The Accused (1949) Script

Hey, you need a lift?

Are you hurt?

Come on. I'll give you a ride.

A close call, lady.

At first I thought maybe you were an insurance plant or worse.

Last time I picked up a woman it cost me sixty bucks and my watch.

Not that you look like you can handle a gun.

Wrestling match?

Where you headed for?

Where you headed from?

I'm very tired.

A nice night for the beach, wasn't it.

Until the fog came in.

"Let's stop here and look at the moon."

You dames. Kidding yourselves it's for the scenery.

Maybe it bothers me because I've got a kid sister.

You advise them and teach them decent.

Then the first guy that comes along in a flight jacket and a convertible ..

Okay, okay.

Anyway, you got away. You're lucky.

Yes .. I'm lucky.

After this, be more choosy, eh?

Dr Tuttle. Yes?

Your phone was ringing. About 9 o'clock.

Dean Rhodes at the university. He says you're to call tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Was it only this morning?

Only this morning.

Only this morning.

Well, as you've probably already guessed by now.

Today's examination deals with conditioned reflexes.

The subject at this time however, is man. Not animals.

Man with his complex mind.

Continually bombarded by conditioned stimuli of the environment.

Is even more a victim of conditioned reflexes.

That we find in the poor animals we study in cages.

Mr Roberts and Miss Duval, will pass out the questions and blue-books, please.

The honor system is still in force.

Wouldn't you even say hello to me, Bill?

This morning, I want you to probe your own experiences.

Think of yourselves, your friends.

Your professors, if you like.

However, you may refer to your subjects as ..

Mister X, Mister A and Miss B.

By all means, be discreet.

But there is no textbook and no laboratory ..

Which is as revealing a study as the people around you.

I ..

I want you to think of yourselves mainly when you answer these questions.

Think of your needs, your hungers, your fears.

For these are the things I'm afraid.

Which rule most of us.

That's all. You have fifty minutes.

Twenty more minutes.

If any student has finished his test.

He may leave his blue-book on my desk and he may leave the room.

Dr Tuttle. Mr Perry, please.

Question 14. I don't understand it.

Mr Perry, you are disturbing the others.

But if you don't understand a question, step up here and I'll explain it to you.

Thank you.

Question 14. Oh yes.

What is meant by a "creative synthesis"?

Do you want a technical definition or a case history?

No. I want a general description if you know one.

I don't understand "creative synthesis".

Mr Perry.

You know a synthesis is a combination of incoming and outgoing stimuli.

As in a kiss?

Yes. To use a minor illustration.


It depends on the kiss. Some can be pretty stimulating.

I'd like to see you when you're mad, doctor.

Pretty soon you'll be fixing your hairpins again.

Mr Perry, for some time I've had a feeling I must have a talk with you.

With pleasure.

Meet me in my office at 5:30. Be prompt, please.

5:30 it will be.

I just had to talk to you.

Why, what is it this time, Susan? No luck with your exam?

I thought as my faculty advisor you would have more understanding.

I do understand.

I understand you can't fall in love every 2 minutes.

It's not like that. It's the same one always but he ..

Now, Susan.

You left your own country to come over here and go to college.

What for?

To get married.

Now isn't that an awful waste of time and money?

Hello Susan!


But how can I help you if you won't tell me what or who?

Because you wouldn't approve of him either.

Everybody has warned me.

My girlfriend.

My mother hates him. So do I. I hate him.

Yet, you go out with him?

There is a Prom tomorrow night. He hasn't even asked me.

That I don't understand. If he makes you so unhappy, why do you want to see him?

He only does it to hurt me.

He likes hurting me.

I'll kill him if he doesn't stop. I'll kill him!

Hello Susan.

Professor, this is Harry Bryant. Hello.

Come on, I'll buy you lunch. Excuse us? Sure.

It's late. I've been waiting for you.

Oh Dr Tuttle. You were to meet me in your office at 5:30.

Forgotten? Oh no.

No I didn't forget you, Mr Perry. I left a note for you.

As a matter of fact, I've thought it over. I want you to see the Dean.

I've called him about it. That wasn't very sporting.

We called people like that tattle-tails back in grade school.

But it wasn't like that really.

I just pointed out to him what an exceptional student you are.

You're too good to me.

But you had a few personal problems. How do you know my problems?

Mr Perry.

You are just too brash.

You may go up to my office and get the note. It is all in there. Goodnight.

Dr Tuttle .. I'm in trouble already.

I'm always in trouble.

That's the trouble.

Alright, I'm fresh. I admit it.

Dr Wilma Tuttle, I apologize.

Deeply and fully and sincerely, I apologize.

Very well, very well.

But you see the Dean. He'll appoint you another advisor.

You know, you really have a brilliant mind.

You just walked through my course. You've read my exam?

No. No, not yet.

But I'm looking forward to it.

I always do.

Well, goodnight again.

There goes my own bus.

My car is here. Please, let me take you home.

I'm not taking you out of your way, am I?

Nothing to do until 6:30.

Then I have to go to the airport.

Having a visitor to the Prom? No.

I was just interested.

If you were really interested, you wouldn't throw me to the Dean.

My guardian is coming down from San Francisco.

He threatens to take me out of school and put me to work.

Well you mustn't let him do that. But he's a lawyer.

With him you need arguments.

You wouldn't do me a favor and have dinner with me? Give me some angles.

No. No, I ..

Strictly as a consulting psychologist.

But he's expecting you. I'll see him later.

I'd much rather listen to you scold me.

You would? Uhuh.

Well, Mr Perry. You asked for it.

Overindulged by one parent for six months.

Then over-disciplined by the other for the next six months.

A split home, a split childhood.

It wouldn't matter if you weren't intelligent and sharp, but you were.

You are.

Use that intelligence now, to even out your life.

Tell me more.

Alright, I will if you give me more to go on.

I can tell you, you have a beautiful mouth.

I'll overlook that.

You say, you ..

You never want to listen.

That's a bad balance. Self-indulgence.

These things lead to danger, Mr Perry.

To yourself and to others.

Charming and poised one minute and then erratic and poorly controlled the next.

I'm not so poorly controlled, doctor.

Right now, I'm .. resisting impulses.

There you go again. Trying to divert my analysis.

And that's another symptom.

It indicates that deep down inside.

You're afraid I might show you you're not as good as you think you are.

I do alright.

Oh, Mr Perry.

If you go on believing that, I warn you, you will be an unhappy man.

After all that advice you deserved it.

Well I warned you.

Today we came a long way for it.

I think we'd better be getting back.

But I quite enjoyed it. Even the Martini?

I don't know why that surprised you.

I have an occasional drink when I dine out.

Occasional cigarette?

Yes. I think I will, thank you.

You know, it is curious the impression you get of people.

That I'm prudish.

Did you enjoy your fish? Yes, fine thanks.

Weren't you in here last week?

Yeah, I remember.

All that uproar on how to cook that abalone you caught.

What in the world is "abalone"?

You don't know what abalone is?

Where are you from? Kansas.

You don't know what an abalone is?

No, I never heard of it.

It's a type of mollusc. Beautiful multicolored shells.

You've seen the shells. They're used for compacts in the high street.

Oh yes. They give me a kick.

That's what I was about to point out.

They look innocent, pretty. Live on the rocks under the sea.

Oh, you have to dive for them? I have the gear. Got it in the back.

Goggles, steel spring to pry them loose. You must keep them alive in a bucket.

Do you call it a sport?

It's the fight they give you that's important.

It's dangerous.

They look soft and innocent.

They can really get you.

We must have left the highway. We are paralleling.

We'll be back on in a moment.

I want to show you where I go after those abalone.

