Teresa Venerdi (1941) Script



It'll just take a second, one sharp yank.

You won't feel any pain, baby. Stay still for just a moment.

One, two, three! Ouch! You must have plucked 20!

No, it looks perfect. One of your eyebrows was lower.

The right one? No, the left.

But now the right one is lower. You over-plucked.

Then I'll pluck the other. No, that's enough! I'll do it myself.

I'm not clumsy like you. I'm a doctor, not a hairdresser.

You're a doctor, huh? Why, aren't I even that now?

What is it? The ledger.

So you're really leaving me then?

Yes, Doctor, I'm afraid, I'm too sensitive.


When I see your creditors, it breaks my heart.

We couldn't care less about those creditors.

It breaks my heart for them, not for you! That poor Mr. Sidoli...

Cut the drama. Open the door. What should I say if it's them?

Tell them I'm not here!

That's what you should always tell anyone who comes looking for me.

Very well, but thank God this is the last time!

Come in.

Is the doctor home? The doctor isn't here.

Am I not within visiting hours? Then he's here!

But if you want money, I can't help you.

You can try, though. Thank God I'm leaving...


Well, hello.

Am I disturbing? No, why would you be disturbing?

Don't you see patients at this time? Yes, from 9 to 10.

But there's no-one here.

It's a coincidence, usually at this time...

I see. And the dressing gown? It's sterilized.

Pietro, I... oh, excuse me.

A patient. May I... Yes, you may.

Madam, you may continue with the prescription I gave you.

A spoonful after meals, shake before use. Goodbye.

Here I am, dad.

Have you changed specialty? Don't you treat children anymore?

Yes, Dad. Children, always children. Really?

It's a new method: by examining the mums you can identify the children's disease. I see...

Do you know a certain Francesco Sidoli? Sidoli? No, I've never heard of him.

How odd. It seems he's the head of a consortium of creditors.

He wrote me a letter. Want to read it?

No, I can imagine.

Your creditors believe many hands make light work.

Yes, that's what they think. But it's you who has the last laugh because you aren't paying anybody. Yes, but...

That's enough now.

I told the head of the consortium that it has nothing to do with me.

I won't be giving you another penny. Dad, wait...

I want to show you that I'm really doing something here.

Look, see? This is my office. Surgical equipment, books...

Look at the appointment book, it's the proof.

Hold on, where is it?

Here you go: 10th of January, child, Tonino Biagini. Nettle rash.

He was really suffering, he kept scratching...

There should be another one...

Here. 15th of July, Tonino Biagini. Nettle rash.

Wasn't he cured? It was quite persistent.

I see...

Dad, I swear, I'm really trying.

If there are no clients, it's not like it's my fault.

Pietro, let's not waste time, I've already decided.

This is a letter of introduction for Santa Chiara Orphanage.

You're putting me in an orphanage? No!

I got you the position of health inspector at Santa Chiara's Orphanage.

The pay is 1,200 liras per month.

You have a house. You'll live magnificently.

Magnificently? If that doesn't interest you... our Professor Moretti in Teramo will take you on as his assistant.

You have a choice.


Excuse me.

Come in.

Excuse me.

Who are you here for? I have this letter for the headmistress.

It's a letter of introduction. Well?

It means I'm to introduce myself. Come in.

Come in.

Take a seat. Thank you.

You're specialized in children diseases, right?

Yes, I'm a paediatrician. Good.

Then I hope you'll have no reason to use your medical skills here.

Luckily, our girls are in excellent health.

So much the better!

Now tell me, does your work leave you any time you could devote to our institute?

Not much... but I'll do my very best. Am I supposed to come here every day?

No, that won't be necessary.

Your predecessor came here once every 15 days whenever his health would permit it. Poor soul.

Is he dead? No, he got married.

Was he young? 74 years old.

After the marriage he retired from the profession.

I see.

Are the girls ready? Yes, Madam.

Doctor, the girls are ready.

If you would like to start your first inspection....


Since you're here, you can get to know our institute.

I'd be delighted to. This way.

How many girls are staying here? 80.

This is Miss Moracchi.

After you. After you.

Our new health inspector, Dr. Vignali. Miss Ricci and Miss Banfi.

Delighted to meet you. Me too.

After you.

Miss Lentini. Our new health inspector.

It's a pleasure. It's a pleasure.

Thank you. You're welcome.

After you. After you!

Good morning, Mr. Health Inspector!

Good morning.

Doctor, you can start. Start what?

The inspection. Oh, yes.

How's your health? Excellent, Mr. Health Inspector.

I'm glad.

How's your appetite?

Excellent, Mr. Health Inspector, the food's excellent and plentiful.

I can see that. Thank God.

Yes, let us thank Him.

How's it going? Very well, Mr. Health Inspector.

This child is a little pale. She's been ill recently.

What was wrong with you? Hay fever.

And what did my predecessor prescribe? Castor oil.

Good. Did it make you feel better? Yes, Mr. Health Inspector.

Sneezes? Lots.

Itches? All the time.

We should persist with the therapy then.

Well then, I... Doctor...

Tell me, little one, what did you eat today?

Vegetable soup. Tasty. And did you like it?

Very much. Good.

And after the soup what did you have? Cod and boiled potatoes.

And do you like cod? Very much.

I was told that today you left it in your plate.

I wanted to eat it, but it wouldn't go down.

What would you prefer? Lobster.

Do you give them lobster often? Doctor, lobster?

Ah, that's true, not good for the digestion!

Hey, why that terrified face?

I'm not terrified, it's just my natural look.

She has a slight enlargement of the thyroid gland.

And my predecessor gave her...? Castor oil.


Is that it?

Where's Teresa Venerdì? I don't know, I told them all to come.

She went to the infirmary to give Graziella her medicine.

She was your predecessor's assistant, as an apprentice nurse.

Would you like to see the infirmary? That's fine; I can see it another time.

Since you're here...

Yes, since I'm here...

Moracchi, show the Inspector to the infirmary.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Mr. Health Inspector! Goodbye.

Such a distinguished man.

Girls, out to the garden.

This is the pharmacy and that's the infirmary.

Pia, show the health inspector around the infirmary.

Do you require anything else from me? No, thank you.

