The 6th Day (2000) Script

This is Johnny Phoenix for the XFL...

...reminding fans here at Prudential Stadium to be safe on the way home.

Big third down for the expansion Roadrunners.

The playoff hopes hinge on this play. A lot of pressure on Johnny Phoenix.

As if being the first quarterback to earn $300 million isn't enough.

Red! Thirty-two!

Red! Thirty-two!

Run left!

Blue! Two, thirty-nine!



Get up, Johnny!

You all right?

The owner wants the best of care.

He'll need it. His 6th cervical vertebra is crushed.

It may not be as bad as you think it is.

The status? We have a lifetime contract with a vegetable.

Maybe we could trade him to L.A.

Okay, I want you to terminate his contract.


I'll get right on it.

Sorry, Johnny. You're going to have to take one for the team.

Do I look any different to you?

Oh, gee.

You shaved your mustache.

I never had a mustache.

Then, no.

Johnny Phoenix will play next week.

Early diagnosis had him sidelined...

...but his injuries proved to be minor.

Good morning, Adam. At 11:00 you have a VIP client, Michael Drucker.

And by the way, happy birthday.

I don't feel different.

Is Clara up yet? She's watching TV with Oliver.

Are you gonna spend all day looking for wrinkles...

...or are you going to get in here and give me a kiss?

I suppose if I have to.

Bully! No, you're not getting any kisses now.

You know, you don't look any different.

No. You look much better than when we met.

I love you.

Lock the door.

Oh, God.

Daddy! Daddy! Happy birthday!

You always make Daddy feel so good.

You're getting a little old for that.

I am not.

I meant your father.

Very funny. Come on. I made you breakfast.

Oh, great. I love it. Come on, Dad!

I can't find you. Where are you?

I'm right behind you, Dad.

Hiding under the table.

Because of shorter life spans, these family members break our hearts.

Should accident, illness or age end your pet's natural life...

...our genetic technology can have him back the same day in perfect health...

...with zero defects, guaranteed. Thanks to RePet.

Nacho-flavored or regular?

I'll take banana-flavored. Thank you.

I love this card. Beautiful.

Dad, can I have a Sim-Pal for your birthday?

You want a gift on my birthday?

So you won't feel guilty you're the only one getting something.

What's a Sim-Pal? A life-size doll.

A make-believe friend that grows real hair...

...and can do a lot of stuff.

Can't your real friends grow real hair and do lots of stuff?

Yeah, but they all have Sim-Pals.

Ask your mommy.

You're the greatest, Dad.

Mommy! Mommy! I'm gonna get a Sim-Pal!

You are getting low on milk.

Thank you for ordering milk.

You're getting so fast.

Into the car.

Very nice. Bye-bye.

See you.

What's going on?

I had a breakfast of champions today.

Destination Double X Charter Airport selected.

She wouldn't stop talking. My virtual girlfriend talks...

...but I can turn her off.

You and your virtual girls.

You're a grown man, and your primary relationship is with software.

If your senses say there's a hot chick on your lap, there is one.

I don't have to look any further.

They invented the Laser Razor. No nicks or cuts. You should use it.

I like the old-fashioned kind. They remind me I'm still alive.

You want to hang out at Kelly's after work?

I know that Natalie is throwing me a surprise party.

Why do you say that? I told her you told.

No, you didn't. Oh, yes.

Why did you do that?

I didn't. I just wanted to know and now I know.

I was that easy.

Your destination, Double X Charter Airport, is ahead.

OnStar will now disengage automatic drive.

Are you ready? Yes.

Manual drive engaged.

Do me a favor at the party.

Don't get drunk and set the drapes on fire? You already told me.

That too.

What I was going to say was around 11:30...

...I want you to start singing really loud, " Happy Birthday. "

For what? The way you sing...'ll clear the place.

I get it. You and Natalie have a little private party planned.

Good morning, Rosie. Good morning, everybody.

Henry checked out the remote. Says you'll love it.

They came in.

This is great. Look at this.

And Drucker's office called. Guess what?

They canceled.

No. We're going to be tested for drugs and alcohol.

So? Oh, this is cool.

We're going to be tested?

Not you guys. Just us pilots.

Look at this. The new remote came in. Out goes the old one.

Get rid of it! Adam, this is Tripp. It's his first time with us.

Welcome. How you doing?

Adam? Natalie's on line one.

What's up, honey? You look upset.

Oh, Adam.

I just talked to the vet...

...and they had to put Oliver to sleep.

What? He wasn't that sick.

I know, I know. But apparently he had some kind of...

...highly infectious virus. They had to put him down. It's the law.

Oliver was licking Clara's face.

Don't worry. I asked the same thing...

...and the virus is harmless to humans. So, she's fine.

This'll break her heart, you know that.

No, it won't.

I want you to go down to RePet...

...and get Oliver replaced.

I'm not going to have some freak of science sleep in my daughter's bed.

It's not dangerous. No.

Oliver can live in our memories.

She's only 8. She won't understand that.

It's the natural process of life.

You're born, you live and you die. She has to learn about it.

But not on your birthday.

I appreciate that.

Will you do it? No.

Thank you. And Clara thanks you.

Love you. Bye. Natalie, I won't-

Double X Charter. Your passport to adventure.

No use fighting.

We always win.

For incredible skiing and snowboarding, Double X Charter.

Tripp, you can go in this one. You got it.

You guys come with me.

Let's go!

Man, this is gonna be so great!

9747, you are cleared for takeoff.

