Texas Killing Fields (2011) Script

Come on, Carl!

7-Ida-06 over at Hal's Tire Shop.

There's been a break-in.

06 en route to the tire shop.

I found her. She was out here by the shed and she was just lying on the ground.

And I could tell she was dead the second I saw her.

And, um, I just don't get it.

We're not used to things like this happening in this neighborhood.

I just can't believe there was anybody that...

Hey, how you doin'? Hey.

So, do you know this girl?

No. So sad. Anyone else been around here?

Oh, yeah, my uncle George...

He lives across the street... He was here.

His wife Arlene called the police and then my sister Bonnie came over with the twins.

And there have been a lot of people over here.

A little regular family picnic, huh? People are curious.

I want you to stay here with the officer. Don't go nowhere.

Oh, okay. Ma'am, right this way.

You wanna run that tape back 10 feet? Yes, sir.

How long do you think she's been trampling on the crime scene?

Too long.

No obvious blood.

Lots of trauma.

Look at her knees.

Toes are scraped. There's no drag marks.

No rigor.

It's probably under two hours.

It didn't happen here.

Wanna wait for Crime Scene before you start dicking with the body?

It's gonna rain.

I'll go run tape and try to keep this thundering herd off the rest of the evidence.

Hey, princess! Go get me a tarp.

She's fuckin' sitting on a pile of pissants.


What's that? Gray fiber?

Any of you clowns call Crime Scene?

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus...


Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.



Come here.

What's in the bag?

I knew you'd find me.

It's not a game, Anne. What's in the bag?

Milk of magnesia. I get stomachaches.

All right, get in.

You're on juvie probation. You're supposed to be home.

My mom says don't come home till the porch light's out.

So you can talk to her. She still got all the boyfriends?

Ain't you the one with all the boyfriends?

I got diamonds put on each finger. Aren't they pretty?

That's real nice.

Man: I'm pushing the damn thing!

Every time I go...

How you doin', Lucie?

I'm all right.

You and I both know she's on probation. What's she doing out?

She don't come home from school.

So what you're telling me is you want her to come home right after school, right?

Yeah, of course.

You hear that? Yeah, I heard it.

All right, I'm gonna be coming by here from time to time, make sure she's home, okay?

I can call you when she doesn't show up.

You don't need to be wasting your time on us, Officer Brian.

Come on, honey. Supper's on.


Just wait over here by the car. Don't move.

You been warned, princess Come on, ladies!

Let's go.

I told you. Let's go home. Come on.

Hey! Come on, everyone. Move.

You got a wife and two kids, boy.

Come on up here, guys. Against the truck, please.

Come on, keep going. Keep going.

What'd I do?

What'd you just say? What'd I do?

So, were you waiting in line for a blow job or giving them?


You, too, dipshit.

Now, why don't I call personnel at the plant, have you move on down the road?


I like it here.

What you doin', brother?

Just taking out the garbage. Mm-hmm.

This one here... That's Lucie's son.

Yeah, he's probably banging her, too.

Go on inside.

What, your daddy drop you on your fuckin' head or something?

Get in.

If it gets bad around here, you call me, okay?

Come on in the house now, baby.

You come on in the house now.

Come on.

You just made it worse for that little girl.

Social work ain't gonna save her, Brian.

This is Detective Heigh.

Hey, Brian, this is Pam.

Listen, hon, we got a girl gone missing over here.

How long missing? 26 hours and no leads.

It's a-a new... light green Toyota, Texas plate... GHY.

The girl's name is Kirsten Laine.

You got your command post up yet?

Yeah, real soon. I'm gonna call this in to your duty officer

'cause, listen, hon, I could really use your help around here.

Yeah, Pam, I can't do that.

How come?

We got a homicide of our own over here.

Female, blonde, well-dressed?

Female, probably a street kid, dark hair.

Oh, come on, now.

Why don't you leave the early work to that ace detective partner of yours and help me out?

After all, he is the best.

There ain't a woman in the world who don't love how I do it, sugar.