Are you the apprentice nurse? No, I've been a nurse for 35 years.

This way, please.



...and four!

Teresa, what are you up to? What will the Health Inspector think?

I was trying to make Graziella take her medicine.

A strange way to administer medicine.

Did you make her take it? No, she spat it out at me.

Graziella, show the doctor what a good girl you are.

I am good, but I won't take any medicine!

Doctor, you try. You might succeed with your severity.

Hey, what's all this fuss? Shame on you! Take your medicine right away!

You take it! Being strict doesn't seem to work.

Doctor, isn't cod liver oil tasty? Oh yes, it's delicious.


Graziella, mind your manners! Excuse her.

We'll take some too.

We'll have to copy Dr. Paoloni. Okay...

Now the doctor will show you how he takes his medicine.

But what... Quick, quick!

Did you see that? Now it's your turn.

Is that what Dr. Paoloni always did? Yes, always. Well done!

The system needs changing. If we're to do this for castor oil too, we're cooked.

Doctor, could you examine Elisabetta?

What's wrong with her? Nettle rash.

That's my specialty.

General rule for nettle rash: avoid raw fruit.

No pears, apples, figs...

We never give her fruit, but she doesn't get any better.

Are you sick as well? No, I'm just visiting.

Oh, you're a visitor! Let's take a look at your legs.

Tomorrow. Come on now, let's have a look...

Elisabetta! Where did you get this? I don't know, it wasn't there before.

Perhaps a smack would be the right cure, this isn't good for you!

What should we give her? Let's see, we can give her...

We can give her...

Does she too need the example to take her medicine?

Yes, they're all the same.

Give her some tamarind then, with soda water and lemon zest.

If the nurse drops by my house...

Take this. No, thank you.

Eat it. You don't have nettle rash. Thank you.

If you send the nurse, I can give her a bottle of my special medicine.

Here's my address and my telephone number.

Okay? Yes.

How old are you? 18.

How long do you stay at the institute? I'm leaving in a year.

What do you want to do when you leave? Work as a nurse.

Do you like being a nurse? It's my calling.

Well, if it's your calling...

Did Dr. Paoloni come here often? Once every 15 days for inspection and whenever a girl was sick.

By the way, what's your name? Teresa Venerdì.

Teresa what?


Bye, then, child.

If he doesn't pay this time, we'll seize everything!

The doctor isn't home. It doesn't matter.

I told you, the doctor isn't here. Yes, we heard.

Tell him that if he hasn't paid by tomorrow, we'll seize the property.

Very well.

Did you hear that? Yes, I heard it. Blackmailers.

If I decide to sell, what will I be left with?

The house is worth 500,000, the mortgage is 430,000 which leaves 70,000.

70,000. So... But what about these guys?

I won't pay them.

If they find out you're selling the house, they'll seize it.

How much do you owe them? I don't know. 38... 30...


You'll be left with 32,000. Really? So who would buy the house?

I could have a word with one of my clients.

Mr. Passalacqua, for example. Who's that?

A rich industrialist. I can't make any guarantees. But he has a daughter...

I suppose she'll marry one day and the father might want to buy her a nest.

Do you know the daughter? Yes, she's still a child.

Do you treat her?

No, I treat the father. I'm a family friend.

They invited me for lunch today.

70,000, minus this... 32...

I met the new health inspector today.

He's much younger than Dr. Paoloni and much more handsome.

He said to me: "Bye, child", but I'm not a child anymore.

Perhaps he only said it because I behaved stupidly.

It's you. Yes, it's me.

You scared me!

What are you doing here? Nothing, just sorting out my things.

What does "C. S." mean? It's a name. Cirillo Svampa, Knight.

"Knight" isn't written here, but it was on the posters.

Was he your father?

Of course he was my father. Then why are you called Venerdì?

I don't know!

He was a great actor.

Mum often told me he got his horses unharnessed from the coach.

Why's that?

Why unharness them? Never knew, it must've been the custom.

He also performed in front of the King, that's why he was knighted.

Did they unharness his horses even when he was a knight?

You don't know anything! Yeah, and you do...

Did you see the new doctor? Yes, but I liked Dr. Paoloni better.

And his voice? Did you hear how wonderful it is?

The voice is everything. My Dad was so successful thanks to his voice.

Mum told me that when he played Othello the windowpanes shook.

Look out!

Come on! You must arrange them so they don't touch one another.

What are you doing here? We'd come to put away the fruit.

Then hurry up, help the others.

Further away, Miss said that if they touch they'll get spoiled.

They'll get bruised? Of course.

No, you can't eat it! This one's already bruised.

What are you doing? Anna took two apples!

Look, it's open! How wonderful!

Are you putting on a play?


Stop! Close that chest! We want to put on a play.

No, we can't at the moment. Why can't we?

Just for a little while, please! We can't right now.

Why? She's here.

She's just waiting to tell on us. Let's make something up so she leaves.

I'll take care of her!

Alice, Miss Caterina wants you.

Thank you.

Can I start? Yes!

Yes, Countess, the cold is biting our flesh through our tattered clothes!

If you knew how heartbreaking it is to hear your children ask for bread and not to be able to speak not to stifle the cry...

"To stifle", you always say "not to stifle".

"...to stifle the cry of despair clenching your throat!"

"On the freezing winter nights..." No!

We don't like this one. You've done it four times already.

Play the one in the pretty dress. Come on!


"If you love me, Romeo,"

"then tell me with humble heart and true candour".

"Or perhaps you think me too young for love?"

"Or you think I'm indifferent?" "Juliet, I swear..."

Your voice must be deep, like a man. Must I make the windowpanes shake?

No, a warm deep voice...

Like the doctor's? Shut up! Come on...

"Juliet, I swear to you..."

Don't laugh!

Theatre is a serious matter. Go on.

"Oh night, oh lucky night..."

"The day will come and we will be married".

"I'll lay all my fortunes at your feet"

"and follow you, my lord, to the ends of the earth".

"I flew over these walls with the light wings of love".

"Stone walls can't keep love out".

"If they see you here, they will kill you. Flee!"

"Alas, a greater danger lies in your beautiful eyes"

"than in the deadly weapons of the Capulets".

Well done!

What are these rags? Miss, I...

When brought up by actors and gypsies...

