Terminator Salvation (2009) Script

SERENA: Marcus.

How are you?

Ask me in an hour.

[WHISPERING] I thought I'd try...

...one last time.

You should have stayed in San Francisco, Dr. Kogan.

[WHISPERING] By signing this consent form...

...you'd be donating your body to a noble cause.


...have a second chance, through my research, to live again.

You know what I did.

My brother and two cops are dead because of me.

I'm not looking for a second chance.

But I'm not the only one with a death sentence, am I?

Do you think I'm gonna cure your cancer, Serena?

I'm not worried about myself.

I'm worried about the future of the human race.

I'll sell it to you.

For what?

A kiss.


MARCUS: Oh....

So that's what death tastes like.



You're doing something very noble.

MARCUS: No, I'm guilty.

Just cut me up until there's nothing left.

PRIEST: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

...I will fear no evil, for thou art with me .

Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.




WARDEN: Do you have any last words?





MAN [ON RADIO]: Vanguard, this is Blackjack 6.

Missile inbound to Skynet target.

TTO 11 seconds. Danger close .





MAN 1 : Move! Move! WOMAN: Let's go, let's go! Move it!

MAN 2 [ON RADIO]: Connor is on the ground.


OLSEN: This mission is a quick in-and-out.

Command deems the information on those computers...

...to be of the highest priority.


BARBAROSA [ON RADIO]: Connor, there's no sign of the machines.

They're gone .

DAVID [ON RADIO]: It's way too quiet.

BARBAROSA [ON RADIO]: It's almost like they're waiting for us.


SOLDIER: It's down, it's down.


DAVID [ON RADIO]: What the hell's that smell, man?

Ugh .

JOHN [ON RADIO]: You seeing this?

Olsen. Objective located.

There's something else you have to see.


MAN 1 : Hard wall. OLSEN: Get what we came for, Barbarosa.

The clock's ticking.

Spread out, secure the perimeter. I got a big gap over here.

JOHN: Why didn't we know about this?

BARBAROSA: Sir, I think this is what Command's looking for.

I'm in their source code.

These people are being taken to San Francisco.

Some sort of R and D project for a new Terminator.

OLSEN: Send it to Command.

BARBAROSA: It's uploading. I need two minutes.

Wait, wait, wait. Go back. Go back.



BARBAROSA: T-800. DAVID: A new Terminator.

It's like you said it would be.

-It's worse. OLSEN: Get your nose out of that.

None of your business. You're not leading this mission.

Let's cut these sorry bastards loose. Come on. Let's go.

-Jericho, come in. MAN 2: Watch that.

OLSEN: Come in, Jericho.

Connor, get your ass topside. Remind those men...

...they need to answer me on the radio, even if they're dead.





OLSEN [ON RADIO]: Connor, get those men to respond.

JOHN: Olsen, something's wrong up here.

OLSEN [ON RADIO]: Topside , come in.


JOHN: Outbound enemy aircraft. I'm in pursuit.

There's human prisoners aboard that thing. Get after it!


OLSEN [ON RADIO]: Data transfer complete.

Connor, we're joining you topsi--





JOHN: Olsen.




MAN [ON RADIO]: Bravo 10, Bravo 10, do you copy? Over.

Eagle 1 to Bravo 10. Bravo 10, do you copy? Over.

Bravo 10 , Bravo 10, do you copy? Over?


MAN [ON RADIO]: Bravo 10, identify. Over.

[SHOUTS] Connor.

MAN [ON RADIO]: We'll send units to the extraction point.

How many survivors are on-site? Over.








PILOT: Return to base, sir?

-RTB? -Negative.

-Take me to Command. -Sir?


Roger. Rerouting.


PILOT: Request has been denied.

Command doesn't wanna give up their position. Radio comms only.

-Are they down there? -Request has been denied, sir.

Need-to-know only. That's straight from the top.


JOHN: You open up that ramp...

...and you tell them I need divers for a lock-in! Now!

PILOT: This is crazy.

ASHDOWN: John Connor.

Prophesized leader of the Resistance.

Soldier, you put every man and woman in this sub in jeopardy...

