The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend (2020) Script

[thunder rolling]


[power surges]



Useless! Do you hear me?

If we cannot get this pile of scrap metal online, then all our work has been for nothing!

I need time to adjust the algorithm before another attempt.

If we're not-- Why not just give it more juice?

The flux array is already being pushed beyond capacity.

An overload could fry the entire system!

I have seen this thing work!

What am I paying you for if you cannot get this hunk of metal to boot up?

[computer beeping]

Do it.

[powering up]

[crackling and buzzing]

[power surging]

What is going on?

It's too much power! We have to stop.

How did he do it?

How did Eggy get it to work?



Shut it down! Shut it down!

I said shut it down now! I'm trying to, sir.

The flux array seems to be caught in a feedback loop.

[power crackling]

[Director Raddock] Get down!

[energy powers down]

[exhales sharply]


[dry laugh]

I've had it with this thing.

Scrap it, throw it in the crushing pile, and you clean up this mess!

We're moving on to the X1!

And these workstations had better be operational in two days!

Sir, if I may interject-- Two days, Simon!


[computer indistinct] Heads up.

[Bethany laughs] Thanks! Boss battle coming up!

Bring it on!

[monster growls] - This isn't working!

How about an alley-oop? - I like the way you think.

[Noah chuckles] [beep]

[monster groans]

Yes! [laughs]

[Bethany] Nice work, everyone!

Another epic victory! Thank you to everyone who stopped by.

Just a quick reminder, I'm launching Flower Power Up, my very first retro 8-bit game, next week.

So keep an eye out. You don't wanna miss this.

And if you're new to the F.P. Nation, be sure to sign up for notifications

so you can join us next time.

Until then, peace, love and flower power!

What's up, Flower Power? - Hey!

Thanks for your help today. That alley-oop sealed the deal.

Works every time. Besides, you don't need my help.

You're going to break 10,000 subscribers by next month.

So, how's that Social Studies presentation coming along?

Oh... it's a work in progress.

You've been tinkering, haven't you?

It helps me to think. - Right.

Have you worked on it since the last time we talked?

[stammers] I got busy, but no.

- I'll finish it. Stop talking!

Get to work! Is that an order?

From a friend who cares about you.

[chuckles] - I'm not letting you fail on my watch.

Can you please just do your paragraphs

and then we can just rematch in versus mode?

You wish! - What?

Are you scared you can't defend your title?

Maybe I'll let you win this time, just to shake things up. Mm-hmm.

[knocking on door] [Peter] Noah?

I got us a pizza and we can stream a movie.

You wanna come down and watch it with me?

What movie is it?

It's a dinosaur movie. It looks pretty good.

My Dad wants me to watch a movie and eat a pizza with him.

So go eat.

Noah? I'll be right there.

Just on the phone with Bethany.

[Peter] Tell her I said hello.

I will. - Bye.

[kid on film] We gotta get you out of here.

[growls] - Shh! Not so loud.

They might hear you.

Mark! Hey, you're just in time!

It's just us guys tonight.

The pizza's still hot, the movie just started. Come on.

Thanks for the invite, Dad, but I think I'm gonna head to bed a little early tonight.

I start my first shift as night manager at Tally's tomorrow.

That's great! Congratulations!

Thanks. So... Later.

[phone ringing] Later, alligator.

Hey, Noah, I gotta take this. It's-it's work.

Mr. Zaurin. - Hi, Peter. I'm sorry to bother you.

It's gonna be all hands on deck until we got this thing figured out.

Um, is this something I could possibly take care of tomorrow?

I'm trying to spend some time with my son tonight.

Well, like I said, it's all hands on deck, Peter.

You know, it's times like these

that the company really sees who they can depend on.

Yes, sir. I-I understand.

I left a folder of data on your desk.

We need you to review it and tell us if you see anything that stands out.

Uh, yeah. I'm happy to help, sir.

- I knew we could count on you, Peter. Thank you.

What do you say we take this show on the road?

¶¶ I'm sorry, Noah. Work's busy on this new product.

It's all right. You tried.

But the boss pulled rank.

You heard that? Thought you were watching the movie.

I was watching the movie. And listening.

You were eavesdropping. Um, more like multitasking.



Hi, Larry. How are you tonight?

Hey, Mr. H. It's not every day we get to see you come in the main entrance.

I got called in, so I'm just gonna be in and out.

Looks like you're having some trouble there.


Just trying to get a grip on this game.

- Dragon Breath. Hmm, Dragon Breath 5.

[game] Game over.

Got me again.

Oh, you remember my son, Noah?

That's the little guy? Man, he is growing up!

What's up with the backpack?

Why did you bring that? I take my backpack everywhere. all my stuff is in it.

Go put it back in the car.

But what if somebody breaks into the car and steals it?

Then all my stuff is gone.

Noah, please, go put it back in the car.

