Thavam (2019) Script


I fell in love and got lost in your eyes I fell in love and got lost in your eyes Is this a fantasy in bliss that I'm right by your side?

You are my sun and my moon You are my star and my sky You are the breeze and storm that sweep me of my feet You are the reality and illusion that mesmerizes me A world without love... is an empty place where nobody lives

I know where my heart is. It's no where but with you and I know it Our love is forever. Scars fade but our love will never fade away You are the rainbow in my sky. Shower me with your love I feel the butterflies inside my stomach as my desires kick in You don't have to say it... You don't have to say it...

In love, you don't have to say a word unless it's not the truth A world without love... is an empty place where nobody lives I fell in love and got lost in your eyes I fell in love and got lost in your eyes Is this a fantasy in bliss that I'm right by your side?

You are my sun and my moon You are my star and my sky You are the breeze and storm that sweep me of my feet You are the reality and illusion that mesmerizes me A world without love... is an empty place where nobody lives

Anbu Arunachalam must succeed in his pursuit Also, you must present us with more opportunities Yours faithfully...

Post master, Subramaniam

Hi Akila Hi Have you been waiting for long?

I just arrived Hop on. Let's start Ok I had an awesome dream last night We both were traveling to our village You were driving and as usual I was troubling you with directions You obey my directions but also scold me very bad And I was also yelling back at you By then parents come down and inquire and that's where the dream ended Fine, did you eat? Nope Well, I have got food for you I have got a small meeting at office. I'll quickly get done with it and come We shall eat together. Ok? Ok You wait downstairs

Greet everyone

So? Did you like the girl?

So what do you say sister in law?

Isn't she very beautiful?

You may go inside, dear. We'll talk I feel like I must get married to her right away

Akila, looks like the groom likes you If the horoscopes match then they want to fix the marriage right away

18 grooms came but nothing worked out so far I wonder why Pray hard. Lord Shiva, at least this alliance must get fixed successfully

I'll go talk to him. You wait here

Hi Hi

What a surprise. I was myself thinking to talk to you And here you are with a sweet surprise Make it fast Waiter Yes ma'am A coffee with lots of sugar Ok One lime tea for him Excuse me. After 15 minutes... Yes ma'am...

Get me two butterscotch ice cream with chikku flavor OK ma'am You already know so much about me. Good I hope we'll have a good married life So, when shall we fix the marriage date? What about honeymoon?

Let me discuss it with my husband What?

I said I'll discuss it with my husband and let you know Are you married? Yes But not legally Eloped and married?

Well you can say that Hey, you are lying. Are you testing if I have many girlfriends?

When I'm telling you that I'm having a boyfriend... then why would I bother if you have girlfriends

I have a boyfriend His name is Murugan Myself and Murugan are planning to get married Is he smarter than me? Is he more rich? Where does he work?

Infosys, Microsoft or is he settled in U.S?

He is a villager But a genuine person Six months ago, I met him Most of the interesting factors you spoke about... can also be found in a boy hailing from a village They too have a lot of interesting characteristics Interesting Go ahead. Tell me about him Six months ago...

Six months ago, I joined in the current company A new start to life with lots of hopes, dreams and ambitions...

Akila, did you come by bus?

Nope by auto rickshaw I was waiting for you at the bus stop For what?

So that we could come to office together Stop this foolishness I am unable to What do you mean?

He is Karthik Whatever he does; he does it to impress me Every office has a guy like this stalking and disturbing a girl like me Hello everybody! One second! One second!

Sorry to disturb you I'm here to invite you all to my only daughter's wedding The wedding will take place at my home in my native, in a grand manner It'll be a seven days function Food and accommodation is all set for all of you for those seven days You will be given seven days off with salary Yay! Enjoy Please do honor me by attending the wedding Distribute the invitation We both shall stay in one room. Ok?

Here, distribute them MD asked me to pass this file to you Thaen, you must come Please do come Come here! What's special for the wedding? Chicken Biriyani or Mutton Biriyani?

Eh? Lizard Biriyani! Only one day?

Do you wanna eat lizard Biriyani on all seven days?

I'm not coming But why?

My parents won't allow me Do you want us to convince your parents, dear?

Uma, please do come Vanitha, please do come Ok Please do come Isn't Akila coming?

Nope. She isn't coming it seems Why?

Looks like her parents won't allow her I told her that we all shall talk to her parents But she gave me a ghostly stare I'm also not coming if Akila is not coming You too?

Take it back Are you nuts?

Why? So what if she isn't coming Why can't you come?

You have tried everything in your book to woo her But she doesn't look like she gives a damn So, are you gonna stay here and... stalk her to every temple she visits everyday?

Swapna, please I'm not interested Send this report to his table No use talking to him. Let's confront her Yes, come on

What's wrong with you? What are you gonna do staying here?

Our MD has provided us all luxuries for a good holiday... and over that he's paying us salary for those days too. Why can't you just come?

We need a break from this pathetic place where we get molested in the buses and rickshaws Filthy place! I hate this place!

Akila, please come with us Don't force me Swapna. Go back to your seat I'll be bored without you Is it you or Karthik?

Stop playing his cupid!

Aren't you ashamed? Get lost!

I'll stay at home all the seven days... having good food and a sound sleep all the time That village is called Annaivayal... what a beautiful name and so imagine how beautiful the village will be

Repeat that village's name Annaivayal Where is it? Near Karaikudi

Hey, then I'll also come Let me come along. Please Now, look at that!

We literally begged you and you were refusing Just the village's name convinced you to come with us?

Annaivayal... it sparked a happiness when I heard that name At once I felt like I must visit that village I just can't wait. Please guys I wonder why What's up? Some kinda flashback?

How long do we wait? Where is he?

Welcome to A to Z company Yes!

You filthy doofus!

It's already 10:30 and he is just opening up the counter Greetings!

Doofus! Look at his coat and get up! Funny!

He thinks he is a big shot!

I'm sure someone in the crowd is abusing me out of jealousy seeing my growth Your growth?

Don't say that! You're still the same size like when you were born When you're a big shot, of course there will be few who will envy them If I care for it then I won't be able to serve my people My thoughts and actions are always about... social service and only social service In short... public to uncle; uncle to public...

Iyer! Yes, Naicker Didn't brush your teeth? Eww! Yuck Send them one by one to explain their problems You, start!

My son and daughter-in-law are off to their honeymoon...

I'm here regarding the tour package Tickets are booked and so are the room. Travel bu AC coach because... newly weds and they need their space Pay up at the counter, collect the ticket and leave!

Uncle, my dad's death certificate...

It's natural to forget your dad's birthday but not death day Why don't you ask your mom?

Mom's quite clever. She wants to know which one...

Nonsense! Are you from such a pathetic family?

Yes uncle Fine, I'll arrange a certificate with a fake date Pay up at the counter and collect it Next! Ok uncle Naicker, the rest are here for the free food Listen! Vegetarians and non vegetarians split up That's vegetarian. Come this side Quick, don't create a mess You! Sit down! You're not a part of them So, these ten member on this side, you head to...

Perumal temple where Pongal and Chilly fritters are served And you 20 on this side. Head to Karim bhai's shop...

There's a feast today. So quick, head there!

Run! Run!

Free food and they vanish in no time Something we are very best at!

Iyer, where are Ayyappan and Murugan?

Hi chief Hi buddy Stop! Over here!

Hold it! Hold it! Stop it Now, what's all this, chief?

Can't you figure it out yourself?

It's the bike Don't you call this a bike!

That's what the mechanic said, captain I left my bike with him for servicing and I asked him for a replacement for time being And he gave me this one Chief, the client won't fall for us if we go in this Captain, we ain't gonna sell a ship Nor are we going to make a deal like those bigshots After all petty deals like selling death insurance policies This bike is just fine to seal such deals It's embarrassing to sit in this bike Why does he wanna know more about the bike?

Repeat after me to make the bike go faster Ok chief. Sure. Let's go Amitabh Bachchan!



Engine's on!

Now repeat after me captain Repeat this voice without break

I guess a bullock cart owner owned this bike earlier Watchout! Watchout!

Watchout! Careful!

I think it some pole!

Captain, are you safe? I am safe. What about you?

Thanks to him for stopping this brake-less bike Thanks a lot, brother. I will never forget this help Get his contact number Why?

We can ask his help to stop the bike Brother, is this Anl Kannan's house?

Get lost!

Looks like this is the one. Come on Ouch!

Poor fellow Why do we have to bother...

Whom do you wanna meet?

Well, Mr. Anl Kannan Got appointment? Else leave!


They have an appointment. Let them in See that!?

Our best friend Kava Kuchi!

He and big brother Anl are very close!

I'll deal with you later. Come on!

He stares like he is a thug Boss Anl is your friend right?

Of course but in Facebook Why didn't you tell me earlier?

That's how clients are, chief Ok Why did you mess with him? I would've broke his jaw!

He let you inside because I told him to So what?

The other day when I came alone... What happened?

He gave me one slap on the right cheek Ever since I can hear a tuning fork sound on my left ear!

What do you mean? I can hardly hear you Son of an anaconda!

Come here!

We better get inside Quick before he gets us I'll rip you apart! Quick! Get in!

Boss Anl, it's me Kava Kuchi Greetings boss Keep quiet He is praying I'm praying Ok Save me oh Lord What a devotional client Hi sir It's only worth scratching my back Captain, he uses a machete to scratch his back Looks like a dangerous party Please don't invite trouble with your usual tantrums Watch me impress him!

What's up?

We are coming from Life insurance of the private corporate We want to talk something about my company If you need any help... Stop it!

