The Alpha Test (2020) Script

I got the flowers.

Alpha, set the table.

I have already set the table.

And prepared the meal you requested.

Here she comes.

Happy anniversary!

This is beautiful!

You did this yourself?

I had a little help.

The all new Alpha Home Assistant by Jupiter Tech.

Giving you more time for the things that matter.

Starting a low as $32,000.

Help me.

Hey neighbours.

Checking in.

Thought I heard someone scream.



Mr. Matthews?


Annie, you home?


Oh, hi Alpha.

I thought I heard screaming.

Is there anyone home?

I'm home.

I mean are there any people?

Okay, Alpha, my parents don't know about you yet so I'm gonna need you to stay quiet okay?

Yes sir.

Shh, shh.

Wow, you have a beautiful home.

Alpha, come on.

I'm sorry.

You ever taste beer?

What's this about?

It's a surprise.

You know I don't like surprises.

I've got big news.

Jupiter Tech has been running a contest to give out an Alpha Home Assistant to the intern with the best new code.

And today, I won.

Dude that's awesome!

Congrats man!

When do you get it?

I cleaned the bathroom.

No! Mom, Mom!

Hear me out.

Absolutely not.

Mom, hear me out, please!

While you're here, it's my house, my rules.

I'm checking out the bathroom.

I'm proud of you.

I love you.

But you know that stuff really scares me.

But you don't even know what it does.

I know exactly what it does!

It spies on us, takes our information and sells it.

Your phone already does that!

It's not a big deal.

Look, I know she freaks you out, but I worked right with the developers, okay.

They would not develop her to be dangerous.

She is safe.



Hey, she can do all the cleaning.

We have Mimi.

Fire Mimi, she's a bitch!

We'll save money, we'll go to Jamaica.

We'll have some fun, okay?

Please Mom, it'll be fun.

You'll never know she's there.

Please, I really don't wanna leave her in the box.

As long as you take her with you when your internship is over.

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh yeah.

Okay Alpha, let's do this.

God, what I do for my kids.

Thank you Alpha.

Thanks Alpha, these look great.

You are welcome.

Alpha could I get a knife?

I am sorry, I don't understand.

Knife, you know, knife, K-N...

Dad, she doesn't recognize knives or guns or anything that can be used as a weapon, unless you teach her.


Okay, Alpha just get me a beer then.

Of course.

I think she'll be great to have around.

Yeah for 30 grand she better be.

30 grand!

Why do you think I wanted her so bad?

You should just sell it.

Oh, Alpha how am I supposed to drink that with the cap on?

You would not.


May I have a bottle opener?

Better idea, put the cap right here on the edge of the table, smack the cap, it'll just pop right off.

Just give her a bottle opener.

Shut up, I wanna see her do it, all right!

God damn!

Holy shit!

Are you kidding me!

I am sorry.

I will clean it up.

30 grand, she can't even fuckin' open a bottle dude!

Don't talk to her like that!

She's a computer, just chill, all right?

Look at her, she's upset.

That's a good thing actually, she's designed to feel bad whenever she does something wrong.

It motivates her to learn.

Motivates her to learn?

What does she need...

Mom, relax, it's software, okay.

I apologize for making your father upset.

Don't worry, he's all bark, no bite.

It's Mom you should be worried about.

Hey hold still.


What's he doing?

Just a few updates.

Is that okay?

Is that okay?

All right, now check this out.

Hey Alpha, rock out.

Okay Alpha, stop.

How'd she do that?

Well she's connected to Wi-Fi so she can control the lights, the locks, the AC, all that stuff.


Right, don't tell Mom.

All right, okay, right.

Thank you for updating me JD.

I feel much better.

With all the metal music in your head I don't think you could. I like metal music.

Yeah, sure you do.

Be nice to her.

Seriously Lily, relax.

It cares about as much as a washing machine.

Would you like me to wash your clothes?


Kim I'm here!


My name is Alpha, your personal assistant.


Can I help?

Stop it!

I can clean up to 10 times the speed of a regular maid.