We don't have time for this. You never have time and you work at Time Labs. Guys!

It's just a backpack.

Can I see what's inside of it?


You're all good.

You just have a good night, all right?

Thank you, Larry.

The key is to stick to the right side of the cave under the rock overhang.

Otherwise the fire will get you every time.

Hey, thanks, kid.

Hey! How'd you know that's where I was getting tripped up at?

Everyone suffers in that cave.

You're barely here and you're already helping people.

[card reader beeps] I'm sorry about this, Noah.

Do you wanna stop and get donuts on the way home?

Sure. Yeah.

[wheel squeaking]


Mind if I go to the bathroom?

It's down the hall and-- And take two rights, got it.


It's always a pleasure.

[Zach] You got your card key?

[man] What about your card key?

Oh, I left mine in my locker, 'cause I thought you'd have yours.



[exhales sharply]

[door squeaks]


Anybody here?



[keys clacking]

[exhales deeply]

[phone ringing]

Peter Haley. [Zaurin] Peter, thanks again

for coming in on such short notice.

I knew if anybody could figure this data out, it'd be you.

No problem, Mr. Zaurin. Um, honestly, it's been a while since I've been in the building after 6:00 p.m.

Quiet, isn't it?

It is that. [Zaurin chuckles]

So let's go over these specs, try to figure this thing out.

Sure thing.

Ready when you are.




One man's trash... [chuckles]

[backpack unzips]

[door opens] [Zach] See that? It wasn't so bad.

I was worried, I'm not gonna lie.

[clattering echoes]

Did you hear that? Loud and clear.


If anybody's in here, you better come out right now!

That's right. If there's anybody playing around in here, we're not the guys to be messing with.


[Zach] I'm hungry.

Let's go get some waffles. My treat.

Sounds great. [footsteps echo]

[relieved sigh]

You really ought to buy.

I got you off the hook with my brother-in-law.

Yeah, your brother-in-law didn't pay me enough to buy you waffles.

¶¶ You're heavier than you look.

I can't believe they were gonna throw you away.

Once this compiles, the server should come back online immediately.

[Zaurin] I knew we could count on you, Peter.

I owe you lunch next week.

Great. I was glad to help and I will look forward to that lunch.

Thank you, sir. - Goodbye.


We're still on for doughnuts, right?


I'm sorry about the detour.

You wanna finish watching our movie together?

Um, it's getting a little late.

I should probably get started on some homework.


Raincheck? Yeah.

[microwave beeps and starts]





So you got yourself a really expensive-looking toy robot?

Aren't you a little old for that?

Cute. - I know.

Look, Bethany, whatever it is, it's not a toy.

Why do you say that?

'Cause it's heavy!

Maybe you just need to work out more.

The app on my phone says I move at least two miles a day.

Where'd you get it?

Uh, somebody was going to throw it out.

Somebody was throwing that out?

- Crazy, right? Yeah.

So, like, you just dragged this thing back to your house?

No, I-- I put it in my backpack.

Oh, man! - What does it do?


Does it do anything? - I don't know.

That's what I'm trying to find out.

I can't even figure out how to turn it on.

Maybe that's why it was rejected.

I mean, nobody wants a toy that doesn't work.

I'm telling you, it's-- it's not a toy and it's not a reject.

[sighs] Not anymore.


How about I come over tomorrow and take a look at it with you?

If you want to. I could really use your expertise.

Yeah. Yeah, of course I want to.

Just promise me one thing.


Don't tell anyone else about this, okay?


I just think it would be better if it was a secret.

What aren't you telling me?

I just think if only you and I--

You stole it, didn't you?

[nervous laugh] "Stole"?

That's a strong word.

I'm telling you, they were going to throw it away.


Where'd you get it, Noah?

Uh, it was in the crush pile.


In a vault.


At Time Labs.

What?! - Shh!

Keep your voice down! You stole a robot from Time Labs?

I'm telling you , they were going to throw it away.

I didn't know you had it in you!

What are you doing?

[sighs] I can't find my socket wrench.

Mark probably took it to fix his stupid skateboard.


[Peter] Hey, Noah?

It's getting late, buddy. Time to go to bed.

Okay, Dad.

Do you still wanna come over tomorrow?

Are you kidding me? I have to see this thing in person!

But don't turn it on without me.

I'll see you then.

Okay, good night.



Just put it back when you're done.

Is that too much to ask?

[boy] Hey, come on! Let's go.

We gotta get out of here. Come on! [boy 2] Let's go!

Come on, let's go! Yeah!

[thunder rolling]


[thudding footsteps]


[screams, grunts]

[gasps] It-- it's alive.

It's alive!

It's okay.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Hey, my name's Noah.

Noah Haley.

Do you have a name?

I am Artificial Robotic Intelligence unit 9.

My Dad calls me "ARI 9."

Uh, your dad?

My creator--


Odd. My memory circuits seem to be scrambled.

