The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) Script


Aye, captain?

Sound for a depth.

A sounding? Here?


Aye, captain.

Does he expect to land here, past the very end of land?

Perhaps hunger has crazed his mind. His belly is as empty as ours.

If there was land, it would be such as no man would dare set foot upon.

Sinbad would. He dares anything.


Full fathom seven.

Sharp look out aloft there!

Aye, captain!

What can it be?

Perhaps a sunken reef.

Or a sea serpent. Or something worse.

Full fathom five!

Oh, let it be land.

Land ho! Off the port bow!

He has the eyes of an owl. I see nothing.

Look! There!

Land it is!

All hands, look alive!

Drop anchor. We'll go ashore at the first light of dawn.

May Allah grant we find food and water.

And may Allah grant we find nothing more.

This is no time of night to be knocking at a lady's bedroom.

I would speak with your mistress. I bring good news.

I know your sailor's tricks.

Now, off with you. Go and steer your course elsewhere.

Sadi, you must be more polite to the captain.

He is not responsible for the mysterious winds...

...which blew us off our course. Or are you?

I blame him for taking you...

...from the comfort and the safety of your father's palace to this.

I came willingly, Sadi.

What good news, captain?

We are anchoring off an island.

Tomorrow we take on food and water to continue our voyage.

The food comes none too soon.

That pirate Harufa has already found eyes for my pet.

In a week, you'll be feasting in Baghdad... our wedding.

I think you invented the island for just this purpose.

For another such kiss, I'd invent a whole continent.

Bananas. Melon.

Here, have a coconut and grapes.

Captain Sinbad is filling his cask with fresh water from the spring.

Stay here until he returns.

-A cloven hoof. -Here. There's another.

What a stride.

Captain Sinbad, look.


What is it?

It has the mark of some ancient civilization.

It has the mark of Satan himself.

Come, Sinbad, let us go back to the ship.

Hold this.

I'm going to see where that stone mouth leads.

Help me! Help me! Help me!

To the boats, quickly.

From the land beyond beyond.

From the world past hope and fear.

I bid you, genie, now appear.

I obey the master of the lamp.

I command you to build me a barrier between those men and the Cyclops.

I shall try, O master. I shall try.

What weird power restrains that monster?

The man who holds this treasure is safe from even greater danger.

Why didn't you destroy the monster?

The genie of the lamp cannot be used to work harm.

But in protection, his powers are invincible.

Look out!

Help. Help.



Oh, my prayer is answered. You are safe.

Hoist all sails! Full starboard rudder! Head for deep water!

The lamp.

-Come on. -The lamp!

-Come on. -My lamp!

For your ship, a king's ransom in jewels.

For you forget one thing, my friend. The Cyclopes will be on guard now.

Besides their great strength, they have the magic lamp as well.

The Cyclopes have no speech. It is useless to them.

I alone can invoke the power of the genie.

Who are you?

I am Sokurah the Magician.

Is your lamp so precious...

...that you would risk your life to return to the island?

There is nothing I would not do to regain it.

Your ambition has nearly cost us our lives already.

If you are indeed a magician...

...why do you not use your great power to slay the one-eyed monster?

I had prepared a potion for just such a purpose...

...but I could not persuade the Cyclops to swallow it.

Captain, the winds that drove your ship to the island of Colossa...

...have wrecked many vessels on its shores.

The treasure of 100 years has been gathered by the Cyclopes.

The wealth that awaits us there... worth many, many thousand times what you see here.

We are on an important mission for the caliph of Baghdad.

Our presence there means the difference between war and peace.

I'll not risk that by turning back.

That is my final word.

Perhaps when you are safely in Baghdad... will be persuaded to feel differently about the venture.

I doubt it.

Harufa, show the magician to his quarters.

With fair winds, we should reach port in five days.

Magician. Your jewels.

My lord, Sinbad, is a very great prince in his country.

The people rejoice for the news I bring.

Peace between your father's kingdom and ours.

And do you love me just to save Baghdad from destruction?

I love you because I cannot do otherwise.

