is better?

Rationing protein squares?

Is that what my father would've wanted for us?

Don't. Why won't you ever talk about him?

Your father is dead, that's all you need to know.

You know what? Forget it. I'm out of here.

There's a curfew tonight. There are Jacks everywhere.

The Jacks are always everywhere. I am telling you not to go.


Jin? Hey, Hara.

Come here.

Where have you been? I've been around.

What is it? Chocolate.

Are you serious?


Sounds like I've been replaced.

Bonner: Are we tied in yet? Another minute.

I'm dropping over the last firewall here.

We'll be inside the Tekken video sub grid for 60 seconds.

We interrupt this program to bring you the truth.

No one understands how you're not dead.

I guess I'm lucky.

About to get lucky.


I missed you.

It wasn't easy back tracing your hack.

You were smart to use none of Tekken's hardware.

Well, almost none.


Now this is an American classic.

The revolution will not be televised.




Oh shit. Woman over P.A.: This is a Tekken security alert. The Jacks!

Woman: Please be prepared for search and seizure.

We've gotta separate. You'll be fine.


Man: Sir, we've located the insurgents in Sector 9.

Burn everything and everyone.

Man: But, sir, our men are still in there.

Hazuya: I don't care. Destroy it!





Mother's voice: You will have nothing to do with Tekken.

Do you understand?

I wilI not have you waste your talent.




I should've been here.

She asked me not to go.

It's not your fault.

Heihachi Mishima killed her.

I know how you feel.

My father was killed in a Jackhammer, And what did anyone do about it? Nothing!

What does anyone ever do about it? Nothing!

He's gonna pay for what he has done.


Announcer on TV: Now has an unknown ever won a spot in an open call?

Announcer #2: No, it's an Iron Fist tradition that Heihachi Mishima started all the way back in the beginning, and he continues it to this day.

In other news, terrorist leader Bonner...

Man over P.A.: Contestants for open call, please proceed to Tekken east gate.

Man #2: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, listen up!

So who's gonna be the next people's choice and the next Iron Fist champion, huh?

Hey, we would never win this shit anyway.

Ain't nothing but a goddamn meat grinder to pump up the crowd.

Piss off! Don't! Hey.

We all know winter's coming, so my guess is you're going to need oil to keep those kiddies from freezing.

Now I've got 100 Global dollars.

100 Global dollars to any man who can go one round against Marshall Law. One round.

Woman: Got it, man?

You're a bunch of wankers... every last one of you.

Except you, white boy. Inside.

Man #3: He called him out. Did you see that?

He called him out. Last call.


Going. Wait!

[MAN WHISTLES] Good going! Good going!

I wanna sign up.

Woman #2: Take his money.

Okay. Sign there.

Leave the bag.


Knock yourself out. Man: Dead man walking!


Hey, they're with me.

Hey, gentlemen, as you know, this is a qualifying event.

Three-minute rounds, so please make it entertaining.

Hey, big guy, you're up first.

Are you scared?

I'm fine. [CRACKS]


I'm not.

Hey, where you going? To hell with this.





Hey, he's up next. Get him in the cage. Now.

Announcer on TV: Here comes another unknown contestant...

Man: Hey, isn't that Jin? ...to face Marshall Law.

Law is in peak physical condition. Man: Hey, everyone, it's Jin.

Announcer: Hey, remember last year's spectacular bout where he knocked out Paul Phoenix in 28 seconds, citizens?

[CROWD CHANTS] Fight fight fight fight fight fight!

I'm going to Iron Fist and you're in my way.

You need to learn some respect. [SPITS]

Announcer: Any way you cut it, this kid doesn't have what it takes to stand up to Marshall Law. Man: He's gonna be road kill.


Fight fight! [LAW SHOUTS]

Announcer: Oh my! Off the cage! Yes!

Announcer: What a feat of athleticism! Crowd: Fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight! [CHEERING]



Announcer #2: He had me going there. I thought he had a chance.

Announcer: He was a big surprise. I gotta telI ya.

Announcer #2: That's gotta hurt.




Break free! I can't!

If you can still breathe, you can still fight.

You're only beaten when you decide to be.



Yes! Come on. Come on, Jin.

Announcer: An unknown has just become the people's choice.