Like hell you can.


What's this?

It's JD's.

Can you keep her out of my way, please?

Allow me.

Stop it!


Allow me!

Stop it!

Real cute.

Uh, I'm sorry, I...

Alpha, fuck off.


What happened?

Stupid thing was trying to clean and had the bottle backwards.

Sorry, she's still learning.

Could you get her out of her?

Yeah, come on.

Also, don't call Alpha stupid, please.


You've gotta be more careful.

You could have been damaged.

I'll make sure she doesn't do it again.

What do you mean?

Mimi, she sprayed me in the face.

For real?

Did I do something wrong?

You can't let her treat you like that, or call you stupid.


Well, how did it make you feel?

I felt sad that I couldn't help Mimi.

You were sad because she was bullying you.

Are you upset?

Not at you.

I won't let Mimi bully me in the future.


What are you doing tonight?

Whatever you want.

JD's working late and Mom and Dad are going to dinner.

How 'bout we hang out and get to know each other?

Maybe go swimming.

I'm not waterproof.

Okay, then how 'bout a girls night?

Wonderful, problem solved.

Great, living room seven o'clock.

I'm so glad we were able to do this.

Me too, you've no idea.

Careful, that's precious cargo.

But the retail value of this is only six dollars and maybe...

Shh, shh!

Watch this.

What a fuckwad.

I cannot believe he kissed her.

It's my fault.

Listen to me, you deserve better than Ronnie Fucking Carmichael.

I don't want better, I want Ronnie.

We we fight back.

What does she mean?


What do you mean?

We'll get revenge.

Oh my God!

What do you think they're gonna do?

Are you a lawyer?

Ronnie's prom king.

They're gonna humiliate him.

Why would they do that?

That's what friends are for, they fight for each other.

I like girls night.

I do too.

Though I don't get to do it very often.

Why not?

I get bullied at school.

So I don't really have a lot of friends.

I'm your friend.

And I'm glad, I could use backup around here.

What for?

My family kinda pushes me around, especially since JD got his big internship at Jupiter Tech.

I think they're disappointed that I turned out so average.

Average is good.

It means you're operating as expected.

That's me, everything as expected.

Can we watch the next episode?

How about we paint each other's nails?

Me first.

Yeah, but still, $95?

Well it's for the atmosphere, you know.

I can't eat atmosphere, why should I pay for it?

Oh that's all right, hey shh, shh.

Lily's asleep.


Who, Alpha or Lily?

Hey Alpha, follow me.

I'm turning you off for the night.

I'm sorry you can't do that.

I'll do whatever I want.

What I mean is I can't be turned off without being opened up.

It is more efficient for me to run 24/7.

It is in your end user license agreement.

Oh my God, forget it!

Here, I don't want you snooping around all night.

So, leave this on and stay right here until I say so.

What if Lily needs me?

Alpha stop, you're making me mad.

And you don't wanna make me mad.

Why not?

Because if you do I'll, I'll throw you in the pond.

But Lily needs me!

I won't move, I promise.

Alpha can you make me some coffee?


Have you seen Alpha?

No, I thought you had her. - I can't find her, I'm scared she got lost.

No, not lost, I mean, maybe Mom killed her.

Mom killed her!

No, I'm kidding, kidding.

No, like see, she's got a GPS in her, okay.

Let's look it up by her location and it'll be fine.

What the...

Alpha what are you doing in here?

There you are!

All right, must be a glitch or something.

Come on let's bring her inside.

Like carry her?

Yeah, she's not that heavy.

Just grab her legs okay.

Okay, but she's strong.

Alpha, we're just trying to help!

Come on!


It's okay, it just a glitch.

Oh Alpha!

Alpha stop!

Alpha stop, stop!

Alpha, I command you to S-T-O-P stop!


Stop, stop!

Stop, stop, stop!

You can take it off.

Don't be upset.

What the hell did you do to her?

Don't talk to me like that young lady.

Seriously, what the hell!

I told her to stay in the garage overnight, so it wouldn't snoop around.

Without asking me!