Don't you speak Tamil? Do they all look like foreigners?

I can understand your English because I have done my 1st grade!

These guy won't understand. You better speak in Tamil Got it, boss. Now he'll talk in Tamil. Go ahead Everyone will be happy if they get such a client Sir, I was the one who got both of them So you must reward me four times of what you reward them!

Sure, it'll be taken care of First, explain us about the business Bro, can I use you as an example?

Your name? Ramanathan Ramanathan. Nice name Where is his hand? Now, got it!

Look at him, he looks charismatic Also he isn't speech, visually or hearing impaired or bald by birth Yet someone chopped his hands If he had insured with us earlier... he could have got good compensation by now Your name? Siva karthikeyan Looks like a Ceylon Bread and he calls himself Siva Karthikeyan!

Didn't you hear me?

Siva Karthikeyan Someday he can act in Bala sir's movie Apt candidate Now, check this out Siva Karthikeyan... someone scooped your eyes with knives Only if you had a insurance policy in my company... by now you could've seen enough money in your account That is my company

Can't you keep your hands and legs still?

I already got Sinaa problem!

Anl boss, that's sinus problem not sinaa problem Well, whatever. That's that!

Forget about them boss Consider yourself... you are the hero of this village Nice acting but monkey face Now you and everyone knows how many are ready to finish you off Who dares to finish me off? Can anyone face off with you and win?

Your life is guaranteed only until all these are under your control Similarly the guarantee of your wife not being a widow Well even I can't give guarantee for her Now what if few men come in a Sumo, butcher you and let you die as you bleed?

Who can give a guarantee?

Captain, we aren't here to plan his murder We are here to discuss business Put a limit to your tongues Try getting two insurance policies before he changes his mind Death is inevitable but it can be today or tomorrow Ok. So boss when you met such a tragic death... and when sister-in-law cries for you...

Ill be there boss!

Holy guacamole! Lord save my husband Dude, watch out what you speak!

I mean our company will help her So you say my wife will get money if I die and you're here to explain that to me?

Have you three insured yourself?

Why boss? Are you gonna finish us off?

Of course! Catch them boys!

Dude, escape!

His men are chasing us. Quick!

Now, watch me hit it right on the aim!

Where did he get you?

I can't say it. Just keep running

Please forgive me! Not again!

They knocked me down once again. This is not good!

Where is the bike key? You forgot it inside! Run now!

Don't let them escape!

They think they can escape from me? What will I tell the mechanic about the bike?

They'll come back for their bike. Lock it inside They just spoiled my mood on an auspicious day Listen! Yes dear?

Draw me a bath!

Ok dear Let me bath at least today Doctor! Doctor!

Call the doctor!

You pot-head! Call the doctor!

Don't I look like a doctor to you?

You're a doctor? Now, come in!

He looks like a dengue affected mosquito!

I don't believe he is a doctor. Let's go elsewhere Elsewhere it's costly. It'll be cheap here It's an emergency. After all he is just going to pull it out like a nail Would you've told the same if you were stabbed on your back?

It's paining real bad! I'll just pull it out and stab you!

Guys, come and sit down!

Ok doctor What's your problem?

Our Captain just couldn't keep his mouth shut He provoked someone and that someone did this to us Looks like a knife stabbed in to a pumpkin Really? Does it look like that?

Doctor, I'm sweating real bad after running like that. Please turn on the fan Aren't you sweating?

Here I am bleeding from a knife stab... and you're worried about sweating and need the fan?

Sorry doctor Running fan and beautiful girls... doesn't suit my body at all See that? Even he thinks he is just a body Come on, now Stop it! Sorry Both of you, go stand over there Ok doctor About turn!

Think about the beautiful nature Beautiful nature?

Doctor, who is this?

That is my third wife!

Ok fine. I'll think of her as the beautiful nature Now watch me remove the knife!

You! Look the other way!

Operation success!

Doctor, did you remove it?

I wasn't convinced earlier but you are great Thank you! Thank you!

Ok. You may go and sit now You! Come here

It is a medical miracle Is it?

I have never seen such a case in medical history and I'm sure I won't see another You're almost in the final stages of your life and I'm sure you won't see another Since, he has less flesh like an affected chicken... the knife is stuck in his bone!

Remove it and... he'll die. It's life threatening It's safe that he live with it Does this look like a safety locker?

Just give it another go and remove it in one shot, doctor!

He will die if the knife is removed. I swear by my profession!

Err...sorry! Sorry! Think of the beautiful nature Think of the beautiful nature Kava Kuchi...

That's his wife. Think of her to forget the pain I too did the same and the knife came out easily You rascal!

Dear, we must seal this deal You speak uncle Ok Sir, you got own bungalows in Chennai city Yet why do you wanna conduct the wedding in your village?

You're right but Chennai is a place where I went to make a living But this is where I was born It's only right that I conduct the wedding here and make my village proud - True!

Muruga... Sir?

I hear that you guys are the best in conducting marriage events in our village Indeed sir Consider this as your family function... and ensure everyone is take care of Sir, you said it. Don't worry. We will make it a grand success What do you say, uncle? You bet, dear! We'll rock!

Shall I pay some advance It's ok. We can do the payment part later. See you See you So listen...

Akila Birth star: Leo Star according to our horoscope is Magam. In 12 days she will be 22 years old. Right?

But within the upcoming eight days... her horoscope predicts danger for her If she makes it through then she'll have a long life Any rituals Swami to take care of it? Yes...

But you guys cannot perform it

What's all this? You go ask your daughter


The predictions of the saint and the astrologer are the very much the same And you want to go out of station?

Imagine our plight if something happens to you I don't believe in astrology and horoscope predictions On top of that if it's true, so be it I'm going to my favorite village and live there happily for seven days On eighth day...

I'll be back for sure I will share all the interesting things that I came across over there... and share my happiness with you guys Then you guys will understand... that all the astrology and horoscope predictions are nothing but a myth

See you mom

MD said there will be a welcome party to greet us but no one's here You're right

Look at all the cut outs over there Must be some new political party You think these faces can pass for politicians?

Mr. Pot face... you don't need a face or belong to any caste these days to start a political party All you need is to be a heir to a rich man

Look that cut outs are everywhere. There's one! Indeed!

Excuse me, this ain't a cut out... but original!

Whoa! Why are you guys posing exactly the same way like in the cut out?

So that you guys can spot us easily A-Z company welcomes you whole heartedly to our village Welcome to Annaivayal!

Welcome. Welcome Only you guys or are more of you joining?

Is everyone here Where's Akila?

Excuse me! I am here, upstairs!

Hey you!

How can I come down with all the luggage blocking my way?

Simple, move them Please, can you clear those luggage so that she can get down Come on, we are here to serve you Chief! Captain!

Kava Kuchi, come on! Here Who's luggage is this? This one's heavy!

Captain, that's not luggage Look properly. It's a girl Mr. Yellow shirt! Let go of me!

Can't you differentiate between luggage and a human?

Damn! I'm so unlucky!

What was that all about, Captain?

I thought she was a guitar and lifted her I mean the instrument yesteryear heroes use to sing on the stage It's not called a guitar. It's a mic!

Really? Mic?

I must find out!

Don't you teach me the difference between a girl and guitar!

Don't you! You, come on


The caterers were supposed to be here at 5. It's already 7. Why aren't they here yet?

Naicker, here they come

All hail the master chef! All hail the master chef!

All hail the king chef! All hail the king chef!

All hail the master chef! All hail the master chef!

All hail the king chef! All hail the king chef!

Enough of showing off. Step out

Iyer, I see a frying pan stepping out of the car Naicker, that's not a frying pan A smart man!

Thank you darling Darling?

Come closer Greetings. Before I set my foot in a house...

I explain my legacy and it's your choice if you wanna hear it Let me hear about your privacy Sir, that's not privacy it's legacy! My legacy!

Shall I? Just get done with it!

I come from a family of caterers. The noises of vessels never stops ringing in our home We have served all over India. How about that?

Right from Moraji Desai to Motilal Nehru and from Modi to Hanskia Motwani have tasted our food This is gonna be long In fact even American president, Trump... orders our food beyond national borders to get a taste of it My uncle worked as a cook in a royal family Along with him assisted a small boy named 'Chinna Thambi'

There was a girl in the royal family... whom Chinna Thambi eloped with after making her fall in love with him Who is that Chinna Thambi?

He is a bit healthy and you see a dimple in his cheeks when he smiles He stutters but not while he sings He doesn't know a zilch about tying the knot He is so smart that even the world famous Kalyan jewelers have his photo in their showrooms Isn't he talking about the yesteryear movie 'Chinna Thambi?'

Indeed It was remade in Telugu and titled as Chanti. It was a hit. Venkatesh played the lead in it Well, I hope we got the best in the business She is Sambar Shakeela Shakeela from Kerala? Oh yeah!

She is famous for her films and she for her cooking Next is Fashion Babu Fashion Babu?

When there can Mohan Babu and Shoban Babu, why can't there be Fashion Babu?

Cool. Sir, he is an expert in making Andhra food. Right from Pesarattu to Gongura chutney He is Beer Mohammed. An expert in making Biriyani If he starts cooking Biriyani then everyone will start taking off from their jobs to eat it Point us to the kitchen and we shall go start our duty!

Go straight and take right. You will find lot of utensils Wash them and draw me a hot water bath. I need a bath first He wants to bath? Fashion, hear that?

Are we here to give this monkey a bath?

No, not at all Give him a bath?

Soldiers, come on follow me One glass of water is enough to bath him. Who needs utensils?!

