The Amityville Horror (1979) Script

In here. Right there.

Jesus Christ, it gets worse all the time.

Sure as hell doesn't get any better.

All shot in their beds, execution style, only the mother shot in the head.

What time you make it? Give me a ballpark guess.

3:00, 3:15, and that's pretty close.


How long have you been waiting?

-About half an hour... -Just a couple of minutes.

Over there, that's a little gardening hut.

-You mean that's included? -Sure.

It could be a guest house, with a little fixing up.

A guest house? Sure.

Come on. Right up here.

See how much property you have? Isn't that lovely?

Be careful. Don't trip.

You'll see what a beauty this is.

There's nothing like it on the market, not at this price.

Come in. Come on in. Thank you.

Impressive, isn't it? Wow.

I mean, that's what I call charming.

-Come on, I'll show you the living room. -Thank you.

That's a wood-burning fireplace. Be nice on cold nights.

That's the sun porch. Nice, isn't it?

George, I don't think... Be cool.

Would you like to see the kitchen?

Yes, thank you.

This is the kitchen. Nice and spacious, isn't it?

Really big. Has all the original hardware, and everything works.

This your first house?

We just got married.

Shall we look at the upstairs?

I like to refer to this as a fixer-upper that can be fun.

We can start with this, huh?

Now, this is an extra room.

This is the bathroom connecting with the next bedroom.

This is the second bedroom.

There's a nice view of the river from here.

If you're planning on a big family, there are three full bedrooms, plus...

We already have a family, two boys and a girl.

Great kids.

-You are so bad. -What?

-Cut it out! -What?

Next is the master bedroom.

Love it.

Just one more floor.

See anything you like,

-we can include it in the price. -Really?


This can be another bedroom, or a playroom, whichever you prefer.

I'll tell you what, I think maybe we'll wander around on our own again, now that we got the layout.

We can meet you downstairs. How'd that be?

I'll be in the kitchen. Take your time.

We won't be long.

What do you think?

I love it.

But, honey, $80,000?

I mean, it might as well be $800,000.

Well, now, listen.

The house is worth $120,000 easy.


And if I move my office into that little cottage out back, that'll save that rent.

And the boathouse means I won't have to shell out for mooring charges, which they're raising, by the way.

You didn't tell me that.

There was nothing to be done about it.

I just wish that all those people hadn't died here.

A guy kills his whole family?

Doesn't that bother you?

Sure, but houses don't have memories.

I don't know.

Well, I do. The house wouldn't even be for sale, and if it was, we couldn't afford it if we had tuna casseroles for a year.

You're going to be very happy. It's a wonderful house.

I'm sure they'll accept your offer.

Don't worry about a thing. I'll handle the details.

Just go on and get ready to move.

They're not getting too close to the river out there?


Sounds like a regular daddy I hear over there.

I might feel like one, if that's what they started calling me instead of George, which, I got to admit, is better than all that "Mr. Lutz" crap they were giving me.

What do you want to do with this?

I know, I know. Put it in the living room on that wall there beside the bookshelf, and the light will come through the window and look beautiful.

You got it.


Aw, shit, come on.

I'm tired of this damn sticky paper!

I wish I'd listened to my mother and gotten the old-fashioned kind that you tack down.

Nobody likes a quitter.

But I got an idea.

Get a couple of beers and go outside and play?

What are those monsters up to?


Anybody home?




Anybody home?


Harry, get over here.

God's peace in this house.

Get out.

Get out!

Amy? Amy, honey, dinner's ready.


-Here. -No, I've got her.

You and the boys start. I'll take her upstairs and put her to bed.

She wasn't outside.

Where was she?

Up. You get on in there and eat your hot dogs. Come on.


Hello, Kathy?

Kathy, can you hear me? Kathy.

Father Delaney, there's something very...

Hello? Hello?

-Who was that? -On the phone?


Just a bunch of static. A bad connection or something.

