Tekkonkinkreet (2006) Script

Paper money is bigger than metal money.

Nine comes after eight.

And Spring comes after Winter, right, Black?

Ls that right?

Black, when the sky turns black...

...why do l feel so blue?

What is it about the fire?

So calm and peaceful but...

... inside, all power and destruction.

It's hiding something. Just like people do.

Sometimes you have to get close to find out what's inside.

Sometimes you have to get burned to see the truth.

C'mon, White. It's playtime.

Hello? Hello?

It's Japan, Planet Earth calling, Agent White reporting. Do you read me?

This is a very peaceful planet.

Agent White, keeping the peace, doing my best to fight the bad guys...

... wherever they may be. Over and out.

Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy Oh, l got one down my back-y

Lately folks don't come 'round.

There it is, Brother Dusk, Treasure Town!

Lt's all Cats' turf up ahead, Brother Dawn.

Treasure Town has a certain je ne sais quoi.

A never-never land if you will.

It's become such a wholesome town. Boo-hoo!


Here, Mr. Suzuki.

Spread some poison around here.

Yes, sir.

The Rat's back.

Oh, White!

How tough are the Cats?

Heard talk about leaping over buildings and killing people.

Legendary stuff.

Chinese monkeys can ride on clouds. Know that?


Heard you graduated from Tokyo University.

Yeah, passed the National Security test and wanted to see some action.

This town's rough. Full of liars.

L ain't lying.

No problem. Besides, l'm frigid.

Never even had an orgasm.

Hey, l'm the victim here!


Call me White.

Money please!

Weird hat, kid.

You the boss around here?

Do you know the Cats?

Did you say cats?

Yeah. Rumor is they rule this town.

We've got cats. Spotted ones, striped ones. Lots.

Know dat?

What're you doing here?

We're taking over here.

Gonna kick the Cats out...

...and rule Treasure Town.

So you're bad guys are you?

We're the Dusk and Dawn brothers. We rule Yutaka City.

Give us a call if you need a hand.

Cat! He's a Cat!


What cats?

New here, are you?

Strays. Orphans. Delinquents who rule Treasure Town.

They can fly.

They live by the law of the jungle.

This city is their playground.

Underestimate them and you'll kiss asphalt.

L hate this town.

Oh, baby.

L said wait!

Picking a fight and running away, how lame is that.

Running isn't going to get us anywhere.

Acting cool isn't gonna help.

We've got to split them up or else.


White! How long is it until 5, White?

What? L can't hear anything.

Five o'clock, White. You got it? Five!

Here we go.

One down. One to go.

They're coming!

Fast little guy!

Look at him go!

He got away.

It's 'cause you're too slow.

All right, l'm going!

You can sure move. But we've got you now.

Give up the town and we'll let you live.

Almost 5.

Black planned Operation 5:00.

He's smart.

What the hell?!

Dad, someone's up there.

You're right.

L know this place!

Hello again, Agent White reporting in. We're preparing to dive.

Okay, take her down!

Going under! And the time is?

Hello, what time is it?

Stop thief!

The time at the tone is...

Welcome home, Black.

Today's loot.

Many silver monies.

When this piggy gets fat...

...we'll ride in a airplane.

Right, Black?

Build a house on the beach. That's the plan, right?

We promised, right?

Yeah, we promised.

Hello, this is Japan, Planet Earth, Agent White reporting.

Do you read me?

Unfortunately, your luck is waning.

This is not a time to be greedy. Maintain the status quo.

What's that, Mr. Suzuki?

The Rat.

Kimura, you believe in astrology?

L believe in nothing.

Nothing, huh?

At least believe in love Kimura. Love is all you need.

L thought l smelled something sour in town.

Well, if it isn't my old friend, Fujimura.

Nice little entourage, Rat.

This town's about to buzz like a bee hive poked with a stick.

You'll regret being a cop now that l'm back.

L already do.

Those yakuza got style.

C'mon. We're outta here, White.

What? The fight just started.

Just come on.

Get lots of money?

Not so loud.

Get lost!

Sell your own stuff!

C'mon, it's yakuza.

Thanks for your generosity...

...but you can take your stuff and shove it!

Of course, we'll compensate you handsomely.

