The 10th Victim (1965) Script

Stop! I'm a hunter.

Let's see.

Go, go on.

Ladies and gentlemen these are the rules of the Big Hunt the global moral institution, which moralised this century and which has restrained and legalised violence:

Rule no. 1: every member has to commit to carry out ten hunts.

Five as a hunter and five as a victim, alternating, each time chosen by a computer in Geneva.


Rule no. 2: the hunter knows everything about his victim, name, address, habits.


Rule no. 3: the victim does not know who his hunter is.

He must locate him... and crush him.

Rule no. 4: the winner of every single hunt has the right to a prize.

The person who comes out alive... after the tenth hunt will be declared a decathlete.

He will be praised and receive one million dollars!

Up you go.


What do you want?

My friends, we're glad to offer our unique show.

Here it is, for the first time in New York, the most exciting and emotional spectacle of our life.


Take off my mask.

A souvenir.

Is he dead? Yes.

All in order? So it seems.


Your I.D.

Please, folks, quiet, quiet.

Hunter or victim?

Victim. Ninth hunt.

Regulation killing.

Put the prize in my account.

Only at the Masoch Club, my friends, you can enjoy extraordinary shows unique in nature and the most unusual ones on earth.

A genuine pursuit, a genuine victim and a genuine killing.

I'm happy to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Ministry of the Big Hunt, which granted authorisation to Miss Caroline Meredith to kill this gentleman in this club for our amusement.

A round of applause!

Can I get an autograph?

You are a tribute to all the women of New York!

Excuse me, excuse me.

Let me through.

Miss Meredith! What do you want?

I'm Morton Dewitt of the Ming Tea Company of San Francisco.

The largest tea importer in America. Yes, the largest!

You really impressed me, it was clever.

Thank you very much.

I have a very profitable offer for you.

Would you be interested in linking your tenth hunt with a great TV program? A great TV programme!

It's an undertaking of millions.

You know, the Ming tea commercials are watched by a hundred million Americans.

It could be a marvellous opportunity for you.

Can you hear your fans?

After this program you'll be even more popular.

It depends on the price. I'll talk to my agent.

Okay, dear, okay.

Next to step in the arena, Baron of Charlus, Mr. Del Corso, and Baron Von Rauchenberg.


Baron? No, thank you, I'm not playing.

I just wanted to tell you that it's your turn in a minute.

Two more horses, then it's your turn. Good luck.

Baron Von Rauchenberg has withdrawn.

He is replaced by Marquis Guicciardini Guidi, who is mounting horse number 22.

Victim or hunter?

Hunter: IT/2929, sixth hunt. Verify.

Congratulations. Thank you.

He's dead.

Hello, Hunt Ministry? Yes.

Regulation killing. Location?

It occurred on Piazza di Siena.

Victim number 113562.

Why not kill him in Hamburg, his birthplace?

I don't like to travel. I knew he'd be here for the horse show.

Why in such a brutal way, with an explosive?

For a baron it's an explosive boot.

Do you prefer being a hunter or a victim?

A hunter.

Why? It's easier.

And how do you feel this being your turn as a victim?

I don't know... I'll manage.

Which vitamin do you prefer?

Z- B 1002.

Is the Big Hunt a way to vent aggressive feelings?

Pretty much.

Which comics do you prefer?

The masked man. I'm a romantic.

You sure seem to be anything but violent and aggressive.


Do you believe in God? of course.

And in the family? Less.

Is it your goal to become a decathlete?

If my nerves can take it.

So you are a sissy, you are afraid to die, admit it!

Sure, I am afraid.

Why did you go blonde? Out! I've had it with you!

How rude! What is this?! Who do you think you are?

This was an interview with Marcello Poletti who has...

Come on, Thomas darling, my friend.

You are the only one who understands me. Come on, hurry up.

Come on, come to me.

Come on, Thomas, hurry up!

You're tickling me.


Marcello... do you know what I dreamt?

That you already got your annulment, but didn't tell me.

Dreams are strange, aren't they?

I think I'll call your wife, at least she'll tell me the truth.

With you, no one can understand a thing.



We remind all members of the organisation... that the deadline for the renewal of the hunting license is about to expire.

To avoid the danger of big wars, register for the Big Hunt.

Only the Big Hunt can give you a sense of safety.

Come on, come on!

What did this one do?

Instead of a Mr Borsini he killed a Mr Corsini.

That means 30 years in prison.

A study of history confirms the validity of the Big Hunt theory... it is mankind's safety valve.

And if in 1940 the Big Hunt had existed...

Hitler would've been a member and we could have avoided WWII.

Now all is resolved, wars are over and the violent instincts of man can now be expressed by a single and set competition.