I think Ma Bell's gone wacko again.

Probably discover it was a collect call from Japan or someplace when the next bill comes.

Did you make sure that Amy's got her doll with her?

Yeah, she's sleeping with it.

You hungry, honey?

You don't want one of those charbroiled hot dogs I did especially for you?

No, I'm not hungry.

Damn, it's cold in here.

I felt cold a bit earlier, but I think I've warmed up now.

It says 72. It feels like 32.

Do you know what I think it is?

I think there's a draft that comes up from the basement through that door down there.

This house is supposed to be well-insulated.

They'll nickel-and-dime you to death.



-Are you all right? -Yeah.

-Did you hurt yourself? -No.

Those stairs are tricky. Come on.

I'll take you upstairs.

We'll check this all out tomorrow.

I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to scare you.

I look at you all the time.

I can't get used to you.

Who loves you?

-I'm lucky. -Come here.

I just wanted to clean up first.

I love the way you smell right now.

I love you.

I love you back.

You make me feel like a kid in the backseat of a car.

I want us to work. I want to be the best. I don't want you to have any regrets.

I love you, Kathy.

I want to go home.

Mommy, I want to go home.

Honey, come on. What's this trouble?

Come on. Back to bed. Back to bed.

This is our home. Don't you know that?

Here we go.

There you go, sweetie.

What's the matter? Having mean dreams?

Sleep tight.

It's not so easy, is it?

Well, I guess people have had to deal with this ever since Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden.

Just have to learn to live with it.

Thank you.

You're one hell of a watchdog, Harry.

Come on, boy.

Come on.

What do you say, Harry? It looks okay, huh?


Don't ever do that.

Not to a man with an ax in his hand.

I just thought maybe I could get a little help.

Look what you made me do.

I made you do?

There's a week's worth of groceries rolling down the walk.

Wait a minute till I finish this up.

George, "Finish"?

You have got enough wood here to heat the whole South Shore!

You take this.

-I'll get the rest. -I love you.

Broke a bulb.

Hey, who drinks this fancy kind of tea around here?

Oh, that's for Aunt Helena. She's coming by around 2:00.

-Give me a break. -Come on, George, be nice.

This is a big event in my family.

We've always been a bunch of renters and this is the first time anyone's bought a house.

Damn regimental inspection, and we're not ready.

Sweetie pie, you scared me. What do you want?

My friend Jody wants to play upstairs.


Huh, Jody? See?

Mmm-hmm. Well, you and Jody go on up and enjoy yourself.

And does your friend, Jody, like sugar cookies too?

I don't think so.


Off you go.

Hello, this is Kathy Lutz.

Could I speak with Father Delaney, please?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Lutz.

Father's not feeling very well today.

He's asleep right now.

This is Father Bolen. May I help you in any way?

Father Bolen, he was supposed to come by and bless the house yesterday, but it can wait till he feels better.

-I hope he's not too sick. -I think it's just one of those flu things.

But, Mrs. Lutz, Father was at your house yesterday.

Uh-uh. We were expecting him, but he never showed up.

Well, I know he left to go there.

He didn't come. We waited all day.

Must have been some kind of mix-up.

Oh, well, no big deal. Just tell him "Hi."

And that we hope he's feeling better.

I sure will. Thank you for calling.

I'll go check Amy's bathroom.

Boy, does it stink!

Mom. Mom.


Go downstairs and let your aunt Helena in.

And don't tell her anything about this, okay?

-Do we have to? She's always pinching! -Yes, you have to! Go, now!

-Come on! -Go on.

And be polite.

Well, hello, Matthew.

And Gregory, and Harry.

-Where's your mother, dear? -She said she'll be down in a minute.

Aunt Helena?

Kathleen. What?

I'm sorry. I must have set it too near the edge.

-I have to go. -I don't understand.

I don't feel well at all.

Look, I bought your favorite tea and I'll make you a cup.