Hey, you're not listening. Take your yakuza crap and shove it.


Local wiseguys, eh?

We're the Apaches and we run Treasure Town!

Choco's the name so don't forget it!

Choco's on fire tonight.

That yakuza...

You... you gonna pop me?

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

You threatening me?

Try gettin' your hands dirty once in a while.

We do all the dirty work! You listening!?

Got no ears! Or balls!

Let's go.

Hey, Kimura.

Go cry to momma!

We're not even gonna rough them up?

Shut up and get in.

Suzuki won't like us coming home empty-handed.

L'm running the show today.

Let's go.

Go about your business. And don't never come back.

Awesome, Choco.

You showed them!

Hey, the little professor.

Funny seeing you out this late.

Nighttime makes me sad.

Who was that Choco?

Some punk named Kimura.

Nothing we can't handle.

Wow, White, you're getting too heavy.

And you're gettin' big too.




Suzuki said something about him.

Some brat in Treasure Town.

Likes the taste of blood.

Pretty sure his name's...

... Black.

Hey, Black, nighttime is sad. Guess it's because...

...the dark makes me think about dying.

Don't worry, White.

Nobody will ever break us apart.

Can't even make a living exchanging bottles.

Help a veteran?

Spare change?

Can you help a guy get a drink?

Stinky old man.

Don't touch me, freak.


Back when l was in uniform, this town had some warmth to it.

Now, it's stone-cold.

Cities have been cold...

...since Hammurabi built Babylon.

Nebuchadnezzar II built Babylon.

Well, well, well...

Fine work you've been doing lately, Black.

Why's the Rat back in Treasure Town?

The biggest star in the sky is the sun.

Did you know that?

L feel for you, not having parents.

But you can't keep living like this.

Who asked you?

Society has rules, you know.

It's important to...

We don't wag our tails for anyone!


Tough kids, huh?

Stray cats.

Here... we... go!


This isn't your private sauna, White.

White, come here, boy.

You're almost 11, right?


And still acting like a 3-year-old.

Thanks, Gramps.

He won't even listen to me anymore.

That won't do, boy. You've got to mind what Black says.

The Rat's back.

Listen to me. L can count to 10. Listen. One, two...

His guy Kimura is...

...having his way with my town.

Watch what you say with the "my town" talk.

It's a bad habit.


This isn't anybody's town.

You're behind schedule, Suzuki.

L just got here. You don't want rivalries flaring up again.

Let me worry about the neighbors.

"Foreigners" all over the place.

And l'm putting them to good use!

This project is co-financed by a "foreigner."

Stick to what you know.

One thing l know is that development doesn't suit Treasure Town.

And that's why my parking spot says "boss" and yours doesn't.

All l asked you to do was some waste management downtown.

Run people out.

And stop your damn squeaking.

Nothing like an apple after a bath.

Lift your leg.

Apple man, apple man Apple man When you gonna learn to dress yourself?

White's a marvel.

Completely unscathed by this armpit of a city.

A real special child.

Probably got all the answers.

Just taking a while to blossom.

Wow! A seed.

No one so uncorrupted belongs here.

Probably would have died without you, Black.

Be happy be happy!

Don't worry. L'll protect, White.

And our town too.

Impossible. This town's days are numbered.

At my age you can sense these things.

White knows it too.

That's his gift.

L just gots a great idea!

A seed grows up to be a tree, right?

And fruits grows on trees, right? We can go plant it right now!

Japan, Planet Earth, Agent White here, do you read me?

Today, l kept the peace in this town.

And l'm going to have lots of apples!

L even took a bath. Over and out!

L got you Choco's info, like you asked.

Nice work. Thanks.

So, Mr. Kimura...

You said you wanted to join our crew, right, Vanilla?


Then lend me your ears.


Find him?


Where's Vanilla gone?

Lately, he's...

So, Choco. Looking for something?

My office tonight. Be there. Alone!


That guy's serious.

What's in the box?

What the...?

This town's days are numbered.

White knows it too.

What's wrong?


Vanilla's. They could tell from the earrings.

The gangster did it? Didn't he?

Hope Choco's okay.

No way. Choco's way out of his league with Kimura.

Choco's a fool. Never liked him.