Okay? So, now, don't try phoning our chief, trying to pull some strings and all that other kind of horseshit.

Take me off speaker.


Would you request your partner not continue to be the asshole he was when I was married to him?

They're just going to refuse you permission.

'Cause of last time.

I cannot go into your jurisdiction again Your captain's going to call my captain, and he's going to unload about how many hours and money they spent on me working on other counties' cases.

Listen, Bri, this is looking like a real stinker.

We just located the car.


It's in the fields.

All right, right now what you have is a missing person.

If you find a body- if you find a body, you call me right away.

Thank you, hon.

See, my daddy always said, "Sometimes you get; sometimes you get got."

I'll let you suss out what just happened to you.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office...

This is the area where six bodies... Come on, boy.

Since 1970 have been found. Easy.

Damn it.

Say it ain't so.

Ma'am, can I see some ID?

Can I see some ID, please?

Why, yes, Officer, of course.

By the way, you the one selling tickets here?

'Cause I'd sure as hell like to buy one.

Detective Stall. You think maybe you could do me a little favor and get every asshole off my crime scene right now?

While you're at it, why don't you go ahead and make a list of everybody whose footprints, fingerprints, tire prints, and hoof prints I might find on top of the real goddamn evidence?

Back up! Eddie, come on.

Get that fuckin' horse out of here. You heard her!

Where the hell is CSI?

Look on down from the bridge There's still fountains Down there

Look on down from the bridge It's still raining Up here...


Everybody seems so far away from me

Everybody just wants to be free Look away from the sky It's no different When you're leaving home

I can't be the same thing to you now I'm just gone Just gone...

Hi, sweetie. Hi.

Okay day?

It was okay.

How could say good...

You better slow down on that 40.


The 5-0.

What's up, B? Hey, how are you?

How's everybody today? All right.

Staying out of the heat? Tryin'.

Lady Worm, how are you? What you got?

I got to show you guys something. I need you to take a look and let me know if you've seen this little girl before.


He came right up here to the house. Sheila.

What happened to your hand, Sheila?

35 stitches.

Doctor taking them out tomorrow.

Her sister's boyfriend's pit bull got her.

I should have stayed out of the yard, but they told me the dog was locked up.

I told you they didn't lock that gate. They told you.

Anyway, he came right up here to the house asking about her.

Who's "he"?

Levon. Sheila.

Levon. See...

Did you know that they crossed a pit bull with a shih tzu?

What the hell is a shih tzu? What are you talking about?

One of them little Chinese dogs, man- one of them little bitty dogs.

That must have hurt.

It's called a bullshit. You...

Are you gonna ask her if it's one of her girls or what?

Or you just gonna read 'em a bedtime story?

That's all you about, is bullshit. You all bullshit.

Come on. That's all you about.

I'm gonna go see a man about a man.

Check with CSI. I'll meet you there.

All right, let's go back, talk about this girl.

She's about 15 years old, just a little crack ho from up north...

Dallas or somewhere.

We called her the Little Debbie She stayed everywhere, slept where she could, sometimes over at Reba's shelter. Really?

And them boys ain't scared of nobody.

And the scary one is the white dude.

Yo, which way be Edwards Street?

Say, you want a ride? I'm good.

Come on, you sure look like you could use a ride.

Don't be teasing me now, girl.

Lunchtime. All right, you good now, boys.

How you doin"?

I'm Brian- Texas City Police Department.

I know your daddy.

Don't look at her. Look at me.

I'm extending my hand here. You should shake it.

I'm not from here. You got any ID?

You seen this girl, Levon Chalmers?

She came to me, said a guy was following her, giving her the fix.

I even think I seen him once.

You know her name?

Not really.

Not really? No.

Why don't you ask him what he call her?

All right, Levon, I need you to come down to the station and talk to me and my partner, look at some pictures.

I'll give you my card.

You get lost or you need a ride, use that card and you call me, okay?

Most definitely.

Most definitely. I'll see you soon.

All right.

Of course, it's only been a few weeks, but he has been a good employee, though.

No problems.

