The 5th Wave (2016) Script

Help me.

Somebody there?

I'm hurt.

Is somebody there?


I'm bleeding.

Help me.

Drop your weapon.

You drop yours first.

Drop it!


Your turn.

Let me see your other hand.

If I move this hand, I'm afraid my stomach will fall out.

I need to see your other hand.

What's in your hand? Nothing.

Drop your weapon.

What's in your hand?

I miss the Cassie I was.


A totally normal high school girl.

Hey! How you doing? Hi! Good.

Cheers. Thank you. Cheers.

I wonder what that Cassie would think of me now The Cassie who kills.

You know, he was supposed to be here.


Why are the hot ones always so unreliable?

What would I even say to him?

I don't know him, and he doesn't even know me.

You're a girl. He's a boy.

Your parts go together. Don't.


Okay, Liz. What?

I'm gonna see you Monday.

I gotta go home.



Honey, love you. I love you.

Bye. Text me when you're home.




Nice phone case.

What? You have something against pink?

No, no. I totally like it.

I'm just kidding.

This is actually my sister's phone.

I dropped her off at a sleepover, and she took mine by mistake.

Mine's much cooler.

It's Spider-Man.

Polka dots.

That's her.


Yeah, yeah, I have it.

No, I haven't looked at your text messages.

"Nice phone case"?


I'm Captain Lochner. This is Sergeant Nicolai.

Hello. How do you do?

I'm sorry. No more coffee.

Miss Gray, do you know this gentleman?

Sing me a song.

A song?

Okay, close your eyes.

Bones sinking like stones All that we fought for I didn't know it then, but that was the last normal day of my life.

All of us are done for

When you're in high school, just about everything feels like the end of the world.

Can you believe what happened?


An early curfew, a final exam...

Hey, Ben! Stop it.

Soccer practise.

Sullivan. What are we doing out here?

Why not just tell her where you're gonna kick it?

Come on, let's go.

Hey, check it out. Look at this. It's so freaky.

Watch. I can't see anything.

Oh, my God, Altschuler.

That's it. You're done. Off the field.

No. But, look, it's really weird.

Off! Goodbye. AdiĆ³s.

What's going on? Panthers, let's go! Hustle up!

Give me your phone. Give me your phone.

Mine doesn't work!

It totally just stopped. All right, Perkins.

Turns out, what we thought was the end of the world wasn't.

What, did someone famous die or something?

It appears to be metallic and of a considerable size.

Across the world, social media has been awash with panic and speculation as these images spread like wildfire.

The president has authorised NASA to attempt communication with the object that is now circling our planet and is currently over the United States, moving west over Ohio.

Oh, my God. It's right over us.

I wanna see!

Hey. No, Sam. Wait.

Sam, wait!

You can see it! Come here!

Look up there, hon.

Wait, what is that? I have no idea.

There were no messages from our galactic party crashers during the first 10 days.

But pretty soon, they had a name.

We called them "the Others."

The Wilsons are leaving, too?

They say they don't feel safe so close to the city.


Is this everyone?

Well, okay.

Everybody look at the equation on the board.

Who can give me the derivative of X?




I'm sure this is just a power outage.

My phone's not working.

What's going on?

Over here.

What on Earth?

My goodness. What's going on?

Look at that!

Back up! Back up!

The Others hit us with an electromagnetic pulse that killed all the power on the planet.

No more engines.

No more electricity No more running water.

No more everything we took for granted.

That was the last time I saw Ben Parish.

I guess he's dead now Like everyone else in that room.

Here, Sam. Grab me another, okay? Thank you.

That was the 1st Wave.

At the time, we thought that was it.

Then the 2nd Wave hit.

Come on, Sam. It's an earthquake!

Cassie! Watch out!

Cassie! Come on!

Go! Go! It's okay!


It's okay. It's okay.

Just keep your head down, okay?

What's that noise?

Sam, run!

Go! Cassie!

Go on!


Cassie! Hurry! I'm okay. Just climb!

Go, Sam! Go! Cassie!

Come here. Hold on to me.


In Ohio, we only had the lake to worry about.

But by the ocean, I can only imagine.