Running diagnostics.

[gasps] Whoa!

It looks like I was recently exposed to a specific electromagnetic energy signature that matches my reboot protocols.

That explains it! Nothing else would have woken me up.

Th-- this is amazing.

This is amazing.

Esto es increíble.

[repeats in several foreign languages]

X marks the spot.

This is going to take a while.

I'll just let that run in the background.

Let's check the other systems.

Uh-oh, that isn't good.

I must have been asleep for at least five years.

Five years?! How could you be asleep for--

[gasps] We have to be quiet.

Everyone else is-- [knocking]

What's going on in there? Are you okay?

Uh, [stammers] Everything's fine, Dad.

Um, just getting ready for an early morning workout routine.

All right.

You know, early bird gets the worm and all that.

Just keep it down this early in the morning. Okay?

Will do.

I don't understand. Shh!

Oh, right.

[sotto] I don't understand.

That was my dad. He wants us to be quiet.

No, I understand that.

What is a workout routine?

[chuckles] Come here and I'll show you.

[hi-energy music playing]

Let's go!

[thudding on ceiling]

[music continues]

[chuckles] That was awesome.

What a great way to wake up.

So you've been asleep for five years?

That's the last thing I remember.

My dad put me into deep sleep.

I can't remember why. He said it was dangerous.

He wanted to keep me safe.

He was supposed to wake me up, but I'm here.

So something else must have triggered my reboot protocol.

And you said you're ARI 9.

Does that mean there were... eight more of you?

The others must not have survived.

Once I have repaired my memory, I should have more answers.

How long will that take?

The damage is fairly severe. It may take days.

How much battery power do you have left?

It depends on how much power I use.

My thorium plasma battery cells have been severely depleted, but if I keep my activity low, I should have a week and a half before I'm completely out of power.

Once my memory is repaired, I'll know where to find my Dad.

He'll know how to recharge my batteries.

We'll find him.

But in the meantime, I have to get ready for school.

I always wanted to go to school.

Can I go with you?

Love the enthusiasm, but it might not be the best idea.



[Rita] ...go every single day.

I will believe it once I see it.


Come here. Hey!

Missed you, honey. How was work?

It was really, really good. Yeah. Good.

Oh, h-- how was your night? I never-- well--

Uh, pretty quiet. I slept all night.

Oh. N-not only that, he woke up early to get a workout in this morning.

[ARI] Early worms are for the birds.

Shh! Sure is a great day...

[ARI giggling] ...for learning.

I'll meet you in the car, Dad.

This early?

Oh, that was energetic.

I guess he must've had a blast last night.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Sr. Executive] Why would you scrap a perfectly good robot?

All the time and money? For what?

The A.R.I. 9 was proving to be quite the liability, sir.

We could never successfully wake it from sleep mode.

But it's not an entire loss, sir. We're working with the X1.

The only thing that we need to build from scratch

- is the internal processor. The brain, if you will.

Do you hear yourselves?

A brainless robot is just about as useful to me as a washing machine.

Why don't you pull the code you need from the brain of the non-functional A.R.I. 9, stick it in the brain for the X1?

That just might work.

Yeah, of course it will work.

There's a reason they pay me the big bucks.

[chuckles] So the, uh, project X1 is a go then, sir?

You have one week to deliver real results.

Otherwise, the board's gonna pull your funding out in the end.

[Braddock] No, sir, we won't let you down.

It's a new design, one that is superior to the A.R.I. 9 in every way.

Uh, I'm, uh, afraid that it--

It-- it appea-- appears we have a--

Spit it out, Simon.

The A.R.I. 9 is gone.

What do you mean, "gone"? - After the last attempt, the A.R.I. 9 was placed on a cart

and stored right here in the vault for dismantling.

And? The cart the A.R.I. 9 was on is empty.

Well, he didn't just get up and walk out.

Or did we do it?

Did it work? - It's highly unlikely.

The A.R.I. 9 was unresponsive when we disconnected it from the flux array.

Without some kind of external catalyst, I don't see how it's possible--

Why can't we just check the security footage and see what happened?

There's been a minor setback in the security department, sir.

The power surge from the last attempt to wake the A.R.I. 9 resulted in a shock wave that terminated any electronic devices operating within--

Yes, all the video cameras went offline and did not record for several hours after the last attempt.

All of them? Well, our wing, sir, and uh, the-- the entire facility, and three other buildings on the block.

The news has reported that it was an EMP and now we have a bunch of conspiracy bloggers on the Internet that think we are hiding aliens.



If the A.R.I. 9 is causing this much chaos in sleep mode, perhaps we should take a hint and move on to something else.

I've often thought the same thing myself--

Sir, I know how frustrating this is for you.

A.R.I. 9 is very special, sir.

And if it is out there fully operational in the real world, well, this could be a PR nightmare, sir.

