The Abyss (1989) Script

60 knots? No way, Barnes.

The Reds don't have anything that fast.

Checked it twice. I mean, it's a real unique signature.

No cavitation. No reactor noise.

It doesn't even sound like screws.

What the hell is it?

I'll tell you what it's not. It's not one of ours.

Sir, contact changing to heading 2-1-4.


80 knots.

80 knots.

Still diving. Depth: 900. Still diving. Depth: 900 feet.

Port clearance: 150 feet from the cliff wall, sir.

It's getting tight in here.

We can still give him a haircut.

Helm, come right to... 0-6-9.

Down 5 degrees.

Coming right, 0-6-9. Down 5 degrees. Aye.

Port side clearance: 120 feet. Narrowing 75.

Sir, we have a proximity warning light.

It's too damn close! We gotta back off.

Sir, range to contact: 200.

Contact just jinked to bearing 2-6-0 and accelerated to... 130 knots, sir.

Nothin' goes 130.

Sir, range to contact: 100 yards.

80 yards, sir!


It's turbulence! We're in its wake!

Helm, all stop! Full right rudder.

Hydraulic failure. Planes not responding, sir.

Auxiliary power. Monitors back.

Hydraulics restored, sir.

Oh, my God!

Fire in sonar!

Collision alarm! Collision alarm!

Fire control to sonar!

Let's get outta here!

Lighten her up, Charlie! Port torpedo room is flooded, sir!

Blow all tanks! Blow all the tanks! Blow everything!

All back full!

Answering, all back full!

Give me a damage report! What's our depth?

Passing 1,400, sir.

Main forward tanks are ruptured!

Still descending, sir!


Passing 1,500, sir.

Still descending.

We're too deep to pump auxiliaries. Passing 1,550, still descending sir.

We're losin' her! Passing 1,600, sir...

...and still descending! Launch the buoy.

Passing 1,700, sir. Launching!

Come on! Give me your hand!

Get the door closed!

Benthic Explorer, Salvor 1 on final. Over.

Copy you, Salvor 1. This is Benthic Explorer.

You're cleared to land.

Hey! They're coming.

This... could get pretty ugly.


Does not look good at all.

Oh, no. Look who's with them.

The queen bitch of the universe.

Sonny, how you doin'?

I've got 2 more welds on this bypass valve.

No light from the surface.

How deep are they? McBride?

1,700 feet.

I need them to go below 2,000. No problem. They can do that.

So that's it? You just cheerfully turn the whole thing over to the goon squad?

Look, I was told to cooperate. I'm cooperating.

Kirkhill, you're pathetic.

Get Brigman on the line.

Deepcore, this is Benthic.

Man, if Bud goes along with this...

...they're gonna have to shoot her with a tranquilizer gun.

Roger. Hippy, get me Bud.

Catfish, get them old bones up here and give me a hand.

Hang on. I'll be up there in a second.

Hey, you guys are milkin' that job.

Yeah, it's just because we love freezing our butts off out here for you so much.

Bring me another hammer!

Hey, Bud! Yeah!?

Hippy's on the bitch box!

It's a call from topside. That new company man.

Kirkhill? Yeah.

That guy don't know his butt from a rat hole.

Perry, do me a favor, will you square away this mud hose... and get rid of some of these empty sacks.

This place is starting to look like my apartment. You got it, boss!

Bud, pick up the topside line. Urgent. I'm coming, I'm coming!

Jeez, keep your pantyhose on!

Brigman here.

Yeah, Kirkhill. What's goin' on?

Yeah, I'm calm.

I'm a calm person. Is there some reason why I shouldn't be calm?


All right, I'm on last feed now.

Hey can you get that goddamn hippy shit music off the comm line, please?

I'm almost done with the shut-off valve.

Sonny, I'm right behind you with the next fitting.

Hang on a second.

OK, give it to me. Here you go.

Thanks, sweetie.

All divers, drop what you're doin'. Everybody out of the pool.

I mean everybody right now. Sonny, One Night, let's go.

Damn it. We just got out here.

There was a time when I woulda asked why.

Get a move on! Shit, woman!

Deepcore, Deepcore. This is Flatbed preparing to surface.

Roger, Flatbed. Come on up.

All rig personnel assemble at the moon pool.

Everybody get to sub bay. ASAP.

Come on. Let's get his hat off.

Take it off. What the hell's goin' on?

How come we got recalled? The hell if I know.

I got it.

What's the drift, partner? Why are we up? Just follow standard procedure.

Flog your dog till somebody tells you what's happenin'.

What's the story, boss? Folks, listen up!

We just been told to shut down the hole and prepare to move the rig.

Oh, shit! What?

We've received an invitation to, um, cooperate in a matter of national security.

Now you know as much as I do.

Get your gear off and get to control. We've got a briefing in 10 minutes.

Come on, come on! Let's move it!

At 09:22 local time today, an American nuclear submarine...

...the USS Montana, with 156 men aboard, went down...

...about 22 miles from here. Damn!

There's been no contact with the sub since then. The cause of the incident is not known.

Your company has authorized the navy's use of this facility...

...for a rescue operation code-named Operation Salvor.

You want us to search for the sub? No. We know where it is.

But she's in 2,000 feet of water and we can't reach her.

We need divers to enter the sub and search for survivors, if any.

Don't you have your own stuff for this kind of thing?

By the time we get our submersibles here, the storm will be on us.

You can get your rig in and be on site in 15 hours. That makes you our best option.

Why should we risk our butts for something like this?

I have been authorized to offer you all special bonuses...

...equivalent to 3 times normal dive pay.

Yes, sir, buddy!

For triple time, I'd eat Beany!

Set me on fire and put me out with horse piss.

Look I don't know what kind of deal you made with the company...

...but my people are not qualified for this.

We're oil workers This is a paycheck!

Shut up! Hold it down.

This is Lieutenant Coffey.

He will transfer down to you with a SEAL team and supervise the operation.

You can send down whoever you like, but I'm the tool pusher on this rig.

When it comes to the safety of these people, there's me and then God.

Understand? If things get dicey, I'm pulling the plug.

I think we're all on the same wavelength, Brigman.

Now, let's get the wellhead uncoupled, shall we?

All right let's get ready to meet.

Let's take it about 5 degrees left, all right?

Roger. 5 degrees left, Bud.

Plot these numbers to our position. I need to know when the leading edge will hit.

Well, it's official sports fans. They're calling it Hurricane Frederick.

And it's gonna be making our lives...

...real interesting in a few hours. Fred, huh?

I don't know, man. I think hurricanes should be named after women, don't you?

I can't believe you're letting them do this. Hi, Lins!

I thought you were in Houston.

I was. Now I'm here.

Only here isn't where I left it, is it, Bud? Wasn't up to me.

We were that close to proving a submersible drilling platform could work.

I can't believe you let them grab my rig! Your rig?

My rig. I designed the damn thing. Benthic Petroleum paid for it.

So as long as they're holding the pink slip, I go where they tell me.

I had a lot riding on this. They bought you, didn't they? More like rented you cheap!

I'm switchin' off now.


Oh, OK. Virgil, you wiener! You never could stand up to a fight!



God, I hate that bitch!

Probably shouldn't have married her, then, huh?

Get it stable!

Roger Cab 3. You're clear to launch.

Hang on, gentlemen.

Touchdown! Crowd goes wild!