Every coastal city every island, gone.

There are over 300 billion birds in the world.

That's 75 birds for every person.

Mom said the avian flu was already one of the world's deadliest viruses.

In the 3rd Wave, the Others modified it.

Made it unstoppable.

And the birds spread it across the planet.

Line A. Line A is for those who have already been assessed.

If you're waiting to be assessed, then proceed to Line B.

No pedal pulse, no brachial, nothing.

Sit down, sir. Thank you.

Just head straight on back.

I ain't happy over here.

I feel fine!

I should be on the area that isn't quarantined!

Hey, Liz!

Hey. Your mom said you were here.

Cassie! Cassie. Mom?

What are you...

She's quarantined.

It's okay. I didn't even touch her. It is not okay. You can't be here.

I'm sorry.

Sweetheart, I need you to go home and look after Sammy, okay?

But, Mom, I wanna help you here.

I know. Can you get her out of here now? I wanna help.

Mom. No, it's okay. Just go.

Miss, you gotta leave. Let's go.

Quarantine six. In six.

Some people were immune to the virus.

And a few people got sick and somehow recovered.

But most people didn't.


You can't wear those shoes.

Why don't they just get it over with?

What do they want?

I think a better question is, "What do they need?"

They've been very careful so far not to damage it any more than absolutely necessary.

Damage what?


I think that's why they're here, Cassie.

They need the Earth.

But not us.

No, not us.

Ready to walk for a while, Sammy?



Dad, how far is it to the refugee camp?

Just a few miles. We should be there by nightfall.

Dad, look. Is this it? Yeah, buddy. I think so.

Hey. Welcome.

Thanks. Hi.

Name's Hutchfield.

Hi. See ya.

Let me show you around.

Latrines are off to the left.

Farm is out that way.

You got fresh water?

Yeah. Not too bad, huh?

How many people are there here?

I don't know how many we got now.

305, something like that.

Dining hall over here.

When's the last time you had a hot meal?

Good. Well, maybe you can walk me through it.

Here we draw a purple hat.

Can we get some water over here?

Dad. This is a Colt .45.


This button changes out the clip.

That's loaded.

All right? Safety on.

Safety off.

Listen to me.

You're gonna carry this with you at all times, you're not gonna tell anybody you have it, and you're only gonna use it if it's life or death. You got it?

I thought we were safe here.

Pumpkin, there's nothing safe any more.

Here, you wanna put it in the basket?


Here. Take this one. Okay.

You gotta get the weeds, guys.

What was that?

Sam, come here.

What is that? I don't know. Come on.

Asher, come on!



What is that?

You see Dad? Dad!

Cassie? Hey, Dad.


What's going on? All right, just take it easy.

I thought the cars didn't work.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Colonel Vosch of the United States Army My men and I are from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

We're here to help.

It's about time.

Let's get you people out of here.

Heck, yeah! Thank you.



We should be ready to go at a moment's notice, all right?

Stay with your sister, Sam.

Come on. You can go right on the bus.

Adults, please move to the mess hall for a briefing.

Children, please move to the buses for transport.

We're right behind you. Be good!

Adults, please move to the mess hall for a briefing.

Do you think they have electricity if the trucks are working?

I don't know. Why, you still have a phone?


You have a charger? Of course, yeah.

Sir, sir. Yeah?

My orders are to get just the kids onto the bus.

Well, those might be your orders, but they're my kids.

Yeah. So we're gonna stay together.

We'll wait for another bus. It's okay, Private.

I got this.

Yes, sir. Thank you.

Look, you're welcome to keep 'em here with you if you want, but if they were my kids, I'd get 'em on that bus.


We have reason to believe there's an imminent threat to this location.

We're trying to get everyone to safety as quickly as we can, and this is the only working transpo we've got, so we're taking shifts based on need.

Kids first, then we come back for the rest of ya.

Well, how safe is it at Wright-Patterson?

Safest place there is right now.

And the buses will just come right back?

Dad, no.

Drop 'em off, come right back.

Like I said, it's your call.

Just 'cause some man in uniform tries to tell us what to do doesn't mean we actually have to follow his orders.

Okay, I want you on this one, all right?