Everyone has their maps?

GPS? Emergency beacons?

Good. Any questions?

I got a question. How many of you have RePets?

I have a dog. I got a snake.

At least know somebody who has one? I get your point.

I know somebody. I was just asking.

You scared me.

You proud of yourself? Very.

See you guys!

I know you're old-school, but all the kids today grew up with RePets.

These days it's totally normal.

Not to me.

Not to you? You want her crying all night because her dog died?

Where's your heart?

Don't you think it's a little creepy? No.

I don't.

Let's test the remote. Keep up.

All righty. Here we go.

These RePets come back, you can't tell the difference. Trust me.

I had it done. Bullshit.

I'm serious! Sadie, my cat... she's a RePet.

You had her cloned?

Well, she fell out of my condo window.

You did well. Thank you.

How long are you to keep me?

Till 7. Why?

Maybe I should check out RePet.

Good morning. Are you gentlemen the owners?

Yep, that's us.

Excellent. Larry Stern, I'm with Mr. Drucker's advance team.

I've got a contract here. You'll find it pretty standard except for...

Who was flying that one? Me, with the remote control.

We can fly four of these between the two of us now.

Amazing. You here for the blood test?

No. My technician is set up in your office.

These forms are standard except what?

It has a nondisclosure clause. During the flight... may overhear Mr. Drucker's phone calls.

Anything from big mergers... inside information on his sports teams.

We have a legal obligation to protect that stuff.

This guy think he's the president?

He considers her to be the world's second most important person.

That's big stuff.

All for a day of snowboarding?

The blood test was agony. Seriously, I was screaming.

She's kidding. Don't worry about it.

It doesn't hurt. Press your thumb here.

Right here? Just like that.

All done. Didn't feel a thing.

Now your vision. Place your chin here.

Right here?

Do you blood-test all your pilots?

Pilots, drivers, security, assistants.

Basically, anyone who comes in contact with Mr. Drucker.

I press here?

And here.

Perfect, both of you.

After this, I'm going to town to test a chef and two waiters.

The pink copy of the charter contract is yours.

I'll take the rest.

Here we go. Have a nice flight, gentlemen.

I can take Drucker. That way, you'll have time to get Oliver cloned.

I'm not getting the dog cloned. I'm just gonna check it out.

I know, but once you see it, you'll say yes.

Deep down inside, you're a softy.

They specifically asked for Adam by name.

I know. I also know that the bodyguards can't tell the difference.

They never got our names.

That's true.

Adam, I know I screw around a lot, but when it comes to flying... know I'm serious. I could do it.

Go enjoy your birthday.

If you want to be me, try to act a little bit more manly.

Chest out. Stomach in. There you are.

All right.

All clear. I want the Speaker of the House.

Don't mention my name at all.

I'm Michael Drucker. You must be Adam Gibson.

Adam's the name and flying's the game.

Pete Hume says you know the mountains like nobody else.

That's probably true for everyone except my partner.

I'm looking forward to it.

We all set? We've stationed our people-

Don't need the details. Yes, sir.

Your snowboard's behind your seat.

Dave, look, we gave a lot of money to his campaign...

...not to mention what I pay your law firm, so I'm counting on you.

Get me the Speaker.


Sally, who's next? Okay, put him on.

Hey, you own the Roadrunners, right?

Hey, buddy, wake up.

Wake up.

We're here. Woodland Mall.

I was asleep.

Welcome to Woodland Mall. Over 1200 retail outlets to serve you.

Food court, ground level. Megaplex theater, 15th level.

Stop the cloning. Say no to RePet.

Stop the cloning.

God doesn't want you to go in there.

Then God shouldn't have killed my dog.


We can clone your four-legged loved one in a few hours.

How can we do it?

It begins with growing "blanks"...

...animal drones stripped of characteristic DNA... embryonic tanks at the RePet factory.

In stage two, your pet's DNA... extracted from a lock of fur or a drop of blood...

...then infused on a cellular level into the blank.

In the final stage, using RePet's cerebral syncording process...

...all your pets thoughts, memories and instincts...

...are transplanted via the optic nerve.

Still can't make up your mind, huh?

You lost a dog, right?

Yes, my daughter's.

What a heartbreak.

What did you say was his name again? Oliver.

Oliver's in luck...

...because we're having a special this week, 20 percent off.

When did Oliver die? This morning.

Perfect. We can do a post-mortem syncording...

...but act fast because there's a 12-hour window on deceased brains.

I have a problem with the whole idea.

Suppose the clones have no soul or they're dangerous?

Clone pets are every bit as safe as real pets.


...they're insured.

If it's so safe...

...then why is it against the law to clone humans?

Because the human brain is too complicated to syncord.

You remember the experiment they did?

That's why it didn't work. Now it's illegal to even try.

But with pets, it's a totally proven technology.

Your RePet Oliver will be exactly the same dog.

He'll know the tricks you taught him...

...where the bones are buried- He won't even know he's a clone.

And did I mention...

...they're insured.

I don't care about insurance.

I care if I can trust my daughter with an animal with sharp teeth.

We can make him smaller. With softer teeth.

You can?

We can even color-coordinate him to match your decorating scheme.

Sim-Pals, the best friend money can buy.

Let me think about that. who's fun to be with. Treat your kids-

Look, I might be back.

You'll be back.

Your daughter will think you're the best.

My sister has two and loves them. Good.

Come, let's fix the collar.

There you are.

It's amazing how real this is. I know.

My daughter will be so excited.