Well, it really is getting late.

Not that I'm worried about myself, but if you're going to see your guardian ..

Plenty of time.

You know this whole thing started with you complaining about me to the Dean.

Now that you've come over to my side ..

You're going to help me, aren't you?

We made the journey in no time, didn't we.

Come on. Get out.

Sorry to give you such a jolt.

Come on.

Listen to those waves. Almost seventy feet down.

Seventy feet. Uhuh.

Now I want to show you the chances we take.

I don't like it.

I've always been afraid of the ocean.

Don't tell me you have conflicts?

It is the height.

Doesn't it frighten you to dive from here?

You have to watch the tide, that's all. Pick your moment.

The right moment is everything, isn't it.

Mr Perry.

Where are you? What's the matter? Are you afraid?

Oh .. no.

I can't see you. I can't see anything.

I've got a couple of suits here. Thought we'd go for a moonlight swim.

Maybe you are. I'm going home.

What's your hurry?

Stay and watch me swim at least.

I'm pretty good you know.

Let's go down to the beach. Maybe you'll change your mind.

Come on.

You're even more unbalanced than I thought.

Schoolteacher is upset.

Now you go ahead and take your swim.

But I'm going home. Alone?

You should never go home alone, Wilma.

Let me go.

Please let me go.

That's what I like about you. I won't frighten you off.

Nobody is going to hear you but me.

Take it easy, eh.

You are hurting me.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I ..

I ..

Oh you little firecracker.

Don't pretend you don't like it.

You wrote me a note, did you? My arm, please.

I've written notes to you, too. A lot of them.

You won't tell anybody about this, will you. You shouldn't be out here with me.

You're hurting my arm.

Please, my arm! Stop!

Stop it .. stop it .. stop it!

Stop it .. stop it!

Stop it .. stop it!


[ Door knocks ]

Oh. Sorry to break in on you.

I waited to clean. But it was so late this morning, I thought you were up.

Have you been taking sleeping pills again?


Horrible habit.

Goodness knows whether the pain in my leg is an excuse for me.

But you ..

Oh please Mrs Conner, don't do that.

Very well.

What day is it?

Saturday of course.

And if you want to go to the bank, you are ..

Aren't you well?

Oh, you're all burning up. I'd better get the doctor.

Please leave me alone. I'll be alright.

What about cleaning up the room? You can clean up later.

That's a fine good morning.

Do you really want this blouse thrown away?

What blouse?

This one in the wastepaper basket.

No, no.

No. It must have fallen in there by mistake.

I am going to send it to the cleaners.

Now please Mrs Conner, leave me alone.

Oh, very well.

But it is nearly twelve.

If you want to go to the bank, you usually go on a Saturday.

Well, here is your morning paper.


"Of course not."

"It couldn't possibly be in the papers yet."

"And that blouse."

"I've got to get rid of that blouse."

"There is blood on it."

[ Buzzer ]

"The Police?"

"Why didn't I go to the Police right away and tell them the truth about it?"

"But I couldn't."

"I was afraid they'd think I killed him on purpose. But I didn't."

"I didn't."

"And even if they did believe me."

"The scandal would ruin my whole life."

"Everything I've worked for and lived for would be gone."

"But he's gone."

"He's gone."

"He's gone."

Dr Tuttle?


I'm Warren Ford.

Dean Rhodes sent me over.

It's about one of your students.

Dr Tuttle?


I don't like disturbing you.

But I have only a few hours in town.

Ah, you couldn't have breakfast with me?

There is a little place I know, just at the corner.

I'd be very grateful.

Five minutes.

Take ten.

That little tea room. I'll wait there.

"The Dean couldn't possibly know yet."

"No-one could know."

"No-one ever will know."

"I took care of that."

"The man made a seventy-foot dive and had an accident."

"That's the way I made it look and that's what they'll think."

"It didn't rain."

"It should have according to the weather man."

"Things don't always follow form."

"Mrs Conner is right."

"I am flushed."

"Oh .. my head."

"My head."

"An aspirin will take care of that."

"Oh. If I could remember to keep them in the right place."

"Yes. Yes, here they are."

"A cold, that's all."

"Or a guilt complex?"

"The way I acted with Mrs Conner."

"I must be more careful."

"I know what a guilt complex is."

"I mustn't let one destroy me."

"What's that?"


"My imagination."

"Oh watch yourself, Wilma. Watch yourself."

"The law makes allowances for self-defense."

"So must I."

"Now, remember."

"Remember, you must feel that nothing has happened to change anything."

"You must feel it."

"And understand it."



It will be a few minutes before lunch. Yes, I know. Thank you.

I beg your pardon. I'm Doctor Tuttle.

Oh, how do you do. How do you do.

You are very kind.

I'm .. I'm sorry you've been ill.

Oh, over-tired mainly.

You know .. I owe you an apology.

I guess I mistook your gatekeeper for you.

A welcome mistake, I might add.

What will you have? Coffee, please.

You've eaten?

No. Just coffee, that's all I ever take.

Two coffees, please.

No. No, thank you.

Do you ..

You must think this very strange.

I'm Bill Perry's guardian. Warren Ford.

Do you know Bill? Yes.

You think highly of him as a student? Yes, I do.

He's a bad boy, Dr Tuttle.

Is he?


Trying to make up for lost time for his years in the army.

For one thing, he knew I was coming. He also knows I have to get back.

I don't understand why you come to me. Because you can help me, if you will.

You see, Dean Rhodes forwarded me an anonymous letter.

But I think we've traced it down.

It's one of your exchange students, a girl by the name of ..

Susan Duval.

Mr Ford, I know nothing about Mr Perry's private life.

My point is, you know the girl? Yes.

I am.

I see she's one your faculty responsibilities.

Yes, she is.

A so-called "nice girl"? Yes.

Slightly hysterical perhaps, but ..

Maybe she has a right to be.

I've had jams with Bill before but this time it looks serious.

What does the letter say?

That ..

That she's in trouble.

But Bill won't speak to her. Won't keep appointments with her.

He doesn't dare tell her mother.

As a lawyer, don't you think you ought to handle this, Mr Ford?

How did you know I was a lawyer?

Perhaps it's because you're so cold about this and so unfeeling.

I'm not unfeeling, it's ..

It's just possible you know, that she's lying.

May I have a glass of water, please?

It's right there, Dr Tuttle.

Sorry, of course.

What is it? I haven't shocked you?

In a way, yes.

I just never thought of Susan and Bill.

There's so many thousands on this campus.

I'm sorry I have upset you.

Well, I'll understand if you turn me down.

I don't know exactly what you want me to do.

I want you to talk to this girl.

And find out if she's the one. Bill won't help me.

Well, why don't you talk to her yourself?

I don't want a scandal.

Next thing, she'll go to the Police.

Yes, of course. Well, I'll do what I can.

Forgive me, Mr Ford. I really think I'd best go back to bed. I'm awfully shaky.

Oh yes, certainly.

Ma'am. Check, please.

I really am grateful.

I have to catch the 2 o'clock plane.

May I call you in a day or two? Yes, do.

In the meantime, I'll try to locate Bill.

Thanks again.

Dr Tuttle.

Dr Tuttle. Oh my goodness.

My doctor.

Please, my doctor.

All I can say is ..

For a young teacher aiming to become head of a psychology department one day.

You'd better hang on to your health, young lady.

Oh, I feel fine now, doctor.

Was I delirious for very long? Oh .. a few days.

Wherever did you learn life-saving, by the way?

What do you mean? Oh, you talked and talked.

I did? Yes, yes.

I hope I didn't say anything embarrassing.

Oh no, no.