I'll be right behind you. We can't split up.

And we're gonna have dinner tonight. We're going to the same place.

Dad, no. Cassie.

It's the Army, okay? This is our Army. It's fine. It's gonna be okay.

Don't leave me alone. All right. Come here.

I love you.

Take care of your brother. All right? Come here.

I want you to listen to your sister, all right?

Okay. She's in charge.

Okay? Dad.

Go ahead.

I'll be there before you know it.

Here, head to the back, Sam.

All right.

All right.

Come here. Give me your backpack. Bear!

What? Cassie, I forgot Bear!

Cassie. What? Sam, what?

I forgot Bear! I need to go get him! Sam, stop. Sit down.

It's okay. What's up? I can't. I can't go without him.


All right, all right, all right, all right. I'll go get him, okay?

Just stay here. All right?

I'll be right back. Promise?

Yeah, I'll be right back. I promise.

Right, no, I think you're right.

Just grab whatever you can get up in a box and carry it.

This way. Down to the mess hall. In the mess hall now, please.

Come on, Sam.

Bear, Bear, Bear. Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear.

God. Sam!

Hey! Wait!



Cassie! Wait, stop!

Sam! No! Sam, wait!


Cassie! Come on!




Cassie, no, no.




Can I have your attention, please?

If you'll all just quiet down.

We believe the 4th Wave has begun.

The Others have come down off their ship.

They are moving among us.

Apparently, they have the ability to inhabit human hosts and control their actions.

So, they look like humans? That's correct.

Where are they?

They could be anywhere.

What we do know is they have snipers in these woods, and they are targeting survivors.

We've got intel that would suggest some of them could be right here in this very camp.

So, what... Are you saying that some of us are Others?

Please. There's a lot we still don't know.

We can detect them in children.

Unfortunately, the screening procedure for adults is a bit more complicated.

What about our kids?

Yeah, what about our kids?

I know. I know you all wanna get back to your families.

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to move you all to a secure holding facility so they can run some screening protocols.

Folks, please!

You need to understand, there is no way to differentiate us from the Others without a comprehensive screening process.

The sooner we get you screened, the sooner we can get you back to your families.

This is bullshit!

I am not an Other, okay? I'm not going anywhere.

Sir, no one's saying that you are.

This is the reality of our situation.

Now if you'd just calm down.

Please, just calm down.

Let me out of here. Get out of my way. Watch out.

Hold on, sir. Wait. Hey.

Back it up. Now. Stop right there.

Sir, drop your weapon. Step aside, now.

Sir, drop your weapon. Drew, no!

You can't keep me in here!

Everybody, just calm down! Let me out now!

Lower the weapon. Now.

I wanna see my kids! Put it down!

Let me out of here!

No! Drew, stop!

Stay down!


No, no, no.

Hey, Dad?


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


I need my dad.


Security teams, clear zones three and four.

Support team members, meet arrivals on the tarmac.

Stand in the red circle. Wait for your number to be called.

Stand in the red circle. Wait for your number to be called.

Number 127.

Stand in the red circle. Wait for your number to be called.

Stand in the red circle. Wait for your number to be called.





Number 7-3, 73.

Number 74.

Number 130.




What's your name?

Ben Parish.

They called me "Zombie" in quarantine.

Any family not known to be dead?


Sister died in the quakes.

Mom and Dad killed by the virus.

But it didn't kill you, did it?

Not quite.

That where the nickname came from?

You fought it off.

Yeah, lucky me.

Is this your sister's?


Well, lucky you.

You get to help avenge her death.

This puts out a signal that we can track.

You kids are the most important thing right now.

We need every one of you to help us fight the Others.

This isn't summer camp, Zombie. You're a soldier now.

So we don't wanna lose you. Stand up.

Turn around.

Take a deep breath.

You all right?

How are we supposed to fight the Others if we don't even know what they are?

Actually, we do.

You wanna see one?

Don't worry. He won't be able to see us.

I know. It's impossible to tell.

Look through here.


That's its true form.

The Others infest real humans like some sort of parasite.

Take over their minds, their bodies.

Drugs, radiation, surgery, nothing works.