Marcello Poletti. I'm here to collect for the sixth hunt.

THE PRIZE WAS WITHDRAWN BY MR S. LIDIA POLETTI The annulment was 6 days ago. Didn't they tell you?


When did she withdraw it?

One hour ago.

In order to avoid the danger of big wars, register for the Big Hunt.

Legalize your homicides.

Only the Big Hunt can give you a sense of safety.

One enemy a day will keep the doctor away.

Don't refuse me. Keep on kissing me!


It's against the rules.


Why control the births when we can increase the deaths?

Live dangerously, but within the law.

Suicides in the Big Hunt... there is room for you, too.

Station? Agent 819.

I'm reporting a regulation killing at 10:34.

Location? Steps of the Hunt Ministry.

Can I go? One moment.

Live dangerously, but within the law.

Is that your car?


It's in violation. Parked on the wrong side.

GENEVA In computer seven and eight we combined Miss Caroline Meredith, who is American, hunter no. 14332, with Mr. Marcello Poletti, who is Italian, victim no. 14879.

Residence of the victim: Rome, Italy.

Communicate to the hunter all data related to the victim.

Can't we get St. Peter?

After all, the Pope is American, modern.

And me dressed as a nun?

I'm up for shooting at the Studio?

Get that idea out of your head!

Just as we see Rome's plazas, domes, fountains, ruins... you want to lock yourself in a studio?

Let's not fool ourselves, the Vatican wouldn't allow it, they're against the Big Hunt.

Yes, but I have friends, we could try and ask for an exception.

It would be great to move around in a place like that.

I went there on my honeymoon with my 18th wife.

Sorry, but I prefer the Studio. oh my! Stop it. Come on!

It's crazy to come to Rome and shoot on a stage!

It would be great in that square! Sure! It can be done.

Imagine Poletti's corpse in the center fountain.

Wait a minute!

I've got a great idea...

The Colosseum!

Very good! This way we'll also have gladiators on TV.

But, we can't go over budget.

The gladiators won't cost much plus, ancient Rome always worked well on the American market.

Yes, and the remaining gladiators would kill each other off, in order to entertain the Romans.

Listen, let's not complicate things.

It's better if we shoot at the Studio.

Plus, don't forget, the costumes are ready.

I would love to be Cleopatra, though.

What does Cleopatra have to do with the Colosseum?

Besides, how would we shoot it there?

Look, look down there! It's all full of holes!

Yes, yes. Maybe you're right.

It's too run down.

And how are the dancers going to move in there?

They're not a herd of sheep!

We have to find another place!

Wait a minute, look! Over there That's where you have to kill him! Perfect!

We'll have the Colosseum in the background and the space we need!

What is it called?

The temple of Venus! I'll kill him here.

May I come in?

Who are you? Don't be afraid.

It's us! Confiscation. How are you Mr. Poletti?

Fine. Make yourself comfortable.

You could have notified me at least.

And so?

The bed stays with me by law.

You also have a right to a chair and a table. Like the last time.

If you don't mind, take the TV last.

The television last, as you wish.

You are always hunting, right, Mr. Poletti? I am a fan of those hunts.

I know all about you, lucky you!

Washington. In America an explosive cookie was launched...

What are you doing? Executive confiscation.

Ah, let me help you then.

Marcello! Finally, we're done! Let's change style!

Paris. The National Association of Homosexuals... has finally removed the veto from the Big Hunt...

Well, no!

No, not the comics! Marcello!

Marcello, that's forbidden! Come on, do something!

They can't take the comics! We have nothing left to read!

Miss, this is a collection of very high value!


Marcello, tell them! Wait, let me help you.

I have a "Gordon of the Empire of Aura from 35."

I know, I know... precisely!

...Chu Tz?, third citizen of our hemisphere who has completed the ten victorious hunts...

Man, this hunt! Shut up.

Good afternoon, dear Italian viewers. I'm speaking to you from Hong Kong.

Today all of China is celebrating its new hero: he will receive all the privileges our society grants him... for his greatness, his courage, such as exemption from all taxes, state automobile, free entrance to all the shows, and travel discounts.

Look, there he is, passing through the crowd, Chu Tze, the decathlete, shielded by a satin cover in the shape of the sun, symbolising his glory...

Well, then we'll see you at the next confiscation.

I am sorry about the comics, Mrs...


Well, happy hunting!

Hello? Neo-Gothic furniture for five rooms.

And who pays for it? You, with the next hunt.

And what if I die? The insurance...

Yes, sorry, we're at 149 Lungotevere Fellini.

Yes, on the top floor. Thank you.

Let go. Play with Thomas!

How old is this Poletti? Forty.