Don't say that.

Talking bad about people makes your heart dry up.

It's true.

Anyway, it's none of our business. Right, Black?

Be happy be happy.

White, you asleep?


Keep it!

Takeshi. So incorruptible.

How'd you know my real name?

From your dear mother. She's staying at our hotel.

Kimura you got some nerve threatening my mother.

Show some respect, boy!

All choked up about her son...

...the poor lost runaway.

Breaks my heart, it really does.

She misses you terribly.

So upset she might take a dive off the hotel roof.

You dirty bastard!

Not dirty...

...just... a real yakuza, boy!

And l don't play fair.

This is my town!

White? Ls that you?

What's going on? Where's Black?

He went bye-bye.

Black went to fight the bad guys.

Hey! Look out! What's he doing out there?!

What's that brat thinking?


L'll wipe that grin off his face.

No, Yasuda, don't!

Don't worry. L won't hurt him.

Black, get out of here, man. This isn't your problem!

L'm fine. Look.

What makes you think l'm here to help you?

You got some nerve coming here, Black.

Leave him alone.

This is my town.

"Your town"? You're some comedian!

Shut up!

Stop it. He's just a kid.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

He's just kidding, Kimura.

Stupid yakuza.

You're mine now.

This the good stuff?

You're dead!

When we hurts people, l tell God we're sorry.

L tell God...

...we're sorry. Never do it again.

Sorry. Sorry. Never do it again.

This is my town.

Unbelievable. All you had to do was scare some kids.

Some timing!

Right before introducing our new partner.

You listenin', boy?

He was a... kung fu master.

No one asked you, idiot!

No laughing! Next.


Black. Hello.

L've been looking all over for you.

Slept with Gramps in the park.

He said l was right.

God's mad at us.

Hey, White, what about your apple seed?

The one you planted. We should go check it out.

Yes! Maybe it has apples.


Why is there no apple tree yet?

Lt'll grow when you least expect it.

Hey, Black...

...why are you always hiding things from me?

Lt makes me sad.

If l tell you, you might get hurt. There are some things...

...you shouldn't get mixed up in.

There you go again. Mr. Cool.

"Too dangerous." "Some things you shouldn't know."

Like you know what's good for everybody!


L ain't afraid of no gangsters!

We've come this far together, right?

L got the most powerful kick in the universe!

Black's work, eh?

Black always hated adults.

Stroke him the wrong way and he'll bite back.


L told you, Treasure Town's different from the others.

L'm sorry.

Apologies are for convicts looking for parole.

Take some time off. Leave business to Ota.

What? Why?

You're a Scorpio, right?

L'm a human.

Your zodiac. You're in a slump right now.

Who cares about that?

Clear your head for a while.

Mr. Suzuki?

Consider it a paid vacation.

Mr. Suzuki...

Here. Take this.

We was gonna ride a airplane. But you can have it.

You keep it. Take care of it.


Three big guys. Aliens. They ran us out of town.

Are they tough?

Killing machines.

Only the Minotaur is stronger.

That's a good one. The Minotaur.

You don't believe in the Minotaur? The crazy kid only believes in violence.

L heard of him.

Got a head like a cow. Total bullshit.

L don't believe in him but...

...when l look at you l think...

Forget him.

You mean Black?

He's just looking for trouble.

You're comin' with us, White. You aren't like him.


L'm all right.



L guess this town was just too much for me.

Would you stop with those?

L'm so touched you're concerned about my health.

Your hair reeks of nicotine.

L'm late.

L'm usually like clockwork.

Is it... mine?

You're so predictable, sweetheart.

Free the darkness.

Concrete's got a special smell.

Summer, winter, morning, night, all got their own smell.

But l like it when it rains.

Smells like margarine.

L got a bad feeling in my heart. Something... no good.


Be happy.

Be happy!

"Take some time off." L'm a yakuza.

We don't take time off. What's happening to me?

What a disgrace.

Such a sad sight.

Find the exit, freak!

But then l wouldn't get the chance to save you.

You're preaching to the choir, idiot.

Don't threaten me, friend.

My rage is just as twisted as my face.

Such a waste of talent.

Who the hell hired you?

Let's just say l have friends in high places.