Come, let's go home.

You have called Hank Morgan.

Hi, I'm not here, so leave a message.

Hank, it's me again.

What happened to you? I waited at Kelly's for half an hour. It's now...

... five past 7. I'm Sim-Pal Cindy. What's your name?

I'm heading home now. If you get this message-

Let's be friends.

What's your name?

Can't you see I'm talking? Quiet. head to my house with flowers and a good excuse, or Natalie will kill you.

I can sing songs. Would you like to sing with me?

Excuse me, do you know how to turn this off?

My niece has one. Say, "Go to sleep, Cindy. "

Go to sleep, Cindy. Would you like to sing...

Go to sleep.

Thank you. Thanks for the ride.

Good night.

Clara, sweetie, honey.

Oliver was very sick and he had to be put down.

Clara, sweetie, honey. Oliver had to go to heaven.

"Why, Daddy?"

Well, you see, because...'s because, uh...

Shit, Oliver! Why'd you have to die?




...two, three!

That's amazing. Look at this cake!

Oh, my God.

Adam Gibson?

Who are you?

We have a situation. Come with us, please.

What the hell is going on?

Cooperate and everything will be fine.

Fine? Someone's in my house, eating my birthday cake and it's not me!

We know. There's been a 6th Day violation. A human was cloned.

That human was you. We can help.

Then get him out! But you'll have to come with us.

I don't know who the hell you people are...

... but I'm going in my house. Right.

Oops. Cindy fell down.

Get the doll.

Not here.

I'm Sim-Pal Cindy. What's your name?

I can play games.


Wiley, no! Hold your fire!

That way! Go!

Vincent, go!

I have a boo-boo.

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Don't even blink.

Oh, God. Someone stole the minivan.

No, they stole my Cadillac.

Oh, no.

Car chase. Cool.

Who are you? I was hired to kill you.

That's all I know.

I'm Sim-Pal Cindy. What's your name?

Secure child-seat restraint.

Let's be friends.

Where is this guy? I'm Sim-Pal Cindy.

Let's be friends.

What's your name?

Will you be my mommy?

I don't want to be your mommy!

Shut up! What?

Somebody do something about that doll!

I have a boo-boo.

This is crazy. Why does anyone want to kill me?

He got home first.

You saw him, he didn't see you. You're screwed.

He's going to live your boring life and never be the wiser.

Your wife and kid see you two together, they'll be killed.

Goddamn it, Wiley!

Son of a bitch.


Blow out his tires this time!


That was spectacular.

Son of a bitch.

Hold my belt.


You got me?

Little more.

Get some people to look for this guy!

Pick up Wiley and Talia's bodies and get them to the lab.

I'm Dr. Griffin Weir. Welcome to the new Weir Organ Transplant Facility.

Thanks for visiting Replacement Technologies.

Doctor, protesters claim that cloning human organs...

...will lead to cloning whole humans.

That's not only illegal, we're years from the technology to do it.

A human was cloned over 10 years ago.

And we know the outcome of that bizarre experiment.

If you recall, the Supreme Court ordered the clone be destroyed...

...and I think that was the humane thing to do.

It led to laws against human cloning...

...and set back the course of legitimate research by years.

Mr. Drucker! You gave-

This is Dr. Weir's night, okay?

Is it true you want to get the 6th Day laws repealed?

Dr. Weir is interested in medicine, not politics.

Mr. Drucker, the protesters claim you run RePet at a loss... soften people up to human cloning.

You know, we shouldn't forget that not long ago...

...there were almost no more fish left in the ocean...

...and half the world's population faced the threat of hunger.

Cloning technology turned that around.

Extremists won't admit they'd rather people went hungry...

...than eat cloned fish, so they yell about human cloning.

Do you think human cloning laws should be changed?

Suppose a 10-year-old boy is in the hospital, dying of liver cancer.

Thanks to Dr. Weir's work...

...we can save that boy.

In the next bed lies another 10-year-old boy...

...whose parents love him just as much...

...only he has an inoperable brain tumor.

You cannot clone a brain.

The only way to save him would be to clone the whole person.

How do you tell that boy's parents that we can save the first boy...

...but the research that would have saved their son wasn't done...

...because of a law passed by frightened politicians a decade ago?

So, what does that mean?

Enjoy the party.

Looks like you needed rescuing. Yes, I did. Thank you.

Weir Clinic, stay away! No research on DNA!

Weir Clinic, stay away! No research on DNA!

Hey, boss!

Johnny. How's my star quarterback?

I'd say I felt like a million bucks, but I'd hate to take a pay cut.

Don't remind me, all right?

That was one nasty hit you took last week.

Be careful. We don't want you getting killed.

Katherine? Are you all right?

I'm just feeling like I don't quite belong.

But I'm fine. Really.

No, you're not.

Should I call Dr. Stevens?

No, no, no. I just overdid it, that's all.

I'll get a car to take you home.

Thank you.

Mr. Speaker? Thank you so much for coming. Champagne?

That was quite a speech. You heard that?

Sorry I got carried away.

Your words meant a great deal to me.

As it happens, I have a son with an inoperable tumor of the brain.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, sir.

It must have been in my subconscious, knowing you were here.

No, no, it's all right.

Gave me a lot to think about.

It gave me a different view of the subject.

Mr. Speaker...

...could I offer you a glass of brandy in my office upstairs?

I was 50 when Billy was born.

I didn't know if I wanted another kid so late.

But now I love him so damn much.

If there were something we could do for Billy...