I have to go. I really feel terrible.

If you just rested a while, you'd feel a lot...

-I can't stay! -Please, stay.

-No, I can't stay. I don't feel well. -You'll feel a lot better if you just rest.

If you just rest and...

I can't stay. Forgive me.

George, please make her...


-Aren't you going to come to bed? -In a minute.

The fire went out.

Are you still cold?

Hope you're not coming down with something.

I'll be all right.

I got to stay healthy for your brother's wedding.

Your hair's getting long.

You know what? Maybe you should sleep in tomorrow.

I got work to do.

I don't want to be up to my ass in boxes forever.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what the hell's the matter with me.

-Silly, this happens all the time. -Not to me, it doesn't.

Hey, stop pushing. You don't have to prove anything to me.


Turn out the light.

Turn out the light.

I love you.

I love you back.

She was shot in the head!


You all right?

Tell me something, Father.


Why couldn't this wait till tomorrow?

I don't know. I...

All I know is I have to get back to that house. That's all.

-Are you feeling all right, Father? -I'm fine, fine, fine.

-Father! -What's the matter?

There's something wrong with the steering wheel.

What's wrong with this?

Harry, be quiet!

Be quiet!


Will you check this for me, please?

It's got to come to 1,500 bucks for the caterer.

-The sucker wants cash. -Jimmy, will you relax?

You've counted it about 1000 times.

You sure do look terrific.

You're not gonna start to cry already?

It's just that, yesterday, I was riding you around on the back of my bike, and now you're getting married.

I sure am.

I'm just real happy for you, that's all, hon.

Hey, there he is.

George, you look terrible.

So she keeps telling me.

It's just some kind of little flu virus going around.

Amy's got it too. It's nothing.

Listen, if you're not up to it, I'd understand.

Hey, I'm your best man. Come on, let's go.


Mrs. Lutz, am I supposed to give Amy an aspirin or anything?

Just give her one before bed, okay?

Are you gonna be okay?

I don't know.

What's the matter? The money.

What money?

The money for the caterer. $1,500.

-I put it in this pocket. -It must have fallen out. Come on...

Well, it's not here.

I'll look under here.

Have you checked your pants?

Now, calm down, Jimmy. Calm down. It can't have gotten up and walked away.

If you had it here, it's got to be here.

What am I gonna do? I can't believe it! I can't believe it!

Will you get those kids off that horn?

Jimmy, George, we have to go. We're getting very late.

George... What am I gonna do?

It's got to be here someplace.

We'll just look for it when we get home.

What about the caterer?

I'll take care of him.

I'll write him a check.

-You sweetie. -Okay?

I'll get the kids.

It's freezing in here.

It's time for bed, Amy. I've got to give you an aspirin.

I don't want to go to bed. I want to play with Jody.

Now, your mom said I had to put you to bed early because you've been sick.

Now, don't smart off to me.

I wasn't sick. I just didn't like meat loaf.

Let's get you into your pajamas.

Amy? Open the door.

Amy, I'm in the closet. Open the door.

Amy, I mean it!

Amy, come to the door. Open it!

Amy, for Christ's sake, open the door!



Amy! Open the...

Amy, open...

Amy, open the door!


Amy, open the door!


For Christ's sake, open the door!


How are you?

-Are you feeling better? -Fine. Just fine.

-I want to apologize for the other day. -Don't worry about that.

I don't know what happened.

I hadn't gone a half a block from your house, and I was violently ill.

I think there's a virus or something going around.

Father Delaney's got something and Amy's got something and...

I don't know what's the matter with George.

Listen, I'll talk to you later, okay?

I'm gonna write you a check.

The deal was cash, you know? Cash.

The cash is lost. You gotta take a check.

I don't like checks. Let me tell you something about checks.

Checks get canceled. Checks bounce.

Checks is not cash. Cash is cash.

You listen to me, pal.