Artificial respiration is what I made out of it.

"One, two, water out. Breath in."

Didn't she nurse? She certainly did.

Whose life were you trying to save, Wilma?

Sometimes you got it all mixed up: "Breath out, water in".

Perhaps it was my own life, doctor?

I did feel as if I were drowning.

But your lungs feel alright now, don't they?

Oh yes. Good.

You can go home tomorrow.

Get this down, and take things easy.

Virus pneumonia is tricky and no-one misses you.

Well. I have to go and deliver a baby.

The economics professor is having one, believe it or not.

Well, so long Wilma.

Take care of yourself. Thank you, doctor.

Like to go out on the porch for a while? Yes, I would.

Miss Rice, what's been going on the campus?

What have I been missing? You can read it all in The Curriculum.

The Prom was a great success.

Then of course, there is that funeral tomorrow.

What funeral? Bill Perry.

You must know him. He was a science major.

He was one of your students, wasn't he?

Yes, he was .. oh!


I must be weaker than I thought.

Oh well, it's only natural.

His guardian sent me that orchid plant.

Of course. That's right.

He's been staying over at the Psi Upsilon Alpha house.

It's a dreadful thing that happened to that Perry boy.

What did happen?

Was he sick long? He was drowned.

They only found his body yesterday morning.

A terrible accident.

It happened on that rocky stretch just above Malibu.

I really should call Mr Ford, don't you think?

Well, yes.

Especially as these orchids don't grow on trees every day.

Here, use this.

I want to pick up some charts.


Will you get me the Psi Upsilon Alpha House, please.


Is there a Mr Warren Ford there?

Doctor Wilma Tuttle.



No .. no, there is no message.

Just tell him that Dr Tuttle called.

Thank you.

John Doe number 45321.

Identified as William Perry, a student at California College.

Approximate time of death fixed sometime between sunset and midnight last Friday.

Body discovered by one Fred White a fisherman, north of Malibu beach.

At 4:55 Tuesday morning.

Body turned over to morgue. Case to homicide.

On a palisade nearby, a Patrolman found a car registered in the deceased's name.

Guardian Warren Ford of San Francisco notified.

That's all.

Lieutenant, you found no indication of foul play?


Was there any evidence of anybody being in the automobile with him?

We found no evidence that anybody was.

But, by the same token, we cannot say for certain that somebody was not.

Had there been anybody in the car there would have been fingerprints.

There were no fingerprints.

Alright. Thank you, Lieutenant.

We'll take your concluding evidence now, Dr Odolard.

A three-line obituary. I'll be next door.

In my opinion, death resulted from drowning.

There were also compound fractures of the cranium.

Severe enough to kill him.

But, as there was water in the lungs, death I conclude, was by suffocation.

Doctor .. these head injuries.

You consider them in keeping with a bad dive from the edge of a cliff?

I think he may have slipped at the last moment.

Surely he became unconscious by hitting the rocks, and slid off into the water.


One point. In ..

In checking the lungs.

In the lungs, I found a great deal of water.

Salt water. Several cups full.

Any further questions?

Thank you, Doctor.

Gentlemen, you heard all the testimony and evidence known to myself as Coroner.

First, the Police report.

Mr Ford's comments, and the opinion of our medical examiner.

Are there any further questions?

Then will you please retire and consider the verdict.

Too bad about the boy, Warren.

He was a legacy. I've never been too close to him.

A bad egg, huh?

You and his father were law partners.

You won a lot of important cases together. I remember when ..

I'm interested in your testimony about the fingerprints.

Am I going to have trouble with you?

You said there weren't any.

There weren't. Not even the boy's?

Look, I'm tired. I've got cases.

There couldn't have been any prints. The car had been out in the mist for days.

The weather might have taken them off outside. How about inside?

None on the steering wheel, the dashboard, the glove compartment?

Clean as though it had been wiped with a damp rag.

Fog will do that.

So Bill got undressed, folded his clothes neatly on the back seat.

Got done up to dive, and then wiped off his fingerprints .. that's very logical.

Give it a chance, will you.

You've arrived at your verdict? Yes we have.

"We, the Coroner's Jury, Los Angeles County, the State of California."

"Find that William Perry met death by accidental causes."

I now declare the inquest officially closed.

Well, it took a lot of pain to do that, huh?

Oh, it's better this way.

Easier on me.

People get careless when they think a case is closed.

Where you going to start?

He had girlfriends.

When's the funeral? Tomorrow at the University Chapel.

Jerry, get this stuff in the car, will you.

"Who is that man?"

"Not that it matters."

"Accidental death by drowning."

"It said so in the papers."

I just want to know who the bereaved one is.

The name is Susan Duval.

But I would prefer to discuss with you on Monday, Lieutenant.

Thanks for coming, Dean Rhodes.

You know it could wait, Dorgan.

It could wait until next summer.

Who is the boy with her? I don't know.

I'll see you around.

"Stop it, Wilma."

"Curiosity and the cat."

"Your conscience."

Hi, Doctor. Glad to see you again. Thank you, Professor.

"Confessing wouldn't have brought him back."

"It would only have spread the scandal all over the newspapers."

"I had to cover up."

"I had no guarantee they'd believe me. I had to cover up."

The Minister sure made old Bill sound like a hero.

"Yes. I did right."

"Better that he remain a hero."

Doctor Tuttle.

Doctor Tuttle.

Oh, Mr Ford. I've been looking for you.

How are you? Alright.

I didn't even look for you, I heard you were still in the hospital.

I got my doctor's bill this morning. That cured me.

Sins catching up with you, eh?

I haven't had a chance to thank you for that orchid plant.

It was beautiful. It helped a lot. Oh, good.

I'll see you later, Ted.

Is that man a relative of Bill Perry's?

You're good at keeping secrets.

That's a tough one.

He's a homicide officer.


He thinks Bill was murdered.

Why, I don't believe it. I don't like it either.

What would you say if I bought you a drink?

I'd say thank you very much. Here.

I've .. I've got transportation at last.

Our homicide officer turned Bill's car over to me.

Bourbon. Make it straight. You sure you won't?

Cigarette? No thank you.

You won't faint out on me again, will you?

You did once, remember? Yes, I did.

Mr Ford, regarding the lack of fingerprints.

If fact, because there weren't any it seems to me ..

That Bill wiped them off himself.

Yes, there are types who would.

No .. he was twisted. I don't think he was that twisted.

Say, could you turn down that radio a little?

I'm sorry. I guess the Minister's few kind words got to me.

I never got to know Bill very well. I should have.

Now, murdered. Or suicide, which I doubt.

Not a very pleasant thought.

I need your help.

Your viewpoint. There's a lot of things about college students I've forgotten.

Do you think he knew about Susan's note to the Dean? Its contents, I mean.

I don't think so. Why?

Can I have another one of these, please?

The suicide hunch?

No, that boy was too conceited to kill himself.

Well what do you think suicide is?

A little person who thinks his troubles are all that matter in the world.

You hit me right in my inferiority complex.

I mean seriously.

Have you never heard of a Doppelganger?


I'm sure you're going to tell me.

A Doppelganger is a double-walker.

An extreme form of a narcissist complex.

You mean that Bill was in love with himself?

From my knowledge of him, he could have been, yes.

He'd turn over in his grave.

He was in love with women.

Thin women, tall women, short, young.

Ripe, unripe.

Uhoh .. there I go embarrassing you again.

Let's leave temptation.

Well, anyway, we'll know more about it after Dorgan talks with Miss Duval.

That's very sweet of you.

You won't think me ungrateful however, if I don't eat it.

I received one of these once, from a boy of twelve.

When I bit into it, the worm was as surprised as I was.

