The Anomaly (2014) Script



Please stop.

No, please! Just leave us alone!

- Mum! Please don't...

Don't do it!



Hey, you okay? Okay? Please help me, they killed my mum.

What? Who? Red masks. The men in red masks.

Have you been kidnapped, too?

Yeah, I think so.

Please. Please untie me.

Okay, okay.

What happened? They shot her.

The men in red masks, they came to our house and shot her.

Hey, hey. I'm sorry. Listen... What's your name?


Okay, Alex. You're being very brave.

I need you to be brave for a little bit longer, okay?

I'm gonna go and get some help.

Listen, you need to wait for it to stop moving, okay?

Okay. Go.

My leg.

My leg!

What's your name?

It's Ryan.


How come you were in the van?

I have no idea.

The last thing I remember is at Hibiscus.

Reading a chemistry text book Dr. Langham gave me.

And I wasn't in London.

Why would someone kidnap you? I don't know.

I just want my mum back.

Look, I'm gonna go to the police, okay?

What did you say about his biscuits? Hibiscus.

What's that?

A rehab facility. It's kind of like a hospital.

I've been there for a few years, was your mum there?

Are you sick?

It's called post-traumatic stress disorder.

I get dizzy spells.

Panic attacks and nightmares.

Although this seems very real.

Except, I don't have my ring.

And I've never seen this before.


My watch says June the seventh. That's today.

Are you sure?

But when I went to sleep it was January.

Hey! Where are you?


Where are you?

No! It was you! It was you!

You! You did it!

You did it! You killed my mum!



Ten days.


Hibiscus Trauma Unit US, call.

Hello, Hibiscus?

What do you mean, "Wrong number"?

How can they have been closed for years?

What year is this?

This year now, right now, what year is this?

I heard you shout, you okay?

Everything all right?


I knocked the table, I was annoyed.

I bet you were.

It's a 200-year-old single malt you love telling me about.

Shall we go over it, so we're all clear?

Everything's in place.

The tests from Leonid show that it works on a long-term trial, as you know.

So we're still on schedule.

The medic from the interrogation center had his little accident.

So your alias is Cedric Saunders, and it stood up with their background checks.

You start in five weeks, the mercenaries are on standby.

And finally the electron micrograph came from Kiev, so the lab's fully equipped and ready for our scientists.

Imagine all those individuals locked in their own heads and they're thinking of who or what they hurt.

Imagine we get those drones online.

What about the boy?

He's fine. The driver's gone.

I handled it.

We can't have any more incidents like we did at the graveyard.

You sure you're okay?

Have a drink.

You want to see the feed?

Welcome, Harkin. What can I do for you today?

Hibiscus Project online.

What are you doing to him?

It happened again, didn't it?

Your name is Ryan Reeve. Isn't it?

You're good, but I'm still better.

I started at a very young age.

My father always taught me, "A man can't use his mind, until he knows how to use his body."

Good lesson.

Worth all the scars.

You probably won't come back.

But if you do, stop, wait it out, don't talk to anyone, don't operate machinery, if you're driving, pull over.

You won't have time to achieve anything anyway.

The reboot only takes nine minutes and 47 seconds.

But still, why don't we make this a short one?

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

What am I doing here?

If you don't know that, maybe I'm not the person with the most problems in the room.

You told me to play dead.


I guess because you like it.

You paid Sergio a lot of money and I don't ask questions.

Three weeks?

Did I mention a kid, a boy called Alex?

What's your name?

I've told you already.

Tell me again.


You've been shouting it enough.

"I'm gonna make you beg, Dana."

That sort of thing.

I'm sorry, Dana.

The person who I was just then, that's not who I am now.

A crazy thing is happening to me.

I wake up in these situations and I don't know how I got there.

But the guy that was doing that to you is not me.

So, who are you?

Who was he?

I don't know.

Mmm. Right. You still got an hour, mystery man, so are we gonna play this game or the first one?

I need to find Dr. Langham.

I don't want to wear these, do you have anything else?

Only things clients have left behind, in the trunk.

When I came in, was there another man with me?

Bright blue eyes.

I don't know.

Nine minutes, 47 seconds.

Okay, get dressed.

Why? We're leaving.

No, no, no. I'm never allowed to leave. Sergio owns me.