Explorer, this is Cab 3. We are styling.

How you boys doin' back there? Great.

Explorer, this is Cab 3. Starting our descent along the umbilical.

Roger that, Cab 3. Good luck. Luck is not a factor.

Hey, One Night, how you doing?

I got a white line fever, baby.

Yeah, I heard that.

Deepcore, Deepcore.

This is Cab 3 on final approach. Roger, Cab 3. Is that you, Lindsey?

None other.

Oh, no!

Howdy, boys!

Hey, Lindsey!

I'll be damned!

Y'all shouldn't be down here, sweet thing. You might ruin your stockings.

The bad news is we got 8 hours in this can blowin' down.

And the worst news is it's gonna take us 3 weeks... decompress later. We've all been fully briefed, Mrs. Brigman.

Just don't call me that, OK? I hate that.

All right. What would you like us to call you?


There we go!

Y'all start equalizin'... now!

Let's watch each other closely for signs of HPNS.

High Pressure Nervous Syndrome. Muscle tremors, usually in the hands first.

Nausea, increased excitability... Disorientation.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

About 1 person in 20 can't handle it. They just go buggo.

Look, they've all made runs to this depth.

They checked out. I understand that.

What I'm saying is it's impossible to predict...

...just who's susceptible. They checked out.

These guys the SEALs? Yeah.

Those guys ain't so tough. I've fought guys plenty tougher than them.

Now we get to hear how you could have been a contender?

Hey! Hey!

You see this? Yeah.

They used to call this the hammer.

Y'all done to a turn and ready to serve.

Everybody OK?

They're really very sweet. Yeah.

Hey! I don't remember putting a wall here. How you doin', Jammer?

Pretty good. How are you, little lady? I'm OK.

I want a full check on their gear. Yes sir.

These guys are about as much fun as a tax audit. Got that right.

Hippy, you're gonna give that rat a disease.

Hi, Lins!

Well, well. Mrs. Brigman.

Not for long.

You never did like being called that, did you?

Not even when it meant something.

Is that One Night in Flatbed? Yeah. Who else? Here. Say hi.

Hey, One Night. It's Lindsey. Oh, hi, Lindsey.

OK Bud obstacle avoidance is showin' a rise out about 100 meters. What do you wanna do?

Copy Bud.

You know I can't believe you were dumb enough to come down here.

Now you're stuck here for the storm.

That was dumb, hot rod. Real dumb. I didn't come down here to fight with you.

Copy you.

Yeah, well... So what did you come down?

You need me. Nobody knows the systems on this rig better than I do.

Once you're disconnected from The Explorer You guys are on your own for however long this storm lasts.

I mean what if something was to happen after the surface support clears off?

What would you have done?

Wow, you're right. Us poor dumb old boys might've had to think for ourselves.

It could've been a disaster.

You wanna know what I think? Jesus! Look where this thing is set.

You wanna know what I think? Not particularly.

I think you were worried about me. Then that must be it.

No, seriously. I think you were. Come on. It's OK.

It's OK. You can admit it.

I was worried... about the rig.

I've got over 4 years invested in this project.

Yeah, you only had 3 years invested in me.

Well, you have to have priorities.

It's kinda messy, but, I guarantee you it's the only bunk that won't be occupied.

You can get a couple of hours rest before we get there.

What are you still wearing that for?

I don't know.

Divorce ain't final.

Forgot to take it off.

I haven't worn mine in months.


Well, 'what's his name' wouldn't like it. The suit.

Do you always have to call him that?

The suit. Makes you sound like such a hick.

His name is Michael.

How is Michael anyway? Mr. Brooks Brothers.

Mr. BMW.

You still seeing him?


No, I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

Terribly sorry. What happened?

Why are you doing this? This is... this is none of your business!

It's not a part of your life any more.

I'll tell you what happened.

You woke up one morning in those satin sheets...

...rolled over, and there was this good-looking guy.

Well-groomed, expensive watch on.

And you realized, "This guy never makes me laugh."

That's it, Bud. That's it! Aren't you clever? Jesus! You're clever!

You know, you should start your own talk show or something! Ask Dr. Bud.

'Advice to the Lovelorn from 300 Fathoms.'

Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, shit!

Cuttin' you loose, Bud. OK, One Night. Stay clear.

We're settin' her down.


This is us, sitting right on the edge of the Cayman Trough.

This is the Montana. 300 meters away, 70 meters below us.

We think she slid down the wall and now sits here on this outcropping.

So we're gonna have to drop straight down... here and...

This tell us how much radiation we're gettin'?

Whoa whoa whoa! I'm not going near no radiation! No way!

Ah Hippy, you pussy. Yeah what good is the money...

...6 months later your dick drops off.

We'll take readings as we go. If the reactor's breached...

...the warheads have released any radioactive debris, we'll just back off.

It's that simple. Oh, OK.

OK. Hippy's not going, so, McWhirter, you can run Little Geek.

Oh goddamn it! You know McWhirter can't run an ROV worth shit!

Then you'd better go.

I'll go.

What is your problem huh? On this dive...'ll do absolutely nothing without direct orders from me.

And you'll follow those orders without discussion. Is that clear?

All right, I want everyone to finish prep and ready to get wet in 15 minutes.

One of you guys gimme a hand loading Little Geek, OK? Let's get suited up.

Hey, guys, guys! Hold it a second.

Before you're jumping... Hold it!

I've to charge the main batteries Whoa!

Ok. Here we go. This goes to the right...

Look uh...'s 3 am. These guys are running on bad coffee and about 4 hours of sleep.

Maybe you could think about cuttin' them some slack.

I can't afford slack. Hey you come on my rig, you don't talk to me... start ordering my people around. It's not gonna work.

You gotta know how to handle these people.

We got a certain way of doing things around here.

Right now, I'm not interested in your way of doing things.

Just get your team ready to dive.

Did you check the rig? Finler did it last night.

These guys have got no sense of humor.

Bud, do you know your hand is blue?

Finler, why don't you just shut up and put your gear on?

Keep it coming.

Hippy, throw me 1 of them cyalumes, please. Yeah sure.

Good. Excuse me.

What is all this stuff? Fluid Breathing System. We just got them.

You use it when you go really deep. How deep?

Deep. How deep?

It's classified.

Anyway you breathe liquid so you can't get compressed.

The pressure doesn't get you. You mean you got liquid in your lungs?

Oxygenated, fluorocarbon...

...emulsion. Bullshit!

Check this out.

Can I borrow your rat? What are you doin'?

Hey, no no no! You're gonna... you're gonna kill her!

It's OK. I've done this myself. Man! You're just drowning her?

She's gonna be fine.

I've breathed this myself.

It's gonna be fine. No, man. She's gonna drown!

Look, look! She's freaking out! Just goin' through a normal adjustment period.

Normal!? Does this look normal to you? She's gonna drown!

He's taking the fluid into his lungs.

He's taking the fluid into his lungs.

There he goes. Still has a bit of anxiety here.

Now he's starting to relax. He's breathing fine. See his chest moving?

He's getting plenty of oxygen. Damn rat's breathing that shit.

That is, no bullshit, hands down, the goddamndest thing I ever saw.

See the fluid's harder to push in and out than air. It's a little more work to breathe.

But he's doing fine. He's diggin' it.

She's doin' it. She ain't diggin' it. All right, let her out now!