...only it was highly illegal...

...would you consider it?

Of course I would. That's the same hypothetical-

No, no. Don't answer so fast.

You'd face a minimum sentence of 40 years if it ever came out.

But he'd be cured?

He'd be exactly the same.

Perfect health.

Never even have to know.

But if the secret came out...

...with the law now...

...he'd be put to sleep like a rabid dog.

He'd be destroyed, like a horse with a broken leg.

And if it never came out?

Or if the laws were changed one day?

Billy wouldn't have anything to worry about.

I beg you.

Go to my house and pick up my wife and daughter.

If I go there, they'll kill them both.

You made a different report an hour ago.

No, I didn't.

According to this, you did.

That must have been the clone.

Look, I know it sounds crazy.

I can hardly believe it myself.

Was your car stolen or not? Yes.

So you did report it? No, I took it.

You stole your own car?

I'm a court-appointed virtual attorney. You don't have to answer.

Is my client being charged with auto theft?

I didn't steal it! It's mine!

He claims it was filed by his clone.

I see. Loading virtual psychiatrist.

Mr. Gibson, what seems to be the trouble?

Go through it now with him?

You're avoiding talking about your parents.

Imagine: Two turtles are walking through the desert-

Shut up!


Are you going to help me or not? Of course we are.

Medical alert transmitted. Awaiting data.

Wait in here. I'll come get you as soon as we have news.


He saw himself at his house tonight.

Which was our mistake, not his.

Excuse me.

He's at precinct seven.

Can you hurry Talia and Wiley along? I'll need them both.

Goddamn it! Son of a bitch!

Piece of shit Wiley. I'm gonna kill him. Where is he?

He's still cooking.

Son of a bitch.

I look like crap.

Do you have any idea how much my hair treatments cost?

How much does Gibson know?

That he's been cloned and we'll kill anyone who sees them together.

What's that? What?

Does Drucker know you're talking about killing innocent people?

Relax. It's just a threat.

Of course, we'd never actually do it.

Try to have a good night.

You do your hair. I'll take Wiley and Vincent.

I've got to pierce my damn ears again.

Officials blame the latest strike by major league players...

...entering its 4th year and a lack...

...of fan identification with teams in the Series for the dismal ratings.


Oh, no.

Now what?

It feels tight all across here...

...where the tires ran over me.

You were run over by two cars and your chest was crushed.

Exactly. I mean, no wonder, right?

It's in your mind.

Completely crushed.

As in dead.

As in you have a totally new chest now.

Then why is it hard to breathe?

Tell you what.

Why don't you just stay out here? Relax.

The fresh air will do you good.

State and government officials in Washington, D.C...

...are openly dismissive of the Microsoft proposal.

This amounts to an attempt by Microsoft to buy a state of the Union.

Nothing in our Constitution or history...

...offers the remotest legal theory... which a corporation can, in effect, own a state.

But if he goes off his medication, the paranoid delusions come back.

Very sad. Because at other times, he seems almost rational.



You're dead. No.

You're dead.

Try to stay dead this time.

Hank, it's me again.

What happened to you?

I waited for half an hour at Kelly's.

It's now five past 7.

I'm heading home, okay?

He's fine. He's okay. He's our associate.

Gibson must have knocked him out.

Knocked him out? He looks dead to me, doc.

No. Pulse is strong.

He'll be up and around in no time. We'll get him to the hospital.


Let us know if you find Gibson.

Honey, I'm home.

Darling, where are you?

Hi, sugar.

Hello, my love.

Have you been working out?

You look so good. Thank you.

I recorded your sports programs.

Maybe we can watch them together.

I'd like that.

Or should I just take this off now?

No. Hold your horses.

Oh, Hank, I think it's so sexy when you go right to the chair.

I know you do.

You're gonna have to zip me up, sweetheart.

Careful with the merchandise.

Hold on, please!

Have they been here? Who?

Hello, Adam. Would you like a beer?

I'm sorry I missed the party, but...

...all of a sudden it's 11:00 and I wound up at Kelly's.

You missed my party? Not on purpose.

It was sort of weird. I feel terrible. I don't know what happened.

You feel terrible? I lost my wife, my daughter and my life tonight. special dance.

Hank, listen.

I need your help.

Not now, cupcake!

What going on? I don't understand.

That's a real gun.

What, what's going-?

Jesus! What are you gonna do? Kill my cat?

What the hell is going on?

If you weren't at my party, then you didn't see him.

Who's " him"?

Jesus H. Christ. I said get your dog cloned, not yourself.

What are you going to do?

Take my life back.

You're going to kill him?

Why not? He's not real. Plus, there's no law against it.

You're not serious.

I'm dead serious.

But look at him. He looks just like you.

Technically, this could be committing suicide.

But he's not me.

He's not even human.

Wait a second. How do I know he's not you and you're not him?

Look at him. He's even a shitty carpenter.

Let me see your chin. My chin?

You cut yourself shaving. Here.

Okay, it's there. You're you.

I couldn't do it.

Over here.

I have a little something for you.

Is Clara asleep? Yes, she is.

He's grabbing her ass.

I like how cigars make you feel.


What are you doing out here?

I had a bad dream.

I'll take you back to bed. Come on.

Fireman. Fireman, right.

Wait here.

Cigar, sir?

I can't wait.

How do you like it? This is so good.

Want to try some?

No. Smoking's illegal, and I'm a mother- All right.

Sweetheart, I'm sorry about the RePet.

It's all right.


Did Oliver die?