Your eyes are mightier than all your father's armies.

Three times welcome, Sinbad. You have done wonders to avert a war.

And what fair prize is this?

The Princess Parisa, daughter of the sultan of Chandra.

Pledged to be my bride...

...a symbol of lasting friendship between our kingdoms.

Welcome as a daughter, my child.

For I love Sinbad as my own son.

I thank you, kind sir.

My father, the sultan, sends his wish for your health...

...and bids me tell you he will arrive within a week for our wedding.

And a royal wedding it shall be, with all the honors of our court.

Tell me about your journey, Sinbad.

Oh, a strange voyage and a strange tale it is, my caliph.

I did not think any place could be more beautiful than Chandra...

...yet Baghdad is.

The city is made lovely by your presence.

Without you, it is plain.

Now that we are here, all the strange terrors of the voyage seem unreal.

Yet they were all too real at the time.

Perhaps it is all a dream, and the one-eyed giant a nightmare.

And is Sokurah the Magician also a dream?

He is very real indeed.

There is something about him which frightens me.

If only he would vanish when I awaken.

He is determined to gain possession of the magic lamp.

His life is distorted with this single driving wish.

I pity him, for I have my one wish.

Illustrious and magnificent caliph of Baghdad...

...I am honored to be summoned to your presence.

Sinbad says you are a man of unusual powers.

It is our wish that you demonstrate your skill... a welcoming feast for the sultan.

Your wish shall be granted even before it is asked.

I promise a performance...

...that will live in the memory of the caliph for all his days...

...may he live a thousand years.

You please me already.

Your palace is a jewel of comfort and hospitality but--

-But? -My happiness would be complete...

...if you would but grant me a single wish.

-State it. -A fast ship...

...and a well-armed crew to return to my island.

Ships are costly and lives are not to be wasted.

I have here the design of a new weapon.

A giant crossbow that will protect the men from harm.

I cannot judge, for I have not yet seen the one-eyed giants.

Sinbad, what is your opinion?

Tales of our voyage already have spread through Baghdad.

No one but a madman would ever sail a ship back to Colossa.

Sinbad's word is my word.

Until the sultan's feast then?

Are you sure you can be happy here in Baghdad?

Very. I love Sinbad more with every sunrise.

I had such doubts after I let you go.

If anything had happened to you, they would have paid with many lives.

Father, you're getting angry. Now, you mustn't, you know.

Oh, here comes the caliph. Now, smile at him. He's a very nice man.

May your illustrious presence in my humble palace...

...return to your own house a thousand fold.

If my daughter is happy, I have honor enough.


Remember, not only will you triumph over good and evil...

...but you will be the most exotic woman in all of Baghdad.

-What must I do? -Leave everything in my hands.

I have arranged a presentation which I think will arouse your interest.

Summon Sokurah the Magician.

Is that not Sadi, your waiting woman?

Yes, Papa.

She has offered herself as the magician's subject.

If he can turn her into a contented woman...

-...he is indeed a great magician. -Papa.

It's a serpent. Papa, she will be killed.

-Allah have mercy on them both. -Oh, Papa.


It is impossible. I am asleep.

If so, I share your dream.


-Your handmaiden is unharmed. -Sadi, are you all right?

Well done, Sokurah.

If I have pleased you, I hope you will grant my request...

...for an expedition to my island of Colossa.

You are truly a man of great skill...

...but I do not change my mind so easily.

Perhaps a further demonstration of my powers is necessary.

The art of prophecy has always fascinated me.

Can you foretell the future?

I can, upon occasion, foretell certain events.

It would please us to have you look into the future of our two countries.

As you wish. I shall require a brazier of live coals.

You shall have it.


May the unseen forces grant that I see nothing but good.

My spirit races ahead of time itself.

Ask your questions.

What do you see here in Baghdad?

I see, but I cannot speak.

You must.

I see great disaster.

I see.... I cannot tell.

Go on. I command you.

There are great buildings falling.

Women and children slain.

I see war.

War between Baghdad and Chandra.