Now! OK. All right.

OK. Now we let the fluid drain from his lungs.

All right. Give her here. Give her here.

Here's your rat.

See? He's fine! It's a she.

Going over the wall.

Coming to bearing 0-6-5.

Flatbed, you online?

10-4, Lindsey. We read you loud and clear.

Starting our descent. Divers, how you doin'?

Everybody's OK so far.

Hang on, boys. It's all downhill from here.

Hey, how deep's the drop-off here? This here's the bottomless pit, baby.

2 and a half miles straight down.

Cab 3, it's Bud. You on line?

Cab 3 check.

I'm right behind you.

Cab 1, do you see it yet?

Magnetometer's twitching, but I don't see anything yet.

Hang on. I'm gonna test my strobes.

Cab 1, do you have a visual?

Cab 1, do you copy? Uh yeah.

Roger that. Found it.

Cab 1, radiation readings?

Neutron counter's not showing much.

All right. Just continue forward along the hull.

Copy that. Continuing forward. You want me to get shots of everything, yes?

Roger that. Document as much as you can.

But, please, keep moving. Remember, we're on a tight time line.

Copy that.

Coming up to the mid-ship's hatch. Do you see it, Cab 3?

Yeah, roger. I got it.

How do you want me? Just hold above it.

Roger. Holding. OK. It's all yours, Lieutenant.

All right, 'A Team.' Let's do it.

OK. Perry, Hippy.

Let's get that R.O.V. launched. OK. We're on it, boss.


Little Geek is on the case.

Monk here, sir. We got the mid-ship’s outer hatch open.

Entering escape trunk.

Inner hatch looks intact.

It's flooded. All right, I'm gonna open her up.

OK. Get in there.

Roger. Somebody get on that tether. Got it.

Sorry about this, little buddy, but better you than me. You know what I mean?

Coffey, these are the missile hatches, right?

That's right. It looks like a couple of the hatches have sprung.

Radiation's nominal. Warheads must still be intact.

How many are there?

24 Trident missiles. 8 MIRVs per missile.

That's 192 warheads, Coffey.

How powerful are they?

Your MIRV is a tactical nuke. 50 kilotons nominal yield.

Say... 5 times Hiroshima.

Jesus Christ!

It's World War III in a can.

Let's knock off the chatter people.

OK. I'm headin' into the reactor compartment.

Getting a reading? Uh it's twitching.

But it's below the line you said was safe.

All right. Let's get in there.

Flatbed, drop down starboard of the sail and stay along the cliff edge.

OK. Copy that.

Keep heading for the bow.

OK, Flatbed. This looks good.

Just set it down here.

We're solid. Let's go.

All right. Let's go.

OK. Let's just take it slow and easy goin' in.

Don't take any chances.

Where are we, Coffey?

This is the forward berthing compartment. This way.

You guys OK? Cat? Jammer? Right behind you, Bud.

Check your gauges.

How's your O2?

I'm OK. Yeah, gauges are good.


16 minutes to go.

Jammer here. CO2 is up.

Breathe slower, buddy. I'm OK.

Come on. Let's keep up.

All right, up this way to the control center.

It's jammed! Gimme a hand!

Get up here with that pry bar.

It's moving. Pull!

Jesus! Oh God.

All right! We knew we were gonna see this.

Just move on.

Jesus! Come on, Jammer. Let's go.

OK. Let's stay cool.

Everybody stay cool.

We can't help these guys, but we might find somebody further in.

Stay here.

Hey, Jammer. You OK?

How you guys doin'? I'm dealin'.

Triple time sounded like a lot of money, Bud. It ain't.

We're here. Let's get it done, OK?

Brigman, take your men and continue aft.

Split up into 2 teams.

Come on. Let's get moving. We head back in 14 minutes.

Let's go.

You OK, Jammer?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What's this? Should be the missile launch control center.

Don't touch anything. No, no, n-n-n-n-no.

This way.

I'm right behind you.

Still with me, Jammer? Where are we?

Missile compartment. Those are the launch tubes.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Hey, Jammer.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! You OK?

Deep and slow, big guy.

Deep and slow. Just breathe easy. Everybody's dead!

They're all dead! OK. I'm taking you back out. Let's go.

No. I'm OK. I'm OK.

I just can't go any further in.

OK, Jammer. No problem. You stay right here.

I've gotta check out this compartment, all right?

We'll stay in voice contact. You hold onto the end of this rope here.

You have any problem whatsoever, you tug twice.

I got it. Pull it hard. 5 more minutes.

Just relax, all right? You'll be OK.

It's OK. Be right back.

You still readin' me OK, big guy?

Read you fine, Bud.

OK. Just a few more minutes.

There's a couple of compartments up ahead that might have air.

OK. No problem. We gotta be sure, right?

Hang on, Jammer. Just hold onto that...


Bud? Bud can you hear me?

Bud? Bud?

Goddamn it!

Oh, Jesus!

Bud, is that you?

Hang on, Jammer.

Lew! Cat! Hurry up, on the double!

I'm on my way!


What's the problem? He's convulsing!

It's his mixture! Too much oxygen!

Gotta get the O2 cut down! Turn him over!

Crank it down, man! You're losing him!

All right. We've gotta get him outta here! Let's go. Let's move it.

Easy, big fella.

One Night, do you see the divers? Are they out yet?

Negative, Lindsey. Haven't seen hide nor hair.

Let's give 'em 2 minutes more max...

...and then I'll sound the diver recall.

Lindsey, do you copy?

Meet me at Flatbed! This is a diver emergency!

Lins, do you copy! Yeah, copy you, Bud. I'm on my way.

Look, I'm just a medic.

Which is mostly about patching holes. This type of thing, it's...

...there's not much I can do.

The coma could last hours or days.

So, you didn't get anything on these cameras No, I didn't get a picture of it.

What about the video? No.

We lost power right then.

Look, I just don't wanna talk about this, OK?

Fine. Be that way.

Look, I don't know what I saw, Bud, OK?

Coffey wants to call it a Russian submersible... Fine.

It's a Russian submersible. No problem.

Yeah, but you think it was something else.


One of ours?


Well, whose then?

Come on, Lindsey. Talk to me.

Look, Jammer saw something down there.

Something that scared the hell out of him. His mixture got screwed up.

Jammer panicked. He pranged his regulator and his mixture got screwed up.

But what did he see that made him panic?

Well, what do you think he saw?

I don't know.

Did any of you see it? No, sir. The Brigman woman saw it.

Could have been a Russian bogey.

CINCLANTFLT's gonna go apeshit.

Two Russian attack subs, a Tango and a Victor, were tracked to within 50 miles of here.

And now they don't know where the hell they are. OK.

I don't have any choice. I'm confirming you to go to Phase 2.

You'll recover one warhead, arm it, and wait for further instructions.

Have we got a problem with that? Negative, sir.

Come on!

What did he say? Turn it up, bozo!

...early reports that the Montana encountered a Soviet fast attack sub prior to its sinking...

...and the Kremlin continues to deny any involvement.

That's us! That's us, man!

Benthic Petroleum are apparently participating in the recovery operation...

...but we have little information about their involvement.

We want names!

Hey, that's the Explorer! We're famous! Quiet!

There is a tremendous amount of activity.

With Cuba only 80 miles away, the massive build-up of American forces...

...has drawn official protest from Havana and Moscow.