They weren't gypsies, they were artists!

Don't speak ill of them, they're dead!

Fine. For the next month, you'll work in the kitchen.

But I have to work in the infirmary.

The health inspector will have to find another nurse.

And for a week, you'll all go without fruit.

Horrible tell-tale! She's so mean!

We'll have to take a look around, first. I assure you, it's in a beautiful spot.

It has a magnificent view. It has a garden and a vegetable garden.


I don't think so, but you could plant some.

No, she's asking if you want some courgette.

Ah, thank you.

Luigi, what is my daughter up to?

I didn't want to disturb her, she's writing.

I see, she's writing. She's writing.

What does she write? Poetry.

Oh, really? I didn't know. We didn't either.

Actually, neither did she. It just sort of happened.

The other evening we were dining with friends at the Pincio when she said:

"Never seen such an evening before, to get out for a walk, is all I wish for".

Well? It rhymes.

Didn't you hear the rhyme? It rhymes.

Even yesterday, at the upholsterer's she said with no effort at all:

"It's the owner I'll talk to, I hope, about the purchase of a rope".

She comes up with rhymes spontaneously. It's quite impressive.

Perhaps it's some kind of illness? I don't think so.

What do you mean, illness?!

The same illness that Dante, Petrarch, and Raphael had!

Well, painter or poet, it's all the same.

Here she is!

No, stay seated. I'm feeling lost and confused...

Were you writing? Writing, yes.

Miss Lilli, I've heard such wonderful things about you.

Lilli, would you like a nice house just outside the city?

It would be ideal for a poet.

Who's the architect? A friend of mine, a doctor.

A doctor who makes houses? No, he's the proprietor.

It's a good opportunity. He's selling because he needs the money.

No, my friend Vignali is a gentleman.

He's selling because he's in love with the countryside. He's a dreamer, a poet.

Hear that, Lilli? A colleague of yours. Father, don't use such vulgar words!

"Colleague" is for professionals and employees.

Artists are different, they're soul brothers.

Well, this soul brother of yours wants to sell his house. What do you say?

I don't know, my mind is so busy at the moment.

Excuse me, do you know any words that rhyme with "peer"?

"Shakespeare". What do you mean, "Shakespeare"?!

"Near". No, "near" doesn't work.

Perhaps "Beer"? No.

Mother, forget about it, you don't understand.

Miss, if I may, I'd suggest "dear".


Yes, thank you, that's just what I was looking for.

But I can't accept a rhyme from a butler!

May we have the pleasure of hearing your poems?

My poems? Maybe.

At least tell me the title. "To him". To my love.

And who is this love? I have no idea.

For now he's just a ghost. Without a face, without a name.

Do you think that one day, this ghost... Perhaps, who knows?

Some more courgettes. That's it, darling, you need to eat.

Doctor, I'm very worried. This child gets too exhausted!

Excuse me? Come in!

It's me, the butcher.

Look at this lovely meat I've brought you.

I've also brought the bill for the month. I'll go and inform them.

Girl, come over here a moment. No, thanks, it's disgusting.

Don't be so fussy! Are you the new servant?

What do you mean "servant"?! How rude! I'm a lady!

Pardon me, Princess! Enjoying washing the plates?

I'm doing it... for fun!

What is it?

The girl got offended because I mistook her for a servant.

If she goes on being so undisciplined, she'll really end up as a servant.

I need a girl for the house and the shop.

We'll think about that. If you want to settle this at the office...

Right away.

Goodbye then, Princess.

"Professor Bacino recommends, for the prophylaxis of lymphatism,"

"an alternate cure of compounds of calcium and... and..."

"...a periodic administration of cod liver oil".

"The pathological frame of lymphatic deficiency manifests itself with..."

Hello? Done! That is, I haven't done anything, but things are in motion. He's interested.

What? No, he wants to see the house first. I'm sure he'll like it.

He'll see you today at his house. Write this down: 25, Tartini Street. Bye!

"Why have you come?"

"It would've been better if you'd left".

"Don't you know..."

"Don't you know my heart is alive, dear?"

"Don't you know my heart's devoted?"

Hey, girl!

Are you talking to me? Yes, you.

Isn't the doorbell working? No.

Hey, girl, what are you doing? Are you going to open or not?!

Me? Yes, you!

Come on, hurry up!

What do you want? I've been here for half an hour.

Come on, open up. It's open.

You could have told me. You could have tried it.

That's true.

Tell me, cherub with the silver trumpet, are you in a bad mood?

For your information, I'm not a cherub and I have no trumpet.

Are you offended? It was a compliment. Stop that! How rude!

It's the first time I meet a maid that's both pretty and nervous.

A nervous maid?

Why are you laughing? Nothing. Who should I say is here?

Dr. Pietro Vignali. Oh, it's about the house?

Yes, how do you know?

They were talking about it over lunch. Oh really?

Don't touch me! Worried that your boss will see?

Of course, they'd fire me on the spot. I hope so, I'd hire you right away.

My maid left just yesterday.

Was she pretty? Enchanting.

But I prefer you. Are you always like this with maids?

No, I have a lot of respect for maids.

I'm well known for this in all the employment agencies.

But with you it would be different. No, I can't hire you, it's too dangerous.

Oh, yes? Yes. What a shame.

Better to say farewell. Farewell forever. Give me your hand.

Farewell. Give me a kiss.


Sir, who are you? What gives you the right to kiss my daughter?!

Your daughter?

He must be a very serious and very strict man.

You can see that straight away. Perhaps, but I preferred Dr. Paoloni.

What was so interesting about Dr. Paoloni?

He had a nice beard.

So? Vignali could have a beard too, but beards are out of fashion now.

Don't tell him that I'm working in the kitchen.

How could I tell him?

And anyway, he won't notice. He doesn't care about you.

They'll get another nursing assistant and he won't even notice.

May I? Good day, sir! My dear Doctor, you're just in time.

A wonderful surprise. Guess what? You bought the house?

No, better than that!


Lilli got engaged to Dr. Vignali.


You didn't expect that, did you?

We didn't expect it either. It was such a surprise, a bolt from the blue!

This cheeky young man!

They didn't tell us anything at all. They'd settled it all together.

Then all of a sudden... "boom", the bomb.

