Terminal Invasion (2002) Script

DOC 3123, come back.

This is DOC 3123. We have your weather update.

Chance of flurries at higher elevations. Supposed to clear by midnight. Over.

Copy that. We're in some weather here near Bellevue Pass. We'll be running late. Over.

Affirmative, 3123. Will advise.

I still don't understand why we didn't we stay at Mt. Butte instead of trying to drive through this mess?

Chance of flurries, my ass. It's not like we planned it this way.

Besides, we got orders. Orders is orders.

Trouble is, I think this mess is turning into a blizzard.

Yeah, meets all the criteria. Criteria?

Yeah, see, to be a blizzard, certain very specific criteria have to be met.

Like what, lots of snow? Yeah.

Plus you gotta have winds of over 45 miles per hour... temperature below 10 degrees, and visibility has to be below 500 feet.

How do you know this? Weather Channel.

I still don't see why getting some dirt bag to Death Row Randolph's so important.

It's not important. It's only orders.

You want some? No, thank you, sir.

Told you before to call me Red.

You know, maybe I will take a cup.

Look out!

You okay? Yeah.

Sorry, I think I hit... As long as no one's hurt.

You okay back there? Yeah, just great.

Attention, State Police, this is State Vehicle 3123...

Department of Corrections. Come in. Over.

This is State Vehicle 3123. Come in. Over.

Attention, State Police. Do you read me? Over.

Come on, come on.

I repeat, do you read me? Over.


It's weird. So what're we going to do?

We can't stay here, not in this weather.

All right, convict, we're going on a little nature hike.

I get any funny business out of you and I put one through your skull, you hear?

Tony, please.

Things are hard enough, don't you think?

Got you. Did not.

Did too. Did not. Did not.

Did too. Did too.

Hey, Garrett.

Busy night. I see.

Where'd they all come from?

Got me.

Hey, Garrett. Coffee? Please.

Del, did you plough the strip? Twice.

Once this morning and damit around 4:00.

I even put salt down the second time.

It's still looking pretty crazy out there. It's really coming down.

Think you're going to be able to take off in this weather?

I hope so.

Excuse me. You the pilot? I am. What can I do for you?

Get us out of here. We're booked on the 10:15 out of O'Hare... but my wife decided to slip in a few extra runs and we missed the bus.

It's always my fault.

I'm not assigning blame.

And it had nothing to do with you having drinks all afternoon with that woman.

I told you that she was a rep from Midwestern and nothing was going on.

Nothing like last time?

Sir, ma'am, excuse me.

We've filed a flight plan. Scheduled departure is still set for 45 minutes.

But whether we take off or not depends on how this storm developes.

Are you saying we might be grounded? That we might not leave at all?

Yes, sir, there is that chance.

That is totally unacceptable. I have a business meeting in Seattle tomorrow.

Excuse me. Do you know who I am? I'm David Higgins, in the Fortune 500.

It's really not up to me, sir.

What do you mean it's not up to you? You're the pilot, right?

Yes, but the FAA...

Then you make the final decision. Andrew, tell her.

I'm trying to tell her. If it's a question of money...

The FAA has strict guidelines... designed to protect the health and safety of all passengers and crew.

They decide when we are able to take off and when we can't.


Got you. Did not.

Did, too. Did not, did not.


Can't you see we're trying to have an adult conversation here?


We're on an indefinite hold because of the weather.

We don't know when we'll be able to take off. Is that clear?

Ma'am? Yes?

If you'd point me in the direction of the men's room I'd be much obliged.

It's through those doors. Bless you.

Will you take a look at this?

Sorry to bother you, ladies, but we have a situation.

We were in the process of transporting this prisoner up north... when our vehicle was disabled down the road.

We're going to need a place to hole up until our relief unit arrives.

Here? Him? Afraid so.

I'm not sure we have any facility to handle prisoners, Officer.

What exactly did he do? He's a murderer, ma'am.

I'm not sure we should have a murderer out here with the passengers.

We can handle him, ma'am. It's what we do.

I'm afraid we have no choice in the matter. If I could just make a call?

