Tenebre (1982) Script

The impulse had become irresistible.

There was only one answer to the fury that tortured him and so he committed his first act of murder.

He had broken the most deep rooted taboo and found not guilt, not anxiety or fear, but freedom

Every humiliation which stood in his way could be swept aside by this simple act of annihilation: Murder

Thanks, John. Take care of everything while I'm gone.

Have a good trip Mr. Neal. Flight 401 to Rome.

See you inside the check in.

Flight 410 passengers please proceed to gate seven.

Mr. Peter Neal, passenger to Rome. Mr. Peter Neal to the information desk.

Miss, excuse me, Peter Neal. do you have a message for me?

Yes, there was a call, you can pick a phone over there

Thank you. Hello?! Yeah. yeah. well listen, Jane, listen to me. yeah. The reason why... The reason why I haven't seen you for six weeks is because I... yeah. Jane, take it easy, just take it easy. Look, I'm going to hang up on you. Do you hear me? I'm just going to hang up on you.

Right tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow I'll try to call tomorrow. ok. yeah. Bye.

Oh, Excuse me.

Open your bag! I said open it! Leave me alone.

Come with me! I said come with me! Leave Me alone I want to look in your bag!

Do you have a receipt for this?

I was going to the cashier to pay for it!

You told me you didn't have a book.

Hey, what is this? Who the fuck are you? I was only going to pay for it!

Please come along with me to my office, will you? This way!

Elsa Manny, 12 convictions for shop lifting.

You should have learned by now!

Ok listen, we can make a deal.

You just ... the paper back for Christ's sake, I give you my address, for ...ing me. any time. Come on. give me a break. You're not gay, are you?

Where do you live?

Here in Rome, Number 14 Via delle Camene.

Via - delle - Camene OK!


We are approaching the coast of Greenland. we expect to land in Rome in approximately 5 hours

Hey. come here. come back!

You hit me! You bitch! I'll kill you!

Hi Carla. Hi, my washing machine just broke. Are you OK?

I am, now. fine, thank you!

Did everybody get this release? Let's try anywhere.

Am I too late? No, did you get this release?

look at you ! you're getting prettier everytime I see you!

Are you still writing nice things about me, huh?

Getting my notes together usually takes me I would say about a month and the actual writing... actual writing about three month Hi. Hi Tilda.

Yeah, two months for revisions, rewrites, proofs. so, 3 Books in a row means I haven't stopped for almost two years now.

Tenebrae is a sexist novel Why do you despise women so much.

Sexist?! No, I don't think it's sexist.

Women as victims, seiphors, the male heros with their hairy macho bullshit, how can you say it isn't? hey Tilda what's the matter with you?

You've known me for 10 years ever since you studied in New York.

You know very well that I... Look, I'm talking about work

Well, I don't know. Would you like me to tell you that I support to the equal rights amendment?

OK, so then explain the books.

Do you write to a fixed pattern?

Or do your publishers tell you this kind of sexism sales copies?

Miss, why do we do this?

Setup a separate interview with you and Mr. Neal. and let him really come the grips with your mag's attitude.

He just got off the plane and how would that be? - Ok I ... I think it's time.

We just gonna slip out.

You are all welcome to drink the bar dry.

Thank you very much for your attention and your interest By the way, call me tomorrow and we'll setup a meeting!

Hey, my mother was hoping you to call.

Tell her I will. I'd love to see her!

You know that you're getting very tense? I'm learning.

Those diets (?) want your balls because they haven't any of their own.

What is that? The hat you mean?

Bought it in a shop here in Rome. Nice, eh? It suits me!

Isn't it warm? No try it!

No No! Doesn't it drop off?

Drop off? Yeah, I mean if you make a quick movement, won't it slip off?

Look! That's a miracle! - Drop off?!

You know? your book is been number one on the best sellers at least 12 weeks! already 12 weeks , That's amazing, amazing!

Pleased with your agent? oh Terrific, great, incredible, fantastic.

Come on, come on. say something nice about me!

Tell me, where is Anne my secretary?

Yeah, she's quite a girl that Ann. 6 days over here. she's got the whole time wired for you & got a great place for you this morning.

She promised to meet me here She's downstairs, I didn't want them to think you had an on to roach.

They love your books, but they hate success!

That's interesting, very very interesting!

Hey Bulmer, there was a fellow in the corner.

He was eh... well actually he never said a word.