Married? Of course.

Yes, I know, but how many times? Once.


Is he all there? So, so...

Look, we've got the temple of Venus. We can start now.

Rich? So, so.

What's his sign?


Careful, they're impostors and liars.

He has nice hands, though! We located him on the monitor!

Hello, hello, hello!

Camera number 1.

Reporting subject in question who's just left home. over.

Where are we? Trinita' dei Monti.

I'm sure he just got up...

He's typical Italian, he likes to stay in the sun, like a cat.

He looks tired.

Maybe because he sleeps too much.

He's the perfect victim.

I've never trust lazy types. One never knows how to get them.

What is he picking up? A doll?

Oh my, is he a sex maniac? Ah, it could be.

What's going on? They're hitting each other!

Look how calm he is.

But, who are those people? Students discussing art.

Are you sure he was notified?

Let me check.

Look, he's going to the usual place. Just as planned.

If you hurry, you can catch him there.

Hunting Ministry Information?

Could you please tell me, if number B 2738, Poletti, Marcello, received his regular hunting notice?

He's been notified.

Everything is set. Is this place for men only?

I don't know.

There's a snack bar upstairs where he eats everyday.

Anybody can go there.

Come on, go! Hurry!

Follow them, Chet. Alright.

Hello, hello! Chet here!

Martin here. What's the status? They're in front of the snack bar.

Poletti has arrived and Caroline has joined him on the terrace. Over!

Good, watch them! Over. okay, over and out!

What do you want?

I am American. I feel lonely.

I want someone to talk to, but if I'm bothering you...

See, you've guessed right, you are bothering me.

My name is Caroline Meredith. So?

Are you busy tonight?

I'll probably be dead tonight.

You are very brave to expose yourself this way.

No, I just don't have enough money to defend myself.

Well, since it's about saving your life, I think...

Good luck!

Excuse me.

Stop, stop! You can't.

You can't... you can't shoot here.

You can't shoot in bars? Please, sir.

Since when? The first of the month.

We even put up a sign.

Look into it before going on a hunt!

I give you a one minute lead.

What kind of life this is...

You can't shoot in hospitals, nor in restaurants.

You can't shoot in churches nor at the barber's.

You can't shoot at nursery schools... You can't shoot anywhere anymore!

Then end this hunt, I tell you!

Well, bye.

Good luck! Thanks, same to you.

Sorry... but, once I saw one loaded with a Colt 45.

In America there aren't many restrictions for hunters.

Everyone can easily shoot wherever and whenever he wants to.

America is something else.

Answer it.

Hello. Marcello Poletti?

No, sorry, Mr. Poletti isn't here.


Was that okay? Thanks.

Mr. Poletti!

I want to relax.

Oriental or Northern? Northern.

Subscriber? No, cash.

Sign here.

Hi there.

Heavy, pop or very soft music?

Bleached, huh?

This is the first time I've seen you here.

My name is Astrid. What are you used to?

Do you want some special setting?

I have a very stimulating wolf's howl in the storm.

Or, would you prefer the take-off of a huge missile?

Or, can I offer you a nice rustling sound of underwear?

You're difficult, aren't you?

Come on, darling, rest your head on my breast.

I know a fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood. Want to hear it?

Did I ask you to speak? No.

I came here to think, period.

I just wanted to please you, but, if silence arouses you, I do as you wish.

Why are you following me? What do you want from me?

Do you have just a couple minutes? No, I don't.

Listen... I'm busy.

I came to Rome to conduct an inquiry on the sexual conduct of Italian men.

That's why I'm following you.

I don't want to talk.


Because there is no sexual conduct, nor a man.

Look, I represent millions of unsatisfied American women.

This is a live interview, I'd like to ask you something... have an experience, question you on TV at the temple of Venus.

Come on, say yes!

But, why me?

Because, I prefer difficult men like you.

Please, don't disappoint me. You'll come to the temple of Venus?

Here, done.

Ninety pulsations. Not bad.

How many beats did you count, Marcello?

How many beats did you count?


There were fifty. You're out of shape.

Yes, yes, I know.

Do you want to train? It's useless.

Marcello, you're a bundle of nerves.

I'll die, aren't you happy?

I know you'll die, but the important thing is how one dies.

As a rabbit, or as a Samurai?

Aim high, imbecile!

After a 48 hour hunt nothing has happened, I'm nervous.

There are two possibilities: he's either on his way, or he's here now, driving you crazy.

Do you have a bulletproof vest?

Are you armed?

You feel too sorry for yourself.

You're reckless, remember that the selection is cruel.

Only fifteen hunters in the entire world have made it through all ten hunts.