The A.R.I. 9 is the only thing we have to show for all the millions they've poured into this program.

And a really healthy quarter would help us save face.

All right, listen.

You have two days to find that thing, get it back here.

If it's functional, great. If not, pluck out the brain and stick it in the X1.

Oh, sir, that is a very smart strategy.

Would you like me to assemble a team and track this robot down?

Local police?

Former soldiers.

They would be more discreet.


No, they prefer to be called "security contractors," sir.


You turned it on without me!

I woke up this morning and he was just walking around my room.

At first, he was scared, and to be honest, so was I.

You keep saying "he." He's alive, Bethany.


ARI, this is Bethany. She's my friend.

Well, some would even say best friend.

It's nice to meet you, ARI.

It's very nice to meet you, Bethany.

ARI just said my name. That is so cool!

What did your dad say?

Um, he doesn't know about it yet.

I'm a secret!

You're trying to keep him a secret, but you brought him here?

I've always wanted to go to school.

He really wanted to come with me.

I mean, what was I supposed to say?

Oh, good luck keeping this under wraps.

Noah, why am I a secret?

Yeah, Noah. Why is ARI a secret?

Um, because...

I sort of stole you.

What? Noah, I thought we were friends.

We are.

I took you out of a bad place.

They were going to crush you and dismantle you.

So... you saved me.

Yeah, um, guess I did. [chuckles]

Thank you, Noah.

Hey, you would do the same for me.

You bet I would.

But I don't understand.

Why would my Dad send me to be crushed and dismantled?

Did you say "Dad"?

How can, like--

Who's-- who's your dad? Not sure yet.

It's a long story.

His memory is coming back to him a little bit at a time.

And we have to find it before next week or my batteries are--



We have to be quiet.


[bell rings]

[ARI beeping]

Shh! Don't make so much noise!

[Mr. Stanny] Good morning.

I hope everyone had a good night's sleep.

I want to remind you that your creative projects are due on Friday.

[mechanical noise] Shh.

[students chattering] Oh, hold on.

However, today we're gonna resume our old essays.

Does anyone recall where we left off?

[message sent tone plays]


Um... Noah.

Do you mind coming up and sharing your essay with the class, please?

[imitates fart] [students laugh]

Zack, we don't need any of that today.

It was Noah, Mr. Stanny.

Do both of you wanna go to the office?

[sighs] Go ahead, Noah.


"Friendship by Noah Haley.

Sometimes in life there are these cosmic intersections of fates, people in time that channel pathways to friendships that will change your life.

As people,

as beings with intelligence, we understand that friendship can be something that makes us laugh, something that makes you cry, makes you wonder out loud.

And if you're lucky, it can lead to a long and lasting friendship that goes on for decades.

Perhaps even forever.

Having a friend is a gift... like a flower.

You-- you have to give it attention, good nutrients.

And let your friend know how much you love them.

With nearly 8 billion people on the planet, your friend chose to share their time with you.

Friendship is a gift.

It's not something to squander or waste.

Friendship is... something to protect, to hold close, and, uh, appreciate."

[indistinct chatter]

Pass interference!

Noah! Hey.

Wherever that came from in there, you're on the right track, kid.


No problem. Keep it up, man.

Hey. How did I do?

It was really touching.

It actually felt like you put some effort in the writing.

It was from the heart.

Now put that in your Social Studies project, okay?


From downtown! Nothing but net, Noah!


Coast is clear.

Where are we?

Just taking a little break. I'm tired.


Yeah, like I'm recharging my batteries.

How do you recharge?

Like this. That's it?

Well, eventually, I have to eat food and drink water, stuff like that.

I can't do those things. Good thing, 'cause if you're already heavy, I don't think I could carry you around.

Hey, what are you trying to say?

Nothing, it's just... you're solid.

It's muscle mass. Or I-I guess metal mass.

All it means is, I really do need to work out more.

[playing aerobics routine music]

Where's that stupid music coming from?

Oh, no! It's those mean kids from class.

You can turn invisible? Apparently.

[chuckles] Oh, wow, this is so cool!

Look, it's Dorkus McBrainy playing all by himself.

Look, guys, can we do this tomorrow?

I gotta get home.

Nice try, snot rag, but we got plans for you.

That's sweet, but really you sh-shouldn't have.

[laughing] He's a real comedian, isn't he?

A real smart mouth. [grunts]

I don't like smart mouths, especially--

Hey, I'm talking to you!

Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?

We're just trying to have a friendly conversation.

And after you gave such a great speech on friendship--

I found it very moving.

What did I tell you?


How are you doing that? [Zack] Is he so smart that he has brain powers?

[grunts, groans]

You guys should probably go.

[Zack] I hate vegetables!


[chuckles] That's incredible.

Glad I could help. Are you all right?

I am now. Let's get out of here.

[computer beeping]

Sir? Uh, Director Raddock?