Every time some little bitch gets her period, y'all gotta drag my ass in here?

Bet that one right there is on the rag.

Bring him in first.

Can we sit in?

Okay, but don't talk, don't smile, don't even blink if he looks at you.

What are you doing for women these days, Salter?

Don't look at him.

What are you doing for ladies?

I ain't been with a woman since I got out.

You just lie to me?

Did you not meet my girlfriend, Pamela Palm?

Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth.

Got a hooker. I give her money.

Is that it? Yeah, I got a couple of 'em.

Jesus Christ.

I hope he don't need medical attention.

You had to call my chief, huh?

Yeah, and I asked for Brian. Where's Brian?

If Brian gets stuck in your case, we'll never get him out.

So you get Prince Charming instead.

It's okay. I feel the same way.

It's 48 hours. Just make the best of it.

Little Orphan Annie says, when the blaze is blue An' the lamp-wick sputters, an' the wind goes woo An' you hear the winds quit, an' the moon is gray An' the lightnin' bugs in dew is all squenched away...

You better mind yer parents An' yer teachers fond an' dear An' cherish all that loves you, an' dry the orphan tears An' he'p the poor an' needy ones who cluster all about Or the goblins will git you if you don't watch out.

Hey, Reba, how you doin'? Hey, Brian, how are you?

Got something for you. Thank you.

I need you to take a look at this for me.

All right.


What are you doing here? She's been hanging out here lately.

You know, the girls upstairs knew her real well.

Come on, let me take y'all up.

Man on the floor! Man on the floor!

Hey, guys.

I'm Brian- Texas City Police Department.

This is my partner Mike. Mind if I sit down?

What's your names?

Imani. I'm Marie.


How long you been in here? Four months.

How old are you?

15. She just turned 14.

You have family in here- a mother, aunt, something?

All right, I have to show you guys a picture.

I need to know if you know this girl.

You ever seen her before?

She was our friend.

You know her name?

Debbie Mills. Debbie what?

Debbie Mills. Debbie Mills.

We kept her ID for her.

Mike, you got that other picture?

You ever seen this guy around?

Yeah. Was that her pimp?

Was that her pimp?

Look, she had to eat. You ever seen him smack her?

She would come here to hide from him and the white guy.

They followed her here and they dragged her out of bed.

What else? He kicked her. He punched her.

Yeah? He always made her cry.

What else did he do? Tried to take all her money.

That's why we hid her real ID and her money for her.

You said "white guy." What'd he look like?

Pointy chin.

Go on, then.

Short blond hair. How short?

I don't know! Just short blond hair Go on. Some tattoos. That's all I know.

Were they on his arms? On his arm and his neck.


Good. Give me your IDs.

Thank you.

Don't look at me like that.

07 to base. We're gonna need CPS down here at Reba's shelter on North Main.

Texas City Police Department. Please hold.

Hey, Levon. Sorry we're late.

Thank you, thank you. Well, okay.

You wanted to ask me some questions-here I am.

All right, good. And, yeah.

Interview with Levon Chalmers by Detectives Heigh and Souder.

I'm glad you want to cooperate, Levon.

You came in here on your own accord, so you can leave whenever you want.

That's greatly appreciated.

Here's your rights sheet. I'm sure you've seen that before.

Will you sign that for me, please?

Thank you. This'll be easy.

All I really want to know is how you get a 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute.

She said she was 15, man.

So, you knew she was a minor. Okay. Good.

And you ever beat her up?

Okay, did you ever hold her against her will?

Did you ever make her suck a dick in the front seat of a truck and then you kind of pulled her out and beat the living shit out of her?

Bri, Pam's on the phone.

I told you only to talk to me. You said I could go.

Wait a minute. You sit the fuck down, asshole!

Pimping out young girls. You motherfucker!

I ought to rip that thing off your chin and shove it up your fuckin' ass! Mike!

Don't you look at me like that. Levon came in here for a reason.

You're gonna help us clear some stuff up, right?

Oh, I'm sorry, Levon.

I'm sorry we're stopping you from your day job as what...