Is he a RePet?

Why do you say that?

You locked him outside.

I did? Oh, I'm so sorry.

I haven't been myself lately.

All right. You go to sleep now.

Close your eyes.

When was the last time we did it in the back of the car?

We should smoke cigars more often.

Mr. Gibson?

Who are you? Millennium Security. Sorry to-

You got any I.D.?

Of course.

Sorry I was a little jumpy but we had a break-in earlier.

We know.

Your car was found in the river.

They find the bastard that stole it?

Relax. He's a friend of mine.

Sorry about this.

Nice 'do.

He's here to help me fix the garage.


Now what?

Go see.

Sorry, but he's a RePet.

He was a good watchdog. Now he lets my car get stolen and barks.

I hate clones.

Well, we'll keep an eye on your property.

I'll sleep better knowing you're around.

Try to have a good night.

Good night. Take it easy.


Stop it, Oliver.

Stop it.

Gee, you're glitchy today. Come on.

Good Oliver. That was a bad idea.

Let's get out of here. We can't leave them with that thing.

Those were the guys trying to kill me.

It's dangerous for Natalie and Clara if I hang around.

Darling, you're still awake.

I wanted to wait up for you.

Thank you.

And I wanted to spend time with these flowers.

It took me 17 generations to get this right.

If you had told me, I could have-

I know. Engineered it in half an hour.

I'm not in that much of a hurry, Griffin.

Want to get a cup of tea, then go upstairs?


That's a good idea. Let's do that.

It's okay.

Stay calm.

Stay very, very calm.

What a night.

That was the longest night in my life.

Hello, Adam.

I'm a one-man Virtual Girl...

...but if you insert the installation disk...

What was that? Nothing.

I felt fingers going for my zipper. That's disgusting.

That's disgusting? I had to look away when you and Natalie were-

The... You want a beer?

You saw the clone do something with Natalie.

They did nothing.

That's not what I would have done. What would you have done?

I would have...


Well, that's what they did. You know... nothing.

Shit. In the goddamn minivan.

In the minivan.

You know what tobacco does to people.

He smoked my stogie too?

The bastard.

That son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch smoked your stogie.

She couldn't tell it wasn't me?

It didn't look like it. I mean, she seemed...


You have no idea what it felt like seeing her with him.

I should have just killed him.

It could have been worse. At least she's not cheating on you.

Don't move!


I'm not after you.

Back away.

Back away.

Why did you do that?

Don't do anything stupid, now. That's as far as you go.

Is that you, Hank?


Hey, Adam.

Is Hank sleeping on the floor again?

That's so cute.

On the sixth day, God created man. On the sixth day...

On the sixth day, God created man. God created man on the sixth day.

Why did you kill my friend?

Hank Morgan was an abomination to God.

He was a clone.

He was no clone.

The real Hank Morgan died this afternoon.

I killed him.

So I could... I could kill Drucker.

Drucker isn't dead. It would be all over the news.

Open your eyes.

Drucker's a clone.

Dr. Weir cloned Drucker. Dr. Weir cloned your friend.

Dr. Weir cloned you.

They found us.

Shoot me in the head.

What- We have people at Weir's lab!

I know who they are. They scan my brain, they'll be killed.

Shoot me.

God forgive me.

Doesn't anyone stay dead anymore?

Who are you people?

I.D. required.

Use biometric reader... verify identification...

...or the alarm will sound in 10 seconds. Ten...

He shot my foot! ... nine...

...eight... seven...

... six... five... Son of a bitch!

...four... three...

...two... one.

Stand by.

Systems accessed.


Select destination.

You're gonna pay!

Those were brand-new boots!

Dad? You're coming to my recital, right?

Of course. I never miss your recitals.

I love you.

You're the greatest, Dad.

Unless her pseudomonas infection clears up...

...I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.

What about her DNA scan?

Came up with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis?

Which is impossible, considering it's a childhood disease...

...and she would have been dead 30 years ago.

We're running the scan again.

No, I'll do it at the clinic. If you could give us a moment, please.

Darling. Sweetheart.

We're having you transferred to my clinic.

No. I'd like to stay here.

I can help you at the clinic. If you stay here, there's nothing I can do.

I know, dear. I'll die.


Katherine, please.

Listen to me.

Katherine died 5 years ago.

The feelings I have aren't mine. They're hers.

Katherine, listen.

Don't do this.

I need you so much. I need you.

I'm not afraid, Griffin.

I want to die.

My time has already passed.

My love.

What am I to do without you?


You just water my flowers...


Weir Clinic, stay away! No research on DNA!

Weir Clinic, stay away! No research on DNA!

Thanks for visiting Replacement Technologies.

We're in the business of life.

Welcome to the new home of the Weir Organ Transplant Facility... at Replacement Technologies.

Excuse me, sir. I've got to check that.

Sure. Help yourself.

But... might want to use these.

What's in here?

Lower intestines for Dr. Weir.

He's doing a study on the flesh-eating virus.

You can open it.

Just try not to breathe.

That's okay.

You're cleared.


What about her DNA scan?

Came up with cystic fibrosis.

Which is impossible considering it's a childhood disease- dead 30 years ago.

So we're running a new scan.

No, I'll do it at the clinic.

We've had 5 extra years since you cloned me.

I treasure that.

Katherine, please. No.


I'm not afraid.

I want to die.

My time has already passed.

Can I help you?

No. I just dropped my pen.

I'm all thumbs today.

Thank you.

Will you cut that out? It's driving me crazy.

