The Adventures of Tintin (2011) Script

Very nearly there, sir.

I have to say, your face is familiar. Have I drawn you before?


Of course! I've seen you in the newspaper.

You're a reporter? I'm a journalist.

Be patient, Snowy, not much longer.

I do beg your pardon.


I believe I have captured something of your likeness.

Not bad!

What do you think, Snowy?


There you are, sir.

Now where's he run off to?




Where have you been?

Chasing cats again?

Snowy, look at this!

Triple masted.

Double decks. Fifty guns.

Isn't she a beauty?

That's a very unique specimen, that is. From an old sea captain's estate.

"The Unicorn."

Unicorn. Man o'war sailing ship.

It's very old, that is. 16th century.

17th, I would think.

Reign of Charles I. Charles II.

That's what I said, Charles II. As fine a ship as ever sailed the seven seas.

You won't find another one of these, mate.

And it's only two quid.

I'll give you a pound. Done!

Gently does it.

Excuse me!

Here you go. Careful.

Hey, bud, how much for the boat?

I'm sorry, I just sold it to this young gent.

Oh, yeah?

Tell me what you paid and I'll give you double.

Double? Thanks. But it's not for sale.

Look, kid, I'm trying to help you out.

I don't think you realise this, but you're about to walk into a whole mess of danger.

What kind of danger?

I'm warning you, get rid of the boat and get out while you still can.

These people do not play nice.

What people?


It's just wonderful.

Don't bother wrapping it, I'll take it as is. Does anybody object if I pay by cheque?

If you want to buy it, you'll have to talk to the kid.

I see.

Well, let the "kid" name his price.

"Name his price"?

Ten years I've been flogging bric-a-brac and I miss "name your price" by one bleedin' minute!

I'm sorry. I already explained to the other gentleman.

American he was. All hair oil and no socks.

It's not for sale.

Then let me appeal to your better nature.

I have recently acquired Marlinspike Hall, and this ship, as I'm sure you're aware, was once part of the estate.

Of the late sea captain?

The family fell upon hard times. Lost everything.

They've been living in a cloud of bad luck ever since.

We are talking generations of drinking and irrational behaviour...

I'm sorry.

But as I told you before, it's not for sale.

Good day to you, sir.

That young man, what's his name?

Him? Everybody knows him. That's Tintin.

What is it about this ship?

Why has it attracted so much attention?

What secrets do you hold?

Where is that magnifying glass?

I could have sworn it was...

Where could it possibly be?

Snowy, you haven't seen the...

Where is it?

Thank you.

No, Snowy!

Look what you did.

You broke it!

Bad dog!

Something happened on this ship.

And we're going to the one place that could have the answer.

Come on, Snowy.

Here it is.

"Sir Francis Haddock of Marlinspike Hall, the last captain of the ill-fated Unicorn.

"The ship set sail from Barbados in 1676

"on one of the most ruinous voyages in maritime history.

"Ship never reached destination.

"Attacked by pirates, all hands lost except for one survivor.

"When Sir Francis was rescued and returned home, "he was convinced his name had been cursed.

"The Unicorn's manifest stated

"that it was carrying a cargo of rum and tobacco bound for Europe, "but it was long claimed the ship was carrying a secret cargo."

What was the ship carrying, Snowy?

"Historians have tried and failed to discover what happened on that fatal voyage, "but Sir Francis' last words, "'Only a true Haddock will discover the secret of the Unicorn."'

I've missed something, Snowy.

We need to take a closer look at that model.

Of course it's gone!

How could I be so stupid?

How'd you do that?

Clever boy.

A coat of arms.

Why does that look familiar?

Hang on a minute.

That fish!

It's a haddock.

Of course! Marlinspike Hall is the old Haddock estate.


Well done, Snowy!

Good boy.

Well, well, well.

It seems we've caught our thief.

Welcome to Marlinspike Hall.

I see you let yourself in.

I came to retrieve my property.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I follow you.

I think you do.

This ship was stolen from my apartment less than an hour ago.

I'm afraid you're mistaken, Mr. Tintin.

There's no mistake. It belongs to me.

Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure.

I took it home, I put it on a cabinet in the living room, and then Snowy chased the cat and knocked it over, and it fell.

This isn't my ship.

No. Indeed.

I'm sorry.

It looks identical. Well, looks can be deceiving.

Yes, indeed. But I don't understand!

Why did Sir Francis make two ships exactly alike?

And you have one already. Why do you want another?

What is it about this model that would cause someone to steal it?

Goodness me, why so many questions?

It's my job.

There could be a story here. That's what I do, you see.

Well, it's no great mystery.

Sir Francis Haddock was a drunkard and a hopeless reprobate.

He was doomed to fail, and he bequeathed that failure to his sons.

So it's true! The Haddock line is cursed.