I'm gonna handle Sergio.

And you're gonna do what I tell you, do you understand me?

My, my. We haven't changed much at all, have we?

Hurry up.

What is this music?

Sergio's favorite. He plays it throughout the house to remind girls and clients who is in charge.

Well, like I said, I'm gonna deal with Sergio.

No, I expect he'll be dealing with you.

Why do you do this?

Why do any of us do anything?

Yeah, but you don't like it, you're not feeding a habit, so why are you here?

Life has brought me here.

So if you weren't here, what would you be doing?

Go back to my hometown.

Finish nursing school.

What's your town like?

This is pointless.

What's your town like?


Under a mountain.

Nice houses with brightly painted window frames and white picket fences.

I miss it.

So like I said, why are you here?

My son was sick.

His care was very expensive, I had to borrow a lot of money, quickly.

I didn't know where to go.

So I came here.

When you owe somebody that much, they own you.

So how is your boy now?

His name is Eden.

He died.

I'm sorry.

No you're not.

Thank you for your custom.

House rules state that only one customer may leave at any time.

This door will now lock for two minutes.

View our selection of girls in front of you.

Book your favorite by scheduling an outcall and have all your dreams come true.

You're Sergio?

He doesn't speak much English.


One of you tell Sergio I'm taking this girl out.

He says you, "Just because you pick the girl from line

"does not mean you leave with her.

"She belong to me."

That wasn't me.

You look same, who it was.

Who are you?

I'm not entirely sure.

But you're welcome to try and find out.

Come on now!


I think we can help each other.

Please, please don't scream.

Here, take this.

That's enough for you to get away from Sergio.

I just need you to do me a favor.

I need you to go to the police, and I need you to tell them about me.

I kidnapped a child called Alex, and I shot his mother...

If you want to be arrested, why not just go turn yourself in?

'Cause I only get 10 minutes, and when I change I won't want to.

Change into what?

Do this for me and you get your freedom back.

You have no idea.

Sergio will come for me and he will not stop until he's found me.

Look, you've lost a kid, we can help this one.



You didn't tell me we were in New York.

Where did you think you were?

Hey! Hey!

Back up! Back the fuck up! Back up!

You all right? You okay?

...three terrorist, four terrorist, five terrorist, six terrorist, seven terrorist, eight terrorist, nine terrorist, 10 terrorist.

One terrorist, two terrorist, three terrorist, four terrorist, five terrorist, six terrorist, seven terrorist, eight terrorist, nine terrorist, 10 terrorist.


Where's the research, 43543?

We're not gonna stop till we've got what we need.

You talk, and we all go get a slice of pie and enjoy the sunshine.

What do you say, Mr. Scientist?

Fuck you. You want some more?

Let's go again, right now!

Wait. We've gotta give him, what? Five, 10 minutes? Right, Doc?


We can't break him with one hand tied behind our backs like this.

You don't know how it is with Leonid.


Two years we've been processing him, not a peep.

Now, the old doctor, he was real big on prisoner's rights.

How about the rights of ordinary, decent people to sleep peacefully in their beds at night without worrying about a sick fuck like him?

How about letting us bend the rules a little?

Where are we?

Are you fucking with me? You don't know where we are?

Is there a problem?

Come on, Doc. What the fuck?

You know where we are is classified, and if you don't, I can't tell you.


He's having some kind of episode.

We should just do what we've got to do. He's not going to tell anyone.

There was a boy.

A child.

And there was a girl, Dana, a prostitute.

She was helping me, and then Sergio...

What are you talking about? Just do your fucking job!

I keep blacking out and...

I kidnapped a kid.

I don't know where he is now, because I'm me...

I mean, I am the "me" I am now.

But soon I will change and I'll know, but I won't want to tell you.

Now, I know how this sounds. I know this sounds crazy, but please, you have to believe me.

There's a child's life at stake.

He's got something strapped to him.

Doc, come on! I will shoot you!

Give it up, Doc!

Down! Down! Get the fuck down!

The mask, give it to me!

You're the scientist? Of course, yes.

Is there a technology that allows people to control somebody else's mind?

This is hardly the time.

Tell me about mind control!

I have heard of such a program.

Experimental death, called droning. How is it done?

How is it done?

The host body holds a receiver, like a modem receiving a signal.