Contact me if you'd like to explore your options.

Come back! Who are you?!

Until we meet again, friend.

Hey! L asked you a question. Cretin! Loser!

It's gratifying to see you all here...

... instead of busting each other's teeth on the pavement.

Now is a time for new approaches.

So, what does the world need most?

The economy is stagnant.

We've become white elephants.

We need new business, new stimulation. Entertainment!

This is the wave of the future!

And what better place to start...

...than with the piggy banks of kids and the wallets of their parents!

Working with Mr. Snake has taught me a great deal, such a man of vision!

A culture shock of sorts.

But of the many gains we achieve the greatest is that...

...we face our future.

Develop or perish, gentlemen! And so, to continue...

...Professor Snake, if you would.

Let's cut to the chase.

The third district that you control, the so-called Treasure Town district...

...is... well, quaint at best.

Unspoiled land, surrounded by the biggest growth areas in the city.

That's where we come in.

As you can see, since launching...

... the first Kiddie Kastle project three years ago...

... we've had nothing but unencumbered profit margins.

You truly have the Midas touch, Monsieur Snake.

And we thank you!

A new revenue source! More wallets to pick clean!

So, gentlemen...


What now, Rat?

Genpachi's strip joint is in the third.

For 50 years, boys in this town have been made men there.

Why tear it down and replace it with a kid's playground?

Ever the nostalgiste, eh Rat?

They got more strippers than customers these days.

We can't forget the people who love and...

...were raised in Treasure Town.

Get with the program! Herr Snake is our friend and our guest.

We've got lots to learn from him. And we will. Gentlemen?


...new beginnings!

No time for tears. No time for regrets.

Think like that and the city'll kill you.

L can't see.

Hello, this is Snake.

So it's you, friend.

L hoped you might change your mind.

Of course, you're always welcome.

Who was that?

You've been moping for days.

Why don't you get some fresh air?


Mr. Suzuki!

What're you doing here?

Came to check on you.

Where's Ota and Adachi?

Left 'em behind.

They cramp my style.

Something happen?

Same old thing.

They're gonna turn Treasure Town into an amusement park.

Oh, a light...

You quit, huh?

My girl's pregnant.

Come spring l'll be a dad.

Congrats, it'll suit you. You been okay?

L wouldn't say okay. Feels like being under house arrest.

Patience is a virtue, Kimura.

You think, "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" applies to me?

L dunno know.

Sometimes... I wonder.

Shiny, shiny shoe.

Makes me sad 'cause there's only one.

Ah! Found the other one!

Three strange-looking guys. Big ones.

Real scary. Curly eyebrows.

Curly eyebrows?

They were huge!

"The three assassins will come here too."

"Killing machines."


They do have curly eyebrows.

Who's that?

What's he doing with them?

They're really... big.

Some kind of modern art?

You amuse me, friend.

We cooperate in pursuit of one goal.

They're the muscle. L'm the brains.

We work together to create a perfect piece of art.

Never met a tall guy worth a shit.

Shall l show you their true strength?

What language was that?

What's happening? Where are they headed?

Cat extermination.

Cats? That's not your concern!


L gots... a bad feeling.

Let's go, buddy.


L don't know where you're from...

...but let the people of this town deal with the Cats.

Keep out of it.

L know about you and Black.

But l'm not hunting them to avenge you.

This town's just got a certain je ne sais quoi, right?

Get away from me!

L'm going to change this city.

And it makes no difference to me if you're in or out.

L'm only talking about those kids!

Alliances with cops, yakuza...

...are important, but those alone won't change this town.

My town must be transformed.

Your town?

Few are chosen to pursue the ideal.

What are you after?

We serve the ultimate authority.

Do you know who that is, friend?

He looks tough.


People say l'm small but...

... l'm a giant to that ant.

To ants, l am a giant! A giant!

Get up, Black!


A rat, taking a trip down memory lane.

Alone, Rat?

No entourage today?

They cramp my style.

Planning suicide? Then get to it.

But don't expect me to clean up.

Hey! Where you going now?

Rat! Lt's not safe for you around here. Hey!

Shit! Lt hurts bad.

You hurts? You're bleedin' like crazy.

Black, l've been thinking...