The tall thin guy? Yeah, that's it!

Cristiano Berti, he's a book reviewer on Channel One TV he is a big fan of yours. And we take the show with him.

Oh yes!

Haha Peter!

How are you?

Fine, how are you? Oh, I'm great!

Peter, this is Gianni Gianni, this is Peter Neal Hi Mr. Neal. Nice too meet you Gianni.

This talented young man will some day be an agent in the Rome office in the meantime he's gonna look after you during your staying here.

And in the meantime you pay more than promises, right?

See you tonight, alright?

So, I brought you a present oh, Peter!

Just a little thing!

Oh God!

Who could have done such a thing!

Here we go, I'll take that, Gianni!

Are you Peter Neal?

Yeah, that's me Good evening! I'm Captain Germani!

Of the Rome Homicide Squad.

And this is Inspector Altieri I'm sorry, we didn't want to disturb you but the door was open!

Right Inspector? It was open, that's correct!

I apologize, but a girl was killed 5 hours ago.

A girl named Else Manni, an inveterate shoplifter.

We wanted to know if you knew her?

This is the first time I've been to Rome.

She died from 4 deep wounds.

Throat, chest and suffocation Her mouth was stuffed with pages from a book, Tenebrae.


We came to check if you knew of any connection.

I'll get you a drink.

Ah, just ah just some water please Ann, thank you!

Is it alright if I... Sure, go ahead!

Sorry to bother you, we were just about to leave when we heard the elevator! Well, I didn't know the girl, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

No !

I'd offer you something harder, but you don't drink on duty, right?

Aeh, I only drink on duty a scotch please, straight up OK.

You just arrived, Mr. Neal? You mean, do I have an alibi?

Yes, I landed from New York about 2 hours ago.

Can I ask you something?

If someone's killed with a Smith & Wesson Revolver, do you go and interview the president of Smith & Wesson?

I've read all your books Mr. Neal, except this one.

Just started on it last night.

The book deals with a murder commited with an old fashioned open razor, right?

Don't tell me who did it, I haven't finished it yet!

This girl too was killed with a razor and your books' pages staffed into her mout Ah. We found this on the floor of your appartment here. It's addressed to you!

There was only one answer to the fury that tortured him.

Isn't that a passage from your book?

Yes, Yes it is.

I respect you Mr. Neal, believe me. I don't want to make your stay in Rome a nightmare, but we're going to need your help.

I'd like to keep the letter.

I think you'll get another one some time and then another.

So we'd be very grateful if you keep us informed.

Beautiful scotch but we won't keep you.

Inspector, please give them a card.

Mr. Neal, if you get anything, anything at all, you just call me on that number.

Wait a minute, wait a minute there is something else. my travel bag in the bedroom, Gianni.

When I left home yesterday. this morning, it was, no, of course wasn't like that. Hello, Hello?

Mr. Neal, would you like me to go and get you anything?

I don't know what's beeing destroyed, Shaving Kit, anything like that.

I'll make you a list. Thanx Gianni.

and do you mind if I take this? No, please go right ahead!

Hello. Peter Neal speaking!

Not anxiety or fear, but freedom. You wrote these words.

Page 46 Freedom to strike again. Peter...

Listen, don't hang up. Snip.

We have to talk.

You taught me how Peter Neal. You and me together! We've just begun. some one's with you. I can see a woman, that's your girl friend.

Maybe she should be next, but I've got other plans you like them.

Just wait and see.

Now listen we should meet.

Maybe I could talk to you? You know

, explain about the books.

The girl you killed today she was...

How'd you know about her? who's with you?

Got away, hah? I couldn't get him I should have a tough male assistant who runs fast.

You'd hate it. You'd have nothing to bitch about

Massimo, when are you going to take my picture. Never sweetheart!

Hey, he is cute.

He is vulgar and cheap.

I love you Tilde. But no jealousy. You promised, ok?

Listen, He doesn't have a place, so I'm taking him back to ours.

Oh Christ !

Hey what's bugging you? I thought we agreed.

Ok. No ties but you don't have to rub my face in it.

Not your face, honey. Not tonight.

Listen, just give me an hour! OK?

I'll see you later.

Hi! You look like a turkey at christmas time?

How are things? I've got an hour so I tell you.


Oh god, what a drag those friends at of Bulmers are.

And that Food.

I swear if there was a world cup for boredom, those guys would win for Italy no contest.

