The 14 Amazons (1972) Script

This film is adapted from "The Yang Heroes".

Generations of loyal Yang warriors have fought for their country;

Their descendents have died for the people.

They have taken part in many famous battles.

When the older generation has fallen the younger generation took their place until the last general, Yang Tsung Pao.

He defended the border against invasion of Western Xia.

For 3 days and 3 nights, he battled against the enemy.

Though unaided, he fought bravely true to Yang spirit. being outnumbered, he was ambushed at Golden Mountain, his troops were wiped out.

Yang Tsung Pao was wounded and trapped...

Capture Yang Tsung Pao!

Why aren't you fighting?

The soldiers have been killed We are the only ones left!

The enemy has broken through!


Don't mind me Commander...

General Chiao, General Meng Yes!

Send a message to Tian bo Mansion, ask Grand Dame to dispatch more troops to the border at once What about you?

I'm the commander I must die defending the land

Go now!

I'm not going!

This is an order!

We're not going!

We won't take your order!

How dare you!

We're worried about you!

We're like brothers This is a matter of national security Don't mind me anymore! brother...

I haven't been home for 5 years Please apologize to the Grand Dame for me! brother!

Tell Kuei Ying not to grieve for me and to impart proper coaching to Wen Kuang Yes, sir!


Protect the Commander!

Yang Tsung Pao, you've been surrounded!

Come before our King!

Commander Yang, what a pleasure!

My sons have always admired you Your troops have been annihilated You should surrender!

No one surrenders in the Yang family Song soldiers do not surrender That's right!

Kill them!


Wait! Will you surrender?

Over my dead body!

Watch how I reward your men and you can die in peace!

His soul is never in peace Rarely did he ever care for himself He selflessly died for the country and only the dust accompanies his spirit but the people of the earth sob And also the Heavens above cry for him

Today is Tsung Pao's birthday He's defending the border Let's celebrate for him!

Wishing him a speedy victory!

Kuei Ying Yes!

We're at home now There's no need for such formality!

Of course The birthday boy is absent you'll have to make a toast on his behalf You should!


A toast to your health

A toast for grandmother

One for you

One for you

One for you

And one for you

It's my turn, isn't it?

I'd like a double It's for good luck!

Serve the wine!

You deserve this for teaching Wen Kuang

You can certainly hold your liquor!

Kuei Ying, I should congratulate you Thank you

Here's a toast to you Wishing Tsung Pao a long and healthy life

A toast to you, mother Wishing a speedy return for Tsung Pao and for you to be reunited soon Thank you Sister, here's a toast to you It would be perfect if brother were here He's been defending the border for 5 years We're hoping for a reunion for you lt'll be sweet after a long separation You should be pleased

Here come the birthday buns and noodles

I made these myself Have some for good health and fortune So kind of you!

Let's put on the flower and eat some buns Great grandmother!

Let's eat!

Wen Kuang Yes?

Give out the flowers for your father Yes!

Pai Feng, one for you!

Thank you!


Let's eat!

Grand Dame!

General Chiao and General Meng are here Why are they back?

To deliver a message The Commander was ambushed at Golden Mountain He was shot to death by arrows

Don't be so sad

Tsung Pao, today is your birthday didn't expect it will be the day of your death Kuei Ying Greetings, Madam


The Yang's blood line has come to an end

I'll ask the Grand Dame to avenge Tsung Pao lt'll be such a blow to her!

Afterall today is Tsung Pao's birthday

Madam is right Please put this back on!

Kuei Ying, let's deal with this tomorrow I promise you I'll wait

Very well Mother!

Don't tell Wen Kuang!

Uncle Chiao! Uncle Meng!

Wen Kuang!

How's father?

He's... fine!

Mother, when I grow up I'll fight alongside father, alright?


Come on! Great grandmother wants to talk to you!


Wen Kuang, let them go change first!

You run along!


Watch what you say!


Don't say anything I don't want you to stir up trouble I'll keep my mouth shut Go change!


Greetings, Grand Dame!