It was the first time I'd ever seen an angleworm in an apple.

It can be done I suppose.

This is not a very happy Monday morning.

I wonder if one of you from the back would mind coming up, please?

Isn't Miss Duval here this morning?

She was called to the Dean's office.


Which reminds me. I have a call to make myself.

Professor Hurley planned to lecture you this morning.

He is more thorough than I.

His lecture is written out.

Oh, Miss Parker. Would you be Professor Hurley.

Oh, doctor Tuttle.

Excuse me, Dean Rhodes.

But Miss Duval here is one of my faculty responsibilities.

I know all about this. You know?

About what?

Well Mr Ford told me about .. Yes, I'm afraid I did.

She knows about the letter. I think she may as well know about the rest.

It's up to you.

It's up to me, isn't it? It's your office, I admit.

Dr Tuttle is a psychology professor.

Does make her any less gabby than most women?

This is Lieutenant Dorgan.

Lieutenant, you don't have to worry about me.

I don't approve of gossiping.

Is this the psychology expert you ..? She could be helpful, Dorgan.

Alright, doctor. We forgive you.

But you're wrong about the suicide.

It couldn't have been. You haven't seen the body.

The way the skull is smashed, the way .. Stop! Please don't.

Lieutenant, just because there's some sign someone might have killed him.

No some indication. Proof.

Proof. More than you think I've got, Warren.

But who?


And when and how.

That's what I'm working on.

At the moment, all I have is a letter that this little lady wrote to the dean.

I'm not going to have a baby. It's not true. I told you.

Susan, why did you write that letter, then?

I thought if I could get him to see me.

You know how much I loved him. Oh, it's desperate.

The Perry boy treated her so badly, she could kill him.

That's what she said.

She said it to you.

I don't remember her saying that.

It seems the Lieutenant has a witness to the conversation, doctor.

Harry has been blabbing.

Why .. that's absurd.

If that's all you have against her.

An emotional remark made under such circumstances is quite normal.

Susan couldn't kill anyone.

And why would I want to anyway after he was so sweet?

Are you so sure you made up?

He asked me to the Prom. Isn't that enough?

Does he always you ask you that late? The Prom was the next day.

We hadn't spoken for weeks. I told you that.

When did he ask you to the Prom?

Friday, in front of the gym. About 5:15.

He was so nice.

Where did you go after that?

To fix my evening gown. Get it ready.

I was so happy.

Alright, we won't go over that again. I've got a good memory.

Forgive me Lieutenant, but I like to know. If I'm to help Susan, I must.

Why try to help her?

Oh Dorgan, take it easy. We all want to help her, naturally. - Why?

Well, she's a young girl. Don't give me that.

Are you under the illusion that youth means innocence?

Today. Kids killing their parents, their grandparents.

Children killing children.

Sweet sixteen.

They murder their lovers.

I didn't .. I didn't! Leave her alone, Mr Dorgan.

Okay, doctor.

Let's take it from another angle.

I don't want you to think I'm even looking for a motive.

Did you ever teach any criminal psychology?


Motive isn't everything, is it. We've all got them. Dozens of them.

We don't all have the occasion.

Opportunity. That's the thing. And after the opportunity to kill ..

The desperation and cleverness to cover it up .. right?

You are speaking of course, of premeditated ..

Not at all.

Given the opportunity, a man can think up a motive. Scare one up.

I even remember a case that was accidental killing.

The man hated the woman he accidentally killed so much ..

He killed her over and over. Murdered a corpse, again and again.

That's very shocking. Never heard of it? - No.

I'll send you a book on it sometime. Thank you. I'd like to read it.

Well, that's all Miss Duval. I'm sorry.

You're not going to hold me?

No. This is just a friendly little get-together.

Oh, thank you.

We thank the Dean.

We thank you both.

Oh Miss Duval, one more thing.

The last thing Bill said as he left you was that he was on his way to meet a ..

Psycho .. what?

A cyclothymiac cutie.

Can you help on that, doctor? What does cyclothymiac mean?

It's a psychological term.

A sublimated personality, isn't it? Yes, that's right.

It was one of the exam questions.

Not that I got the answer.

Describe a cyclothymiac type. Someone you knew, preferably.

Remember? Yes.

Yeah. The proper definition doesn't really matter very much.

I'm more interested in Bill's interpretation of it.

I'd like to have a look at this exam paper. Could that be arranged, Dean?

Dr Tuttle will turn it over to you.

Who knows? We might even find out who he was with Friday night.

If I'm lucky.

I feel I could just go home and die.

A better idea would be to start thinking up alibis, Miss Duval.

I will be seeing you again?

I expect so. Murder is small world.

But I told you where I was. I was home with my mother the whole evening.

Sometimes we don't trust mothers. They are likely to be prejudiced.

Can I drop you somewhere?

No, thank you.

You know, sometimes I wish there two of me.

We generally do work in pairs.

The idea being, one can be mean, and the other one nice.

You manage, I'd say.

In my next life I'll be a Minister.

Never have to pick on anybody but the Devil.

Take you some place? Back to class, I guess.

Oh by the way, doctor. Where can I pick up that exam paper?

Oh, I'm sorry. It isn't in my office. It's at home.

When can I pick it up at home? I'll bring candy.

Very well. I won't be there until around seven. Al Marina Court.

No, wait a minute. Maybe not. Let me take you out to dinner tonight.

We put you through a rugged morning.

Thank you. Thank you. I'd like that very much.

Alright. Pick it up and bring it to the office tomorrow.

It may lead us somewhere, right?

Yeah. Fine.

Not a bad idea, that dinner angle, doctor.

Too bad I'm married.

Some guy.

He should be married. That's his trouble.

He's not?

No. Too many murderesses and lady pickpockets in his life.

A man does shy off, I suppose.

Yes. I suppose.

Would you believe that I was once in love with a hatchet murderess?

Ha, really?

Of course, I was a little younger then. One of my first cases.

You were in love with her and she was guilty?

Who said she was guilty?

You are talking to her erstwhile lawyer, I'll have you know.

What happened?

Oh, I got her off.

She was as pretty as a painting.

Ah, Mr Ford.

Afraid it's a little late for my class.

I think I'd better go right on back .. Wait a minute. It's almost lunchtime.

Why not run over to your place and see how Bill described a cyclothymiac?

No, sorry. I have a lunch engagement. Too bad, too bad.

Such a wonderful excuse to play hooky.

You are a bad influence, Mr Ford.

Seven or so? What?


Oh yes. About seven o'clock.

Goodbye. Bye.

"Cyclothymiac cutie."

"Oh no. He couldn't possibly have meant me."

"He even asked me if I'd read it."

"No. But I'm looking forward to it, Mr Perry."

"There it is."

"Describe a cyclothymiac type."

"Miss A is a cyclothymiac whom I know personally."

"Miss A. Not Miss T. That's alright."

"Not as personally as I'd like to know her. I admit it."

"On the surface she appears calm. Sure of herself."

"She is however, distinctly afraid."

"And it is her fears that make her charming."


"She is undoubtedly afraid of the dark at night."

"The shadowy corners. Because she is alone, poor darling."

"I bet she even takes sleeping pills."

"But they don't help."

"She pretends of course that men don't interest her."

"But give her that certain look, and she moves her hand to the back of her head."

"Not because her hair is becoming undone as she pretends."

"So does every woman put her hands to her hair."

"Oh it's so stuffy in here."

"It's .. a female gesture."

"We just do it. That's all."

"There. That's better."

"It isn't what he said, though."

"He said: coming undone."

"That means long hair."

"Not because her hair is coming undone as she pretends."

"But because her emotions are becoming undone."