OK, I let you go to bed. I'll come back at 10 tomorrow morning Anne, just have a nightcap, would you? It's been one hell of a day One!

Tilde, are you coming up? Get lost.

Come on. You cheap little hooker, I wouldn't come near you right now if my life depended on it!

You make me sick.

I drunk too much. I am going to throw up.

If you have to, go some other place to do it!

I feel sick Go call your pimp to look after you!

You want to know what happened? He was terrific!

He made you look pathetic when we made love. For a start

One day ...

Turn it down!

Filthy, slimy pervert!


Porter's office, Alboretto speaking. Oh hi there Mr. Neal, everything ok?

Well there is a switch. I'll come up and show you, OK?

What? 5000 Lire?

Go to 22 and turn on his hot water.

The switch is either in the Bathroom closet or under the kitchen sideboard

-5000? Hmmm. Uhm... - Thank you!

Hi I am Maria.

Oh Hi! You had a deeper voice on the phone!

That was my father. Is it ok for me to go into the bathroom?

Oh, I don't think it's over there!

No, no it's around there, that's right. Yes.

Ah, yes. Mhhh.

I guess the switch must be in the kitchen! Oh!

Oh you wrote "Out of Dawn" ?

It was terrific.

You read it, huh? Oh, it was good.

Look right here.

Oh yes, I see! Mhh.

The bookstore at the corner has a window.

Just your books are in it!


You should go in. Carlo the assistant would love to say hello!

Oh that sounds very nice. Maybe I will some day.

Good Morning. Good Morning.

See you. Bye Bye

mmm. You don't waste any time, do you?

That's jailbait my dear, jailbait ! She was fixing the water heater !

Your personal plumber!

I guess I now have to wait 2 hours before the water is hot!

Do you know what time I woke up this morning?

No, what time did you wake up? 5 a.m.?

Oh you poor thing. Are your pillows too hard?

I'll get you a feather pillow!

The pillows are too hard!

I'll get you feather pillow. I meant to. Forgot! Sorry.

... is near the elevator! Ok, thanx!

Today I need the typewriter! It's ordered for today. - good

When did this come.

It wasn't here a minute ago. When? - Just now, a few minutes ago!

"Sic transit Gloria lesbie!"

So passes the glory of lesbos.

What does that mean!

It means our killer most likely had a high education and studied latin !

I don't know, maybe he's killed again !

lateral incision , 14cm from the carotid diagonal To ... her , Subclavian also

Hi Doc. It's always nice to see you.

But I like this place less and less. It's cold too.

Warmer, and you complain about the smell!

How far we've got?

It was the same razor than the opening examination on the girl killed 6 weeks ago!

The blade has 3 jagged nixoning. You want to see? - No No! I believe you.

The other girl had intercourse less than an hour before she was killed. There was an A negative secretion.

Well it doesn't mean the killer was the lover!

No, but they often are.

correctable with courier 72 at your service.


Where shall I put it? -Over there, Hello?

Capatain Germani!

Yes, Captain? Who's been killed?

Hello Mr. Bulmer, would you like a drink?

Thank you very much, No. You two go right ahead. I'll take care of myself !

Mmm.. You sir? Oh no, no no. Thank you.

Thank you, Angelica. Shall we sit down?

Oh yes, thanks.

I'd like to do about half an hour with you...


Oh no, in the studio as part of the early transmission.

I'd like to do something in depth.

They let me do it about twice a year. Ok fine, sure !

Now, Tenebrae is about human perversion and it's effects on society! And I'd like to know how you see the effects of deviant behaviour on our lives?

Well first of all it isn't just about that.

2 of the victims are deviants The killer's trying...

Wait a minute, who says they're deviants?

One was gay, but so what?

I mean his portrait is perfectly happy...

In fact, his relationship with...

The killer's motivation is to eliminate what he calls corruption.

The killer is insane!

What I mean by that is that

that the only aberrant behaviour...

Ahh ! what is aberrant behaviour?

I was brought up a very strict catholic. Were you?

Yeah! I guess so.

But I believe in abortion, I believe in divorce That makes me aberrant from a strictly catholic standpoint I see. I thought this was an afternoon show!

You really want us to get this heavy?

Well, I guess not.

It's just that I'm genuinely interested myself.

Well, I really appreciate that. That's a real compliment, Thank you.

We're starting in 4 minutes, Christiano.

Ok, mh... shall we?

It's down here! Right

Hey, hey. It's my hat!