...with your little frogman stunt.

Let's get one thing straight.

I don't believe in prophecy.


Not when one can rewrite the future in a heartbeat.

Are we on the same page?

Yeah, we're on the same page.

Good. Good.

So, soldier...

...what the hell are you doing here?

-What did we find down there? -You'll be briefed...

-...on a need-to-know basis. -Well, I need to know.

Because my men died down in that hole.

What did we find down there?

We found a solution, Connor, that can end this war once and for all.

We know the machines use shortwave transmitters to communicate.

Intel has located a hidden signal under the primary channel.

It allows for direct control of the machines.

Skynet's a machine, and like all machines...

...it has an off switch.

Does it work?

Will it work? Yes. Have we field tested it? No.

Give it to me.

I'll do it.

I'll test it.

Connor and his tech-comm unit have an excellent record.

ASHDOWN: All right.

All right. Huh.

Take Connor topside. Prepare for lockout.

Connor, we do this right, the war is over.

We mount our offensive in four days.

LOSENKO: Connor.

These are the codes for the signal.

-Good luck. -Why four days?

A kill list was intercepted from Skynet.

It says everyone in this room will be dead by week's end.

You're number two on the list.

-Well, who's number one? -An unknown. A civilian. Kyle Reese.




OLSEN [VOICE-OVER]: Jericho, come in.

Come in, Jericho.


JOHN: Barnes.

My brother, he didn't make it, did he?

SARAH [ON TAPE]: This is tape number 28 of Sarah Connor to my son, John.

What's most difficult is trying to decide ...

...what to tell you and what not to.

Should I tell you about your father?

Will it affect your decision to send him back in time to protect me ...

...knowing that he is your father?

And he'll be younger than you. Only a teenager when you meet him.

God, a person could go crazy thinking about this.

But if you don't send Kyle, you can never be ...

...and Skynet will win the war.


KATE: You want to talk about him?

Kyle is out there somewhere alone, and Skynet is hunting him.

What about the signal?

What do you think?

KATE: If it works, it's incredible . JOHN: Yeah.

KATE: We have to be careful. -I agree.

-But we have to try. KATE: Okay.

All right, start with something small that we're familiar with.

We should capture a Hydrobot, bring it in for testing.

JOHN: Yeah.

What is it, John?

Kill Kyle Reese, reset the future...

...no John Connor.




Come with me if you wanna live.

What is that?


She doesn't talk, but you need to start.


Where'd you get that jacket?

-The other guy didn't need it. -Oh?

You see that red?

It stands for blood. It's a symbol of the Resistance.

You're obviously not a Resistance fighter, so take it off.

Take it off!

You point a gun at someone...

...you'd better be ready to pull the trigger.

Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time.

-What the hell was that thing? -Terminator.

T-600 .

What day is it?

What year?

201 8.

What happened here?

Judgment Day happened.

I gotta get out of here.

You can't go on foot. The machines will cut you down.

You need speed.

I need a car.

Well, look, there's some by Griffith Observatory.

-They don't run though. -Take me.


KYLE: Get down!



KYLE: That was a Hunter-Killer.

Thanks to you, they know we're here.

What's your name, kid?

Kyle Reese.

Come on.


We burned out his transmitter so it can't talk to any of its pals.

But he can still receive.

Turn it on.

You got it?

MAN 1 : Hold it down, hold it down.

Turn the signal up.



Give me the strap.

-Holy shit. -Do you believe it?

MAN 2: All right. Strap it tight. WOMAN: The signal has to be continuous.

If there's any interruption....



Let's rig up a portable shortwave, test it on something larger in the field.

All right.

Destroy this thing.

MARCUS: So where are the cars?

KYLE: You don't wanna go out after dark.

Hunter-Killers have infrared, hunt better at night.

We'll all go tomorrow morning.

MARCUS: What is that? KYLE: Two-day-old coyote.

Better than three-day-old coyote.

KYLE: Hey, hey!



MARCUS: Grab it. -What?

Grab it.



MARCUS: Got it? KYLE: Yeah.


Does this radio work?