A fuckin' rocket scientist?

Levon here has got a rep on the streets.

He knows what's going on.

I'm gonna ask you a couple questions, all right?

Why would a killer, after he murdered somebody, cut into 'em?

I'd assume to send a message- "Don't fuck with us."

You're assuming to send a message? Yeah, I'm assuming.

Yeah, 'cause you're not that kind of guy.

Nah, that's not me.

All right, what about this other guy I keep hearing about that you hang out with, this white guy with the tattoos?

What's his name?

What's his name?


Rule Valley. His name is Rule Valley.

Stay close, all right? You know where I'm at.

Oh, my God!

No, no!

No, no!

No, no, no!


No! God!


Hey, come here.

911. What is your emergency?

Help me. A man... a man in my house.

Is he still there? No. No, he's-he's outside.

Is your address 3214 Collin Avenue?

Yes. And my baby-

Dispatcher: Ma'am, put the baby down...

Brian. And secure all doors and windows.

Police are on the way. Okay.

Ma'am, do you hear me?

Under attack at this time. Unknown male assailant.

Oh, no! Ah!

Ma`am? Ma`am, hang on The police are on their way. Help me! Help me!

Okay, come on.

I'm making a quick path through the main room and crossing.

I may just head off in there. Dispatcher: 10-4.

What have we got?

He's got to be nearby. Check this out.

The bag over there and the street clothes.

Okay, I'll go get K-9 unit. Leave that bag.

7-Ida-03 in pursuit of suspect, heading northwest of your location.

Rawls, Rawls! I got him!

You okay? I can't breathe.

We need medical assistance...

I'm telling you, I was right on that guy's tail.

It was like I got jumped by two guys.

They find my gun?

No, not yet. You ready?

You recognize any of this?

Ah. Sorry.

Don't touch. Just point, okay?

Those are mine. They were on my clothesline.

That's probably how he chose you, okay?

He saw your clothes on that line.

You remember anybody hanging around your neighborhood, around your house, your street, at the mall?


There were two of them.

Say what?

Someone was outside.

Is this your office?


Who can we expect to catch in here?

Mommy might have to go get Grandma. Why?

Well, Grandma and I are gonna go catch that bad man.

Why? Because the policemen want to sit in their office instead of being on the street looking for the criminal.

Look, I know it's late.

We just need a full description and a statement.

That's it. See...

Detective Souder, line 2. This is probably how he chose you.

Okay? He saw your clothing-

No! No!

Come with me. Brian.


Officer, you take them into my office right now.

And get Jim Roson. You call him at home if you have to.

Notify County.

No, please stop!

Please stop!

Can you hear that?

I didn't pray for this girl while it was happening.

I listened to her die, and it was...

It was like I forgot or something.

You ever wonder why we're here?

Why Texas City?

Well, I know why you're here.

What if I can'! stop this one, either?

You ain't gonna like this.

No, please stop! Please stop!

Can you track specifically where the call originated from?

Yeah, I'm trying, Brian, but the guy that called you and your partner last night-


He did it from an area where we get almost no coverage- all along those bayous outside Texas City.

The killing fields? Yeah.

You get a connection, you walk 10 feet and it disappears, no matter what we try to do.

We gotta bring in outside construction contractors

'cause our local people won't go in there.

Why not?

Even the Indians who got pushed in there in the 19th century turned to cannibalism.

It's... it's... I don't know.

It's infected or something.

All right, just keep trying, okay? Just keep trying.

I'm gonna do everything I can. Thanks, Jim.

I thought you went to hell if you worked on Sunday.

I needed to get a newspaper. What are you doing here?

When you go to church, you don't pray for me, right?

No, I pray for you.

Don't do it no more. Why not?

'Cause everyone you pray for ends up fuckin' dead.

Oh, am I allowed to say "fuck" in front of him?

Actually, that one's dead.

That's what I'm talking about.

Mike, what's up?

I need subscribers. That's all the information.

Today? Yes, please.

You brought her in on a Sunday?

That's Pam's rich kid's cell phone numbers.

