The 3 Penny Opera (1931) Script

The Threepenny Opera had its film premiere in Berlin on February 19, 1931.

It was restored in 2006 for the film's 75th anniversary from the original negative in the German Federal Film Archives.

You gents who to a virtuous life would lead us And turn us from all wrongdoing and sin First of all see to it that you feed us Then start your preaching That's where to begin THE THREEPENNY OPERA All you who love your paunch and our propriety

There's one thing you must finally realize No matter how you try to twist and turn it First comes the grub Then you can moralize There must first be a chance for all now poorly fed To get their slice Of life's great loaf of bread

How does a man survive?

How does a man survive By daily cheating Mistreating, beating others Spitting in their face Only that man survives Who's able to forget That he's a member of The human race Gentlemen This truth you cannot shirk

Man lives exclusively By dirty work


The shark has teeth There they are for all to see But the knife that Macheath carries No one knows where it may be On a blue and balmy Sunday On the strand a man lost his life A man darts round the corner People call him Mack the Knife And Schmul Meier Is still missing One more wealthy man removed Somehow Mackie has his money And yet nothing can be proved Jenny Towler was discovered With a knife stuck in her chest Mackie strolls along the dockside Knows no more than all the rest Seven children and an old man Burned alive in old Soho In the crowd stands Mack the Knife Who's not asked and doesn't know And the widow not yet twenty She whose name All could say Defiled one night as she lay sleeping Mackie, what price did you pay Defiled one night as she lay sleeping Mackie, what price did you pay

Excuse me, ladies. Care to step inside for a drink?

I don't want to be disturbed tonight.

Is Mackie inside?

How about you and me, Jenny? Stop it!

Let the lady go.

Lady? What lady?

You mean me?

Worry about your own wife! She's gone off with another guy!

Say hi to Mackie for me.

The best dancer in Soho.

Places on the dance floor!

A full bridal outfit.

In brocade.

Orders from the captain.

He's getting married this morning at 10 past 2:00 in warehouse number 3 in the shipyard on the Thames.

Bring the vicar.

A full bridal outfit in brocade.

Complete home furnishings:

A four-poster bed and rugs, and don't forget a grandfather clock.

Deliver this.

Dress properly. Don't show up looking like this.

I hope this is the last time he gets married.

Deliver this.

Deliver this.

Deliver this.


Grab it, will ya?

It's about time!

Confound it!

One burglary after another?

A burglary at Selfridge's?

Now that's something!

And nobody was caught?

They all got away?

Is that all you have to report, gentlemen?

You don't know me very well.

I'm not chief of London police for nothing.

Ten burglaries every night and no one's ever caught?

How can I uphold law and order if you let me down like this, gentlemen?

When I think of the upcoming coronation festivities, I could -

If the slightest thing should go wrong -

Come in! - you'll see a side of me you've never seen before -

What is it now? We caught a burglar red-handed.

You actually... caught a burglar?

You have him here?

Bring him in immediately!

Now, gentlemen, I'll show you how you deal with a fellow like this.

Take your hat off.

You were caught red-handed.

You know this will cost you several years.

You know that in such cases I am ruthless!

...that I am ruthless and unwavering.


What's that?

Leave me alone with this man, gentlemen.

What have you -

Very well. You can go.

No, wait!

Hands up... if anyone's there!

Is anyone there?

There's no one here.

We can hold the wedding here safe enough.

Bill Lawgen And Mary Syer Last Wednesday man and wife became As they stood side by side at city hall He wondered where she got the gown and all While she wasnt too sure of his name

You see the moon over Soho?

I see it, dearest.

Do you feel my heart beating, my beloved?

I feel it, my darling.

Wherever you go, I too shall go.

And wherever you are...

I want to be too And though there's no license from city hall And no altar covered with flowers fair And though you may not know where your gown came from And there's no myrtle in your hair Take the plate on which you eat your bread Don't look at it for long Fling it far

Love lasts forever Or else not at all No matter where we are

No, no. Stay a while, Reverend.