The phone lines have been down for about an hour now.

Do you have a CB, or a backup radio? Nothing's working.

This is ridiculous.

Just point us at a back room, we'll get out of your hair, and you get back to work.

Del. Yeah, I can show them something.

I got to take a leak.

Much obliged. Yeah, we're right back here, gentlemen.


Try something, you won't have to wait for the chair.

I'll fry your ass right here.

You going to watch or hold?

Check it out.

Hello, Padre.

It's Reverend, Officer. I'm a simple preacher.

I didn't know who that was back there.

The men's room is very much like a house of God in that, in its confines... all men are welcome.

That's a good one, Reverend.

And who is this? Prisoner.

In the process of transfer, we hit some ice, skidded off the road.

A felon? He don't play well with others, sir.

I will say a prayer for his soul.


Show some respect.

All can be forgiven, if one acknowledges his wicked deeds.

Afraid my list of wicked deeds is too long.

Would you like me to hear your confession? Say what?

That won't be necessary, Reverend.

Saving souls is always necessary.

Would you like to confess, my son?

You're not a priest. No, sir. I'm a humble preacher.

Only priests hear confession. Who are you?

Now, son.

Perhaps you should show us some ID, Reverend.

Certainly, Officer.

My mistake.

Where I come from, convict, hitting a holy man is a grave offence.

Yeah? Where is that?

Some place far, far away.

What the hell are you doing here? Taking over.

Why? Because we don't like you.

Were those gunshots? Of course they were gunshots.

What the hell do you think they were?

You, what're you waiting for? Get in there!

Do something, man. That crazy ass con gets out here, he's gonna smoke us all.

Drop it! I said, drop it!


No! Please! Don't hurt him, he's just doing his job.

Are we done? Yeah.

Hey! Don't shoot me!

I'm... I'm not a hero. I'm not a hero.

Get back down there. Everybody else, back to the seats.

You too.

Can we talk? No.

You cheated! Did not. You got in front of me.

No, I didn't! You got a head start.


You, get those kids.

We were just playing.

It's okay, honey. I think he's just tired or something.

Tell me something. What?

What's your name?

Darian. Darian.

What kind of name is that? It's my name.

What, you don't like my name, now? Tell me something, Darian...

Who got off the call to the cops?

Nobody. Who called them?

I ain't seen nobody call nobody, man. Are you lying to me?

I'm lying, I'm dying. I know the drill, dog.

We tried. The landlines are out. Try yourself.

Yeah, listen to the lady, man. Go on, try em.

Cell phones don't work here, either.

You killed those men, didn't you?

You don't have to worry about who I killed last, only who I'm gonna kill next.

Give me your cell phone.

The bathroom, sir. What's that?

If those men are still alive, it'll go a long way in your favour if we tried to help them.

Nobody who walked in there is ever coming out.

Son of a bitch.

You animal.


Me? Yeah.

What size shoes you wear?

Ah, eh, eleven. Take 'em off.


Sir, where's your luggage? It's right there.


You want clothes? There, you got clothes.

You a fancy boy? Lots of pretty clothes.

I like to look nice. Is there a crime against that?

Not in this state.

What's he doing? He's just changing his clothes, okay?

"Let's take a charter service. What could go wrong?"


The rules don't apply to you.

You know Sarah, do you really think that this is the time?

It's never the time with you, Andrew. That's your problem.

Whenever I want to talk, something is in the way.

"I have to work. I'm busy. " Well, you know what? I have a life, too.

You through?

Listen, I.. I.. I don't know why we can't just all get along here.

I mean...

You don't have to kill people and rape us, man.

Shut up. Nothing is happening to you.

What is it you want from us, sir? What I want, General... is to get out of here and head on up to Canada. To do that I need a pilot.

Who knows how to fly?

You're it, little darling.

Nobody here is going to hurt you.

So why don't you just take what you want and leave.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

You'll never get away with it. They'll hunt you down like a dog.

Oh, yeah? I got news for you, pal.

Once they see what's in there, I'll be the least of their worries.

Somebody shut her up. She's hyperventilating.