I don't like lectures, and I don't like being hassled in the men's room.

I'm gonna write you a check.

Either that's good enough for you or you're gonna eat your own goddamn food.

Look at this.

I want cash, and they're giving me checks.

Are you all right, honey?

I don't think I can make it through the reception.

Let's get the kids and split, huh?

Okay, I'll get the kids. You take it easy.

Matt, get over here.

Now, Matt, right upstairs and right to bed. Come on.

Why? I'm not even tired. Upstairs and right to bed.

-You are so tired. -I am not!

You're tired because I said you're tired.

Hey, cut that out.

Come on. I'll bring you up some milk and cookies.

Let me out.

Let me out.

Let me out.

Amy, are you okay?


Oh, my God! What happened? I couldn't get out.

The door closed and it locked, and I couldn't get out.

There's no lock on this door.

-It wouldn't open. -Take a look.

Look. See?

It wouldn't open!

Why didn't you open the door? Why didn't you answer me?

Jackie! Jackie! Jackie!

Why didn't you unlock the door? You heard Jackie knocking.

Jody wouldn't let me. Jody? Who's Jody?

She's my friend and she comes to play with me.

Jesus Christ, what the hell are we standing here listening to?

And weren't you told to go to bed?

Go on! Get out of here!

These kids of yours need some goddamn discipline.

Let me see. Let me go get something for them.

George yelled at me.

You should have opened the door!

Jody doesn't like George.

Where the hell is it?

There's an explanation for all of it.

We're not in the habit of blaming Satan for every phenomenon.

Neither am I, Father.

For a modernist, who thought Vatican II didn't go far enough, don't you think you sound a little medieval?

My being a modernist has nothing to do with it.

I happened to check into the murders, and I checked into the 20-year-old boy who killed his parents and his four brothers and sisters, and when he was at trial, he testified that he heard voices in the house!

He heard voices in the house and the voices told him to do it!

Now, I was in the house, and I heard the voices too!

And I also felt a presence in the house!

I'm telling you, there was a presence in that house!

Half of the killers in this country say the same thing.

The voices. "The voices told me to do it."

But I heard them, Father! I heard voices!

Then explain this! Explain my hand, if you can do that!

Go on! Explain how the car went out of control!

Go on. Father Bolen was with me. You tell him!

Well, the wheel locked, and then the...

The wheel locked. How about a mechanical defect?

I'd blame Detroit a lot faster than the Devil.

Seems like every month there's some kind of recall.

I see.

We're just gonna walk away from it.

Has that become the fashion now? To cover up?

Nothing to walk away from.

-Well, I think it's nonsense. -There's nothing to cover up.

I think it's bureaucratical bullshit!

What do you think I am?

I am not some pink-cheeked seminarian who doesn't know the difference between the supernatural and a bad clam!

I am a trained psychotherapist!

I went into that house and what I saw there was real!

What I felt there was real! And what I heard there was real!

Now, gentlemen, I have a family in my parish that's at great risk!

They are facing real danger.

Who the hell do you think you are?

You think your secular education gives you the right to question the Church?

Sit down!


Now, you haven't told us one thing that can't be written off as simple hysteria.

Even psychotherapists lose touch with reality sometimes.

Your education doesn't give you any immunity.

Father Nuncio and I have seen our share of phenomena and never once did any of them turn out to be Satanist!

Let's understand each other, Father.

To me... The Church...

It's my home.

The Church is my strength.

And I need her now, and that family needs her now.

Frank, how long has it been since you've seen your family?

What do you mean?

We think you should take a vacation.

Good morning, Father.

Good day, Father.

You could do with a haircut and shave.

-What do you think? -Very uptown.

-I thought you guys had a small business. -Believe me, we do.

Getting smaller all the time.

What's the matter?

I don't want to go any closer.

Carolyn, what are you talking about?

It gives me the creeps.

Hi, George. How's it going?