Greetings, ladies!

Please get up!

Thank you

Kuei Ying tells me you're here to celebrate Tsung Pao's birthday Yes...

Does he have a letter?


How can you leave when there's a war going on?

Ting Kuai!


Tell me the truth!


The Commander wants us to ask after your health I'm not asking you!


Ting Kuai Here Speak up!

The Commander...

What about him?


Speak up!

He's dead!


We must take revenge!

I will present the case to His Majesty


Tsung Pao, you're worthy of being a Yang Here's a toast to you

"A Patriotic Family"

Minister Kou is here...

Grand Dame

Minister Wang...

Commander Yang died for his country His Majesty grieves his loss I'm here to convey his condolences We thank his benevolence

Please restrain your grief Though it's an honor to die for the country the border is under siege troops should be dispatched at once His Majesty has read your report It's senseless to go up against Western Xia's His Majesty has taken our advice he'll negotiate peace with Western Xia Negotiate?

That will bring forth grave harm!

There are no more troops to dispatch We have no choice There are 800,000 guards at the capital Can't they defend the border?

We have no commanders The Yang family has one Who?


At your age?

All the more determined in old age Even if you become the commander you still need experienced generals We all are!

Yang warriors have fought numerous battles We'll be the laughing stock if women go into battle There's still a son in the Yang family Yang Wen Kuang

This is not a child's game Ability has nothing to do with age Gan Luo became a minister at 12 Zhou Yu was also a young man Such impudence!

Have I been mistaken?

You're a spoiled brat Wen Kuang might have been rude but it's out of his patriotism That's not true!

You just want an excuse to take revenge!



You're dreaming!


You think little of the Yangs Turn around!

Liang Lang Mountain, Li Ling Tomb Hong Yang Cave, Golden beach And Triple Pass Cliff The Yangs fought in every war They died in every battle Look up!

For the country and the people We have shed our blood Now we're left with widows and orphans

How dare you say this is personal?

There is no end to our vendetta And no revenge is enough for us

I'm only here to pay my respects It's His Majesty's decision about the war

Generals Chiao and Meng Yes!

Scrape the ground No traitor is to leave footprints in Tian bo Mansion Yes!

Yang Hong!


Prepare my palanquin Yes I'll seek an audience with His Majesty Grand Dame Wang Qin controls His Majesty as he commands I'm afraid it's useless to see His Majesty With your permission I'll go alone and avenge Tsung Pao We all want to wipe out the barbarians Mother, we want to go too!

Me too!

Grand Dame, all of us should bear this responsibility We should all go!


Very well! I'll go too!

Grand Dame, at your age... you may not withstand the hardships of war!

Mother, you can count on us!


I've made up my mind!

We'll all go except Wen Kuang!

I must kill the barbarian King You can't go!

Mother, I must avenge father!

I admire your piety but you should stay behind and practice Listen to us!

Great grandmother, I want to go!

You're indeed your father's son but... you're the only heir Grand Dame...

I'll kneel before father's memorial tablet and won't get up Wen Kuang Mother!

Wen Kuang...

He's quite good with the spear despite his age Let him come along!

He'll have to prove it!

Go to the exercise room

Great grandmother!

How cocky!

You'll take on your mother Whoever drops the spear will lose!


Wen Kuang

Wen Kuang Why hasn't Kuei Ying taken charge?

She's doing this on purpose Get up!

Watch out!

Strike the drum and cheer for Wen Kuang Alright!

Watch your right arm!

Hold on! Don't let go!


Wen Kuang


Please help me!

This is for your own good!

Then you should let me go!


I'll show you a Parthian shot

The son beats the mother My student is not bad!

Thanks to you!

No, it's your magnificent yield!

Wen Kuang, you're worthy of our name!

We have another warrior!

Kuei Ying Yes!

Grand Dame!

He would have lost if it hadn't been for you!

I understand your wishes Wen Kuang can come along

Thanks, Great grandmother

Thank you, mother!

You can no longer object!

Daughters Yes!

Prepare your armor!