The bomb? Yes, "boom".

Don't you have anything to say? What can I say? Congratulations.

Congratulations to you too. Thank you.

Lilli, come over here and help me.

Excuse me, darling. Please...

The rascal! Won't you be buying the house?

That won't be necessary. It won't?

No, I meant to get it for Lilli once she got married.

Isn't that right, Doctor? Yes, exactly.

Why buy it? It stays in the family.

Sit down, please.

Don't give me that look, it's not my fault. It was an accident.

I meant to kiss the maid. What does she have to do with this?

Her parents saw us, so I had to get engaged.

To the maid? No, to her.

You'd have fallen for it too if a lovely girl had opened the gate...

Milk or lemon? Milk.

Sugar? A lot.

Milk or lemon? Lemon.

Sweet? Bitter.

First I'll serve my lord and master. Thank you.

Lemon and bitter. Thank you.

So why are you so angry?

Don't you get it? No.

I wanted to marry Lilli myself.


Why not? No.

Come on, don't be afraid.

I'm not prepared, there's no atmosphere.

There will be as soon as you start. Come on, Lilli.

"To Him".

"Why have you come?" Me?

"Why have you come?"

"It would have been better if you'd left".

"Don't you know my heart is alive, dear?"

"Don't you know my heart's devoted?"

Have you ever told her how you feel, what she means to you?

No, but I dropped enough hints. Clear hints?

I told her I felt alone! Not clear enough.

"I'm only happy at your house". Not clear enough!

Then what should I have told her? Nothing! No words and more actions.

This isn't love, it's banditry.

Don't worry.

Tomorrow I'll speak to her father and sort everything out. Don't worry.


Excuse me, are you Dr. Vignali? Yes, that's me, who are you?

I'm Antonio.

Do you need a servant? I mean, a butler?

At this hour? I've been here since 4 pm.

Since 4? 8 hours?

Do you have any experience? Yes, I was a stable boy.

Well, I'm not a horse. Horses are delicate creatures...

Do you know how to serve dinner? No.

Clean the floor? No.

Drive a car? No.

I have a letter for you.

It's from my mother. Yes, she wrote it herself.

But how is that possible? It's been 4 years since she...

Yes. May God rest her soul, she was very good to us.

I didn't come here sooner because... Well, it's a long story.

Anyway, the first year I was too busy with Stella, a young filly.

The second year the Countess fell ill, she owned the horses.

And the Count asked me to stay on because he couldn't manage without me.

The third year we had that terrible disease all the horses catch, called...

..."Alfa epizooticae". No, "Aphtae epizooticae".

Then, last year, you should have seen what they did!

They sold all the horses, I got so angry and I left.

What are you doing? Oh, I'm sorry!

Are you crazy?

You can start by cleaning the house. You'll find everything you need in here.

Here's the vacuum cleaner, the scrubbing brush, the electric buffer.

And the broom? This is better than a broom.

You can start with the living room.

Hello? Sweetie, good morning!

Sweetie? This is Antonio Perticone, the butler. Who are you?

Me? I'm the fiancé.

Doctor! Doctor!

Your fiancé.

Lilli! Morning, I'm glad you called.

I was just... what are you doing? This is too heavy.

You're supposed to plug it in.

Lilli, I was just leaving for yours...

I have to speak to you urgently, to explain something.

Yes, I wanted to ask you something too.

Do you prefer me to call you sweetie or tootsie?

I'll think about it. But before that...

It isn't working properly!

Before that we have to... Sorry? What's that?

It's me, you rascal, Lilli's mother. What have you done to my poor girl?

She's already broken two Chinese vases and a piece of Capodimonte porcelain.

You should be ashamed. You're such a rascal!

Yes, I'm so ashamed... Yes, it's very kind of you.

Thank you. I'm buying myself a broom.

Exactly. I wanted to tell you...

Sorry? Who is it?

It's me, you rascal. Her father. What have you done to my little baby?

She's laughing, dancing, crying, hugging me...

Come over this evening, I'll pull your ears!

Of course, sir. But I wanted to tell you... What?

Oh, it's you! What's that?

Darling, you long for me, like the body longs for air...

...and if you really love me, I'll let you kiss my hair.

Bye, Sweetie.

How can I get it through to these people? It's getting ridiculous now.

What are you doing with that tray?

"Pious Orphanage Institute Santa Chiara". What do they want?

"Dear Doctor, please come by to administer the usual vaccinations"

"as required by health regulations. The headmistress".

This is all I need...

Right, I'm off to the orphanage. Listen, if Miss Loletta calls...

Another fiancé? Oh, such fun!

Not for me! Anyway, if she calls tell her that I'm very busy today.

I have the vaccinations... You're getting vaccinated?

No, I have to vaccinate the children.

Then I have some other important things to do in the afternoon.

Tell her I'll see her tonight after the show.

In my heart, deep within, oh, what love, what suffering.

In my breast, I wish you knew, how our bond is strong and true.

More and more, it's you I adore.

Don't tremble, don't leave me sadly, for it is you I love so madly.

More expression! And try to give more meaning to these words!

First it's very spiritual: "In my heart, deep within..."

Then it becomes more passionate:

"In my breast, I wish you knew..."

Sacred and profane Love.

Try to understand the meaning, damn it!

Let's go again.

In my heart, deep within, oh, what love, what suffering.

In my breast, I wish you knew, how our bond is strong and true.

How our bond is strong and true! How our bond is strong and true!

I have to make a call, excuse me, Vittorio.

Incredible. There's no passion. Nobody understands art anymore.

Vittorio, calm down.

Aida is still behind, but he's gaining ground!

Now it's between Nerone and Agrifoglio! No, it's between Aida and Agrifoglio!

Just a moment!

Just a moment.

They're at the bend, running together! Agrifoglio loses ground, gains it back!

Finish line is close now. Agrifoglio still leading! Aida overtakes him.

Hello? Hello?

Aida! Aida! Aida!

Aida? Who's Aida?

What do you want? Ah, Loletta. I'm the new servant.

Yes, new.

What's that?

The doctor said he'd see you tonight because he had to go see his fiancé...

Sorry, I mean he went to do vaccinations. At the orphanage.

What? Hello? Hello? What fiancé?!

Answer me!