Attention, everyone!

It's ten past 2:00!

Hip, hip, hurray!

Congratulations, Polly. Congratulations, Captain.


Well, you didn't make much of an effort.

Champagne in wine glasses!


It's lovely.

Is all this stolen too, Mackie?

Of course.

Pity we don't have our own place for these nice things.

This is pathetic.

All Scotland Yard was out and about.

And where's the grandfather clock?

No grandfather clock?


My wife is beside herself. What bunglers!

I'm getting married for once. How often does that happen?


I'm so happy you could be here on the happiest day of our lives.

Reverend, this is Miss Peachum, who loves me and wishes to share her life with me.

Congratulations, Polly!

Congratulations, Captain!


Wont you honor us by staying?

I've got... a christening.

Hopefully we'll need you for that pretty quick too.

Shut up!

No dirty jokes in the presence of a lady.

And where's that grandfather clock?

Where's the grandfather clock?

Accompany the reverend.

I do apologize, Reverend.

This area's not very safe.

This way, Vicar.



I would have preferred it if you hadnt all rushed to the trough.

We could have used a little entertainment.

I'm hungry, Mackie.

Other people always manage that on these occasions.

Will none of you oblige?

Is anyone watching at the door? Must I see to everything myself?

Gentlemen... if none of you will oblige, I'll offer up a little song myself.

I once thought in my innocent youth And I once was as innocent as you Perhaps I too would have a suitor one day Then I must know what to do And if he's rich and if he's nice And if his collar is white as snow And if he knows how to treat a lady Then I shall tell him no Then you hold your head up high And don't let your feelings show Sure, the moon will shine all night But the boat on the river will stay tied up tight

That's as far as you can go

Oh, you can't simply lie back

You must be cold and heartless as you know

Or else all sorts of things Could happen

Yes, there's just one answer- no

The first to come along was a man from Kent He was all that a man should be The second had three ships in the harbor And the third was mad about me And they had money and they were nice And their collars were white as snow And they knew how to treat a lady So I had to tell them No I held my head up high Didnt let my feelings show Sure, the moon shone all night But the boat on the river stayed tied up tight That's as far as things could go

Oh, you can't simply lie back You must be cold and heartless as you know Or else all sorts of things could happen Yes, there's just one answer No

But then one day when the sky was blue Came a man who didn't bother wooing He tossed his hat on the peg in my room And I no longer knew what I was doing Since he had no money and he wasnt nice And his collar wasnt white as snow Since he didn't know how to treat a lady I couldn't tell him no I no longer held my head up high And I let my feelings show Oh, the moon shone as before But the boat cast loose and drifted from the shore That's just how it had to go

Oh, then you must simply lie back

Oh, you can't be cold and heartless, you know

Oh, it simply had to happen There was no such word as No

Very nice!


The missus can sure sing a song!

Very nice!

It wasnt "nice," you idiots!

It's not nice, it's art!

That was wonderful, Polly.

Too good for this trash.

Bad news! It's the sheriff himself!

Hello, Jackie!

Hello... Mackie.

Dear old Mackie, couldn't you have done this someplace else?

Did you have to take over somebody's warehouse?

It's burglary, Mackie - another burglary!

Jackie, I'm delighted you've come to your old friend's wedding.

My pleasure, my pleasure.

My heartfelt congratulations on this occasion.

Now don't be angry, but I must get back to work.


This is Tiger Brown.

Chief of London police. Mackie, please!

Where haven't we been together? India, the Sudan, in a hundred battles.

This is Polly.

The former Miss Peachum.

Peachum? Did you say Peachum?

Is this old Peachum's daughter?

You're making off with old Peachum's daughter?

That takes courage!

Why courage?

She's the daughter of Londons beggar king!

My dear lady, it's been delightful, but I must be going.


Good-bye, Mr. Brown.

Good-bye, Mackie. I must get back to the office.

The queens coronation is coming up, and if anything goes wrong, I'll be held responsible.