So, what's special in this village?

The village itself is special You can't find food so fresh like you get here Indeed! For example the fish gravy made in hot pot Chettinadu mutton special, Soft rice cakes and Dry fish gravies are the specials Is that all?

There are a lot of things Captain explain all that in a song instead So, you want me to sing?

Yes. Do make it sweet with beautiful lyrics in it

Captain! Hold your horses The folk dance Sona and Premji are coming right in the opposite Stop the vehicle! Stop! Stop!

What's up Premji?

What's news? Where are you guys off to with your troop?

We have been invited to Ponamaramvadhi party and a party in Karaikudi... instead I am stuck here. Damn!

Forget it. First, get down. Sing them the praises of our village Come on. Come on, Premji All of them are here from Chennai. So, sing to them about our village and rock the dance floor!

Well Don't worry about pay Here you go Start the beat and we shall pick it up... Captain, shall I?

Beauty all over! There is nothing that can beat the beauty of our land Look all around you and you'll find flowing stream and cool breeze that brushes you The rare fragrance of the flower that attracts you in the city...

The rare fragrance of the flower that attracts you in the city But in here you will find it everywhere and that's the beauty of our village But in here you will find it everywhere and that's the beauty of our village Beauty all over! There is nothing that can beat the beauty of our land Look all around you and you'll find flowing stream and cool breeze that brushes you

Indeed a beauty! It's indeed a beautiful land!

Look at the land rich in greenery and the all the plantations all over Look at the forest like fields... and the petrichor that attracts you Kabaddi - the game of strength...

Look at the bull like men indulge in the game of Kabaddi Though we are well built, we don't show off our powers unless its required Do you see such sights in the city or at least a bit of it?

Do you see such sights in the city or at least a bit of it?

Beauty all over! There is nothing that can beat the beauty of our land Look all around you and you'll find flowing stream and cool breeze that brushes you

Ok dear, now tell them all the types of dance we have in Tamil Nadu Karagaattam, Kavadiaattam, Muyalaattam, Mayilaatam Silambaatam, Kumiaatam, Thappaattam, Bommalaatam Devaraatam, Kaalaiaatam Sevaiaatam, Kolaatam Kaliaatam, Kaniyalaatam, Raja-Rani aatam And our own folk dance...

And also the famous Poikaal Kudhiraiaatam Look at those tall trees all over. Witness the street dance all over Wait for the peacock to spread it wings and dance during the sunset You can hear the nightingale sing...

You can hear the nightingale sing throughout the day Witness the celebration to pay tribute to the Lord Kadhiravan during Pongal festival And that's all the greatness of our village Now, tell us what do you gotta say?

And that's all the greatness of our village Now, tell us what do you gotta say?

Beauty all over! There is nothing that can beat the beauty of our land Look all around you and you'll find flowing stream and cool breeze that brushes you

We are home. Get down, everybody Get down you city monkey!

This house is too less for me!

My god! Mr. Richie Get me a house that suits my range! Just shut up and get in!

Hey ladies, I like your flow. Let's go! So, this is the house?

Indeed! How does it look?

Looks like a house indeed Get in!

By the way, Chennai guys...


I want all of you to get ready in half an hour Make it fast and we shall serve you piping hot rice cakes with country chicken gravy Sponsored by A-Z Company!

You cut onion so quick during TV shows. Why are you slow now? Nonsense! Make it fast!

My dear soldiers...

I want everyone who tastes this food to be happy after having it That's all I ask I'm so happy to see the men cook Use less oil in micro foods You may add more spice. Got it?

Everyone must feel strong after having our food and they must appreciate it Ok boss!

Fashion Babu! Yes sir?

I sense less salt in the chicken gravy. Add a little salt Ok, I shall Do it!

Prepare the cooker to make rice cakes What are you doing?

There you go So less salt in such a huge vessel full of gravy. Add more!

Here, I'll add all of it Is that fine? What did you just do?

You asked me to add more. Disturb me while working and I'll get pissed off!

This is what happens when King Kong dupe artists come to catering! Give me that!

Where is the box? Oh my god! The box just melted inside the gravy! My reputation will die!

How did the box melt so quick?

Could it be that the box is made of wax and hence it got melted so quick?

Don't rub salt on my wounds!

Last year in Trichy, a rat fell into the sambar gravy and yet you served it

145 of them fell unconscious and 25 of them lost their lives Are you trying something similar here?

Didn't I purchase your wife two sovereigns of gold to shut your mouth regarding this?

Two sovereigns?!

Well, we must not forget the past boss Who said so? So you say I should forget his mistake?

Back to me again? Wait, I throw away the gravy Look, a one from the gang of smurfs is making his way here Who is that boss? The one who is going to taste the food!

Don't tell him about this mishap. Let's just act normal Please don't rat me out. It's a 0.5 million contract Got it? My reputation lies in your hand Mr. Parrot nose!

Boss, I have learnt that we must not ditch even if we bitch Who taught you this? My dad Fool! Both ditching and bitching...

What's that about ditching and bitching?

No, we were discussing about buying groceries from the market He had doubts while calculating on subtraction and addition Oh, I see. Is the breakfast ready?

All set Ready to serve?

Oh yes Everything seems to set. Come on, let's go. Make it fast Call me if anything Come here Who is that person hogging over there?

Oh him? He is none other than our own Mayandi Mayandi who?

Solaiamma's husband Who is Solaiamma?

She was pregnant when she fell down and died. Poor fellow, that's her husband

Are you kidding?

You want me to believe it?

You were bluffing right? You don't trust me?

No, I don't trust you Shall I prove it?

Go ahead! Mr. Mayandi!

He is the one responsible for Solaiamma's death Don't spare him! Finish him off!

You're a goner! He seems all riled up!

Run! Run for your life!

Do one thing, go wake up everyone upstairs. I'll wake the ones in downstairs

Why? Why What are you doing here?

I climb 3 steps and it goes in 3 inches Call and take out these people here I'll call up Raju bhai and arrange the van Go, mind your business The vehicle's ready. Come out Finally I got stabbed for helping my friends The vehicle's ready. Please come out The vehicle's ready. Please come out Hello!

Don't you have sense?

Shameless! Don't you have manners Isn't it enough to shout from out side the door?

Do you have to barge in?


Now leave! I said leave! I didn't see anything Get lost! I didn't see anything

Hello Hello Hello! Hello!

Hey bro...

When will you serve Biriyani?

Dear, help me! Get in

All those orchards are ours All of that belongs to our villagers

What is it?

What are you looking here? Loot at the road!

Watch out!

Catch and hold him!

That our post master, Mani!

It was a mistake. Please forgive me


It was a mistake. I shall retract the case You must have thought about it earlier I have two daughters. If I am no more, then there won't be any man to take care of my family I'm a hunter I don't show mercy Else I can't feed myself Today is judgment day. God has sent me to put an end to your life Please no! No!

Yes, I murdered him too. Now, I dare anyone who has guts to go and report this

Ok. All of you get in the vehicle Captain, let's go. Quick Who asked you to get down, uncle?

Are there no men here? He just murdered a person in broad daylight and challenged you all Yet you guys kept quiet Do you expect us to get ourselves killed?

Do you have any idea who he is?

A murderer A dangerous fellow He is the villain in this village Guess why he murdered him?

Because he promised to be the witness to Shivanna's murders You all are here for wedding. Enjoy yourselves and leave Instead if you even try inquiring about Shivanna, he'll finish you off

Any idea who committed this murder?

No doubt. It's Shivanna But none of them will come forward as a witness

Take the corpse to the hospital and you two go along with it Tamil, I want you to... add Shivanna's name to this case in the FIR Ok sir I'll take care of the rest Ok sir

I ate mom

Ok What else?

Ok mom I'll call you later


I need to go to a place nearby Please go Stop kidding I need to go to the village nearby There, be a more clear like that Ok... how long will it take?

An hour An hour is fine. We must be back before others are ready Sure, we'll be back by then Ok then

This way or that way?


Now this is my home place. I played here in my childhood.

What is she looking for?

She made me roam around all day! Phew!

This is the temple

Hail Kunnavakkam Saint

Swami doesn't open his eyes often and look at people People are waiting for him to open his eyes and get his blessing

So finally you arrived, dear You came even after knowing that danger awaits you here in this village... that means it's God's wish Swami...

Lord Murugan will save you from all the danger that comes your way Om namah Sivaya!

Om namah Sivaya!

Saint will open his eyes next only on the next full moon day. You all may leave Accept the offerings by forming a queue Om namah Sivaya!

Hey bro! That cheating girl!

Confront them! Ask where were they!

Come on! Let's ask them!

Where did you go with that beauty?

To the temple What do you mean?

Whatever! Couldn't you inform us?

What happened?

Where were you? Can't you update us before leaving?

Get lost!

Nothing like what we imagined. They indeed went to temple Hey where did you take her?

Shut up and move away!

Don't you show your anger to us Mr. Crack pot!

How dare you confront my nephew when I am around?

I might be short but the machete I wield is long! Wanna try me?!

His ex is even taller than him! Wanna try?

I was showing off, why would you do that? What if he just slaps you?

Stop it with your fun games Now, watch me You better take him away or else he'll get bashed up Uncle! No bad words!

And you want Biriyani? No bad words!

No Biriyani? No fight! Shut up! No fight!

Inspector Saravana Pandian is here to meet you The inspector is here?

Did you expect the IG to come and meet you?

Come on

I totally forgot that the inspector is here The tea is superb So Muruga...

I hope you know about the incident that took place yesterday He has murdered the victim by holding him against your vehicle Inspector sir... who said Shivanna committed the murder by holding the victim against our vehicle?