Tell me the name of that woman right away! Hello? Hello?!

Loletta, we're waiting for you! You dunce, you slob.

Now you're angry and you've lost the mood!

Stop annoying me.

I've told you a million times not to interrupt rehearsals with your love calls.

Art is art! Think hard about your character!

There, your mood is back! Go to hell!

In my heart, deep within, oh, what love, what suffering.

In my breast, I wish you knew, how our bond is strong and true.

More and more, it's you I adore.

Don't tremble, don't leave me sadly, for it is you I love so madly.

Only with you do I feel my heart ablaze with passion...

Ring a ring o'roses A pocket full of posies.

A-tishoo, a-tishoo...

Quick, girls, get ready for your vaccination.

Before the vaccination, it is necessary to ensure that the patients have no rashes or swelling, and that they're in perfect health.

Good morning, Doctor. Good morning.

Could you button me up? Right away.

Done? Yes, it's done.

You're still small, can you reach it? Yes, I can reach it.

Tell me, Teresa, have you ever helped out with the vaccinations before?

I'm not Teresa, sir. What?

Why this change?

Teresa's been punished and they've put me as apprentice nurse.

Really? Why did they punish her?

A show of gross indecency. That's what the headmistress said.

What was she doing? Love scenes in the attic.

Love scenes in the attic? With who? With a certain Romeo.

I see...

Prepare the alcohol, cotton wool and turn on the bunsen burner.

With those hands you'll infect everything, have you never heard of soap?

I'll go and wash them.

The first rule for a nurse is hygiene.

Go on, I'll take care of it.

May I help you, Doctor? Yes, thank you.

And this goes on until the man declares his love for the girl.

So the girl says to him:

"Get up off your knees, sir, I'm not a deity".

So he gets up and says to her:

"Are you sure?" And the girl closes her eyes.

But Doctor, she was up in the attic performing "Romeo and Juliet"!

Oh, "Romeo and Juliet"! Now I see. What do you mean?

Never mind... After all, it just sounds like an innocent game to me.

But it was a love scene! Ah, love!

"If you love me, Romeo, then tell me with humble heart and true candour".

What do you think they know of love at that age?

Then he takes her into his arms and she says: "No, let go of me!"

He says: "I won't, I love you".

She says: "Oh, my God!"

Then he kisses her and holds her so tight that she feels like she's suffocating.

Who is suffocating, him?

No, he's holding tight, she's suffocating.

That sounds silly to me. She feels ill, she's suffocating...

I'd push him away. Exactly, and you have to tell him:

"Are you crazy?" So love is over?

No, that's the best part. But if it's nice, why repulse it?

That's what you have to do.

How do you know? I saw it at the theatre.

Teresa! Go to the infirmary, the doctor is waiting for you.

Here you go, give me your arm.

There we go, done.

You've finished, well done.

Lidia, come here.

Well done.

Good morning, Doctor. Good morning... Juliet.

You can start by disinfecting the girls' arms.

Dear Mr. Health Inspector, I can't keep it in any longer.

I love you and send you a "miglion" kisses.

My most distinguished regards, your most faithful orphan, Teresa Venerdì.

Is there anyone else? No, that's it.

We've finished? Good.

Bye. Goodbye, Doctor.

What were you performing in the attic? "Romeo and Juliet".

Act one, balcony scene. Beautiful.

Yes, I know it. So you've performed it as well?

No, but once at the boarding school I performed "Quo Vadis".

I played the part of Ursus.

It was very hard to get the headmistress to forgive you.

Can I still be a nurse?

The headmistress didn't think so, but I insisted.

Thank you, Doctor! What are you doing?

I'm not a priest, you know.

No more plays, okay? Yes, I promise.

Good bye, child.

Have the girls been good? Very.

Some might have a slight febrile reaction, no need to worry, it's common with children.

Anyway, if there are any complications, it would be better to call a doctor.

That is... call me.

Very well. Goodbye, Doctor. Goodbye.

Doctor, you left your book behind.

Yes, the book.

I brought it for you. For me?

To help you get some idea of how the vaccinations work.

A nurse should know this kind of thing. Thank you, Doctor.

I'll learn it off by heart.

Don't exaggerate, or you'll end up knowing more than me.

That would be impossible. Who knows...

When are you coming back, Doctor? In 15 days.

Or if one of the children gets sick. I hope so.

You hope what? That none of the children get sick.

Bye, little one.



They called Madam President! Madam President?

Something serious must have happened, then.

They called her when someone wrote "Caterina, ugly old witch!" on the wall.

And this time? I don't know, I've done nothing wrong.

Isn't Giuseppina here? No.

They called the President. Why?

Someone must have done something serious. Alice!

Alice, is it true you found a letter in the inspector's hat?

I don't know anything. A letter?

Teresa Venerdì! Present!

Come here.

Tidy your hair.

Sit there.

Oh, My Lady! Hello, dear.

Stand up.

My Lady, this way.

Thank you, dear. Bye, dear.

Thank you, dear.

Would My Lady like the usual biscuits? Yes, dear.

We're responsible for all the girls.

Something has occurred for which I didn't feel like taking a decision without hearing the opinion of our honourable President.

We've come into the possession of a letter written by our Teresa Venerdì.

Please, read it, My Lady.

Moreover, a companion of hers, though I disapprove, says that she saw Teresa Venerdì

putting Dr. Vignali's hat back on the hat stand.

If My Lady would also like to look at the girl's file...

It's not the first time that she has caused trouble.

They were mostly just pranks.

This time, too, it's not a crime.

Dr. Vignali is unaware of the existence of this a letter.

I think I'm interpreting Madam President's thoughts when suggesting to scare her through threats of serious measures.

The threats will be sufficient.

If it happens again, we'll have to send her away from the institute.

Do you agree, My Lady? What time is it?

Six o'clock. But this won't take long, My Lady.


Madam President in black is here! What have you done?

Teresa, what's going on?

What's going on?

Come in.

I see you've learned some wonderful things here. Well done!

Now I understand why your calling to be a nurse.

I'm sure they'll find you a nice job to help you forget all about this idea.

You'll work as servant at the butcher's.

Teresa! Teresa!

That's not true!

I saw her putting the doctor's hat back on the stand.