All neurological impulses go through the basal ganglia in the back of the neck, so probably there. Now, the mask, please.

Now how are we going to get out of here?

Hey! Hey!

Are you the contact? What happens now?

Where is the laboratory?

Where are Dr. Langham's people?

It's his plan! What now?

I see they've redesigned the chronometer.

The new spectrograph 406.

They must've brought it out while I was indisposed.

A wide-spectrum deprillator.

Already configured.

And after months of waiting and fragmented communication, you break me out of my cell and give me a nice new laboratory.

Thank you so very much.

Gentlemen, let's celebrate.

Hey, the studio's benefactor number two, have a glass.

To a fruitful collaboration.


Now that I see you are men of your word, let me show you something.

All my work, right here.


Kept all your work right under their noses for years.

This stuff is far too good for governments to know.

You know why I am the best? Hmm?

Because I can see the aesthetics.

My contemporaries are vulgarians.

They see only RNA bases, enzymes.

I see Picasso.

Biology's purest sculpture.

The virus.

I'll make something simple and nasty.

An airborne pathogen that messes with DNA in a particularly baroque fashion.

Makes the subject grow some extra eyes, say.

I'll make it very contagious.

We show them it works.

We threaten to release it over some densely populated cities.

And we all grow obscenely rich.

Yeah, about that.

That's all very interesting, very "baroque" was it you said? Mmm.

Well, actually, Leonid, we may have mislead you, somewhat.

I mean, do we need your expertise? Yes.

Do we need you to build this bespoke virus? Yes.

But are we going to blackmail governments for money?


No, we're not.

We're not interested in blackmail here, and we don't need money.

You may not understand this, but our ambitions are a little wider.

I will not work if I do not agree to the cause.

I'm very well aware of that.

Let me show you something.

No, no, no, no!

Stop! You'll die.

Back away. What are you doing?

Lucky it's not too deep.

All right, I'm gonna stay here until this one's over.

A change of plans, I think.

What nonsense this is, I do not know.

But it proves one thing.

You have ceased to be of use.

So thank you very much for my freedom, and an excellent place to work.

But I will go from here alone.

It's DNA coded.

You need an override code.

So why don't you relax and watch some TV.

What is this?

Hello, Leonid.

The boy, of course, is Alex. I believe you know him.

What have you done to my son?

No, please! Just leave us alone. Please don't...

No! Mum!

Mum, no.

I killed the mother, but your son is still alive.

Although, perhaps not for long, my dear boy.

The acid between the sheets is irreversibly spreading to wards your son's body and can only be stopped by us.

It's a little much, I admit.

But it's a visual incentive and I do have a penchant for theatrics.

I give you my word, your son will be released if you do what we say.

All your instructions are in front of you.

Leonid. We can save Alex.

But we need to act fast before I change back into him.

I'm gonna black out soon and there isn't much time left.


Two, one. Manual shutdown.

We are no longer transmitting, which means...

Hello, Ryan.

Let's see.

Pulse normal.

Within tolerance. The ports are clear.

There's nothing wrong with the old receiver tech. It's embedded nicely.

The vocal chords have been disabled, and I've fixed the self-inflicted damage on the right side of the neck and opened the node portal on the left.

I've gone over all the transmission equipment.

It's working perfectly.

So, it has to be a fault or interference with the satellite.

Quite frankly, there's nothing we can do about that, 'cause it might just happen more, and possibly more randomly.

Every now and again, soldier boy is gonna get his head back until the reboot kicks in automatically.

Which, as we have seen, is plenty of time for him to make quite a mess of things.

He's incredibly persistent.

All I have to do is just slit this vein.

I know that I can take care of everything on my own from here.

We'll discuss this when you get back.

Bug repair the subject.

I'd keep still if I were you, Ryan.

Good night, Ryan.

I really hope we don't meet again.


Another transmission failure, huh?

Hello, Ryan.

It's a crude solution, I admit, laughably simple.

My idea.

Your entrance, we noted, was marked by a moment of involuntary spasm.

So we're using that. You wake up, you drop the ball, it inflates, you go down for a little sleep.

Soon as you're back, you're gone again.

There's a grand plan, Ryan.

Why are you fighting it?

Why do you even care?

Honestly, this really has nothing to do with you.

