Tennen kokekko (2007) Script


Our primary and middle schools share a building.

We're like a family.

There are six of us.

No, seven, counting you.

This is the middle-school classroom.


This is Katsuyo. She's in Grade 3.

"Welcome O-sa-wa"...




Ibuki's a year behind me, in Grade 7.

Oh, no!


The vase. It's cracked!

I'll get another one.

Atsuko's in Grade 7, too.

You kids get to your classroom. The bell's going.

Come on.

I wanna see Osawa!

Then there's Kotaro, my brother, in Grade 6...


Come on!

Oh, Sachiko!

Quick! The new guy's coming!

Get the pail!

Sachiko, when you need to pee...

...you promised you'd say so, didn't you?

Sachiko just started school in April. She's in Grade 1.

That's all of us.

No, it's not.

I'm forgetting me.

My name is Migita Soyo. I'm in Grade 8, just like you.

"My name is Migita Soyo."

"I'm in Grade 8, just like you."

"Just like you"?

Maybe "the same as you"...

Sachiko had another accident?

Well, Osawa, why don't you introduce yourself?

He's gorgeous!

I'm Osawa.

Is that all?

Osawa, Hiromi.

He's in Grade 8.

He's just moved down from Tokyo.

He looks older than Grade 8!

He wears a watch!


He's in the same grade as you. He'll sit beside you.



You've always been the only one in your year.

That is the end of the science lesson.

Very good.

Osawa! Osawa! Osawa Hiromi!

That's rude, you know!

Sir, are we having a welcoming party?

Yeah, we should.

With hot-pot?

What kind?


Feel free to have seconds if you want.

It's cold!

One kitchen handles all the schools out here.

There. That's dessert.

What's the matter?

Are your hands clean?

This smells of pee.

You sit there, beside Kotaro.

My delight...

...was gone in a flash.

Are there any stores here?


They've got candy, soap... everything!

Oh, that kind of store...

Atsuko's dad has a barbershop.

You know what?

I can imitate a gorilla and a monkey!

What about a doctor? Where's the hospital?

You have to go to town for that.

What? There's no doctor here?

We're all healthy in this village!

We don't need doctors!

What's the matter, Soyo?

Nothing. Maybe Tokyo people are just too feeble.

Soyo, pee.

OK. Let's go back to the school.

Hey, let's play soccer sometime.

Here's something better...



Ow ow ow! I give up!

Don't go putting ideas in my brother's head!



It's OK. I'm here.

You've got to learn to go to the bathroom by yourself.




Go help your mother.

I was just going.

Maybe some peaches...

How much is that?


Hi, Mr. Taura.

Take that.

Mr. Taura's watermelons are sweeter than the ones from town.

He says rubbing the juice on your face makes you pretty.

He's a good salesman.

Everyone at school does it.

His daughter's come home, after 15 years away.

Oh, the one who eloped...

Her husband ran off on her, and her asthma came back.

She had no choice but move back here.

Her dad grumbles about it.

Well, today he was in a better mood than usual.

Deep down in his heart, he's glad she's back.

He's alone, and he's getting old.

Soyo, I'm ready.

Out of the way!


Have some watermelon first.

See you later.

Off you go.

Back later!


Have fun!

We should ask Osawa to come, too.

Yeah, we shouldn't make him feel left out.

Why don't you like him, Soyo?

No, I don't dislike him...

I'll go ask him.

Me, too!

What are you going into Mr. Taura's for?

He's his grandson.

Mr. Taura's grandson?

Didn't you know?

So he was Mr. Taura's grandson...

Somehow that brought him closer.

He says he'll come!

He was sleeping on the veranda.

I'll ask my dad if I can buy one.

I'll go with you.

You mean it?

I slept late.

So you're tired?

Look. He's got a flower.

You're right.

That doesn't fit somehow.

What about this way?

Where does it go?

The beach.

So that way's faster?

No, that way's faster.

The view's better this way.

I'll go this way.


He went.


Can't see him.

He walks pretty fast.

It's been years since we took this way.

Has it been five years since she jumped?

You mean the woman who owed all that money?

Who jumped?

No one.

Katsuyo! Cup your hands behind your ears.

Jumped where?

You can hear the hills moaning.

Yeah! Listen to them, Katsuyo.