Standby in the courtyard!


You're all that is left of the Yang warriors We're on a punitive expedition to Western Xia Remember this The future of Song and the Yangs ride on this battle Yes!




Grand Dame...

What are you doing here?

I'm coming with you We're at war You still have to eat!

That's right!

You'll escort the rations and forage Yes!

Please mount your horse!

Wait! Please wait!

Did you forget about me, Grand Dame?

You wish to come along, Yang Hong?

I've served you for decades I must come along You're too old!

You're not any younger!

All the more determined in old age I've served the old Master well Followed him into every battle I've always been there!

Very well!

With your loyalty we needn't be afraid of anything!

Head for the border!

Look how majestic the Yangs are!

Greetings, Grand Dame!

You leading your family to war at your age is truly admirable Song's future lies with the Yang heroines!

You flatter us!

Wang Qin arrogates military power He will not allow you to serve the country

He comes with ill intent!

Watch my signal!

Grand Dame!

So kind of you to see us off!

His Majesty orders you to turn back!

Where's the imperial edict?

There isn't one!


The imperial sword is here

My word is as good as the edict I have the authority to execute those who defy me Arrest him!

Don't move!

How dare you!

You're rebellious! bring me the Dragon Cane

You want to beat me?


How dare you!

How dare you!


Minister Kou Yes?

What's the penalty for beating up the minister?

Execute all kinship!

What about me?

No penalty for the Grand Dame!


The Dragon Cane is bestowed by the late Emperor to beat fatuous kings or lecherous officials


I've done nothing wrong!

You did nothing to defend the country Aren't you guilty of causing great harm to the state?


Aren't you guilty of bullying fellow officials?


Second guessing our patriotism Stopping us from dispatching troops Guilty!

I'll beat you!

How dare you!

That's quite enough!

Very well!

We'll settle this upon our victorious return Mount your horses!


Let's go!

Are you alright?

Move away!




Let them get killed!

Dons on the armour showing heroic spirit The four generations leading the troops fighting for the country The 14 Amazons to achieve fame on the border

We're outnumbered!

We need a stratagem instead of taking them head on How?

Go around the Golden Mountain and attack from the back Target the leader!

We'll conquer without a fight This is the location of the camp Troops are stationed at the entrance Here's the back where the rear camp is Strike!

You're fine warriors I'm training you to be killing machines so we can conquer the Song dynasty

These Song women are your rewards Pick one for yourself!

I'll strip her even if she's dead!



Lu Chao, how long have you been here?

10 years, 5 months and 3 days You have a good memory Even a dog knows its owner after 10 years

How dare you protect the corpse of a Han woman?

She's a reward from the King

If you deny him the pleasure you're defying the King's wishes!

bring his sister!


Let me go!


You spoil his fun he'll have fun with your sister!

Will you comply?



Let me go!


How dare you!

We must kill him!

I intend to You have guts I'll allow you to fight him If you win, you and your sister will live Yes!

You're a slave Do you understand the rule of challenging a warrior?



To win you must beat him with bare hands or else he's free to fix you as he pleases begin!

I've won!

Not yet!

I've already beaten him!

Now, you have!

Your Majesty!

What is it?

The Yang widows are on their way!

How many troops?

Just a few hundred Let's discuss a plan inside Yes!

They plan to ambush the Yangs Hurry and bring them the message!

The barbarians will know it's me and they'll harm you We've been here 10 years We've endured great sufferings You are well trained to serve our country here's your chance!

Don't worry about me!

Zhen Zhu



Stop! I'm not a spy!

Wait! Let him get up first!

You have a Chinese accent Is that right?

Yes Traitor!

No! I'm not!

The barbarians killed my family and kidnapped me!

I've been waiting for a chance to serve my country I heard about your conquest so I ran away from the barbarian camp to deliver a message to your Commander You want to see our Commander?

What is it?

You'll be ambushed at Twin Dragon Mountain Let's go around No, it's the only way We'll be walking into a trap!

We've come this far we'll fight through Kuei Ying Yes!