Listen, I wouldn't have come out and bothered you, but your line's always busy.

Nobody's seen you for days.

You haven't even been in to sign the payroll checks.

I did us both a favor and brought them along.


-Gosh, what day is this? -Thursday.



I promised the men I'd hand-deliver these.

Should have been paid yesterday.

Some caterer's been screaming that you wrote him a personal check that bounced.

I should have covered that.

And some guy from the IRS has been calling.

Don't you have any good news?

Yeah, I brought you the spotlight for your boat.

Come on. I'll put it on for you.

You girls think I don't know what you're up to?

Well, I do. And if I ever catch you again, you're gonna be in big trouble.

You girls hear me? Janet, are you listening?

Now, don't be a smart ass.

You quit that. Stop teasing me.

Hey, what are you two rascals doing in my room, huh?

Oh, my God!

The goddamn thing feels like it's nailed shut!


Hold it out. No blood gets on him.

I'll drive, honey.

-Amazing. -What?

Not one broken bone.

George, are you awake?

Isn’t it kind of strange that none of the bones are broken in Greg's hand?

George, I have to talk to you.

-What was that? -I don't know. You stay up here.

Like hell.

Wait. Wait.

Goddamn it, don't sneak up on me.

You call the police. I'm going to go check on something.

It's okay, sweetie.

Hi, Sarge, what brings you out?


-What do you got? -Beats the hell out of me.

-What do you got? -This is Mrs. Lutz, Sergeant.

Mrs. Lutz.

And George Lutz.

Is that L-U-T-Z-E?

No "E."

The basement door is the same as the front.

What way is the basement?

Come on, I'll show you.

Hey, who let you in?

What are you doing there, boy?

No broken windows.

How long you been living here?

A couple of weeks.

Are you related to the family that was here before?


You look a lot like them.

The kid had the same...

Harry, knock it off!

Have you had any trouble with vandals or trespassers?

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, you've got a door that was broken outward, Mr. Lutz, from the inside.

Burglars break in. You've got a front door that's broken out.

Let me tell you something. Somebody broke into my house.

They heard me coming and they took off.

Okay. Then who broke the basement door?

Maybe they came in through the cellar and ran out the front door.

I checked all the windows down there. None broken.

You think it was faster to break it down than to open it?

There'll be a tighter watch on your house.

You call us if anything happens, okay?

Good night. Good night.

Good night.

Why is this all going wrong?

We have to do something.

Jody says everything's gonna get better.


What does Jody look like?

I mean, is Jody big, or thin, or fat, or...

She's nice.

-She tells me things, too. -Yeah? Like what does she tell you?

She tells me about the little boy who used to live in my room.

He got hurt and he died.

What else does Jody tell you?

She says she wants me to live here forever and ever, so we can all play together.

Good-bye, sweeties. Be home by 3:30, okay?

Be careful.

Oh, answer.

Please answer.


Father, this is Kathy Lutz, and I have to talk to you.

Kathy, listen to what I'm telling you.

Father? Father!


Oh, Lord, hear my prayer and hasten to answer me.

Hello. Everybody wanted to come over to welcome you to the neighborhood.

It's all right, isn't it?

Just a minute, please.



George, thanks for coming.

I thought I might be stood up.

Look, don't give me any crap. I don't have time.

George, relax, will you? I just want to buy you a drink.

A couple of beers, please? Got you.

George, are you all right?

I mean, you look terrible.

Here you are, pal.

Jesus, I'm sorry.

You look just like that kid.

He was sitting right in that seat where you are when he was arrested.

What the hell are you talking about?

The kid last year that killed his family. You know the house down by the river?

-Hey, you're the spitting image. -So?

So, I'll bring you another brew. No offense, huh?

Look, I gotta get out of here. I'll talk to you later.

No, George, now. We gotta talk now.

The business is falling apart.

People are calling. Bills have to be paid.