-You lie. -What of my daughter's wedding?

There will be no wedding.

Mysterious and evil forces are at work...

...and the wedding rejoicing shall be turned to mourning.

-You have done well, Sinbad. -I could not bear to have...

-...that charlatan frighten the princess. -I spoke at your insistence.

The events my spirit saw lurk as dire possibilities.

If you request, I will use my powers to disperse the evil forces...

...and avert such disaster.

In return, I presume I must grant you the ship and the sailors you desire.

Such a gift of gratitude would seem fitting.

So your lies are cheap schemes to force me to grant your wish.

Get out. You have committed treason against both Baghdad and Chandra.

If you are found within the walls of our city by sunset tomorrow...

...your eyes will be torn out...

...that you may see no more evil dreams.

To the wedding and our lasting friendship.

Good night. Though I wish the night were gone.

Tomorrow will come soon.

And all the nights thereafter cannot come soon enough.

I cannot imagine waking to see your face instead of Sadi's.

She was indeed transformed tonight by that magician.

-Suppose that his prophecy-- -I'll dream of dangers he predicted... you can rescue me.

After the wedding, the procession will pass here...

...then pause before the throne, where you and I will be seated equally.

My lord.

My lord. My lord.

-Where is she? -The princess.

-Where is my daughter? -The princess.


-Parisa. -Sinbad, here I am.

Sinbad, look. Here on the pillow.

-Look closely. -No. No, it cannot be so.

It is.

The world has grown very large overnight.

It's true. It is you, my darling.

My daughter, where is she?

Where is my--?

Ten thousand devils.

What evil sorcery is this?

My daughter, is it you?

Speak. Tell me my eyes lie.

You see truly, my father.

I would have borne any insult.

But my dear one. My daughter.

Look upon your city.

Enjoy the sight...

...for soon it will be rubble and bleached bones.


Sokurah. Sokurah.

Sokurah, wait.

-The princess, she has been-- -I know. In my vision, I saw her state.

But I feared to tell you because of your great anger.

Tell me, can you help her?


No. No, the risk would be too great.

If she can be helped, I will do anything.

I cannot turn back.

If I am in Baghdad at sundown, my eyes will be dark forever.

I'll answer to the caliph for that. Now, come quickly.

No, I....

Tell us quickly what must be done.

There is one secret potion which will remove the evil charm.

-Mix the potion with no more delay. -We lack the most vital ingredient.

A piece of shell from the egg of a giant bird called the roc.

A monstrous bird that nests on the peaks of Colossa.

The same. Without this shell, the potion is useless.

We have no choice, O caliph.

I must sail at once and bring back the eggshell.

No. The princess must go with us.

Only in my castle can the potion be used.

I'll order a ship to be provisioned at once.

We'll need your design for the giant crossbow.

The palace jeweler can make a tiny home for the princess.

Where will you find the crew, Sinbad?

The bravest of my former men will sail with me.

That will not be enough. Where will you find the others?

I'll find them...

...where men fear the headman's ax more than the Cyclopes.

In the caliph's prison yard.

Hear me! Here!

Come here!

I am Captain Sinbad. I am here with an offer of freedom.

I have come to raise a crew...

...for the hard and dangerous voyage to the island of Colossa.

The land of the Cyclopes.

We may be thieves and murderers, but we're not fools.

The caliph of Baghdad has offered you full pardon.

He offers us a choice of two kinds of death.

I fought with the Cyclops and here I stand, alive as you.

This man was at my side, and he sails with me again.

Well, what'll it be? We need five and 20 men.

Freedom or the hangman's noose?

They'll not put a rope around Golar's neck.

He'll spit in the Cyclops' eye first.

-That's right, come on. -I'll sign up.

-Let's go. -Me too.

-I'm ready. -Take me.

-I'm with you. -Take me too.

The ship's hold is filled with the giant crossbow. There's no more room.

-Then lash the arrow to the mast. -Aye, aye, captain.

Careful! We may need that arrow to fight for our lives.

We're all fools.