Is the new pope the one that don'! like fags?

What's going on with the phone, Mike?


'Cause you're from New York, I will now try to educate you about round here.

I got an idea-why don't you go home and aggravate your dog?

I don't know if that Laine girl is alive or dead.

If she is in the fields, then she is as good as gone.

And it don't matter her family, money, newspaper people, detectives, or how much you want to pray... half of her is probably back in the food chain.

You have her picture?

This is Us-.

Texas City, Debbie Mills.

One dead girl, one unsolved.

This is them-

Clark County, the fields.

It's not our jurisdiction.

What? Hey, that's enough now.

I told you to stay out when I got the company, baby.

Now, come on. Come on.

You just get your stuff and get out of here.


Lucie: Fuck you, Russell! Hey, what's going on?

I don't know. One of Mama's boyfriends.

Oh, shit.

Where you going, ladybug?

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home The house is on fire and the kids are all gone.


$5.50. All right.



Thank you.

A pack of Reds in the box.


Hey, guys.

Sean, this is Anne.

Anne, this is my kids. This is Coryn.

That's Grandma over there.

Where's your mom, guys? Inside.

Mom, Dad's home!

Who's this? This is Anne.

Anne, this is my wife Gwen.

This is for you.

Well, thank you very much.

Come on. Everybody come on in.

Pass the plates, Mom.

One more meatloaf coming up.

This is our Sunday tradition.

You got it, Mama?

For over 100 years, ever since the war.

Not today, not today, not today.

Here's some mashed potatoes. You take some of that.

That's right, hooves, or it can chews the 'could.'

My question is, "What is the could?" Everybody get this.

What is the could? The could.

Hold on, I'll get the phone.


Honey, it's Pam.

It's okay. I'll take her home. Mommy.

You good?

I'll be right back, okay?

You doin' all right, son?

The boy found the body when he was walking his dog.

I left a message for Mike on his cell phone.

Yep, left about 15 messages.

Haven't heard from him? I learned on our honeymoon, never call Mike after 2:00 in the afternoon on a weekend.

This ain't good, Bri.

Is it Kirsten Laine? Yeah, it is.

They took her hands.

Her dress is buttoned up wrong.

Somebody put that dress back on her.

You see the cause of death?

Not yet.

We got to get her out of here.

I got something here.

Pam, I got a print.

Damn it.


Come on.

Pull her out.

God damn it!

Good. You got it? You still got it?

Oh, God!

No. Damn it! Damn it. Pam: God!

Here, here.

God damn.


Why don't you answer your phone once in a while, Detective?

You got 30 cops, you got feds, a fuckin' helicopter, you got my fuckin' partner part time!

What the hell else you want?

I pulled Levon's rap sheet. You get a chance to read it?


You got rape, kidnapping, assault.

You got two guys with priors.

It goes right to them.

Our beat is Texas City.

I don't want to be here. You don't belong here.

What if this is the girl we heard?

She was down and bound here in this place.

And somebody took the time to pick up their cell phone and dial a number.

You know whose fucking number they dialed, Mike?

That was yours and mine.

We're in there the other night and there's no women there and it's just dudes, and they're all from North Carolina.

How'd you know they all from North Carolina?

Well, they know Sparta, Winston-Salem, Boone.

So anyway, there's no women there. So I said, "Let's play cricket."

Cricket? Ain't no cricket in North Carolina.

Oh, yes, they is.

Cricket's a game they play in England.

You gotta be rich or a fag to play it.

I'm talkin' crickets and darts, man. Come on.

Then you should have said "darts."

You know what I mean, though... You gotta cancel out the 20s; you cancel out the 19s; you cancel out the 18s.

So, anyway, we're waiting on them whores, and Brett-

Don't say "whores" in front of your little sister.

They don't come inside till around 11:00, after the last shift.

You know, it's none of your business what I say in front of my little sister.

Hey. hey!


How about I choke your fuckin' lights out? Huh?

You dumb little bastard.

Should I get out and get her?