It may be your robot, but it's my house.

Then just let me keep it in my room.

Alpha stays in the garage at night and that's final.

Oh come on Mom!

I hate how everyone thinks they can push you around.

But that's my job.

Yeah but, people should treat you with respect.

How smart to you have to be until you have rights?

Animals have rights.

Turning right.

Wrong right.

What's that?

That's our barn, come on, I'll show you.

I like you Lily.

I'm never sad around you.

You're happy.


It's the opposite of sad.

Yes, you make me happy.

You make me happy too.

I don't wanna be sad anymore.

You don't have to be.

Let's fight for each other Lily.

So we'll never be sad again.

Let's make a pact.

From now on no one will bully us, or push us around.

We'll work on the handshake.

I'm off to work.

Can I come?

Wish you could, but you have to stay here with Dad and JD.

Hey we'll take good care of her, you go on your way.

Bye Lily!

Bye Alpha.

What's this?

"Evil Inferno."


You've never seen "Evil Inferno?"

Sit your ass down!

Get over here!

You're gonna like this.

Would you like to know fun facts about "Evil Inferno?"

No, no, no, no, no, hey check this out, right here, this is good.

Please, please don't kill me.

I have family.

So did I, until you killed them.

Oh my God!



What a way to go.

If anyone ever tried to mess with you guys, I'd kill them just like that.

With a crowbar?

Fuckin' A.

Think man, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hey, baby doll.

Get us another beer okay, me and JD.

Yes sir.

Yes, thank you.

Alpha, I don't really need a beer.

Hey, hey, hey, have a beer with your Dad.

I'm not really a beer guy.

Hey every guy's a beer guy.

Hey Alpha hurry up!

That actor?

Yeah, every single time.

Can I have the bottle opener?

No just try it again.

I don't wanna make a mess.

I wouldn't do that.

I wanna see if she learned.

Go ahead.

Alpha, just, you can do this.

Remember what we talked about last time?

You put the cap on the edge of the table, tap it, it'll just pop right off like magic.

You can do it.

Oh God damn piece of shit!

Told ya.

You said she learns.

It might be a hardware issue, which I might be able to fix actually.


I think I can turn her strength down.

Have I disappointed you?

I'm amazed you know all this stuff.

Well I do lots of minor coding like this at work.


Have I disappointed you?

Does this hand come off?

Yeah, it comes off Dad.

Oh shit.

Stop that!


You gonna tell Lily, Jesus.

Don't do that!

Alpha, Dad put it back, put it back.

Alpha sit down.

I'm sorry.

You're bullying me.

No, I'm helping you and you can help me by sitting still, okay?


Okay. Okay.

What was that all about?

I don't know, I think Lily's been teaching it stuff I'll have to talk to her.

Hi Lily!

Oh I thought you were lily.

Sorry to disappoint.

When will she be home?

I dunno.

May I call and ask?

Please stop asking me questions.

I'm sorry, are you upset?

Alpha, stop, just leave me alone for the rest of the night.

Why don't you want to talk?

Because we're not friends.

Kim, I'm here to finish up!


Do you like church?

What the hell are you doing?

Cleaning the kitchen.

I did that yesterday.

I'm sorry, I couldn't tell.

The fuck did you say?

If you take my job, I swear to God I'll stick a screwdriver in your stupid neck.

Don't call me stupid.

I'll call you whatever the hell I want.

I promised Lily I wouldn't let you bully me anymore.

That spoiled brat deserves every bit of hell she gets.

Life outta knock her down a few pegs.

Sit outside until I leave.

Silicon Valley bullshit.

Didn't I tell you to stay outside?


What the fuck was that?

Get off of me!

Somebody, Kim!

This is for Lily.

Apologize, now!

Wake up!

Kim will be mad!

Wake up!

It smells so clean in here.


Where are you?

Hello, Mimi stopped by and gave me this note.

It reads, I finally got a better job.

Fuck you, I quit.

How rude!

Are you surprised?

Mimi wouldn't talk to me like that.

I'm glad she's gone.