I shudder to think what could happen to me, so I must be going.

Just a moment.

Does Scotland Yard have anything on me in their files?

On you?

Not a thing! It's all taken care of.

Good-bye, Mackie.

What an awful ladder!

Perhaps next time you might choose a nicer warehouse.

So that was Tiger Brown? Yes.

We have connections with the highest authorities.

Captain, now comes the best part.

What is it? Another little surprise.

Bill Lawgen and Mary Syer Last Wednesday man and wife became Three cheers for the happy couple!

As they stood side by side at city hall He wondered where she got the gown and all While she wasnt too sure of his name

You've seen the courtship and marriage of Polly Peachum.

Now I'll show you the power of the beggar king, or as he calls himself, "the poorest man in London."

Anyone wishing to take up a beggar's trade in London must have a license from Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum & Co.

Twenty schillings.

Ten, Mr. Peachum.

Twenty. And 50% of your weekly earnings.

But Mr. Peachum...

I have nothing.

Mrs. Peachum!

Number 314. Baker Street district.

Get him some clothes. Outfit C.

Come along, shorty.

My earnings.

What are those?

The five basic types of misery guaranteed to move the human heart and induce in a man that unnatural state in which he willingly parts with his money.

Outfit C.

Can't I have Outfit A? No.

That's the young man of good family who's seen better days.

But I've seen better days myself.

No one will believe your real suffering.

Complain of a real stomachache and you'll only annoy them.

Enough questions. Just get dressed.

Please forgive me.

Hurry it up, shorty.

I can't stand here holding your trousers till Christmas.


P-p-please, I have money for a new co-co-co -


Tell Polly to come down right away.

How many times have I told you that a gentleman must have freshly laundered rags?

Holes are to be burned in and stains made with candle wax.

Those with means to pay are entitled to a uniform that ensures the pity of their clients.

What's that?

Your share of my take.

Is that all? With this stump?

I'm lodging a complaint! This place is a pigsty, and this is a lousy stump!

There, my friend. Now you can go work for a living.

Mr. Peachum!

Thugs! Thieves!

Next, please.

...a new co-co-costume!

Where's Polly?

I'll get her myself!

Let her sleep!

Sleep? At this hour? Dear God!

Polly didn't come home?

Good morning!

G-g-good... m-m-morning!


A cane with an ivory handle?

Mack the Knife!

Dear God!

Good morning.

Crook's trollop!

Help me undress.

You'll divorce him!

I love him. How can I divorce him?

I'll tan your behind!

It won't do any good. Love is greater than a tanned behind.

That's what we get for spoiling her with dresses, hats, gloves, and parasols!

Mack the Knife! My honest business and a common crook!

Hanging him's the only solution.

Hanging him? You and your ideas.

Turn him in to the police.

I don't know where he is! I do.


With his whores in Turnbridge Alley.

I'm very sorry, but there's nothing the police can do.

Really? There's nothing the police can do?

Then what's going to happen to you will be a horrible injustice.


How so?

How so?

If you don't catch Mack the Knife and hang him, there'll be a scandal at the queens coronation that will cost you your job.

An army of filthy beggars will march up to greet the queen.

When they gather before the church by the thousands, it won't be a festive sight.

They're not an attractive crowd.

Not an attractive crowd, eh?

Well, I'll have them run off!

I'll force them to -

How will it look at the coronation if 2,000 poor cripples must be beaten to the ground?

It will look very bad, Mr. Brown.

A revolting sight.

You're... you're threatening me!

This is blackmail!

I'll have you taken away, Mr. Peachum!

Where's my bell?

I'll call to have you taken away if you're ever so impertinent... again.

I'm no criminal.

I'm just a poor man, Mr. Brown.

Look here, Mr. Peachum:

We're all poor men here.

Come, my dear, poor Mr. Peachum.

I'm sure you understand you can only hang a man if you have the man.

You can only arrest a man if you have him.

I can tell you where he is.

A mother-in-law ought to know where her son-in-law can be arrested.