I know you're busy unpacking, but life goes on.

Don't push me, Jeff. I'm warning you. I don't have the patience.

You're warning me? Give me a break, will you? Talk to me!

I knew this would happen. I told you, you were taking on too much.

-Just drop it, Jeff! -You marry a dame with three kids, you buy a big house with mortgages up to your ass, you change your religion and you forget about business.

Great. Really great.

Okay. Now, can we talk?

Christ, man, I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.

Come on.

Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so Little ones to him belong They are weak but he is strong Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

The Bible...

Who you singing to, princess?

You scared Jody.


There's no one here. See?

You scared her. She went out the window.

She went out the window?

I better check and make sure she's not still there, huh?

The house is doing things. Windows open by themselves.

Rooms full of flies at the wrong time of year.

You saw what happened to Greg's hand. It's crazy.

And last night the front door was ripped off its hinges from the inside.

Of course. It's right here. It's history.

John Ketchum.


Listen, they ran him out of Salem for being a witch.

He built his house exactly where you're living.

You're living on some sort of special ground.

Devil worship.



George, there's one simple rule.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms.

Carolyn, will you get a grip on yourself?

You sound like some kind of psycho weirdo.

Come on, Jeffrey, don't be such a hard-core rationalist.

You know, everything in life cannot be explained by a slide rule.

Thank you very much for your cosmic views.

Now, do me a favor, shut up!

Can I make a rational suggestion, please?

Sure, man, anything.

Go home, get cleaned up, take Kathy out to dinner.

Carolyn and I will baby-sit the kids.

You've got to get away from it, George, even if it's for a couple of hours, and when you get back, we'll add it all up.

We'll talk this thing through.


Let's go home.

Look, I'll go in and talk to Kathy. You all come in, in a couple of minutes.

Hey. Hey.


He told us to wait out here.

Jeff, I've got to see it for myself.

-I thought that place gave you the creeps. -What?

Are those vibes ever strong.

It really pulls on you.

I've got to see the basement. That's where it's coming from.

I'm very sensitive about these things.

And I know about them.

Come on. Knock it off, will you?

What I saw was not a cat.

It could have climbed up the ivy. It's all over the side of the damn house.

Look, Kathy, I don't have all the answers yet.

We've got to get some perspective on this thing.

Come on, let's take Jeff's offer. Put yourself together.

Let's get the hell away from it for a couple of hours.

We'll get dressed.

I just gotta check the fire first.

Demons are smart. They're not just monsters. They...

They think. Just like you and I do, just in reverse. You know? It's a closed system.

Now you're beginning to give me the creeps.

There was a tribe of Indians called the Shinnecocks, and they used this land as a sort of exposure pen.

They put all the crazy people here and left them here to die.

My God!

That's where it is.

What the hell are you talking about?

There are people buried here.

Easy. Easy.

Easy, Harry.

What the hell are you doing?

What is the matter with you?

Don't you understand? It has to be done.

-That is where the room is! -What the hell are you doing to my house?

George, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into her.

I'm trying to tell him. That's where it is.

She's right.

She's right. There is something here.

Give me that.

What's going on?

Have you all gone mad? George!

They come and go through here.

Find a well.

It's the passage to hell!

Cover it!


George, you heard that voice. You know whose voice that was?

George, you heard that voice. You know whose voice that was?

You heard it! I know you heard it!

We have to do something, George.

We have to do something now.

Peace to this house and all who enter here.

Forgive our sins... Peace to this house and all who enter here. ...and save us from all illness.

Grant this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

What is going on here?

Weird people.

Bless this house and all who enter here.

Bless this house...

What's happening?

Kathy? Kathy?

-Kathy? -Don't touch me!

Leave me alone, please.


Father, since I've come back from Vietnam, you've had a tremendous influence in my life.

I look up to you. I respect you. I admire you.

And what is your point?

Well, I believe that I know about fear.

