The Anderson Tapes (1971) Script

When I first started safecracking, I used to rip into them.

Pour in the soup and blow the shit out of them. It was like rape.

It had this sexual theme running through it. I used to...

...blow them open and plunge right in.

Often, I was sexually aroused at the time.

But as I became more proficient, I learned to sneak up on them.

Ferret out their secrets and caress them.

I used to have them open before they even knew I was there.

It was more like seduction than rape.

The beauty of it was, I was falling in love with the whole thing.

In love?

I take it you were fixating on safecracking as a displacement...

...of normal sexual relations.

Tell me, how was your love life at that time?

Just like any other guy. I was looking.

Looking for what?

Love. Love. And what is love?

He was looking for something deeper, more lasting.

Something more than just nookie.

That's valid.

Time is getting short, and we've got a graduate.

Anderson is about to leave us after 10 years.

How does the group feel about that?

That's an outpouring of real feeling. How do you feel about it, Duke?

Are you sure you wanna know? Well, that's what we're here for.

Angry. Why is that?

They grabbed 10 years of my life. That's not enough?

You knew the law. You took a chance, and you lost.

Who are you angry at?

Those sons of bitches that cut a piece out of this country every day.

Do you characterize their actions as similar to yours?

Goddamn right. What's advertising but a legalized con game?

And what the hell's marriage? Extortion.

Prostitution with a government stamp on it.

What is your stock market? A fixed horse race.

Some business guy steals a bank, he's a big success story.

Some other guy steals a magazine, and he's busted.

Well, for my part I feel deeply moved.

Knowing that he trusts me enough to say things he really feels.

Saying those things, which I as a prison official, could...

You can't do shit!

I'm not on parole, I'm finished here. There's nothing you can do.

Deputy O'Connor, Deputy O'Connor call your office, call your office.

Deputy O'Connor, call your office, call your office.

Attention, attention. Cellblocks six, seven, 12, 13 and 14...

...will have inspection tomorrow at 0545 hours.

Repeat, cellblocks six, seven, 12...

...13 and 14 will have inspection...

Meyer, William.

Anderson, Robert.

Attention, attention. From now on water will be available...

Spencer, Kurt.

Repeat, from now on water will be available from 2200 hours.


Well, so long. Come on, get out of here.

Hey, come on. Kid.


Take it easy. Easy.

There you are, all right? Take it easy, Pop.

Hey, look at it, Pop. The free world, and it's all yours!

I don't like it. What do you mean, you don't like it?

You don't like the pretty girls? You're not that old.

They look like whores. Only not good whores.

When did you go inside? 1931. I shot a cop.

You missed the Depression and World War II and Korea.

You're lucky, you missed everything. Announcing the departure of bus 72.

Well, didn't you get any mail? Who did you write to?

My sister, she was the last one.

She must've died because the last thing I got from her, an Easter card.

I got that in 1948. Terrific.

I'll take a look, he must have something here.

Charlie, check the mezzanine. I think we got a 501 in progress.

What do we do with him? How do I know?

Hey, what's this?

Okay, what is this?

Jesus, we almost didn't even get out of the bus station.


I got to go to the bathroom. So long. Yeah, okay, man.

America, man, you know, it's so beautiful I want to eat it.

You hang in there, man.

I'd like to establish an account. Come this way, please.

Would you like our charge card, good for charging... any one of thousands of establishments?

Write your name here as a sample signature.

Say "cheese."


Right. You want a receipt? No, thank you.


Miss Ingrid Everleigh, please. You a friend?


Who should I say wants her? Mr. Anderson.

Sign in, please.

Mr. Anderson.

Yes, ma'am.

You can go up, sir. It's apartment 2B.

I haven't been laid in over 10 years. Ten years.

Well, 10 years, three months, eight days.


I found it.

Peace of Mind Investigators.

Everleigh surveillance. July 16th, 4:45 p.m.

Code E638549. Voice actuated.

Is it the 15th? Yes.

Okay, what happens now?

You've put on a little weight. It feels good.

What are you gonna do?

Well, let's have breakfast first. Are you gonna stay?

You haven't asked me, have you? Oh, my God, don't be coy.

Ingrid? Yes.

What sort of people live here? We have a variety.

There's a fag decorator upstairs and a doctor downstairs...