Excuse me, but I nearly had my head ripped off and it hurts.

It's only psychological. Your neck doesn't really hurt.

You'd know better about that?

Yes, he would.

It was your old neck that got broken. This is your new neck. Get it?

I got killed twice in two hours. Knock it off. We've all been killed.

You know what really bothers me?

That I've never even seen a white light.

Never seen angels. Nothing.

Give me a break.

I have you logged in.

What? When?

Twenty minutes ago. You've entered a restricted area.

Son of a bitch has got my thumb.

Deactivate Talia, put out a security alert...

...and seal off Drucker's office, now! Let's go!


Can I help you?


You can stick your thumb on that.

Thank God. What? More fundamentalists?

No. Adam Gibson. We think he's in the building.

Why wasn't he taken care of already?

There are four of you and one of him!

Two of him, but you see what I mean.

He has a wife and kid, right? Get them. We may need the leverage.

It costs me $1.2 million each time I clone you people.

Try to be worth the money.

They'll kill you for seeing this.

They're doing their best already. Where's Dr. Weir?

His lab's over there.

Dr. Weir.

I know about the intruder. Your office called.

Everything's under control.

It's not under control.

You had me cloned.


Well, you cloned the wrong man.

How did you do it? You had to have my- What do you call it?

Your syncording. We had it.

Give it to me.

I want my life back.

Here. It's your syncording.

How did you get this?

I haven't been- Here.

The vision test.

It didn't test vision. It took your syncording.

An exact picture of your mind.

And it took sample of DNA. With those we can clone a person in 2 hours.

We had you so we could act quickly when we were told you were killed.

Told I was killed?

Please don't drink and drive.

Gibson family schedule.

Clara's recital at school.

This is Michael Drucker's.

A syncording contains everything in a person's memory...

...and this is what Drucker saw and heard just before he died.

You don't become a rich man without making enemies... we back up his mind religiously.

You own the Roadrunners, right? Among other things.

You a fan? I'm a fan of both those teams.

I'll have to get you some tickets.

Promise, right? Sure. I'll do it right now.

Sally, remind me to get Roadrunner tickets for Adam Gibson.

He's my pilot today.

On the sixth day, God created man.

I'm about to get on my snowboard- Hey, he's got a gun!

Shit. It's a fundamentalist.

He just shot them both. Call Marshall. You hear me?

Sally? Oh, shit.

No, you don't have to- Sally!


An anti-cloning fundamentalist killed everyone on board.

It should have been me.

We thought it was you. Drucker even mentioned your name.

So, we used your DNA and syncording to clone you.

To resurrect him, we had to cover it up.

Keep talking.

We cloned everyone. We realized you switched places too late.

Access denied. Invalid thumbprint.

They're trying to kill me. There are two Adam Gibsons.

That's proof humans are being cloned...

...which makes you very dangerous to Drucker.

Accessing security. Tell me why I'm a threat.

Drucker was killed 3 years ago. We cloned him then...

... and we cloned him yesterday. So?

If that came out, he'd be destroyed in every way.

A clone has no rights. A clone can't own anything.

Drucker would lose all this...

...because Drucker would be...

...legally dead.

Look at all the cameras you got in this place.

You can't find one guy?

There. There.

We don't need where he's been. We need to find where he is.

Let's go. Hit the alarm.

What's up? What area's so sensitive...

...we don't allow cameras?

Drucker will do anything-

Anything to destroy the evidence.

And you're the evidence.

This is evidence too.

Move! Clear the way!

Let's go.

I have to go to the bathroom. Okay, Clara.

Anyone else need to go?

Why do you think I'm telling you? Because I can do nothing to stop them.

There he is! Zone Six. Engineering.

Move! Clear the way!

Or what they'll do to your family.

My family?

Drucker has to kill one of you. If he can't kill you, he'll kill the other.

They could get killed in the process.

Get out!

Destination "Get out" not understood.

Morgan Randall Elementary School!

I'm very sorry, sir.


She's supposed to be up there now, right?

This is the...

That's odd.

I'm gonna go check and make sure everything's okay.

Excuse me. Of course.


Oh, my God.


Mommy, I'm scared.

I'm here. I got you.

Could you help us?

What are you doing?

This is the only thing keeping the dogs...

...from tearing her apart.

So be quiet and come with us.

Let's go!

Daddy! Adam!


You have reached 911 emergency.

Your call is important to us. I know.

Your "yes" or "no" answers...

...will help us in directing police services to assist you.

Are you reporting a felony? Yes.

Thank you for reporting a felony. Come on.

Is the felony in progress now?


Thank you.

Is there a danger of bodily harm to you or others?


Are suspects or injured victims...

Forget about talking to the police. I tried that already.

Who the hell are you?

I know this sounds insane, but...

...I'm Adam Gibson.

We don't have time for you to be shocked. They have Natalie and Clara.

I need your help to get my family. They're my family.

That's for sleeping with my wife... the damn minivan.

Your report has been canceled at your request.

Thanks for visiting Replacement Technologies.

It's him.

I believe you have something of mine.

No, I have everything of yours.

I have the syncording that proves you're a clone.

I have everything of yours:

Your family in the palm of my hand.

Shall we trade? You read my mind.

Just the highlights.

All right. I'll bring the disk... the Double X Charter office at 10:00 tonight.

Be there with my family.

Did you have to hit me that hard?

I had to stop you from talking to the police.

That's a good one.

That should do it.

What are you doing?

Testing it. I don't think you have enough aluminum.