You're a liar! You're just saying that to cover for her.

And you want to take her place. Enough of this nonsense.

Giuseppina, you may go.

Good girl.

You wrote a love letter to the doctor? You're crazy!

I didn't write anything. I saw the letter!

What did it say?

"I send you a 'miglion' kisses". There was even a mistake!

Giuseppina, off you go!

May I go, Madam? No, just a moment.

May I, My Lady? Come over here.

Take the chalk and write. Write what?

"I send you a million kisses".

Why? No questions, just obey.


That'll do.

You can go, dear.

Madam, I only did my duty.

Another cup of tea, My Lady?

Where's Teresa Venerdì?

None of you knows where she is? No.

Doctor Vignali? He's not here, but he won't be long.

Come inside, it's raining!

He'll be here in 5 minutes. Come in.

Sit down.

A telegram.

For me? For Dr. Vignali.

From who? What do I know? Sign here.

I'm not signing anything.

If you don't, I take it away. First I read, then I sign.

"I'll be there this evening. Love, Lucia".

Who's Lucia?

Oh, yes! It's his sister! I remember her from when she was young.

I see, the doctor. Where can I find the number?

The restaurant...

That telephone again? These people sure do love to talk!

I hope it's him. Hi, sweetie!

I told you, my name's Antonio Perticone!

The doctor is at the student's restaurant. I'm looking for him too.

I have to tell him his sister is arriving this evening.

His sister?

I'll be over right away to meet her. Mother, sweetie's sister is on her way!

Should I wear my grey dress with black polka dots or the pinstriped with my white hat? The pinstriped one is prettier.

I'm wearing the pinstriped one. Why are you telling me? Hello?

She's gone...


Good evening. Good evening.

Would you mind telling me who you are? Who are we? We're his friends.

He even has a servant...

Tomorrow we'll have fun, there'll be work for you as well.

Everything here's going to auctioned off! Your boss has to learn how to live.

If you say one more bad word about my boss, I'll give you what for!

Great! So you add abuse to unpaid debts.

What do you want? To be paid.

You'll be paid, but now leave.

He's been saying that for months.

If he doesn't pay us, tomorrow we'll be here again.

May I? Oh, young lady!

Please, come in!

Your brother will be home soon. My brother?

You're soaked, you poor thing! Why are you walking in this bad weather?

You could have taken a taxi. Come on through here.

I'll be with you right away. Please...

It's the doctor's sister, leave.

We'll see you tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Fair enough!

Did you see those horrible people? Who are they?

Your brother is in trouble! Sorry, my brother...

I read your telegram. Your brother will be very happy to see you.

I've known you since you were a child.

Me? Yes, but you can't remember.

I barely recognize you! You've really grown!

I'm Antonio, Filomena's son. Rosinella's brother!

You remember Rosinella, right? She nursed you.

Miss Lucia, you must be tired. Please, sit down.

Do you have an oilcloth? Why?

So that I don't ruin the armchair.

The doctor doesn't use oilcloths anymore, he's grown up now.

You'll get a cold. Did you leave your suitcase outside?

I don't have any suitcase.

Excuse me, my good man... Please, call me Antonio!

If you catch a cold, the doctor will get angry with me.

Come with me, I'll take care of you.

Come with me.

Come on.

Finally rehearsals are over!

I want to see all of you ready on stage in two hours!

Thank you!

You need to keep your chin up.

Forget your heartbreak for one hour. It's not heartbreak, it's anger.

He's engaged to the daughter of a rich mattress maker.

He has revealed himself for what he is: a vulgar petty bourgeois.

Tomorrow, after your success, you'll slap him.

Oh, please! If he thinks I'm running after him, he is mistaken.

I'm too refined for that. He's a pig! Bye, darling.

I don't like the doctor's behaviour. I can tell you this because you're family.

Women! Lots of women!

Lots? Oh, you wouldn't believe how many!

Even women you see in magazines! Do you want to see one?

Here you go.

Her name's Loletta Prima, she's a singer. This woman is a vampire!

She eats up 1,000 lire notes as if they were candies.

What's wrong? Are you feeling ill? Nothing, I'm just a little cold.

I've almost finished.

Is it because of her they're taking his house?

My girl, women are nothing but trouble. Trust me!

Once I even had to sell a horse. But this is nothing, he also has a fiancé!

A fiancé? Yes, she's horrible.

"Sweetie! Sweetie!"

So much fun!

Give me my things! But the sleeves are still wet.

Never mind, I have to go. Aren't you waiting for your brother?

I can't. Tell him I'll be back... that I'll write to him.

But now I have to leave. Miss!

Ah! A girl in a dressing gown. How wonderful.


I suppose you're the servant. That's right.

What a face! What's wrong with it?

And who's this? This... is the doctor's sister.

That's a good one. You could have come up with a better excuse than that.

I suppose I look stupid to you, do I? Who are you?

The doctor's sister. A strange sister... wandering around half naked.

My clothes got wet, I had to dry them. See?

Is it true? Is this really Pietro's sister?

That's right, I've known her since she was this big.

Please, forgive me, Miss! I was a little tense.

I'm very happy to meet you.

My name's Maddalena Fontini, but my stage name is Loletta Prima.

We artists like to use fictitious and extemporaneous names.

My father was a professor in Sassari.

My family too originated from Sassari.

Nice to meet you.

But perhaps you have things to do, I don't want to bother you.

No, I have nothing to do. Then I'd love to stay and chat a while.

Pietro always talked about his sister.

Did you search everywhere?

Yes, headmistress, in the attic, in the cellar...

She can't just have vanished, maybe she's hiding out in the greenhouse.

Did you come for your brother's engagement?


Did he tell you about it? Yes.

Not me. I heard about it by chance from a servant.

The pig! Oh, sorry...

This is not the right way to treat a distinguished woman like me.

An artist, who sacrificed everything for him. Love, art, success...

Do you love Mr... my brother a lot?

My love is like the one you read about in novels. I was everything to him.

Since I met him, I've never kissed any other man.

He knew everything about me. Do you remember that song?

All for you, night and day, always say yes, never say nay.

Yes, it was exactly like this. And now he's getting married! The pig!

Sorry, but I have no other words.

And have you met the fiancé?

No. Me neither, but I can imagine.