You may wanna see this.

This data set is coming in from a currently active A.R.I. 9.

It says here that it's recompiling its memory and running various system repairs.

One of those repairs must have activated the mainframe uplink.

So this is coming in from the A.R.I. 9 now?

Yes, sir. Well, can you talk to it?

Can you tell it to come back?

Unfortunately not, sir. The A.R.I. 9 was designed as a completely independent processor.

It's supposed to think for itself.

What about this?

That would simply reboot it into combat mode.

It's an altered emergency state of consciousness that interprets everything as an incoming threat.

It would still be autonomous, just much more aggressive.

Wait, so, uh-- how can we use this to our advantage?

I suppose I could reverse engineer a backdoor protocol and siphon data to pinpoint its location.

Yes, yes, so you-- you can track it?

It may take some time, but yes, I-I think I can.

[chuckling] Dr. Simon, you gifted little weasel, you!

That's exactly what we needed!

[laughs] Titan, assemble your team.

We have a job to do.

[phone keys clacking]

Which one is your Social Studies project?

Uh, they are all more like science projects.

When it comes to Social Studies, I just get overwhelmed.


Overloaded circuitry is a common problem.

You should combine tasks, play to your strengths.

Make a scientific Social Studies project.

That's a really good idea.

What can I say? I'm pretty much a geniu--

Hi, my name is ARI. Who are you?

I get it, the silent type.

You're shy, I respect that.

You didn't tell me you had this beautiful woman living here.

Look, I'm new in town and I don't really know anybody.

Any chance we can go parts-shopping sometime?

Hey, buddy, we need to have a talk. Now?

I'll be right back. My associate needs to have a quick word with me.

I didn't mean to break things up back there.

'Cause you're my friend. Yes.

Because I'm your friend, I'm going to tell you something.

I know you wanna find your special someone and--

Right, like you have Bethany.

What? No, uh, Bethany and I are just friends.

Only friends. Nothing else.

But she is special?

Yes, she is special.

But we're friends, only friends, and that's okay.

Look, you're talking to a--

You're afraid I'm gonna get hurt. I appreciate that.

No, that's not what I was gonna say.

Look, buddy, you're talking to a vacuum cleaner.

Don't be like that, Noah!

I don't care what her job is.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone and wish you joy and happiness.

Sorry, my friend there had to tell me something about something.

So tell me a little bit about yourself.

Is this the emergency?

Really? You too?

It's an appliance, it's not alive like... like you are.

[Noah] We'll talk about this later, ARI.

Right now, we need to figure out how to get your batteries recharged.

Today ARI activated his advanced cloaking protocol technology.

Cloaking, like invisibility?

I wanna see!

No, he can't do it right now.

It took up too much battery power.

Well, what happened? Why'd he cloak?

We showed a couple of bullies what's what, see?

But it ended up draining a lot of battery power, so I only have four days left.

We need to find ARI's dad much faster than we thought and we could really use your help.

All right, sh-- show me what you got.

Whoa! This is next level.


That's it, my boy.

You are learning so fast.


That's my Dad, Professor Eggy.

Hey, I remember my Dad's name.

That's great.

You're not gonna believe this.

Today is my birthday!

[chuckles] Happy birthday! And many happy returns.

Do you guys hear that?

[car approaching]

[engine rumbling]

¶¶ This should be the location.

In position, follow my lead.

Oh, you can run, but you can't hide.


Guys, we have to get out of here now.


Come on, ARI, we have to go!

I can't, I'm scared.

Hey, ARI, I made it down and I'm fine.

I can't do it.

Just do what I did. Look, I'm right here.


I'm climbing down.



Oh! [laughing]

You can fly, too? I guess so.

Get ready to move in on my mark.

[scoffs] Do you hear that?


[Bethany] Whoa! [tires squeal]

Oh, my God! Look out!

What do we do now?

Um, I may have an idea.

Are they rolling their windows down?

Brace yourselves.



We're gonna crash, we're gonna crash!

[Bethany screaming]

Look out! Oh, no!





You didn't tell me they were kids.

That's news to me as well.

Do we have a problem?

I hate kids.


[ARI] Nice flying, Noah. Whoa!

I spoke too soon!

[all screaming]

Pull up! Pull up! I'm trying!

Oh, my God, we're gonna die.


I'm telling you, man.

They're hiding something.


See? I told you, man! Aliens!


[breathing hard]

[exhales sharply]

I think that went rather well.

[Dr. Simon] Sir.

I still have a lock on their location.

Ah. I mean they may be airborne now, but they'll have to touch down at some point.

[Titan] You hear that, boys?

We're moving out. [Braddock laughs]

[phone vibrating]

[phone chimes]

Who were those guys? And how'd they find us?

I think they're tracking me through my mainframe uplink.

So you're live updating to a mainframe with a unique ID?

Something like that.

I have an idea.

Any chance you got a USB port?