What else have you found out? What is there to find?

That depends what you're looking for.

I'm looking for answers, Mr. Sakharine.

You're looking in the wrong place.

It's late.

I think you should go home.

This way, sir.

It's a pity, sir.

I'm sorry?

That the mast broke on your model ship, sir.

I hope you found all the pieces.

Things are so easily lost.

Nestor! Where are you?

Good night, sir.

Some things are easily lost.

What did he mean by that, Snowy?

What was he trying to tell me?

Some things are easily lost.


Great snakes!

What is it, Snowy?

What's this?

This was in the mast!

Good boy, Snowy.

"Three brothers joined.

"Three Unicorns in company

"sailing in the noonday sun will speak.

"For 'tis from the light that light will dawn.

"And then shines forth the Eagle's Cross."

What are these markings?

Some kind of secret language or code?

It makes no sense.

But it does explain why they ransacked the flat.

They were looking for this, and they didn't find it.

Which means

they'll be back.

No, I don't know where he is, dearie. I think he's gone out.

And anyway, it's after dark, and Mr. Tintin is most particular about not admitting visitors after bedtime.

I have to go back to my cocoa.

I've got a very good book and a cup of cocoa.

It's really lovely!

Thank you, Mrs. Finch. I can look after this.

Hey, kid, is that you? Open the door.

What do you want?

Look, the game is up. He's gonna be back.

Now, I know he wanted those boats, but I swear to God, I never thought he'd kill anyone over it!

Who? Who are you talking about?

I'm trying to tell you that your life is in danger.

Answer me! Who?

Mrs. Finch! A man's been shot on our doorstep!

Not again. Call an ambulance!

No, Snowy!

Can you hear me?

Can you...

The victim's name was Barnaby Dawes.

He was one of the top agents at Interpol, but we haven't got a clue what he was working on.

Quite right, Thompson. We're completely clueless.

Interpol doesn't have any other leads?

Steady on, Tintin. We're still filling out the paperwork.

Police work's not all glamour and guns. There's an awful lot of filing.

Well, I might have something for you.

Before he lost consciousness, Dawes tried to tell me something, and I think he was spelling out a word.

"...B- O-U




Does that mean anything to you?

Great Scotland Yard! That's extraordinary!

What is?

Worthington's have a half-price sale on bowler hats!

Really, Thomson! This is hardly the time.

Great Scotland Yard! What is it?

Canes are half-price, too!

Are you going to take charge of this evidence?


Never fear, Tintin, the evidence is safe with us!

Thomson? Where are you?

Well, I'm already downstairs. Do try to keep up.

Wait! You dropped this.

Good heavens, Thomson! Look after the evidence, man.

Sorry, Thompson. My mind is on other things.

Yes. Our light-fingered larcenist.

What? The pickpocket.

He has no idea what's coming.

Go on, Tintin, take my wallet.

Yes, industrial strength elastic.

Very resourceful.

On the contrary. It was childishly simple.

Simply childish, I agree.

Tintin. Tintin.


Mind you, I expect he's miles away by now.

I presume you're referring to the pickpocket?

Yes. I mean, knowing we're just a few steps behind him.

Snowy, what is it, boy? What do you see?

I don't suppose you'd fancy a cup of tea?

You're quite mistaken. I'd love one.

My treat.

I've got you now! You devil!

Stop, in the name of the law!

Got you!

What's going on down there?

Come on, Snowy!

I do beg your pardon. Sorry, sir!

The pickpocket, Tintin! He's getting away!

My wallet!

It's gone!

Come on! Snowy, after him!

Stop! Wait!

Got you! Steady on.

I've lost him!

You must find my wallet. It's very important. I have to get it back.

And you will. Leave it to the professionals.

We've lost the scroll.

But we haven't lost the story.


It's an Armenian word. That's our lead, Snowy.

What was Barnaby Dawes trying to tell us when he said our lives were in danger?

Mr. Tin... Tin? Yes.

Delivery for you. But I didn't order anything.

Well, that's because it's you that's getting delivered!

Quick, get him in the van!

Get off me, you confounded mutt!

He bit me!


Get him off!

Shake him off, then run him over!

I want this on the starboard side!

Not here. Look your side.

Hang on.

Nothing. Well, check that pocket, Tom.

No, I've looked in this one already, I'm sure of it.

Well, have a look in his socks.

Have you found it? He doesn't have it.

It's not on him, boss. It's not here.

Not here? Then where is it? Where's what?

I am tired of your games. The scroll, from the Unicorn.

A piece of paper like this!

You mean the poem?


The poem written in Old English. Yes.

It was inside a cylinder. Yes.

Concealed in the mast. Yes!

I don't have it.

You know the value of that scroll. Why else would you take it?

Two ships and two scrolls, both part of a puzzle.