Are you sure about this?

Nothing can stop us!

Very well! I'll leave this to you!


Show us the skill that broke the Tian Men Formation Lead us through Twin Dragon Mountain

Why are they stopping?

What is Mu Kuei Ying up to?

Go check!


It's Lu Chao

The enemy is hiding up on the hill How do you know that?

Those are fake bushes They're using a fire formation What shall we do?

We must let them on We'll proceed as planned Forward!

Mu Kuei Ying, you've been duped

You'll be crushed to pieces and burnt to ashes

Fake an epilepsy attack!


Don't make a noise Get ready!


What is it?

Epilepsy! Try harder Let's go!


Don't support her!


I'll let you live a bit longer

be very careful!

Watch them!

Looks like they're faking it!




Don't run!

Stay calm!

Protect the Grand Dame!

Watch the food cart!

Put out the fire, hurry!

break out from here!

Watch out for the falling rocks!


Watch out!


Head count?

The food cart is missing!


They're here!

Catch... burn them alive!

I'm not afraid Let her watch them burn!

burn the others!

Mu Kuei Ying has been lured away Good!

Go after the old lady!

Attack the forest!


Madam, the Grand Dame is ambushed!

Let them deal with it Look for the old lady!

Set the formation!



I want her dead today!

Compared to national security my life means nothing!


We can't forego Grand Dame's safety!

Stop fighting!

Huai Yuan!


Tell them to stop fighting!


You must fight if you're a Yang Charge!


We have the old lady Mu Kuei Ying will come for her We'll wait here!

Stay calm!

Get ready!

We'll capture them in one go!

Your Highness, Mu Kuei Ying is here!


We have the old lady Regardless of how capable she is Mu Kuei Ying will surrender!

Make them drop their weapons!

Drop your weapons!


Let me! How dare you resist?

Put it down or else you're dead!

Put it down!

Madam is here!

Drop it!

In the forest Did you hear me?

They've complied!

You should put it down too!


You've done a good job but something gave you away You forgot the boots!

Why did Mu Kuei Ying send you? Speak up!

To bring you a message We'll send you to hell!


Let's go!

Where is she?

Forget it!

She'll come after you!


The same message...

She'll come after you


Wen Kuang...

One more move and I'll spill your guts!

Go ahead! I'll show you the Yang spirit!

Unlike you ruthless barbarians How cocky!

Kill him!


Catch her!

Stop! It's me!


Stop! Don't go!

What's this?


Mount the horse! Hurry!

He got away!

I don't care if he has backup! Let's go!



Stay here!

Don't be reckless!

Mu Kuei Ying I shot your husband 19 times It's your lucky day today I only have 6 arrows left You and your son will share them

Wen Kuang, he's an expert archer You can't go!


I must kill him to avenge father Wen Kuang...

It's a trap!

Don't fall for it!

He killed father I will risk my life to kill him This is an order!


You both stand guard over there Let me handle him

Madam, be careful! You have a heavy burden!


You're down to your last arrow!


Good! You'll be reunited with your husband!

The poison will reach your heart within 5 paces Even if you can break the Tian Men formation There's nothing you can do now!

Sir, let me send her off I've killed many Song soldiers but never someone famous like her If I kill the famous Mu Kuei Ying lt'll be such an honor!

As you wish!

You asked for it!

I'll first gouge out your eyes!

You missed!

Such a cunning bitch!

How else can I catch the fox!

Looks like I've been defeated

I'll be at your mercy

Go ahead!

Where did you first shoot my husband?

On the chest!

Then I'll jab you on the chest

You're not sly enough!

We'll meet again!

Search for Mu Kuei Ying!


Kill all the prisoners!

Make them kneel before your brother Yes!

Look up!

I dare you too look, snitch!

You'll die differently Slowly and horribly

I'll cut out your tongue first Look what you've done!

Sister Shen!

With a knife I'll cut you to pieces!

Give her a knife!

I'll watch while you slice her!


Poor girl! You won't suffer anymore!