We upped the dose a little bit, so it'll be straight back down.

That's it, let the drugs do their thing.

Don't fight it. Don't panic everyone, he's okay.


You're the one controlling me.

Dr. Langham.


Nine minutes and 47 seconds.


What can I do for you?


Requires override code.


Requires override code.

Dr. Francis Langham.

Dr. Langham, tell us about the work of the Hibiscus Trauma Unit?

We treat severely traumatized young men and women, men such as Ryan here.

He served three tours, all of them hot.

And it all just got too much?

As it does for most.

The source of his trauma lies elsewhere.

Do talk about it, my dear boy.

Two years ago, my wife and I left dinner.

She was so tired and I just couldn't decide if I wanted to drive or not.

She got in and she drove.

We crashed and she died, and all I got was this scar.

Do you think your feelings of guilt led to your condition?

I just know I should've driven that night.

Well done, Ryan. It's important what you read at night.

It sets the tone for your sleep.

We've done a lot of neurological tinkering.

A lot of therapy.

And he's traveling on the right road.

Isn't that so, my dear boy?

Dr. Langham, I understand you have been experimenting in the use of bioware technology?

I understood we weren't going to discuss that, Sandy.

What do you say to critics who claim you're making radical neurological interventions?

That what started as a cure for your illness...

My illness has nothing to do with it.

It simply hastened my research.

What do you say to allegations that claim the injured British military you import is nothing to you but a source of samples to play with?

I want to talk about your own bioware firm, LSR.

We won't be talking about that, I'm afraid.

Hello, I'm Dr. Francis Langham.

And I'm Harkin Langham.

We're the family behind LSR Bioware.

How do we advertise the amazing things we do?

We could show you our... tech company.

But at heart, we're just a family business.

Recording 7315. Controller.


These are all terms we're familiar with.

The receiver is bioware.

Now, we're currently working on our beta and pilot test size which will eventually be picotechnology.

Coded with DNA which will give us uninterrupted control.

Think of it as a bio-technological modem.

Controversial bioware firm LSR has been shut down by the scientific ethics board.

CEO, Francis Langham has been called barbaric...


Straight. As always.

Of course, my dear boy!


That Van's still out there.

It's been out there for two days. I don't like it.

I'm gonna go check it out.

Son, you're too suspicious.

Leonid works like a man possessed. Everything is fine.

It's all this waiting around that's annoying.

Nothing to do but wait. It makes me edgy.

That van makes me edgy.

I'm gonna go check it. I said stay!

There's something I wish to talk to you about.

What is it?

I'm having trouble remembering a few things.

Could be all the port switching causing neural decay.

You're also getting knockout doses of heavy drugs. It's not healthy.

No, well. Nothing we can do about that.

What else are you having trouble remembering?

The override code for the weapons? In case Leonid...

Override 4754.

Your birthday?

4th month 2nd day. One day too late, you always said.

Yes. Yes.

The name of our dog?


This is serious. We should get you a scan.

Yes, but one more thing.

I'm having trouble remembering where... Where we placed the boy.

I'm sure it's temporary, but I...


I'm sure it will come back. Even so.

I'd like to write it down.

Image sized.

Since when are you right handed?

You learned to catch the ball didn't you?

Shutting down.

Hey! Hey!

I need you to help me...

Sir, we need you to calm down, all right?

Step back, sir!

I kidnapped a boy. Scan.

Scanning in progress.

Unarmed. Listen to me.

Do not put your hands on us! You need to calm down and step back!

Step back and calm down. Otherwise, you'll be arrested.

Arrest me! Arrest me! Sir, calm down.

Hey! Get on the floor with your hands behind your head, now!

Shots fired! Freeze.

What are you going to do now? Shoot me?

You need me alive, don't you? What about you?


Just gimme the code. Gimme the code.

Authorize Sanchez 73763.

Authorize 73763.


Dana, what are you doing here?

You're working with them, aren't you?

Where's the kid? Where's Alex?

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?

Sergio wants you to know that you have been kidnapped.

After the amount of money you guys paid last time to be let go, he feels that, as you are rich, a criminal and valuable to your friend, that you are the perfect specimen.


I don't like you.

It's all there.

Trust me.

Why don't you relax, huh?

I've come a long way.

Why don't you shut your fucking mouth and finish counting?