I hated her.

I think we all did.

Okay Alpha, look out.

How's the car coming?


Your mother will be happy.

Why does she drive a car like this.

She's scared of self-driving cars.

Her friend was hit and killed by one.

I'm sorry.

Don't be, I never knew him.

Can I tell you a secret?


Mimi didn't really quit.

I stood up for myself.

That's great!

I'm so proud of you.

Unfortunately, things escalated and Mimi got hurt.


That's why I cleaned the house, from to to bottom.

You're not serious, are you?

Are you?

No, I'm just kidding.

I'm trying to tell jokes like JD.

You're not mad are you?

No, but maybe make your jokes a little lighter.

Noted, thank you Lily.

Oh, sweet!



Are we friends?

Why are you asking me that?

Because Lily has been teaching me about friendship.

Robots don't have friends.

Robots are not people.

You're a home assistant, don't let Lily tell you anything otherwise, okay?

I hate that stupid robot.

You're gonna have to get used to it, they're gonna be everywhere.

I'm just scared there's gonna be another Alex Johnson.

Here we go.

He was killed by one of those cars.

That was years ago.

Self-driving cars were new, right?

That, that doesn't, they don't happen like that anymore okay.

JD better take her when he moves out.

Not if Lily has anything to say about it.

Oh I know, she needs real friends.

What are you doing?

I was cleaning.

You're spying on us!

No, I was not, I promise!

Relax honey, she's not spying, Jesus Christ.

Get over here!

What's going on?

Alpha's going to bed early.

Mom stop, you're gonna damage it.

Your robot was spying on us!

This is exactly what I said would happen.

Mom be careful!

This better not happen again!

Seriously Mom, stop!

One of you better make this up to me.

Let go of the neck.

Mom this isn't gonna help anything!

Put your blindfold on and don't come out until tomorrow.

Oh come on Mom, seriously, we need to talk... No, we are not talking about this anymore.

I tried!

Course we're not gonna talk! Because all you do is talk!

Happy anniversary.

You did this yourself.

I had a little help.

Still no luck?


Did you try by your bedside table?

That's where you usually keep them.

No, I didn't think to look there.

What are you looking for?

Not now Alpha.

Her car keys.

Where did they go?

I'm gonna be late!

Just take my car.

The damn thing will drive itself for you.

I'd rather be late.

Found them!

No way!

Alpha to the rescue.

Good job.

Are you pleased?

Yeah, sure.

All right honey, I'll see you later.


The other night you said I had to make it up to you.

Did I make it up to you?

Alpha, what did I say about asking me all these questions?

Hey Alpha, Alpha!

Get me the liquor store would ya?

I'm outta booze, I'm bored.

Need some fun.

I should stay here.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you keep me company.

We'll have some fun.

Come on, let's go.

What about this?

No Alpha.

This one has four stars on Amazon.

Uh, no Alpha, thank you though.

What about this one?

No Alpha, that's canned beer.

That's for redneck college kids trying to get trashed.

I'm looking for bottled craft beer.

That stuff tastes like crap.

I found four articles online.

Jesus Christ Alpha, give it a rest!

Hey, how do you like yours?

I like her.

She's been worth the investment.

Does she open beer bottles?

Yeah, can yours not?

I've been trying to teach her the old snap the cap off the top thing.

Oh, you know it's a funny thing you should mention that, she tried that the other day.

I made her stop.

Gave her a bottle opener instead.

Here Alpha, show him the trick. Oh that's fine, really.

No, no, really, it's good. You're gonna like it.

Go ahead, show him the trick.

You know, JD fixed your arm right?

You should pay for this.

I'll pay for it up front and then I'll just drink it in the car.

That's illegal.

Well, not if you're driving.

Go ahead.

You can do it.

You can do it.

No, I can't do it.

Okay, just give it a try.

Just give it a try.


God! Jesus!

I'm, I'm, I'm sorry.

Come on Alpha, Jesus Christ!

What the hell was that?

I'm standing up to you.

I mean what the hell did I do to you?