I am going to start the show with a resume of your work!

They're just starting. that'll 20 - 30 minutes. why don't we, why don't we go outside?

Ok. We'll go ahead in 1 minute.

You see, Peter's a very sensitive guy & an interview was a delicate thing. I didn't want him disturbed.

Isn't that Yeah, that's him.

Oh he looks smaller then.

Anyways, is there anything I can do for you? coz Peter's got one hell of a schedule + he's starting work on his new book!

Are you a relation? I'm his agent! and you get 10% of his conversation with the police department as well?

Careful now, I have feelings just like a real human being.

Somehow or other your client holds the key!

Those Killings are like, like a tribute to Peter Neal What'd you do with 10% of a tribute like that?

You know something. I read all of those books , Agatha Christie Mickey Spillane,Drek Staut ,Ek McBain and I'm a detective, right?

And you never guess who the murderer is! Right never.

You just remember Mr. Neal, any bright ideas, you let me know, ok?

You write about these things but I turn over real dead bodies!

Good bye, Captain!

Well how did it go, ok? Yes it's great. looked great to me too

I got his autograph ! -Whose?

Yves Montand ! So what?

Could it be somebody I know?

Damn. I wish I'd never written that book!

You don't mean that!

Hi ! Hi !

Mr. Bulmer left this downstairs for you.

He hoped it would ...

Wait, I go down with you!

Is that a proposal? If you like!

Ok, if you need me, I'll be at home! -Go ahead!

Jane? Is that Jane?

Janne McKerrow? I could have sworn it was!

What's the prefix to New York?

But, it's impossible, she is in New York .

She never strays 10 miles from that shrink she goes to. Here!

This is Jane McKerrow. I am out for the moment. Would you leave your name, number and message after the tone?

It was Jane!

But she'd call you, wouldn't she? If only to scream at you!

She wouldn't even be here if it wasn't to try to get you back or apologize or something. Apologize for what?

For what she did to your... oh god forget it...

My Travel Bag. You think it was Jane? I never said it was I am going home, no more buzzes!

Anne, do you think Jane could have done that?

Bye Bye, See you later!

No. I told you I don't give a damn! You understand?

Why don't you say something?

Go fuck yourself!


Help Me. Is anybody home?

Hey there!?

Is anybody here? Please ! Help me.

Isn't anybody here?

Please !

Oh god, please help me.

The door was open and I was attacked by a dog!


Damn litte Spy.

No. Leave me alone.

What do you want from me?

"I grieve for this child. Her death was the only way I could be free to go on !

I will eliminate those who disgust me. The human perverts soon now the corruptor himself."


Be careful Mr. Neal. This killer's also very well informed.

He knew your hotel in Rome! He knows you have an agent where he can send the letter.

And he also knows it could've been dangerous Coming around to your place because the girl, I mean Maria, was living in your building! do you need me anymore today, Captain?

No, No Mr. Neal... but I'd like you to stay in your apartment as much as possible because this last message threatens you personally.

By the way I finished your book. You know what?

I guess too the killer was on Page 30. Page 30 never happened before.

I'll take you home.

Oh. I can't do this! Going through your address book trying to pick out crazy people. it's crazy!

Why me, why ? because... because I have corrupted, he says!

Or she says!

She right! Trying to eliminate the human perverts.

Christiano Berti the TV critic called

"Tenebrae" a novel about aberrant behaviour and human perversion.

He was very weird about it.

Hey Gianni, gimme that telephone book.

Christiano Berti lives only three blocks from here!

Now wait a minute. This is paranoia!

Maria's body was found in the ...

Tenebrae is a novel about human perversion and it's effect on society.

Those were his exact words before we did the interview.

Trying to... eliminate the human perverts.

Two words, that's hardly a case against him!

You could mention it to the captain! No, Noway.

"Famous crime writer has a dumb idea" wouldn't he just love that?

"Peter Neal plays the fool to raise a killer."

On the other hand, if Peter Neal got it right, wouldn't that be something?

The cops are all over the place.

Mhh 10:15, they should be quitting soon!

The victim was 17 year old Maria Alboretto.

What happened to her between 2:45 and 7:00 this morning still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile we understand our murderer sent another letter to the police in his message he warns he'll be striking again !

He says the next victim will be someone he refers to

"The Great Corrupter"

Well as a matter of fact this message is expected to result in several businessmen and politicians leaving the city!