What happened? Come on, come on, come on.

No, please.

You shot her.

You bastard. You killed her.

So stupid. Stupid and unnecessary.

You want to be next?

Please..... please, mister, don't hurt anybody else.

Yeah, we'll do whatever you want.

You. Get back there.

You fight for a living. I fight to stay alive.

Don't make me hurt you, General.

Come on.

Don't give him an excuse to hurt anybody else.

What? Ow! She's....

Oh, my God.

Some shot. Would've gone right through the heart...

if I had one.

Don't touch it.

What just happened?

Do it.

I said, just do it. What?

Shouldn't we at least cover them up? No. It's a crime scene.

Don't touch them. You can get in trouble.

Can I at least have a pee?

Yeah. But use the ladies'. And knock first.

There should be three bodies in here.

Well, there's no sign of the preacher anywhere. I've checked all over.

There's no blood trails, nothing.

Do you think he could've disappeared like what's her name?

How's your head?

What do you think? My head hurts. You suckered me.

What happened in there?

Untie me, I'll give you the whole story. Right.

Lady, you got me all wrong. All I want to do is get out of here.

I give you my word, I won't hurt anyone.

Cathy, get away from him.

He'll say whatever you want to hear. I thought we were done.

Well, we're done now.

Is it bad in there? We couldn't find the preacher's body.

The preacher's body?

We couldn't find it. Doesn't make any sense.

What did you find? Nothing.

The same.

Yo.. this is so whacked, man.

Okay, people, the way I see it, we've only got two options.

We stay, or we go.

Now, I can't fly in this weather.

But if someone were willing, they might be able to hike back into town.

How far is it? Seventeen miles.

Seventeen miles in this weather? It'll never happen.

I can do it.

Man, you're tripping. You'll freeze to death.

I was in Operation Frozen Shield, ma'am.

Four months winter survival training in the Ural Mountains. I think I can make it.

And if we stay?

Try to fix the radio. Maybe we can get a signal out.

Maybe the phones will come back.

Sooner or later, the road will clear and we'll all be all right.

How long will that be? Who knows?

But.... if we stay together, I think we're all better off.

Why don't you just come out and say it?

If we stay together, we can watch each other.

Cover each other's backs.

In case one of us is one of them.

One of what? Lady, you crazy.

We all know what she's talking about, so why don't we just say it?

Aliens. Oh, my God, you're all hysterical.

Well, how do you explain people vanishing in a wisp of smoke?

I don't know, but I don't have to believe it's because we've been invaded by a bunch of little green men.

Look, this is getting us nowhere.

What I want to know is how come she's got all the guns?

I have the guns because I'm in charge.

In charge of what? Watching people die? No one's going to die.

Yeah, well tell that to the police in there and that bitch with the nice ta tas.

Look, let's just go.

We just load up the plane like we were supposed to and fly the hell out of here.

Let somebody else deal with the mess. Amen to that.

Sir! I have got a business meeting tomorrow.

Sir, I can't leave. The plane won't fly. Can you understand that?

We are not taking off in this weather.

And nobody wants to hear another word about your damn meeting.

You got that right.

I just don't believe this. Is this your idea of customer service?

Just relax. Do not tell me to relax!

So who's she? She's a pilot. So she can fly. That puts her in charge?

Exactly. Who the hell.... Calm down. Relax...

Hey! Hey! Let me explain it to you.

This is my airport and my charter service.

You don't like it? Get the hell out.

I understand you people are scared and confused.

We all are.

But as long as I am here, I will not tolerate this hysteria. Is that clear?

I am the alpha female, people. What I say goes.

Someone wants to question that... do it now.

Gloria, how many passengers were confirmed this morning?

Ah.... I think four or five.

That means, three or four others were buying new seats.

This is beyond tweaking, you all acting like somebody been hittin' the pipe.

We all saw the same thing.

I didn't see no damn aliens. No E.T. No Mr. Spock.

I saw a woman who disappeared.

Far as I know, he probably loaded up his gun with some evaporating bullets or something.

Please. Please what?

What, you dissing me, man? Don't make me slap the white off you.