Now, stop. You see? The moaning stops, too.

Then when you start to walk, it starts up again.

Yeah, it's following us.

What's wrong, Sachiko?

There's someone there.

What do you mean?

Coming towards us.

Soyo, quick!

Wait up!

Let go!

Let go!

The ghost!

The ghost's got my foot!

Let go!



At lunch, Mr. Matsuda only gives a large serving to Ms. Watanabe.

I never noticed that...

We all get one scoop, but he always gives her two.

I dug all these clams, you know.


I can carry them.

I'll go this way.



To see the ghost.

It's dangerous.

I'm not going that way.

Me, neither.

Ms. Migita?


Are you serious?

Soyo, pee.

Sachiko, you just had a pee.

Nothing came out.

Sure it did! That's enough. Just hold it in.



For saving me.

I wanted to come this way...

...so we could be alone.

You and me?


Did you know what had happened on this bridge?

Yeah. Mom said to come.


To say a prayer. They were friends.

They say she was beautiful, but her man done her wrong.

It's not something to laugh at.



...egg-drop soup, milk, and watermelon.

Today's main dish...

...is "get-along rice".

In it are plums and green soybeans.

These foods "get along" with rice. Doesn't that sound delicious?

So let's all get along as we eat. This has been "lunchtime news".

You busy later?


Come into town with me.


Where's Sachiko?

She didn't come today.

Is she sick?

Sachiko got a bladder infection from holding on too long.

A bladder infection makes it hard to pee, doesn't it?

Does it hurt?

You pass blood if it's bad enough.



That extra watermelon is Sachiko's.

Take it to her house after school.


I can't go into town today.

Why not?

It's my fault.

You mean that little kid?

At least for a while you won't have to look after her.


I'll bet she's in pain...

I'll bet she was crying...

I can't help but feel horrible...

Sachiko! I brought your dessert!

Sachiko! We had watermelon for dessert at lunch.


Is it OK that you're up?


Soyo's here, too.


I'm sorry, Sa...



That's disgusting!

Have some cold barley tea.


What was the school lunch today?

"Get-along rice".

That sounds good.

Where's Soyo?

Picking onions.

Look at your hair!

Leave me alone!

You look like Astro Boy!

Soyo, this looks stupid!

Hang on. I'll phone and ask.


What's that smell?

Something smells funny.

Kotaro, what have you got in your hair?

Hello, Osawa?

Sorry to call so early.

How is that stuff for Kotaro's hair supposed to work?

What's that for?!

Keep away from that Taura kid!

It's freezing! We'll need coats soon.

I want one with a hood.

Me, too!

One that's not too thick.

But not too thin, and dark blue like this.

One that won't bunch up on me.

One like Osawa's?


That's a nice one.

Maybe the Tenbaya has one.

Let's go shopping on Sunday and see.

This design here's cute. I'm going to take this one.

What about you?

This one's too thin.

This one doesn't have a hood.

The lining's not too good on this one...

How's it different?

Now the runners climb the hill back toward Shinjuku Ohashi...

I'm back.

And now Mwihia is falling back.

Anjo takes the lead at the top of Shinjuku Ohashi.

Anjo Mitsuhiro, 27...

...from Tochigi Prefecture.

A Seijo University graduate who has run in Berlin.

Mwihia looking behind again...

...as Anjo pulls away little by little.

We're at the 13-kilometer mark.

Is there anything else on?

Just golf and horse-racing.


Is Hiromi here?

Come in.

Thank you.

Can I look at this?


Hasegawa in 8C? With the tits?

When did that happen?

Me? Well, the other day...

Um, at the shrine.

A kiss at the shrine.


I brought your wrestling video.

So who did you kiss?


At the shrine.

Oh...that's what I'm planning to do.

Like calling a shot?

Yeah. So now I've got to go through with it.

That is a problem.




It's not that big a thing. It's like shaking hands.

Yeah, now you mention it. A handshake and a kiss...

...aren't much different.


So you can think of this as a kiss.

Go tell your friends.

Is that a no?

Of course it's a no!


You could order one.

Order one? Could I?

It's mail-order.

You mean I could buy one?

There's the postcard.


Hi, Soyo.

A ¥50 stamp, please.

We've got four designs.