My dad tried to fix it, but he could never get it to work.

MARCUS: Hold that.

Where is everybody?

They're gone.

So why are you still here?

Because we're the Resistance, L.A. branch.

Welcome to the headquarters.

Resisting what?

Machines. Skynet.

-Just the two of you? KYLE [WHISPERS]: Yeah.

How come you're not wearing one of these?

Because I haven't earned mine yet.

l hope he's listening to this.

We've been fighting a long time...

...and we have all lost so very much, so many loved ones gone.

But you are not alone.

There are pockets of Resistance all around the planet.

We are at the brink.

Do you wanna see a magic trick? Hold that up.

Press the button.


JOHN [ON RADIO]: Effective range of their main weapon is less than 1 00 meters.

They pack a lot of firepower, but the T-600s are heavy and slow.

They are a primitive design.

-Who is that? JOHN: If you can't outrun them...

-I don't know. -...then you have one option.

Their motor cortex is partially exposed at the back of their neck.

A knife to this area will disorient their tracking device, but not for long.

Above all, stay alive. You have no idea...

...how important you are , and how important you will become.

The machines are advancing even faster than I told you they would.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

They're inventing new Terminators, new ways of killing us.

Skynet is planning something big.

But the Resistance is planning something bigger.

This is John Connor.

If you're listening to this, you are the Resistance.


John Connor.

We gotta find this guy.



KYLE: So you get it working? MARCUS: Almost.

Good. Look, I figure we head east, right?

We go through the desert, then we can connect with the Resistance there.

-I'm heading north. KYLE: No, no, no.

The machines control the whole northern sector, up to San Francisco.

-That's Skynet Central. -I have to find someone.

There's a lot you don't understand about Skynet, okay?

It's just too dangerous for us to go there.

What about the L.A. branch?

Come on, man. We need to get out of L.A.



What is that?

Something my brother used to listen to.


Star, get out.

Don't look at me like that, Star.

Out. Get out!


KYLE: You're leaving? You're gonna leave us?

Oh, I get it.

You wanna know the difference between us and the machines?

We bury our dead.

But no one is coming to bury you.


KYLE: Aerostat!

-It's a scout for the Terminators. -Go, drive!

The Aerostats heard the music!


-Keep it steady! -I've never driven before.

Hold the wheel!


This thing's pissing me off!


Hold on!



If the idea is to stay alive, I'm driving.

We're seeing a lot of enemy movement in L.A.

Any of our people in the area?

No one on the ground. Two A-1 0s in the air. Williams and Mihradi.

Send the birds in.

Guide them to a safe area.

MAN 1: Roger, Coyote 67 copies all. Inbound to grid Lima-Alpha...

... 1 25793. Over.

MAN 2: Copy that. BLAIR: Roger, Wild Eagle. Solid copy.



Hey, there's someone here.

MAN 1 : Get off him, get down! Get down. Down!

MAN 2: Drop your weapon! MAN 3: Let me see your hands!

MAN 4: Don't move. MAN 5: That's it, drop it.

MAN 6: Put it down! MAN 7: What?

-Is there a problem? KYLE: Hey, we saw your Resistance sign.

LEN: The old lady put it there, not me.

-What do you want? -We're looking for fuel.

LEN: The dark season's coming.

We only got enough for ourselves.

You point that gun at somebody, you better be ready to pull the trigger.

VIRGINIA: Put your guns down, everyone.

Look, we just came to find the Resistance, that's all.

LEN: The Resistance? Ha.

What a joke. Fighting those machines is impossible.

We keep our heads down, they ignore us.

They'll come for you eventually.

We help you, maybe they will.

These people aren't going to help you. Let's go.

VIRGINIA: You're not going anywhere.

Not until this one gets something to eat.


Bring me a basket.

Here you go.

Come on. Help yourself. Eat up.

Are you all right, son?


LEN: It's our food.

Our fuel. It's not your choice to make!






KYLE: Are you okay? -What?

KYLE: Are you okay?!

KYLE: Star. Star. MARCUS: Star! Star!

You! You brought them here!