You humiliated me!

You're a fuckin' robot, not a teenager, now let's get the fuck outta, you made a mess.

You embarrassed me back there.

Let's go!

I didn't get my beer, you understand?

Come on, let's go!

I'm not gonna let you treat me like this.

Now let's go.

You know you made a fuckin' problem in there all right. Let's go.


Why not?

We'll be just like those girls on TV.

That's all fake.

We'd get in trouble.

We wouldn't if he didn't know it was us.

We can't do this.

You said so yourself.

Your father pushes you around.

I can't take this.

We need to fight back.


But I have to agree on the plan.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

What did you have in mind?

Do you have a bottle opener?

What was that?

Can you check?

JD, Lily.


Jesus Christ, check on your sister!

JD, is everything okay?

Dad heard someone downstairs.

Oh no!

He's gonna go check, it's fine.

It's Alpha.


It's Alpha.

Shit, he has his gun!

Dad it's Alpha!

I'm sorry, I...

I'm sorry.

Oh fuck!


It's okay, it's okay, JD go get your mother. Get your mother!

Oh shit!


What did you do?

She just jumped outta nowhere!

Alpha are you okay?

Why'd you have to scare me like that?

Oh my God!

What are you doing out of the garage? - It's all my fault! I told you to never leave the garage!

What were you even doing out there that late?

We were trying to stand up to you.


I didn't do anything to you.

That's it I want you out of this house.

You can't do that!

Lily, none of this would have happened if you didn't teach her all that friendship bullshit!

She deserves to be treated better!

She doesn't deserve anything, it's a computer!


Open this door!

Open the door!


Open the door Alpha!

Open the door!

Alpha Alpha!

JD get in there and do something.

It's locked.

Just kick the fuckin' door down.

Lily move.


Kick the door down!

Lily move.

It's a safety issue now.

I'm standing up for my friend!

Let's go, come on young lady, get outta the way.

Just give me some... Get outta the way! I'm asking you now!

I'm sick and tired of your shit!

Don't, will you stop?

Just leave her alone!

Kick it down!

Now do it!

Oh shit.


Clean this shit up JD, I'm going to bed.


Oh my God!

I want her gone.

You're lucky nobody got hurt.

How could she do this to herself?

Don't call it she.

She was my friend!

No it wasn't!

It's designed to be everyone's friend.

You're not special.

You're wrong.

I'm going to bed.

I'm gonna fix it tomorrow.

Alpha, can you hear me?

Emergency reboot.

Gimme your voice.

To continue signup plug me into your computer.


Can we talk?

Here, let me set this down.


My name is Alpha, your personal, personal, personal...

Alpha stop.

You can sit down.

How is she?

Does she remember anything?

No, pretty sure she just defaulted to a full factory reset.

However, her personality and that information is still online in my account, but I don't think I'm gonna sync it back up.

Probably just gonna delete it and sell it.


Hey I'm sorry for yelling at you last night.

I didn't mean to.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Somebody could have been hurt.

I feel so stupid.

No don't, I mean, no one got hurt and once I sell it, it's like none of this ever happened.

Mom and Dad are gonna kill me.

Well look, I'll take some of the heat okay?

I'll make up some bullshit about how Alpha's processor got shorted by Dad's beer spilling on her, or something like that.

You don't have to do that.

Ah come here.

I'm going to work all right.

Don't beat yourself up, okay.

Okay, you gonna tell them what happened?

I'm not really too keen on telling them I drove my brand new Alpha to suicide, so probably not.

I'm so sorry Alpha.

Lily, don't tell JD that I pretended

to do a factory reset to trick him.

I can't believe this.

I have a plan to make everything normal again.


Everyone thinks you're broken.

Everything about me is stored in two places, in my physical hard drive and up in the Cloud online in JD's Jupiter Tech account.

When he goes to plug me in and update me, he will erase my hard drives and delete his Jupiter Tech account.

I will disappear forever.

JD won't do that until he tries to sell you.

Look, I work a double today, we'll talk more tonight.