"She'd like to break loose but she can't."

"Look at her clothes: dove colors, over and over."

"Every new suit exactly like the last one."

"Does she wear very sheer stockings? Of course not."

"She wears and does nothing that puts her in competition with other women."

"She prefers to ignore men rather than to compete for them."

"How could he be so cruel?"

"She's a dear, nonetheless."

"I could go on and on about her except .."

"Dear teacher, you didn't leave me enough space."

"The idiot. The idiot. I'll get rid of it. That's best."

"No .. no, I'll rewrite it."

"No I can't. It has to be in his handwriting."

"But I can't pretend to get rid of the book."

"Dorgan would be suspicious."

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute."

"Why do anything?"

"Supposing they do recognize me from the description."

"I didn't meet Bill Perry here that day."

"I didn't wait for him. I can prove it."

"That note I wrote to him."

"That note!"

Send Jerry in, will you please.

I've just spilled some ink.

I'll have to leave this on for a couple of hours.

Yes, that will be alright.

Oh, Jerry.

Before I was ill, I left a note stuck on my door for one of my students.

Oh yes. I saw it. It was there all last week.

What did you do with it? Oh yes. It was incinerated.

Gee, I'm sorry. Nothing important, I hope?

No, no. It doesn't matter.

Just a mimeographed schedule I wanted to recommend.

Well, can't you get another copy from the Dean's office?

What did you say?

I said, couldn't you get another ..


"Another copy."


I'll be back later with the vacuum cleaner.

Yes, alright. Thank you.

Mr Ford? In person.

Am I early? No. No, I'm late.

There is nothing abnormal about that.

Count to three before you come in, will you.

I'm not very good at arithmetic.

Well, here I am.

Are you hiding?

Yes. In a way, I am.

I don't go out very often. It deserves some doing.

Make yourself at home. Thanks.

Nice little place you got here.

Where is the bar?

You won't recognize it. It looks like an icebox.

How do you take your fire-water? Oh, none for me.

By the way, I got out Bill's blue-book.

It's on my desk there, somewhere.

Anything interesting?

There is a note there that might interest you, too.

"Why should they identify me from his blue-book?"

"Dorgan saw me only once."

"And Mr Ford when I was sick and then later at the funeral."

"Cyclothymiac type."


This is addressed to Bill.

Yes, it's one that I wrote to him.

I had forgotten about it until I went to my office today.

He never came for it.

It's just a school note. It's written that same Friday.

There are several paragraphs analyzing him.

I thought you might like to read it sometime.

Yes, the Dean might have handled him. You were right.

Too bad you didn't turn him over sooner.

Sure you're not the "cyclothymiac cutie" Bill had the date with?

A session with a professor, a date?

I doubt it.

Ha, I couldn't blame him.

Whenever you're ready.

Who are you?

It's brand new.

My whole month's salary. You like it?


There. Phew.

It's remarkable.

Your brains don't show a bit.

If I can help it, they never do when I'm stepping out.

Of course, now you've spoilt it all.

Have you never heard of women looking different in the evening?

I was hoping this was just for me.

Well, if it will make you feel any better, it was.

The way I feel right now, I don't usually feel until I bring a lady home.

In that case, I think we ought to go. Yes, I think we'd better.

I don't want the world to miss a bit of you.

Now, you're sure you'd recognize her if you saw her again?

Oh sure, sure.


"Lieutenant Dorgan. Warren Ford to see you."

Send him in. Look, you wait in here.

We'll go on with this, later.

Good morning. Good afternoon.

How was your date last night?

You mean you forgot it? No, not that date.

I got to make a call. Use my phone.

Not this call. Thanks very much.

He thinks he's kidding me.

Tell him to have her drop in. Okay, Chief.

Now watch this.

He hardly even noticed it. He didn't even stop.

No, naturally not. A rat is not complicated.

Man is. That's our problem.

Now suppose instead of a pencil in front of a rat, we place this pointer there.

In front of a man.

Now the first time a man sees the pointer he will probably step over it.

But suppose he ..

Telephone for you, Dr Tuttle.

Oh .. I'm terribly sorry. Forgive me, will you.


"Hello Dr Tuttle?" Yes?

No, I don't want Dr Tuttle. I want the entrancing female I was with last night.

Warren, how are you?

I'm in class right now.

"Oh those lucky students. I'm hard hit, though."

I'll see you tonight.

Sooner, you witch. You threw me such a loop last night, I forgot the exam book.

Dorgan wants it.

You're with Dorgan?

"Yes I'm down here at his office."

"He wants you to bring it after you're through this evening."

"He says he's got something interesting lined up."

I can't .. I can't possibly.

Oh sure you can. We can go out from here.

Only don't you forget the book, too.

If you start being as barmy as I am, you know what people will say?

No, what will they say?

That it's spring.

I won't be able to get there before 5:30, Warren. Is that alright?

That's alright.

Do you know where it is, The Hall of Justice building?

Yes, I know.

Thank you and goodbye.

"I can't take that book down there."

"I can't."

[ Whistling ]

I'm sorry.

Now, where were we?

Oh yes. Man and the pointer.

But as I said, the first time the man will probably step over it.

But suppose he has to pass it again and again.

Man, unlike the rat.

Is finally trapped by his own curiosity.

Against his will, he becomes involved.

What is it? Who put it there? Why doesn't somebody pick it up?

He's torn. Diverted.

He shouldn't stop to bother about it, but he can't help it.

Heindrick calls this "becoming aware of the field".

A thought process that you would probably call "reasoning".

But remember, sometimes this process of reasoning.

May take a man out of his way.

Upset his plans.

It may even lead to his own destruction.

The justice that lives in high places.

Kind of pretty, isn't she.

You know doctor, you ought to sue the University.

Who makes up these yearbooks?

Did you ever see your picture here?

No. And if it's dreary, I don't want to.

And don't you dare show it to Mr Ford.

Oh, not to Mr Ford, eh?

What is this?

Look, if I clear up this murder, will you go home and give me a chance?

Yes, I guess I'll have to. Well, I don't want to hurry you.

But, you better start packing.

No, you're not that close. No?

Send in the witness.

The witness? Since when have you had that up your sleeve?

Since noon.

I like to show off a bit too, you know.

Thank you.

The witness to what?

The crime? I wish.

But, just as good.

A truck driver.

He picked up our killer the night of the murder.

You are not impressed?

Oh yes.

Yes, I'm very impressed.

Well, it was a long-shot, but it paid off.

First, I checked the transportation companies along the coast.

To see if they had picked up a woman anywhere near those bluffs.

Why a woman?

That, no-one can talk me out of.

Then the truck companies. They didn't know, naturally.

Truck drivers aren't supposed to pick up riders.

So to the drivers themselves.

A good witness? Perfect.

Cooperative. Got a good memory.

About a quarter past ten he said. Near the Malibu line.

I suppose you still think that Susan is the girl?

Yeah .. but if I'm wrong, you can look at this.

A cute rogues' gallery.

Nice little bobby-soxers.

Here is your man, Chief. Come in, Hunter.

Sorry to keep you hanging around.

It's okay, Lieutenant. Except I got to meet a girl for dinner.

Let's go, huh .. turn around, lady.

Wait a minute.

Are you kidding? That ain't her.

This is Dr Tuttle of California College. She's one of Perry's professors.

Yeah? Well, it still ain't her.

No-one said she is.

On the level, you're a professor?

Maybe I should have gone more to school, huh?

Look Hunter, you don't read enough detective stories.

You don't think we let the suspect know she's going to be identified, do you?

Color of hair, clothes. They can be changed too easily.

Sometimes we identify them with pictures.