Russian and Cuban trawlers, undoubtedly surveillance vessels...

...have been circling the area...

...and Soviet aircraft have repeatedly been warned away. This sucks!

Hippy, what's the matter with you? What's the matter with me? Nothing!

We're just in the middle of some big-time international incident... the Cuban Missile Crisis or something! Figured that out for yourself, did you Hip?

You know, we got Russian subs creeping around.

Anything goes wrong, they could say whatever they want happened.

Relax, will you? You're making the women nervous.

Cute, Virgil. You know, you know...

...those SEALs ain't tellin' us diddly. Something is goin' on!

Come on, come on. Hippy, you think everything's a conspiracy.

Everything is.

Hurry up, Coffey's splitting with Flatbed!

I showed him how to work the controls and they're outta here!

Didn't you tell him we need it right now? Yeah! He didn't pay any attention!

Where the hell is he takin' it? I have no idea!


Coffey! Come back! We need...

...the big arm to unhook the umbilical.

There's a goddamn hurricane coming!

He switched off. It's unbelievable.

Go back down and tell those men to get below and stay there!

We need to get unhooked and get out of here now!

All right. Do it, then. No problem, except your boys...

...went sightseeing with Flatbed. My people need Flatbed to get unhooked at their end.

Back in 2 hours. 2 hours?!

We're gonna get the shit kicked out of us by our pal Fred in 2 hours!

OK. Set cold tab fitting to 200 psi.

Set. There she goes.

She's breakin' loose. Bringin' her up.


All right.

'K Clear the hatch.

Go on with it.

Go on. That's it. Up.

Sir, the missile looks intact.

Little is known about the events leading up to the collision.

The US Navy guided missile cruiser Appleton...

...apparently struck the Soviet Udaloy class destroyer in low visibility conditions.

In violent seas, little hope remains for over 100 Russian crewmen...

...still missing after the sinking an hour ago. Soviet military spokesmen...

...have claimed that the collision constituted an unprovoked attack.

This was denied by state department officials...

Bud, this is big time.

...who said that Captain Michael Sweeney was acting correctly...

OK. It's clear. It's all yours, sir.

I'm gonna swing it away and drop it.

Check. OK.

Bypass the ground connection on the separation sequencer.

Got it? Separation sequencer disconnected.

Remove explosive bolts 1 through 6... counterclockwise sequence. Check. Removing bolt 1.

Negotiators have walked out of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks... protest over the incident this morning.

The sudden deterioration of relations with the United States and the Soviet...

Soviet build-up of tanks and aircraft has continued.

...Eastern-Time this morning, all US and NATO military forces have been put on full alert.

It's on every channel.

Well, you just feel so helpless.

You can see it coming, but what can you do?

What can anyone do?

Hey, I mean, they love their kids too.

So why are we doing this?

If it happens, it happens.

There's nothing I can do about it, right?

I just don't think about it.

All right! Let's get their gear off!

Then clear the sub! We gotta get it outta here!

Come on, let's go! Let's move it! One Night, you're up!

Get ready to roll, baby!

Don't touch that! Just back away. Excuse moi!

Hey, Coffey. We're a little pressed for time.


This ain't no drill, Slick. Make me proud.

Piece of cake, baby.

What's the problem, One Night?

All hell must be breaking loose up there. This cable's pissin' me off!

I can't get a grip on it. Well, keep tryin', baby. Just keep tryin'.

Son of a bitch!

Shit! We got a problem!

What's going on? We're losing number 2 thruster!

Bearing's going!

It's not holding! We're swinging out of position here!



The rig is movin'!

Yeah, I can see that. Topside!

Topside, pay out some slack! We're gettin' dragged!

Down on number 1 winch! We're gettin' dragged!

Down on 1!

Bud, we're headed right for the drop-off!

What the hell? We just lost all the topside feeds!

Shit! Get 'em on the UQC.

Any damage on the hull? Bud!

We lost the crane! Say again. What?

The crane! We've lost the crane!

It's on its way down to you!

All right, everybody! Everybody rig for impact!

Close all the exterior hatches! Let's move it!

Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Wait! Get in here!

What the hell is goin' on around here!? I don't know!

You two help secure the rig! Let's go!

One Night! One Night! You gotta get the hell outta there!

The crane's comin' down!

I'm OK. I'm clear, Bud.

I've got it! It's headed straight for us!

Oh, shit!

Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh my God.


Grab onto something!


Battery room's flooding! Let's go! Cat, put that out!

Bud! The drill room's floodin'! Get back down there!

Go! I'll take the battery room!



Get out of there! Close the door!

Seal the room!

Lindsey! Let's get outta here!

Hold this on me! OK!


I got it!

Let's get the hell outta here!

Let's go!

Hit the door! Hit the door!


Bud! Bud!

Finler, cut the hose! Cut the line to the motor!

I can't open it from out here!

Finler, cut the hose!


Hey! Hey!!!



Come on, Sonny! Hey, Cat! Cat, help me out, man!

Hang on!

The hose! Cut the hose! The line to the motor! Hurry up, man!

Come on, Cat!


Come on, Sonny! Help me out! Come on! Push!

Come on, Sonny! Let's go! Come on! Let's go! We gotta go! Go! Go!

Get outta here! Come on! Move it!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Get the hatch, Cat!

Get the hatch! Get the hatch!

You all right? Everybody OK? Yeah.

Son of a bitch!

Oh, man!

Benthic Explorer, Benthic Explorer. This is Deepcore. Do you read me?

Benthic Explorer, Benthic Explorer. This is Deepcore.

Do you read me? Over.

Forget it, Sonny. They're gone, man.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. Hey.

They're gone.


I just wanna get out of this.

I'd just like to see my wife one more time.

Well, all right, then. You'd better keep trying, huh?

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is Deepcore 2. Do you read?

Benthic Explorer, Benthic Explorer. Do you read me?

This is Deepcore 2. Over.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. Deepcore 2 do you read me? Over.

Hey, Jammer.

You got the shakes. I know what I got.

I'll deal with it, all right? I'll deal with me.

You deal with yourself.

Find your buddy?

No. Tighter, tighter.

Brigman. What?

I was under orders.

I had no choice.

How's it going, Cat?

What's the scoop, ace? Well...

...I can get power to this module and sub-bay if I reroute these buses.

But I gotta get past the mains, which are a total meltdown.

Bud, there won't be enough to run the heaters.

In a few hours, this place is gonna be as cold as a meat locker.

What about O2? Yeah, well, brace yourself.

If we close off the sections we're not using, we have about maybe 12 hours' worth.

The storm's gonna last a lot longer than 12 hours.

Yeah, well...

...I can maybe extend that. Maybe.

There are some storage tanks outboard next to the wrecked module.

I'll have to go outside, though, and tie onto them.

Hey, Lins.

Lins. Yeah?

I'm glad you're here.


I'm not.

Hey. Found Cab 3. Deader than dog shit, boss.

That girder went right through the brainpan.

Yeah, I see that.

Where are you? Living quarters. Level 2.

Ah jeez!

That's Perry.

That's it, then. Finler, McWhirter, Dietz and Perry.


Uh... we just leave 'em there?

Yeah, for now. We got no choice.

Our first priority is to get somethin' to breathe.

Where are you now, Lins?

I'm under the starboard tri-module.

Still with me, Hip? Right behind you, Lins.