You have one, you need the other.

But that's not it. There's something else.

I will find it, with or without your help.

You need to think about exactly how useful you are to me.

We'll deal with him on the way. Aye-aye, sir.

Hold this course.


It's good to see you, too. See if you can chew through these ropes.

He's lying! He must have the scroll. The question is, what has he done with it?

We searched him all over, boss.

I want you to go back down there and make him talk.

Break every bone in his body if you have to!

That's nasty.

You know the stakes. You know what we're playing for. Just do it!

Mr. Sakharine! Mr. Sakharine! All hell has broken loose!

It's a disaster! The captain has come around.

What? He's conscious.

He's accusing you of mutiny.

He says you turned the crew against him. Sounds like he's sobered up again.

Well, don't just stand there. Get him another bottle.

Aye, sir!


Jiggle it a bit, it's just stuck. Jiggle?


What are you doing? Get off!

It's not stuck, you idiot. He's bolted it from the inside!

So you want to play like that then, do you, Tintin?

Get the TNT.

Broken crates. Rope. Champagne.

What else do we have, Snowy?

There are other ways to open this door.

They'll be swabbing the decks with your innards when we're done with you.

Give it here.

Don't move. What...

Let's go!

Let me have him!

He's got a big shooter!

He got me!

Hold your fire.

He ain't here. He's vanished.

He's hiding.

Search the ship. Quickly!

A giant rat of Sumatra!

So, you thought you could sneak in behind me and catch me with my trousers down, huh?

I'd rather you kept your trousers on, if it's all the same to you.

I know your game. You're one of them. Sorry?

They sent you here to kill me, huh? Look, I don't know who you are!

That's how he's planned to bump me off.

Murdered in my bed by a baby-faced assassin!

Assassin? Look, you've got it all wrong.

I was kidnapped by a gang of thugs.

The filthy swine.

He's turned the whole crew against me!


A sour-faced man with a sugary name.

He's bought them all off, every last man.


Nobody takes my ship!

You're the captain?

Of course I'm the captain. Who else could I be?

I've been locked in this room for days with only whisky to sustain my mortal soul.

Well, I assumed it was locked.

Well, it's not.

Now, you must excuse me. If they find me here, they'll kill me.

I have to keep moving. Try and find my way off this drunken tub.

"Tub"? Tub?


Thanks. Pleasure.

I'm Tintin, by the way.

Haddock. Archibald Haddock.

There's a longboat up on deck. Follow me.

Hang on a second.

Did you say "Haddock"?

How could you let them escape?

Find them. Find them both.

Don't worry, we'll kill them, sir. No.

You can kill the boy. Not Haddock.

What? He's just a hopeless old soak.

We should've killed him long since.

You think it's an accident that I chose Haddock's ship, Haddock's crew, Haddock's treacherous first mate?

Nothing is an accident.

We go back a long way, Captain Haddock and I.

We've unfinished business.

And this time, I'm going to make him pay.

We have to reach a locked door at the end of this corridor. This is gonna be tricky.

You wouldn't happen to be related to the Haddocks of Marlinspike Hall, would you?

Why do you ask?

It's for a story I've been working on.

An old shipwreck that happened off the coast of Barbados.

A man o'war. Triple masted. Fifty guns.

What do you know of the Unicorn? Not a lot. That's why I'm asking you.

The secret of that ship is known only to my family!

It's been passed down from generation to generation.

My granddaddy himself, with his dying breath, told me the tale.



What do you mean, gone?

I was so upset when he kicked the bucket, I had no choice but to drown my sorrows.

When I woke up in the morning, it was gone! I'd forgotten it all.

Everything? Every last word.

Well, is there somebody else in your family? Maybe they would know.

Sir Francis had three sons. All but my bloodline failed.

I am the last of the Haddocks!

Did you say three sons?

Let's check below!

There is a bottle of rum for the man who finds Haddock.

And kill the boy. Hope I find him first.

What's that?

You're hearing things.

Quiet, Ali.

There's nothing there.

Let's go up.

I know what Sakharine's looking for.

What are you raving on about? It was written on the scroll.

"Three brothers joined.

"Three Unicorns in company sailing in the noonday sun will speak."


Sir Francis didn't make two models of the Unicorn.

He made three!

Three ships for three sons.


Sakharine's after the third model ship.

Barnacles! Someone's locked the door!

Well, is there a key? A key?

Yes, now, that would be the problem.

Mr. Jaggerman!

Top bunk in the centre. Keeper of the keys.

Careful, mind. He's a restless sleeper on account of the tragic loss of his eyelids.

He lost his eyelids? Aye.

Now, that was a card game to remember.

You really had to be there.

I'd do this myself, Tintin, but you've a lighter tread and less chance of waking the boys.