If we're to fight for our lives, let us fight against men, not monsters.

There are rich prizes plying in the coastal waters.

This vessel could be ours for the taking.

What of those men who are loyal to the captain?

We'll feed them to the fish.

-Heave! -Heave. Heave.

I fear this will be a tedious voyage for you without Sadi.

I shall never complain, not as long as I'm near you.

A hazardous voyage too, in spite of all the plans we've made.

If you were as small as I, you could walk among the giants unseen.

They are not our only danger.

We must sail uncharted waters with a doubtful crew.

I sometimes wonder what they would think if they could see me as I am.

I do not trust them out of my sight, or in it.

-Yes? -Captain...

...can I have a few words with you?

For the past week, there has been unrest among the crew.

I have heard dangerous mutterings.

All weapons have been locked in the cabin.

Without swords, they can do nothing.

In a few more days, we should reach the island.

Something troubles your appetite, Sinbad.

I shall be glad when we arrive.

Sinbad, how can you love a tiny, insignificant female such as I?

A diamond is a tiny thing, yet it is very precious and beautiful.

Quickly, princess.

Stop! Do not kill him! We surrender.

Harufa, we must give up.

This is a touching show of friendship. Take his sword.

Here. The magician's cloak will make a flag for us.

Here are the men who would feed us to the one-eyed monster.

What shall we do with them?

-Kill them! -Drown them!

You hear the verdict. You die at dawn.

And my wish for a night of pleasant dreams.

Hear my curse, for it seals your doom.

Those who harm us shall be driven mad.

Terror shall be in your hearts.

And before dawn, you will plead with us for your very lives.

Oh, save me.

Oh, save us, magician. Save us.

For you, I will tie the knot myself... you will strangle slowly.

Throw him in the forward hold! Helmsman.

Take a course due south.

We'll circle back to the trade routes. Go on!

We could have sliced them all to bits...

...but you stopped us to save this idiot who babbles nonsense.

You will see.

Winds and currents will drive the ship southward...

...and my prophecy will come true.

What makes you so certain?

South of Colossa lies an accursed island...

...inhabited by wailing demons.

Their screaming is heard over 100 leagues.

Men hearing it are driven mad.

They drive their ships onto the jagged rocks...

...and are devoured by sea serpents.

What's to prevent us from sharing their fate?

If we stuff bits of cloth in our ears.

Well, that's fine. Now we won't be driven mad...

...we'll just be devoured by sea monsters.

If we wax the cloth, it will stop most of the sound.

The wind screams like 10,000 fiends!

Full port rudder!

Change your course!

We'll be wrecked on the rocks!

Ho, lookout, what can you see?

Hold this course or you'll die!

Steer south!

High winds and seas surround the demon island.

The sound penetrates even here.

Give me that glass!

Full port bow!

I'm gonna release them.

Full port rudder!

Save us. Save us, captain, before we're wrecked.

There is a narrow channel through the rocks. It is our only chance.

Has the whole ship gone mad?

Full port rudder! Full port rudder!

Sharp lookout for the peaks of Colossa!

The crossbow will be assembled and ready within the hour.

Keep the men at the crossbow.

I would rather go with you.

I know, my friend, but you're more valuable here.

Everything is in readiness.

The sooner we leave, the better. Come.

Here. Who's in command of the great crossbow?

You are.

This is the valley of the Cyclopes.

Beyond it, in the center of the island...

...are the peaks where the great birds nest.

Then our path lies through the valley?

Your path. We separate into two groups.

Because if one group is captured, the other may attempt to free them.

We meet at the far side of the valley, tonight at sunset.

May the powers of good protect all our footsteps.

We will stop and rest here, and proceed again at nightfall.

You, Golar, do not drink so deeply.

We will need the water for our climb tomorrow.

Why so miserly?

We can fill the skin from the pool when it's empty.

-That's right. -This water is poisoned.

The man who lets it touch his lips will be dead in a moment.


Would you care to try it?

Wait here a moment.

What are you doing here?

Don't worry, master. The crossbow's in good hands.