Then I'll make you suffer instead!

Arrest her!

Yes, sir!

Kill them! Kill all of them!

You won't die in peace You can't save the Yangs!

Without food and forage they'll die anyway

Mother, you were alright yesterday does it hurt again?

I'll give you a massage Never mind I feel bad about them eating tree bark

It tastes so bad I want to throw up!

You can't even put up with this When your father was at war he ate dirt and tree bark

Good boy!

4 more days till we reach the pass but there's nothing to eat around here!

Unless we rob their grain depot Wang Wen is ruthless and sly If he knows we have lost our provisions the depot will be heavily guarded We'll be walking into a trap We can't do that!

Then we'll have to kill the horses!

They have been with us at every battle They're good war horses I can't bear to eat them!

We'll think of something else!

Ting Kuai, what have you got there?

We'll have a feast tonight!

What's that?


Meaty enough?


We'll kill him tonight!


I dare you!

I'll kill you if you kill him!

That's none of your business!

I'll eat you if you eat him!

I didn't intend to catch him he was following me It's because he wants to eat you!

Let him go!


Whatever you say!

Let me set him free!

No! You're sly like your father You won't set him free!

You almost got killed, you poor thing!

Run along now!

Damn old fool!

Who are you calling a fool?

Whoever lost my food!

He didn't mean you! but I blame myself!

It's my fault there's nothing to eat and I've delayed the progress It was all my fault!

He's stupid and you're silly I'm a fool!

Collective wisdom will come up with something We lost the provisions we'll get them back!

From where?

The grain depot is on the other side of the bridge We'll go there!

We're not allowed to rob them!

No! but we'll take them just the same They burnt ours we'll steal theirs!

That's fair enough! Let's go!

Not so loud, silly!

Tonight we'll sneak out and ship back the provisions


Go! Let's go!


Don't worry, I know him!

Remember me?

They wanted to kill you I set you free Please don't bark!


You're a real pal!


What is it?

Why did you hit me?

I didn't! You must be drunk!

This is ridiculous!


Who else can it be?

Someone is here!

The Yangs are here stealing provisions!

Don't yell! Let them!


We can trace them back to their camp!

Watch them!


We'll tail them when they leave!


Young Master!


Young Master!

I broke the rule!

So did I! I followed you here!

I'm afraid to go back!

Don't be silly! You must go back!

Don't worry! I'll help you!

Alright, let's go!


Young Master!

Pai Feng!

Young Master!

Pai Feng!

Please seek Grand Dame's pardon for me!

I won't be able to serve her anymore!

No, I'll support you!

Wen Kuang is not back yet!

What should we do?

We're finished dispatching the troops

Kuei Ying, we can't wait anymore!

The enemy will attack soon We're outnumbered if we take them head on

Kuei Ying There's no time!

They're back!

Have you found Wen Kuang?

Did you find him?


We've looked everywhere but can't find them!

Grand Dame Mother, let's split up!


There's no time!

Kuei Ying, you're Wen Kuang's mother and our vanguard Whether we wait or go it's your decision!

Kuei Ying, Wen Kuang is our only son You must think twice!

Loyalty and filial piety are mutually exclusive We must forsake him for the country!

Get ready!

De bai Yes!

Start off now!


Start off! Move!

Start off!

I'll stay and wait for Wen Kuang The prisoners have confessed their troops will launch an attack any minute Staying here is useless

Madam We have a long way to go We must not delay further because of him Wait!

What is it?

Someone is coming!

Master Lu Yes!

Please go check Yes!


Wen Kuang!

I'm back!

I got lost!

You gave your 7th grandmother quite a scare!

I'm glad you're back!

Yes, grandmother!

I didn't expect to see you again!

Not a bad student, right?

Great grandmother!

Are you wounded?


There's blood all over you!

It's Pai Feng!

My girl...

Pai Feng!

Grand Dame Pai Feng!

I broke the rule!

You've disobeyed an order!

Please punish me!

You should be beheaded!

Please kill me!