...although they say he's an abortionist. They're all loaded.

Are you staying? Sure, I want to sleep with you.

All right.

A red-hot woman.

If I was a red-hot woman, you wouldn't want me.

You wouldn't have the feeling you have for me.

Poor Duke, too bad.

Mr. Gottlieb, please. Ingrid Everleigh.

You want what you can't have.

You're always hammering on that locked door.

Werner? It's Ingrid. I'm afraid you can't come by anymore.

My old boyfriend has come back, and he's living with me now.

I'll see you one night a week at your place. Werner. Werner!

Look, it's very simple. I just like him more than I like you.

I want to thank you for a marvelous relationship and all the presents.

It is my apartment. You gave me the papers.

For Thursdays with you, you can continue the upkeep.

It's not a fight, it's a negotiation. Kisses, my darling.

Poor Werner. You know, he just doesn't know who he is.

This coffee's going to take a while. You want to make love to me now?


What do you think? Can I get into these flats? Would it be worth it?

Here? Yeah.

I don't wanna know about it.

I'd need your help. Do it, but don't tell me about it.

You know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to back up a van and steal the guts out of the whole place.


You're always so serious. I have no sense of humor. None.

You want a $1500 advance to finance research, lay the caper out, et cetera.

Let me explain what I'm going to do. Don't interrupt.

Don't talk to me like that. I don't give a goddamn who you are now.

It's all right. Angelo is just in a hurry.

He's got a lot on his mind.

I'm sorry, Duke. Nick's right. I got a lot on my mind.

Nick's right. I got a lot on my mind.

They call him Duke Anderson. He was telling these guys...

We don't care about him. Who's the other guy?

I told you Treasury Department guys 100 times.

Pat, the kid. His father was the Hook.

But when he was knocked over in Vegas...

...the old man, Papa Angelo, adopted him.

I got a lot on my mind. How's everything with Immigration?

Ask him.

With the appeals and everything, Duke's got at least nine months.

Duke's got at least nine months.

That's D'Medico, the lawyer. That's right.

Duke's got at least nine months.

What do we get out of these apartments?

A furniture van full of stuff. From Picasso paintings to stones...

Oh, Christ.

What do you want? Cash. Bills, that's what you want.

There's cash there. Maybe I clear 25,000.


Do I hear 20? I think we'll do better.

How much better? I'm counting on this to put me out.

I want a stake. A stake for what?

I want to be a sponge fisherman.

Up at 5:30, raw fish for breakfast. Out in the boats by 6.

By 6:30, diving for sponges.

Hey, what's sponges?

You're not a fisherman. You're a goddamn burglar.

I want to be a rich goddamn burglar.

What do you think?

It stinks. What are we screwing around with stuff like this?

Even if he scores, it's less than one week's take in our worst horse room.

I don't know. He's a good dependable guy.

He saved Gino's life. I think we owe it to listen to him.

This guy's more than muscle. Every move is laid out.

It's like a military operation. Not like the old days.

Hey, the old days, huh? You still think you can take me?

Come on, I'm in pretty good shape.

Hey, look at me, Vic. I'm a businessman.

My gut is swelling. My ass is dropping.

I got a wife and three kids. I belong to four clubs.

I worry about the crabgrass in the lawn and worms in the goddamn poodle.

It ain't right.

Man's a hunting animal.

It ain't natural to be an accountant. Here's your linguine, Mr. Angelo.

"An FBI request for a wiretap on the premises...

...of Antiques International."

What the hell is that? An interior decorator's.

"For investigations relating to transport and sale of stolen property."

2516 of the U.S. Code, Paragraph C where it refers to section 2315.

Also section G, paragraph one.

The fag that owns the joint is buying antiques heisted in the Midwest.

Approved. Next case.

May I help you? Is Tommy Haskins still here?

Hey, Tommy, somebody here to see you.

Oh, God, what is...?



You've come to tell me you've had the operation.

Duke, look at you, dear boy.

You should be so lucky.

Don't get snippy with me, you bitch.

Come in the back.

Can we talk? That's all you ever want to do.

Here, perch.

Some tea?

Tommy, I got a whole building that I want combed out.

What? Of course you do.

It's got a doctor's office. Six flats, two to a floor.

I want schedules of services.