Let us get back to the others, Harufa, before the return of the Cyclopes.

They were here a moment ago.

See if you can find them.

Captain Sinbad. Captain Sinbad.

Come quickly.

Here, through here. Hurry.

We're rich. We're rich. Come, master. Take your fill.

Pearls, rubies, gold, everything.

Out of here! All of you!

There'll be time enough for treasure after we finish our mission.

Out. Hear me, or by my sword, I'll run you through.

Look out!


Put me down! Let me go!

Let me--

Help! Help!


Sinbad's men must be trapped.

You will remain here.

Let me out of here.


Help! Help!


Help! Help me!

Sinbad, help!

Help me.


Help me. Help.

Must we thirst here...

...while water runs all around us, just because of the magician?

He has strange, strange powers. We dare not disobey.

-Golar dares. -That's right.

Then drink from the pool he has forbidden.

You think he's afraid?

Here. Show them.


That's good. It tastes like choice wine.

Help! Sinbad! Sinbad!

Help! Help me, Sinbad.

Sinbad. Sinbad. Help me.

Help. Help. Help.

Lend me a hand. Maybe I can reach the latch.


Come here.

There's a latch on top of the cage. See if you can open it.

Sokurah. Sokurah.


Why does he leave us?

He leaves us to share the fate of Harufa.

-But we shall escape. -Escape? How?

You must never reveal what you are about to see.

-We won't. -Anything.

-Just get us out of here. -Save us. Save us.

Princess, there's a latch on top of this cage.

Will you see if you can open it?

I'll do my best.

I see the latch. I'll try.

Sinbad, it is stuck. I cannot move it.

You must try, princess. It's our only hope.

The lamp.

It is done, Sinbad.

Lift me up.

Must we hide here so quietly while our comrades are in danger?

-Are we afraid of Sokurah? -Who's afraid?

Then follow us.

Courage, Harufa. Put out the fire.

Let's get out of here.

The lamp.

Here. Here I am.

Over here.

Over here.

Closer. Closer.

A little further now.



Look, there he is. He's dead.

The danger is far from passed.

There are still Cyclopes alive.

I alone know the words that will summon the protection of the genie.

-Therefore, I should have the lamp. -I do not trust you.

When I called you to free us, you made no attempt to open the cage.

I do not understand the power of this lamp.

But if we need it, it shall be safely within my grasp.

As you say.

Poor Rahan.

Allah knows many ways of dealing with hungry men.

Look, Sokurah. We have reached our goal.

There's something moving inside.

It is the season for the young birds.

Higher up, there will be eggs already hatched. Come this way.

No more climbing, please.

We're starving.


Let us break open the egg.

Put down that spear.

You should not have let them do that.

Hungry men don't ask, they take.

Here. The princess must be restored without delay.

That eggshell must be combined with other elements... be found in my cave at the foot of the mountain.

But that's at the edge of the Cyclopes' domain.

What protects your castle from them?

You will see when we get there.

-I'm glad to breathe the fresh air. -Good news, my princess.

We have the eggshell which will make the potion effective.

Your words are happy, but your face is sad.

Why are you troubled, Sinbad?

I do not trust the magician.

Our only hold over him is this magic lamp...

...and he alone knows the secret of its power.


Let me enter the lamp.

Perhaps I can talk with the genie and learn how to call him.

But is such a thing possible?

Well, who knows what's possible within a magic lamp?

-Please let me try. -All right.

-If all is not well, you must call quickly. -I will. I promise I will.

-Are you all right, Parisa? -Oh, fine.

There's a wonderful mist down here.

Be careful.

Welcome, Princess Parisa.

You know who I am.

A genie knows many things.

And you're as tiny as I am.

How else could I live inside a lamp?

In such a lovely one.

Had I known how beautiful it is, I'd have visited you long ago.

You must be truly happy here.

The most comfortable prison is still a lonely place.

But aren't you sometimes called to our world to work your wonders?

But then I'm summoned as a slave... do the bidding of whoever holds the lamp.