Marcello, wait! You have to pay me.

You still have to pay me for 15 training sessions at the gym.

You have to give me the money! When are you going to pay?

Next time.

Ah, next time... if there is ever going to be a next time!

Come on, touch the iron, touch the iron.

Not the good hand!

There is no curare.

Bastard! The good hand, of course.

Hello, Caroline? Yes.

We've lost him as well.

Maybe that's good. We're not ready yet. Over.

This is a great example of disorganisation. Over.

Some disorganisation never hurts. Over.

Well, maybe it's due to the Roman air. over.

Something will happen. Over.

I hope so. Out.

I called all the hotels.

Two Mexicans went down at the Excelsior.

The maid says they're unarmed.

Maybe they are refugees.

At the Ambasciatori hotel about 20 Russians from the cooperative societies went to see the Pope.

Listen, I...

Why aren't they picking up the corpses? Look at that.

I'll sleep at your house for a few nights.

Did you fight with Olga? No, but I want to end it.

I need to recover. Give me an injection, come on!

Did you tell her about the annulment?

No, what are you thinking? Let's go!

An American wants to interview me at the temple. She'll pay.

What's her name? Caroline Meredith.

She seems strange.

Do you know anything?

I know... she's staying at the Hilton with a group of Americans.

They work for the news media. They're unarmed.

Are you sure?

If I'm telling you, it means I know.

The left or right side? I don't remember.

Let me do a count. One week ago we did the left side, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

On the left! Ready?

Did you find him again?

Yes, we found him. He's at the beach.


With the sun worshippers. East of Fiumicino?

Yes. Shall I send Caroline back then?

Yes, let her know.

But there's time, Poletti's resting and he still needs to get ready.

There is time until sunset. Okay.

Agreed. Stay in touch.

Over and out.

Hello, Caroline.

Tell me, darling.

As soon as you can, turn back around.

Poletti has gone to the sunset worshippers.

Where are those sunset worshippers?

Look at the map we gave you.

East of Fiumicino, there's an arrow that points to the exact place.

You've got until sunset. Over and out.

Good evening.


Are you still insisting with that stupid inquiry?

You're so unpredictable that I want to follow you.

If you want something good, go with them.

A very emotional event, there's nothing funny about it.

Have a good day.

Today the daylight will be gone by 7:30 pm.

Contemplation of the sunset.

We were born by chance.

But, fortunately, we'll die by chance.

This last ray of light is reaching us from 149,000,000 km.

Our Father is leaving, we see him die with our own eyes.

But we can't despair.

Our tears are purifying. They free us from the anguish of every day, and while we're watching the passing of this beloved friend, our brothers in California are welcoming His birth in the morning.

Let's focus now.

The magical moment is about to strike!

In ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Perverts! Go away!

We'll give you the sunset! Imbeciles!

Go home! We don't want you here! We're sick of you!

Go! Go! Don't ever come back! We'll make you cry!

No, brothers... don't be bothered by those nasty neo-realists.

Cry, brothers! Cry!

Free yourself, free yourself!

What's up, are you crying? Have you never seen a sunset?

Yes, as a child, but I had forgotten.

Brothers, sisters!

Thank you.

Now, go my brothers, go to the sea. Purify yourselves!

Marcello, come and swim with us.

No, I can't tonight. But I'm there with you in spirit.

Go, go.

I see you're crying, also. of course, I took two crying pills. They last for at least 15 minutes.

You don't believe in what you're saying, do you?

I have to believe in it. I get 20% of the profits.

You should have seen what happened at the inauguration.

Even the therapists checked it out. The television, newspapers...

Those wicked neo-realists ruined me completely!

Well, why don't you stop then?

What is this, an interview or plain curiosity?

One or the other.

Really? Everything has a price. How much will you pay?

Three hundred dollars.

Four hundred, five hundred. If you want, even a thousand.

How long will this take?

One hour. Maybe two.

And where should it take place?

At the temple of Venus, near the Colosseum.

But, isn't it late now?

No, we work all night. We've got lots to do.

Isn't there an advance?

Oh, I see, you trust me.

Five hundred dollars.

Good. I'll get dressed right away and we'll go to Rome. okay?



She's making signals. It would be ideal to kill her now.

If she's not your hunter, that's 30 years in prison.

If she is my hunter, great!

If not, they'll take her for a drowned sun worshipper.

It's worked before.

Then tell me why she hasn't tried to kill you yet.

I don't know! But she's the only one following me.

Why has no one else tried to kill me? It could be tactics.

The clue lies in the temple of Venus. She insists on taking me there.

Okay, Marcello, let's do this...

I'll go to the temple and look around.

I'll meet you at Lidia's.