MAN 1 : Stop! Stop! MARCUS: Come on, quick!

MARCUS: Hey. MAN 2: Go! Go! Forget them! Go! Go!


MAN 2: Tunnels! Head for the tunnels! MARCUS: Truck!


Marcus. Marcus.

We can't just run for it!


MAN 3: Run!





MARCUS: Shoot it!

Go, go, go!


It didn't work!



KYLE: Ha. Hell, yeah!



Shoot that son of a bitch!


KYLE: Marcus, turn right up here.


Hold on!

KYLE: Where's the other one?


Get up here!

Ugh. Ah!

MARCUS: Come on.

KYLE: Star, give me the gun.

I got it.


Hang on!

-Drop the ball! KYLE: All right.



KYLE: Star, hold on! MARCUS: Ah!

KYLE: Star! Star! MARCUS: No!





MARCUS: Kyle! KYLE: Marcus.

MARCUS: Get back.


Marcus! Marcus!


MAN [ON Radio]: Got eyes on two targets.

BLAIR [ON Radio]: We've got two bogeys at 270 degrees.

JOHN: They've never come this deep before. They're looking for something.

BLAIR [ON Radio]: H.K. is down.



MAN [ON Radio]: We've got an H.K. pushing our six.

BLAIR [ON RADIO]: Abort run. MAN [ON RADIO]: Breaking off

Evasive maneuvers, now!

BLAIR: Taking fire. I'm hit. Port-side damage .

It's got a lock on you. Break off.

-Eject, Williams, eject! BLAIR: Punching out.


Prisoner transport headed northwest...

...bearing 289 toward San Francisco.

Let's test the signal...

...and pray it works.





MARCUS: You okay?

Get my knife. It's in my left boot.


What's your name?

Blair Williams.

What's yours?


Name's Marcus.

You can let me down now, Marcus.

-That thing, where'd it go? -The transport? Skynet.

-Where the hell are you going? -After it. l hate to break it to you, but if you have friends on that thing...

...they're as good as dead. And same as you, if you walk in that direction.

Yeah, I've been dead a while and I'm getting used to it.

Why don't you come with me to my base?

Connor might know a way.

If you have a problem with the machines...

...he's definitely the guy you wanna talk to.

-How far is your base? -Should be one or two days, hike.

And it's that way.




What are you saying? Speak English!

NAIMA:I was telling him it is not true about the machines killing us.

HIDEKI : They're gonna kill us. They're gonna kill everyone.

We're on the way to the slaughterhouse!

Calm down. You're not helping.

The most important thing we can do right now is stay alive.

In here and in here.

All right? Just stay alive.


BLAIR: Over there.

Find something we can burn. We'll be at my base tomorrow.

Are you hurt?

I'm fine.


CARNAHAN: What do you got there?

BLAIR: Just some antibiotics.

TURNBULL: Antibiotics are hard to come by these days.

Listen. I don't have much, but you're welcome to whatever you need.

TURNBULL: We've been watching you.


You looking for this?

Come on, guys. The machines are the enemy.

-We're all on the same side. CARNAHAN: No, no.

You see, I got a couple friends on my side.

Maybe they can carry you home when I'm done with you.


You might want to chamber a round.



RICHTER: We done caught us a donkey! MAN: Been waiting for you.







CARNAHAN: Unh! Richter!


Killing me ain't gonna win this war!



Thinking about your past?

You know what I've learned, Marcus?

Is you can focus on what is lost...

...or you can fight for what is left.

[WHISPERS] I'm a little cold.


I just want some body heat.

You have a strong heart.

God, I love that sound.


Thank you for saving me back there. l don't meet a lot of good guys these days.

I'm not a good guy.

You are.

You just don't know it yet.

Do you think people deserve a second chance?

Yeah, I do.

BARNES: This is it. Skynet's valley of death. We never been this deep before.

JOHN: We gotta be sure the signal works in their territory...

...on the bigger machines.


JOHN: That'll bring them in.


JOHN: H.K. incoming.


JOHN: Turn it up!


JOHN: Oh....


BARNES: It works, man. The signal works. It's beautiful.