Are you kidding? That's the same amount I used in the Rain Forest War.

You shouldn't be talking.

The mess you left trying to fix your garage...

You saw me working in the garage? Saw you?

I nearly shot you.

Let's try it.

Cool. Cool.

You better be miles away when this goes off.

I'm worried about getting inside to find Natalie and Clara.

I'll take my chances getting out.



What are you doing? Yours. Yours.

Griffin, what's the matter?

My wife, Katherine, is dead.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Griffin, I don't know-

I'm so sorry.

Don't start with "sorry" with me. Don't start!

Don't start with "sorry"!

I know about the congenital defects you've been imbedding...

...into the clone DNA.

There's my wife, Johnny Phoenix and the others.

But, Michael, why my wife? Why?

You're right, Griffin.

It's a security protocol I implemented. I knew you wouldn't understand.

What should I understand?

The only thing I understand is that... gave my wife cystic fibrosis!

Calm down.

Someone made a mistake. This wasn't meant to hurt her.

It didn't hurt her. It killed her.

Suppose we clone a senator who agrees to support us, then doesn't.

Or Johnny Phoenix wants more money. Shorter life spans gives us leverage.

What's the point?

The point is, if they betray us they're dead.

If they stay on the team, we clone them again.

Exactly what we'll do with Katherine. I'm sure she's being cloned now.

No, she's not.

No. She's-

Griffin, it was a mistake.

If you're concerned about her DNA, go through it yourself.

Obviously there's no charge for the cloning.

No charge. Thank you very much.

What you don't understand is, she doesn't want to be cloned.

So, do it anyway.

Do it anyway. I see.

Let me explain something to you.

I loved my wife very much.

So much so, I promised I'd never bring her back again.

And I won't.

And if I can't bring her back, I'll never bring back anyone, ever.

That's how much I loved her.

So, it's over, it's finished...

...and I quit.

Well, I can't let you quit.

I've looked the other way too often.

I've justified too much, so...

...I'm finished. It's over.

Know what I'm going to do for you? What are you going to do for me?

I'm going to give you...

...the greatest gift you can imagine.

A gift? I'm gonna save your life.

I'm gonna save Katherine's life. I'm gonna save our friendship.

And I'm gonna save your marriage.

What are you talking about?

I'm gonna kill you now...

...and I'm going to clone you using your latest syncording.

Then I'll clone Katherine using her last syncording.

You understand?

Do you see what I'm doing for you?

You'll be together, neither of you will remember you promised not to clone her.

Or that she even died.

Obviously you won't remember this conversation.

You're welcome.

All right, now show me my family.

Bastards. I knew it.

Your syncording isn't here.

It was being flown by remote.

Both of you, get back here now.

Come on.

This is a private pad. You can't land that here.

I'm here to pick up Mr. Drucker.

It's my charter contract.

Everything's normal, Mr. Drucker, but we'll stay alert.

What time are you taking off?

Take off? I didn't order-

Your pilot's on his way to reception.

Now you listen to me.

Seal the building. Full security alert.

Find this pilot. He is armed and dangerous.

And get Wiley and some men up to my office now.

Freeze the elevators. Shut down level 2 and 3 parking garages.

Zone 6, engineering corridor. There. Sector 3.

He's headed right towards you, Dan. Turn around!

Don't try it.

Get people up the stairwell!

Teams 3 and 4, close off on him! Let's go!

He shot out a power box. He's trashing the whole system.

We got him trapped. West stairwell between 13 and 14.

Let's go!

Cover the stairwell doors!

Fire in front of him!


You did pretty good!

Fooled us at the airport!

Managed to turn this place into shambles!

You're the greatest, Dad!

Mr. Drucker would like to talk to you.

And, of course, we do have your family!

All right.

Go get him.

Well, well.

Adam Gibson. I wish I could say, "the one and only. "

Looks like we both went back on our word.

You'll find we have more in common- Where's my family?

Right to business.

An admirable trait.

There they are. All safe and sound.

For the moment.

Your syncording is not on him...'s not in his whisper craft.

I knew you'd double-cross me, so I gave it to my clone.

Anything happens to me or my family...

...the next time you see it will be at your murder trial.

Dr. Weir didn't tell you.

Tell me what?

Adam, Adam, Adam.

He's not the clone.

You are.

Ask yourself something.

You remember anything after being scanned by my bodyguard?

I need to check your vision. Place your chin here.

Changing places with your friend?

Buddy, wake up. We're here. Woodland Mall.

The salesman at RePet thought it was...

...odd you came in twice.

Asked the same questions...


Still can't make up your mind, huh?

You lost a dog, right?

Let me see your chin.

You cut yourself shaving.

Your shaving cut?

Easily reproduced.

So is the scar from your old war wound.

I know who I am.

I know you do.


How many times have you been cloned?

I've lost count.

There's one way to tell.

Show him.

It's the only way to track what generation a clone is.

See? Four dots means...

...she's been cloned four times.

Come on.

Let's take a look at yours.

Take a look in the mirror.

Let's find out if you are who you think you are.

Just under your left eye.

Kind of takes the fun out of being alive, doesn't it?

So, you see...

...your family isn't really your family.

They're his.

And you, my friend, are in exactly the same boat as all of us.

If Adam Gibson gets that syncording to the authorities...

...we'll all be destroyed.

If you really love your wife and kid...'ll tell me where Adam Gibson is.

We'll get my syncording back, we'll get rid of him.

You'll tell me where Adam Gibson is.