Nah. She's just gonna run on you.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder where you are Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

What does he want?

You're not back working the streets, are you, Lady Worm?

I gave that up a long time ago, Officer Cracker.

So you're an upstanding citizen? Mm-hmm, that's right.

All right. Then, uh... you wouldn't mind telling me about the white guy with the green Pontiac.

You got a warrant? Just open the damn door.

It's none of your damn business what's in here

No plates on this.

White guy took them off, then parked it here.


And how long has it been here? Two days.

. Is he paving yo"? No.

No? You stupid? I said no.

I ain't crazy. I ain't asking him for no money.

'Cause I don't want to have to run you in as an accessory.

Detective, you wouldn't be talking to me that way if we was in a white neighborhood.

Why do you say that?

It means I don't see you living on my street after work.

And you damn sure ain't gonna let me sleep where you live.

Go sit on the curb and don't go nowhere.

This all for the Laine girl? Yeah.

Where are we headed?

Poachers' bar, near the fields.

Don't touch that. Let me get it.

Might be. Need to thaw it out.

Missing a ring finger?

All right, here.

I'm gonna need gas and restaurant receipts for the last four days.

Did I say something funny?

Come on, darling.

Why don't you introduce us to the boys who found the hand?

I tried.

I'm Detective Heigh, Texas City Police Department.

Which one of you found the hand?

What about you?

I wasn't there.

What's your name?


All right, Frank.

I'm gonna need that ring back.

What ring?

I'm gonna need that ring back.

So, is this the gratitude we get for giving you guys a hand?


Stop it! Down! Get the fuck down!

Get down!

Get the fuck down!

Bri, we're good.



Bri, stop.

Brian, enough!




Where'd you find it?

I'm gonna get a map, and you're gonna show me goddamn exactly where it is.

I ain't seen you in years, boy. Mm-hmm.

You're an important person now, huh?

You used to come over here a lot with your daddy.

Oh, yeah, I remember when he made me hang around while... while you and the rest of the bums-remember?

You just drank as much alcohol as y'all could and then...

And then y'all would vomit all over each other.

Shit, you remember that night? Yeah.

First guy pukes, and then all the rest go at the same time, all over that damn card game. Mm-hmm.

You got to drive 'em home, though.

You was, what? 11 or 12?


Yeah, I was 11.

Next time you don't answer my partner's questions, I'm gonna take your peace officer's license and I'm gonna shove it up your ass.

You say hi to Nancy for me.

Will these do? Yeah.

So, Levon and Rule stashed the car in Lady Worm's garage.

There's blood spatters. There's a potential murder weapon.

It's the works.

The DNA's a match for Debbie Mills.

The judge issued warrants. We'll pick 'em up on site.


You know...

You know, I wish I'd seen all this.

What were you thinking?

Huh? Were you thinking, "I'm a big New York gorilla"?

Thinking, "I'm a big tough guy..." Pam: Go away, Mike.

"Getting all tough on those small-town fish"?

Was I talking to you?

Go on.

You don't know how close to the edge you are.

You belong with Levon and Rule in Texas City with me.

You don't know where you are right here.

This place-this place is nothing but chaos.

Your God don't even come here.

You don't know where you are right here.

I know exactly where I am.

See the red?

That's the first call to 911 from that woman Lila.

The assailant's the background voice Now, the blue...

That's the call that came in later on your office phone.

See? They match.

All right, where'd the second call come from?

The fields. Yeah.

And he's using a cell- someone else's.

A... someone called...

Kirsten Laine.

He's using her cell.

He wants us to know he can use her cell.

All right, how much coverage can you get on this number?

I need your help.

I need you to get me up on that girl's cell phone, okay?

She got caught trying to sell a driver's license at school.

Had your card on her.

Can't you just go home and watch TV like other kids? Can you do that?

Yeah. Then get out of here. Go do it.

Look, what did I do? Huh?

What did I do?

You know you're never alone?

There's always someone looking out for you.

Now, who's that, hmm? God?

Now, you see, God's too busy for me.

I figured it out.