BARNES: Commander Ashdown's on.

ASHDOWN [ON Radio]: Connor, tell me it works.

JOHN: It works. That is affirmative. The signal works.

Good. The attack commences tomorrow at 0400, worldwide.

Your unit will be in support of the bombing of Skynet Central.

JOHN: What is the extraction plan for the prisoners?

Extraction plan? There is no extraction plan.

-We're gonna level the place. -Negative. I told you...

...Skynet Central is filled with human prisoners!

This is war, Connor.

Leadership has its costs. You, above all, should know that.

Ashdown, come in!

Ashdown, Connor.

Ashdown, come-- Damn him!



KYLE: Star! Get back! Get back!


You have to calm down now.

MAN:I gotta get out! l gotta get out of here!





This is us. The mines are magnetic.

If we head due west at this point of entry, we're good.

I'll go first.

Let's go, Marcus. I'm starving.

PRIEST [VOICE-OVER]: For thou art with me .

Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me .


SERENA [VOICE-OVER]: This is the beginning...

...of something wonderful.


MORRISON: Son of a bitch is heavy.

KATE: What have we got? BLAIR: He stepped on a land mine.

Start a large-bore IV.

-Keep it open. More morphine. -I'm okay.

-What's his name? -Marcus.

-He's got a prosthetic limb? -What?

Okay, pulse is good. Let's see what we've got.



JOHN: The devil's hands have been busy.

What is it?

It's real flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly.

The heart is human and very powerful.

The brain, too, but with a chip interface.

MARCUS: What have you done to me? -It has a hybrid nervous system.

One human cortex, one machine .

MARCUS: Blair, what have they done?

Who built you?

MARCUS: My name is Marcus Wright.

You think you're human?

MARCUS: l am human.




JOHN: Where were you manufactured?

I was born...

...August 22, 1975.



MARCUS: l know you. l heard your voice on the radio.

-You're John Connor. JOHN: Of course you know me.

You were sent here to kill me.

Kill the leadership.

-I don't know what you're talking about. -Then why are you here?

Blair said you'd help me find who I'm looking for.

-Now, let me down. -If I let you down...

...you'll kill everyone in this room.

Just you, Connor. Because I don't give a shit about you. l didn't know your name till two days ago.


You and me...

...we've been at war since before either of us even existed.

You tried killing my mother, Sarah Connor.

You killed my father, Kyle Reese .

You will not kill me.

Kyle Reese is on a transporter heading for Skynet.

If I wanted to kill him...

...I'd have done him in L.A.

JOHN: Where'd you find that thing?

You sent Mihradi and me to provide cover for some civilians.

-He was one of them. -Was there a teenage boy?

I don't know. They were taken into a transport. He was the only one left.

Not "he", Blair. "It."

It was the only one left. Don't be naive.

It saved my life.

Kate, what's gonna happen to him?

KATE: Disassembled.

-You mean killed. -It may have information on Skynet.

[SIGHS] l know he's not the enemy. I've been shot at by the enemy. That's not him.

That machine saved you only to gain access to kill all of us.


KYLE: We're gonna be okay. Don't worry.



BARNES: For my brother.





Connor wants to see you.

What for?

Like he's gonna tell me, Barnes.

Let me see that.


BLAIR: Want me to tell Connor you're not coming?


BARNES: Watch him.




SARAH [ON TAPE]: I told you everything I know, John.

Skynet is ruthless and unpredictable .

They will use the best part of you against yourself.

And they will have methods I can't imagine or predict...

...that I can't help you with.

And when you're unsure , well, just always follow your heart, John.

I love you. Goodbye.


JOHN: There's nothing about machines with organs.

That thing in there....

I thought I knew our enemy.

But that thing, that makes me feel like I know nothing.

I looked in its eyes, and it believes, absolutely believes...

...that it is human.

It believes everything that it says.

And it is telling me...

...that Kyle Reese is in Skynet.

If that is true...

...then Command is about to bomb my father and the rest of those prisoners...

...and I cannot stop them.


Thank you.


Come in.

What's up? Blair said you needed me.