She must be one of those silly stuffed up dolls.

A mattress maker's daughter! And my father was a professor in Sassari.

Miss, let's be honest with each other, we have to form an alliance.


To stop your brother from marrying that girl.

I'm not saying this just for me.

I'd be happy to sacrifice myself, if it could help.

But I'm saying this for you. Being related to a mattress maker...

I think it's necessary that he marries her.

Necessary? Why?

He's deep in debt.

They're taking the house.

Then ask your father to lend him some money.

My father? Poor thing...

What about the land, the palaces, the castle?

Everything's gone.

The harvest was spoiled.

After that he went bankrupt.

Then the castle burnt down. Really?

Yes. He's a ruined man.

Look what I'm reduced to!

That's why dad sent me to see my brother, to ask him for help.

We're hungry! Hungry?

Yes, Madam...

The cold bites our flesh through our tattered clothes.

If you knew how heartbreaking it is to hear your children ask for bread and not to be able to speak not to stifle the cry of despair clenching your throat!

Oh my God, that bad? Yes!

And on the freezing winter nights wrap miserable rags around ourselves, pressed by the whistling wind in the whirling storm, while balls and pleasures take place in the dazzling halls of the Duke of Sensir's castle.

What has the Duke of Sensir got to do with this?

Nothing, he's just one of our neighbours.

Do you have a vase for long stalks?


I'm asking if you have a vase for long stalks.


You don't understand a thing! Where's the sister?

Darling, I brought you these flowers and two poems.

Please, Miss Vignali is over there.

Darling, I brought you these flowers and two poems.

I'm disturbing. Sorry...

I'd better go.

Bye, darling. Good evening, Miss.

When that dear sir comes back, tell him I send him my peaceful and classy regards.

Here he comes. Loletta!

How's it going? Wonderfully.

I know everything. I know you're getting married, and I don't care.

I met your sister. Lucia's here?

Poor thing! She told me everything.

What? Aren't you ashamed?

You're here living a good life, while the poor souls live in rags the wind whistles, in the dazzling halls of the Duke of Sensir.

Have you gone crazy? No, I'm quite sane.

Get married, go on. It will help those poor people.

You see, your sister spoke to me in such a refined way that, being both so refined, we understood each other perfectly.

So I'm leaving.

Bye, darling!

Sweetie, here you are. Tell me, is it true what she said about thee?

No, I'll stop my rhyme this is not the right time.

Tell me the truth, is it true what that unknown lady said about you?

My sister? She told me she's not your sister.

Then who is it? I don't know and I don't care.

Is it true that you're only marrying me for my money?


I feel so enraged, and I was so happy to be engaged!

Rhymes! Always rhymes!

Sir, it's over between us! Goodbye!

Teresa! Oh, Doctor!


What are you doing here? Don't be angry, I'm leaving.

Why this dressing gown? If you want, I can take it off.

Oh, no, for goodness sake! What's going on?

Please, don't get angry, or I won't have the courage to tell you!

Who's angry?! Come on, what is it? You haven't run away, have you?

Yes, I have. Why?

They wanted to send me to be the butcher's help!

I didn't do anything wrong! Believe me! I didn't write that letter!

What letter?

Don't you know? I don't know anything!

Then, excuse me, I'm leaving. No, I want to know now!

What's the number of the orphanage? No! Please don't call them!

I'll tell you everything. What is it? Are you feeling faint?

No, I'm fine. Your hands are freezing, you're pale.

I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since this morning.


How awful, I feel abandoned like Didone.

Who is this Didone? Who knows? Doctor, I'm very worried.

Don't worry, it's nothing. Me too.

Mum... Sweeheart!

Dad... Darling!

Please leave us.

Save her, Doctor! Yes, save her!

How's the pulse? It's normal.

So why are you still holding my hand? Oh, yes...

Don't you have anything to say?

Miss Lilli, I'd like to tell you something.

I feel so lonely! No, this isn't clear enough.

I'm only happy when I'm here... No, this isn't clear enough either.

And I want to be crystal clear.

Miss Lilli, I love you.

Yes, okay! It's your fault, letting her get engaged!

It was you who encouraged her, you gave them your blessing!

Doctor, how is she? Let her sleep, she needs to rest.

Now please let me say... Leave us in peace!

Nice people you've introduces us to! I know, but...

Listen, Doctor, we're very worried. We'd better leave it for now.

I'm sorry. I'll come back tomorrow.

Very well, goodnight. Goodnight.

We're in real trouble now. If they find out that you're here...

It must be the headmistress.

What shall I tell her now?

Don't tell her anything! Are you kidding?

Hello? Who is this?

Darling, I'm sending my dressmaker bills to you.

Don't be stingy, I'm not used to making a fool of myself.

What did the headmistress say? No, it was Loletta.

What did you tell her about the Duke of Sensir?

I performed the grand finale of the play "The Killing Remorse".

Why? Because she's a vampire.

She eats up all your money and she's the reason why they're taking the house.

Who told you that? No one, I figured it out myself.

Will you forgive me, Doctor?

You have to go back to the orphanage. No!

No? I can't have an orphan in my house at 10 o'clock, I mean, a quarter past 10!

What will they think of me? They'll send me away!

It must be the headmistress.

You got me in big trouble.

Hello? Dr. Vignali, I'll be very grateful if you erase my name from your memory for good.

"Sic transit gloria mundi". I've nothing more to say. Ave!

Ave. What did you say to this one?

Oh, the other one...

I told her: "You must marry the doctor", "He needs your dowry as he's deep in debt".

"If he doesn't marry you, what will he do?"

Do you think it's something to say to a fiancé?

I just wanted to help you. You did, she left me.

Do you mind? No, actually, I'm relieved.

What will you do if they take your house?

That lady doesn't love you. If I were rich...

What would you do?

Nothing, I was about to say something stupid.

Come on, enough talking. It's 10:20, it's very late.

It's not raining anymore. Get dressed! I'll call you a taxi.


Just a moment, there's a telegram!

"I can't make it. I'll write. Love, Lucia".

How silly!

She's come and hasn't even realized.

Antonio! I'm coming!

Hurry up! Just a moment.

Take her to the orphanage. Miss Lucia?