I want hours and names of maids, doormen, janitors, the works.

Are you serious? Yeah.

You don't want one or two flats, you want the whole thing?

That's right.

Five hundred for now.

Well, Duke, I haven't seen it, and I just don't like to rush into it.

Five hundred for now.

Give me the address, and I'll figure out how to get in.

Five hundred.

Two sugars, right? I remembered.

When I see the size and shape of it, and how to handle it...

...I'll let you know what the price is.

It's 500.

Everything you say sounds like 500. How was prison?


Hey, Tommy, the phones are all fixed!

Oh, God, what do I know about that?

I hope you cleaned up after yourselves like good little telephone men.

Meet anybody interesting in your cell?


Did I scare you?

You? No.

I got a caper laid out. You wanna come?

You're one of those criminals that corrupts younger offenders.

I need you to bridge burglar alarms, open doors...

...cut some telephone circuits. Now, you can do that.

Your piece will set you up in business for yourself.

What? So some son of a bitch can come steal me blind?

So you claim burglary insurance.

I don't know. I was in for dope, see?

Some guys, you put them out of business, you rip off their stuff.

If a guy's got stuff he can't afford and isn't smart enough to get insurance...

...I'm just the hand of fate. He's gonna lose it anyway.

Is it right to steal from insurance companies?

When you rob a guy who's got insurance, you're doing him a favor.

You give him a little excitement, a story.

He becomes more interesting because you robbed him.

You boost the insurance company.

Publicity gets people to buy insurance.

You do the fuzz a favor because you prove they're deserving of a pay boost.

And you do yourself a favor because you need the dough.

Do you believe that? It's bullshit. It's just dog-eat-dog.

But I want the first bite. That's my man. Okay.

Hey, Kid, don't you want to know what your cut is?

I trust you. You lay what you can on me.


"Kid, don't you want to know what your cut is?"

The other guy says, "I trust you. You lay what you can on me."

We don't need the audio bug.

Let's pull it before somebody finds it and we got trouble.

If the kid is still on narcotics, the visual surveillance is good enough.

New York Narcotics Commission. Hanson speaking.

House Internal Security Committee. Surveillance AD271T-41.

3:34 p.m. Unidentified male. Caucasian.

Six-foot-three, brown hair...

...late 30s, early 40s...

...entered the rooms above the subject premises...

...occupied by Edward Spencer, a nonpolitical.

Hey, hey.

Spencer? Who's that?

You don't know me, but I was tight with Billy Maitland.

Billy Maitland is dead. I was there when they gave it to him.

I know you. I seen you in the slam, five years ago.

I just got out.

What did those bastards do to Billy? It wasn't the screws.

A prison-yard scrap.

One of those things. How's it going?

Don't sit down, I'm on my way out right now.

I got a job laid out. Yeah?

I need a good driver with a cool head.

Let's take it for granted you need me, or you wouldn't be here.

I'm in demand.

Fella here last week figuring a Brink's truck.

He spent months following that truck, getting to know the driver, the crew.

Hell, he even laid the driver's wife's sister, setting the thing up.

He walks out of here after talking to me, and what happens?

The Brink's driver gets drunk, beats up his wife...

...gets into a beef with the cops and got fired.

So this chap is back to square one, figuring it all out, but not with me.

What I'm saying to you is that Spencer is laying very low...

...playing it very cool because I got the bread... wait for the right thing.

I'll pay you a flat 2000 to drive for me.

If it's worth my time, it's worth a percentage.

How much do you figure to score? I don't know.

Enough to furnish this place.

Are you O'Leary? Yes.

I'm Sydney Brevoort.

Management has decided to redecorate the halls.

I'm here to survey the tenants. I don't know.

Well... Hold it a second.

What is it? Meter man.

Here's my card. I don't know anything about it.

Hold it! Hey, you! You talking to me?

Yeah, where the hell do you think you're going?

I got a delivery of this fur coat.

Apartment 2B, Miss Everleigh. You come back here and wait.

I can only deliver to Mrs. Everleigh.

Don't give me any shit. Stand over there.

Come on, chief, let's go. What?

I'm sorry, but I only have this afternoon to survey.

The manager's got to clear it. But it's very simple.

You have my card. There's the number. Just call the office.