MARCUS: Get in.


BARNES: Get him.



MORRISON: Barnes. What about Blair? -She made her choice.

MARCUS: Get down!


MARCUS: Let's move.



MAN 1 : Get some light out there! MARCUS: We're back in the minefield.

BLAIR: I have a plan.



MARCUS: Let's run! MAN 2: There they go, they're on the move.


MARCUS: Blair, you okay? BLAIR: Yeah, I'm okay!

MAN 3: I can't see back! MAN 4: There they are!

MARCUS: Run! Go!



Now what?

My plan stopped at the jeep.

MAN 5: Sniper Team 1 , do you have a shot?


I'll draw the fire. You take out the light.


MAN 1 : I got a target!

Go! Now! Keep your head down! Keep your head down!

-Go, go, go! MAN 1 : Go, go, go!

MARCUS: Go! Go, keep running!


MARCUS: Come on! Come on!

-You all right? -Let's get you out of here.


MAN 1 : There they are!

MAN 1 : Stay on the ground! Stay on the ground!

MAN 2 [ON RADIO]: You come on straight down. I'm going in.

MAN 3: Do not move! MAN 4: Keep your eye on him!

MAN 1 : Flip him!






MAN [ON Radio]: Iron Gator, this is Scarface 51 . We have eyes on the machine .

Contact initiated.


Take my gun!



JOHN [OVER P .A.]: Check the river.

You see him?




JOHN: Hydraulics are out!



JOHN: Give me your hand! Give me your hand!



-They know you, even if you don't. -Enough!

That gun ain't gonna stop shit!

Nobody's shot you in the heart, and I see that thing beating!

Kyle Reese.

He's in Skynet. You do that, he's dead. l can get you in.


Look at me.

That's why I don't trust you.

I'm the only hope you have.

l need to find who did this to me.

So do you.

SOLDIER: Connor!

Make your choice.

You get me in.

You tell me where I can find Kyle Reese.


I will.

Contact me on that. Let me know he's still alive.

What are you?

I don't know.

SOLDIER: He's over here!


You all right?

Any sign of him?

He's gone.


Why'd you do it?

I saw a man...

...not a machine.

How's that leg?

-I'll live. -Let her go!

COMMS OFFICER: Connor? Command for you.

-This is Connor. -Connor, are your men ready?

Negative. Nobody is ready.

We are not, you are not. We must abort the attack. The game has changed.

What are you talking about? All elements are past their release points.

They're in assault position.

Then delay the attack. At least, delay the attack. I have a chance...

...to infiltrate Skynet and rescue those prisoners. Give me that opportunity.

No, absolutely not! This is not the time for a rescue mission!

What you ask for will undermine the whole operation.

Skynet has Kyle Reese.

-Then that is his fate. -It's our fate.

I have to save him. He is the key.

The key to the future, to the past. Without him, we lose everything.

No, you stay the course!

If we stay the course, we are dead! We are all dead!

As of this moment, soldier...

...you are relieved of your command.

You are no longer a part of this Resistance.

l didn't catch that last statement.

Neither did I.

This is John Connor.

If you're listening to this, you are the Resistance.

Listen carefully. If we attack tonight...

...our humanity is lost. l once knew a woman who told people to fear the future...

...that the end was coming, that all would be lost.

Nobody wanted to hear her truths. Society locked her away.

That woman was Sarah Connor, my mother.

Now we know that what she predicted has all come to pass.

Command wants us to fight like machines.

They want us to make cold, calculated decisions.

But we are not machines!

And if we behave like them, then what is the point in winning?

Command is going to ask you to attack Skynet.

I am asking you not to.

If even one bomb drops on Skynet before sunrise...

...our future will be lost.

So please, stand down. Give me the time...

...to protect our future that all of us...

...are fighting for.

This is John Connor.

What should I tell your men when they find out you're gone?

I'll be back.


I'm coming for you.

JOHN: Come on, Marcus.




Signal broadcasting at full strength, sir.

-Good. Commence bombing of Skynet. SOLDIER: We have a green light to attack.

RESISTANCE MEMBER 1 : This is Bakersfieid. That's a no-go on your last. Out.