In one hour. Okay.

May I ask why you signed up for the Big Hunt?

For the money, obviously.

And I always thought that life is too long.

Age? Middle.

Profession? All of them.


You know what the Sacred Roman Rota is?

It's the court of matrimony.

Get married in Italy. You'll find out.

Three days ago I got the annulment for my marriage.

I've waited 6 years for this ruling.

Are you getting married again?

No, I wouldn't even if I were dead. Why?

I've already experienced it.

Don't you see what it has reduced me to?

Well, it must be because of this particular... family circumstance that you don't defend yourself.

You really want to die?

Don't try to understand everything at once.

Could you at least tell me where I am?

At my wife's house. I need just a couple of minutes.

Hear that? A couple of minutes.

Tell everyone to stand by. Come on, hurry up.

Wait, wait.

Looks like it's all mine. Now, it's all my wife's.


Would you like pop or soft music?

Just piano music.

Would you like an aphrodisiac? A mild one, if you have it.

What are you doing?

You keep it in the safe?

No, I'm looking for something more exciting, money.

Enough with this game.

Help yourself.

Sorry, but these sunsets wear me out.

I don't know what else to do to make money.

Three minutes of relaxation.

What do you mean, three minutes to relax?

Look, we have to go to the temple of Venus.

Poletti... hey!


My Goodness! What a lovely creature! Step forward, Miss. Don't hold back.

Would you like some coffee? Sure, some coffee...

She could be a spy! What spy?!

Don't worry mum.

I knew it, you are a spy from the nursing home!

Marcello, don't hurt her!

That's not true! I am a reporter.

Why should I care about your parents?

The prize is useful to everyone!

What are you doing with your parents? I don't understand.

Why haven't you turned them over to the State yet?

In Italy, we believe in the patriarchal family system.

Almost nobody turns them over to the State.

We keep them hidden. We often fix them up...

To look like teenagers. Like teenagers?

A son's love that intense is incredible! You really love them this much?

No. It's the obligation that bothers me.

If you're not a government agent, you're my hunter.

Come on, make up your mind.

Come on... let's get it over with.

Quickly, though.

Why on earth do you have to dramatize everything?

Come on... why do you think I would want to kill you?

I understand your situation. The hunt, the wife, the money...

If you want to win, you must be calmer... and more serene.

Don't get so agitated. It's not good for you.

Would you like a little massage? I'm good at this.

How did you solve the problem with your parents?

I'm from Hoboken, the fertilisation center.

You're good at giving massages.

Are you ticklish?

You are very sensual, are you? A real ball of fire.

How I envy you.

Shall we have this... this experience?

Lay down.

I can't feel a thing.

Count to 100, if you like. I'm an iceberg.

Yes, sure, you have a nice technique, but...

I should attend a class on light erotica.

But, that's so demoralising.

Especially the learned part. Many fall for it.

Why don't you shut up. How can I get to work, if you talk?



Sorry to disturb you.

Oh, Lidia, it's you, don't worry, stay.

Caroline, let me introduce my wife, Lidia.

Ex... ex-wife. Right.

You should at least have notified me.

You know what happened?

Olga called me and I told her that we got the annulment. Is that okay?

When are you gonna shut up? She'll have her cards ready!

Of course, after all these years.

Besides, you promised her you would marry her.

You even forced us to become friends with each other.

She's always here with me.

I forced you? You two are the sick ones!

I feel fond of her for wanting to marry you.

Are you looking for something? My prize money.

I told you that I've already spent it. All of it?

Of course, all of it.

In order for me to get married again...

I need to buy something for myself, right?

Plus, I have to care for your parents.

Don't think that this doesn't cost anything!

Two elderly people.

Should we turn them over to the State?


Who are you? He's here with you.

That's why he's hiding. Right?

There's no answer. He doesn't tell me about the annulment.

Excuse me. What do you want from me?

I've been waiting years for this annulment, get it?

And now there's you. You think you can change his life.

I'll kill you both!

There must be some mistake... I spent millions for this story!

I was that young when it all started!

Not in my house, cool it.


Marcello sends his regards. He just left.

It's not as simple an inquiry as she wants you to believe.

I think she is planning something weird.

I think it's a trap.

You'll soon find out yourself. Be careful, though!

Wait for me here.

Be careful!

Excuse me, is this the temple of Venus?

Yes, of course. Thank you.

Did Caroline call? She's coming. Keep him busy.

Hey, one of your agents paid me for an interview, but... we lost sight of each other and haven't been able to find each other.

Can we interview without the girl?

Sorry, no. But Caroline will be here any moment.

Martin, do you know anything?

Yes, I know she's coming, and she's usually on time.