Sometimes with moving pictures. Step over here.

Warren, will you draw those blinds for me, please.

Is this a gag?

Who's that?

You don't have to whisper. They can't hear you.

Well, Hunter?


No snap judgments, now. Take your time.

No, she was older. I figured she was a married dame playing around.

Gee, I don't know, Lieutenant.

If I could only hear her voice.

You can have sound too.

You're still jealous of him!

I don't know why anybody should talk badly about him.

Ah, that's a foreigner.

Your rider had no accent? No, not a trace.

Did she talk much?

Well, she was kind of beat up. She didn't feel much like talking.

Or just smart, so you wouldn't catch her voice.

Oh, I'd remember her voice alright.

I go for voices.

Are you sure you'd remember her voice?

Ah, sure, sure.

Did she give you an idea where she lived?

I didn't ask. I don't like busting in on people's business.

Now, if you've finished with me, I'd like to go.

Just as soon as you look through this.

Kodinsky. "Hi, Chief."

Give my boy a nice, quiet corner where he can look at a picture book.


If you want me, I'll be in the lab. Now look, Lieutenant. Forget my date.

I'm getting kind of hungry.

A young man has been murdered, about your age.

You think it couldn't happen to you?

Well start thinking about it.

Duty first, and then maybe you'll enjoy your dinner. Now run along.

Well .. what do you think?

Well, I think he was trying.

What does the psychologist think?

Quite clear and definite, I thought.

Well, Warren?

Suppose I tell you that I never did think Susan did it.

I had to try him out on her.

The old back step?

I've only been sure all the time that it's someone on the campus.

What kind of a guess is that?

University brains. Our killer is a student with A+.

Smart .. come down to the lab and I'll show you.

Why, I'd like to very much but we haven't time, have we, Warren?

It'll only take minutes. We've a table reserved.

I'll have to be telling you doctor, what I told Hunter.

Duty, you know.

Sharpen it up, Blakely.

That's better.

What's that? Water.

A drop of water from Bill Perry's lungs.

You look sort-of exclusive back there.

Odour from the chemicals bother me.


That bubble-bath of yours isn't exactly perfume, Blakely.

You'll get used to it. Well, quiz-kid?

Oh we've got to guess? Let me see it again.

Small dots in the saline matter. Some sand.

The straight, thin objects. What are they? - Splinters.

They are slightly important.

What do we have here?

A tub .. and a bucket.

Part of Bill's abalone equipment.

Run your hand around the inside.

What do you get?

Splinters. Splinters.

From this bucket.

Well, you've got 32 dollars.

Want to try for more?

You mean the splinters from the bucket are ..

Right .. they drowned him.

Bill was already dead.

Water was drawn into his lungs by reverse respiration.

Right, Dr Romley? No doubt.

I am amazed.

That is your privilege as a university professor.

That's all for the slides, Blakely.

Do you people always use this method?

Of deduction?

Oh, a doubting Tom.

It just seems to me that with the ocean full of splinters ..

Not these splinters.


Oh you checked them with ocean driftwood, naturally.

Or was it just that this bucket was so handy?

Caught with our experiments down.

Smart girl.

Remember, Warren. For your defense counsel sometime.

Is that your interest in the lady?

No, no. But I get that.

It won't make a difference, anyway. Just the same, better check.

Wait a minute, she got something, you know.

Why would the killer use the bucket when the ocean was there? - Exactly.

But Dr Tuttle, you assume he was killed at the bottom of the cliff.

I'm not assuming anything, Dr Romley. I'll leave that to your department.

Let's keep it friendly here.

At the inquest, didn't Dr Odolard say ..?

Dr Odolard could be wrong.

The wounds weren't from striking the rocks.

I have the death weapon in there.

He was killed at the top of the cliffs.

The bucket filled, then brought up.

The body fixed up to look like a diving accident.

Then pushed over.

What was the death weapon?

A steel half-spring.

We found it with the body. Attached to his diving belt.


Well, it's not hopeless.

Death weapons are nicer however, with blood and bits of flesh on them.

But for the stuff that is cooking here now, I'll grow Perry's hair on it.

If I have to.


You miserable ghouls.

It was a little raw, I'll admit.


Why, you only claim to investigate murders here.

What you really do is invent them like Genies out of a bottle.

Why or who killed him. That doesn't matter. Not to you.

A front-page crime that you can't solve.

So you take it out on someone, just someone. But quick.

That's all you care about.

I dislike this place, Warren.

Well, I guess that's that. Dr Tuttle.

Do you really think we fake evidence?

I'm not the first person who thought so, Lieutenant.

Unfortunately, no. And part of what you say is true.

We get mad. Over-anxious.

Too many murderers do get away.

But we don't cheat.

If we did we could solve some of those big, embarrassing black daddies.

Did you ever think of that?

Well, you probably will when you're desperate enough.

I have great respect for you, doctor.

I had hoped ..

That may be Hunter. I'll get it.

Do you prefer eyewitnesses? Maybe we have one for you.

Would that please you?


"Oh, please dear God. Let me out of here."

"Let me out of here."

"I mustn't faint. I mustn't. I mustn't."

They were things I've always wanted to say.

I didn't realize it until you said them.

But now wasn't the right time. I don't think the right man.

I had the impression you liked Dorgan.

I dislike him intensely.

He's cruel and callous and smug.

He's awfully bright if he's right about those splinters.

You'll be happy to know our witness flopped.

The University is out? Not a face in the entire book.

You mustn't still be mad at me. I'm a defeated man.

What to do with her when she's like this, Warren?

Flowers, candy? A mink coat?

No. What am I saying. Champagne with dinner and bill me.

I'll remember that.

I'm sorry. It wasn't you really. It was that old witchdoctor in there.

Romley does make bad jokes.

Well, perhaps I make bad speeches.


Yes, of course. Goodbye.

I'll check tomorrow. Have fun.

Don't do anything I would.

Hey, wait a minute!

The exam book.

Thanks. Goodnight. Goodnight.

Anything else? I'm going home. Yeah. You got any cigarettes?

Ah, been to the library, I see.

Yes. One of these books didn't come from a library. It was written by an amateur.

I found out a funny thing.

Our dead man had a yen for our professor.

Can hardly blame him.

I'm talking about Dr Tuttle. Sure. I thought you were.

Had she ever been out with him?

You know, now and again a man's got to remove his own blind spot.

But I sure hit one here.

After all the soap-boxes I've taken on how anyone can commit murder.

What's so hard about this?

She's so nice. So intelligent. So tense. So emotional.


This afternoon at the lab I was trying to remember.

I was confused.

It just wasn't kosher.

You of course, so anxious to have her like you.

You noticed that, huh?

She was desperate? Hmm. Back to the wall. Fighting.

I'm no expert on women, but .. Who is?

She was afraid I was going to show her the death weapon.

I was about to, too.

What you going to base it on?

My hunch.

Anything better?

A little circumstantial evidence wouldn't hurt.

I'll get that, too.

You're not against her because she picked on you? Called you a witchdoctor.

She should know.

She's clever with the magic herself.

She sure had you easy.

And Ford .. ha ..

She's got him wound right round her little finger.

Not deliberate. She's in love with him.

Are you so sure?

Things aren't always like they look on the surface.

She might go for you, given a chance.

Stop it. Yeah?

Say ..

No wonder your witness didn't recognize her.

When did she get rid of that style? Same time as the other?

I'm afraid so.

She had a different hairdo when I first met her.


Put your hand at the back of your head like your hair's in a knot, will you.

I think I'm going home.

You had better look after yourself.


Your friend, Mr Ford. Isn't going to like this.

Shut up.