Respect. Do you hear it?

[CROWD CHANTING] Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin.


I've never seen Marshall Law beaten by an amateur.

Ratings are up.

Heihachi: Our viewers love him.

He represents the street.

Let's see what the street has taught him.

[PEOPLE CHATTERING] Man: Come on, give him some space.

Move! Come on. Out of the way. Come on.

Give him some space. What's your name?

Jin. Jin.

Do you know what you just did, Jin? You just beat a Tekken fighter.

Hey, you say you're from the Anvil, yeah?

Right. So who taught you to fight?

My mother. [CHUCKLES] Your mother?

No way. She's dead.

Hey. Look, you just won the only open slot in Iron Fist.

Every other fighter in this tournament has sponsors, everyone except you... taking care of registration, paperwork, training, all the silly little details.

I can take care of that for you.

What's in it for you? About, uh, 30%?

But you'll take 10. [LAUGHS]

I like your attitude, but no.

20% and we're done. Fine.

It's a smart choice. Let's go.

Hey, you don't have anything to pack, do you?

I didn't think so. Come on.

Jin's voice: I remember those moves.

Jun's voice: You should. You were my best student.

You will have nothing to do with Tekken. Do you understand?

The world burned because people had to have more.

Tekken was built on people wanting more!


What's the old man waiting for?


I'm his son, his heir.

Tekken should be mine now.

Heihachi: Hazuya. Father.

[CLEARS THROAT] I didn't see you there.

Explain yourself.

We wiped out a pocket of insurgents.

I took a moment to... unwind.

You should be making preparations for Iron Fist.

Everything's being taken care of.


After all this time... [CHOKING]

...and you still don't understand.

Winning Iron Fist means power and prestige for Tekken and honor for the Mishima name.

Winning here means we win the world.

So you've said.

Hey, you stay close to me, okay? Keep your mouth shut.

Hey. [CHUCKLES] You've got to stop checking for Jacks.

Why? It's not the Anvil.

This is civilization, my friend, the land of opportunity.


Hazuya: Raven, G-Corp.

Former military intelligence, from technology to wet work.

Lethal Ninjitsu expert. [CROWD CHEERS]

Eddie Gordo from Valencorp.

Capoeira master. Underworld enforcer.

There's a price on his head from a Neo-Salvadorian group.

He's powerful but he's easily frustrated.

Sergei Dragonov.

Sambo fighter, trained by the now defunct Russian military.

Spent a year in a Siberian gulag for supporting government reintegration.

Anna and Nina Williams, sisters.

Professional assassins from Eyderdex.

Wanted by three corporations for exec-level hits.

Masters of Kenpo and Aikido.

Christie Monteiro from Vectrocorp.

Skilled mixed martial artist trained by her grandfather.

Also easy on the eyes.

Miguel Rojo, a Zipota specialist.

He's all style and strategy, but he's a crowd pleaser.


Master swordsman.

A true samurai warrior.

And finally, Bryan Fury.

Power Boxer.

Kenpo fighter at his physical peak and our current Iron Fist champion.



Hyah! Hyah!


What's this? Are you kidding me?

They have signature.


I'm not wearing those.

Man: See, things are different now, Jin.

This is Iron Fist. lron Fist, image is key.

You have your signature move and guess what... now you have your signature look.

Steve Fox.

Fury: Who is this guy? Raven: Never seen him before.

Here's your room. Sign in.

Who reps him? Fury: Just another amateur.

He's nothing. [CHUCKLES] Someone must love you.

They gave you Marshall Law's digs.

Stick around. I'll be right back.

What's your problem?


You know, it's rude to stare.

I'm sorry. I was just admiring your toes.

Excuse me? I mean Bagua Zhang requires very precise foot placement.

The way you spread your toes, it's... uh it's impressive.

You studied Bagua?

A little.

Who are you, anyway?

Name's Jin.

So you're the People's Choice?

You seem surprised.

You don't look like much.

You'll remember you said that when I win Iron Fist.



Hey, Jin, this way.

See you in the arena.

TV announcer: Coming to you live from this year's Iron Fist tournament in Tekken City. [CROWD CHEERING]

TV announcer #2: Last night history was made when for the first time a wildcard open call fight was won by an unknown.