The whole village says so Then go inquire the villagers. Don't trouble my nephew We are quietly minding our business We are not disturbing anyone. You know very well about Shivanna We can't live or work in peace by pressing charges against him So none of you will be an eyewitness?

Then how will I take action against him?

The victim is a post master. An innocent. He has two grown up daughters Have concern for his family If we have concern for his family then we'll have to forget our family We are ready to do anything apart from messing with Shivanna Don't force him to be an eyewitness I request you!

Nice! So you don't care about other's life?

You just want to lead a peaceful life This is pathetic! Inspector sir!

Is it ok if I become an eyewitness?

What's wrong with her?

Are you nuts? Don't you have sense? Didn't I already warn you?

I told you why he murdered him. Don't you wanna go back home?

Use your brains!

Don't act like a fool!

Hands off me!

Inspector sir, I witnessed the murder. I am not afraid Do you want a written statement or do you want me to say it in the court?


This is enough Don't you worry. I'll ensure nothing happens to you Until you are here in this village, myself and my department will give you full security Wait, I'm coming Mr. Uncle, you are not even worth the balls in the billiards

Did he just say that you are not even worth the balls in the billiards?

Come here. What did he mean by 'Not even worth the balls in billiards?'

Wonder what troubles she will invite



Who do you think you are?

Don't you have any sense?

Excuse me! Don't you talk like that to me!

I being patient with you and you are talking too much!

What's that stink? Is it his coat?

Could it be him?

Is the stink coming from him?

What are you looking at?

Go wash the jeep!

It's indeed him!

All useless fellows work for me!

Who do you think you are?

I'm being patient with you and you are yapping away! I know about me very well!

Go, check out yourself Villagers say that I look like a young Ajith (famous actor)

Does he know that your villagers feel so?

He will soon find out He is very smart and has an awesome personality Don't you talk about personality! Stop it! Don't you dare talk about my personality What makes you feel you can talk about my personality?

What's the problem here? Who's that disturbance?

I'm coming Uncle, guess what she said! Guess! Guess!

Stop it. I was listening all this while There is a small mistake in what she said Look here. Not just here. All over the world... only I am qualified to speak about personality I am a mixture of 'Vallarasu' Vijaykanth and 'Aboorva Sahodharargal' Kamal Hassan Well to be precise, actors like Vijay, Ajith, Arya etc... are nothing compared to my personality Akila, I hope you got all your questions answered You're so short because someone gave you a knock on your head!

And if I knock you over that, you'll become further short!

Holy guacamole!

So shut! Shut what?

Uncle, a woman is insulting me... and instead of solving this issue like an elder...

I guess my nephew is upset Instead you sing praised of your own?

Wait, I'll damage your image!

Didn't your wife leave you after hating your personality?

Nephew, order! Yes uncle!

Did the food reach the foster home?

It'll reach in half an hour To the oldage home? Kava Kuchi is on it To Annai Teresa school? I'm on it Then go! Yes uncle!

Leave! At once! Ok, I'm going Uh-oh, that sounded rude Should I give you separate instructions? Go to your room Let me not speak of this incident again Uncle What is that food service all about?

Do you guys run a school?

Neither Murugan is a rude guy like you think... nor does he spend time flirting with girls He is rich enough to provide for his next three generations Murugan's parents are the epitome of love and affection With whatever he earns, he pays our salary and... doesn't even take a penny for himself He helps helpless oldage people and poor children with money and things they need He calls me uncle... but I'm not his own uncle Nope When inspector wanted you to be the witness... and when Murugan stopped you, there is a good reason behind it Many like you come here on a tour... they enjoy for few days and go back home But until they are here, Murugan is the one who is restless He'll be at peace only after they reach their home safe Shivanna is a very bad and dangerous person Murugan behaved like that just because he doesn't want him to trouble you Murugan will never be a trouble to you. You can be sure of that Go to your room. I'll send in the food

I'm tired of telling Kava Kuchi to take care of the laundry He doesn't do any work! I must kick him out first!

I have to do all the chores here!

Jai bhajarang bali!

You are in the wrong room!

I'm in the correct room. This is my room I was taking out clothes for laundry

You are still a kid. It's not your face that you should be covering

Don't hold me responsible for all this!

Food's ready. All of you please come

He is in the toilet all the time! Filthy fellow!

Sir, please come out. The food is ready

Kava Kuchi Food's ready Where is Murugan?

Your company MD's friend is arriving today He has gone to Madurai airport to pick him up He'll be back only tomorrow Where is Murugan's house? Why do you ask?

Can you take me there?

I have lot of work pending I'll take you there tomorrow. Come and eat now There's no buffet?

This is break fast. Do you like this?

Raju bhai, how many times have I told you that we'll eat after they are done!

Captain... that girl, Akila, was looking for you Go find out what's the matter Ok, I'll go

What is it? Kava Kuchi said you were looking for me

What's with all the decoration?

Let me guess, it's your birthday right?

No? What else could it be?

You are a Christian and you are celebrating christmas today. Right?


Muruga Tell me A day where I have found a new version of me A day where I have realized who I am Muruga, you always keep telling that...

God does exist Of course, God does exist That too God is on our side Forget that. Guess, what's special today Dry fish gravy and boiled country eggs Fish fry, crab, eel etc. There's a lot on the menu Make it fast or else my uncle will start yelling at both of us. Shall we?


What are you up to?

I'm out of options to escape Well, I too don't have any other option Well, you can escape from behind. Look I'm going to bite your lips My lips? No please It'll hurt How about I get you chicken leg piece?

It's uncle


I'm handing over the apple of my eye to you She must only shed the tears of happiness forever and nothing else

My dear, may you live long Step forward dear friend... you're the bride today, so step into the alter Step forward dear friend... you're the bride today, so step into the alter

She must only shed the tears of happiness forever and nothing else Come let's celebrate. This is our own family function Let's bless the couples as two hearts unite forever Look at the couples, they look like dressed up dolls Look at the couples, they look like dressed up dolls Soon there will be more little legs running around here after the marriage And again we all shall celebrate Step forward dear friend... you're the bride today, so step into the alter Come let's celebrate. This is our own family function I'm handing over the apple of my eye to you She must only shed the tears of happiness forever and nothing else

Let's talk about today. Beautifully dressed up, the bride and groom are to be engaged The marriage is fixed and so is the marriage date. Time for all the guests to enjoy Looking beautiful with all the make up, now smile and let us know what your heart is saying As the groom gestures to the bride with his eyes, we can see her feeling shy Weddings in the city are just a mere formality and has not much celebration But a wedding in a village will invite everyone from all around to celebrate As the groom and bride exchange the rings... thus starts their journey together forever Let's push the groom closer to the bride And as they get closer, ask him to steal a kiss from the bride

Now that you have someone, don't you waste your time on phones and facebook!

At the same time do not get carried away and forget your friends and family Dear bride, ensure you feed your husband well because way to a man's heart is through his stomach Dear groom, ensure you do not ogle at other women and always respect you wife forever Always live together like the liquor and the ice Be a good couple like the french fried and ketchup The groom might be a little hot headed but the bride knows very well to cool him down Sweet little fights are a part of the marriage life but ensure you are happy in the long run Come let's celebrate. This is our own family function Let's bless the couples as two hearts unite forever Step forward dear friend... you're the bride today, so step into the alter

Hold on!

Come on. Come on Keep moving. Keep moving Yay! This is awesome! Come, let's have fun! Take care of them Take care of that excited guy over there! Ok, fine. I'll take care


What happened? Aren't you going with them?

Well, whatever I'm interested in is right here Right here? Where?

It's you Myself? Stop kidding What's so interesting about me? I'm not any monument I'm not the Taj Mahal to be very interesting Yes, you are as interesting as the Taj Mahal to me What's with the change in your tone?

Are you noticing it just now?


It was you I was searching for all these year You are the one for me Don't you get it Muruga that I love you Awesome!

I was wondering why no one from this group said this to me Well, there you go Please let me off the hook Muruga!

Muruga, wait...

When someone starts talking like this...

I wait for the chance and escape!

Now, watch me! Muruga!

Do you still think it's not true?

Come on, I know you city girls I have been to Chennai!

Especially girls in software. Let's me not open up about them!

They smoke in the broad daylight, go to pubs and drink like a fish City girls keep changing at least three boy friends every year in the name of 'mutual understanding'

I know all about it. So, don't think I don't know about it You work in a chit fund company... and I'm sure you would have met many smart guys from the software department And you find someone from here better than them?

I'm a villager We just dress so modern when guys like you visit us Whatever you do, do it with dedication If we fall in love, then we love only that girl till the end of our life We don't even think of anyone else And you say you fell in love in three days? I can't believe it I am not the one to fall for it and I don't have time for it Not all girls are the same Who said I fell in love in just three days?

It's been fifteen years since I fell in love with you Fifteen years?

How? Sounds stupid!

Do you know Lotus pond in our village?

There is a swing built by it The pupil tree has its aerial roots touching the ground

During sunset... a cool breeze flows over there All the kids from village come to play there A small kid named Murugan... another kid named Baby... and another one named Kutty They make paper boats and play by the pond They decide to have dinner at the house of the person whose boat wins the races Jealousy... struggles, sorrow... hatred... they never knew that any of these existed And that Baby is... is me, Akila!

Look how fate plays I was searching for you all along when you were by my side This way or that way?

Only after meeting your mother...

I confirmed that you're the Murugan I'm looking for You look very graceful, dear So happy to have met you God bless you, dear


So, you are Baby?