This one.

Is that old man Taura's grandson from Tokyo?

Yeah, that's right.

You must have had a hard time. Your folks divorced, didn't they?

Is it true your dad took off with another woman?

Send this, please.


This has expired.


It'll get there, but they'll be sold out.

Do you fish?

I'll lend you some gear.

Mr. Matsuda comes with me. You come, too.

Gold-tailed and Japanese amberjack, all you can catch.

Kingfish, amberjack, sea bream, horse mackerel...

...even striped beakfish.

They sell those anywhere.

It's not like we're in Tokyo.

Maybe someday you can go shopping there.

Would you give that to me?

This. I love it.

But I looked all over Tokyo to find this...

You can kiss me.



How do we do this?

The normal way.


"The normal way"...

Wait! Let's shake hands first.

Was that it?

What? Just like that, eh?

There's not much to it.

Ta! Can I wear it?

It has your smell.

Is that mousse?


I like this smell.

Your "prince" looks a lot like old man Taura's grandson.

Don't look.

Make him your boyfriend. You're a popular girl.

Osawa doesn't even remember my name yet.

When Shige's here, he talks about you, too.

I'm not the one Shige likes.

Hi, Atsuko.


You're all going to the festival?


I'll come along and keep you safe.

Would you, Shige?

Call everyone and tell them. Soyo, too.


Where should we start?

I skipped dinner so I could pig out.

I'll start with toffee.

Don't! That'll fill you right up.

Fried squid, then.


Will there be bean-paste buns this year?

Those are good!

I'm starving!

Hey, chopstick rolls!

Let's start with fried squid.

Oh, yeah...

Hey, Soyo!


Wow! That's nice.

Just like a movie star, eh?

Or a chestnut.

Mrs. Osawa did it.

Mrs. Osawa?

Osawa's mom?

She was a hairdresser in Tokyo.

That's cool. I wish she'd cut my hair.

Ask her. She came with us.

And me! I want my hair styled, too!

All there is around here is boondock barbershops.

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who did you come with?



There I go again!

Why is it, I wonder? I do it all the time.

Without meaning to, I hurt the people around me.

I've known Atsuko and Ibukl since I was small.

To me we get along as if we were family...

...but do they sometimes get really disgusted with me?



Have some.

We already did.

Give some to Shige.



Soyo's got some octopus for you.

Let's go see the dance.

That smells good.

I'll bet it is.

Sit here.

Look! I was in high school with the guy playing the big drum.

I'll introduce you.

His grandmother runs a restaurant in Morimachi.

We used to go there after school.

The God Susano-o comes out now, from over there.

Watch carefully.

Now's the time...

When he kills the snake...

He's talking to himself.

He's trying to be nice and explain it.

...it's like catching a four or five-meter fish!

Now's the best part!

Come on, let's go home.


We're going.

You stay, Soyo.

OK, Shige?


Why? Take me in the truck, too.

The truck's kind of full...

Come home with Shige later.

OK, Shige?

This is the best part. Stay and watch.

Come on. Let's leave these two alone.

What's the matter, Soyo?


Are you OK? I don't mind if we leave...

Are you OK?

Where did we park?

We forgot bean-paste buns.



Is that ever cute!

I'm going to the can.


Soyo, please step in.

That's Osawa's Mom.


Watch your step.

Take your time.


Your girlfriend?

She's wearing your coat.


She's cute.

Are they going out?

Uh-oh, Shige... it's a love triangle.

What a shock, eh?

Are you crying?

During winter break, Osawa's mother...

...started working at Atsuko's.

At year-end, Kotaro went to get his hair cut...

...like Osawa's.

He must be cute.

Yeah, if he looks like me.


Hi, Kotaro!

Mitsuko, Kotaro's here.

Isn't this a bit salty?

That's about right.

Is it?

It's herring roe.

Where's Dad?

The barber.

It'll be crowded today.

I wanted him to drive me to the station...

Where did you say?

The barber.

Soyo? What's the matter?

You get home!

What are you so mad about? He just wants to look good.

Get home, I said!

I won't come in here as long as you're around.

And I won't let my daughter hang around with your son.

And why not?


No boy with a mother like you is going to string...

To string my daughter along.

Are you still mad about that?

You're worse than a woman.