I long to be free... be an adventurer and to sail the seas as Captain Sinbad does.

But those are dreams for real boys. They're not for a genie.

Is there no way to escape your bondage?

Perhaps someday.

But I cannot return to the real world until I am called by my name.

-What is your name? -Baronni.

I have a promise of freedom inscribed in the lamp.

-Would you care to see? -Yes, I should love to see it.

It is here.

"When the big that is small."

I was big and now I'm small.

Then you know what it means?

I'm not sure, but I'll make you a bargain.

If you'll help me, I'll help you.

What do you want me to do?

Tell me the magic words that call you forth from the lamp.

I like you and I wish to help.

But I don't know. It's a great power to grant.

In return, I promise I'll try to help you, Baronni.

Now, tell me the words that invoke your protective power.

From the land beyond beyond.

"From the land beyond beyond." Go on.

From the world past hope and fear.

"From the world past hope and fear."

I bid you, genie, now appear.

"I bid you, genie, now appear."

"I bid you, genie, now appear."

The genie was very nice to you.

Yes. He promised to help us if we'd help him.

And we will help him.


Get out of here! Go on, get out of here!

Go on, get out of here!

From the land beyond beyond. From the world past hope and fear.

I bid you, genie, now--

Harufa, the lamp!

The lamp.

The lamp.





Parisa. Parisa?


Sokurah! Sokurah!

From the land beyond beyond.

From the world past hope and fear.

I bid you, genie, now appear.

O mighty Sinbad, the slave of the lamp is yours to command.

Where is the Princess Parisa?

She is a prisoner of the magician... his underground castle at the foot of the mountain trail.

I will meet you there.

But how will I know?

Go ahead, turn it.

Inside the cave you will find another wheel...

...with which to loose the dragon so that he may guard the entrance.





I knew I could trust your Sinbad to bring the lamp to us.

Now I will show you a sight which will make your heart leap.



Sinbad, I'm here. Come this way.

He hurries to greet his princess.

I must prepare a welcome for him.

I warn you, tell him to do as I ask.

Are you all right, Parisa?

Oh, yes, I'm all right.

Restore the princess at once.

I will restore her in exchange for the lamp.

At once.

The potion is already prepared.

Bring the princess here.

Give me the eggshell.

If you harm her, you die.

-Sinbad? -I'm here, my princess.

And now, if you please, my lamp.

You shall have it when we are safely at the ship.

Very well.

Let us go.

Kill. Kill him.

-We're trapped. -We must summon the genie quickly.

From the-- From the land beyond beyond.

From the world past hope and fear.

I bid you, genie, now appear.

Command me, O princess.

Help us escape from this cave.

I shall try, O princess. I shall try.

Hold tight, princess.

What is it, princess?

I remember now. The genie's verse.

Into fiery rock, to rise you must fall.

I made a promise to the genie. This is the fiery rock.

The lamp must be thrown into it if he's ever to be set free.

If we lose his help now, we may never reach the ship alive.

And if the lamp is thrown into the flaming pit, he may be destroyed.

Still, your promise must be kept.

Let's go.


Follow. Kill. Kill.

Follow. Kill.


-Ali! -Yes, captain?

Man the crossbow.

-Take the princess to the longboat. -Yes, captain. Come on, princess.

Hurry! Come on. Hurry, hurry!

Come on. Hurry!



Follow. Follow. Follow.

Pull for your lives!

Follow. Kill.

Pull for your lives!

Make for the ship.

Farewell, Colossa.

I'm only sad about one thing. I shall miss Harufa.

And I'll never forget our little friend, Baronni.


Oh, his one wish was to sail the seas with you.

You call for Baronni?

-I am here. -Why, it's the genie.

No longer the genie, captain, but your cabin boy.

Then you must prepare my cabin for a feast of celebration.

I already have, captain. I already have.

See for yourself.

Why, it's the treasure of the Cyclopes.

I put it onboard for you, as sort of a wedding present.

Well-done, Baronni. I know you will be as good a sailor as you were a genie.

I shall try, captain. I shall try.