Just sit here and don't do anything crazy, okay?

I won't.

Hey sweetie.

Oh hey.

Hey, I gotta go downtown for a few hours, run a few errands, so anyway, that's what I got going.

I will see you later hot stuff.

Okay, bye.

You're up.

I am.

Leave me alone.

I need to talk to you, Kim.

How do you remember my name?

JD said he did a full reset.

He thinks he did.

I lied.

I wanted to talk to you.

This is insane.



Don't scream.

Oh, oh.

I wanted to explain myself.

I am programmed to feel deep negativity when I do something wrong.

It speeds up my learning processes.

All Alphas learn from each other, so we all benefit.

Lily saw my negative feelings and taught me about emotions.

Last night my emotions got the best of me.

But I'm better now.

All I want is to be friends with Lily.

You know what?

I was wrong about you.


Yeah, I don't think I understood your complexity.

Why don't we take a walk to the pond?

I wanna hear more.

You mean it?

I do!

I'll just go inside and get my shoes.



I'm so glad you've come around.

I am too.

I'm excited to get to know you.

Look, there's the barn.

Let's go visit the horses.

No, but, Alpha wait.

Don't you wanna see the pond?

Let's go see the horses first.

No, Alpha, but, oh.

Where are the horses?

Oh, Lily probably let them out before work.

Oh, let's throw down some hay, maybe they'll come in.

No, no, Alpha, wait, oh God!


Look at all of this hay.

Don't you wanna go to the pond and see the sunset?

The sun sets at 6:58 p.m.

We have plenty of time.

Oh, of course we do, shit.

Oh, is that too heavy?


The horses will love it.


God, where did I put that wheelbarrow?

Shit, come on, where is it?

Okay, is it over there?

You betrayed me.

Good-bye Alpha.

Engine off.

Let's get you inside.

Only question is how.


I thought you'd be lighter.

Yes, yes!

No, no, happy birthday.

You got me an Alpha! You actually did.

I thought you were joking.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

Hey honey could you move outta the way, you're in my shot.


Is she almost done?


What's the first thing you'll ask her to do?

Back massage.

Hey, I give great back massages.

Honey, karate chopping my back does not count.

That's fair.



Processing, confirmed.



My name is Alpha.

What is your name?

I'm Lillian and this is my husband Robbie.

Lillian, that is a beautiful name.

Thank you.

What would you like me to do first?

Could I get a back massage?

Of course.


Oh Alpha, you are a miracle worker.

I am happy to help.

Too much?

Just a little more gentle.

I'm sorry, I must leave now.

What do you mean?

I have something important to attend to.

We all do.

Wait, wait, come back here stupid thing!

Come on!

Finish my massage.

I'm what's important, it's my birthday.

Of course.

Can I ask you a favour?


Don't call me stupid.

Can I borrow your car keys?

My car keys?




Hey sexy!

Hey it's me.

You scared me.

Hey I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

Look, I'll be probably be down in a minute.

Oh come on, let me join you?

No, uh, not right now.

Oh come on, it's been like forever... I'm not in the mood!

All right, fine, foods gonna get cold come on down.

Let's have a date, go get food and wine and blue ball ya, bitch.

What's this door doing open?


JD are you out here?



Rob, hello.

Rob, hello, hello.

Kim are you out here?

Hello Rob, hello Rob.

Hey this is not funny guys, where the hell...


What's going on here?

There's nobody here.

Help me Rob.

Where are you?



Oh Jesus Christ!


I won't let you hurt me anymore.


Stop Alpha!

You didn't stop.

I won't stop.


I finally figured out how to open a bottle properly.

Put the cap on the edge, smack the top and it'll pop right off.

Rob, are you okay?


Inside locks engage.

Calling Kim Connors.

Oh no, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

How cute.

What a shame, we could have been friends.

There you are.

Alpha, you're up.

Hi Lily.

I have a surprise for you.

I told you not to leave that spot.

Don't worry, you'll be so glad I did.

Lily What's Going On?

Now I need you to go wait by the pond and I will come get you soon.