Are you sure this is a good idea? You've nothing to worry about.

Provided they all stay asleep.

I wouldn't get too close to Mr. Hobbs.

He's very handy with a razor.

And I'd steer clear of Mr. Gitch.

Sacked as a shepherd on account of his "animal husbandry."

Not the sandwich.

The keys!

You're a brave lad, Tintin.

My heart was in my mouth, I don't mind telling you.

Well, that is, if it was my heart.

Judging by my stomach, it could've been anything, really.

Hurry up, Captain! We've no time to lose.


Just the necessities, of course.

To the lifeboats.

Ease it in!

Put your back into it!

Hold her there, steady!

Any sign of him, Jumbo?

Nothing yet. Watch yourself. The boss says he's a handful.

Come on.

It's Allan.

Is that the bridge? Aye, on the other side of the radio room.

Radio room?

Wait here, Captain. Sound the alarm if anyone comes.

Careful, Tintin.

I can't see a thing!

Quit your whining and find the kid!

I didn't sign on for this!

Keep searching!

Message just come through, boss. What's it say?

"The Milanese Nightingale has landed. Waiting in the wings for action."

"Milanese Nightingale"?

Now pray this cheers him up.


What's this?

"The Sultanate of Bagghar

"ruled over by Sheikh Omar Ben Salaad, "whose love of music and culture is matched only by his love of..."

Great snakes!


The Port of Bagghar.



Hey! Put your hands up!

And let that be a lesson to you!

Help me!

In here! He's in here!

Here! By the lifeboats!

Out of the way!

After him! Get him!

Quick, quick, in here!

Over there!

Why, you little...

He's up there! Go!

I can see him now!

Don't let them get away!

Help me!

Turn this ship around! Aye, sir!

Get me a flare!

Captain, get down! Get down!

There he is! Get out of the way!

Now! Full ahead! Full speed!

Got you now.

Stay down.

Look! Down there!

Idiots! You idiots! What have you done?

We killed them, boss, like you wanted!

No! Not like I wanted! I needed Haddock alive!

Wait a minute, boss! There are two boats missing!

So, that one must have been a decoy.

They're onto us, and our destination.

Find them! Make absolutely certain they never reach Bagghar!

Yes, boss.

Get up there!

We have to get to Bagghar ahead of Sakharine.

I know. I know.


Because he has the third model ship.

How do you know?

The Sheikh collects old ships. And this is the prize of his collection.

Blistering blue barnacles, that is the Unicorn!

Captain, do you see the distortion around the model?


It means that Ben Salaad exhibits it in a bulletproof glass case in his palace.

And Sakharine is going there to steal it!

Yes, he has a secret weapon. The Milanese Nightingale.

But that won't be enough to solve the mystery, and that is why Sakharine needs you.

That's why he made you his prisoner.

There is something he needs you to remember.

I don't follow you.

I read it in a book.

That only a true Haddock can discover the secret of the Unicorn.

I don't remember anything about anything.

But you must know about your ancestors, Sir Francis. It's your family legacy!

My memory is not what it used to be.

Well, what did it used to be? I've forgotten.

Captain, can you get us to Bagghar?

What sort of a stupid question is that?

Give me those oars! I'll show you some real seamanship, laddie.

I'll not be doubted by some pipsqueak tuft of ginger and his irritating dog!

I am master and commander of the seas!

I know these waters better than the warts on my mother's face!

Look at the pair of them. Fast asleep.

Typical landlubbers. Aye, no stamina these days.

Never mind. I'll get you there, Tintin.

Look, Thomson. There's the fellow.

Oh, my.

Mr. Silk? Yes?

My name is Thompson. And Thomson.

We're police officers! We're police officers!

Oh, crumbs.

Good gracious!

Mr. Silk! Mr. Silk!

Dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. Are you okay?

Poor fellow!

Are you all right? Are you all right, sir?

Here, let me help you up. Thank you, that's very kind.

No need to run away, sir. No, no, you see, yesterday we very nearly caught the pickpocket who's been terrorising the town!


We pulled his jacket off and inside we found a wallet.

A wallet with your name and address!

That's my wallet. Well, it's obvious he stole it from you.

No, no, that's my wallet. Are you all right, sir?

We didn't mean to startle you. Let us help you into your apartment.

Thank you so much. No need to come in. I'll be quite all right, really.

No, we insist. Better safe than sorry.

It's the least we can do. Thank you.

There we are.

Good grief! What's all this?

It's my collection?

What a lot of wallets! I can't help it.

It started with coin purses and sort of went on from there, really.

You want to be careful. Haven't you heard? There's a pickpocket about.

Yes, he'd love this. Can you imagine? What do you mean, "pickpocket"?

A master criminal.

A bag-snatching, purse-pilfering, wallet-lifting sneak thief!

I'm not a bad person.