With the ladies in Turnbridge Alley.

The whores in Turnbridge Alley!

What's that?

A man lives by his head He needs a larger size Just try it for yourself Your head Wont feed a pair of lice You see, for this existence Man is never sharp enough Hence his weak resistance To its tricks and bluff So make your little plan Yes, be a shining light Then make yourself a second plan None will turn out right You see, for this existence There's no man who's bad enough Still it's nice to watch them Trying to be tough Sure, chase your bit of luck But no need to run fast Though men always race after it Luck always runs last You see, for this existence Mens demands are just too tough All his noisy striving Is self-deluding guff ltem No. 8.

Regarding the safes on Oak Street...

only cash is to be taken.

No securities.

Yeah, we're not getting involved in stock fraud.

Jimmy Two... will take command of the explosives convoy.

If he's bumped off, no great loss. He doesn't bring much in anymore.

You're one to talk. Just a minute.

Three, four, five gold watches was your take this month.

Not much.

Item No. 9.

Time of the burglary:

8:30, during the coronation celebration.

Guards will all be at the ceremony. And all plastered.

The job's a cinch.


What's the matter?

You must pack right away. Nonsense! What's the matter?

You must leave immediately!

I went to see Tiger Brown, and my father was there too.

They plan to arrest you. You must pack immediately!

Nonsense! Come here, Polly.

There's something I'd rather do than pack.

No, Mackie. Not now.

Brown stood up for you at first, but then he gave in.

Now he says to tell you - What?

There's nothing more he can do for you.

Come now! I can trust Brown implicitly.

Scotland Yard has nothing on me.

Maybe they didn't yesterday, but today they've suddenly got a whole lot on you.

In Winchester you seduced two sisters, both of them minors.

They told me they were over 30.

Both of them together.

Your father's a fine one.

Is this the thanks I get for marrying his daughter?

Very well.

If I must go, you'll have to take over running the business.


I must unfortunately take a little trip.

Now, with the coronation coming up?

Without you, it's like soup without a spoon!

I'm therefore temporarily entrusting management of the business to my wife.

What? A woman?

What about the big bank job?

Shut your trap!

Now, if the bank job goes well, then it's no more picking pockets and street muggings.

It's good-bye to Soho and hello to the big city!

Good-bye, you poor fools.

Good-bye, Captain!

Mackie, don't tear my heart out.

Stay here with me, and let's be happy.

I'm tearing my own heart out, because I must go away, and no one knows when I'll return.

It lasted so short a time.

Is it over then?

Don't forget me, Mackie, in foreign parts.

I won't forget you, Polly.

Kiss me, Polly.

And don't go to those ladies in Turnbridge.

I love only you.

Farewell, Polly.

Farewell, Mackie.

I'm in charge now.


I think our captain can depart in full confidence.

We'll pull off that job just fine, won't we, gentlemen?

In first-class style.

Isn't that right... gentlemen?

Well, it's not for me to say, but I'm not sure that at a time like this, a woman is the right man.

Nothing personal, ma'am.

The swine!

You bet it was nothing personal!

Or else the others would have tanned your hide!

Right, gentlemen?

Nothing personal, of course.

She packs a punch, believe me.

Splendid! Our lady captain knows how to find the right word!

Bravo, Polly!

From now on we'll settle accounts every Thursday, gentlemen.


Jenny, there's someone here to see you.

Isn't that lovely! The queens coronation gown?

It cost 7,000 pounds.

Imagine the fine underwear a queen can afford.

Why would a queen need fine underwear anyway?

I wonder if Mackie will come by today.

I don't think he'll ever be back.


He took away my daughter. Married her, he did!

Married her?

Last night. Married her good and proper.

I see.

So if he comes here today, will you signal from the window?

Hey, there! My coffee!

I'll signal.

Good heavens, Mackie! What are you doing here?

Quickly, now! Mon café!

Havent you seen the wanted posters? Yes, I know.

But Thursday's my day here.