Whatever you may think of me, you've no right to speak ill of him.

Hey...are you all right?

Your asthma's still bad?

And you're still smoking these?!



Are you OK?


Yama-chan! Open up!

What's wrong?

She's having an attack.

Valentine chocolate?

This whole issue's about that.


It's not much use to us.

But we used to give chocolate to Mr. Matsuda and Mr. Taura...

Then we got bored with it and quit.

You're good this year, though.

Yeah. She can give chocolate to Osawa.

Will you do it, too?

You don't mind?

Sure! He'll like it, too.

Great! Our first Valentine's! We can make our own stuff!

There's recipes here.

I'll make chocolate cookies.

And I'll make chocolate cake.

That looks good!

Is that everything?

Cutter, chocolate...

Here I am!

That's cute.

What did you buy, Soyo?

We sell stuff like this in our store.

That's fine. I do this every year.

To give someone?



Yeah, who?

You know!


A boy?

Of course!



He was the only one I gave Valentine's chocolate to.

And I was the only one he'd ever got chocolate from.

I couldn't spend more on Osawa's chocolate than Kotaro's.

Who's that for?

The customers. For Valentine's Day.

See you later.

Off you go.


Can I see you after school?

Can the other kids come?

But today's...

There might be something in it for you.

Meet us at "Sayuri".


Mrs. Migita...

Sorry to keep you waiting. Make sure it's right.

Ms. Osawa, could you put your seal here?

My name's Migita. You know my children.

How do you do.

Nice meeting you.

Mrs. Migita...

I'm working at the Yamabes'. I cut your husband's hair, too.

But I'll be off today, so if you'd tell him not to come...

Well! It's been a while.



Give me a good one.

I've got a meeting at the co-op today.


I had to lie so you'd come.

I can't have poor Mr. Yamabe losing regulars because of me.

Give him a break!


Now, now, now... I'll cut your hair for you.

I wanted to do the decoration over...

...but the icing pen ran out.

It's the thought that counts.

Half my cookies got burned.


Chocolate's black, anyway. They won't know.

If they complain, pretend that's how they should taste.






What's wrong?

Let's go in.

I'm sorry. Do you mind if I cancel?


He's brought Kotaro!

What's wrong with that?

How will Kotaro feel if everyone has chocolate for Osawa?


Thank you.


Happy Valentine's Day.

No, thanks!

Your change!


For Kotaro...

And Osawa...



Give me one!

Just one!



Did you make these?


We put all our love into them.

Didn't we!

Good, eh?

What does that say?

It says ai.



Where's yours?




Soyo doesn't have much love.

Here, have some of this. Have some of this.

Don't you have much love?

Good, eh?

This was in your pocket.

Throw it out!

I'm home.

Damn her!


Are you mad about the chocolate?


I'm home.

You just don't understand.

I'm home.


Kotaro, come here.

Happy Valentine's Day.


"Elder Brother"!

This is from Soyo.

She said she was too shy to give it to you.



What's going on?


About the chocolate...

It's not that I just bought the first thing I saw...

You might find it hard to understand...

I understand.

Wheels within wheels.

So that's how it fits...

Osawa's about out to here...

What are you doing?


OK, Mom! We're leaving.

Off you go!

See you later.


See you later.

Away you go.

Go back inside, will you?

Middle School Mr. Matsuda The teacher's coming! He's coming!


Attention! Bow!

Good morning!



It's been a while since we had two rows.

Kotaro, welcome to Middle School.

To the rest of you, congratulations on the start of your new year.

The primary school will be a bit lonelier...

We begin the new school year.

Sometimes I worry.

Sachiko is the youngest child in the village.

What happens to the school when we all graduate?

Then it's delisted.


Shut down.

They can't do that to my old school!

I've still got one in Tokyo...


Does Sayuri still give discounts?

If you have a coupon.

With 20 coupons is it free?

You can't just pay the whole bill with coupons!

I'll ask Mom.

Would she say yes?

I think so.

I should've taken more coupons!

Let's go there now.

I don't have any money!




You eat this in tempura!

It's no good once it's flowered. Leave it.

We're going!

We're going!

We're going to Tokyo!

For the Grade 9 trip?

You're so lucky!

Our senior-class trip is to Tokyo!