There's no technology capable...

You think I don't know about technology? I watch the Sci-Fi Channel.

I know about that Area 51 stuff.

I can try and make it into town, get some help. I don't mind.

I'd rather have you with us, Sergeant.

At least for now. See what happens in the morning.

You want we should check their luggage? Whose?

Whose do you think? The aliens'.

Stop with the alien talk, for heaven's sake.

Look here, ain't nobody goin' through my luggage. That's all I'm sayin.

Oh, is that right? Yeah, that's right.

Who's gonna try. You? This is so unnecessary.

Please, just stay out of my face.

Look, can we please stop acting like children...

All right, everybody freeze!

Put it down!

I'm putting the gun down. It's okay.

Whoa, buddy, what're you doing?

Just stay back, please. Okay, we'll stay back. Just stay calm.

Mister.... Don't "mister" me.

I want to know what the hell is going on here tonight, but I am leaving.

I'm not staying here with all of you. Do you understand?

All right, all right, just put the gun down, man. Nobody wants to get shot.

You and I are gonna get in that airplane and you're gonna fly me out of here.

I can't. You will.

I can't.

Mister, please, what's your name?

I don't want to tell you my name.

David Higgins.

Mr. Higgins, please, just calm down.

You could be one of those things. You could all be one of those things!

Hey, buddy, buddy, we're as human as you are. All right?

Stay back, please. It's okay, Mr. Higgins.

All right. I know you're scared. We're all scared. Just give me the gun.

Who are you? Just stay away from me!

You'll gonna get hurt here, sir. Please.

Give me the gun, now!


You shot him.

He's gone.

You killed him.

Look, nothing's happening. He was a person.

He wasn't one of them.

I didn't know. I didn't know!

Okay, folks, let's try this again.

You don't want to do that. Toss it here. Left hand. That gun, too!

Anyone tries to buffalo me... go for a gun, go for help, I won't think twice about putting you down.

Now you listen to me, and you're going to stay alive. You understand?

You. I want to see you in private. The rest of you sit tight.

What's it gonna take to get outta here?

You're free. Go. You know what I'm talking about.

I can't take off in this weather. The weather will change.

Even if the storm stops... we'd still have to clear the runway and de-ice the wings.

Okay, what else?

Promise me nobody else gets hurt.

What do you care? They might not even be people.

What if they are? I'm not leaving them behind.

They could all be aliens.

We figure out who's who.

Oh, I see. We just take the ones that are us and leave the rest behind. Yeah.

Okay. How?

I have your word, right?

No one gets hurt. No one dies. I want your word.

Or you can shoot me and fly your own damn self out of here.

Okay. This is the lonitech Corporation's DSR 4400 Series x-ray machine.

Features a folded photo diode display with horizontal beam orientation... non-reflective shielding, color-enhanced video display monitor... and a conveyor belt capable of a 500-pound individual load.

This is the very latest in security technology.

You're not seriously suggesting we go through that like baggage?

It could be the only way of proving who's human and who's not.

Or the only way of giving us all cancer. I'm not doing it.

Whoever passes gets on that plane. Whoever doesn't, doesn't.

My wife and I will go first. What?

Don't volunteer me, Andrew. I'm negotiating.

We'll go first but when we get to the other side, I want two first class seats.

It's a charter plane. All the seats are the same.

Well, some must be better than others.

I'm not getting inside that machine. Yes, Sarah, you are.

Great. Now he knows my name. The killer knows my name.

What's he gonna do, Sarah, send you a Christmas card?

Cut the chatter. Would it help if I go first?

Ain't no way that thing will hold you, chubby.

Hey. It's the 4400. It's upgraded for maximum security.

It can hold a 500-pound load of freight or baggage.

You better take off your shoes, then.

Look, we have no way of knowing if this is gonna work.

There's no guarantee it'll tell any difference... between any of us or any of them.

He's he's got a point. Let's just try it.

We send pets through all the time.

See? Not a prob.....

Oh, my God, he's one of those things!

Kill it. Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

What're you waiting for?

It's just my.... Oh, hey! It's just my extra magazine.