How's it look? Well, you guys really screwed up my rig.

There's a lot of wreckage out here. Well, don't get fouled.

Hey hit me with that 9/16ths, OK? Yeah.

Thank you. So...

...there you were. Yeah, there we were.

Side by side on the same ship for 2 months.

I'm a tool pusher and we're testing this automated derrick of hers.

We get back on the beach and we're livin' together.

Doesn't mean you had to marry her.

Yeah, well we were due to go back out on the same ship. 6 months of tests.

If you were married, you got a stateroom.

Otherwise it was bunks.

OK. Good reason. Will you come over here and tighten this for me? Then what?

Then it was all right there for a while, you know.

Then she got promoted to chief engineer on this thing a couple years ago.

She went front office on you, man. Yeah, well, you know Lindsey.

She's just too damn aggressive.

Son of a bitch!

She didn't leave me. She just left me behind.

Bud, let me tell you somethin'.

She ain't half as smart as she thinks she is.

Get outta here.

Come on. Let's see those muscles.

Bingo! That's 1.

2 for 2.

Hey, hey.

Lindsey, do you read me? Over.

Copy you, Hippy. What's the matter?

Oh, shit. The power's jackin' around with us again.

Lindsey, come back.

I just lost video. Lins, are you there?

Hippy, do you copy?

Lins, you copy?

Oh, shit!

Oh, what the hell! Hippy, do you copy?

Damn it!

Bud, do you copy? Over.

Uh... I seem to be having a problem here.


Damn it!

That's a great shot, Lins. You drop your dive light?

Oh come on you guys, come on.

Now that's the smaller one. That's the smaller one here.

You can kinda see how it's zigging around. Yea, whatever it is.

I'm telling you what it is. You're just not hearing me.

Now, Lindsey you... There is something down there.

Something not us. You could be more... specific.

Something that zigs. Not us.

Not human.

Get it? Something non-human... but intelligent.

A non-terrestrial intelligence.

A non-terrestrial intelligence.

NTIs. Oh, man, that's better than UFOs. Oh but that works too huh.

Underwater Flying Objects.

Are we talking little space friends here? Hell, yeah!

Hot rods of the gods! Right, Lins?

No, no, really. It could be NTIs.

The CIA has known about 'em for ever.

Step outside.

They abduct people all the time, man. There was once...

Hippy, would you do me a favor?

Stay off my side.

Will you step into my office, please? Certainly.

I... come here.

Jesus, Lins!

Oh Bud, come on! Something really important is happening here.

I'm trying to keep the situation under control.

I can't allow you to create this kind of hysteria.

Who's hysterical?! Nobody's hysterical! Shh!

All I'm saying is, when you're hanging on by your fingernails, you don't go waving your arms around.

Look, I saw something. I'm not gonna go in there and say I didn't see it when I did. I'm sorry.


You are the most stubborn woman I ever knew.

Yes, I am!

But I need you to believe me right now.

Now, come on. Look at me. Come on. Am I stressed out?

Do I have any symptoms of pressure - sickness, tremors, slurred speech?

No. No.

Bud, this is me. Lindsey. OK?

You know me better than anybody in the world.

Now watch my lips.

I saw these things.

I touched one of them.

And... it wasn't some clunky steel can like we would build.

It glided.

It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Oh, God, I wish you'd been there.

It was a machine.

It was a machine, but it was alive.

It was like a... like a dance of light.

Please. You have to trust me.

Now, I don't think they mean us any harm.

I don't know how I know that.

It's just... a feeling.

Jesus! I'm supposed to go on a feeling? How can I go on a feeling?

You think Coffey's gonna go on a feeling? Well, we all see what we wanna see.

Coffey looks and he sees Russians.

He sees hate and fear.

You have to look with better eyes than that.


I can't, Lins.

I'm sorry.

All I want is 24 hour surveillance on exterior cameras.

You've got 6 people. I've got... Comin' through!

Everybody just stop!

All right. I want around-the-clock manning of the sonar shack and the exterior cameras.

That Russian bogey comes back...

...I don't think we should be taking a nap. Give me a break, Coffey.

Those things live 3 and a half miles down in an abyssal trench.

Trust me, they're not speaking Russian.

Have you finished the repairs...

...on the acoustical transmitter yet? Nope.

Why not? I was having my nails done.

Well, get it done.

Kiss my ass.

All right.

Get something straight.

You people are under my authority.

Look, partner... look partner.

We don't work for you.

We don't take orders from you.

And we don't much like you.

Hey, Cat... Cat!


Why don't you take the first watch on sonar? OK?

Right on.

Sonny, you get a couple of hours' sleep.

Then you spell Cat, all right?

Hippy, you handle exterior surveillance.

One Night...

Will you do me a favor and see if you can get that transmitter fixed?

All right? Give me a couple of hours.

Got it.

All right.

Come on, AJ Squared Away. A little to the left.

What is?

Oh, this is not happening.

Look at me, I'm shaking man. All right. Wait wait wait wait. And now...'s MIRV!

Oh, come on, man! What else could it be?

Why bring it here?

It's gotta be some kind of emergency plan to keep it away from the Russians, right?

Look look... they hot-wire one of the nukes.

They use some kind of detonator that they brought.

Then they stick it back in the sub. Fry the whole thing up. Bam!

Slicker than snot.

I'm tellin' you. And I'm not being parano...

Hi, Lins.

Lins, will you just wait a second?

Goddamn it, If you don't do something about it, I will!

Lindsey, we'll do something about it! Wait a sec!

Fellas!? Hello!

Lins! Just stop and think about this for a second.

About what?

You know, you've got some huevos bringing that thing into my rig.

With all that's goin' on up in the world, you bring a nuclear weapon... here! Mrs. Brigman...

Does this strike anyone as particularly psychotic, or is it just me?

Mrs. Brigman, you don't need to know the details of our operation.

It's better if you don't. You're right! I don't need to know!

What I need to know is that thing is off this rig!

Do you hear me, Roger Ramjet!?

You're becoming a serious impediment to our mission.

Now, you either do an about-face and walk out of here, or I'll have you escorted out.

I will not do an about-face and get outta here!

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Emergency! Maintenance Room B! Emergency! Everybody move it!

On the double!

Now! Now!

In here! Come on! We got trouble! Now! Come on!

What's goin' on?

All right! All right! All right! All right!

What's up? What's happening?

All right, you let her go, man. Do it.

Do it now!

Let her go.

The smartest thing you ever did.

Coffey, you son of a bitch! Lindsey! Cool it.

What's the problem?

Nothing. We were just leaving. Weren't we?

We don't need them.

We can't trust them.

We may have to take steps.

We're gonna have to take steps.

Lins, I want you to stay away from that guy. I mean it.

The guy is gone. Did you see his hands?

What? He's got the shakes?

Look, he's operating on his own.

He's cut off from his chain of command.

He's showing signs of pressure-induced psychosis.

And he's got a nuclear weapon.

So, as a personal favor to me, will you try to put your tongue in neutral for a while? OK?

I gotta tell you. I give this whole thing a sphincter factor of about 9.5.

You can just punch into his primary guidance chip where you want him to go...

...and he'll go there, right? No. Bad idea, Lindsey.

Why, Hip? Come on.

Because even if it could take the pressure at that depth, which I don't think it can...

...without the tether, you know what would happen if it got down there?