I've seen it. I experienced it.

Richard, I wish you'd make your point because I've got a lot of things to do.

My point is, Father, that I believe we create our own demons in our own minds.

I'm sorry, Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray.


By the power of Your spirit, You have filled the hearts of Your faithful people with gifts of love for one another.

Hear the prayers that we offer for our relatives and friends.

Give them health.

Give them health of mind and body that...

Give them health of mind and body that they may do Your will with perfect love.

Give them health of mind and body that they may do Your will with perfect love!

We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your son.

Give them strength of mind and body!

O Lord, I beg thee!

Give them strength in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your son!

O Lord!

Oh, Jesus Christ!


What is it, Father?

I can't see.

I'm blind.

What do you want from us?

God damn it, this is my house!

No! No, no, no! No!

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

I'm coming apart!

Oh, Mother of God, I'm coming apart!


George? What happened?

I was just dreaming.

I'm sorry if I woke you.

Honey, are you okay?

-Oh, sure. -Are you sure?

Oh, my God. What happened to your foot?


Nothing. I just tripped.

-It looks like teeth marks. -Will you stop nagging at me?

It's always so cold in here.

Let's get out of here.

Let's just pack up our stuff and go.

Would you please leave that damn fire alone and listen to me?

I'm not going anywhere. You're the one that wanted a house!

This is it, so just shut up!

You bastard.

Excuse me? Somebody told me that you could tell me where...

Excuse me?

-Someone told me that you... -Hello.

I'm sorry. I'm Kathy Lutz and I'm looking for Father Delaney.

Hi, I'm Father Bolen.

I believe the Father has gone on his vacation.

He's been very overworked and...

I must speak to Father Delaney. I simply must.

You don't understand. He's more than a priest to me.

He's like a friend of mine.

He's helped me through some very difficult times in my life, and I have to talk to him now!

It's out of my hands.

Hello, Father.

How are you feeling today?

I brought you some mail. Would you like me to read it?

I notice there's one here from a former patient.

Would you like to hear it?

It certainly is beautiful here.

Why don't I arrange so we can have our lunch here?

Would you like that, Father?

Excuse me, Father. Can I have a word with you?

Of course, Sergeant. What can I do for you?

Well, I don't really know, exactly.

You know, it may be just a wild goose chase, but I'm the curious type.

Like the man says, it goes with the territory.

Sergeant, I have a great deal of work to do.

Could you make your point, please?

I'd like to know what's happening to Father Delaney.

You see, he's an old friend, and I can't get the story right.

Well, there is no story to get right.

-Maybe I am just chasing shadows. -Excuse me, please.

I think this has all the good stuff, I mean, the major coverage.

If there's anything you need, that you wanna see, I'll go back there and get it.

-No, I think this should be fine. -Yeah, that's what I thought.

This is the November 14th issue. That's the day after the murders.

Now, that crank over there? You turn that crank...

-That one there? -Right there.

-Okay. Fine. -It advances the film.

Each frame is a whole page, and to get it in focus, you just turn this knob right here.

-Okay, I've got it. -Okay.

-You all set now? Good. -I'm fine, I'm fine.

Oh, my God. George.

George! George!


Matt! Greg! Matt!





Amy? Amy!



-Don't hurt my babies. -Kathy?

I saw your picture in the newspaper.


Kathy, I wouldn't hurt you.

Oh, my God! Get going! Now! Get going!

Go ahead! Hold on, hold on!

Hold on there. Go! Run!

Hold on.

George! Open it! I got it!

Something's coming. Please, open it!

Go, go, go!


The keys. Oh, God, where are the keys?

What? Wait a minute.

I want Harry.

-Please, George, drive. -Mom?

George! No! No!

Harry! Come on, boy!


Harry, come on!


No, it's me!

Harry, no! Harry!


Pull, Harry! Pull!


Harry, pull!

Good boy.

Harry... Come on, boy.