Well, since you're not ready, I'll return the advance.

Oh, it's not important if the interview doesn't happen now.

We're in no hurry, right, Cole? Certainly. Tonight, tomorrow...

We're always here. Would you like something to drink?

Yes, let's have a drink. Whisky?

Vodka? Sambuca?

Anyway, in case Miss Caroline still needs me, she can find me at the Big Hunt Club.

Well, it's only a matter of minutes. Listen...

At the Big Hunt Club, at midnight.


You're right.

The TV interview gets me here so she can kill me for publicity!

A commercial, huh? Yes, some kind of commercial.

Yes, the Americans are always ahead of us.

I heard they tried the same sort of thing in Milan.

The only one who would go out of his mind for an idea like this is Silvestri.

What idea?

I'll kill her for a sponsor, too! Get it?

How can I organize everything in one night?

I don't care.

Do what you want. That's what I'm paying for.

Yeah, right! It's been months since I've seen a dime!

Stay with me, you'll get the profit! Right, the profit.

But, it's difficult in one night. How can it be done?


I'd like to speak the commander.

I'll get him right away, just a second. Thank you.

We're lucky, he's in.

Yes, hello, I'm here.

Hello, I'm an attorney Rossi, Poletti's assistant, You heard of him... Ah! The hunt!

Precisely, the Big Hunt!

I'd like to propose a big publicity stunt for your product with your swimming pool, a crocodile, and the killing... of an American girl.

To me, the idea of killing someone... for publicity always seemed to be a very amusing idea.

Do you know what worries me? That a woman would be killed.

Why? It might not be good for sales.

Insist on it!

If we'd kill someone else...?

That's impossible.

I'll tell you, this year it's trendy to kill women.

It's not important who dies, but how one dies.

Tell him that people want a spectacle.

As you know, today people only go for the spectacle.

Yes, true, but I'd like to think about it.

You've got first option but we can't waste any time.

Yes or no!

Alright then. Come and see me right away.

Excellent! Right away, though.

All right.

He's waiting for us at the villa. Let's go.

Keep clear! Please, keep clear!

Let us through, please, keep clear.

Careful, don't get near it. It's dangerous. I take no responsibility.

This is a great animal! Yes, yes. Come, Poletti.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Careful, please.

All right, here, put it down. Gently, gently.

It has to eat one girl? Don't worry, it' can eat three. It's terrible!

You're sure? Certainly.

It'll break her backbone right away. Perfect.

Plus, it has another exceptional characteristic.

He's the only crocodile that doesn't cry after the meals.

Speed? - 80 kilometers when immersed in water.

Aren't you putting it in? Not now. At the last minute.

Tomorrow morning I'll leave for Milan.

The filming has to be finished tonight.

All right. You can count on it.

Marcello, the contract... it's getting late!

Put the crocodile in the gazebo for now.

I'm forgetting something.

What slogan will you read, Poletti?

Read it. Ah, yes.

Let's see...

At the killing of the hunter, Caroline Meredith, the undersigned Marcello Poletti lifts the cup filled with your product and clearly repeats the following slogan with a courteous and inviting smile:

"You'll always win with Coca 80."


We're ready.

Let's go.

The advance!

Miss Caroline has to sit here.

Look, are you sure this will work?


Let's try it. As you wish.

You play the girl.

Well, I really... Sit down!

Are we sure the crocodile isn't in there?

Come, the machine is here.

Don't worry, it's a test. What can I say?

You only have to push this button.

Come on.

I beg you...

Poletti, push the button.

Please, sir.

No, Caroline I think he's still unsure as to whether you're his hunter.

I admit he may be suspicious at most.

Well, if so, then tell me why he put me in his wife's house and came to the temple all by himself.

He escaped in a hurry.

He is in a lot of trouble. With those women tormenting him... you should know, you caught a couple of punches.

He knew very well where I was, but asked for me anyway.

No, he didn't ask for you. He said he'd lost sight of you.

He figured that without you nothing could be done.

He even tried to give the money back.

You know what I say? We can do whatever we want.

It's as if we have it in the bag. He's too stupid!

Yet, I'm sure, as soon as he sees me, he'll shoot me.

The one place where he cannot shoot you is the Hunt Club.

You can go there without a problem.

Good. I'll go there.

Give me my clothes.

We need to come up with something to confuse him, to make him believe that the hunter is someone else.


Chet, you have to shoot at him without hitting him.

Okay?! Good. All right.

Be careful not to get recognised. of course.

Act as if you're his hunter. Understood.

Come Caroline, hurry up. Let's go!

I have another idea.

Get me a young and handsome guy.

Big Hunt Club

Chet here. over. Martin here. Over.