Jane? Jane!

This is Jane McKerrow. I am out for the moment. Would you leave your...

Come on! I haven't eaten in someone's garden since I was 6 Shut up!

This is boring.

All detection is boring. But if you cut off the boring bits and keep the rest...

...you've got a best seller !

-Jesus He must have been there all the time!

He couldn't have seen us.

Listen, I go round the back.


Who is it? Who's there?

Yes it was me! I killed them all.

Peter, Peter! Come on Hurry!

Oh... my head! You'll be OK.

We've gotta get out of here. The Guy, the guy, guy has an axe!

He must still be.. be in the house.

We've gotta go, come on.

What happened to you.

I don't know.

Somebody must've hit me!

What did you see? the killer?

I couldn't see much. I don't remember!

Was he tall, short? What?

I don't know. I didn't see anything except... except the axe!

The Killer... Christiano knew the killer. Said it was him He said he was who killed them all.

That many murdered.

The blood!

You've to tell the police What you saw could break the case.

I didn't see shit. A dead man and his head split open.

You know what I saw? My mother putting me in the school bus in Rhode Island. That's what I saw.

After the knock on the head. Like in the movie You should have a doctor look at this!

I'm OK, I'm OK., Just a little dizzy and very dumb!

Peter, maybe we should, maybe we both should go back to New York for a while hm?

Anne, would you sleep here tonight? Just company.

I could make up the bed. no, no, no, no, you take it easy, I'll do it. Of course I'll stay!

Six years, and we've never spent one night together!

Four of those six years we had Jane around to disapprove Oh. How does your head feel? My Head?

How does my head feel? Well that is a very interesting question.

My head. My head !

What head, hm?

Peter, in the morning we both forget about this, ok?

Nothing's happend, Nothing!

Nothing's happened!

Peter? Peter?


Would you like some coffee, Mr. Neal?

Well close the deal on that basis. come in. No thank you.

Oh, I am just broken up over Christiano. I mean it's unbelievable. Unnnn Believable Listen I only came to say that well I'm thinking of leaving Rome for a couple of weeks.

Maybe going to Paris or some other place!

Peter, Peter, you can't let me down now.

We are within two days of making a deal!

Please, stay just until friday!

My Life is in danger.

There's no deal in the world worth risking my life for!

You are right!

You are right!

You know what we'll do?. I'll book a suite for you over the hotel Florida...

Tell Everybody you are going to New York. just lay low til the publishers and the financers come back.

I mean it's a million dollar deal, you understand?

Just you & me will know where you are. It's complete safety.

Do that for me, will you?

What is it?

Sir Donald Otley on line 1!

Where is he? In London!

Put him on hold!

What do you say? I'll call you this afternoon!

Donald, how are you? Hello, hello?

Where is that damn drunk?

He said he'd call back.

No Calls!

It's OK Darling!

I feel so filthy.

Hearing his voice, thinking he's on the other side of the door wondering if he knows about us!

No, no it won't be long, I promise you!

Jane? Will I see you for lunch today?

Yeah. Same place?

Piazza Arduini , 1 o'clock!

I can't go in that house, Noway!

You don't have to in, Gianni! Just stay in the car!

The lights went out.

Somebody switched them off. Not Christiano.

I heard him screaming!

Stop right here!

I'll walk, you drive and I'll see you later ! Ok.

I called you over here because I didn't want to come to you until we finished doing a complete checkup.

Was it the same killer?

I think so.

Only this time like with Maria Alboretto it was done with an axe!

You didn't get the yellow envelope yet? hm? No ! You will!

You said that you only met With Christiano Berti twice, aeh??

Yes, at an airport press conference and the TV interview.

Look here. Peter Neal...

Analysis of Obsessions Peter Neal, Aberrant Behavior - The Novels Peter Neal, Personal. Personal?

Born Rhode Island. Pred School in Yale. Strict Catholic.

Here, look. Taller than I expected with hazel eyes.

He looked at me often, but henever spoke to me.

Jesus. Somebody was really into your life!

Can we go outside? Sure!

Bless you!

Oh thank you. I have an allergy to dust.

What happened to your head?

Oh just beating my brains out on the case. I'm surprised you're having a ... one too.

One thing's for sure. The killer and Christiano Berti were both obsessed by your work!

The last time I asked you, I think I was just a little sarcastic but you know we need all the help we can get.

Well I've made charts. have tried building the plot the same way you have trying to figure it out but I just have that hunch that something is missing.