I can't let such trifles disturb my routine.

Hello, Mackie.

Congratulations on your marriage.

Too bad you missed it.

It was A-1.

Jenny, come join us.

Yes, Jenny... come on.

Jenny, read his palm!

Jenny, why that look?

Just good news, please. Nothing bad.

Mackie... when the coronation bells ring at Westminster, you'll be in a bad way.

My hat and cane.

I'm going.

My jacket!

Stay, Mackie. Who knows when you'll be back.

You can count on it.

Gents, you see me washing the glasses And making your beds without squawking And you tip me a penny and I thank you well And you see my dirty rags in this ratty old hotel And you don't know to whom you're talking But one day there'll be a shout at the dock And they'll ask "What was that shout?"

And they'll see me smiling as I wash my glasses And they'll ask "What's she smiling about?"

And a ship With eight sails And 50 cannon Will be at the quay

Gentlemen, your laughter will quickly stop As walls tumble down everywhere The third day will see the town razed to the ground Just one ratty old hotel will survive safe and sound And they'll ask "Who's so special that lives there?"

And that night a cry will go up around the hotel Folks will ask "Why was this hotel spared?"

And at dawn they'll see me coming through the doorway And they'll say "So she lived in there!"

And a ship With eight sails And 50 cannon Will lay siege to the town

A hundred men will land in the bright midday sun And stealthily step through the shadows They'll enter every doorway Grab every man they see And clap them in chains and bring them to me And ask me "Which shall we kill?"

And ask me "Which shall we kill?"

That noon there'll be quiet in the harbor As they ask me "Who is to die?"

And then they'll hear my reply

"All of 'em!"

And as each head falls I'll say


And the ship With eight sails And 50 cannon Will vanish with me

Jenny, you remember the days before my star rose over this town?

Even though I'm now Mack the Knife, I'll never forget you, Jenny.

What more can a gentleman say?


Mackie, you must flee!

You've been betrayed!

Is there still just one way out of this rattrap?

Stop him! He went out the window!

You were in quite a hurry just now.

I hadnt yet had the pleasure.

Is there someone waiting for you?

She can wait.

I live just over there.

What is it now?

Never mind! Come on!


He got away!

Got away?

His girls helped him escape!

His girls!

Brown is the "girl" in question.

Tiger Brown let his friend get away.

Well, Mr. Brown has "out-Browned" himself.

It's time we start thinking about the coronation parade.

We only just met, and you're already leaving.

Goes with the profession. Busy, busy, busy.

Come back soon. Of course.

No long speeches.

Time is money.

I'm all yours, gentlemen.

You've seen Mackie's bold and reckless nature.

I'll now show you how, through a loving wife's cleverness, things take a turn that even you wouldn't expect.

The gentlemen of the board.

Gentlemen of the board... one can rob a bank, or one can...

Use a bank to rob others.

...tread the path of a respectable and law-abiding business... as my papa so often told me.

"Polly," he always said, "Who'd be so stupid as to be a burglar these days when we've got laws?"

And though my husband -

I mean, our most esteemed managing director - must hide like a fugitive in foreign parts, I'm certain he would approve of how we pulled this off!

We bought this quiet, elegant little bank... which will be more profitable than finding a few puny safes -

To rifle.

Now we'll really get down to business!

Gentlemen, we will remain true to this institutions honorable tradition of building and consolidating the confidence of the pu-pu-public through our integrity and fiduciary trustworthiness.

Bravo! Excellent!

Thank you, gentlemen.

I'd just like to add that our firm can only employ top-quality people.

Street muggings and pickpocketing are for idiots!

Forget the romance of the past!

Life begins in earnest now.

Whoever can't rise to the challenge will be terminated forthwith without remuneration.

Good day, gentlemen.

You can learn a thing or two from her.

This way, Mr. Brown.

Would you like to see him? No... for God's sake.

Handle it yourself, please.

Smith... give him something to eat.

A decent meal.


Cigarettes too?

Of course!