Sorry about that.

Can I get my gun back now?

You be good to your word, we'll be good to ours.

All right, who's next?

We are.

Ladies first.

I'll be right behind you. Shut up.

Okay, you're next, Gloria.

Please.... um...

This really isn't necessary, is it?

Cathy, I can't.

I'm afraid and I'm terrified. I'm claustrophobic.

I'd vouch for you, Gloria, but the others will probably feel safer if we all go.

Don't worry, it won't hurt you.

You're next, killer.

Me? What about her? What about you?

Because I say so, and I'll shoot anyone who doesn't do what I say.

Man has a point. Listen to the man.

What the hell?

That doesn't look right.

What the hell is that?

Be careful. You don't know what's in there.

Gloria? Back away.

Hello. This is Allen Air 01. Come back.

Anyone, this is Allen Air 01. Anybody.

Give it a rest. You've been at that for half an hour.

This is an airport. The radios have to work in all weather.

I'm sure you have a point.

I sell electronics equipment and something about this just isn't right.

There's something not right about a lot of things here, Armani.

Seems like it should work, but the signal's scrambled.

Alien jamming, babe.

So what do they want? I don't know.

But, whatever it is, they're willing to kill for it.

And what are we supposed to do? Disappoint them.

Who was the last person that used this? Gloria.

The old broad?

I trusted her.

I thought I knew her. You never really know anybody.

There has to be a way that we can get a message out and let people know we've been invaded by who knows what.


How's the weather out there, boss?

It's snowing.


Oh, we put him in the bathroom with the others.

I'm gonna need some more clothes. Pack me a bag.

It's cold in Canada this time of year.

I don't know your sizes. Work it out. You, help her.

Yo, Cap. Gotta get something to eat.

What's up with the grub?

Kitchen's closed. Rennovations. Try the vending machines in back.

Cool with you, boss? Yeah.

Yo, Armani, let's eat.

You're letting everyone out of your sight. Yes, I am.

Any one of them could be one of those things.

Makes no difference to me. You're my pilot. That's all I care about.

Where are the kids? Damn!

You stay. I'll find them.

What're you afraid of? I can't go anywhere.

One way or another, Jack, you're gonna have to trust me.

All right, go, but bring them back quick. And be careful.

Anybody in here?

Kids, is that you?

Kids, what're you guys doing in here?

Nothing. Nothing, huh? What's that behind you?


We were just playing.

Is this working? Did you hear anything? Any voices?

No, just.... shhhhh

Hey, want to play a game?

Sure. Sure.

But, it requires you to be extra alert, okay?

I'm gonna try and call someone on the radio. and I want you both to stand over here, okay?

If you see or hear anybody, I want you to tell me right away.

Okay? Okay.

Okay, let's start.

CQ 1, this is Allen Municipal Airport. Come in, please.

CQ 1, this is Allen Airport. We have an emergency. Please come in.

If anyone can hear me, we have an emergency crisis... that requires law enforcement personnel.

Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Yo, Armani, come check this out.

What's your preference, man?

Nothing for me. You ain't eating?

My diet doesn't allow for high fats or processed sugars.

Say what?

Exorbitant glucose levels stimulate a hyper-insulin imbalance in my body... which could result in diabetic reactions or altered mood swings.

Meaning you can gun down more than one person a day.

I'll have a candy bar.

I'm gonna get some more.

All out. Got any change?


Yeah, baby! Always wanted to do that.

That's what I'm talking about.

So, what does a well-dressed convict wear on the run?

Well, the important thing to remember on trips like these is to travel light.

Remember, you don't want to be burdened with too much weight.

Yeah, so I guess we start with socks and underwear.

It's a good idea.


Um.. we got you two pairs of shoes, socks, three shirts, and a pair of pants.

Winter gear?

I thought you could just wear the parka you came in.

No, it's state issue.

Um.. you could take my credit cards.

Buy whatever you need when you get there.

Why don't you just give him the keys to our house.

No offence, but I'd like to see the guy leave.

Which bags are yours? These. Why do you want to see them?

Cos I'm the curious guy, and you have excellent taste in clothes.