Your parents?


Father has retired from work now And you very well know... mom's a house wife. I'm running the family now By the way, where is Kutty?

After that issue, Kutty's family left this village taking him along There's no information about them What Kutty's father did to your family was betrayal How do you still remember me and how did you find me?

You are great!

Well, even I didn't remember anything The reason is the incident that took place during our childhood But shall I tell you the truth?

I always believed that some girl will come looking for me one day God does exist. He is scripting everyone's story just like a movie Only God know when to unite and separate people from each other Just how he united us now

A pint of brandy, hot water and some boiled peanuts And a pack of cigarette Shivanna, we thought it was end of our problems But looks like we aren't getting any rest You destroyed the FIR copies in the police station You destroyed all the systems. You said there won't be any eyewitness But looks like they have a new eyewitness now If the eyewitness reaches the court and points a finger at you... you'll be hanged to death for sure!

Police has the freedom to do anything against you In fact they can even frame and finish you off They can do it when you're in prison It's their usual method. Haven't you heard of it?

If that girl gives a statement against you at the court... then even the Lord Paramasivam won't be able to save you All our efforts and all the murders you committed are a waste Who are those A-Z fellows?

Let me ask you this. Don't they know very well about you?

Soon we'll start a happy little family of our own We will never find a peaceful life anywhere like here, in our own village

Who's that?

I'll go check

I'll open the door, you just hide Ok. Ok

Thank God Ayyappa! What is it?

There is an issue downstairs Do not open the door. No matter what. Lock it Do not open until I say What's the issue?

You won't understand Chief, what are you doing here?

Captain, what are you doing here?

Chief, I was clearing Akila's doubt People are here to clear you off and... you wanna clear her doubts?

Excuse me, one step back!

Come here, you rascal!

Chief! Muruga, wait I'm coming

Make way

Whoa! So he just came here to drink some water?

I was afraid that he was here for something else If he had asked, I would have given him water in a bucket

Muruga... along with A-Z company of yours... you also take up killing contracts I'll bring the business to you We'll share the profits. What do you say?

What are you wondering? That murdering isn't that easy?

I'm wondering why are you talking this all of a sudden I don't get it You won't get it. You just won't Yet you will arrange a witness against me and the murder I committed Not our fault, boss Catch this It was this girl, who agreed to be the eyewitness. She did it in a haste We got nothing to do with it Stop talking like a fool!

Agreed, it's our fault I'll talk to her and ask her to retract her statement He's riled up and you are being smooth?

I will decide if she has to retract her statement or not Not you!

Where's that girl?

Just a minute. Come here Come here

Now I see why Murugan is getting upset She is one hot chick!

Attend the marriage, enjoy the sightseeing... have a good feast and take rest! Why do you poke nose in our business?

Please no! Please Shivanna, no!

Please! Please, I'll convince her and send her back That's what I warned of. You are from here...

If I thrash you, it's an insult for me and you'll be a mess Let me show her who is Shivanna!

Come with me! Please! Let's talk it out You say, let's talk it out...

I say let's finish her off!

She is from out of station. Please, forgive her this time Aren't you from here? You should have warned her Why are you feeling now?


Please, she is innocent. Please!

Only God understands mercy and innocence I don't know anything about it. If I gotta live, she must die!


Where are you off to? Come on!

What's going on? That's Shivanna

Wait... here, take this!

You baldie!

Catch him! Get him!


Muruga, I'll take it from here Hands off me

Don't be happy that the police caught me I visit police station like restaurants. I'll go, eat, pay the bill and come out!

You are also my enemy from today Even your father poked nose in unwanted matters They chopped him into two pieces I'll chop you into three pieces Before that, I'll get her and...

Shut up and keep moving!

If she must die then before that I must die!

But a minute before I die, I'll take your life!

When a merciless migrant like you can be show arrogance...

I'm from the Tamil land that shows mercy! I too can show arrogance and that too more than you!

Take him away officer!

Put him in the jeep! Get in! Move!

Thank you sir Drive to our station. Time to rip him apart!

Muruga... we were having a fun time thinking there was no danger in this village He threatens to chop you down... and you challenge him in return. What's going on?

You told me that you father was a school master But he just said that your father was murdered What did you father do, that led to his murder?

He did agriculture!

He did agriculture?

He preached that every bit of our food has the blood and sweat of a farmer's family He taught us that if agriculture and farmers were destroyed then we'll have to migrate for food

" Second world war is done and dusted"

" There will be a third world war and that won't be fought with weapons or for weapons"

" It'll be a war to beat hunger and starvation. A war for food!" He said that!

My father wasn't just a school teacher... he was a teacher to this whole society Annaivayal village, Sivagangai district Natesan master In the 1990s he was the go to person for land owners and real estate brokers My father!

Our village is a drought ridden village Farmers are dependent solely on rain or water from the dam That year we did not receive rainfall or the water from the dam The village went dry The ponds and reservoirs went dry too Our place which was lush and green once Became a barren land without water Day by day... all the the farming lands became real estate properties

The villagers thought that was their end... but a good news arrived

Subramani What is the matter?

Water from the Vaigai river has crossed the twin bridge Is it?

Yes! It will reach our village tomorrow Is it true? Inform everyone Oh holy Goddess Mariamma!

If they release the water from Vaigai river tomorrow...

He had another good news also I will you offer you a feast my Goddess!

That good news was rain Our village had no rainfall for the past two years Seeing the rain after two years, Munusamy was ecstatic My prayers have been answered!

The sight of dark clouds makes the farmer happy like none other We are going to receive water, be prepared

Teacher! Come outside Look at this

Our prayers have been answered What is it?

Come on!

Come look at this Look at the sky The sky has turned dark

My goodness!

Look at the dark clouds Looking at the dark clouds... the people were ready to welcome the rain Thank the Almighty Listen everybody! It's going to rain

Come on rain, Come on rain!

Come on rain, come to protect our land The crops are dying, come to rejuvenate them The village is brimming with joy Let us celebrate, it's going to rain Let the lakes and ponds overflow Let the earth rejoice, it's going to rain

Oh rain clouds! Shower us with rain We have lost river Kaveri water, come to rescue us

Oh dark clouds! Shower us with kindness Kiss the sands and let our lands flourish Lakes and ponds make the poor happy Healthy harvest makes us farmers happy Lakes and ponds make the poor happy Healthy harvest makes us farmers happy The lord who protects our village is Karuppasamy The lord who protects the entire earth with his rain is Varunan The village is brimming with joy Let us celebrate, it's going to rain Let the lakes and ponds overflow Let the earth rejoice, it's going to rain

We have lost our water resources The bravery of Tamilian have been forgotten It's been years since we slept peacefully A good meal has become a dream The writings of Thiruvalluvar will teach you our history The world will perish if not for water The writings of Thiruvalluvar will teach you our history The world will perish if not for water Our forefathers have forecasted the future Is there a science beyond our wise language Tamil

The village is brimming with joy Let us celebrate, it's going to rain Let the lakes and ponds overflow Let the earth rejoice, it's going to rain Oh rain clouds! Shower us with rain We have lost river Kaveri water, come to rescue us Oh dark clouds! Shower us with kindness Kiss the sands and let our lands flourish Lakes and ponds make the poor happy Healthy harvest makes us farmers happy The lord who protects our village is Karuppasamy The lord who protects the entire earth with his rain is Varunan

The clouds moving It won't rain?

It has deserted us again It's gone

Look at that! Look!

It has betrayed us again

Stop you! Stop you cheat! The nature had no mercy, our God's were deaf He is not running behind the clouds He is running behind our farmer's poverty

Did father eat?

Yeah he did He is at home Naidu told us to throw you out and lock it Come on! Out!

Mom I am hungry Mom I am really hungry Hurry up and move now I am hungry

Take care of our son Brother! I asked for some time Now suddenly Tell it to him directly What's up Vedagiri Everybody out My dad is sick, I have already asked you for more time My son was eating But your men stepped in and threw us out They didn't hit you right?

I told them... not to use violence You bet on horse races; You gamble You will have nice time with your mistresses Brother no...

But you don't have money to pay this Ethiraj Naidu What you expect me to do No use in begging now Vedagiri! Every person should have self respect and sense of pride Hope you understood Brother! The Minister called for you. Come Did he? He escaped today You better leave to your mom's house

I have no words to praise our village food Vedagiri! Come in How are you? Fine Be seated It's alright Sit!

I thought of coming and meeting you Thankfully you called for me I loaned some money from Ethiraj Naidu I was not able to payback. So he threw me out and locked the house It will be helpful if you speak with him Leave it aside. They are from Germany Greetings!

They need 100 acre land. I have shown them many properties But they want it in our village Their proposed factory needs a lot of water it seems Even the German's know about our surplus water resources That is why they are here You are a privileged employee of the government The villagers will listen to you It's a 300 million rupee project Our kickback is 3 million rupees I will have 60 percent of it , you 40 percent How is the deal?

It's just 100 acres. It can be easily done I like you because of this positive approach That is why I brought you here Naidu! Come here

I have told him everything Give him the house key. I will payback his debt Then it's alright Here, do as he says Thanks!

Be on good terms with Vedagiri He may lend money to you later Thanks! Alright I'll leave now Be seated Naidu What is happening?

I don't get it I will tell you

If it's just a few acres, we can ask the villagers But you are asking for 100 acres You should talk to teacher Natesan about this Don't reveal the fact that you are asking the agricultural land for building factory Tell him that you are going to practice agriculture Then it would be a cakewalk We should sometimes lie to get things done

Greetings sir! Be seated Jayaveera! It seems you won't stop teaching this kids english English is also a necessity sir Students! You have got here a good teacher He has declined his offer to work in a foreign country He has vowed to produce bright students in his native Make use of him Did you sign? No. You?