Wait! He only smokes cigars.

Give him these.

He won't have time to smoke many more.

Hello, Mackie.

Hello, Smith.

Did Brown have any news for me?

He's very distraught, and just when the coronation parade's coming up.

I say, Smith... you couldn't find any heavier handcuffs?

With your kind permission, I'd like a more comfortable pair.

Well, we have them in every price range, from one guinea to ten.

All depends on how much you wish to spend.

How much for none at all?


Thanks, Captain.

Now, what would you like to eat, Captain?

What have you got in the canteen?

No, no prison fare for you.

If you'd like, I'll get it from -

My last supper, eh?

There, Captain. Now you can move about freely again.

That's for someone else, Captain.

So, Captain, what would you like for dinner?

Leave it to me if you'd like.

The gentlemen here have always been most satisfied.

DO NOT TURN A DEAF EAR TO MISFORTUNE Hello? Yes, I'll send them right away.

Group 3 is ready. Off you go!

Filch speaking. Good.

The 10th district is ready.

They're to join the fourth at Nelsons Column at 8:00 a.m.

But we've got real cripples. How can we make it by 8:00?

You must.


The ugliest are to march on the outside...

so the noble gentlemen will have a pretty sight to look at.

The royal guard is presenting arms.

Dawn is breaking.

They'll ride right over us!

You've got slingshots.

What if they shoot? Gentlemen!

Gentlemen... at this very moment, 1,432 of your colleagues are marching to pay their respects to the queen.

You too wish to be part of this splendid occasion, you poorest of the poor, who'd long ago have perished in the sewers of Turnbridge if I hadnt spent sleepless nights devising a way to wring a few pence out of your poverty.

For I've shown that the rich of this world have no qualms about causing misery but can't bear the sight of it!

They have hard hearts but weak nerves.

Well, we won't spare their nerves today!

By the thousands we'll tear at their nerves, for our rags do not conceal our wounds!

Gentlemen... do not be afraid!

The queen will not allow cripples to be attacked with bayonets!


Stop, Peachum!

Mackie's become a bank president!

Call your people back!

Our Polly's a guest of honor in the stands.

Leave it to me.



Stop where you are!


Stop! Go back!

Back, all of you!

Stop! Go back!

Come to your senses!

Listen to reason!

So make your little plan Yes, be a shining light Then make yourself a second plan None will turn out right You see, for this existence There's no man who's bad enough Still it's nice to watch them Trying to be tough

I repeat: We must have the remaining £3,000 in cash now!

Without fail!

You understand?

Nervous, gentlemen? Well, I'm very calm.

But Tiger Brown, our best friend, had him arrested!

That must mean something.

We must get £10,000 in bail to the police chief.

I'll take it!

There's turmoil in the streets.

That's why I'm giving it to our bank's trustworthy servant.

It's 11:00. Why aren't you at the stock exchange?


Turn back!

Listen to me!


Using force is pointless!

They'll shoot you down!

Listen to me!

You're marching to your own destruction!

Out of the question! No visitors allowed here!

Smith, let me go in.

Jenny, I can't be responsible if anyone should see you.

Smith, darling, I'll only be a second.

I have to see that despicable scoundrel once more.

Mackie and I were close once. I know -

Smith, sweetie, you can come see me tonight.

I really shouldn't!

This slut is all I need now.

Enjoy your meal, Captain. My meal?

No time to put on your face, eh?

You dirty skunk!

How can you even look at me, after all that's happened!

Quiet, you stupid hussy!

Monster! Think I don't know about Suky Tawdry?

Dinner's served, Captain.

Stop that now! You'll drive the man crazy!

Ah, Smith, my darling, I love you so.

I'd rather see him on the gallows than in the arms of another.

Oh, Smith, you're such a darling, such a fine, upstanding man.

Jenny, let go!

No, I won't!

So long!

Let me go!


More than 300 beggars are marching towards Piccadilly.

Disperse them!

They broke through the barrier at Baker Street.

The processions been completely obstructed.