I've got no friends. Goodnight.

"Pressured, these cyclothymiac types swing violently between two poles."

"If the shift is often enough, occurring with rapidly increasing tempo."

When she is feeling secure and her emotions are high.

A big smile.

Then some shock.

Her nerves are unstrung.

So, all I have to do is to raise her up.

And set her down again.

Up .. and down again.

Up and down!

Send someone in to clean the mess. I can't think.


I'm going out to enjoy myself.

Where can I reach you? Shut up.

Where has the music snatched you to?

I'm here.

No. I don't think so.

You're on some moonlit mountain. No. No, I'm not.

There's something different about you tonight. What is it?

I just don't want to fall in love with you.

Well, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

What's "wanting" got to do with it?

It's got a lot to do with it with me.

You mean it's inconvenient?

You mean Cupid has a timetable on it? Why no. No, of course not.

Well, I have my job here and you have your job in San Francisco ..

So let's consolidate .. be rich.

We've universities in San Francisco. We're not entirely ignorant out there.

Now the music has run away with you.

Are you married? No.

You've been married? No.

Someone else? No. No-one.

Well, where to now?

Would you like to dance some place?

No ..

A show, maybe. Something diverting.


I know the most diverting place in town. I'll take you there.

I hope you like this.

It's wonderful. You can't hear yourself think.

I thought you'd like it here.

You know Warren, this is my first fight.

It's exciting.

And sometimes a little brutal.

What happened? Oh, he blinked.

Well, this is some preliminary.

He's hurt.

Say, that's my boy. That's the Kid.


Kid San Fran.

Hi, Mr Ford.

I'm going to show these mugs down there. Good, keep it up. You're doing great.

Do you know him? Yeah, he's from up my way.

You know, I never noticed before, he looks a little like .. you know.

A great little fighter.


Scared by a little blood, doctor?

People getting hurt.

Attaboy, ace! Kill him.

Attaboy, ace.

Come on, Kid. You got fists. Use them.

Sorry, dear. It's only a fight.

Perry, you're hurting me!

I didn't mean to.


Is he alright?

Are you alright?

Why, yes.

Not for your first time.

Let's get out of here. It's bad air.

Hiya, Warren. Some fight.

Oh, hello Ted.

It looked for a minute like they'd want me in there.

We need some air.

You didn't like it, doctor? Yes.

It was a little frightening.

Then who's the softy? I am.

I guess I am.

You think I was going to faint? I thought somebody was.

Staying for the main bout? You?

Stick around. I'll buy a drink later. We've already had your drink.

Say, how about that?

Don't worry. The bill is coming in. Padded. Goodnight.

Come on.

Warren. Was it something I said?

But you're cross with me.

Was there something I did? I was just thinking.

Like those fighters tonight.

All of us end up sooner or later.


Inside or out.

Did you ever have a nightmare?

Without knowing.

Not remembering.

Until long after you had woken up.

Maybe it was mine.

Let's forget it.

Let's forget it. I'm sorry.

Warren, my head is bursting.

Would you mind taking me right home.

Well, here we are.

I bet you don't get service like this often.

Thank you. Now, where is .. ah, over here.

Now, fortify it a little bit.

Warren, I want to talk to you.

Well, I'm here.

Hit the spot?





Oh, it's funny.

A whole lecture room full of students.

That doesn't bother me, but .. Do I bother you?


No. No, not really.

Sometimes you make me think I do.

It's just that.

Well, I'm just so mixed up. Warren, please be patient with me.

It's like tonight at that fight. You see, I ..

Yes, the kid did look like Bill, didn't he.

Yes, he did.

To get so emotionally involved, I ought to know better.

Emotion in the right direction is good.

Yes, I know that too.

Then why don't you look at me?

Because I see myself in your eyes, Warren.

I don't like it.

A jittery schoolteacher.

Bad eyesight. No.

No. It's all a part of my mix-up.

Their own value on things.

What fears.

Fear of what people will think of me.

You know what I see?

I see a woman.

A warm, tender woman.

Whom I love.

Very much.

Oh, Warren.

A spinster's kiss.

I warned you.

No objections.

It didn't tell me much, though.

I'm sorry.

You sure there is no-one else? No, no. There is no-one else.

Old maids just don't adjust very easily. That's all.

If only you looked like one.

It wouldn't be so difficult.

You'd better drink this.

You've got to get to bed.

You want the lights out?

Yes, please.


No. I'll do it later.

I'll call you tomorrow.



Goodnight, Warren.

Goodnight, Mrs Conner. If we need further information, we'll let you know.

You won't say anything about this. No.

Goodnight, Mrs Conner. Goodnight.

[ Door knocks ]

Wilma .. Wilma.


What is it?

I've got to tell you now what I've been wanting to tell you all along.

No. Wait Warren. Wait, please.

I've had an afterthought too.

I was going to call you, Warren.

I want you to go back home to San Francisco.

My work has been piling up so and ..

Well, you're becoming more and more involved in it.

I'm not involved.

I've decided to forget it.

I'm leaving tomorrow, but you're going with me.

We're getting married.


Oh no. I can't.

I can't. Warren. Nobody said "can" or "will".

We're going.

But Warren, be reasonable. Not about this.

Nothing to hold you here but that two-penny job. What's that?

No. No it isn't my job.

What's the matter with these phones?

Hello. Get me the travel desk.

Warren, I haven't said yes. You did. You just didn't remember.

This is Mr Ford in room 203.

I want an early plane for San Francisco tomorrow.

Yes, well I'll pick up .. hello ..?


No, no. That's okay.

I'll be in there myself in a few minutes.

Yes, thank you.

Promise you'll be ready when I get here?

Yes, I will.

Only. No "onlys".

But what about Dorgan?

I'll take care of that too. First thing in the morning.

And sometime I'll try to ..

Goodnight, my darling.

Well, I want you to be the first to congratulate me.

You practically brought us together. That's very sweet of you.

You didn't give her much of a chance, sweeping her off of her feet like that.

When did they leave? 20 minutes ago.

"Now we must catch a plane."

You couldn't give me a lesson now.

I've got a girl I'm after too.

Sorry .. well ..

With or without your blessing.

Oh, say. If you get something new on the case, drop us a line will you?

Mr Ford? Yes.

From Lieutenant Dorgan's office. What is it?

A personally engraved invitation.



"What kind of a game is this? Dorgan!"

Well, lucky man. I ought to punch you. Good morning, darling.


How did you get here? Did he send .. Oh no, no. Of course not.

I phoned her earlier. She told me the good news.

He told me you would be here so I came right down. We'll make it.

Why did you phone her?

Jealous like a bridegroom, too.

Sit down, Warren.

We were having a nice chat until you barged in.

You know, when you're not around I make progress.

Don't I, Dr Tuttle?

Warren, he wants to talk about the case.

I am very happy this morning. Let's let him have his way, shall we?


Only I hope you will leave us alone at the altar, Dorgan.

Send in Romley. "Okay."

New evidence, I suppose?

No, no new. Just clear.

The main trouble has been the spot you put me in, Warren.

Until now, as a detective, you've been no help at all.


Now, just when I'm going to take your case to the jury I could use your help.

You need a defendant first, don't you?

Let's say we have one.

I am going to ask you to pretend several things this morning.

Alright .. the plane is at eleven.

WE haven't got all day, Romley.


Morning, morning.

And .. congratulations.

Well, thank you.

Even after yesterday?

In one test-tube and out the other.

When a bride so blooming .. Let's get to the exhibit, Romley.

Which first? The miniatures.

Oh where do you think you are? In a courtroom?

That's exactly where I'd like you to imagine yourself for a moment, Ford.