The only way to kill 'em is to kill the host.

He's already dead.

You just need to destroy the thing inside him.

The thing that did this.

Push the button.

Look again!


If you're gonna be on my squad, I need to know that you will do whatever it takes to...

Welcome to the fight.

Here's how you kill off a species.

First, you take out the easy ones, the weak, the exposed.

Kill them as efficiently as possible.

That was the first three Waves.

But even if you bug bomb a house, there's always a few cockroaches left.

Now, we are like those cockroaches.

And the Others are picking us off.

One by one.

And because the Others look like us, we can't trust anyone.

Eighty miles to Wright-Patterson.

I'm coming, Sammy I promise.

How do you rid the world of humans?

Help me.

First, you rid the humans of their humanity


Shi... Shi...



All right. All right.


I'm sorry, Sam.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child.

I thought and I reasoned as a child.

But when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Those words never meant more to me than they do right now, looking at all of you.

Our hope. Our future.

The best and brightest vision of who we are and what we're fighting for.

Our intelligence tells us the Others are readying themselves for a final attack.

The 5th Wave.

What form it will take, we do not know.

If they are successful, there will be no more Waves.

No more conflicts.

Humanity as we know it will be wiped from the face of the Earth.


I'm gonna tell you some things I know.

This is our world.

It is our home.

They will not overrun it.

They will not possess it.

So with whatever time we have left, you will learn to think, speak, move and fight like the soldiers you are.

Look out! A raid!



Let the weight of our loss fuel you.

Let the weight of our dead embolden you.

Your right! On your right!

Let the weight of our hope drive you to victory.

Can you do that?

All right. Hold!

Soldiers! Can you do that?

Sir, yes, sir!


Get down! It's a booby trap!

Can you do that?

Sir, yes, sir!


Come on.

Where's my gun? Where's my gun?

Where is it?

I know you're awake.


How the hell do you know my name?

Your driver's licence.

I'm Evan.

Evan Walker.

Where am I?

You were bleeding on the highway. I brought you back here to my house.

Where's my gun?

All right, when you found me on the highway, I had my gun. Where is it?

I didn't see any gun.

What did you do?

Your leg, Cassie.

Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Don't... Your leg.



Put your leg over here.

This is gonna hurt. All right. Just do it. Just do it.




How long have I been here?

About a week.


How far is Wright-Patterson from here?

The military base?

About 60 miles.



Hey. It's okay.

You're safe here. No.

All right, we're not safe anywhere any more.

Why did you wanna know how close Wright-Patterson was?

It's my brother.

The Army took him there, so I...

I need to get him back.


You should eat.

You gotta get your strength back.

Why'd you bring me here?

What do you want?

My family.

I couldn't save them,

but I could save you.

The way everything's happened, I guess it just makes me feel more...


And you need help with that?

Feeling human?

Don't you?


You're cheating. I'm not cheating.

Don't you tell him my card.

You hear me, Oompa?

Hey, I've been getting pretty lucky, and this isn't my first time playing.

By the way, I heard the new guy coming in got kicked out of their last squad.

For what? Disciplinary issues.

That true, boss?

That's what they say.

What's his name?

The name's Ringer.

And he is a she.

Bunk's over there.

Did you ever do karate before?


Sure looks like you did.

You Zombie?


I was the leader of my last squad.

No doubt.

So the guy I replace went Section 8. Why?

Does it matter?

I heard it's 'cause this squad's so bad he was afraid you'd get him killed when the 5th Wave hits.

It's your squad, too, now.


Keep staring at my ass and I'll rip your throats out.

Let's be clear.

I'm not taking orders from you. I'm not gonna die with you geniuses.

Good to know.

If anyone in this barrack touches me, I'll kill them.

Got it?

Anything else?

I like to play chess. Do you play?

No, actually.

But if you wanna play some strip poker later on...


And no demeaning, sexist remarks.

She's cool.


You had my gun the whole time! Why'd you lie?

I was afraid you'd shoot me.

For all I knew, you were an Other.

Yeah, well...

Was he one? Out there?


The woods are full of 'em.

They're using those drones to hunt down survivors.

He looked so human that...

God. I gotta get Sam.