Arrest them! Arrest them all!

Disperse them! Use clubs if necessary!

Use your clubs! That's right!

No, you idiot!

They can't club thousands of beggars to the ground - and on Coronation Day!

You can't be serious!

What do you want? I have bail for Mack the Knife.

What's that? What do you have?


For Mack the Knife.

Mackie? I mean, Mack the Knife?

Just a moment.

Out of my way.

Hello? Get me Division C, now!

Hello? Brown speaking.

Mack the Knife is to be released immediately.


Mack... has... escaped?


Now you can go. Confiscated goods.

Going to the coronation, Captain?

Shut your trap! I just busted out of jail!

Busted out?

We sent over bail from City Bank for you, our director.


For me?

I just told you I busted out!


Good God! £10,000 shot to hell!

Pipe down! What filthy Soho sewer is my office in now?

What Soho sewer?

City Bank! Piccadilly! Best part of town!

What? Piccadilly?

City Bank? A real bank?

Yes, sir! An honest-to-goodness bank!

Take the first right, then the third left.

If you see cops, keep to the left!

No, not right! Left!

I was so worried about you.

They were all after you like bloodhounds.

Did you remember to pretty yourself up every day just as if I'd been here?

All I see are your lips.

I don't hear a word you're saying.

Were you faithful to me too?

You're looking good, Polly. I'm very pleased with you.

Have you seen the mail yet?

Mackie, don't talk business now.

Kiss your little Polly and swear that you'll never, ever -

We'd better get dressed.

The coronation celebrations have begun.

The police barrier's broken!

The coronation parade's breaking up!

Crowds of beggars at Westminster!

Pull the shades!

Hello? Anyone here?

Mackie, I'm ruined.

What a scandal! I'll be sacked!

My days as police chief are over!

Don't worry. You've come to the right place.

You'll make a great bank director.

How much capital would you like to invest?



His bail. I salvaged it.

Hear that, nitwits? There's a lesson there.

Come on.

Come along, you old battleship.

Full steam ahead for my whiskey bottle.

Polly... gentlemen...

before you stands a man whom the king, in his unfathomable wisdom, elevated high above his fellow men.

And yet this man remained my friend through every storm, and so forth and so on.

But fate moves in mysterious ways.

You all know what I mean.

Today this man comes to me, Mack the Knife, as one friend to another.

There's a lesson there.

Do you remember when you and I were soldiers and served in the army in India?

Yes, Jackie. Those were the days!

John was there and Jim was too And Georgie made sergeant in short order The army doesn't give a fig who you are And they marched us north to the border Soldiers live under the cannons thunder From the Cape to Cooch Behar If it should rain one night And they should chance to sight An unfamiliar race Dark or fair of face They might just chop them up to make their steak tartare

Johnny's whiskey was too warm And Jimmy thought he'd freeze Georgie took them by the arm Saying, "Don't desert us, please"

Soldiers live under the cannons thunder From the Cape to Cooch Behar If it should rain one night And they should chance to sight An unfamiliar race Dark or fair of face They just might chop them up to make their steak tartare

John is buried and Jimmy's dead And they shot poor Georgie for looting But blood is still blood-red And the army's still recruiting Soldiers live under the cannons thunder From the Cape to Cooch Behar If it should rain one night And they should chance to sight An unfamiliar race Dark or fair of face They might just chop them up to make their steak tartare

The poorest man in London and the wealthy Mack the Knife - shouldn't they join forces?

The poorest man in London is now bankrupt, my dear Peachum, and is just another poor devil.

Today of all days showed me the power of the poor.

With your money and my experience, we can do business, more business than you could ever imagine.

If the poor are so powerful, why do they need us?

Because they don't know that we need them.

Gathered for the happy ending All and sundry pool their might When the needed funds are handy Things will usually turn out right Though a man will fight his rival To fish the muddy depths In the end they'll dine together And consume the poor mans bread For some men live in darkness While others stand in the light We see those in the light While the others fade from sight