I ask the tenants what colors they want in their halls.

It's not as if you don't know me. I mean, you do have my identification.

Afternoon, Antiques International. One East 91st Street.

We got a guy here says he's from your business. Sidney Brevoort.

Yes? You got a Sydney Brevoort?

What do you want to know? It's a matter of identification.

What does he look like?

He's about 45, a little chunky, fag. That's him.

Okay, thanks.

All right, you can go up. Thanks, I'll start on the second...

Hey, hey.

Hey, what's happening, baby? Let's see the invoice.

"Everleigh, Apartment 2B." You got it. I think you've got it.

Hold it.

How do you do, Mrs. Horowitz? I'm the decorator for the building.

Oh, my God, you're not putting that in dishwater?

Do you have the rest? The rest?

It's the old-fashioned set that someone who loves beautiful things would have.

You know, Mrs. Horowitz, jewelers just don't know.

They melt down these old settings, and they end up in people's cavities.

You must come to my shop. I have the kind of place where one is just...

Sorry, were you expecting this here? Everleigh, 2B.

They said you might want to try it on in case it wasn't a good fit.

Duke, did you do this? I thought you'd like it, so I got it.

Try it on.

Thank you, O'Leary. I'll stay with him.

Is it real? Sure.

What are you up to, you bastard?

You didn't want to know. I don't. Can I keep it?

Sure, it was a necessary expense anyway.

Sit down, I want to show you how grateful I am.

It's your sweetness that gets me. You can always turn it down.

Or I can send you a thank-you note. I never turn anything down. Never.

It's just another that I owe you. Don't keep count.

By now, things can never be evened out.

And what about them outside? What about them?

I gotta keep that doorman up here. That's up to you.

What if I make a noise? They'll think we're balling.

Make them happy.

Now we should be able to match the hallway.

If I could come in, perhaps we could get an idea of the colors you prefer.

Hi, I'm sorry to disturb you.

The management has sent me over to see about redecorating your hall.

I'll give you my husband. Carl. Yes.

Sorry to disturb you. Yes.

I'm Sydney Brevoort. How do you do?

I've come to decorate your halls.

And not a moment too soon.

Thank you.

You're gonna answer it, are you? Business before pleasure.


Yeah. For you.

Hello? Hey, Duke, how are you?

Who's this? Pop, I got your number from the kid.

Pop, how are you making out? Terrific, terrific.

Hey, Duke, could I come and live with you?

See, I'm living with my sister. She's got these four kids.

Her husband's got this bad back. Listen, are you okay for bread?

You got a place to live? Yeah, don't worry about me.

I'll see you. The kid knows where to find me.

Pop, hang on a minute.

If something's up, are you interested? With you, Duke? Anytime.

The tougher the better. Okay, look, I'll get back to you.

Anytime. Everything's terrific. I'm sorry about your sister. So long.

Hello, Duke. Hi. How are you, Pat?

Not so good.

We're on them, loud and clear.

Internal Revenue Service surveillance, Pat Angelo, 8-12-70.

Case 642DZ713.

Subject with unidentified male, white.

How does it look?

One hundred percent. My bird dog, he knows his stuff.

He says paintings will go half a million.

There's a safe full of cash held from taxes.

There's diamonds and jewelry that they loan to museums.

I can do it. I need some muscle, some technical help and $1700.

You've been away nine years. Ten.

The country's changed. They got a new breed of cop. They're everywhere.

People got alarms, guns by their beds, dogs.

They breed Dobermans to tear your arms off.

Real estate agents advertise these places, 24-hour-a-day armed guards.

You gotta sign in and out. Some of these places got moats.

Papa Angelo, he owes it to me. He owes it.

He owes you 20 years in jail for saving his kid?

I've laid it out. Labor Day weekend.

Half the people are away, and the streets are empty.

You have got it worked out pretty good.

On the way back from the funeral, I'll stop at Papa's and check it out.

You wait in the car. I'll talk to the old man. He runs the show.

Eighty-nine, and he still calls the shots.

I need $1700.

You never know, he's full of surprises. Eighty-nine and full of surprises.

Is that you, Gino?

No, Papa, it's me, Angelo.

Gino's kid broke a tooth.

And I sent my doctor to Miami.

Gino's kid is 32 years old, Papa. He's got kids of his own.