Mission accomplished. What now?

I'm not going out with you anymore.

I don't believe this guy.

He was sent here to trick us. A real hunter wouldn't have missed!

Caroline should have arrived. Stay here, keep an eye out.

Marcello, she's coming with another guy.

With another guy? Yes.

And he is not American.

You've got little time. You've got the crocodile at 4.00 Go away!

You're a wimp and a coward!

Your life isn't worth a penny to me.

Can I consider myself free?

It's up to you.

And the interview at the temple of Venus?

You're too busy.

Besides, I prefer Rudy.

Maybe he's not so interesting?

Isn't it true, Rudy, that you're less interesting?

But he's nice and simple.

That solves everything, right?

I'll even let you keep the advance.

Poor Marcello, caught between his troubles with women, lovers, priests, hunters.

I considered you the wild great male icon, you monster!

Are you joking? No, I'm not joking.

Disappointed, huh? Yes, very much.

For an instant you showed me something new at your home.

Then your wife and that other one arrived, and you ran away like a child!

I've a proposal for you, listen...

Maybe, in a more romantic setting...

Come on. There's a villa on Appia Antica, with a great pool.

Let's go there, okay?


The spell is broken, don't you think?

Oh, how cute.

The crocodile.

I like effeminate guys.

They're the ideal friends for women.

They keep you company. Have you ever been one?

Why do you despise men so much?

No, I actually like them a lot, but then, once you get to that point, it becomes impossible.

Where are you going?

To work.

To the temple of Venus.

What happened?

She's doing the interview with the other guy.

Well, then it really is an interview and has nothing to do with the hunt.

In the end, your hunter really was the one shooting at you.

Be on guard, Marcello. I kept an eye on you all evening.

You two are falling in love.

Ming tea makes better lovers!

Yes, only Ming tea makes better lovers!

No, she's got nothing to do with the hunt, patience!

What can you do? Careful, think.

The interview with Rudy may be a trick. Women are smart, Marcello!

Think hard. She arrives, follows you, pays you, you see her making signals at night, and then... does everything to get you here.

No, no, no.

If you weren't 100% convinced, why didn't you say so?

But, how... how could I? It was just a guess!

A victim never has the exact information.

What will we tell them? You took the advance!

They're waiting for us, you have to decide!

Say what you want, make something up, delay it!

I have to be sure before I kill her. Understand?

Or it's 30 years in prison for me!

Go. There she is. Go away. Hide!


He fell for it, go, go.

According to you I'm a wimp and a coward, why?

It's obvious. Because you are afraid. Of who?

Of me.

Would you like to get in?

Hey, you guys! Come here. Come back.

Lets go!

I'll follow them by car.


Do you love her? Who?

Olga, your lover.


Then why don't you tell her? It would be far simpler and cleaner!

Relationships should be truthful!

But, who wants the truth? Nobody likes the truth.

It's better this way, with the lies and deceptions.

I blush when I tell the truth.

Do you like the truth?

Just wait.


Hello, olga.

Marcello, where are you? I've been looking for you all day!

Listen to me. oddly enough, tonight I want to tell the truth.

How come?

Well, listen closely.

As you know, I've gotten the annulment.

Yes, Lidia told me. Right... but I won't marry you.

When I find you, Marcello... you'll pay for this! It's that American woman's fault!

It has been so many years, and now you dump me!

I'll kill you both!

I'll get a machine gun and slaughter you!

Now that I've told the truth, is there a prize?

What a beautiful night, Marcello!

I feel great.

Can I tell you something? What?

Did you know, in New York, after a night like this... a penny is put in a machine, and then, two people like us...

Bingo! They're husband and wife.

But, we're not in New York.

Excuse me, Caroline, but let's be straight.

In Italy almost nobody gets married, it's not worth it.

Divorce doesn't even exist here.

We have to get along. We're very religious here.

I want a child from you.

Actually, I want two or three kids! Yes, I can give you some.

Three, eight, nine, ten, as many as you like.

But, without marriage, okay?

Come on, don't joke.

It's the first time I've asked anyone for that.

Attention! Attention!

Poletti and Caroline are on the right track.

I'm staying here. Over and out.

I feel like a normal woman with you.

The truck has to get through here. Don't drop it!

There will also be a crane.

Let's go!

Okay, like that.

Good morning, darling.

How long did I sleep? Six hours.

It's eleven o'clock now.

That's strange.

I can't hear the sea anymore.

I know, the sea has calmed down.


do you know what I was thinking?

Why don't we go away, just the two of us?

Far away from everyone, to an island.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

I'm all wrong. I want to change. I have to change.

I don't believe you, you're a liar.