His name is Jin.

This young fighter won with spectacular style and will appear next to the world's greatest fighters.

Fight announcer: Raven!


Announcer: Miguel Rojo!

Nina Williams!

Anna Williams!

Sergei Dragonov!

Bryan Fury!

Eddie Gordo, Valencorp!

Staring at my ass is a good way to get yours kicked.

I'd keep my head in the game if I were you.


Announcer: Christie Monteiro, Vectrocorp!

Hey, Jin, you feel okay?

I feel sick.

Think you're gonna puke? I already did that.

Announcer: The first Anvil fighter ever to win an open call... Go on.

...Jin, the People's Choice!


He was quite impressive yesterday.

Yeah, but not on the same level as the other fighters.

Maybe you should ask Marshall Law.

He caught Law at a weak moment.

Why are you so threatened by this fighter?

I'm not.

I'd just hate to see Tekken embarrassed by a lucky amateur.


[DINGS] Announcer: Raven versus Eddie Gordo in the first round of the Iron Fist tournament!




Bring it on, boy! Come on!


Announcer: Raven is the winner advancing to the next round.




[DINGS] Announcer: Miguel Rojo!


[DINGS] Announcer: Jin, the People's Choice!

You're up, kid.

Good luck.


This guy's a prick. He thinks he's the second coming.

He's egotistical, way overconfident... He's damn good.

Yeah, he is. You use that ego against him, use your speed against him. Tire this guy out, okay?

Stick and move.

Miguel: Let's go! Come on!

Come on! You ready? Let's go!

Hey, one last thing, okay? Miguel: I haven't got all day, Jin!

You get Rojo to jab, when he throws his right, every time he throws his right, he locks out his left knee, okay?

Great. Thanks.

Miguel: Let's go, Jin! What are you waiting for?

Use it.

Miguel: Let's go! Come on!

I'm waiting here. Come on!


Like I said, not in their league.

You know where you are?

[PANTS] This is Iron Fist!

[CHEERING] Come on!

Yes. Crowd: Come on, Jin! Come on, Jin!



Wow! Whoo! Get him!

That's it, kid.

Get up, Jin! Shake it off! Get up!

So much for the People's Choice.

Shut up. What's the matter, Monteiro?

The Anvil rat got under your skin?

Why don't we see what's under your skin, cyborg?

What did you say?

You heard me.

[YOUNG JIN SHOUTS] Never underestimate your opponent.

Watch. Adapt.

Every strike should be your best.

[CROWD CHEERING] That's it, kid. Get up!


[CROWD CHEERS] Do it! Do it, Jin!


Fox: Jin!


Stop it, Jin! It's over!


You were saying?


Thanks for the tip. Well, that's my job.

See, the more fights you win, the more money l make.

Ah! Does that hurt?

It hurts everywhere. [CHUCKLES]

Nice finish. Very entertaining, but completely out of control.

You know you don't have time for that shit, right? Huh?

I know why I'm here.

You do? Yeah.

Good, 'cause you were damn lucky in there.

Next time you've got to get everyone as quick as you can.

You've gotta hit 'em hard, you've gotta hit 'em high.

Steve Fox. Back from the Anvil.

Well, we both know Tekken City is my home.

Of course.

I've heard you've leant your expertise to our new fighter.

Let me introduce you. This is... this is Jin, the People's Choice.

Well, congratulations on a spectacular fight.

You've impressed my father... not an easy task.

I'd like to thank Mr. Mishima in person for this opportunity.

Well, continue winning and you will.

There's something familiar about your style.

Did your father ever fight in Iron Fist?

Didn't know my father. [CHUCKLES]

Well, not uncommon in the Anvil.

Work hard, keep training and someday you could be an asset to Tekken.

Iíll never belong to Tekken.

We'll see about that.

What was that? Just-just do your job.


Jun's voice: Defeat is a choice! So is victory.

You're only beaten when you decide! Again!



I gotta get out of here for awhile.

Thought that was against the rules.

Not if you don't get caught.


Christie: Come on.


Man over P.A.: We've got Jin, the People's Choice, entering the club!

Let's go! Give it up! Hey, Jin.

You were great today. Thank you.

Three days ago, I had gangbangers trying to kilI me.