What are we gonna do, Papa?

This Anderson claims a debt of honor.

It's too complex, too many people. We don't need it.

We're into linen supplies, restaurants, wholesale meat, everything.

It's stupid, this bang-bang stuff.

What am I talking it down for? Maybe he can make it.

Why am I looking at the dark side? Why can't I once say a positive word?

I'm always knocking.

That's not happiness.

This caper is so exciting.


Are you tired of living?

Would you like to die?

All right, so this Anderson caper is gonna be a disaster.

How are you gonna beat the police on a thing like this?

It won't hurt.

It'll help maintain the image.

Let the businessmen and politicians fear us. We're men who carry guns.

Will they argue a laundry contract? Refuse a garbage-hauling contract?

I hope this thing falls on page one, and not page five.

Thank you, Papa.

Papa's sorry, he was all tied up. He couldn't see you personally.

He okayed the deal.

We'll give you the money for the finance, we want 60-40.


Fifty-fifty. We want you to take one of our boys along.

That's okay.

You don't know the whole deal. We want you to burn him.

Burn him?

He's done his duty. He's sloppy.

He leaves bodies in the streets. We want him out.

The job is already complicated enough.

You came to me. I didn't ask you. It's a little negotiation. Don't get sore.



Shut up.

You made it. Don't fight it anymore.

What was it like?

I don't know. I was scared.

What, during?

I don't know.

What were you scared of?

I don't wanna talk about it. What?

I hated it. I lost control, and I hated it.

What are you so happy about?

Things are looking up. The signs are good.

I hate being a woman. Men! You're hairy, vain and overbearing.

Oh, boy, I bet now you think I'm just gonna crawl and beg for you... pet me like a drooly little dog.

I don't know why I ever had to meet you.

To give me the chance to start evening things up.


For chrissake, what is this? It's hot in here.

Parelli? I'm Anderson.

I can't stay in here. It's gonna take the press out of my clothes.

Take them off. You can get a towel outside.

You're out of your mind.

You suit yourself.

Any guy who wants to stay in here with his suit on has got to be crazy.

What is this...? You'll do this my way.

If it wasn't for Pat Angelo, I would never be here.

Do you go armed?


Ever killed anyone?


It doesn't bother you?

Well, you see...

...none of them was friends.

In fact, none of them was even from my hometown.

What do you think?

I don't know.

All we want you to do is snuff him quietly.

Why do you say "snuffed, offed...

...knocked out, rubbed out, deceased, passed on"?

Why not "kill him"?

Is it so hard?


I like you, Duke, but I want to give you some advice.

Parelli's tough and mean.

Unless you are very firm with this, he's going to be ahead of you.

I would hate to have to explain to him what happened, if he killed you.

You understand my dilemma.

If I don't, somebody else will, right? Right.

He's already dead. I could look at it that way.

You could look at it that way.

The other guys, they'll just have to go along with it.

Hey, look, Duke.

Win or lose...'s a contract.

Okay, Pete.

3:45 p.m., unidentified male Caucasian...

...present at previous meeting at 8870.

At which matters of a nonpolitical nature were discussed.

One unidentified male, sex deviate, white, about 45.

One unidentified male, white and in early 20s.

And one unidentified male, black, in late 20s.

This is Jimmy I told you about.

Forget names. We don't know each other, and won't.

What a shame. That ain't his real name.


He's the bird dog. He'll mark what's valuable. All in a small bag.

Anything with an alarm, lock, safe, whatever, the kid will fix.

This is Socks.

Socks? I don't believe it.

You didn't tell me there was gonna be no spooks.

No, no, on weekdays he's meek, mild Clark Kent.

He don't need no socks. He's got hair all over his feet.

Don't shoot me.

All right, cut it out! That's my name. Show me a little respect.

All right, cool it.

What do we need him for?

He's crowd control.

Unless anyone acts up, he'll keep his thing in his pants.

I'll be the judge of that.

I'm out.

I don't know if he'll do what you tell him.

Socks, go get some beer and pizza.

Go fetch.

Or go tell Angelo you don't want the job.

I don't like this neighborhood. I don't want to go out alone.

Jimmy, take him to the pizza joint and don't let no spooks mess with him.

I used mob money to back the caper.