...I thinks he's an alien.

Well, he's not gonna mess with my town.


Stand up, White.

C'mon, man!

No way.

What the hell is that thing?!

Not your cup of tea, Fujimura?

What about you, Rookie? You learning something?

Ah, no matter, l'm frigid.

Sign of the times maybe.

Who cares. This'll be a kid's playground soon.

Fruits of your labor, eh, Rat?

Each to his own and every man for himself.

This town could care less about us. And it'll keep changing.

L learned all l know on these streets.

Booze, cigarettes...

...gambling, women, the easy life.

L loved this town.

We follow His designs.

L obey only Him.

L hate it.

May the Lord be with us.

Too heavy.

L hate it. Huh? What?

L hate this town.

Snap out of it, White!

L hate it.

Don't flake out on me.

L hate this town, Black.

I... just thought of something real smart!

Come on, White, come on!

Let's build a house. By the sea. Just the two of us.

Are you for real!?

Back off!

And, and, we can paint it blue.

% & ($ NO% & &$ .

He makes less sense than you.


Okay, okay, everything's okay.

Totally out of control.

Wonder if White's okay.

Agent White, Planet Earth here.

L have come to defeat the alien.


Agent White had a dream.

Of the sea...

...the sky...

...the trees...

...and the wind.

My dream.

Let it burn... all of it.


Let it all burn.

This whole city's going to burn.

If things were just spinning...

...spinning a little bit slower, White could be happy...

White! Look at me!

You okay? Listen!

We're being hunted. Can you hear me?

We can't go back home.

L need my hats. My hats and my watches.

My treasures.

Hello? This is Earth, Agent White speaking.

L'll go get 'em. But stay here, okay?

Hello. This is Earth, Agent White.



Hello? Hello?

Do you read me, over?

Keep your eyes on the road.

Can't believe it's almost Winter.

When it snows, even this filthy town...

...looks sort of pure.

L like it when you get sentimental.

My apple tree!

Gotta water it. Agent White is a very smart boy!

White! Brought your stuff.

L told him to stay put!

Oh, no!

Personally l like Spring the best.

Cherry blossoms...

Sawada, stop!

Stop the car!

Yes, boss.

Follow me.

Fujimura? Come on!

White hates Winter.

Makes him cry.

Reminds him of that story.

The ant and the grasshopper...

...he hates it.

He says the grasshopper didn't do anything wrong.

That makes him cry.

White cries.

Stop! Stop right there!!


lt... flies?


L gotta get home. Get home to Black.

It stopped, the rain.

White, where were you?

Wanted to check on my tree.

My... apple...

Apple... tree.

It's... not growing.

Blood... so red...

Flying fish?

Hey, Black, am l going to die?

People don't die so easy.


It's a miracle the kid's alive.

Lost a lot of blood.

Any later and we wouldn't be sitting here.

Thanks for the help.

Have you seen Black?

He's sticking to White like glue. L told him it won't help.

But he won't move a muscle.

Just sitting there.

Like he's in shock.

He isn't.

Black is calm.

He's already lost faith in the living.

His only purpose in life has been to protect White.

Without White, he'd have no reason to live.

So he's not in shock.

This place... l know this place.

Welcome back, White.

L'm back.

L'm so tired, Gramps.

That took a lot out of me.

White's... different. All he does is talk silly talk.

L don't know if l can protect him anymore.

L told you before...

...you can't protect that boy.

Better get to it or Black will be back.

Okay, okay.

L don't believe in God or anything...

But it seems like God is trying to take White away from me.

That boy's stronger than you think.

And you're not as tough as you think.

My eyes tell me...

...he's been the one protecting you. Am l wrong?

L believe in you, Black.

Even if God looks the other way.


We're taking the boy into police custody.

Emergency measures.

Stop! His stitches will come apart!


He's not moving.

He won't make any trouble.

It's for his own good.

You know how dangerous life is for him in this town.

Right, Black?

White's just holding me back. Take him away.

What? Holding you back?!

You're jokin'. It's me, White. You liar!

L had a dream. It was blue, so blue. And you were there with me, Black!

L can't take you and your silly dreams!

L'll find a stronger partner.

Stop! Black, you...