He is going to see your handwriting and gift you something Munusamy; Mullisamy Kannayiran; Kannaruva Kaalimuthu; Kaalikuthu What is this?

You can't even copy and write?

It's been four months since I started teaching you But nothing is working Munusamy I heard you trade fresh eggs for dry fish Don't you know which is better?

Teacher he is an idiot Says the great Bernard Shaw You were the drunk who shouted 'American capitalism down' during the Russian history class

You family struggles for food, yet you find money to drink He lacks the general compartment sir What?

He means 'general knowledge'

To hell with your english Thank God he missed Can I have a word with you Yeah tell me Not here Can we talk somewhere private Is it?

Ok let's go Here, a sugerless tea as you asked Are you a diabetic?

No,but my dad is. I just being cautious How is your wife? She is fine I can see her only in the ration shop You refuse to bring her to our home I will bring her the next time Alright!

So tell me As you know, I have a lot of friends in foreign countries They buy acres of lands from villages like us and practice agriculture to produce food for their need They want to export the food They wanted some other piece of land I brought them here keeping our people in mind They need 100 acres of a single land Only you can make it possible I can even get good prices for our people Let them be happy This is a land of agriculture These days nobody seems to care about it Those days even Kumbakonam pan leaf was world renowned Our district once had elephants to plough the fields If a foreigner is keen to practice agriculture here... its a good thing Anyway all our people are not make use of their lands

100 acres right We can arrange I will talk to the people about this Your word is enough. This friday is a auspicious day We can sign the papers in Sivan temple Teacher sir! You are in a big surprise soon At that time you will know this Vedagiri Sure My father who used to dissect and discern before making a decision... failed to identify Vedagiri's secret plot

Vedagiri! You are the man I under estimated you You fooled even the great Natesan teacher He doesn't know the truth yet I told him that it is for agriculture If he finds out about this, it's a problem You can't find us

Vedagiri! The German guy needs a land He is going to build a factory and earn in millions The poor farmers are also getting paid So it's a win-win situation for them What is in it for us then? People's blessing Their blessing is not worth a nickel Does it sound fair to you?

You told that we are getting kickbacks and we can share 60-40 Yeah! But will it be enough to settle your debts It wont be good enough for you Shall I tell you something

You remember what happened today? Yeah Those kids ran away from us They came to steal the fruit Elanjiam Yeah The kids have come Give them something to eat Ok Akila! You should also eat here Sit down Ok sir! Elanjiam Did you prepare the spinach? Yeah I have prepared it for you Give it to the kids Ok Give them the cumin water also The should be fed healthy at this age The world is full of difficulties and struggles They should have the physical strength to face them Feed them Ok Have some more spinach Eat Muruga! How much is 10 million?

10 million? 10x10 is 100 rupees

100x10 is 1000 rupees

1000X100 is 0.1 million rupees What is it?

Then 10 million is... What is with this millions and billions?

It's nothing sir Kutty's dad is going to earn in millions Kutty's dad and the minister were talking inside the house Minister told that they are going to sell our lands to the germans They are going to build a factory in it They are going to deceive our farmers and loot the money That amount is 10 million rupees After that Kutty will be a millionaire, won't he sir?

Akhil's childish words made my father rethink everything

Tell your survey number Here Greetings sir!

Greetings Greetings sir!

Greetings sir! Greetings Please come Everything is ready What is going on?

I already told you That you are in for a big surprise This is it. I have brought all the officials They will pay a small initial amount now After everything is done, we can settle the mount to the people in full Didn't I told you that I have to discuss with the people?

Yeah! But I talked to them as well I have no objection if you pay me good Good!

We are ok with that Thanks!

Consider it done They are now waiting for your word If you say yes,we can start the registration Time is running out and people are waiting. What you say?

The registrar has a lot of other places to go, so hurry Vedagiri!

You asked the land for agriculture But I heard they are going to build a factory

Sometimes we have to lie for the greater good of the people It's a good thing if our village gets a factory Good thing?

The next generation of this village will starve to death. Is it good?

Which is a good thing?

If you build factories and buildings on agricultural lands... what are you going to do for food tomorrow?

Will you eat the bricks and mortar?

You think this single factory is going to affect the entire nation?

If every person thinks like you, yes the whole nation will be affected Can you think of the state of this country without the farmers and their lands?


Stop your lectures I am also from a farmer family All my ancestors were farmers What profit did agriculture gave us?

Can we decide the price of our crops?

Can we harvest sugarcane at our convenience?

Is government providing us the required water?

Don't preach others to run an unprofitable business Farming is not a business. It's my livelihood, my tradition Don't blame the government. As a minister, it's your duty to get us water That's why we have elected you You know how to hide money from the income tax department You know how to launder money to foreign countries You know how to loot people's money but you don't know how to get water for us Who the hell told you that agriculture is unprofitable?

The Japanese are doing it in ships The Chinese are demolishing buildings to make farm lands The Americans are selling their yields in our country You abandon farming and plan to eat money for food?

Tell me Listen carefully. If world war happens again, it will be for food and water The countries with food will rule the world He decides whether the country without food dies of hunger or not You should all understand that food will be the major crisis in the future Why brother?

Why do you want to sell the land that fed you?

Our priest advices us to do so So I decided to sell it Why did you do that?

You are a God's servant How can you plant such a venomous thought in people's mind?

Teachers sir! We did not receive water from Vaigai. Even the rainfall has failed us Government is not willing to help us What should we do now?

We had no other choice except to sell it and move on Move on where?

Instead of looking at these drought ridden land... it is better to take care of camels in some Arab country You are ready to take care of camels in some foreign country But not ready to take care of your cows in your own land You told you that we don't have water?

A foreign company is sucking out several million liters of water from our Thamirabarani river to make soft drinks But we have no water for agriculture The water, the land, everything he is using is our's Only the ingredient he adds in the water is his own He is pillaging our water resource, filling it in bottles and making billions selling it The government has sold all our rivers, mountains, trees They are selling all our natural resources and making money If this continues, they will even pack oxygen in a bag and sell it What are we going to do about it?

Vedagiri! Don't try to insult the minister or me Will the registration happen or not now It won't happen now or ever We are going to give a petition to the government stating 'Agricultural land is only for agriculture'

We will move to the court requesting to stop this factory Jayaveera!

This is complete report of this proposed factory The are going to build a chemical factory which is dangerous to humans Inhaling the smoke from this factory will give you cancer, skin diseases, eye irritation... and numerous other deadly diseases Do we need this abomination in our village?

We don't need this We will oppose it We will oppose it Did you hear it?

You two crooks planned to con people into selling their land to this factory right?

Vedagiri! What is happening? Look at these crooks Are you trying to insult me in front of him?

How many days you planned?

To insult me in front of the people?

You call us crooks?

Did you see us steal?

What evidence you have?

This people consider God's words more than anything This child word is higher than the God's word Akila! Tell it Uncle! I overheard you and the minister speaking

0.2 million rupees per acre This is my negotiation with the germans But we are going to mention only 50 thousand rupees per acre to the villagers Lying is not a bad thing We will pay them a meager initial amount and get everything signed We will assure them that they will get the rest later But we will keep the money and divide it between us Plead guilty uncle. I assure that our teacher sir will not hit you

The child has spoken the truth Damn kid You eavesdropped me and now you turn against me?

You are wrong Do not blame the kid Blame your intentions

I have made a mistake It was a mistake It's not the kid who should be blamed It's you

What is wrong with you?

Stop this

Spare me, this is part of a politicians life I have been in these type of situations many times

He got what he deserved You scoundrel

You deserve this

We don't have our cows nor the money to buy seeds What do you expect us to do sir?

My daughter is 35 years old and unmarried My kids are starving The problem is simple. Agriculture is not profitable No farming, no yields No yield, no job for a folk artist like me Then how do you expect me to survive?

The villagers don’t have unity If they were together, anything can be done I have spoken to our teacher sir also Everyone from the village has agreed Except one Here they are


Give it to me Ma'am!

Mr. Natesan!

This is a right decision I need you and your people to sign this I will make sure this will act as a barb wire for the real estate people who enter this land The farmers feed their yield to the people, but they sleep hungry at night What shall we do? We don't have water He doesn't get the right price for his yields Someone somewhere is reaping all the benefits of the farmer's hard work So everyone is afraid to get into farming They are ready to sell their cows and fields Everybody wants a factory but none talks about its ill effects Waste from clothing and other factories are mixed with water and the land... making them toxic and yielding toxic crops... causing various diseases and killing people The farmer tires in his field from sunrise and returns home only in the evening He doesn't have the time to look at the things happening around him If everyone thinks like you, our country will become the food capital of the world The British came to India to buy pepper and elachi At that time we were exporting them. Today we are importing them Our selfish politicians are to be blamed for this I accept this petition. Tell you lawyer to meet me Best of luck Thanks a lot ma'am

Good times started for our village after that We received seasonal rains We received lake water too. Farmers were happily farming Vedagiri waited for 6 months to exact his revenge He waited for the right time And came out again

Finish him

Dad look out Dad! Dad!

Careful dad Dad!

Stop fighting dad Dad! Got him Uncle! Please let him go

Dad! I want a piece of this

Sir! Sir! Dad!