They gave us a schedule of all the squad cars on the beat.

They're gonna help us fence the stuff. They'll get a split and...

But they insisted that we take this guy along.

Because they want him knocked.


Oh, I'll do it.

I figured you ought to know about it... case you wanted to get out. If you do, then do it now.

That was their price?

If you want, I'll do it.

Violence, man. Maybe that's what you're into. That's okay.

I wouldn't do that myself.

But if you think you should, go right ahead.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Ingrid. Shut up.

You made it. Don't fight it anymore.

What was it like?

I don't know. I was scared.

For God sakes, Werner, turn it off.

Leave her alone. You can get any girl.

Werner, will you...? Shut up, you four-bit hooker.

I'm Werner.

I pay for her clothes, this place, and for her time.

Maybe I got the price wrong, but I know what to call her.

As I don't pay for it, naturally I see things different.

Will you turn that off?

I never stop hearing it anyway.

Fighting over a woman. It's crazy. Right.

So we won't fight. Okay.

I know what you're doing. I got it on tape.

It's true.

So, what do I care about?

Miss Blue Eyes here.

But I don't rent by the day or week. I expect exclusivity.

What about her?

She's got the floor. Say your piece, darling.

Do you know why she's coming with me?

Because she knows the value of a contract.

She knows I'm cold, hard cash on the line.

Security. Something you can count on.

Not exciting, but rich in tax-exempts.

It sounds like he's blackmailing you. What are you gonna do about that?

I don't know. The signs don't look so good no more.

A whore, a convicted safecracker.

Calling a man trying to protect his property a blackmailer.


...I'll quit.

I'll call the whole thing off.

What do you say to that, Ingrid?

I'm sorry. See? She's a whore.

I can't. I can't make it.

I don't know.

What? I don't wanna talk about it.

It's okay. Take it easy. I hated it.

It's gonna be all right. We'll hit Hawaii, two weeks in the sun.

Hey, Anderson. Yeah? What?

Don't worry about the tapes. You want to raid this place, do it.

Why? I don't know. Just for the hell of it.

And the other guy who listened? Don't worry. Nobody says nothing.

If they did, they'd be in jail.

To pet me like a drooly little dog.

I don't know why I ever had to meet you.

To give me the chance to start evening things up.

Come on, let's go.

Okay. Go.

Look out.

Come on, Pop.

Where's Duke?

You drunk, Pop? No.


Leave him room to breathe.

Now you've got the TV here, so you can see wherever we go.

If someone comes in...

...anything goes wrong, you call us on the house phones.

Okay? Sure. Everything's gonna be okay.

Hey, Duke.

You looked swell on the TV.

Yes, can I help you?

I was transcribing tape recordings of therapy sessions, when they came.

I thought it was a disturbed patient, and I was dealing with it...

...when this shorter, rounder one hit me.

He hit you at that time? Yes! I was so surprised.

Parelli, for chrissake. Just to keep him honest.

Okay, take some files. Here, take the drug safe.

No, no, no! I have a key. I have a key.

Did you move of your own free will?

The tall one, the leader. Did he make any threats?

He didn't touch me. I think he was upset by the violence.

If they moved you in fear of your life, then it's kidnapping.

But you've got to be afraid and have fear, or it isn't kidnapping.

I'll ask you again, were you in fear of bodily harm?


What the hell is this? Mrs. Hathaway!

Shut up.

It's a robbery!

No, burglary. Robbery... Shut up.

Don't talk to me like that. Shut up.

We weren't expecting anyone. It was the Labor Day weekend.

But the doorbell rang, and I answered it.

And this ape threw himself against the door and burst into the room. I ran...

What are you...?

What are you...? Get away from me.

Cool off. All right? No more.

Shut up! Sit down.

He won't hit him no more.


They called him Socks? Yes.

Is this the man?

I don't know. He had a mask over his face.

Cool it!

Don't go in there, you miserable creep!

I told you to stay away.

She hit me first. She tried to give me a knee.

How'd you like it if she did that to you?

Look, this man likes to hurt people.

Just do what we say...

...and he won't hurt anybody.

For God's sake, you've got to control him!

What have we got here?

They have a big coin collection. The rest is useless.

I'll help you if you'll just keep him away.

Okay. Come on.