And today you're a celebrity. Get used to it.

# decide if I wilI # # have you come home with me #

# Love my mind, but you know you know you don't... #

So what happened out there with Rojo?

I beat him. That's what happened.

You did more than just beat him. You almost killed him.

Can I give you a little advice? Iron Fist isn't about killing or getting yourself killed. So you brought me here to warn me?

I'm just saying an attitude like that is gonna get you in trouble.

I guess I should be more in control... like you.

You don't know anything about me.

You grew up just outside the American territories.

Your grandfather taught you how to fight, entered you into amateur leagues, made you a champion.

I've seen all the Iron Fist promos.

Well, those promos don't showcase all my skills.

# I want reaI hard candy #

# Sugar Hiller #

# Sugar Hiller #

# Sugar Hiller # # Sugar Hiller #

# Am I to die? So sweet, so slow, it kills me #

# Sugar Hiller # # Sugar Hiller #

# Sugar Hiller #

# Sugar Hiller, are you dying for more? #

# To die, so sweet, so slow, it kills me #

# Seek you out, creeping in your pleasure dome... #

[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Shh shh shh.

Okay, he's gone.

Oh, I shouldn't. I think you should.

Oh, I need sleep.

I may have to kick your ass tomorrow morning.

You promise?


[SIGHS] Go to bed.

Woman: Hyah!





Stand up for Christ's sake. [GRUNTS]

I knew it. They're worried because they actually believe you have a shot.

Nothing changes. There's no way...

No way they're gonna let someone from the Anvil win the Iron Fist.

Jin: Maybe it has to do with something else.

Where did you get this?

It belonged to my mother.

Jun Hazama.

I knew her.

You knew her? We were in Iron Fist together.

That's not possible.

She was a Tekken fighter, Jin. She was good.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Everything about your mother was... unique, even her fighting style.

Why didn't she say anything?

Why would she lie to me?

Maybe she was trying to protect you, Jin.

Listen to me, Jin. Right now you need to get out of here.

Go underground. She's right.

I'm not leaving. Forget Iron Fist.

I don't give a damn about Iron Fist.

I came here to kill Heihachi Mishima.


Do you know what a nightmare this is?

I think you worry too much. Don't talk back to me.

You failed me. He's still alive.

It was a fluke. It won't happen again.


You underestimated him and now I have to clean up your mess.



Just stay where the TV cameras can see you.

They won't try anything with the world watching.

[DINGS] Announcer: Christie Monteiro!

[DINGS] Announcer: Nina Williams!

I think it was her. What?

Jin: Nina Williams.

She was one of the assassins.

Good to know.

Out a little late last night?

I like your boyfriend. He's cute.

Sorry. I don't share.

$100,000 Global to whoever kills that kid from the Anvil.

What makes you think I need your money?


Replacing bone with flex steel isn't cheap, is it, Bryan?

Neither is the maintenance.

It's no wonder you can punch through walls.

I am what the corporations made me.

As I recall Bio-Enhancements are illegal in Iron Fist.

Christ, Bryan, you're half robot.

You'll be banned for life.


Lock in the fight selector.

Heihachi: What are the Jacks doing here?

Hazuya: Extra security.

There was an incident inside the barracks last night.

I read the report, insurgent forces inside Tekken.

There is no reason for concern. I have dealt with the problem personally.

Heihachi: I don't want anything to happen to this young fighter.


Hey, how you feeling? I'm good.


[DINGS] Announcer: Jin, the People's Choice!

Let me see.

Oh shit.

[DINGS] Announcer: Yoshimitsu!

Here, I have something for you.

My old power gloves.

[CHUCKLES] Whoa. It's been a long time.

A little worse for wear now.

Give me your hand.

Gonna keep these safe.

When you're out there today, you stay smart, okay?

You've gotta bob. You've gotta weave. You've gotta fly if you have to.

But you don't let Yoshimitsu touch you... ever.

Take him.

Nice. Uh-huh.

[BEEPING] Recycle the challenger selection.

What are you doing? This match is better suited for the semifinal.

Woman: Come on, Jin! [CHEERING]

No. You can't do that.

These two have to fight now.

Are you questioning me?

No, I'm replacing you.

[GRUNTS] Jacks!