Dad look at me


Don't cry You have to stay strong If a father dies in a family... the family will be devastated But... if a farmer dies, the whole nation will be devastated All the farm lands... are being transformed to factories or housing properties We should stop this You should do it Don't listen to these simple minded fools They just want to live for today They don't have concern for their next generation This little girl... has saved our village from a great danger You should protect her with all your might Ok dad Don't worry for dad Everything you read, every path you take... in the nature around you. I will be there in everything Dad!

I will be there Factories and buildings showed up in all our surrounding villages But farming was alive in my village... because of my father

After that incident my parents became more concerned The villagers also warned us about our safety This place and people are not suitable for this kid to grow You should leave this village immediately She has crossed a big obstacle in life She has another big obstacle at the age of 22 If she can cross that obstacle... she has a long life Is there any remedy for this?

You have a lot of time left Lot of years left The God which placed this obstacles will also provide you a solution Have faith in God and hope only for the good Firstly vacate this village You! Priest!

Don't ever try to step into this village again That made us even more scared The consequences will be deadly So we had to separate from Murugan and our village When they informed me about Annaivayal visit I was overjoyed I eagerly went to see our village and Murugan again But never expected I would start a problem


You think we are living a good life?

The life your dad lived was a good life Until now we were thinking about us that we are great than others.

You made us realize our foolishness Your father who said that the farmer who feeds people should not experience hunger He is a real human being People who appear on the screen with make-up and act...

They are not the real heroes The farmer who starves himself to feed the rest of the world...

He is the real hero We don't know the face of the man who cobbled our shoes The weaver who provides us the clothing...

We doesn't know his name These unknown and unrecognized people who work for our well being tirelessly... they are the real heroes We people hail and hearty here... but the farmer worked day and night... tirelessly... to send us grains, fruits and everything for us to survive Has anyone stopped a second to think about the farmers?

This village is happy now because of your fathers sacrifice and good deeds Fate has brought you and Akila together I am feeling very proud Muruga! You don't worry You Shivanna! Come let's fight it out Vengal rao! Bring that broomstick Fashion Babu, Sambar Shakila, Briyani Beer Mohammed Bring all the utensils and vessels. Let us teach him a lesson Yes! Let us do it Let me do it. You step back Forgot the beatings? Dangerous girl

Dude! I am that Kutty they are talking about You are the son of that villain Vedagiri?

Yes My father went to jail after that incident He committed suicide inside Our days of gloom started after that The village stamped us as the killers We left the village overnight We moved to Chennai None of our relatives were ready to accept us When we were starving... some guy came and helped us He was a drunkard He beats my mom and sister in front of my eyes We withheld all the pain to survive He will throw me and my sister out and lock the door I have had many sleepless nights My father was responsible for all this If he was alive, we would not have gone through that One day, the drunkard passed away I inherited all his wealth I forgot the past and studied well I took good care of my mom and sister I completely erased all those painful memories But fate has brought me to the same village where it all started Why did I meet Akila?

Akila and Murugan are also responsible for my miseries God has assigned me to end their lives Don't do anything stupid or else your life will be miserable again You thought I am a fool like my dad I am a educated criminal You won't see me coming Before they find me out... they will be dead




I am aware that you are the postmaster's daughter But you never mentioned your father's name as Subramani

My instincts told me that you are my daughter-in-law on our first meet itself Sometimes our instincts become true That is a fact Mom! I beg you Don't make Akila cry

Is this how you eat?

Look at how they eat Mash it properly Open your mouth wide, swallow it Ya eat like that You feed her mom How was the food?

Get in the vehicle I'll leave now Muruga!

Take her to our Dharmarja temple If Akila has found us now it must the work of our God Dhroupathiamman What a caring mother!

Bye! I'll take care mom

You remember this place from childhood? Yes How does it look now? A bit different

What is it? Nothing

It's my friend's shop

She doesn't seem to like anything I remember the granny who sells savories here You still remember that?

Go to that terrace That blue terrace. Yeah hide there

Shiva! Akila and Murugan are on that terrace Who are you?

Is it important now?

Alright tell me You see the terrace opposite to you? They are hiding there On the top?


Give me a strong cup of tea

Come on Come You came to kill us right? Do it

You two, inside the jeep

We worked hard to catch him But you let him go just like that While we were shifting the vehicle in our division...

Shivanna escaped. But by tomorrow evening...

I will definitely catch him Ok!

Don't go anywhere alone without informing me Ok Sir I'll leave now

Who's that?

I was the one who informed you that Akila and Murugan were at the market May I come?

Come on


I don't like it!

Only those who fail in love knows real pain How about that?! When you love a girl with all your heart... and when she goes around with some other guy...

I cannot explain the pain that it gives I just found out that Akila is the daughter of my enemy And Murugan is my enemy's son!

Now, this is new!

This is an old story Involving Natesan master, Vedagiri and MLA Gunasekaran Remember the incident?

All three of them are not alive today But their vengeance is still alive I am Vedagiri's son I have heard about him Heard a lot from here and there It was a major incident It was my uncle Ethiraj who worked out the murder plan You are back after a long time Let's finish them off! We'll nail it!

Would you like to have something?

Akila and Murugan, show me their corpses...

I'll have a feast along with you How do we trust you?

Hope you won't drag the police in

He is Vedagiri's son!

Listen dear...

Be confident. Things will happen as per our wish Do you booze?

The local country booze?

It's special here Now that you're one among us. Have some Order some more booze


You can go Dear, come What?

It's about that guy who?

Karthi You can't believe it.

He gone with Shivanna in his car.

I have a doubt that is there any link between Shivanna and Karthi.

Yes, I too have the doubt Dear, if we bash up that fellow's friend... we can find out all the truth!

Come on, uncle. Let's bash up that fellow and pull the truth out of him!

Uncle, hold on Hey uncle Hey Murug!

I asked for milk with dry fruits in it. Where is it?

How about some phenoyl mixed with milk?

What's with the mean tone?

I'll complaint to my MD Do you watch Captain Vijaykanth movies?

Why should I watch his movies?

I only watch Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies And also Shakeela movies This is why I asked you! You crack pot!

He is short but he's got a long leg for sure!

He eats a lot I guess. He's got a thick flesh!

Come here Let alone Jackie Chan and Jet Li, he's more like Dong Lee!

Sit down!

Tell us the truth about Karthik!

He isn't Karthik Karthee, actor Sivakumar's son He has an elder brother and his name is Suriya And his sister-in-law is Jyothika

It's so wrong to talk to you first Now, watch this...

I didn't expect this from him

Come here Sit down!

Where are you from in Chennai? Anna Nagar, Shanti Colony He doesn't look like he from there Now, speak the truth!

Speak out! Tell us the truth!

I am from Vyasarpadi in Chennai I knew it from your slang and body that you are from Vyasarpadi Now, speak in your area slang What's up buddy?


See that? He is too good. He was cheating us all this while

What's your problem? Why are you hitting me unnecessarily?

Give that to me Tell me the truth! Who is Karthik?

He isn't Karthik. He is Kutty He is the son of Vedagiri, who murdered you father Vedagiri's son?

His plan is to finish off you and Akila The other day when Shivanna came in search of Akila How do you think he came?

Kutty was the one who informed him Shivanna and Kutty are crafting out a master plan To finish off you and Akila Isn't that his laptop? Give it to him uncle Yes

Unlock it I need the password See that, he is still has an attitude He is looking for the password. You better unlock it!

Haven't you used it? I have to watch Sunny Leone's videos You don't seem like someone who enjoys Leoni's debate Shut up!

You better unlock it!

Ok fine. I'll do it Don't open the green colored folders. That's my stuff Uncle, it's Kutty Yes

Look at him rolling away like a monkey in a temple!

Sir Tell me, Murugan I found out the man behind all the chaos The guy Karthik who is here from Chennai!

It was all along his and Shivanna's plan Karthik is nobody but my uncle Vedagiri's son He is doing all this to take revenge on us for the past incident He tricked my uncle and had been to his old house here Even Sub inspector had once found him on the street and inquired him Aren't you from out of station? I'll tell you the truth sir If you trace Kathik's number, you can nab them Give me five minutes I'll find out the detailed address and call you back Thank you sir Stay safe. I'll be back Ok

Hello, cyber crime?

Kindly trace the mobile number I'm gonna tell you It shows near Pudhukottai bypass, near Kaveri theater Ok, I'll take care

Come on, hurry up. Come on!

Sir! Sir! Please no!

How long do you think you can run? Gotcha!

Take him!

Hey, sorry bro They bashed me up so bad that...

I almost died and even had visions of my late grandparents Hence, I told them all the truth You!

Don't you dare raise hands on me!

I am now one of them. Mind it!

Isn't it Murugan, uncle? Yes!

How dare you betray us?

Nephew, I already warned you about him!

Who are you? After all aren't you too from our own village?

Have some conscience! Don't you know the issue between our fathers?

Don't you know who was on the right side of that issue?

No matter how much we grow yet it's only our childhood friends with whom we can be ourselves If you told me the day you arrived, that you were Vedagiri uncle's son... we all would have taken care of you like a prince!

You too turned out to be a traitor like your father!

Don't show me you face. Get lost!

Muruga... all the problems are hence solved I'll ensure that Shivanna get's life sentence or to be hanged to death penalty Neither you nor Akila will face any danger anymore Go take care of the wedding proceedings You! Move!

I said move!


There will be a grand feast after marriage That too Kayalpattinam Akbar bhai's Biriyani feast. You must come!

We'll have a nice time!

Ok Bye

So dear... see that he was all along with us and betrayed us Now thank your uncle and his James Bond brain That's your uncle for you!

Self praising yourself?

Of course Come, I'll show you James Bond and you?