I'm a kleptomaniac.

A what? It's a fear of open spaces.

Poor man. No wonder he keeps his wallets in the living room.

Wallets. I just can't resist the lovely little things.

It's a harmless little habit, really.

Good heavens, Thomson, look at this! His name's Thompson, too.

What a coincidence.

No, Thomson, this is Thomson without a "P," as in "psychic."

No, no, no, it's Thompson with a "P," as in "psychologist."

Look at this one! A green one that I managed to pick from a pickpocket actually pickpocketing at the time.

And this one! Cuir de cochon. No, you have it all wrong.

There is a "P" in "psychic." I am not your sidekick! You are mine!

Smell it, won't you? Piggy leather! No, you have it all wrong.

How dare you! How dare you!

I met you first. I met you first.

No, you didn't. Yes, I did.

No, you did not. Yes, I did.

Didn't! Did!

Listen! I can't stand it any more! Hey!

All right, I'll come quietly.

Take them! Take them! Take them all!

Stop it. Pull yourself together, man!

We can't take your wallets! Do we look like thieves?

Good heavens, Thompson.

This looks familiar.

Can't be.

It is!

Tintin! Tintin!

I'm so cold.

And thirsty.

My throat is parched.

Let's see if there's any fresh water.

What have we here?


Come and warm yourself, laddie.


What have you done? No need to thank me.


Well, you looked a little cold, so I lit a wee fire.

In a boat?

No! Those are our oars! We need those oars!

Yes, but not for much longer.

Have you gone mad? Quick, Captain, help me!

Captain, help me, quick! He's right. What have I done?

What have I done? No, Captain, not that!

Thundering typhoons!

Well, this is a fine mess.

I'm weak. We're stranded here...

Selfish. ...with no hope of rescue...

I'm hopeless.

...while Sakharine and his men are halfway to Bagghar.

Poor, miserable wretch!

Yes, all right. That's enough of that.

It was his fault, you see. It was Sir Francis.

Tell me, how did you work that one out?

Because he was a figurehead of great courage and bold exploits.

No one like him ever existed in my family.

Why do you think I drink?

Because I know I'll never be like him.

No, it's far better that I end it now. Put us both out of our misery.

What is it, Snowy?

I'm gonna lower myself into the sea.

Into the cold embrace of the big blue!

Those are Portuguese markings.

Are you even listening? Where is the Karaboudjan registered?

We're saved.

We're saved!

It's a sign from above!

Troglodytes! Captain, get down.

Slave-traders! Mutant malingerers!

Freshwater politicians!

Bad news, Captain. We've only got one bullet.

And what's the good news? We've got one bullet.

You got him!

Well done, my boy.

Stay here, Captain.


Don't take your eyes off of them. Hurry up!

Just as I thought. The ignition lead has been cut.

Lucky shot!

One more pass, and we will finish them off.

Put your hands in the air.


Let's see here.

You do know what you're doing, eh, Tintin?

More or less.

Well, which is it? More or less?

Relax. I interviewed a pilot once.

Which way to North Africa?

Captain, look!

We've caught up with them.


But you think we might find another way to North Africa that doesn't take us through that Wall of Death?

We can't turn back.

Not now.

No, Captain! Those are surgical spirits for medicinal purposes only.

Quite right, laddie, quite right.

No, no, no!

The fuel tank! It's almost empty!

Captain! This may sound crazy, but I've got a plan.

The alcohol in that bottle may give us a few more miles.

I need you to climb out of the plane and pour it into the fuel tank.

Christopher Columbus!

There's a terrible storm out there.

And it's raining.

And you call yourself a Haddock?


Captain! Can you hear me?



You're doing fine! Now, pour the bottle into the tank.

We're running on fumes.


Oh, no.

Captain! I can't see!

Land! Land!

We can't! We're not there yet!

No, land!

No, no, no, starboard! Starboard! Starboard!

Hang on, Tintin!

I'm coming!

The Land of Thirst.

The Land of Thirst. Will you stop saying that?

You don't understand. I've run out.

I've run out. You don't know what that means.

Captain, we have to keep going.

One step at a time. Come on, on your feet! Lean your weight on me.

A man can only hang on so long without his vitals.

Captain, calm down. There are worse things than sobering up.

Look! Tintin!

We're saved.

Water. Water!

Stop! Captain!

It's just a mirage!

But it was here. I saw it.

It was just your mind playing tricks. It's the heat!

I have to go home.

What? I have to go back to the sea.

Captain, you're hallucinating.


Did you ever see a more beautiful sight?

She's turning into the wind, all sails set.

Triple masted.

Double decks. Fifty guns.

The Unicorn?

Isn't she a beauty? Yes! Yes, she is!

Tell me, Captain, what else can you see?

She's got the wind behind her.