Everybody's always, you know, busting his balls all the time- you know, "Give me this. I want that."

He ain't got time for little people.

Not me.

Is that what you think?

You all right?


Why don't you run in and get some of that milk of magnesia stuff?

Here, let me give you some money.

I'm gonna stay here and make a phone call, okay?

Yeah. I'll be waiting for you.

Jim, it's Brian.

Jim, no, I just want to know when the line is up.

All right. Will you let me know as soon as you are?

Pam, ifs Brian.

You get any prints off what we found?

All right. All right, bye.

Excuse me. A little girl just came in here.

Did you see her? I don't know.

I heard some kids fighting. Anne?

Might be in the bathroom in the back.


Your security cameras up? Haven't worked in weeks.



06 to base, I got a possible abduction at a Jim's Convenience Store.

Will you send some cars?

Base to 7-Ida-07.

Go ahead, base.

We can't raise 06.

Just try Brian at his residence.

Tell him we're set up at the garage.

7-Ida-03 to 7-Ida-07.

03, go ahead.

Yeah, we got a green Pontiac doing the block here.

He's been by us three times already.

All right, give me the plate. It's not our guy, 07.

It is Texas 89 Juliet Romeo 623.

They've left the area.

Is that thing decked out with custom wheels and dent in the rear?

10-4 Well, they just changed the plates.

All units, our boys are gonna be back in the hood.

7-Ida-07, 10-4. They're back on the set.

07 to all units, just stand by for my signal.

Leave a message.


I think they snatched Little Anne. I need you and your dog out here.

I'm midway between the Taylor crime scene and the poachers' camp.

Damn it.

Base, I need you to raise my partner.

Base to 7-Ida-06.

Base to 7-Ida-06.

Base to 7-Ida-07; 06 not responding.

I want them to enter the garage before we take them.

Is that one of our two ladies? Yeah. It's the old one, I think.

She's heading east, coming your way.

07 to 03, what's her 20?

03 to 07, passing by your location with a shopping bag right now.


Ow, ow! Stay down.

It's okay. Help's coming.

My legs! Look at my legs! Stay calm. Look at me.

Stay calm.

Sheila! There... that driver, that car!

07 to all units, suspect's vehicle has hostage.

I got a civilian with burns.

Come on, get here!

Stay here. It's okay, I'm here. Help me. Help me.

Deal with her!

Let me the fuck out! Shut the fuck up, bitch. Shut up!

07 in pursuit, green Pontiac

Get off my ass!


What the fuck is this shit? I got this shit.

What the fuck? We got shit. Get back in the fuckin' car, man.

What the fuck are you doing?

This is motherfuckin' bad.



Mike, listen, I think they snatched Little Anne.

I need you and your dog out here.

I'm midway between the Taylor crime scene and the poachers' camp.


I had her at a convenience store.

She didn't come back out.

I went in-signs of a struggle Phone company says this is where the phone call to us originated from.

So, I come from the biggest clusterfuck of my career to come look at a map and mud.

The body was found right over there.

This is where Pam found the latest girl.

These are other body recovery sites.

This bayou we're standing in right now connects every single one of those sites.

It's right here.

I'm in this shit, too.

Yeah, you be Big Billy Badass. That don't make you hard.

You still be a bitch in my book.

That's not what I'm trying to say, nigga.

Then what you saying?

You don't shoot no laws. You gotta discriminate.

I do whatever the fuck I want.

I even do you like that, you get in my way.

You'd pull a gun on me?

That's it-our friendship just died right then.

Get your toy, "5993

See, you hard, you pull that trigger.


Brian, over here.

She's alive, she's alive. I've got a pulse.

It's okay, it's okay. We'll get you out of here.

God damn it. Hang in there, hang in there.

Go, go. All right.

Come on!

There we go. Get her out of here.

Brian, don't do nothing stupid.

Now, we got two fugitives. They kept her alive, 'cause they're coming back for her. No!

Get out of my way! Damn it.

What do I tell Gwen? She already knows.

Come on, Lee.


Stay here with the ambulance. I'm going up ahead.