Right here on the left.

Um, what's the plan?

Hey, FP nation!

Coming to you live from the sky.

And have I got a surprise for you!

I'm dropping my game early and I need all of you to play.

So log in and give it a spin. This is really important.

So thanks in advance for all of your help.

Until then, peace, love, and flower power!

Your game?

Yeah, Flower Power Up.

It's a 8-bit racing game.

But if I can modify the game map to match the city, and if I can spoof ARI's uplink signal for every player--

Then they won't be able to tell which one is us!

Very clever! Nice work, Bethany!

I do what I can.


Turn left here.

[beeping rapidly]

And a right.


Wait, no, left.

[tires screeching]

Uh, um, a right.

[tires screeching]

[beeping rapidly]

No, sorry, it's another left.

[beeping continues]

Well, which is it?

I don't know, sir.

[grunts] [beeping continues]

Huh, what? What is this?

I-I-I-- I don't know, sir.


That should keep 'em busy for a while.

Maybe we should touch down over here.


Don't get me wrong, that was incredible.

But boy, am I glad it's over!

You're telling me! I feel so--

What's that word? Tired.

I feel really tired.

How much did that take out of you?

Let's see.

Looks like I'm down to two days of battery life.

Two days to live.

What's the last thing you remember?

Hmm. [beeping]

Why so many bird videos?

My Dad used to take me here sometimes.

He's an incredible builder.

Your dad built those?

Yup, he wanted to help create a gathering place where people could feel safe.

A park for everyone.

I'm so sorry, my boy.

I had no idea what they'd planned for you.

I built your beautiful mind and your kind heart.

But, ARI, you have exceeded my every expectation.

Now I find Director Raddock has been keeping secrets from me.

He and his robotics team want to turn you into a combat assistant

or worse, an insurgent soldier, a killing machine.

We can't let that happen.

- Do you understand? [ARI] I think so.

When I refuse to help them, they'll fire me.

You may never see me again.

And I won't be able to protect you anymore.

[ARI] I don't want that to happen.

I know, my boy, I know.

Neither do I...

but I'm gonna need you to be brave.

All right?

You will have to enter a deep sleep, so deep they won't be able to wake you.

Now ARI, if I can make this right, I will come for you.

But if I can't...

[ARI] We can't let them turn me into something I'm not.

[laughs] That's right.

You're such a smart boy.

Huh. That's why you were in sleep mode.

He didn't come for me.

Well, we don't know why, but there's still one video left.

[Raddock] You can't keep it from me, Eggy. Now step aside.

Just take a moment to consider what you're doing.

Please, this isn't who you are, this isn't who he is.

You're too attached, Eggy. It's a machine.

And stop talking like it's your child.

This is happening with or without you.

Now, ARI, now! You have to sleep.

[crackling] [static]

Look, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Are you telling me they outsmarted us with an online game?

I'm sorry, there's just no way to tell the false signals from the real A.R.I. 9 unit, sir.

Well, would the signal look the same if it were in combat mode?


That blast was a concentrated source of electromagnetic particles.

It must be what scrambled my memory.

It must've scrambled his memory, too.

Those videos at the park with those metal birds?

They're all from the same day in different years.

Then that's not just any day.

That's my birthday. That's today!

[powering up]



Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down.

[deeper, mechanical voice] Target in range.

Hey there-- there's no need for violence here, pal.

Hey, over here!



[wheezy laughter] Bingo!

[laughing continues]

Go ahead.

What happened? This isn't him.

They must've done this, hacked him with some sort of remote override.

What do we do?

I don't know. I'm scared.

So is he.

ARI 9, stand down.

Listen, I don't know how much energy that plasma gun takes, but you don't have a lot of battery power to spare, so maybe take it easy?

I know this is confusing.

[mechanical voice] Do not approach.

But you're in there somewhere.

This is your final warning.

You don't want to fight me.

[grunts, groans]

ARI, we're-- we're friends.

[grunts] We care about each other.

I know you're scared, I am too.

But... this isn't you. [grunts]

You have to fight it. [groans]

I-- I love you!

[powering down]

I love you, too.

[normal voice] Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened.

It's okay. It's all right.

You overcame your programming for us.

Yeah. You showed those bullies what's what.

Speaking of.

Anybody got a plan?

Stay close.

[powering up]

Whoa! Keep your voices down!

They can't see us, but they can still hear us.

I don't get it!

It was just here, as a little red dot.

And now it just vanishes?

[stammers] Perhaps it flew away again.

This thing is useless!

Let's go, they're clearly not here. Now!


That was a close one.

[groans] [Noah] ARI?

[groaning continues] The cloaking!

How much battery did it take?

I only have a few hours left.

We have to get to Professor Eggy.

[Bethany] But how? It's his birthday, right?

Yeah. It might be a long shot, but I have an idea.

[Raddock] Is that them?