I asked to go where Osawa used to live, and Mr. Matsuda said yes!

You're not scared?

Of what?

It's a big city. You'll have to watch out.

It's not that bad. Relax!

Don't go wandering off!

It's like everyone was sweeping me along...

I don't think she'd go there...


He didn't have to get that mad He was used to Tokyo.



...that was the first time I'd ever seen him angry.

Yes! I'll call Mr. Matsuda.

Should we give the school a call?

Let's have a rest first.

Yeah, let's.


Let's go to the bath.

I can't walk another step!


You're here...

Look who's awake!

You sure slept well.

Where's Osawa?

With some of his Tokyo friends.


Where's my travel kit?!

Just you and her?

Nothing happened, dude!

I didn't ask.

Something happened.

I'll tell him.

Nothing happened!

You did it with her, dude!

I did not!

You did so!


Did so!

I'm Migita.

Are you sure, Mr. Matsuda?

We're following you.

The other day I kissed "Raccoon Dog".


She's cute. Why do you call her that?

And she's got big ones.


Osawa! I'll thank you to keep your mouth shut, "dude"!


It's this way. I'm sure of it.

It's you!

Why me?


I give up!

It's this way. Come on, Migita.


Hey, guys!

I've never seen Osawa look like that.

That's right.

He's all the happier for seeing his friends.


Osawa! Come on or we'll leave you here!


You're going to stay?



See you.



What's this?

A memento.

They're rebuilding our school.

One! Two! Three!


See ya!

What, you're leaving it? They gave you that.

It was a joke.

"Straighten that wavy hair"...

It's for Atsuko.

Buy her dad a wig, too.

You're really rude, you know.

You're telling Atsuko you don't like her hair.

"Face-whitening soap"...

I bet that's for Ibuki.


I'm awful.

She won't mind.


...I'm relaxed now.

There's no one around.

There's the Tokyo Metro Building.

Soyo! What's the matter?!

Are you feeling sick?

She's all pale!

She should lie down.

Maybe she's anemic.

I'll find somewhere she can lie down.

Wait here.

Shall I go get you something to drink?

Where is everybody?

The washroom.

Are you OK?


This weighs a ton! What is it?

You brought that?

You said you didn't want it, so I took it.




Migita's back in the game!

My gifts...

Gifts, gifts!

You come here and all you think about is back home.

At least here you learn that home's best.


It sounds like the mountains.

Maybe someday I'll even learn to get along with all of you.



It's not here.


Well, let's go.

Let me know.

I'll call you the day after tomorrow.


Ta, Soyo. I'll give this to Ibuki.


What did you buy Atsuko?

"Loose socks". We'll all have the same.

Will the school let you wear them?

They're white.

I checked with the teachers first.

That was smart.

There's no point in buying them if we can't wear them to school.


So how was the shampoo?

I think it helped...


Um...is Mrs Osawa here?

Probably out back having a smoke.


It's all right.

Give this to her, please.

Come on, Soyo!

Mom, Soyo says she's not hungry.

What's going on?

What are you going to do, Mom?

What's wrong?

Dinner's getting cold.

Jinpachi said he thought it was a bear.

A bear?!

Probably just a raccoon dog.


The footprints are this big!


I'll have my rice now.

Well, tomorrow you go and take a look, then.






If he answers the phone then goes into another room...


They say that means an affair!

What's so funny?

Dad having an affair.

I wish he would, and give me a rest.

Just a minute...

They want to know where the taps go in the new hall.

Who does?

Yamaoka, the builder.



I've never seen the moving puppets before.

Don't you want to see them?

You'll see them once we're in high school.

The can's warm...

Nagi High's full of delinquents. It's got a bad reputation.

Oh, and my Dad was here at Mori High, too.

Are you listening?

Oh, sorry. I wasn't.

You're really rude!

There are only two high schools around here, Mori and Nagi.

Almost everybody goes to Mori.

The ones who don't make it end up at Nagi.

Are you listening?

Where are you going?

I'll pass on here.

Huh? Why?



I'm going to Mori. Are you going to Nagi without me?


Well what?

I might try in Tokyo.

Mr. Matsuda's looking for a school I could get into.

It's just like him!

What'll he look like with a brush-cut?

He'll never do that, will he.