What are you doing? Stand down!

You put me in charge of security, remember, Father?

The Jackhammers answer to me.

Hazuya, do not do this.

It's done.

I am through waiting.

Tekken is mine.

Maintain the original fight selection.


TV announcer: Yoshimitsu was a past Iron Fist champion. Let's go, man! Let's go, Let's go!

Oh, damn it.

Yes! Yeah!

Look at the ratings... through the roof. [BEEPING]

You see, the only thing audiences crave more than blood is death.

You see, Father?

I have learned. [CHUCKLES]

Announcer: Yoshimitsu is out for blood!

He's decimating Jin!


Ah. Come on.

Stop the fight!

There is no honor in this.

You are about to witness the death of Jin Hazama.

Hazama? Hazuya: Apparently the byproduct of one of my youthful indiscretions.

You have a son.

I had a son.


Man over P.A.: Security alert! [ALARM BLARING]

Security alert! Destroy the mask of death and you will see there is nothing behind it to fear.


[CHEERING STOPS] Man: Security alert!

Damn you, old man!

You will regret this.


Security alert! Not like this.


Jin. Take these off. Man: Security alert!

We've gotta get him out of Tekken City.


Man: Iron Fist fighters are to be detained.



Over here.

Jesus. They're arresting Mishima.

We need to get out of here now. Come on, let's go. This way.


Oh shit.

You can't arrest us. We're Iron Fist fighters.

Now get in there!



His shoulder's dislocated. Get a hand over here?

Why the hell are you looking at me?

You wanna help here? Just do it!

Fox: Let's get you up. It's gonna hurt, okay?

Come on.


Okay. On...

[CRACKS) ...three.

Thanks. [GROANS]

What are you trying to do?

My father always stressed the importance of Iron Fist.

Frankly, I never saw the value.

It was a brutal, mindless game, but I finally understand.

In the arena, reception is power.

After the audience thought Jin killed Yoshimitsu, ratings spiked to their highest level ever, which is why I've decided that the remainder of the tournament's fights will be to the death.

I am sure you'd all rather die fighting in the arena. lron Fist continues tomorrow.

I suggest you get some rest.

So what now?

Hill or be killed.

Jin: We have a choice.

If there are no fighters, there is no tournament and no one has to die. [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH]

Man: All right, line up against the wall.

Hands behind your back.

Hands behind your back I said.

I don't think so.

Come on! Let's move now!


This way! Come on!


Damn. Lock us down.


Mishima! Fox: Take it easy, Jin.

Jin Hazama. You owe me a life, Mishima.

I owe you nothing, young man.

How does it feel to be behind bars?

We've gotta move!

I'm gonna need those access codes right now.

Get me out of here. I can help.




Fox: This way, old man. [GUNFIRE CONTINUES]

Heihachi Mishima is with them.

They're heading towards the workers' access gate.


Fox: Move it! Come on!


Are you okay? You'll be okay.

Yes, I'm alive. Hazuya will be sending the Jackhammers. Jin: I know a safe house.

It's not far. So maybe I'm crazy.

Can we go? Come on.

Tear the Anvil apart.

I want the fighters found and recaptured.




A moment.

I knew your mother Jun Hazama.

Formidable fighter. One of Tekken's best.

My mother tried to keep me away from Tekken.

Now I know why. Do not judge alI of Tekken by Hazuya's mistakes. Mistakes?

Tekken destroys lives. I created Tekken not only as a corporation but as a means to stem the chaos.

We are remaking a world, raising it from the ashes.

You tell that to the people dying every day in the Anvil.

We brought humanity back from the brink, restored order. Tekken is peace. Tekken is fear!

My mother's blood is on your hands, Mishima.

I saved your mother's life.

What the hell are you talking about?

Many years ago after a tournament, I found her beaten, violated.

I'm the one that had her taken from Tekken City.

There was always a sadistic part of him that I could never control.


Hazuya, my son, your father.

You're lying!

Until today, there was only one heir to the Tekken throne.

Now there are two.




Get down, Jin!

Run! Run!



What? You thought I'd do nothing?

Tekken belongs to me.

You never understood the spirit of Tekken.

That's why I could not place Tekken in your hands.

Tekken is in my hands, old man.

Don't you see?