He thinks we might be like the others.


But we went through that machine thingy.

Andrew, I don't want him going through our bags. Tell him.

Sarah, he's not deaf.

Are those the kids' bags?

That's probably a good assumption. What's in them?

I don't know. Don't you pack your kid's clothes?

I would if I had kids.

Wait a minute. You mean that....

Those aren't our kids.

Follow me.

Don't let anyone in unless you hear from me.

What's up? Something about the kids.

CQ 1, this is Allen Municipal Airport. Come in, please, we have an emergency.

CQ 1, this is Allen Municipal Airport, come in.

We have a situation that requires immediate law enforcement personnel.

CQ 1, this is Allen Municipal Airport. Come in, please.

CQ 1, this is Allen Airport, we have an emergency. Come in.



Everything all right? Fine. Found the kids.

So I see.

Can I speak to you in private?

No, don't leave me.

It'll be just for a second. No. I'm afraid of the bad man.

You want to use the radio, too?

We have a crisis that requires law enforcement personnel.

It's not working.

Garrett, step away from the kids. What?

Just do what I say.

No, he wants to hurt us. He's a bad man.

That's not true. Yes, it is. He's a very very bad man.

You stop moving.

I'm not afraid of you.

Jack, what is going on?

The kids, Garrett. They're not kids.


Let go of her, you.

Jack? Trust me on this. I said, let go!

Now where would be the fun in that?

We're going to go now, quietly and very quickly.

Kids these days.

I'm full, man.

Me, too.

Why are we here, Andrew?

I believe we're hiding.

No, I mean this vacation.

Why now? You've never taken off work before.

Isn't that reason enough?

Are you having an affair with that woman?


Tell you the truth, I thought that she was a loud-mouthed pain in the ass.

The only reason I talked to her was to make you jealous.


Because when you and I argue....


When we argue it's just about the only time that you and I feel real.

I don't want to live like that.

Me either.

You know, I think we're going to be just fine.

Is that your professional opinion?

We're safe in this room.

If we can hold out till morning, somebody's bound to come looking for us.

What then? Tell them aliens took over the damn airport?

Shoot, they'll lock us up and throw away the key.

Well, they can't argue with the evidence.

Let's just get out of here, Andrew.

Maybe that soldier was right, maybe we can make it out on foot.

I know we don't have any... survival training but...

We skied Aspen. We did cross-country in Saint Moritz.

You won't last 15 minutes out there. Shut up.

Shut up.

You killed that soldier. You killed the one person that might be able to help us.

That was an accident. I seen him.

Oh, Please. It's true. I didn't want to hurt that boy.

Cut the man some slack, man. He said he was sorry. It was an accident.

That might help you sleep at night but it's not much of a defense.

What are you saying, that I could be prosecuted?

No one could blame me in a situation like this.

There were extenuating circumstances.

The gun just went off. I didn't mean to pull the trigger.

Who is it?

It's just us.

Can we come in?

You quit it.

Honey, we're not supposed to let anybody in.

Why not?

We'll be good.

Yeah. We promise.

Whose kids are they? They're not mine.

They're not yours. What the hell?


No. We don't know who they are.

And what are they doing here without parents anyway?

Listen to us. They're children, for God's sake.


No, I don't think they are.

At least, I don't know.


You'll be sorry.

You'll be very sorry.

Let's put something in front of the door, shall we?

That should buy us some time. It'll have to.

I owe you a thank you for saving my ass back there.

See, Jack, you do care for people.

I need a pilot.

The only thing I care about is getting me the hell out of here.

What is this place? Engineering hangar.

There's a mechanic who flies in when a plane needs servicing.

What's under there? I'm guessing a plane.

Don't get cute. Will it fly? I don't know.

It's got skis, right?

That won't help without an engine that runs. This thing's older than you are.

So we don't have to plough any runway or de-ice the wings.

How far is Canada? In this? Two hours. Maybe less.

Let's get it started. I just got my way out of this mess.

As far as I can tell, he's finished replacing the pistons.

The casings are locked down. Will it fly?

First we got to get it started.