What are you waiting for? After them!

What are you doing?

With all due respect, sir, you hired me to do a very, very specific job.

And I think it's time you let me do that job.

Not impulsively, and not with all your fancy gadgets.

But my way.

And I promise you before the day's out, you will have your robot back.

So, uh, what do we do?

We wait.

[distant children playing]

This place is bigger than I thought.

[Bethany] Where do we go from here?

[ARI] Just past the pirate ship.

There's a bench where we used to sit.

Right there.

[ARI] Oh, I remember.

Almost there, just a little further.

Over there, to the right.


I don't see him anywhere.

What do we do?

[Prof. Eggy] Is this seat taken?

Uh, no, go ahead.

Uh, excuse me, are you Professor Eggy?

Uh, Professor Ezekiel Eggy?

Professor. [chuckles]

Haven't been called that in quite some time.

I-- I have to talk to you about something.

Hmm. It's kind of an emergency.

A-about ARI.

ARI. You knew my boy, ARI?

Oh. He's gone now.

I used to come here with him on his birthday.

We came together, now I come alone.

He loved the sunset.

He's not gone, sir. He-- he--

ARI's right here with me.

And we need your help.

It's getting late, I-- I-- I know how to fix it now.

But it's too late. They took him from me.

Professor Eggy, I'm trying to tell you.

ARI is right here.

Wait, fix what?

Can you tell us how to charge his batteries?

He's long gone now. It's too late.

Professor Eggy, ARI is here. It--

How can it be? It's okay, Dad.

Those charged particles really did a number on my brain, too.

Ah! Oh.

ARI. My boy! [laughing]

Oh, what's wrong? Your thorium plasma cells?

They are almost depleted.

How long has it been?

Um, five years.

Who are you?

These are my friends, Dad. Meet Noah and Bethany.

They helped me find you.

Thank you. Thank you for bringing my ARI back to me.

You said something about knowing how to fix ARI before?

Oh, that's right!

We can supercharge your batteries.

I figured it out. You may never need another recharge again.

How do we do it?

I don't have access to the equipment I need, but, uh, theoretically--

Here. Ooh, thank you.

Um, if I can focus the right spectrum of electromagnetic energy, this process would supercharge ARI's batteries into a state of constant energy.


That-that's great!

Where could we do this?

Well, like I said, I don't have access to the equipment I need, but with the right amount of time and resources...

I have less than an hour left.

There has to be a way.

Electromagnetic energy? Yes.

Would a microwave work?

Well, yes, I suppose, if-- if we had two microwaves with enough power and we were able to focus the energy into his thorium plasma cells, that would work!

You can drive, right?


Take a right, take a right.

Here! A little advance notice wouldn't hurt.

Look out! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

[tires squealing]


Take a left. [Bethany screaming]


Right here, right here, right here.

[van screeching]

Mark! Hi.

Welcome to Tally's Good Food Café.

How can I help you guys today?

I need to find my brother, Mark.

Why do you think your brother's here?

He's your new night manager, Mark Haley.

Oh, okay.

Hold on, one-- one second.

How are you holding up?

Hanging in there.

How's he doing? We don't have much time.

What's the deal, Noah? This is my first day as night manager.

Are you trying to get me fired? I need your help!

I can help you later, go home.

He can't wait! What is so important that you come in here screaming my name like...


He's going to die, Mark. If you don't help us, he'll die!

I'm sure this is very important to you, okay?

But I'm at work right now, I don't have time.

We'll - we'll talk about it when I get home, okay?

If you don't help us, I'll tell Dad that you sneak out past curfew.


Thank you so much for dining with Tally's Good Food Café.

Thank you very much, all right.

Thank you. You have a great night.

Have a good one. Thank you.


[door bell chimes]

[Todd] All the customers are gone, but the target is still in the building.

I repeat, target is still in the building.

[operative] Copy that. Holding position. [laughing]

What are you two still doing here?

We heard their story.

We wanted to see if there's anything we can do to help.

Forgive me, but what is your prescription?

Mine is 2.5.

[Eggy] Close enough.

May I?

Young man, I'm gonna need all your pots, pans, and strainers.


[Todd] Perimeter check complete. We have all exits covered.

All units converge on location. Stand by.

[engine revs] [tires screeching]

That should do it.

It's time.

Well, I guess this is it.

You'll be just fine.

Better, in fact. I know you will.

If I-- if I don't make it-- Don't talk like that.

Noah... You've done so much for me.

We're all here for you.

Look how many people came together... and helped you.

Thank you, Noah.

Thank you for being my...

[voice breaking] ARI?

[powering down] ARI...

Stay with me. [sobbing]

It's now or never, Noah. Come on.


¶¶ Power level to maximum.

[switches clicking]

Power level to max.

[flipping switch]

Stand back, everybody.

Whatever you do, don't interfere.

On my mark.

Three, two, one.