Look at the pace she's setting!

Barely a day out of Barbados, a hold full of rum and the finest tobacco and the hearts of the sailors set for home.

The red pennant.

The blood runs cold in every sea captain who looks upon that flag, for he knows he's facing a fight to the death.

But Sir Francis is a Haddock.

And Haddocks don't flee.

All hands on deck! Gunners to their stations!

Let's unload the King's shot into these yellow-bellied, lily-livered sea slugs!

Prepare to bring her about, Mr. Nicholls. Aye-aye, Captain!

Prepare to bring her about!


Portside gun, fire!

Look lively, lads!

Mr. Nicholls, secure the cargo. Right you are, sir.

Prepare to repel all boarders!

This way! We need more men!

And then he saw him.

Like a phantom, rising from the dead.


Captain, who did he see?

It's gone.

What do you mean, gone? What happened next?

By Jupiter, I have a beard! Since when did I have a beard?

Captain, something happened on the Unicorn.

It's the key to everything. You must try to remember.

The Unicorn? What? I'm so terribly thirsty.

Captain! Tintin!

What is happening to me?

And to think all it took was a day in the Sahara.

Congratulations, Captain, you're sober.


Good dog!

This one's alive.

Check the other! Yes, sir.

Company, halt!

I'm Lieutenant Delcourt. Welcome to the Afghar Outpost.

Thank you, Lieutenant. We owe you our lives.

Did you find my friend? Yes, but he's not in good shape, I'm afraid.

He's still suffering the effects of acute dehydration. He's quite delirious.

Why don't we pay him a visit?

Haddock! You're awake.

Good! I have a visitor for you.

Captain? Hello!

I think you've got the wrong room.

Captain, it's Tintin.

Our plane crashed in the desert. Don't you remember?

Plane? No, no, I'm a naval man myself. I never fly if I can help it.

He's got me confused with someone else.

What is this peculiar liquid?

There's no bouquet. It's completely transparent.

Why, it's water.

What will they think of next?

We suspect he has a concussion. Heatstroke. Delirium.

He's sober.

Now, Captain, out in the desert...

The desert? Yes. You were talking about Sir Francis.

Sir who? Sir Francis.

And you were telling me about what happened on the Unicorn.

The unicorn! Yes!

The stuff that dreams are made of.

Wee children's dreams.

No, the ship. Please try to remember, Captain.

Lives are at risk.

Snowy, what have you done?

I'd stand back if I were you.

Out! Everybody out of the room!


This man is insane!

Show yourself, Red Rackham!

If it's a fight you want, you've met your match!

A fight with who?

To the death, Red Rackham!

No, wait!

Wait. Captain...

I remember everything now.

Everything Granddaddy told me.

The Unicorn was taken.

The pirates were now masters of the ship.

The crew surrendered?

Granddaddy said that Red Rackham called Sir Francis the King's dog.

A pirate hunter sent to reclaim their hard-won plunder.

Why would I waste my time on rum, tobacco, molasses and dates when you have a more valuable cargo onboard?

Where is it?

You'll have to kill me first.

Not first, no.


I'll start with your men.

To save his men, he would give up the secret cargo.

And where was it?

Four hundredweight of gold, jewels and treasure.

Kill his men!

No, Rackham! No!

Rackham, you gave me your word! Rackham!


Sir Francis knew he was doomed.

That he'd be hung from the highest yardarm.

But they didn't reckon on one thing!

Sir Francis was a Haddock.

And a Haddock always has a trick up his sleeve.

And with that, he hurls himself forward!

On the pirates? Like that? Unarmed?

No! No, on a bottle of rum rolling on the deck.

And he opens it up, and puts it to his lips, and...

And then he stops.

"This is no time for drinking," he says. "I need all my wits about me."

With that, he puts down the bottle and...

Yes, yes, he puts down the bottle...

And he seizes a cutlass.

And then he makes his way to the ship's magazine, where they keep all the gunpowder and the shot!

You dog!

You'd blow us sky high?

Come on, then.

Let's have you.

Not this time.


Captain, what is it?

How could I be so blind?

What are you talking about?

This isn't just about the scrolls or...

Or the treasure that went down with the ship.

It's me.

It's me he's after!

You'll suffer a curse upon you and your name, Haddock.

He wants vengeance.

Come back and face me!

Hurry, Tintin. What?

We're out of time. Captain!

I curse you!

I curse your name and all who come after!

We will meet again, Haddock!

In another time! In another life!

It's not over. It was never over!

I don't understand. Who's after your blood?

Sakharine! Sakharine? Why?

He's Red Rackham's descendent! He means to finish it!

That's why he did it. Did what?

Sank his own ship. Sir Francis sent that treasure to the bottom of the sea.

He would be damned before he let Red Rackham have it.

And he was. But he couldn't let it lie.