What are you talking about? Just do what I say, make sure she gets there okay.

Why don't you take her?

Because... I have things to do, sick people, an important consultation.

As for you... listen...

Tomorrow I'll come and speak to the headmistress, okay?


You made a fool of me. I'm sorry.

Come on, I'll call the taxi, get yourself dressed.

I won't go back to the orphanage. Are you kidding? These are orders.

Be kind...

If I go back there, they'll send me to work as the butcher's servant.

I'm a soldier, I've been ordered to take you back.

Please, don't be so mean...

Please let me stay here, just for tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be gone before dawn. Nobody will see me!

I'll hide myself in the kitchen, in a closet or a wardrobe...


Teresa Venerdì! Teresa!

What time is it? 11 O'clock.

This is the general, the doctor's father. A very brave man.

He won many battles. And this is the general's wife, an uncommon woman.

Poor thing, she was a huge loss to the family.

And this is his sister, Lucia. You. She really does look like you.


And who's this? Who do you think it is? It's him.

The Health Inspector? Yes, don't you see the resemblance?

Did you question her companions? Yes, they don't know anything.

They wouldn't tell, even if they knew. Shall I call the police?

No! Let's wait a little longer. She might turn up at any moment.

Poor thing, where can she be?

Antonio... Antonio!

Why didn't you take her to the orphanage?

Fire me. I'm not cut out for the city. I ordered you to take her!

She started crying, I didn't have the heart.

Well, now I'm in big trouble.

I'll try and sort it out, but at least get her dressed, they must not find her here, half naked wearing my gown.

And if she starts crying again? Let her cry!

How can you drink coffee as if nothing had happened?

What do you want me to do? Act! Do something!

There's a woman in his house, and we have to get her out!

How do we do that?

Tell her: "You, miserable thing, aren't you ashamed?"

"Leave now and make sure I don't see you again".

To him? To her!

You don't want to ruin this engagement for that little slut, do you?!

Good morning.

The doctor is out.

Really? At 7 O'clock in the morning?

You don't have much of an imagination, you can come up with something better.

If you don't believe me, then... Better if I don't say anything at all.

Aren't you tired of coming here every day?

This is the last time.

Now that his sister is here, he'll pay up.

What sister? It's nothing but a mess.

She ruined everything! The marriage, the money, everything.

Then we'll wait for the officers. Another creditor...

Is Dr. Vignali here? He's out!

He's out. So much the better!

I'm his fiancé's father and I'd like to speak to that girl.

There's no girl here. Don't be a fool!

Just a moment, Miss. I need to talk to you.

With me? Yes.

I am Mr. Passalacqua, from the woolen mill Passalacqua & C.

What do you want from me, sir? I'll get straight to the point.

Will 10,000 be enough? For what?

Don't be naive, you know what I mean.

There's 10,000 liras here for you, if you leave him.

Leave who?

Come on, enough of this useless talking.

Now you'll tell me that you can't live without him, etc., but I'm sure...

15,000 will be enough.

Sir, who do you think I am? I see. 20,000 and be done with it.

Don't insult me, I'm not...

Yes, fine.

"I'm not who you think I am, I love him, I sacrificed everything for him..."

My dear, I can offer you no more than 25,000 liras.

It's a lot of money!

You think that the doctor and I... I was young too! I was in love too!

If someone had offered me 25,000 liras to break up with my wife, I'd have said...

30,000 and I'll walk away.

Miss, wait a moment!

Number 7: leather armchair. False leather.

Number 8: stool, 20th century style. Number 9: the same.

Uncomfortable. Uncomfortable What are they doing? Housework.

Number 7 is the armchair... Excuse me...

How much does the doctor owe you?

How much? Tell me the total.


Okay. Wait here a moment.


What? Liras.

Are you crazy? 38,000 liras? And 972.

That's too much! And I won't go a penny lower.

This is crazy!

38,972! And 50 cents.

And 50 cents? Yes, for the tram.

Does anyone else need to go to the dentist?

Yes, me. Come on, let's go.

I told that stupid servant to take her back last night.

Please... Let's hurry up.

I hope you understand. I got home at midnight and found her asleep.

You should've called me right away. Yes, I wanted to, but...

Damn it! The battery isn't working, as usual.

We'll have to take a taxi. But the taxi stand is so far away!

Caterina, wait a moment! We'll get a lift with them.

Quick, get in!

Go straight ahead, then I'll tell you which way to go.

You see, to get home at midnight and find a girl in your bed...

Doctor, please, not now. You'll explain it later.

What's your name, little one? Maria, come here.

Can we go, madam? No, wait a moment. We'll be right back.

Good morning, Doctor. Forgive us for being so insistent.

If there's anything you need, I'm at your service.

My regards, Doctor. We left the receipt.

Goodbye. Thank you.

Doctor, come on! Quickly! Go ahead.

Where is she? Who?

Teresa! She left.

Where did she go? I don't know. She left a letter.

Be careful...

Open it, quickly!

"Dear Mr. Health Inspector, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you".

"Mr. Passalacqua paid your creditors"

"in order to get me to leave. So I'm leaving".

"I'm sure I'll be fine with the butcher".

"My most distinguished regards, your most faithful orphan, Teresa Venerdì".


Where's Teresa? In the freezer.

In the freezer?! Over there.



How could you?

Come on, we're going home.

I'd never let one of my girls become a servant! Shame on you!

Is she crazy?

Shame on you!

Attention, please.

Good morning, Mr. Health Inspector! Good morning.

Stick your tongue out. It's dirty. Castor oil.

I like him, he reminds me of Dr. Paoloni.

She seems to have a sore throat. I need a spoon.

Teresa, go and get a spoon.

She has a slight enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Castor oil.

Hello, Juliet. Good morning, Doctor.

I came to pick up my things.

My white coat, my consultation book... I've got everything.

Wait, I'm forgetting the most important thing.

Come with me.

"Mr. Bignami..." No, Vignali.

Gosh, such a terrible handwriting! "Will require 40,000".

"In return I will accept the mission..." Position!

This is impossible to read! Good heavens, please, hurry up!

"In return I will accept the position as assistant in the Teramo Hospital".

"I'm getting buried". Not "buried", I'm getting married.

Congratulations. Thank you.


He said 4.50!