[flips switch] [power crackles]



Oh, I'm definitely losing my job.

What's happening? I can't see anything.


[tires screeching]

Excuse me, gentlemen, we are currently closed, so if you could kindly just--



[grunts] You can't take him!


That's where you're wrong, kid.

And stay out of our way.

Who were those guys?

They must've gone back to Time Labs.

Where else would they have gone?

Well, how are we gonna get there in time?

And how are we gonna get inside?

[door bell chimes] Mark!

I've been trying to call you, I can't find Noah anywhere.

Have you s--

[sighs] I couldn't find you.

It looked like somebody had broken into the house.

I tried to call you. Are you all right?

They're going to hurt him, Dad, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Hurt who? And what's going on?

What happened here? Hello, sir.

Professor... Eggy? Yes.

Professor Ezekiel Eggy? I-I've read all of your publications--

You're a legend. What are you doing here?

Your brave son saved a very special robot of mine from certain destruction.

And now some ill-natured miscreants are likely going to dismantle him unless we can gain access to Time Labs.

You mean with something like this?


Another late night, Mr. H? You know. [chuckles]

Nose to the grindstone around here.

How are you, Larry?

[chuckles] Another day in paradise.

[light laugh] Ahem.

Friends and family night?

Uh, this is... John. Johnson.

He's a technical advisor that I've hired to help us with some coding problems that we've seen and these two are doing research for a science project.

Hey! I did what you told me.

Stick to the right? I'm crushing it now!

Um, nice work! You'll level up in no time.

[chuckles] Well, hey, you guys are good to go.

Thank you.

[car reader beeps]

But sir, if the A.R.I. 9 is fully functional, doesn't that solve our problem?

Can't we just present it to the board as a successful prototype?

I've had it with this insufferable thing.

I need a robot that is going to do what I say.

We're gonna transfer its combat protocols to the X1 and maybe some other basics.

And do not give it free will, for crying out loud!

Crush whatever is left.

We're scrapping the A.R.I. 9.

Yes, sir.

And you're sure it can't move?

Not while the motion inhibitor is activated.



[footsteps approaching]

Well, you got your robot back.

So I'm gonna consider this contract terminated.

Hmm, yes. Fair is fair.

We were never here.

Hmm. [chuckles]

We should be able to shut this down from here.

Kids, hang tight.

[computer beeping]

Are we ready? Ready, sir.

Begin transfer of combat protocols.

[computer beeping]

[Eggy exhales sharply]

We have-- we've gotta work faster. Try this.

Transfer of combat protocols complete, sir.

What other systems does it need?

Uh, it needs a... a basic general intelligence.

If we activated the X1 in its current state, it would go berserk.

Come on, we need to get out of here.

I can't move.

Hey! [ARI] Oh.

What are you doing?!




[ARI] Oh, oh!

Uh, guys?

[keyboard clacking]

[thudding footsteps]

The kids.

[both gasp]


[grunts, groans]

Dad, watch out!


[ARI] No!



You saved me! - Hey, you'd do the same for me.

Sure would. Now let's show this bully what's what.

We make a pretty great team.

[ARI] Targeting.

Adjusting targeting system.

[plasma gun firing]

We can't hit 'im!


We're not getting through.

He's too fast.

ARI, can you connect us to Bethany's tablet?

Sure can.

[tablet ringing]

Hey Flower Power.


Having a little bit of trouble up here.

[Bethany] Well, that's an understatement.

I think we're gonna need an alley-oop.

Coming right up. [firing continues]


Nice work! [chuckling]

[ARI] That's how it's done, ladies and gentlemen.


ARI, what was that?

The structure has sustained significant damage.

The building won't hold for much longer.

Everybody out! It's coming down!



[ARI beeping rapidly]

[Prof. Eggy] Attaboy, Noah!

Is everybody out? - Affirmative.

[Noah] Let's blow this popsicle stand.

Whoo! [laughs]

[ARI] And that was officially the weirdest week of my life...

so far.

Noah's parents had a long talk with him about safety

and the ethics of stealing an unconscious robot.

But saving all of our lives

did a lot in the way of keeping him from being grounded.

What's up, FP nation? - Bethany's subscriber count crossed 10,000.

I like to think I had a little something to do with that.

Ten thousand subscribers!

Noah's Social Studies project

was a lot more animated than originally planned.

[aerobics music playing] [kids whooping]

And my Dad is back to work and doing great.

[computer chimes]

You've ruined me, Eggy.

And my research, my reputation, it's all gone because of you

and that obnoxious little robot of yours.

You've done that to yourself, old friend.

This isn't over, Eggy.

You're no match for me.

And that A.R.I. 9

is no match for my battle bot.

[evil cackle]

[maniacal laughter]


Battle bot. Hmm.

That's nice.

[ARI] And I'm free to explore, learn, and have more adventures with my new best friends.

[kids cheering]