It would just sit like a... please... it would just sit like a dumb shit.

Yeah... something would have to pass in front of the camera for you to see anything.

I know. But we could get lucky right? So we should go for it.

I really ought to talk to Bud about this.

No way. This is between you and me.

We get proof and then we tell the others. Hippy, look.

If we can prove to Coffey that there aren't Russians down there...

...maybe he'll ease off the button a little bit.

I gotta tell you man, that guy scares me more than anything we're gonna find down there.

He's a goddamn AJ squared away jarhead robot!

All right. All right. Give me a couple of hours.

I'll see what I can do.

Great. Thanks.

How's that?


Virgil, turn on your side.

All right. You're all set, big guy.

Hey, I told you to wipe that grin off your face.

Good night, little buddy.


Bud! Get up!



Hey! Goddamn... leave me alone.


No, wait. It's OK.

Sweet Christ almighty!

I think it likes you.

It's trying to communicate.

It's Bud.

It's wonderful! It's me!

No no no no no! Shh it's OK. It's OK.

What is it!?

Is it alive?

Lindsey, no...


Oh, man.

Come on! Come on!

Hurry! Where the hell's it going?

Hurry! I think it's headed for B module!

Lins, you see it?

So, raise your hand if you think it was a Russian water tentacle.


No? Well...

...a breakthrough.

Hey, ace... done impressing yourself? No way that thing could just be seawater.

They must have learned to control water.

I mean, at a molecular level.

You know, they can plasticize it, they can pulverize it, do whatever they wanna do with it.

They can put it under intelligent control.

Maybe... their whole technology's based on that... controlling water.

Was it the same thing that you saw the last time?


You know, I don't think that that thing you saw was one of them.

What are you talkin' about? I mean, I don't think it was an NTI.

I think it was like their version of an ROV. Like Big Geek.

Hippy, you mean they was just checkin' us out?

Yeah. How come?

Curious, I suppose.

We're probably the first people they've ever seen right?

Who's been down this far?

It went straight for the warhead. And they think it's cute!

You need to get some sleep.

We have no...

...way of warning the surface.

And you know what that means?

It means whatever happens... up to us.


So you think they're from down there originally? Or from... know.

I don't know.

I think... I think they're from, 'you know.'

Someplace with similar conditions.

Cold, intense pressure. Oh, man!

Happy as hogs in a waller down there, probably.

Sniff something?

Did you, rat boy?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on!


Don't move!

That's right.

You OK, Hip? They're using Big Geek... take the bomb to the NTIs. What?

We set it up to go right to 'em.

Oh my God! Oh my God!

Take this. We're going to Phase 3.

What!? We don't have orders for that!

I programmed Big Geek to go down to the bottom of the trench and shoot some video.

Now they got the warhead tied to it. Coffey.


Coffey... no, come on, Coffey. Just think about what you're doing, OK?

Just one minute. Just think about what you're doing!

Get back!

This is something I've wanted to do since we first met.

Come on. Take it easy. Take it easy.

All right! Into the kitchen! Let's go! Move! Get your damn hands off of me!

Get in there! I know the way.

Your boss is fixin' to pull the pin on 50 kilotons!

And we're all gonna be ringside!

He's havin' a full-on meltdown!

What's the timer set for? Three hours.

Shut up! Don't talk. Three hours.

We can't get to minimum safe distance in three hours.

We can't go to Phase 3. What about these people?

Shut up! What's the matter with you?

Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.

Anybody touches that door, kill 'em.

Shoenick! Your lieutenant's about to make a real bad career move!

The guy is crazier than a shithouse rat! Shut it!

They're trying to make contact!

Can't you see he's lost it? Shut up!

The shock wave will kill us. Quiet!

It'll crush this rig like a beer can.

Shut up, man! What are you talkin' about!? We gotta stop him.

Shut up!

This is not our mission. We can't detonate without orders.

He's about to declare war on an alien species...

...just when they're trying to make contact with us. Please!

I don't know. I think I'm reaching him. Yeah!

Ho ho ho. I'll be damned.

Jammer. Is everybody OK?

Oh, man!

Don't move, jarface! Look, I'm the least of your problems.

Take it easy, Hippy. I'm all right.

How you feeling, big guy?

I'm OK, Bud. I...

...I just... I just figured I was dead back there when I saw that angel coming for me.

Yeah, OK. Yeah. Why don't you tell us about it later?

Come on. He's got it tied off with something.

Yeah come on. Ready?

We're not gonna be able to budge it.

What are you doing? I'm gonna swim to hatch 6.


I'm gonna get inside...

...and I'm gonna open the door from the other side.

Bud, this water is freezing.

Then I guess you'd better wish me luck, huh?

Wish us luck. You comin' along?

Looks that way.

All right, Cat. Come on, Bud.

In case I don't die... This is insane.

Come on, Bud. Let's go, partner. I ain't got all day.

Come on. Yank on it.

We have to...

...we have to go to the moon pool.

It's the only way. I can't.

I can't make it, partner.

I'm sorry.

OK... OK Cat.

You head on back, all right?

What is he doing? He can't make it to the door.

He's gonna try and take him out himself.

No. God, he couldn't be that dumb.

That guy's a trained killer.


Coffey... Coffey, listen.



Bud, you all right? Get him, Cat!

He's dogged it, Bud! We gotta get this off of here.

Come on. Help me. Pull the gripper!

Cat, get the door!


Come on!


You all right?

The safety's on! Safety's on!

Give me that!

Come on! Let's go! Help me out! Gimme a hand. Let's move it.

One Night, what about Cab 1? Ready to launch.

Go! You're better in these than I am.

You got air? Come on. Come on!

You got air. You got air. You got air. You got air.


Bud, get out of the way!


Get in! Hurry up!

I'm comin', baby! Keep your pantyhose on.

Are you OK? Yeah.

Do you see Big Geek? Yeah. Right out in front.

Oh, my God! Get after him.

OK. OK. OK. OK. Get on the arm.

To the left. A little more. You missed. Try it again.

Stay steady. Steady. Steady. Steady. OK.

Grab it! Yeah, got it!

Pretty slick, Slick. Hold it really steady.

Hold it still. Hold it still. I am. I am.

Shit! We lost Geek!

Where is he, Bud? Do you see him?

I'll take a look.

He's comin' up fast. Step on it! Shit!

Go to the right! Swing to the right! Shit!

Keep movin', baby!

Come here.

Son of a bitch!

Hard left, baby! Left! Left! Left!

Jesus Christ, lady!

Bud, if you think you can do any better then you're welcome up here!

Son of a bitch!

Is he right on us? Yeah, he's right on your ass.


Where you goin'? Hang on!

Deepcore, this is Cab 1. Do you read?

Deepcore, Deepcore, this is Cab 1. Over.

I'm not getting any answer!

And we're flooding like a son of a bitch.

Yeah. You noticed?

You know, you did OK back there, Virgil.

I was fairly impressed. Yeah, well, not good enough.

We still gotta catch Big Geek. Yeah, well, not in this thing.

Deepcore, Deepcore, this is Cab 1. Over.

Try it again.

Deepcore, this is Cab 1. We need a...

You all right?


Well, that's that.

Yeah, wonderful.

There's some light comin' from somewhere.

Off to the right.

Yeah, that's the rig.

It's a good 60, 70 yards, I'd say.

Well, they'll come after us.