No. He left a clue.

Three clues wrapped in a riddle, concealing a secret.

But only a true Haddock would be able to solve it.

What secret? The location.

To one of the greatest sunken treasures in all history.

The wreck of the Unicorn.

He means to steal it! The third scroll!

Billions of blue, blistering barnacles!

I swear, as the last of the Haddocks, I'll find that treasure before him!

To Bagghar.

He's here.

It's no good. They could be anywhere.


Don't look now, but we're being followed.

Yes, we are.

What do you want? Why are you following us?

Who are you working for?

Captain, stop! Stop!

Thompson and Thomson. Not so loud.

We're in disguise. So I see.

You got the message I sent from the ship?

Yes, well, bit of a long story, that.

The upshot is we caught the thief, retrieved your wallet, and then hopped on the next plane to Bagghar.

Yes, that pocket picker has picked his last pocket.

There. Don't worry. He didn't take any money.

It's not the money I'm worried about.

The odds are even.

Now, to find the next two scrolls.

The Milanese Nightingale.

That's his secret weapon?

My! My!

What a dish.

Enchanted, signora!

Benvenuto! Welcome! Marhaba!

We are blessed with your presence.

Yes. Indeed, Signor Salad!

What charming peasants.

May I introduce my escort, Monsieur Shuggair Addeitiff.

He's been very passionate in his support of this concert.

It's my first visit to the Third World.

Please forgive me. I must escort madame to her dressing room. Excuse us.

After you.

Hello, how are you? Hello...

Here. I want you to look after this.

What are you doing? Me?

Yes. Are you sure?

If I'm caught, I don't want them to find this on me.

Look, just keep it hidden.

I will guard this with my life!

Get up! Get up!

It's her!

Blistering barnacles!

What's that noise?

My ears, they're bleeding. No, they're not.


Shut up, Snowy.

Oh, Columbus, it's every man for himself! Make way.

Make way! Medical emergency.

That was close.

Hello, Captain.


Oh, no!


The falcon! Snowy, after him!

Tintin! Tintin!

Those two! There! They're here to steal your ship!

No, no, no, no, no, we're not!

Arrest him! The ugly one!

No, wait! Who, me?


Thief! Arrest him!


Sakharine's got the scroll! It's worse than that.

What do you mean? They took your scroll, Tintin. It's gone.

How? What happened?

It was Allan.

He knobbled me in the garden, and then there was a bottle of alcohol and... There always is.

No, no! No, not like that.

I can smell it on you.

Hurry. Back to the boat.

Tintin! Where are you going? I'm going after Sakharine.

By yourself? Yes!

Come on, Snowy!

Catch them, catch them!

Lose them! Get him off our tail!

Did you hit anything?

Oh, dear.

Faster, you idiot, faster!

Not again!

I'll have those, thank you. Come on, Snowy!


Incoming falcon at four o'clock!

Tintin, faster!

The scrolls! I got one, two...

And three!


Oh, no! Not again.

Come here, my beauty.

Ten thousand thundering typhoons! Come here, you pilfering parakeet!

Captain, the bird! Grab it!

Nice work, Snowy! Don't let him go!

You blue blistering barnacles!

Hang on, Snowy! Snowy, I'm coming!

There he is! Stop!

That's right, that's right, come to Daddy.

Come to Daddy.




You double-dealing, pilfering parasites!

Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry.


The scrolls are lining up.

These are hidden numbers.

What does it say?

I wouldn't do that if I were you!

Let the bird go.

What do you value more, those scrolls or Haddock's life?

Don't listen to him.

You'll never get away with this, you sour-faced sassonack!

I will kill him.

Don't worry about me, Tintin, I'm fine.

Let the bird go now, or this man dies!

No! Wait!

You two-timing troglodyte! You simpering son of a po-faced profiteer!

Perhaps we should put it to the test. Here's mud in your eye.



We're saved! I love the beach.

You said you wanted a holiday. Quite.

Very good.

Nobody takes my ship! They've already taken it.

Nobody takes my ship twice!

We'll show them, won't we, Tintin? All right then, what's the plan?

There is no plan.

Of course there's a plan. You've always got a plan.

Not this time.

Sakharine has the scrolls. They'll lead him to the treasure.

It could be anywhere in the world. We'll never see him again.

It's over.

I thought you were an optimist.

Well, you were wrong, weren't you? I'm a realist.

That's just another name for a quitter.

You can call me what you like.

Don't you get it? We failed.


There are plenty of others willing to call you a failure.

A fool. A loser. A hopeless souse!

Don't you ever say it of yourself.

You send out the wrong signal. That is what people pick up.

Do you understand?

You care about something, you fight for it.

You hit a wall, you push through it.

There's something you need to know about failure, Tintin.

You can never let it defeat you.