Don't touch him. He's a paraplegic.

He has asthma. He has to stay in this air-conditioned room.

Who are they, Mom?

We're after the coin collection. Is it yours?

What's the combination?

Tell him, darling.

If they were any good, they could do it the hard way.

Tell him to tell us.

I won't. Mrs. Bingham.

He knew your name? Yes, it was planned.

It must have been. They put us in the old lady's apartment.

These knives must weigh a pound apiece.

Here you go.

Bell Telephone bonds dated 1877. God knows what they're worth.

For God's sake, take them. I'm tired of them.

Your father gave you those.

My father was one first-class son of a bitch, as you well know.

Go take a look in her room. Look at what she reads.

The Story of O.

Seventy-three years old, and all she's got to think about is sex.


It was terrific! I didn't know you could just snap them open.

I could show you men that could just tease and tickle a safe open.

This is amateur stuff. Leaving a mess like this. Look at it.

It's the kids, they don't know nothing, and they don't wanna learn.

What did you do then?

That's it. Okay, Hathaway.

What can I do? I can't move. The windows are sealed shut.

The phones are dead. Okay.

Oh, my God, double eagles!

What's a double eagle? Oh, really.

This is WA2UYL in New York. We are being robbed.

The address is One East 91st Street. Please call police.

This is WA2...

It's our first company since V-E Day, when everyone opened their doors.

Then World War II ended, and no more visiting around.

I told Kaler to make tea.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Would it be all right if I made some tea?

Mrs. Kaler, can I help?

Please, thank you. Those homely words mean so much.

She talks like a letter to Dear Abby.

Police department.

I have a call for anybody from Mr. Vincent Johnson in Wichita Falls.

Who do you want to talk to? Anybody.

Is he paid? Is he paid? No.

Then he's collect. I said he's collect.

He's collect? From where?

This is Wichita Falls, Kansas. Wichita Falls, Kansas?

Are you a recording? Who's calling?

Mr. Vincent Johnson, collect, for anybody.

Well, what's it about?

What is it about, sir? Well, I think there's a...

I'm a ham radio operator, and I get this message from a ham in Hawaii...

...that there's someone robbing a house in your city.

One moment. You accept the charges?

He isn't paid? He's collect.

We can't accept collect calls.

For God's sake, operator, I'll pay! He's paid. Your party is on the line.

I'll put you through.

Long distance for Emergency.

May I help you?

Release the elevator, please. Please press the emergency button and wait.

Pop? Tell Spencer the safe in 2A is ready.

Right, Duke.

Got you, Pop.

Got it.

What's the score?

Two's ready, three's done. We just have the Longenes down the hall.

It looks good? Yes.

Check 4A, and then we get out.

Here you go.

If there is an emergency...

...please press the emergency button and wait.

Pop? Get the elevator!

Who's at the elevator? Who is it?

He didn't say. Get that stuff inside! Kid, you come with us!

Oh, my God.

Release the elevator.

You shouldn't play with the tennis guy.

Believe me, your mother didn't go for any of this...

You're calling from where? Are you paid?

Sergeant, it's another one. Portland, Maine.

What have you got in the 2-3, Jim?

It's 2-3, George.

Respond to One East 91st Street.

Possible burglary. Use caution. Roger.

My God, Eric, that man's bleeding.

A squad car just went by.

Did he stop? No, he just passed by.

Release the elevator, please.

Duke, I can't bear it.

Is everything okay?

Swell, Duke.

Shut that thing off, will you?

Release the elevator, please. If there is an emergency...

Hey, Duke, it's getting late. I'll turn into a pumpkin.

Okay, let's get the Longene loot, and we'll cut out.

Hold it!

Kid, call Pop. Tell him to ring the Longenes.

Hey, Pop, buzz the Longenes.

They don't answer. He says he doesn't get any answer.

Pop. The log says they're in. I don't get any answer.

Maybe they're on to it. Now, don't panic.


Okay, Spencer.

Hit it, Kid.

Patrolman Claire!

I borrowed this newspaper from the driver of Car George 3.

Return it to him and find out why he had it in his car.


...or duty.

Iron Balls Delaney. Let's go.

Sergeant Everson and five men, sir.

I have a particular reason in picking you for this job.

Yeah, well, what is it you want me to do, sir?