Rallying points, places like Wright-Patterson,

they're obvious targets.

You think that Sammy's already dead?

I'm sorry, Cassie.

You're wrong, Evan.

All right? He's alive.

He's alive, and I'm gonna go get him.


I'm going with you.

You're not gonna make it very far on your own.

You know what? Screw you, Evan.

Okay? I don't need you. I don't need anyone. Cassie, come on.

If you go, I'll just follow you. Actually, no.

If I need someone to carve a cane for me...

You can't stop me. How are you gonna stop me?

I don't know. Maybe I'll shoot you!

What, like you shot that guy with the crucifix?

What, you read my journal?

I didn't think you were gonna live. Don't touch me!

I'm sorry.

I'll get you there.

I can't promise what you'll find, but I will get you there.

We leave in the morning.

This is a waste of time.

Go ahead and try it again.

Those kids are gonna be dead before their boots hit the ground.

Especially with you as squad leader.

You don't know anything about me.

Let me guess.

You did good in school, had a bunch of friends.

You probably played football.

You might have even been team captain.

Life was easy.

And then, all of a sudden, it wasn't.

No more games to win.

No one to get weak-kneed at that pretty smile.

You weren't ready for the end of world.

And you were?

I know how to survive.

And I was doing fine out there on my own.

Till they forced me onto their stupid school bus.

They were rescuing us.

We didn't get rescued, dumbass. We got drafted.

Good, good.

Try it again.

How about this?

I take you down, you teach us how to shoot.

And when you don't?

I stop asking.


Cute necklace. Girlfriend or sister?


You're too sentimental.

Can you teach me that thing where you took the gun out of my hand?

Let's just leave any potential disarming to me, all right? No.

No, I need to be ready.

Cassie, it's okay.

You don't have to be tough all the time.

Don't do that.

I'm not tough, okay?

I promised Sam that I would be there for him no matter what.

I made that promise to him.


Give me your gun.

Get up.

Point it at my chest.

Okay. Grab the barrel of the gun with your left, and with your right, snap my hand away.

You got it?

Hey, you're not gonna hurt me. All right.

Like that, but stronger.


Now at the end, you'll grab my wrist and pull it toward you.

Like that? Yeah.

Good job.

Well, thanks.

Can I have...

Okay. Don't be so scared of your weapon.

You gotta think that the gun is a part of you.

Not the gun firing, you firing.

Try it again.

Well, that wasn't terrible.

Zombie, the Colonel wants to see you, now.

Could be. Seems like a good target.

Be right back.

Lieutenant? Yes, sir.

Simultaneous attacks on the last of our metropolitan areas.

A full-on invasion. This is it.

The 5th Wave.

It's started?


Here, I want to show you something.

These employ the same technology as the detector viewer from medical.

We've improved it. Made it mobile.

The idea is to allow our soldiers in the field to instantly differentiate between friend and foe.

You look at the enemy through this and it lights 'em up green.

We can see them before they know they've been seen.

We take back the advantage.

The only thing left to do now is test the optics in live conditions.

Which is why tomorrow at 2100, I'm sending four squads into battle equipped with these helmets.

Your squad will be among those four.

Yes, sir.

Make me proud, son.

Bring that squad back in one piece.

Yes, sir.


Morning. Morning.

Who've we got here?

This is Lizbeth.

She's my best friend.

She looks like she's funny.

Yeah. Actually, you know, she was...

She was really funny.

And this guy. He's nobody.

This must be Ben Parish.


I really wish you hadn't read my journal.

It's really embarrassing.

Is that your family?


And that must be Sam.


I can't wait to meet him.

We should probably get moving. Yeah.

All right, this way.

How do you know without a compass?

Do you have a compass?

No. But...

You know, I can make one out of a pin and a glass of water.

Didn't peg you for a Girl Scout.

What'd you peg me as?

A cheerleader?

You said it, not me.

I've never been a huge fan of the outdoors.

Too many bugs.

You live on a farm.

Accident of birth.

I had a scholarship to Kent State.

Mechanical engineering.

Thought I was some hick, huh?

You said it, not me.

Zombie, are they really sending us to fight?


I'm scared.