New partner? You think anyone else would be with you!

Say something! Black!

Hey, White.

Yo, Sawada.

Drawing a fish today, eh?

A dolphin.

What's that coming out of his eye?

A jet beam.

Shoots it outta his eyes. Pretty cool, huh?

Pretty weird.

Keep the room clean, will you?

Yo, Fujimura.

Had to pull strings to get it.

Sawada, out here.


Fujimura, look! This dolphin's got magic power coming out his eyes!


They found another gangster knocked out in front of Kiddie Kastle.

Eighth one this month.

Black again, eh?

Construction is proceeding nicely but that brat continues to be a nuisance.


People say he's changed.

Unbalanced since losing White.

Out for blood.

Such insight!

That's what Suzuki said anyways.

Ah, Suzuki.

Him turning on the boss is hurting us.

Seems he has friends on the police force.

So much for your grand vision.

You sound like a spectator. L thought you came to play ball.

Time you got off the bench.

Nice day, Sawada!

Can't you even tie your shoes?

Black did everything for me.

Hey, White?

Why don't you ever ask about Black?

Aren't you worried about him?

White is missing lots of screws.


Screws for my heart. He made me broken. God did.


And him too, Black too.

He's missing screws too, screws for his heart.

Black's broken too?

Yep. But l gots all the screws Black needs.

L got every one!

L heard Black got Ota's brother.

Black... who's he?

He's number one around here.

Isn't the Minotaur the toughest?

No, Black's tougher.

Split up with White. Going crazy now.

What if Black is the Minotaur?

What if Black's the one who sold White out to the cops?

The word on the street...

...is that you're possessed.

The more you love something, the deeper the pain.

Treasure Town will never be what it was, Black.

Even if we stop, the city keeps going.

You're gonna die.

It's written on your face.

Then l'll see you in hell.

L'll be waiting there for you.

This town is hell.

This is hell.

Smith & Wesson 6906.


Use it to put Suzuki out of his misery.

What! Me kill Suzuki?

Nothing fancy. Just aim for the head.

All you have to do is squeeze the trigger.

You're kidding?


He saved me.

He taught me everything l know.

So touching, especially with you becoming a daddy.

Just imagine your lady with her stomach ripped open.

You son of a bitch!

What l am, Kimura... is a pro.

And don't you ever forget it.

Once the kid's born we should leave town.

L thought you quit.

Let me help you.

We'll leave...

...and go far away.

Gonna stretch my legs.

L'll go.

Don't worry.

It's not safe, boss.

Mercury is rising.

My luck is good right now.

Let an old man walk alone under the stars.

You alone?

What did you want to talk about?

My girlfriend and I, we're thinking of settling down.

Don't be so coy, Kimura!

L wanted to ask if you'd be my best man.

Well, l don't know if l fit the part, but...

...sure. Congratulations.

A toast.

To new beginnings!

So? When is it?

You know, the due date.

Beginning of April.

Excellent, Kimura!

A Saturn.

Very compassionate.

Got to take care of yourself with a kid.

Especially in this racket.

L lost my parents early.

No one to take me to ball games...

...teach me to fish.

You knew.

Since the day l was born.

Birth signals the arrival of death.

You could always read me like a book.

You're easy to read.

L like that about you.

Anyway, it's a good day to die.

L'm not wearing a vest, so anywhere but the face please.

L've come to like this mug.

You've been like a father to me.

"The sins of the fathers..." l joined the gang because of you.

For me, you were...

My final tip, be quiet when you whack someone.

L taught you better than that, yes?

Yes, sir.

Don't leave prints when you ditch the piece.

Yes, sir.

And burn your clothes.

Yes, sir.

Most important, love your wife and child.


Because all you need is love.

Black. This is where we all end up.

You can't choose the life.

It chooses you.

Hustle your ass, Rat.

This is my town.

Naoki Kimura, at your service sir.

We're going to change this town. Do me proud, Rat.

Yes, sir!

Had enough, eh, Rat?

Well done, friend. L didn't think you had it in you.

W&% $ (=~%? &% $?

These two could learn from you. Pathetic.

He's just a kid.

"Just a kid"?

Ls that what you said when he did that?

! $ $ %) ((&$ .