We'll get my syncording back, we'll get rid of him.

They'll never know you're the clone.

That, or lose them forever.

Adam, I'm not making this offer because I have to.

I can get everything from your memories.

The fact is, I'd like you to understand...'d be serving a higher purpose.

In two years, three tops, I'll control enough votes to get the laws changed.

Then we won't have to lose our best people. Our Mozarts...

...our Martin Luther Kings.

We will finally be able to conquer death.

We will finally be able to conquer death.

And who gets to decide...

...who lives and who dies?


You have a better idea?


What about God?

You're one of those. I suppose you think science is inherently evil.

No, I don't think science is inherently evil.

But I think you are.

If you believe God created man in His own image... believe He gave man power to understand evolution... exploit science, to manipulate the genetic code.

To do exactly what I'm doing.

I'm just taking over where God left off.

If you really believe that, then you should clone yourself...

...while you're still alive.

Why's that? So I can understand your unique perspective?

No. So you can go fuck yourself.

Now you'll tell us where you put Mr. Drucker's syncording!

You won't find it in my head.

I told him to hide it so I wouldn't know where it is.

We'll see about that. Yeah, we will.

Let's go. Get in here.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Fine! Have it your way!

That didn't hurt so bad.


Let's go back a few minutes.

Here's Drucker's syncording.

There's the other one.

Keep this.

If I'm not back in an hour, you know what to do.

Don't worry. If anything happens to you or my family...

...I'm gonna destroy that son of a bitch.

You got the location?

The airport. I was just there. He'll be dead in 20 minutes.

Let's go.

Betrayed by your own mind.

Wait! Wait!


They staged that scene for us.

The other one sat behind him so we couldn't see him.

The bastard faked his own syncording.

One hid and this one avoided looking at him so he wouldn't be in his memory.

You mean the other one's here too?

Yes, that's correct.

Now put out another alert. This one is the diversion!

He smashes the cameras, gets captured...

...meanwhile, the other one strolls in and takes his wife and kid.


Natalie, Clara.

Oh, my God. What's going on? Daddy?

Don't worry, sir.

Get him up.

I'm scared, Dad.

What's going on?

This isn't because of the cigar? No. I'll explain to you later.

Don't worry. He's not going anywhere. We'll get him.


Talia, you go. You two stay here.

Have them block all the exits.


...seal off the tank area, levels 6 and 7.

I'm trying. Give me a minute.

And get us some power up here.

Don't move. My daughter is right inside that door.

I don't want to expose her to any graphic violence.

She already gets enough of that from the media.

Put your weapons down.

Nice and easy. Good.

Now, when you go inside... say...

Have a nice flight, little girl.

They're friends of Daddy's.

All right, let's go.

We'll have a little midnight flight with Daddy and Mommy.

There we are.

All right?

There you go, sir.



Wiley, just wait one second.

Not again.

And don't bring him back.

Stupid bastard blew a hole through my stomach.


I'll be dead in 20 minutes, tops.

But what better place, right?

Henderson? Where's my power?

Coming on-line now, sir.

Get all exits blocked. All exits!


Go start warming up a blank.

Do a fresh syncording. I want my mind up-to-the-minute.

Here it is. This is a fresh one.

This will be a complete syncording.

Is that Talia?

Go help her.

We'll find them.

What have you got? Tanks 3 and 4, nothing.

Okay, go. Take the back walk.


Oh, God.

Oh, no.

Take her to your mother's...

...and stay there until I come.

Come with us, Daddy.

I have to help a friend, okay? Bye.

I love you.

Wiley, you shot me!

Oh, right. That was you.

I've got to get dressed.

You're not even going to wait...

...until I die?

Would you?

Come on.

Get it off.

You got blood on the jacket. Jesus Christ.





...we can make a deal.

I didn't do anything to you. It was all him.

Listen to me.

I can rebuild all this in a very short time.

I can still save you, Adam.

Save me?

We put defects in the clone DNA to give them short life spans.

Want to know what you'll die of? How long you've got to live?

We can go right upstairs and look it up.

We all have to die someday.

We don't have to die.

I'm offering you the chance to live forever. Never aging.

Perfect in every way.

Perfect? Like you?


Here is your " perfection. "

Oh, God.

There's no need to panic. I can fix this.

You won't fix anything.

It's over. It's finished.

It's finished.

When I said you should screw yourself...

...I didn't mean for you to take it literally.

Go after him.

Get him.

Check the roof!

You! Up top!

Come on!

Can you fly this? Better than you can.

Good. Because your shooting sucks.

Let's get out of here.


Come on!

Try to climb over me!

Come on! Hurry up!

Come on!


You know, I keep wondering... I really human?

Do I have a soul?

Well, your DNA scan came back normal, didn't it?

Yeah. Zero defects.

Just like a RePet commercial.

If you're not human, they would have mentioned it.

All right, enough philosophy.

I better get going.

I've got 3 weeks at sea to figure it out.

Hurry if you want to see Clara.

Thanks for letting me say goodbye to your family.

Now, wait.

This is your family too.

You were willing to die to save them.

Think about that while you're at sea...

...wondering if you're really human or not.

Because if that's not being human...

...I don't know what is.


Hello, everybody.

Look what I brought. A kitty!

Oh, Sadie.

I thought that...

...Hank's cat was a-

She is.

But you hate RePets.

Well, I changed my mind.

You old softie.

Can we keep her?

Please? Of course.

That's why I brought her home. Put her down.


Thank you so much.