We'll need fuel. Hand me the booster on that dolly over there.

I'm on it.

I'm still worried about those kids.

They gone?

I thought I heard something before.

It's nothing.

Why would anybody leave two kids alone in an airport?

What're you doing?

Trying to find something to arm ourselves with.

I can't even find any steak knives.

What about this?

What the hell's that?

What are people in an airport using a thing like this for?



To clear avalanches.

You've seen one of these before? Nope.

Then how do you know it's for avalanches?

It says it on the box.

What kind of bullets are these?

Uses sound.

Yeah, right.

How we going to smoke aliens with sound?

Compression blast in a room this size, carries the force of a stick of dynamite.

Don't be setting off dynamite in here.

We have to do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves.

What was it?

Your crime?

What's it matter?

Doesn't, really.

Let's try this.

Give it a pull.

Come on.

There we are.

Check the linkage, we'll be good to go.

I could do some damage with this baby.

Want coffee? No, thanks.

Can I change my mind?


Thank you.

He treat you like that at home, baby?

I'd treat you like fine wine. You heard?

Get the thing!

What thing? The avalanche gun thing.

This thing must have some instructions. Help me, man!

"Pull handle to open. " Got it.


Go, man, go!

"Now load shell into breech, making sure case rim is fully seated. "

Hurry! Hurry!

"Close breech fully until it locks. "

Get her out of here. Got to kill this thing!

What was that?

He doesn't have a pulse.

I think maybe he's dead.

My husband.

We have to go back. No, we don't.

I won't leave them.

You open that door, we're as good as dead.

All right. All right! Look, just stop messing with the door!

We have to go to get back to the pilots' briefing room, right?

Right. Is there any crawl space or basement?

No, only the main hall.

Wait a minute.

This way. Follow me through here.

This way.

Are you hurt? Give me a break.

Can you give me a hand with this? Okay.

There's another one of those things, right?

There were two of them. I'm sure of it. I saw it, too.

Now what?

What do you mean, now what? Why are you asking me?

I don't know. I don't know either.

Okay! Okay!

Look, we have to have a plan.

I'm sorry for being such a bitch before. I shouldn't do that.

Tell me, is Saint Moritz really as pretty as they say it is?


I'll have to go there. Maybe next Christmas.

I have some numbers.

Do you know how to scream? Of course.

Then scream! That's your plan, scream?

You got a better idea?






It's not working! It has to.

We can't let it inside.

Keep pushing. Okay.


Give me your hand.

Go, now! I've got it.

Where are the others? Andrew's dead.

You're next. I can't. If I let go...

Come on, now!

Where's Darian? We gotta keep moving.

What happened to Darian? He's dead.

Are you sure? As far as I can tell.

That's everybody. We're done.

Come on.

Shh.. Hold it.

Is it gone?

For now.

He's dead. We have to keep moving.

Oh, no.

You sure you want to do this?

You just take care of the fireworks, Jack. I'll do my part.

Tough broad.

What about you? I'm fine.


Alright, one more time. There's three of us and only one of them.

Sarah, you're our eyes and ears. Okay, I can do it.

Any luck, we'll have him back here safe and sound in no time.

What's his name again?

Darian. Darian, right.

Ready? Yep.

Ladies, we do this right, one hour from now we are headed to Canada.

And I'm buying. Screw Canada. It's too cold.

Mexico, then. Mexico.

Yeah, Mexico.


Main terminal is clear.

Okay, room's clear. Keep going.

Garrett, be careful. I don't have a view of inside the restroom.

I'm going to take a look. Okay.

What's up, ladies? See anything? Nothing yet. You?

So far so good.

Bathroom? No. Looks clear. It hasn't been here.

Sarah, can you see me? I can see you fine.

Room looks clear. Keep going.

Copy that.

I think it's here someplace.

Very perceptive. Right on top of it, Garrett.

Shut up, Jack.

Garrett, I'm seeing something moving.

Okay, it's just a shadow, but....

I'm confused. What camera's this?

Don't go back. I see it.

Okay, it's on the move.

Garrett? I'm losing you a little.