Yeah, but it's gonna take 'em a while to get here We gotta get this flooding stopped.

Can you see where it's coming in?

Yeah. Can you hold the lamp for me?

There's a busted fitting behind this panel. Problem is I don't think I can get to it.

You got any tools? Uh, I don't know. I'll have to look around.

Yeah, well, I looked already.

Goddamn it! All I need's a goddamn crescent wrench!

Come on.

Son of a bitch!

OK. Calm down, Bud.

Calm down. OK. OK.


We gotta get you outta here.

How? I don't know how.

All right. We've only got one suit.

I know. I know. But we gotta come up with something.

Oh, my God! I'm freezing! Come here. Come here. Give me your hands.

Listen, you're smart. Think of something.

Can't you think of something? OK. OK.

OK. Why don't you swim back to the rig and bring back another suit?

That'll take me about 7, or 8 minutes to swim, get the gear, and come back.

I wouldn't make it. Look at this. By the time I got back, you'd be...

OK. OK. Lins.

Let's look around. Let's look. Oh my God!

Is that working?


All right. All right. All right. All right. All right.

Here. You put this on.

No! No! What, are you growing gills all of a sudden?

Don't argue with me, goddamn it! Just put it on.

Look, this is not an option, so just forget about it! All right?

Lindsey, shut up! Shut up and put this thing on!

If you'd be logical just for one second... Fuck logic!

Please! Listen...

Just listen to me for one second. Now, you've got the suit on...

...and you're a much better swimmer than I am, right?

Yeah, maybe. Right? Yes! So I've got a plan.

What's the plan? I drown, and you tow me back to the rig.

No. No!

Yes! This water's... No! only a couple of degrees above freezing.

I'll... go into deep hypothermia. My blood will go like ice water.

Right? My body systems will slow down. They won't stop.


You tow me back and I can... I can be revived after maybe...

...10 or 15 minutes. Lins, put this on! You put it on!

No, it's the only way! You just put this on! Put this on. You know I'm right.

Please! It's the only way. You've got all the... stuff on the rig to do this.

Put this on. Bud, please!

This is insane. I know.

Oh, my God.

Are you OK? It's the only way.

All right. Here. Hold this.

Son of a bitch. Hold on, Lindsey.

You can do this, you know.

You can do this. God, Lins... I...

I know. You can tell me later.

This is maybe not such a good idea!

Oh, my God!

Bud! No!

I can't! Oh, Bud, I'm scared!


I got him! I got him!

Where? Oh, my God! It's Lindsey.

Deepcore! Deepcore, do you read? Over. Yeah, we got you, Bud.

We're here. Go to the infirmary.

Get the cart, oxygen, defib' kit...

...adrenaline in a 10cc syringe, and some heating blankets. You got all that?

Got it. Over Meet me at the moon pool and make it fast!

Now! Come on! Let's go!

Hippy, get the hot packs!

Got 'em!

Here he comes!

Watch her head. Watch her head. I got it. I got it.

Watch her feet. Watch her feet.

Watch her head comin' down. Watch her head.

Clear it out. Clear it out. Is she clear?

Come on! Is she clear?

Get the d-fib ready. Hurry up, Cat.

OK. OK. Got it.

OK? Yeah.

Three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand...


One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand...

N-N-N-No! You gotta have bare skin or it won't work!

Three-one thousand, four-one thousand...


Is that right? Is this it?

Bud, I got it. Well, do it!


Come on! Zap her! Clear!

Come on, baby! Oh, Christ! Nothing.


I'll jack it up to 300. Do it again, One Night. Zap her again.

It's going, it's going, it's going. It's charging.

Charging... charging... charging...

Now! ...clear!

Anything? No pulse.

Come on, baby! Just charging 1 more time.

Zap her again. Come on!

Come on! Clear!

God! No pulse.

Flat, it's flat. Goddamn! It's flat.

Get outta here.

One, two, three, four, five-one thousand.

One, two, three, four... breathe!

One, two, three, four... breathe!

Come on, baby. One-one thousand, two-one thousand...

...three-one thousand, four-one thousand...

...come on, baby. One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand...

...come on, baby! Breathe! Come on!

Two-one thousand, three-one thousand... Bud...

Bud... Bud...

It's all over, man.

It's all over.

I'm sorry.

No pulse.


No, she has a strong heart! She wants to live!

Come on, Lins! Come on, baby!

Zap her again! Do it! Charging.

Do it! Charging.



Get outta here!

Come on. Breathe, baby. Goddamn it! Breathe!

Goddamn it, you bitch! You never backed...

...away from anything in your life! Now fight!

Fight! Fight!

Right now! Do it!

Fight, goddamn it!




Lins? That's it, Lindsey.

That's it, Lins. You can do it.

That's it, Lins. Come on back, baby. Come on.

You can do it, baby.

Get her some air.

Breathe Lindsey.

You did it, ace!

Make sure... Make sure her heart's good. OK.

Big boys don't cry, remember?

Hi, lady.

Hi, tough guy.

I guess it worked, didn't it?

Yeah. Of course it did.

You're never wrong, are you?

How you feelin'?

I feel better.

What did you do to me?

Next time it's your turn, OK?

Yeah, you got that right.

OK, these are so your eyes can focus... the breathing fluid. How's that feel?

If you can't see, you can't disarm the bomb right?

OK. With this much weight, you're gonna fall like a brick.

We've still got about an hour, so you should get there in plenty of time.

When you get down there, all you gotta do is...

...cut one wire, drop the weights and come on home.

Hand me that wrench over there will ya? Maybe I oughta check out everything.

That's loose. I'll fix that up.

Bud, you don't have to do this.

Somebody's gotta do it.

Well it doesn't have to be you.

Who then?

So, what, I can hear you but I can't talk, right?

The fluid prevents the larynx from making sound. Excuse me.

It'll feel a little strange. Yeah, no shit.

I gotta warn you all... I'm a pretty lousy typist.

The moment of truth.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.


I need it in the front a little bit. OK.

Thank you. You got it.

Set. Set. Clamp?


OK, let's rock and roll!

Crack it.

Headset... Headset, please.

OK. Relax now, Bud. Just relax.

Bud. Relax now, Bud.

Watch me.

Relax. OK? Watch me. Watch me. OK.

Doin' fine. No, don't hold your breath. Take it in.

Just let yourself take it in. Take it in.

That's it. Oh man.

Don't hold your breath now. Take it in. There you go.

Don't hold your breath. Take it in. That's it.

There you go. Bud!

This is not normal!

It's normal! It'll pass in a second! It's perfectly normal!

This is normal? It's perfectly normal.

We all breathe liquid for 9 months, Bud. Your body will remember. That's it.

That's it.

Perfectly normal. Oh my, Christ! He's breathing!

Give me that.

Can you hear me? There he goes.

Yes? Yes? He's got it. That's it.

OK. Bud...

Try your keypad.

I already have.

OK. Great.

Let's go!


OK, Hippy, you got that? Hold on, Jammer.

Easy. Easy.

Watch out. Watch his side. Watch the back.


I redid Little Geek's chip the same as Big Geek!

It should take you straight there!

All you have to do is hang on!

What's his depth?

3,200 feet. Your depth is 3,200 feet.

You're doing fine. Now, you better watch out for crane wreckage.

You should, you should be almost to it.

4,800 feet. It's official.