Tiny piece of the jigsaw. Somebody who should be dead is alive, or somebody who should be alive is... already dead.

Explain that.

You know there is a sentence in a Conan Doyle Book When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth! the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Yes. You know the impossible in this case is that the chain of killings doesn't make sense!

In Hound of the Baskervilles the impossible was a giant ghost mastiff !

The improbable in this case again, like the book is almost certainly weird, unbelievable but possible.

That's what we have to find. Truth is always possible!

Mr. Neal! I have to go.

I'm a very devoted reader, Mr. Neal and I'd like to think that 20 more books of yours to enjoy in the future!

So I guess what I'm asking is selfish.

Tell me, would you leave town? Today?

I was going to do just that.

Ah ok, let me know where to find you, eh? Good luck!

For you, Jane.

Passport? -Passport. Passport. Oh Passport.

OK. The bank's wiring you the money at Raphael in Paris.

You are booked for a week. Good.

Hello? The Captain.

No !

I am afraid he is up for the airport already. Yes?

Is there anything I can... Alright!

Good bye!

He just wanted to make sure you're going.

Something happened he said he was only checking to be sure you were safe!

Oh, hi!


I asked Anne to run me to the Airport You don't have to drive me!

OK. I was on my way back to the house

I know there is a piece of the puzzle there if...

If I can remember it, see it. did you decide where are you going?

Classified! Silly, I know but if no one knows...

That's cool. But I'd be glad to see you again!

I'm sorry Gianni . I'm really sorry that you had to get caught up in all of this!

I won't say it's worth it, but I'm glad we've met!

And I hope you'd call me when it's over and you'll be back in Rome!

I go down with you! OK!

Yes I killed them. It was me!

I killed them, I killed them all!

Christiano... But I don't...

I Killed them all, I killed them all...

He was the murderer.

So who killed him?

-Hello? Oh Ann, I'm sorry I wanted Peter!

He's gone, he's left Italy.

I did something so...

It's like there are two people in me...

...and sometimes the other one just takes over!

Where are you, Jane? Are you in Rome?

Yeah. Help me please, don't let me kill myself.

Tell me where you are Jane. I'll come around, alright.

An appartment, on the Cassia number 11.

I'll be right round. Give me a few minutes!

I am so sorry! I didn't mean to.

I wanted to explain...



...I have done!

Ok, I'm coming. God damn.

Who is that lady?

She is the housekeeper of the place Bulmer rent it . She's a Philipino and has a lot of interesting things to say about him.

Like Bulmer had a girlfriend A regular grilfriend.

What languages does she speak? Only Tagalog and Spanish!

You question her! The Murderer has killed again I have to go!

Ok, I see you later, eh!?

Have you got a license to work for Mr. Bulmer?

Oh, thank you!

Good bye!


Is it you Anne?


I didn't know...

I didn't know that...

No, don't look!

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatevery remains, however improbable must be the truth.

And Bulmers maid told inspector Altieri he had an affair...

...with your fiance Altieri was too headstrong and came over here...

...alone to check.

She didn't know that you Neal are mad.

Completely mad.

And it cost her her life.

I don't know if I should hate you or feel sorry for you!

No, no, no, no, I didn't kill the other women, I didn't kill the other women.

I know. That would have been impossible!

But I realized Christiano Berti was the killer.

And it didn't take me long to realize that.

The rest, Mr. Germani, was like writing a book. A Book!

Perfect revenge.

The Razor Killer was dead...

. but you wanted him to live on...

...long enough to be blamed for the murder of your fiance & her lover. The two people you hated most!

Come on, get up! - No!

Turn around. You know the routine.

Come on, get up. Get up! -

Come on, move over there.

I'll call from the car radio Come on now, let's go.

No wait. I don't... I don't wanna leave him!

Let's go now! Poor Peter.

Ok, it's over!

Peter! It's not possible.

I couldn't believe it either

not until I got the telex from Interpol this evening.

When Peter was a teenager in Rhode Island, a girl he knew was killed, brutally!

Someone accused him but there wasn't any real evidence and it was never brought to trial!

But it was Peter Neal. Then he committed an act which haunted his life and twisted his mind forever!

It was in his last book.

Now he realized that any obstacle or humiliation standing in his way could be swept aside by a simple act of annihilation: Murder!

Calm down, it's all over now

You'd better stay here. Wait for me huh?