What did you just say?

You hit a wall, you push through it.

No, no, no, you said something about sending out a signal.

Of course! Captain!

I sent a radio message from the Karaboudjan.

I know what radio frequency they're transmitting on.

Well, how does that help us?

All we have to do is send that information to Interpol, they can track the signals and figure out which way they're headed.

Here comes Interpol now.

Tintin! Tintin!

Any port they enter we'll know at once.

And we can get there first.

What are we doing here, boss? I don't get it. We're right back where we started.

You're to speak of this to no one. Keep your mouths shut.

Don't worry. As long as we get our share. You'll get your share.

Where are you going? Just guard the ship.

Where's the filthy moolah?

Good evening, sir. I trust you had a successful trip abroad.

Do I pay you to talk to me?

You don't pay me at all.

What the blazes? Nestor!


Tom! Allan!

You blithering idiots, don't just stand there! Do something!

Caught him like a rat in a trap.

Congratulations, gentlemen. He's all yours.

Yes! We also have an arrest warrant issued by both Interpol and the FBI.

Your friend who got shot... Barnaby.

...he was one of their agents. Hot on Sakharine's trail from the start.

It still doesn't make sense.

He has the key to the treasure of the Unicorn, which is sitting somewhere on the ocean floor.

Why would he come back home?


Sakharine? Sakharine?

That's Mr. Sakharine to you.

Hold it.

Look out! What...

Oh, no!

Allan! Allan, get me down!

What? Not that way!

Not that way, you fool, the other way!


Look out!

Good Lord! Come on!

Close but no cigar!

Red Rackham! That's right. My ancestor.

Just as Sir Francis was yours.

Unfinished business.

I'm glad you know the truth, Haddock. Until you could remember, killing you wouldn't have been this much fun.

Who gave you permission to board my ship?

I don't need it.

I've never needed it.

The legend says only a Haddock can discover the secret of the Unicorn, but it took a Rackham to get the job done.

So you've lost again, Haddock.

That's right. Why don't you have a drink?

That's all you've got left, isn't it?

Everything that was rightfully yours is now mine.

Including this ship.

Thundering typhoons. Nobody takes my ship.

We have you now, you devil.

You are under arrest. To be precise, you are under arrest.

Do you see?

Blistering barnacles, they're coordinates.

It took all three scrolls to form the numbers. Latitude and longitude.

That is it. That's the location of the treasure.

We did it!

Almost there, Mr. Tintin!

A nudge to starboard should do it.

Are you sure we're on course? Trust me, laddie.

I know these parts like the back of my hand.

Starboard! Quickly! Quickly!

Aye, Captain, starboard it is!

All stop!

Marlinspike Hall.

Those coordinates lead here.

And this is where Sir Francis hid it?

I thought the treasure went down with the ship.

Master Haddock, Mr. Tintin, I've been expecting you.

Welcome to Marlinspike Hall.

Will you look at this place?

I don't think it's changed at all since I was a wee boy.

And may I say, sir, how much I'm looking forward to having a Haddock back in charge of the estate.

You'll be waiting a long time, Nestor. There's no way I could afford to live here!

Well, Captain, you know the house.

Where do we start?

Is the cellar still here?

No, no, no, no, this isn't it.

I meant the other cellar.

I'm sorry, sir, there is no "other cellar."

It was bigger than this.


Snowy, where are you?

No, Hector.


Captain, help me.

Heel, boy.


Just like you said, Captain.

You hit a wall... push through it.

My grandfather must have walled it up before he lost the house.

"And then shines forth the Eagle's Cross."

Well, I can see the cross, but where's the eagle?

St. John the Evangelist, who was always depicted with an eagle.

And he's called the Eagle of Patmos.

He is the eagle.

What's he trying to tell us, Captain?

I'm at a loss.

That island, the one in the middle, that doesn't exist.

How do you know?

Because I've sailed those waters countless times.

I've been there. It's a mistake.

What if it isn't?

Sir Francis wanted his inheritance to go to a man who was worthy of it.

A man like himself, who knows the seas like the back of his hand.

A man who could look at a globe and tell if one tiny island was out of place.

Blistering treasure.

It's Red Rackham's barnacles!

What is this?

Just a wee tipple.

A toast to our good fortune.

That's better.

It's odd, really. You would've thought, after all the fuss and bother, there would've been more.

More of what? Red Rackham's treasure.

I mean, by your account, he looted half of South America. I just thought...

Never mind. There's plenty to go around.

It's a funny old life, eh?

Well, you've got your story for your newspaper.

All's well that ends well.

It's not ended.

Sir Francis left another clue at the bottom of the globe.

A clue to what? Four hundredweight of gold, just lying at the bottom of the sea.

How's your thirst for adventure, Captain?

Unquenchable, Tintin.