Great grandmother, I'm guilty too She's doing it for us Please pardon herjust this once!

Since this is your first offense Get up, Pai Feng!

Grand Dame has forgiven you!

Thank you, Grand Dame!

Pai Feng!

I can no longer serve you!

How far away are your troops?

They'll be here soon!

You won't get away even with wings They found our camp Attack the front!


There's no time!

We'll take them on!

That's worse!

Kuei Ying, what's your plan?

We'll play hide and seek

Strange! There's no one here!

I heard voices!

Wait! It may be a trap!



You're right, brother!

The soldiers are gone but they stayed We'll finish them off!


Yes burn... burn them all!


Where are the Yangs?


We've been tricked!

They won't be far!


After them!

That was a close call! We must leave at once!

We must hurry to the mountain!

Mother, at your age you cannot climb up!

Why not?

Let us help you Yes, let us help!


Grand Dame Get out of my way!

Great grandmother

Grand Dame!

Your hand...

I'm alright Never mind! Go find the plank road!

Follow me!

There it is!

It's not guarded!

Let's go kill them!


Wait! It may be a trap!

There's no one hiding here!

If they're hiding, you won't see them!

Auntie, Qiu Ju Come with me!


Enemy troops!

What's that?


They're going to burn the bridge!

Put out the fire!

Follow me!



be careful!

Madam, it'll fall soon, let's cross!




Come on!

Wen Kuang!

Don't move! Keep it steady!

Come over slowly!

Don't move!

Grab the vine!


Come up!

We're so worried!

Great grandmother!

Wen Kuang!

Don't be sad!

It's useless to grieve!

Kuei Ying, think of a way to get us across!

I'll hack the trees to build another bridge Wait!

They're searching for us!

There's no time to hack trees!

What can we use then?

Humans Humans?

Human pyramid!


Let's start!



Come on!


No woman must climb on my head!

There's no time for this nonsense!

It's bad luck, Grand Dame!

My mother told me so It's actually good luck Really?


Come on!

Come up!

Grab the legs!


Stand firm!

We'll build a human bridge across the valley We'll die if we're not careful Everyone, watch out!

Concentrate and hold tight!

Raise your arms...



Step on, hurry!

The enemy has reached the mound I'll stay behind and fight them off!

Let's go!

Grand Dame, don't wait for us!

I want to go too!

Yang Hong, you're too old!

Let me redeem myself I'm going!

Sir, let me go with you!

Ting Kuai Yes!

Ready! Let go!


Don't let them pass!

Stop them!

Kill them!

Let me see if your bones are made of iron

They can't cross without the bridge! burn!


Where are they?

Gone! but you won't get away!

Sister bring them back to camp Is that the rear camp?


It's not easy to penetrate the rear camp

We'll not go back until we kill Wang Wen That's right!

but how?

Lure them away!

Lu Chao will make the sentry send a false signal The troops will be sent to the front and we'll move in No!

The rear camp is not far from the front They'll turn back once they realize it's a hoax

We must cut them off before we launch our attack Kuei Ying Yes!

The future of Song rides on our shoulders Don't make any hasty decisions!

I understand

What is it?

The pain again?

Not so loud! Don't alert them!

I'm alright!

You've overexerted yourself!

Get some sleep!

No, a bit of fresh air will do!

Mother, it's late! Get some rest!

Tsung Pao, I've been through numerous battles but this time I don't know what to do Please send me a sign!

If we break the Watergate the flood will drown the enemy troops!


You came up with such a brilliant idea!

I didn't!

Who did?

A blessing from heaven!

Please give out the order break the watergate in the dark You're too impatient!

Who should we send?

We need someone strong to hack it open! but it'll be a suicidal attempt I've checked the watergate We must hack it from the front Once it's broken the water will drown them!

Grand Dame, I'll go!


I'm strong and good with the axe!

You've been with us for a long time I can't watch you die!

This is for a worthy cause Please allow me!

Very well!

Thank you!