Bud, according to Monk here, you just set a record for the deepest suit dive.

Bet you didn't think you'd be doing this when you got up this morning, huh?

1 mile down. Still grinnin'.

8,500 feet.

8,500 feet, Bud.

Everything OK?

Ask him about pressure effects. Tremors, vision problems, euphoria.

Ensign Monk wants to know how you feel.

It's starting. It hits the nervous system first.

Keep talking Lindsey. Let him hear your voice.

OK, Bud. Your depth is 8,900 feet.

You're doing fine. No, Lindsey.

Talk to him.


...there's some... some things I need to say.

It's hard for me, you know.

It's not easy being a cast-iron bitch.

It takes discipline and years of training.

A lot of people don't appreciate that.

Jesus, I'm sorry I can't tell you these things to your face.

I have to wait till you're alone in the dark...

...freezing, and there's 10,000 feet of water between us.

I'm sorry. I'm, I'm rambling.

Comin' up on the big ten thou'.

12,000 feet. Jesus!

I don't believe he's doin' this! Hippy!

Shut up! What's wrong with you?

Bud, how are you doing?

Signal's fading.

No! No, Bud, I'm not going away. I'm right here.

Kill everything we don't need.

Uh, Catfish, knock out those exterior lights. Come on now. Go! Go!

Run it through the digital processor! Cook it as much as you can!

I am right here with you, Bud.

Bud, this is Lindsey.

Please. I'm right here with you.

OK? So try and stay calm. I'm right here, all right?


He's losing it.

Talk to him. Keep him with us. Comin' up on 16,000...

No, B-Bud, it's the pressure. All right?

You have to listen to my voice. You have to try.

Concentrate, all right? Just listen to my voice. Please.

17,000 feet.

Christ almighty, this is insane.

Bud? I'm not getting anything!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Oh come on! No! No!

What? What!?

Little Geek just folded. Oh, Jesus.

He can still make it.



I know how alone you feel.

Alone in all that... cold... blackness.

But I'm there in the dark with you. Oh, Bud. You're not alone.

Oh, God!

You remember that time... were pretty drunk. You probably don't remember.

But the power went out in that little apartment we had on Orange Street.

We were staring at that one little candle and I, I said something really dumb like...

..."That candle is me," like... everyone of us is out there alone in the dark in this life.

And you just... you just lit up another candle and you put it beside mine...

...and you said, "No. See, that's me. That's me."

And we stared at the two candles and then...

...well, if you remember any of this, I'm sure you remember the next part.

But there are two candles in the dark.

I'm with you.

I'll always be with you, Bud. I promise that.

How you doin' partner?

You still with us? Come back.

You talk to us, Buddy boy.

Come on. Bud?

Talk to me, Bud.

Now, come on. You hangin' in there?

You just... you have to talk to me, Bud! Please!

I need to know if you're OK.

You s... you see light?

What kind of light, Bud?

He's hallucinating badly.

He made it. Oh, my God.

OK, Bud.

We'll go step by step.

Remove the detonator housing by unscrewing it...


All right, Bud. You have to cut...

...the ground wire. Not the lead wire.

It's the blue wire with the white stripe.

Not, I repeat...

...not the black wire with the yellow stripe.

Quiet! Quiet! Save your air.

Bud, give me a reading off your liquid oxygen gauge.


It took him 30 minutes just to get down there!

Bud! Do you hear me?

You drop your weights and start back now Bud!

That gauge could be wrong. Do you hear me?

Just drop your weights and start back now!

Your gauge could be wrong!

Your gauge could be wrong!

You drop your weights and start back now!

No, you won't stay there. You drop your weights.

You can breathe shallow! Do you hear me?

Bud, please listen to me! Please! Goddamn it!

You dragged me back from that bottomless pit!

You can't leave me here alone now. Please!

Oh, God, Virgil! Please!


I love you.


Uh... are you guys doin'?

Attempts to convene a summit between heads of state have collapsed...

The Soviet build-up of tanks and aircraft has...

All citizens to stay on their jobs, restrict unnecessary travel...

...just moments ago is what officials are calling an unprovoked attack.

Oh, shit!

Across the country, National Guard units have been mobilized...

...and all civil defense volunteers have been called to full-time duty.

You watch our TV. That's what you're telling me.

That you know what's going on up there?

Seismologists are reporting... enormous disturbance throughout the world's oceans...

...which apparently began about fifteen minutes ago.

They are acoustic shock waves like tsunamis, but with no apparent seismological source.

Uh, the waves are propagating towards the shorelines of every continent.

I'm so sorry. That's... Dr. Berg, would you please...

Young lady. Young lady, listen to me.

I don't know. We don't know what's going on yet.

We don't have a clue.

The horizon has already grown dark.

People are running everywhere. It's, it's sheer panic.

Stay on me!

Uh, the wave... the wave is...

I don't know, maybe 1,000 feet high already.

Getting bigger as I'm watching...

...still miles out.

Oh my God. Get outta here!

We're staying! We're staying!

Give it to me, then!

Uh, I don't even know if I'm still broadcasting.

I can't be sure.

I'll just keep going as long as I can. Um... Get out of the way!

You guys are doing this.

You guys are doing this, right? You can control water.

That's your technology, but why are you doing this?

OK. That's enough. I get the point!

How do you know...

...they're really gonna do it?

Where do you get off passing judgment on us? You can't be sure.

How do you know?

You could've done it.

Why didn't you?

Deepcore, do you read? This is Benthic Explorer. Over.

Do you hear, Deepcore?

Deepcore, do you read? Do you read me, Deepcore?

Deepcore, do you read? This is Benthic Explorer. Over.

Hell, yes, we read! Good of you to join us!

Copy, Deepcore. Hey, I've got 'em!

How's that storm goin' up there?

Well, it's strange, It just sort of blew itself out all of a sudden.

Well, hell, son. You'd better get a line down to us.

We're in moderately poor shape down here.

We've lost 7 people, including Bud.

And we're about out of O2 So, whatever you're gonna do, you better do it fast.

You boys make up your mind how to get us outta here yet?

They're talking about flying in a DSRV from Norfolk.

I just wish I could've seen it. OK.

How long's that gonna take?

How do you stop a half mile high tidal wave in?

...come into Guantanamo on a C133.


Hey... hey it's Bud! That's impossible.

Do you read me Deepcore? No it's not.


W-W-Wait. Wait. Wait. We've got a message from Bud.

Bud? What's it say?

Here. Here.

It says...

It says, uh, Virgil Brigman back on the air.

Have some new friends down here.

Guess they've been here a while.

They've left us alone, but it bothers them to see us hurting each other.

Getting out of hand.

They sent a message. Hope you got it.

I'd say that's a big 10-4, Jack.

They want us to grow up a bit...

...and, put away childish things.

Of course, it's just a suggestion.

Looks like you boys might be out of business.

What the hell's goin' on?

One Night, get to sonar.

Good God almighty!

Fellas... I'm gettin' some awful big readings here.

Somebody's comin' up the wall! What is it?

Whatever it is, it's major!

Something is definitely going on down there.

Active is pinging back something really big.

It's huge and it's comin' up right underneath us.


Where!? It's everywhere! There! Starboard bow!

There! Look! Look!

Help, Cat!

We should be dead. We didn't decompress.

They must have done something to us.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I think you could say that.

Hi, Brigman.

Hi, Mrs. Brigman.