Better that than go back to Tokyo.

Sachiko, here's some water.


That's not right!

Practice for next time.

OK, bye.

Take care.


See you tomorrow.

Let's try the "Mutoh knee attack".

Will it hurt?

Let's see.


It's crooked.

Where I fixed the button.

I'll do it again.


I'll go on ahead.


It's straight when I sew it.

But it twists when I tie it off.

I'm cold.

Enjoy this while you can.

Soon I won't be able to fix your jacket.

Oh, you mean...

Next time one comes off, I'll send it from Tokyo.

Then you can fix it and send it back.


I won't have time to do all that.

For me!

OK, then...

...next time I fall on the tracks, you come from Tokyo and save me.


Yeah, right!

I'll fly straight here.

OK, then...

Will you come for chocolate every Valentine's Day?

For a pipe?

OK, then...

OK, then...

OK, then...

OK, then...

...I wanted to walk...

...to school with you.

So sometime...

...will you come and walk to Mori High with me?

It's still twisted.

When I think this will all be gone soon...

...suddenly everything takes on a shine.

Soon, will just walking to school...

...seem like it was something miraculous?



You're early today.

Grandpa gave me a ride.

Did you see "Arahata"?

The last half.

Where were you?

In the bath.

I can tell you about it.

No, I'll see the rerun.

Soyo, good morning!


Got your skipping-ropes?


Good morning!

Well, let's go.

"Slowly the dark mass of mountains..."

"Slowly the dark mass of mountains..."

"...lightens slightly..."

"...and the purple..."


"...float away."

I can skip two times.

It doesn't mean you skip two times.

The rope goes twice while you jump once.

That's right.

Two passes of the rope for each skip.

See you.

Where are you going?

You go ahead.


What's up?

Primary School Friends

Delicious Juice Store


"...nothing to break the silence."

"But on the altar were chrysanthemums and autumn leaves..."

What's wrong?

Where's Soyo?

She's away today.

Is she sick?

Don't worry. She's not sick.

They should be at Mori High by now.

If they get in, they come back with orange envelopes.

Soyo'll make it. It's Osawa I'm worried about.

Welcome to the Juice Store. What'll you have?

Our special today is watermelon juice.

Watermelon juice? Ta.

Katsuyo, want some juice?

I don't play kids' games.

You shouldn't, either. It's embarrassing!

It's Soyo!


I didn't see.

Soyo! Congratulations!


How did it go?

That's a relief!

It was easy.

You worked hard.

It was easy.

Have some juice.

Ta! It looks delicious.


No, wait...


Are you sure?

Of what?

You prefer a kiss to wrestling tickets as a graduation present?

That's what I said.


This is my gift to you, after all.

I should start.

Sit down.

Close your eyes.


Sorry...once more.


Look, uh...

That's OK.


There's no love in it.

Let's go.

Well, that was certainly a spectacle, wasn't it.

Goodbye. I'll come back and see you.


Come on!

What were you doing?

Looking at the room.

That uniform looks strange on you...

I thought the same thing.

Soyo Kaho Osawa Masaki Okada Ibuki Erisa Yanagi Atsuko Shoko Fujimura Kotaro Syougo Morishita Katsuyo Rui Honma Sachiko Saya Miyazawa Shige Hiromasa Hirosue Soyo's Mother Yui Natsukawa Soyo's Father Koichi Sato

Executive Producers Masao Teshima Atsu Shundo Noritaka Yamaji Taizo Tani Hiroshi Goryo Seiichi Morimoto Producers Shinji Ogawa Hiroyuki Negishi Based on the story by Fusako Kuramochi “TENNEN KOKEKKO” published by Shueisha Inc.

Written by Aya Watanabe Director of Photography Ryuto Kondo Production Design Koichi Kanekatsu Lighting Isamu Fujii Sound Recordist Takeshi Ogawa Editor Ryuji Miyajima Music rei harakami Music Producer Shin Yasui Theme Song Quruli International Marketing Kayo Yoshida

Produced by Asmik Ace Entertainment Picnic Shueisha Kansai Telecasting Corporation MUSIC ON!! TV Sumitomo Corporation

Production Picnic Asmik Ace Entertainment Directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita

©2007 "Tennen Kokekko" Film Partners