Yet, I can prove to you that I'm being sincere, that I am telling the truth.

The truth, which you like so much.

Did I introduce you to Thomas? No.

Go, Thomas. Go to Caroline.

Don't be afraid.

Show her if I am sincere or not.

Thomas is my only friend.

Touch his nose. You'll see how loving he is.

Look, how good he is.

He's very sweet.

Open him.

There is a gun in it. It's mine.

I have no desire to kill you.

I love you. I want to live with you.

I feel it, I've always felt it... that you were my hunter.

Really? From the first moment.

What's the matter?

But, that's fantastic, Caroline.

Attention! Action! Rolling... start recording.

Drink Ming tea and you'll live longer.

Oh, hi.

You'll live longer. You prepared a great death for me!

You'll live longer.

You are fantastic!

Why are you laughing?

Well, I'm laughing because...

I'm fascinated by your plan.

Thank you.

Thank you!

No, no, move over a little please, there.

Drink Ming tea and you'll live longer.

Sure. Drink Ming tea and you'll live longer.

Drink Ming tea and you'll live longer. Louder!

Drink Ming tea and you'll live longer!

This show was sponsored by the Ming Tea Company.


Come on, let's go! Shoot!

Caroline, do you want him to get away?

Shoot! Shoot!


Oh, you were great!


Wonderful! Wonderful!

Now you're a decathlete, one million dollars!

Congratulations, old man! Same to you!

Come on, let's pack up. Let's not waste any time, hurry!

We've made it! Come on, let's take care of the body.


Where is the dead guy? I don't know. He was there.

How should I know about a dead guy?

I was over there, it's not my fault!

Hey, Caroline!

Marcello! Marcello, forgive me.

You did shoot. It's true that you don't love me.

Stop there.

I'm sorry.

I love you so much, so much!

It's too late, Caroline. It's too late!

And, you're so naive to have trusted my gun.

When people are in love they make mistakes.

You think so? Yes.

No. No, darling, no.

I'm sorry, darling.

You're the only woman I could ever love. You just don't get it!

Congratulations! Perfect! Say the slogan.

Ten thousand. My lawyer is here. Okay, ten thousand dollars.

Smile... smile...

She made a mistake. She didn't drink a double Ming Tea!


The gun, the gun!

Enough, Caroline!

Enough, okay, I give up!

I'm in your hands. Okay.

You are breaking my eardrums. Enough.

Women never die.

Damn, I should have known!

I have a skin like bulletproof vest the only one in the world.

Designed by me.

You can't destroy me, Caroline.

Without television it's useless.

Don't worry. I want revenge.

All right, done.

I'll strangle you.

Marcello! This is your last hunt!


I'll even kill your parents! I swear!

I'll kill you like a dog! Damn, they're after us! Quick, hide!

What are you doing? Let go of me!

Crazy Olga!

Quickly, back there.


There she is!

Come on, give it to me! You're good at nothing!


Give me that gun! You're going to get me killed.

Let go!

This is my deal! Get lost!


I'm the one who killed your first victim!

And the idea of putting dynamite in the boots was mine!

No, that's not true! Yes, it was her idea!

Coward, scoundrel! I'll strangle you with my hands!

Stay down! Are you crazy?! They'll kill you!

Are you injured?

No, it's just dislocated.

Come on! Let's leave!

Enough with the gun, I can't... Hurry!

Don't waste any time! Go!

Quick, quick! Run, run!

Come on! Wretches...!

Run, Marcello, run!

And who are you?

You look like an ancient Roman.

I am an ancient Roman.

What's your name? othello.

Are you naturally dark? Of course.

Don't let her see us, she's nuts!

Wait for me! Where are you going?

Listen, come with me, I have to tell you something. Come!

Olga? Me too, me too!

Welcome aboard.

Where are we going? Where are you taking me?

I need to sleep.

What's all that?

A "Wedding Airplane"?

They're crazy.

I hereby join you in matrimony, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here we are. Do you Caroline Meredith... take Marcello Poletti as your husband?


Excuse me, what did you say?

What did you say? Aren't you Marcello Poletti?

Look, there's been a mistake.

We're here by accident. Actually, I'd like to get off, now.

But, aren't you Marcello Poletti? Yes.

Then you have to get married.

You couldn't end this story better than with this lady.

Caroline, did you arrange this?

Do you Marcello Poletti take Caroline Meredith as your wife?


I'd like to think about it, Father.


You don't have to think about it, just get married.

The rings.

Do you Marcello Poletti... take Caroline Meredith as your wife?

I don't think I have any other choice, Father. Yes.

I now pronounce you man and wife.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may kiss the bride.

Caroline, why did you want to ruin this great love story?