Grand Dame, let me go with him

both generations of your families have been loyal to us Madam, it is tough to hack the watergate please allow the 3 of us to go with Generals Chiao and Meng lt'll be alright!

The memorial hall at Tian bo Mansion should have their names recorded so that they'll go down in history Yes! Go on now!

When do we start?

Listen for the reed pipe!

Start hacking when the troops move forward!


Standby near the watergate!


We can no longer serve you We bid our farewell now!

Run along!


Ladies, we take our leave!

We'll wait for their arrival

Where is Mu Kuei Ying? Speak up!

I don't know!

Tell us!

I don't know!

Speak up!

I don't know!

If you won't speak up, I'll...

I told you I don't know Damn!

Stop! I'll tell you!

Start talking!

We'll spare you and send you back home

...with silver Really?

Of course!

How many are coming? From where?

You want to know how many troops?

I'll tell you How many?

The Yangs can fight 1 to 10 There are too many of them!

You'll never stop them!

I'm telling you The place you chose to invade Song is the same place they drive you from!

The hanging bridge is burnt They can't get across! bury them alive!


Father, they've come a long way it's such a waste to bury them alive!

Very well! Show them our hospitality!

This whip is not found in your country lt'll split your flesh and suck your blood Then I must try it out!

How was it?

Like I've been bitten by a dog!

Yangs never shed their blood in vain but it's wasted today


Human pyramid!

Smile! Don't make them suspicious!

Smile! Look happy!

I can't!

No? Then I'll kill you Alright...

Wen Kuang, don't be reckless!


Sound the pipe or I'll kill you!

Sound the pipe!

You're dead if you don't!

Father, they spotted the Song soldiers

Must be Mu Kuei Ying!

How many signaling arrow?

Your Majesty, triple arrows are shot Just as father has expected The Song army is helping the Yangs Get ready to dispatch our troops to guard the front camp Yes!


Let us be sure!

Here he comes!

What shall we do?

Your Highness

Father The sentry is drunk I don't think he saw anything

Did you see the arrows?


Did the eastern sentry notice the arrows?

Speak up!

There were 3 arrows!

I saw them!

Father Dispatch!

Move to the front!

They took the bait!

Head for the front camp!



What are we waiting for?

Get to the front!

Mu Kuei Ying?

Old bastard!

Didn't think we can fly across the plank road!

You'll never get out alive!

Capture her alive!


Wang Wen, you'll die here!

Recall the troops!


Mu Kuei Ying I'm afraid this is your burial ground!

They won't come back!

Why not?

They won't get past the watergate!




If you can block my troops we will not put up a fight Me and my sons will serve you our heads!


End your personal vendetta and national threat I promise never to launch another attack We'll see!

Hear that? They're on the way!

Nothing from the watergate! Is something wrong?


It's wet!

Change the fuse!

No more!

Let me!

Oh dear!

Give me the flint!

Too late!

Kill him before the troops return!

Watch my signal!

It's your pain again, is it?


Here comes the water!

Turn back!


Hear that?

It's time you turn over your heads!

Come and get it!



back down!

Move back Move backward

They have shields!

We have human shields!


Madam, follow us!


Mu Kuei Ying Any last words?

What made you come here? because I am Mu Kuei Ying

Very well!

Let me!

I surrender!

Wait! We spare those who surrender!

Minister Wang, I'm afraid you lost!

Who would have guessed eggs can hit the rocks!

Go welcome them!

Congratulations on your victorious return!

You flatter us!

Minister Wang His Majesty has prepared a feast for you Please follow me Wait!

What is it?

We have a score to settle!

Please convey a message to His Majesty Yes?

He should never listen to you again and withhold the troops This is not necessary!


If ever you dare to belittle us again watch out for the Dragon Cane Is that clear?





You're still very capable Wen Kuang is promising The ladies are heroic Whoever looks down on you will have to answer to me, right?

Minister Kou has already said that!

Please attend the imperial feast No!

Please pass on my message The feast should be bestowed upon those who did not make it back home!

It should honor their loyalty The Yangs live on through the generations