It's okay.

Just go to sleep, all right?

What was your name before?


What was yours?


But my sister called me Sams.

When I couldn't sleep she would sing to me.

Bones sinking like stones All that we fought for Homes, places we've grown All of us are done for Could you guys please shut up?

We live in a beautiful world Yeah, we do, yeah, we do We live in a beautiful world

Hey. Let me help you.

Yeah, sure.

Looks better. Yeah.

Let me do this. All right.

Got scissors? Yeah.

I got it.

I should probably cover our stuff. Evan.

Thank you.

Squad 53? Present and accounted for.

All right.

Strap in. Take us up.

Where's Nugget?

Food poisoning.



Let me out of here!

Copy that. Tango Three dropping down 1,000.

You clear on your orders?

Infiltrate enemy hornet's nest, verify enemy and terminate.

Remember, the Others light up green in your visors.

At mission complete, signal for extraction.

We'll get ya home.

Holy shit, it's working. You guys, I got two of 'em straight ahead.

And I heard it. I was right there.

Got you, you motherf...

I peed. I definitely just peed.

Get inside!

Return fire!

Coming this way!

They're over here, too! Run for the alley!

Go! Go, go, go!

Teacup, go, go! Go! Run!


Go! Go!


Stay low!

Get to the bus.


Where's Teacup?

Where's Teacup? We lost Teacup. Over here!

Don't do that! Don't scare me like that!

Oompa's been shot!

Down, down! Now, now! Down, down, down!

Oompa's been shot!


He's not breathing!

Don't be dead. Come on, man.

Don't be dead! Please don't be dead!

Oompa... Stay alive, Oompa!

We can't stay here. They'll be back.

That alleyway. We'll have cover there.

No, it's too far.

If we're out in the open that long they'll pick us off one by one.

We need a distraction.

Okay. Okay what?

I'll distract them.

When I tell you to run, run as fast as you can.

Now cover me! What?

Listen up!

On my go, haul ass to the alleyway.

Back out there? Are you crazy?

Listen, Teacup, you just gotta trust me, okay?

You're gonna run and don't look back.

What about Oompa? He's dead, man. We gotta leave him.

Sorry, man. I'm sorry.

Zombie, now! Run! Haul ass!

Go, go, go! Let's move! Move! Move!

Stairs. Got it.




Are we still alive?

I think so.

Watch out!

Don't shoot! It's Ringer!

That was badass, Ringer.

I'd hug you if I didn't think you'd punch me in the nuts for it.

Okay, so what do we do now?

None of this makes sense.

They knock planes out of the sky and cause earthquakes, but they're afraid of an army of children?

There's something Vosch isn't telling us.

Okay, I'm not risking my life for this.

Ringer, what are you doing?

I'm unenlisting.

I'm better out there on my own.

If you know what's best for you, you'll do the same.

Holy shit! What the hell is this? Zombie, you see this?

She's green! What the hell, you guys?

Put your guns down.

You're one of them! You're an alien!

What are you talking about? I just saved your asses!

If she's one of them, we have to take her out now.

Poundcake, just calm down, all right?

We have to. I can see it!

I can see it inside of her!

There's nothing inside me! Shut up!

Zombie, what do we do? Do we shoot her? It's your call, Zombie.

Zombie, what are you doing?

What's up, man?

Oh, my God! What's going on, man? Come on, man.

Hey. Put your guns down. Put your guns down.

Don't shoot. Calm down. She's not an Other. Neither am I.

I'm glowing green, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, listen.

You know me.

Come on, Dumbo. You know who I am.

Put the guns down.

Just put 'em down! I'm not an Other.

I don't even think any of those people out there shooting at us are Others.

Reznik, Vosch...

They lied to us.

They lied to us, man.

Green doesn't mean alien. Green means human.

Just, without one of these.

What are you talking about?

Don't you guys see?

Those lenses, these trackers, it's all fake, man.

It's an illusion. It's a trick.

They weren't testing these. They were testing us.

They were seeing how we would do, how we would hold up under pressure.

All right? If we would do what we were trained to do.

To kill Others! No, to kill the survivors, man!

To kill survivors.