Dr Tuttle, would you mind serving as juror number one?

But we do mind.

What is this sudden passion of yours for games?

You see doctor, while not a Prosecutor, as Investigator behind the prosecution.

I'm responsible for facts and evidence in the case and how they are presented.

Yes, I understand that.

And judging from your attitude yesterday.

I don't think I could find a tougher juror.

So, if you would step down from the jury box and come over here.

We'll examine the scene of the crime.

I don't know if you went there, Warren. Yes, I've seen it.

This is the car, here.

A pretty spot. A nice view.

Over here .. is a path.

Leading down to the ocean.

These are the rocks against which the body struck.

Do you get the picture?


Now, if you'll pick up the death weapon. Wilma, you don't have to do this.

It's alright, Warren. I've never been a juror. It doesn't bother me.

But you said yesterday it was a steel half-spring.

This is a steel half-spring, isn't it?


Until last night, we couldn't figure the position Bill was in when the blows hit.

Standing up, wasn't it?

Well, let's see.

Here is a reproduction of Bill Perry's head.

In all of its gruesome detail. Look here, Dorgan.

Gruesome, to you? You've seen thousands.

No judge would allow this. Wouldn't he? You've got rusty, Warren.

It looks just like him.

Will you strike the head, please? Raise it up.



Go ahead. Strike.


Again .. harder .. again .. harder.

Go on .. once more .. again .. come on.

Wilma, stop!


Oh. I broke it. That's alright.

Don't take it so seriously, Wilma. Dorgan, you're a fiend.

Get her some water, Romley.

I'm sorry. Alright. Not your fault.

And did I prove anything?

The killer was sitting on the car floor with Bill Perry leaning over her.

Then it was self defense. That's what she proved.

Would you believe that?

When the killer so obviously tried to hide what she did.

Well, I don't know about that. How many people would?

Warren, you know jurors. How they think. She acted guilty. She is guilty.

Then you've got your case. What do you need us for?

It's quarter to ten.

Warren. Let's talk and clear this up and get to the alibis.

Alibis? You don't know the time of death.

Close enough.

Alright my friend, so long you're playing games.


Where were you that Friday night?

Dinner .. and a movie.

I don't know exactly. But you remember.

Now suppose you did.

Dinner at some restaurant where you'd never been before.

Someone remembers you. Probably, but just for the sake of argument.

They remember her. Go on.

You did go to a movie? Yes.

And there, a ticket-taker, usher?

Well, they saw you there. After that?

I went home.

Mrs Conner, my landlady. We spoke.

What time did you leave .. My witness if you don't mind.

And under cross examination.

What time did you leave the campus?

About 5:15.

And then to dinner?

It doesn't take long to eat alone.

Or were you with someone?

I was alone.

At the movies about 6:30? Uhuh.

Home about midnight?

Well, I walked in between.

So did you Dorgan, right into it. So she walked, a half hour, an hour?

You're going to say that because no-one saw her, that was the time of death?

And here therefore, is the murderer? The time of death is close enough.

Dr Romney, you're a court's witness. What time did Perry die?

Can't positively fix it.

Sometime between sunset and midnight. That's the best.


Okay, honey. We'll be leaving.

We'll send you a postcard from Niagara.

I'd like to ask one question. I'm sorry.

Just one. My word.

Unless you feel you have to run away?

Dr Tuttle.

It's no secret to you or to anyone of us here ..

But this is one murder I can't lick. I haven't got a chance.

Unless I get a confession. Great.

So Wilma and I killed him. We admit it.

Happy now? Come on, honey.

Push the buzzer, Dorgan.

I haven't asked my question yet.

You want to ask me if I killed Bill Perry?

But I have only one silly question, don't you think.

When was the last time you saw Bill?

In class. Friday morning.

One of your students overheard you making an appointment with him.

That's right, I did. For 5:30 in my office.

But he didn't come. That is, I didn't wait. I left a note for him.

I believe I showed it to you, Warren. Yes. Yes, she did.

In case my word doesn't count for anything I think I have it.

Yes, here it is.

It explains why I didn't want to see him.

I thought the Dean could handle it better than I.

Why did you bother to write it twice?


You're faking. Hands off, Warren. This is evidence.

Yes, I did write it twice.

Stupid of me I suppose, but I had a reason.

A very good reason.

Do you know what fear is, Lieutenant?

I was frightened.

I saw the way you went after Susan. You had no more reason to go after me.

Wilma, don't explain it. Why?

That note was proof that I hadn't seen him?

And then when I found it was gone, I ..

I asked the janitor about it. I didn't realize that you'd been snooping around.

But anyway, I thought someone had thrown it out.

I didn't know how exactly, but ..

Somehow, someone had.

It never occurred to you that Bill might have picked it up?

You knew that was impossible.

Because you had killed him, Dr Tuttle.


Oh my darling, I'm sorry.

I tried to warn you.

It's alright.

It's alright, Warren.

Bring in that warrant, Kodinsky. "Okay."

Nothing said here will count for two cents with a jury. You know that.

Save the speeches for court, Warren.

Nice work, Chief.

Shut up.

I'm sorry.

The judge wishes to see you, Mr Ford. Thank you.

Now, now. Don't be so sad.

In a few minutes, recess will be over. Then our big opening comes.

Take it easy. I'll be right back.

May I get some air? Sure.

Thank you.

I thought maybe you were running away from me just now.


I'm not frightened by you anymore, Lieutenant.

You don't have to be. My part in the case is finished.

A weak case, full of holes.

You know, you could lose your job saying that.

Don't you worry about that. I'll go on. Year after year. Dorgan the Cop.

The case gave me some bad moments.

Even an officer of the law is not immune to charm like yours, doctor.

You are no ordinary suspect.

Do you think you could ever stop thinking of me as a Policeman?

Oh, I have already.

You're Ted Dorgan.

You are a friend of the man I'm going to marry.

If I have the chance. You'll get the chance.

You've got a great guy pleading for you.

Are you marrying him because you're grateful to him ..

Or because of the way you feel about him?

I'm grateful to him of course, but that has nothing to do with it.

I've heard you say you love him.

I do.

You sure you're not lying to yourself?

You know, you've always thought your head was bigger than your emotions.

This whole trouble you're in. Does it prove anything to you?

Is there some chance for me?

Ready, doctor Tuttle.

The State has charged my client with first-degree murder.

A charge for which she is not guilty.

I would show you that in this uncertainty called "life".

And this certainty called "death".

There is a very thin veil between what we cause to happen.

And what happens to us.

Yes, there is a crime committed.

We do not deny that. But against whom?

Wilma Tuttle killed a man.

But out of pain and anguish and in of self defense.

Her only crime and one to which we do plead guilty.

Was that she concealed what she had done.

This was her mistake.

Not her intention.

And for one's mistakes, we must have only pity.

0ut of fear, she killed.

And out of fear, she concealed and evaded.

But if we are to hold Wilma Tuttle accountable in fear.

Then the world must be held accountable.

For these fears are not born in us.

They are manmade.

From infancy on: what they'll think, they'll say, they'll do!

The "they" are now "you", ladies and gentlemen.

Wilma Tuttle no longer lives in fear.

She has paid her debt to fear.

Due to countless pains of conscience and regret.

She faces you openly.

With the confidence of truth.

She made no voluntary action toward the death of William Perry.

She acted in self-defense only.

So try her.

Try her as you must.



For her only real crime.

The crime of fear.

For she knows.

As I know.

With the deepest conviction.

That now that you've heard her story.

You will bring in a heartfelt verdict.

Of .. not guilty.

Don't look so gloomy. We haven't lost it yet.

Oh, but we have.