Are you familiar with the 18-story building...

...adjacent to the subject structure?

Yes, sir.

That's the high ground.

Yes, sir.

Now, your squad will take the high ground.

Jump onto the roof of the subject structure...

...go down ropes on the outside... the suspects out of the building, into the street...

...and we'll be waiting for them.

Yes, sir.

Who are you?

Then what did he do?

We tried to wake up my wife. She's a sound sleeper.

They couldn't break into my safe. It's a marvelous safe.

They said to tell them the combination.

You tell them?

Hey, Tommy.


Everson, your main job is to protect private property...

...and preserve the safety of the inhabitants.

I can't do it.

Son of a bitch!

Give me the numbers, or I'll bust your ass.

For God's sake!

How does that grab you? Now give me those numbers!

Those things are museum pieces. They're irreplaceable.

Now, you give me these numbers.

Help him up! Help him up!

Push harder. Put your hand under his foot for chrissake.


All right, feed me out, feed me out.

Okay, tie me off right there.

You're wasting our own loot.


He won't really hurt you.

Darling, it's all right. Just hold on.

It just hurts right now, but you'll be all right.

You bastard! Tell him!

Be brave, be brave, darling.

Isn't it risky to stay on?

Go get Socks.

Get the other hookup.

Come on! Turn loose! Turn loose!

Good slide, man. Good slide.

Okay, let's go.


Good. Kill him! Make him hurt.

Kill him!

Oh, him. I knew he'd kill me.

Let it go!

Beauty. Get on up there now.

Come on. Come on.


Come on! Let's go, let's go!

Take it away.

All right, now go toward the wall. Drop the blue line.

Go on up there.

Go hand-over-hand on the rope. That's it.

We... We've done it.

Pop, no questions. Go lock the stairwell door.

Take care of the second floor.

Blue Six, this is Jade Six.

Fuck! Testing, one, two.

Blue Six, this is Jade Six.

Pop, can you see anything on the 91st Street monitor?

Nothing. What about the basement?


Can't see anybody outside.

But I know they're there. Crash through with the truck.

Okay, let's go.

What's the matter?

I can't make it.

Okay. Stick with them. When the cops come...

...put your hands up, and they won't harm you.

Okay? Okay.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Duke.

We got hostages. We'll use them as shields.

Get the kid.

Get to those people!

Blue Six, this is Jade Six!


The goddamn thing doesn't work! Wait for me!

Leave him, he's dead!

Look out! The truck's moving.

Let it go!

Pull over here!

Get that man to the hospital.

Be careful! Out of the way! Get out of the way!



This is everyone, sir. There's a crippled kid upstairs.

Who else? A stiff on three, named Parelli.

Why didn't you say so?

Captain! What?

Me. I was part of it. Please, captain, I'm ready to go back.

Who else? You got us.

Me, the guy up on three, he was the brains of it.

He laid it out. Book him!

Thank you, captain.

Book him!

You take 10 men and go up on the roof.

You first seven men come with me.

We'll take the second and the fourth floors.

You take the rest of the men and take the first and the third floor.

What the hell is this? All right, Tony, go in there.

They didn't even touch this place.

That's funny.

All right, let's clear out.

Take it easy. Just breathe deep.

Stand up slow, that's it. Here, under my hand.

Captain Delaney.

Who the hell put that thing there?

There'd better be a warrant for this.

That's in the Everleigh flat, 2B.

Come on!

Come with me. The rest upstairs.

There's a guy in the basement. Take care of him.

Here, doc.

Stand back! Keep those reporters out.

Is he conscious? I don't know.

Let me get that mike in there.

Can you hear me? All right, clear the area.

You wanna make a statement?

Shut up, he's making a statement.

My God. She says...

...I always hammer on locked doors. What's that supposed to mean?

Get him out.

I want a report on that tape. An operation this size...'d think somebody'd talk.

He won't fit, stand him up.

We gotta get him up. One more. One, two, and...

Watch it. Hold it. Hold it.

Did you see the papers?

Didn't we have a Duke Anderson on the Angelo tapes? Well, erase them.

We're the government.

We can't risk anybody finding those tapes. They're illegal. Erase them.

The police will trace Anderson, and we get caught with illegal tapes.

Erase them.