Yeah, well, what about the guys outside, the ones that were shooting at us?

They're human.

Why would the Army want us to kill other humans?

Because the Army, Reznik, Vosch, they're the Others.

And because we're kids, they thought they could manipulate us into doing their dirty work.

We're not fighting the 5th Wave.

We are the 5th Wave.



What do we do?

Take out your trackers.

We go AWOL.

This means we can't go back. You know that, right?


I left him back at the base.

I was trying to protect him. Jeez.

I gotta go back. That's suicide, dude.

No, man. I gotta go back. You can't just wander back in there.

They'll know. I can't leave him there!

I'll put the tracker back in. They'll pick me up.

You guys go ahead. I will meet up with you later.

Dumbo, where can I take a bullet in the torso and not die?

Are you serious? I'm not kidding, man.

Where can I take a bullet in the torso? I gotta make it look real.

It's the only way I'm getting back in alive.

It's impossible, man. There's too many organs.

There's gotta be somewhere, man.

Ringer, she can make the shot, all right? I know she can.

You want me to shoot you?

Don't pretend like you haven't thought about it.

Where do you want me to shoot him?

I mean, the... Shit.

Evan Walker.

You're out of your drone sector.


Put the gun down. Stay away.

Cassie, run!

Where's my gun?


Drop the gun.

Evan, drop it.

If I was gonna kill you, Cassie, I would've done it a long time ago.

What are you?

You're one of them. You're a fucking Other.

I'm human.

But I'm Other, too.

I'm both.

This isn't the first time the Others have been here.

They came before and created sleeper agents, like me.

I always felt different.

Growing up, there was this voice in my head.

It was quiet, but it was there.

And when the ship arrived, it was like a switch was flipped inside me, and the sleeper woke up.

How many people have you killed?

Did you kill your family?


The disease...

The disease that the Others created. The disease that you created.

Your family loved you.

Our kind believe that love is just a trick.

An instinct.

A way to protect your genetic future.

Do you really believe that?

I did.

But then I saw you.

I don't know how I don't understand it, but...

It was like you flipped the switch back.

You made me wanna be human again.

Did you shoot me?


I saved you.

I was wrong.

They're wrong.

Love's not a trick. It's real.

I know now because of you.

Look, stay back!

I don't wanna hear any more.

Just stay there.

Cassie, please, just let me help you.

All I wanna do is help you find Sam.

All right. Get on your knees, Evan.

All right. Come on, just get on your knees.


The Army is controlled by the Others.

They're preparing the kids.

For what?

To kill the last humans.

They'll search you.

You can't be armed.

If you follow me, I'll shoot you.

Soldier, where's your unit?

All dead!

What's your number?


2-9-5. He'll live.

Let's bug out!

All right, copy that, Tango Three.

Tango Three returning to base!

2-9-5 on deck!

The rest of the squad are reported KIA.

Ma'am, it's all right. It's all right. We've got you.



Any family not known to be dead?

No, just me.

Stand up.

You know why you're here, Cassie?

To get revenge.

He's an Other.

I know.

It's impossible to tell.

Look through here.

That's its true form.

That's the face it's hiding.

What happened out there?

It was bad, sir.

We were surrounded.

We tried to move to cover, but as soon as we did...

They were everywhere, sir.

Everyone was hit. Except you.

I took a bullet, sir.

But you survived.

It's a miracle, the way that bullet went right through you and managed to miss everything important.

Let's make a deal.

You drop your lie, and I'll drop mine.

Tell me, Ben.

What do you know?

I know what you are.

You're gonna kill me, aren't you?



What's the point of any of this?

What did we do to deserve... Nothing.

Other than occupy a space we need.

We're not that different, Ben. Your kind would do exactly the same thing.


Our kind wouldn't have wiped out an entire species.

Of course you would.

You've been doing it for centuries.

Sir, Sergeant Reznik's dead.

Security found her body.

Where? In medical.

There's more. Three guards were killed at the west gate and...

What the hell was that?

An explosion, sir. It came from inside the base.

Get rid of him. Damage to Sector Three!

Captain. Let's go.

We need to move all the recruits off-base. Get 'em on planes to Wonderland now.