Oh my dear! Oh my dear!

You're the one who stole my heart Oh my dear! Oh my dear! You're the one who stole my heart You're a man with a kind and pure heart You're a man of valor and bravery You're heart is as pure and childish like this little kid And you made your way in to the forest of love Now, I'm all set and waiting for you So am I; I'm too waiting for you So, let me in you life and I'll treat it as mine

Come on!

As I light up the lamp during the twilight, my eyes look for you And when I see you, I feel the happiness fill my heart When I step out in the morning and look up the sky...

I only see one star and that is you my dear I want to start a family with you with lot of children I will be the lover that you wish for You be the tree and I'll be the root of our family I'll be the flowing river and you be the banks that control me I wonder how will I reciprocate the love you have on me

Pay him


I'll be more than a husband. I'll be your friend for life I won't let you alone and pamper you even when you are asleep I was far away in some other land... yet here I am in the land of Vaigai river by the side of my lover If I am the flowing stream, you are the river that joins me If I am the procession then you are the deity No matter how many births I take, you'll always mine, oh my queen All I wish is to live with you forever Oh my dear King, I'll be waiting for you Oh my dear! Oh my dear! You're the one who stole my heart You're a man with a kind and pure heart You're a man of valor and bravery You're heart is as pure and childish like this little kid And you made your way in to the forest of love Now, I'm all set and waiting for you So am I; I'm too waiting for you So, let me in you life and I'll treat it as mine

Take that from him!

Inspector, choose between you duty and your family!

Take a step forward and...

I'll slit your child's throat!

Please, get down See how the police are scared?

Come, let's go

This world yearns only for criminals I won't kill you Because you must always see me I must walk free in front of you!

You must regret that you couldn't do anything to me What are you wondering?

If all this will happen?

This is the trend of late!

Who has the key to this hand cuff?

Karthi, it'll take two hours for us to reach there Before these guys escape... we must finish of all of them!

Chakkare... where is that company owner?

Shivanna, the train is at 5. We must catch them before that

Watch out, hand it over carefully Careful. Ok, see you Thank you Uncle, dad asked for the train tickets Your train is at evening 6

What happened?

Feeling sad that you're leaving alone Chennai is nearby Just fours by road in my jeep and I'll come to see you Do you think this distance will separate us Akila don't you confuse yourself and feel sad. Ok?

What's the big deal?

I'll come next week and meet your parents Be happy My parents will be happy to hear all this Come soon, ok For sure!

I'll be with you hereafter

Where's Akila?

Akila! Akila! Muruga!

Uncle, look for Akila!

Akila's missing. Let's search! Get down! Get down!


What happened? Akila!

Akila! Akila! What happened?

Muruga? Uncle, let's go and search that side Ayyapa, you search in the other direction!

Muruga, this way!

Before you die... don't you wanna know why you're gonna die?

I committed a murder And you are a witness to that murder You agreed to the police to be the eye witness at court Do you think that's why I'm gonna kill you?

Akila, you are a treasure A golden treasure Someone promised me 10 million to finish you off!

Wondering who?

You know him very well Mahesh!

He wants to prosper but without doing any hard work He made use of my friendship Hi Akila!

The rage to be successful in life... and the hunger to be a millionaire... and the price is your life Remember what happened in the office the other day?

You have invested 10 billion trusting me and my company At current government scenario and with all these bank issues... it is impossible to deposit such a huge sum Hence...

I have stashed the amount in a secret place Even my son doesn't know that secret place He doesn't even trust his own son!

This must be a lesson to all the fathers who belittle their sons!

Catch him!

My men are at the Kallal train crossing With his father lying unconscious inside a car The Rameswaram express is going to knock the vehicle down!

No one will doubt! After all the railway belongs to the central department First we'll finish you and... then my father!

Your arrival at Annaivayal has become a great advantage for all of us We had a perfect plan in the place... and you fell in our trap all by yourself Don't worry Karthi. You are one of us We'll give you a share Sir! I thought this is a mere revenge episode between me, Murugan and Akila I wasn't aware of this master game plan!

You have made a fool out of all of us. This is wrong!

Join hands with us and you get 10 million Try going against and it'll be your end Karthi, don't change according to situation or There they are! Follow me! else your life will become hell What are we waiting for? Finish her!

Run! Run!

Catch them! Run!

Uncle! Run! Don't let them escape!

Keep running!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

It's ok. Nothing to worry. Nothing to worry

Come on Get in the vehicle. Let's head to the railway station

What happened?

Please don't cry Eventually you guys escaped safe, right?

Then why are you crying?

Please don't cry. What happened to Murugan?

Akila, please! Say something! What happened to Murugan?

Akila, move! Watch out!

Muruga! Akila!


This little girl has saved our village from a great danger You should protect her with all your might




The vehicle has toppled on to my legs My legs are stuck Muruga!

I can't bear the pain, Muruga!

Don't worry, Akila It's hurting real bad!

Wait, I'll help you Akila Do something Muruga!

Muruga! Don't worry Akila!

Aren't you dead yet?!

I won't rest until I finish you off!

Try holding the bar and pulling yourself Muruga!

I can't reach the vehicle, Muruga!


Akila, I can't bear the pain anymore The slit wound is hurting real bad Listen to me, Akila I won't make it Don't say that!

Promise me something, Akila! Make me a promise!

Wait, we can escape from here Make me a promise! Wait, some one will turn up to help us I have vowed to save your life even if it is at the cost of mine, Akila Promise me that you'll move on, Akila!

Promise me, Akila!

You must forget me and move on, Akila...

Muruga! Muruga! Help!


Muruga! Somebody please help!

Somebody please help! Help!




Come on Quick! Ayyapa, come on!

Look the jeep has toppled!

Make it fast! Come on, run!


My leg is stuck! It's paining real bad!

My legs! My legs!

Ayyappa, what happened?

Akila! Where is Murugan?

Where's Murugan?!

Akila! Akila! What happened?

Akila! Akila! Look its me, uncle. What happened?

Where's Murugan? Akila, where's Murugan?

Akila, where is Murugan?

Tell us, Akila! Where is Murugan?

Where is Murugan?

Akila, look at me. Where is Murugan? Answer us, Akila! Where is Murugan?

Ayyappa, quick! Go, search!

What happened to Murugan?

Ayyappan, get some water Get some water Muruga! Muruga!

Ayyappa! What happened to him?

Uncle, Murugan is no more You were the blessing that I was gifted for my penance

But it's time for me to depart and leave you own your own, my dear Get lost!

Mother! My dear, Muruga!

You were the blessing that I was gifted for my penance But it's time for me to depart and leave you own your own, my dear I will always bear all your burdens My love for you will always be as pure as a mother's love I will continue my penance for us to get united one day I will always look upon you and be around you like a shadow For you are my life; you are my everything You are my sky. You are my world You were the blessing that I was gifted for my penance But it's time for me to depart and leave you own your own, my dear

Move on. Forget what ever happened. Think of it as a nightmare Life doesn't go as we want it to, Akila Our life is made up of love, affection, hate, sorrow, birth and death We don't wake up everyday knowing what's in store for us, Akila We must live with it Moving on... is the best gift God has given us I hope you understand, Akila. Take care and see you And now I'm leaving you all alone in this world But I don't have regrets because I'm happy that I'm blessed with your love All the memories we had together will stay afresh forever I will find you and come to you in the next birth I will carry you forever in my heart If she must die then before that I must die!

But a minute before I die, I'll take your life!

For you are my life; you are my everything

Sorry Akila Think of me as Murugan What are you wondering? I will take care of you better than him!

But Murugan is no more!

He left you forever Who said Murugan is no more?

Murugan is always with me. In fact he is here with me right now!


Muruga, come here

The Butterscotch chikku flavor... is it Murugan's favorite?

No. It's my favorite My favorites are Murugan's favorite too Akila... in the little time we spent together, we fought... we discussed a lot We argued a lot In fact you even spoke things that I didn't like Yet I like you I only love Murugan Ok? So far 18 grooms have come to visit me And I have explained each of them about my flashback and they understood I hope you'll understand too

Come, let's leave Hey! Akila Akila Hey!


The world is racing away... and people are running behind a life that they believe is good Ask the people who are racing to stop... and think!

Ask them to think if the life that we all are living has a meaning Ask everyone who are in love... to answer from the heart...

Ask any one who has been in love... if they are happy and have forgot their past love True love happens only once And only with one person

Akila! Akila!

Boss, don't you worry I'll go convince her. Don't you lose hope

Hey Akila!


What are you up to?

If you keep rejecting all the grooms... then whom will you marry?

This groom looks smart like one of those serial artists The bride is already fixed for him Who is it?

My mother You mother?

My mother likes him a lot it seems and already my parents keep fighting all the time So I'll ask her to better divorce my father and... ask her to marry this fellow Shut up!

Shall we go to our favorite place?

Where? Hop on

Those seven days I spent with Murugan... my trip to Annaivayal, the words of those saint coming true...

and Murugan sacrificing his life to save mine My parents aren't aware of any of these My friends have confronted me a thousand times... asking how am I gonna live alone, all my life I have only the same reply to all of them I'm still living with Murugan Not just me... all those who love someone truly...

Like a wife who lost her husband... a girl who lost her boy friend, a mother who lost her son...

Ask all of them

" My husband just came and left again"

" My boy friend just dropped me off in his bike"

" My son is at work"

They'll give such answers Such people are not mad or retard Such people live cherishing the memories of their relationship There are millions of such secrets inside a woman's heart Wonder how many of them understands it Whatever I wish... is what Murugan will do We are made for each other