Can you....

Where are you?

Baggage room.

Darian's at the far end of this hall.



Wait. I've lost it. What do you mean you lost it?


I, ah...

Oh, God, it went around a corner. Just hold on, just stay put.

What's up? Quiet. We got to get out of here, now.

I thought you left me. Yeah. I tried.

You're funny for a white guy. We got work to do.

Okay, I got him. He's okay. Repeat, I got him. We're on our way.

Okay, good. I....

Garrett, can you still hear me?

I can hear you fine.

Garrett, you've got to move.

Garrett, it's coming for you. From where?

Which way?

Garrett, run!

Run, Garrett! Go!


Come on! Come on!


Looks like we made it. Yes, we did.

Ho, Ho. We just gonna fly in that?

How's that duct-tape special supposed to fly?

Elbow grease and a lot of luck.

I hear that, but how we all going to fit in that thing?

Well, you two are on your own.


You're free to go.

Once Garrett drops me over the border, she's free, too.

You kept your word, I'll keep mine.

You know, for a killer convict escapee, you're all right.

I mean that in a good way. Thanks a lot, man. For everything.

If you're ready.


Yes! Thank God, yes.

I've been trying to get through to you for hours.

No. He's killed everyone.

And now he's after me.

That's him.

Yes, that's him.

He's coming. Help me. Hurry!

Surprise, surprise.

It was you all along. I should've known by that lame rap of yours.

I be working on it... bro.

What a resilient species you are.

Even now when all is clearly lost... your instincts for survival still burn on. I like that.

We haven't done anything to you. What do you want?

We mean to rule.

Rule us? Slave labor.

It's what we do. Travel from planet to planet... searching for inferior beings to master and collect.

And we found ourselves a cash crop.

Hate to break the news to you pal, but so far tonight you ain't shown me squat.

The body count's five to five and the sun isn't even up yet.

The ones you destroyed were soldiers, dispensable.

I'm a leader.

You mistakenly stumbled into one of our little training missions.

But soon... very soon, we'll be ready for Phase Two:

Collection. We'll fight you.

We'll fight you with everything we have. We'll never be anyone's slave.

See? You humans have spirit.

The will to survive.

Those with spirit have a much longer shelf life.

What is that?

Much more effective than simple handcuffs.


Put it on. I won't ask again.


What happened here?

He killed my husband.

That son of a bitch.


He killed them all.

Nice witness.

I'll take that.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what happened.

It was like being outside of my body.

Your turn.


Put it on. I won't.

Then I'll kill him.

Hours ago, you'd have done anything to see him dead.

And now.

Stop it. Why do you care for him? Tell me why.

Because he's another human being.

We trust each other. We care about each other.

You actually think this murderer cares for anyone besides himself?

You're free to go.

That's what you wanted, wasn't it? Your freedom?

Leave her now and you'll have a chance. Stay here and you'll all die together.

I'm sorry, Garrett.

I'll probably hate myself for this in the morning, but...

I told you how it was.

Human nature.

It's a bitch.

Garrett, is that the gun I gave you?

I think it is. Why?

It's important.

When you went looking for the kids, is that the gun?

Yeah. What do you care?

Just leave, Jack.

She's no longer your concern.

Don't make me retract my offer to let you live.

Sorry, bub.

But you don't know jack.

That hog leg ain't loaded. What?

You gave me a gun with no bullets?

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, get out of here.

I misjudged you, Jack. You are as stupid as the rest.

Come on, convict, you can do better than that.

Not bad, but not good enough.

You bastard! I'll kill you!

This is foolish, Jack. Why you doing this?

Because we don't like you.


It's all right.



Andrew was a bit smaller than you, but they should still fit.


I assume you're not much for goodbyes, so....



Hey, Garrett...


For what?

Giving me a chance.

Well, they're playing my song.

I got to go.

I still owe you a ride.

A deal's a deal.

Come on.

So, do you have any plans tonight?

No, I'm kind of winging it. How about dinner?

Drinks on you, right? Not a problem.

I took Fancy Boy's pants and it's stuffed with cash.

Oh... Jack.