Deploy units. Find out who's attacking us.

South corridor! On the double!

They're taking out our security cameras.

Bring the drones home so we can see who's attacking us.

Yeah, these are the changes from about 60 minutes ago.


Don't move, all right! Don't move! It's okay! Okay, all right!

Cassie? My name's Ben Parish. We used to go to high school together.

I know who you are.

What squad are you in?

I'm looking for my brother, Sam.


Sam Sullivan? Sam Sullivan?

You know my brother? Yes, yes, we're in the same squad.

You know where he is? I'm trying to get to him right now.

All recruits report to the transport area.

They're sending the kids off to war.

Vosch. The Army. They're Others.

Look, Sam is about to get on one of those planes.

If we don't go now, you're not gonna see him again. You understand?

We don't have much time.

All recruits report to the transport area. All right.

Ready? Come on.

Once the recruits reach Wonderland, get them ready for immediate deployment.

Yes, sir.

Transfer area's this way.


This is a restricted area.

Hey, it's all right. On your knees!

Hands behind your head!

No, it's fine. He's one of us. It's okay.

Evan, what are you doing here?

Helping you.

Who's he?

Ben Parish.

Ben Parish?


He was just here.

I told you not to follow me.

Well, I decided to ignore you.

I've been planting bombs.

In about 10 minutes, when the last plane full of kids takes off, I'm taking this place down, for good.

I'm sorry I lied to you, Cassie.

I was wrong when I said I was both one of you and one of them.

You can't be both. You have to choose.

I choose you.


Get out of here.

I'll find you.

Who was that? Evan Walker.

We gotta go find Sam.

I think Evan Walker's about to blow this place up.

Next floor up.

Head to the northeast corridor, number 22, now!

Which way?

This way.

Stay with your group leader.

Proceed to the transport vehicles in a calm and orderly fashion.

Stay with your group leader.

Proceed to the transport vehicles.

Come on. Move along, people.

Straight ahead.

Stay with your group leader. Keep it moving.

Don't fall behind, everyone. Where do they think they're going?

Once you are on the plane, you will receive further instructions.

Keep moving. Straight ahead.

Stay with your group leader.

What's her problem?

Sam! Sam!

Sam! Sam! Sam.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Cassie! Don't, don't.

We gotta go, all right?

Let's go.

Once you are on the plane, you will receive further instructions.

Come on.


I missed you so much, Sam.

I missed you, Cassie.

Look what I brought back for you.

It's Bear.

I love you.

I love you, too, Sam.


I gotta take his tracker out.

All right? It's not gonna hurt, okay?

Is it back up?

All the recruits accounted for?

Yes, sir. Six barracks left.


Power up my bird. Last plane's in the air, evacuate the base.

Come on!

Shit! It's Vosch!

Run! Run! Go for the truck!


Sam, run faster!

Go! Go!

Come on, Sam!

Run! Cassie!


Who is that?

Come on! Come on! Get in!

Come on!

Quick, Sammy. Get in! All right, come on! Get in! Get in!


Thanks for coming back.

Feel better? Yeah, thanks, Dumbo.

Make sure you give her the food first.

Let me know if it starts hurting or anything like that.

Okay. All right.

Teacup, how you feeling?

Pretty good.

All right.

How much longer for food?

I don't know. Not long.

What are you looking at?

Trying to find the stars.

It's a little early, isn't it?

You were named after a star, right?



Yeah. A cluster of stars.

I was named after Ben & Jerry's.

The truth. Yeah.

Nothing made my dad happier than ice cream.

I'm sure you made him happier.



What do we do now?

We have to save those other kids.


How are we gonna do that?

Dinner's ready.

I don't know yet.


Let's worry about that tomorrow and just go get something to eat.

All right.

Hey, Sam.

Here, wake up, buddy.

Hey, there he is.

Come on.

Come on, lazy bones. Put your bear down, would you?

The Others see our hope as a weakness, as a delusion.

But they're wrong.

It's our hope that lets us survive.

That lets us bend, but remain unbroken.

You two knew each other? Yeah, we went to high school together.

It's our hope that will let us win one day,

It's our hope that makes us human.