I want an update in 15. Yes, ma'am.

Where? Where am I going?

He's here. Follow this bayou.

All right. Okay?

That fucking idiot took our dog.

My dog.

My dog.

Put your hands above your head.

Get down on your knees.

I said get down on your goddamn knees.

Ah! Ah!

Go! Go!


Yeah? He's dead.

Who's dead? Who is this?

He said he's dead. He said Brian's dead?

I think so.

You think so?

Task force 3 to all units, prepare to copy.

Just received unknown caller, said 06 dead.

Repeat, said 06 dead.

No further information. It's Brian's phone.

Yeah, hello?

Brian, he just called your partner He said somebody's dead.

Who is this?

Who am I talking to?

I'm Brian's partner. Who the fuck are you?

How did you know I got a call?

If you don't give me the right answer, I'm gonna come fuckin' over there and find you.

The guy's using Kirsten Laine's cell phone.

You're up on the girl's cell phone?


Where'd the call originate from?

It came from the tower on the west side, near the old bridge.


Okay, you call me if he uses it again. You hear?

He said the killer's using the victim's cell phone.

Near that bridge.

Lucie's place.

Fuckin' knew it!

I knew it.

Take 'em.


Check this out, right here. Wait. Shh.

This way!

Give me the girl's phone number.

It's, uh, 587...


You seen your sister? No.

Give me that.

Who's this?

Put Lucie on the phone. What?

Put Lucie on the phone.

You asshole.

He's out there. What'd he say?

Who? He wants to speak to her.

Why Ma?

Who wants to talk to me? Where's the keys?

Where are we going? You want me to pack my bag?

Where's the keys?

What's going on, you guys? Where's the keys?

Rhino? Rhino, where are we going, man?


Ask 'em what they did to Little Anne. What?

Ask 'em what they did to your daughter.

Some-somebody said, "Ask them what they did to your daughter."

I didn't do nothing. Rhino...

He killed a goddamn cop. Well, I had to.

This-this guy said, "Ask them..."

Who... who- Ma.

He killed Little Anne.

Ma, she's gone.

What are you saying?

I'm sorry.

Little Anne... She ain't coming back.

She... that's my baby.

He said she made the cops come around.

That's my little baby! And he made me go with him, but he did all the killing. That's my little baby!

He made me, Mal Don't touch me! That is my baby!

He made me.

Damn it. Ah!


Do it.

We got him!

Do you want to look? No.



You ready?

Cares you know not Therefore sleep While over you A watch do keep Sleep, pretty darling Do not cry I will sing you a lullaby...

Cares you know not Therefore sleep While over you A watch do keep Sleep, pretty darling Do not cry I will sing you a lullaby...

Golden slumber kiss your eyes Smiles await you when you rise Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry I will sing a lullaby.

Today, little Annie has come to our house to stay Wash the cups and saucers out Then brush the crumbs away Shoo the chickens off the porch Dust the hearth and sweep Make the fire and bake the bread And earn her board and keep

And all us other children When the supper things is done Sit around the kitchen fire Has the mostest fun Listening to the witch tales That Annie tells about

Once there was a little boy Who wouldn't say his prayer Went to bed, to bed at night Away up the stair Mammy heard him holler, his daddy heard him bawl When they turned the covers down He wasn't there at all They seeked him in the rafter room Cubby hole and press Seeked him up the chimney flue Everywhere again All they ever found was his pants and roundabouts

Time there was a little girl Always laugh and grin And make fun of everyone All her blood and kin One day there was company And all the old folks was there She mocked them and she shocked them And she said she didn't care Then she kicked her heels, turned to run and hide There was two great black things Standing by her side Snatched her through the ceiling Fore she knowed what she's about Goblin

You'll hear little Annie say when the blaze is blue And the lamp-wick sputters And the wind goes woo Here the crickets quit and the moon is gray Lightning bugs in dew is all squenched away Better mind your parents and your teachers fond and dear Cherish them that loves you, dry the orphan's tear Help the poor and needy That clusters all about.