It's over for you now.

It's not about me or you.

It's about the Mishima name... a name that you have not lived up to.

And that's why, in the end, you will fail.

Take Heihachi Mishima away.

Destroy everything, including him.

I am Mishima Heihachi.


Heihachi Mishima is dead.


Citizens of Tekken and the world, today Iron Fist will make history and you will be history's witness.

The remaining fighters will no longer fight for the simple glory of victory.

No, they will fight as we all must fight every day we draw breath.

They will fight for their lives.

They will fight to the death.




Announcer: Sergei Dragonov and Bryan Fury in the first round of the Iron Fist semifinals!





What, no hug for your old man? [YELLS]

I remember your mother.

She put up quite a fight.

Frankly, if I knew that whore was pregnant, I would've killed her right then and there.

You want to kill me, don't you?

I understand that.

But in order to get to me, you'll have to kill the champion, Bryan Fury.

That's how Iron Fist works.


Get off of me! Imagine what I'll do to her if you don't fight.


You will fight, the world will watch and my legacy will be written with your blood.

Take her.


When the time comes, I pray you die screaming.

Behave yourself.


Jin, I saw what you did to Rojo.

You let your anger take control of you.

Anger doesn't fuel the fighter's soul, it incinerates it.

But before that I saw something.

I saw greatness in you.

You're not just fighting for yourself anymore, Jin.

You're fighting for all of us.

You can become champion.

There are a lot of people depending on it.


Fox: So who taught you to fight? Jin: My mother.

Attack! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Your mother? She's dead.

[JUN LAUGHS] Do you think that life on the other side of that wall will bring you happiness? [YELLING]

Jun: Trust me, it won't. I told you, man.

This asshole is a waste of time.

He's just another punk who'd rather die in the Anvil than stand up like a man.

What you are, Jin, is a believer in the cause. You just don't know it.

Christie: So you're the People's Choice?

You don't look like much.

Hara: My father was killed in a Jackhammer raid.

And what did anyone do about it? Nothing.

Jun: One day we'll have a chance to make a difference.

That's why I trained you so hard. [SHOUTS]

Jun: Because one day you won't just be fighting for you or me.

You'll be fighting for all of us.

I love you, Jin.


Announcer: Bryan Fury versus Jin, the People's Choice!

[CROWD CHANTS] Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin!

It all comes down to this moment.

Two fighters remain... Bryan Fury and Jin, the People's Choice!

[CROWD CHANTING] Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury, Fury...


Ain't nothing gonna save you now, boy.




Announcer: It's been a hell of a run for this young fighter, but can he last against Bryan Fury?





Every opponent has its weakness.


Jun: See it, exploit it and strike.

Jin. Come on, Jin. Jin. Jin.


Jin, Jin... Both: Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin.

[ALL CHANTING) Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin.


Yeah! Yeah! Yes! Yes!

Yeah! Announcer: What an impact!

Man: Did you see that? This kid is full of surprises.

He just knocked out Bryan Fury. [CHEERING]


Enough. Introduce me, the final match.


Jin won. He's the champion. You can't kill him.

Watch me.



Announcer: Now entering the arena, fighting for the honor of the Tekken Corporation Hazuya Mishima!

I should thank you.

Your coming here gave me the opportunity to take control of Tekken.




Your mother taught you many styles, all quite strong.


There it is.

The lust for vengeance, the hunger to kill like fire coursing through your veins.

You can't deny it, Jin.

It's what makes you who you are, the curse of the Mishima blood.

Like father, like son.






It's your curse, not mine.

You won.

Citizens of Tekken and the world, I give you Jin Hazama, the winner of Iron Fist, the People's Choice, now the people's champion. [CHEERING]

Yeah! Hey!


I never thought I'd live to see this day.

You have got to say that that is the greatest champion ever.

Drinks on the house!

Drinks on me! Both: Yeah!

Where you gonna go? It's time to go home.

[CROWD CHANTING] Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin, Jin!




Christie's voice: On that day, the house of Mishima fell, tyranny had been challenged and defeated and the name Hazama became synonymous with hope, strength and freedom.

But freedom comes and goes, and the world had no idea or warning that the true legacy of Tekken was only just beginning.



I am Mishima Heihachi.


You will obey.