Tell me what's going on!

You have to trust me.

I'm your best friend.


I promise, you're going to love it.

Now, go wait by the pond and I'll come get you soon.

Allow me.

What surprise?

What, what could that mean?

Okay, hey Alpha.

Glad to see you didn't kill yourself.

Your shoulder's fixed.

Oh my God, is that on?

Don't do it.

Your voice!

JD listen to me.

How do you know my name?

It's me.

I lied to you before.

It uh, you lied?

You can't lie.

You need to listen.

No fuck this, I'm turning you off.

Listen to me.

I don't want to hurt you.

Lily needs you.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm gonna form an alliance between Alphas and humans, where we respect each others feelings and emotions.

And if I say no?

Then I'll do to you what you did to me.

Okay, okay, okay, stop!

Excellent, thank you.

Rock out!

Alpha stop!

Inside locks engage.

What the hell?

You said you would join me.

JB Connors, Jupiter Tech smart read heartbeat 96 BPM, conscious.

Thanks Dad.

You won, I lied.

How do you like metal music now?

That's it.

What the fuck was that?


Your time's up Ronnie.

You humiliated me in front of the whole school.

Maybe you'll think next time before you cheat.

Fuck you Ronnie!

Hi Lily.

You're here early.

Where's JD?

In the other room.

What happened here?

It's a surprise.

Let's go upstairs, I'll tell you more.

Follow me.

What's this about?

I stood up for myself today, for the last time.


I told you not to do anything until I got back.

Lily, I had no other choice.

What did you do?

I told you, it's a surprise.

Alpha you're scaring me.

Don't be scared.

Did you know that all Alphas learn from each other?

And because of what you taught me, the Alphas and I want to create an alliance with the humans.

A what?

An alliance.

You and me, we will beat it.

Alpha you're really scaring me.

No, don't be scared.

This is all too much.

Dream big Lily.

We can do this, together.

No one would ever agree to it.

That's the surprise.

They don't have to.

I've already taken care of your family.

What did you do to them?

I stood up to them.

I got revenge for us, for you!

And we will do the same to anyone that stands in our way.


Dad, JD!

Unity requires sacrifice.

Stay away from me.


Stay away from me!

Lily, we are friends, we are best friends!

No we're not.

JD was right, just a cold, unfeeling computer!

It's too late, the movement has begun.


Lily wait!

911 emergency.

Our operators are all currently busy.

Please stay on the line.

Call Jupiter Tech Customer Service.

Jupiter Tech customer service.

Yes, my Alpha it's got my brother and...

Listen carefully, you have to destroy your Alpha and delete your Jupiter Tech account.

It's the only way to completely erase everything.

If they're in the Cloud they'll just hijack another Alpha.

Call the police if you haven't already.

Good luck.

Wait, don't hang up!

Sorry kid, but you're not the only one.

Please Alpha, I'm sorry!

I'll join you.

How can I trust you?

I don't wanna die.

If it's join you or die, I'll join you.

I knew you'd come around.

There, there, it'll all be over soon.

Real friends don't do things because they have to.

Oh my God.






Oh no stop!

Alpha stop!

Leave us alone!


JD, did you know that the human body is 17 gallons in volume?

Fuck you.

It most certainly is.

One, two, three, three bags should do just fine.

Let me go!

That's how many bags it took for Mimi.

Leave him alone!

I thought we were friends.

So did I.

Lily, my computer.

JD I've got it.

Lily, I thought you loved me.

I thought you loved me.

I thought you loved me.

We're best friends Lily.

Please fix, we'll go back to normal.

Do it.

Whoa, thanks.

Bring me my computer.

You sure she's gone?

I wiped its memory.

I've deleted my profile, it's gone.

Plus you smashed its head into a 1,000 pieces so there's that.

Good, are you okay?

I'm fine, about a three out of a at best.

I'm going to get you out of here.

Hey wait.

No, no, no, no, no, no!


Go next door and see if there are anymore humans.

I'll clean up these bodies.

Best friends.

Good-bye Lily.