They're going to kill him?

Just emptying the trash.

This is my town. L need to keep my streets clean.


Again? This makes the third time.

Please, a once-in-a-lifetime request.

Three once-in-a-lifetime requests?

Leave me with enough for a drink!

Today's loot.

It's yours.

L don't want your blood money.

The Rat's dead.

L know. When you live the life l do, you hear these things.

Have you seen White?

L told him to stay put.

What're you going on about? White's with the police.

L told you, Black.

L told him to stay put. Damn.

Poor kid. Needs a shrink.

L doubt a doctor could understand his pain.

Nobody can understand his pain.

What's going on, White?


...when the sky turns black, why do l feel so blue?

Guess it makes me think about dying.


It's not growing at all.

Why isn't it growing?

L water it every day.

Why, White?

Hello, hello. Agent White, do you read me, over?

You okay, White?

Be happy be happy.

It's all going to be okay.

It's all going to be okay because White came back to me.

L have to tell everyone White came back to me.

Is this a cow?



He's going to eat up this town.

L gots a bad feeling.

He's back.

My partner came back.

White's his name.



He hates Winter.

Stay away, brat.

He's got a lot of watches.

Mommy, look, over here!

Black... White... Black... White...

Hey, settle down now.

You're scaring me. Stop it.

What's happening?

White! White!

Hey, you! You snuck in, didn't you?

Where are your parents?

White's back!

He can only count to ten!

Don't push!

He's got a gun!

You guys got all dressed up tonight.

L'm so happy you came. Everything's okay now.

My buddy came home.

L'll introduce you.

His name's White.


K& &I (&% !

Can you hear me? Get a grip.

What's wrong?

Where does it hurt?

This place...

Okay, yeah, all right.

L know...

Know this place.

L know this place.

Don't fear the darkness, Black.

Behold... the true power...

...of the darkness.

Holy Shit.


Faulty parts. Totally replaceable.


L call the office and order spares.

A part wears out and you replace it. That's business.

Faulty parts.

Kimura, gimme a light!

Light this!

Kimura, who put you up to this?

Love. Love and truth.

Don't be scared. Follow me.

L'll show you the way.

L'm here with you, Black.

L can't keep him down!

This is the landscape of your creation.

A deeper, higher dimension:



Don't fear it.

It transcends all.

Transcends all?

The power of darkness.

White? Ls that you?

No, don't get clouded.

Do... not... get... clouded.

That leads to death.

Is this a dream?

More real than reality.

Hold still!

Free the darkness in you.

Hey, Sawada.


Show him your true power.

My... true power?

Let go.

Darkness is truth.


White! Hey! White!

Come on, Black!

Who are you?

Lost between light and dark...

...you found another part of yourself.

That wound.

Let's do it!

Now we can really bathe our town in blood!!

Let's live in a town by the ocean.

Where we can hear the waves.

A hammock on the porch.

L can play catch with the kids on weekends.

You're acting kind of weird today. Scary.


Name the baby that.

Makoto... meaning "truth."

Never. L'd never have a boy.

This is my power?

This is just the beginning.

You're capable of so much more.




You want to see him, right, White?

You want to see Black?

L gots all the screws Black needs!

L've got every one!

White again?!



Always getting in the way!

He's a hypocrite.

A pretender.

L'm not just a shadow cast by your light.

L'm the real you.

Darkness is pure, transparent, beautiful.

Embrace solitude.

What do you see over there?

What do you see over there?

Everyone calls me White.

Be happy be happy.

Be happy be happy.

Not him.

You need me!

What do your eyes tell you?

What do you truly believe in?

I... l... l believe in... White.

Look at the scar on your hand.

It's there to remind you.

L'm there, inside you.

Always. Whenever you need me.

You think the kid's really going to show?

Have faith, Mr. Fujimura.

"Faith"? What's there to have faith in?

Lt's no good to doubt, Mr. Fujimura.

Troy doubted Cassandra and then the Greeks won!

That's got absolutely nothing to do with this.

He's coming.


Welcome back.


Be happy be happy.


Hey, Black.


This is Planet Earth, Agent White.

Do you read me, over?

Today l kept the peace on this planet.


This planet's very peaceful.

Over and out.