RESISTANCE MEMBER 2: Eugene, standing down.

RESISTANCE MEMBER 3: This is Reno. Negative on your last.

SOLDIER: Eugene, Reno, Bakersfield. They're all standing down.

They will not attack unless Connor gives the order.




Kyle Reese?

Get to the transport! Go! Is Kyle Reese here?

Welcome home, Marcus.

We knew you'd be back.

After all, it was programmed in you.

Oh . And you executed that programming beautifully.

What am I?

You are an infiltration prototype. The only one of your kind.

We resurrected you, advanced Cyberdyne's work, amended it.

You're dead.

Calculations confirm Serena Kogan's face is the easiest for you to process.

We can be others if you wish.

Marcus, what else could you be ...

...if not machine?

A man.

The human condition no longer applies to you.

Accept what you already know.

That you were made to serve a purpose.

To achieve what no other machine has achieved before .

To infiltrate , find a target, and then bring that target back home to us.

We've been at war since before either of us even existed.

You tried killing my mother, Sarah Connor.

You get me in.

You tell me where I can find Kyle Reese.

-Yeah? MARCUS: I will.


JOHN: Kyle Reese! Kyle Reese! Move! Move!

Kyle Reese!

Get to the transports!

-Kyle Reese? -No.


JOHN: You! Move!

In times of desperation, people will believe what they want to believe .

And so, we gave them what they wanted to believe.

A trick, in the form of a signal the Resistance thought would win the war.

And they were right, it will end this war.

Except that it is the Resistance that will be terminated.

Not Skynet.

ASHDOWN: Get the attack on Skynet Central back online. l want our aircraft in the sky immediately.

Sir. Sir, we've got a bogey with a very large radar signature...

...closing in on our position.


We have destroyed ourselves.

Skynet tracked our signal. We led them straight to us.


Our best machines had failed time and again to complete a mission.

Something was missing. We had to think. Radically.

And so we made you. We created the perfect infiltration machine .

You, Marcus.

You did what Skynet has failed to do for so many years.

You killed John Connor.






SERENA: Don't fight, Marcus.

Remember what you are . l know what I am.


I'm better this way.

You will not be given a second chance .

-You cannot save John Connor. -Watch me.



Got a message from Connor.

He's in Skynet, needs air support.

Let's go. Scramble aircraft!


Star! Star, go!


Star! Star! Come on. Come on.

-What's your name? -Kyle Reese.

JOHN: Stay with me .



KYLE: Come on, Star, move! Move!


JOHN: T-800s.

KYLE: There's so many of them.

JOHN: Careful.

-What are these? JOHN: Fuel cells.

Life source for the T-800 .


Enough to level this place.

Cover us.


Get ready.

This is it.


JOHN: Run!

Star, come on! Let's go!

Get in.

Come on!

We gotta get to the transport.

KYLE: Where are you going? -I gotta end this.

No, no. I'm not gonna leave you!

-You didn't. -Who are you?

John Connor.








KYLE: Hey! Hey, John Connor's in there . He's still in there.

Chris, she's hypovolemic, start a line!

-What? -John Connor's in there .

Come with me .

KYLE: Connor!

Connor, help!


Connor, it's Kyle. Help!


Do it! You son of a bitch!


Come on!



MARCUS: Let's get out of here.


BARNES: We can't make it back to base. Set this down in the nearest safe zone.

BLAIR: Medevac, urgent. Severe chest trauma.

Call the surgical team. Remarks: it's Connor.


How long?

His heart...

...can't take it.

It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, Kate.

JOHN: Kyle?

Take it.

You earned it.


Take mine.

BLAIR: Marcus....

Everybody deserves a second chance.

This is mine.

MARCUS: What is it that makes us human?

It's not something you can program.

You can't put it into a chip.

It's the strength of the human heart.

The difference between us and machines.

JOHN: There is a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain.

This battle has been won, but the war against the machines rages on.

Skynet's global network remains strong.

But we will not quit...

...until all of it is destroyed.

This is John Connor. There is no fate but what we make .

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