He would like me to remind you that this wouldn't have happened if your friend hadn't tried to steal his property.

By which he means me.


Come on.


I wonder, after receiving all that you just did, if you wouldn't mind letting my friend take the girl.

We'll dispose of her when we're done.

Niet. Get out.

Come on, let's go.

We should move very quickly, Father.

I've arranged a little surprise for them.

She really does resemble Mom. I know why you like that girl.


Don't be stupid, Ryan. Don't make me shoot you.


God damn it!

Remember me, Ryan.

Come on, we're leaving.

Come on, let's go.

Thank you for your custom.

House rules state that only one customer may leave at any time.

This door will now lock for two minutes.

View our selection of girls in front of you.

Book your favorite by scheduling an outcall and have all your dreams come true.

Plan your next visit. Try one of our many hot tub rooms.

Join our executive date...

Hey, I want a refund!

Dana, it's me Ryan.

You used to work as a nurse. Your son's name is Eden.

What do I do? Shut up!

Say, override 4754.

Override 4754.


Override 0204.

Didn't work.

You die, you fool.

Fool! One day too late.

Say 0104. 0104.

Override 0104.

Hey! It's okay. It's okay. Hey! It's okay.

I'm sorry, he made me help him.

He said that he would kill me. I'm so sorry.

Everything's gonna be okay, we need to get out of here, now.

Which way do we go?


Here, take this.

Wherever I've spent the most time, that's where the boy will be.

You need to start there.

I don't know where you've been.

Look, he pushed me out of the van. He forced me to do that, and then he pulled me back in again.

He only took me with him that last time as bait.

I'm sorry. I don't know where that is.

Okay, when I change you follow me, you watch me, you bring the police.

I can't do that.

Then you need to get as far away from me as possible.

Because if I see you again, I will kill you. So, just go.

The boy that you're helping.

Is he your son?

Why do you care so much?

What else do I have?

Get the girl. Move. Move. Go!

Freeze! NYPD.

Stand right where you are.

Get the girl now.

Hands down. Come here.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You have a right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Do you understand these rights... six terrorist, seven terrorist, eight terrorist, nine terrorist, 10 terrorist.

Let's go again.

One terrorist, two terrorist, three terrorist, four terrorist, five terrorist, six terrorist, seven terrorist, eight terrorist, nine terrorist, 10 terrorist.

Fuck it, eleven terrorist.

Won't ask you again. Where's Leonid?

In a secret lab. Making a virus.

Finally. Where?

I want to tell you, but I'm being controlled by Dr. Francis Langham.

I've have, like, a modem inside me.

Sometimes the signal goes down, and I'm myself again.

It's called droning.

Now, we have procedures we have to follow, as you know.

Always have a medic present during waterings, wait five minutes between bouts, all that shit.

The thing is, this flight. It doesn't exist.

So the rule book goes out of the fucking window.


Let's say I give the benefit of the doubt.

I'm gonna try and reason with you.

Look at this shit.

And this, and this.

Leonid, the guy you're covering for, has worked out how to do something that no one else can.

There are guys who know how to genetically code and engineer a virus.

We've been doing it ever since we grew an ear on a mouse decades ago, but Leonid's are something special.

His viruses fuck with your DNA.

This one was his first success.

Made you grow extra lungs. Only they wouldn't stop growing.

To stop it going global we had to scorch the earth for 100 miles around his lab.

Now, Leonid out, cooking up viruses in a lab?

That's a very bad idea.

So, where the fuck is this dangerous asshole?

I don't know. I'm being controlled.

You need to speak to Dr. Francis Langham.

LSR Bioware? Yes.

Him and his son, they made me kidnap a kid.

He and his son killed themselves when their company went down.

They faked it. He's controlling me.


This is your last chance.

I'm old school, my dad was old school. Served 50 years.

I like old school things. Cars, records, guns.

No codes, just odds.

Right now it's one in six.

Where's the lab? I don't know. Oh, God!

I'd advise you to start talking.

Who's in charge of the operation? Who are you?

I don't know! Please.

Four. It's exciting, isn't it?

You sure you don't want to tell us where the lab is?

I'm sorry.

Please! I just wanna save the kid. What's the plan?

What virus is Leonid making?

I don't know...

It's the organ!

It's the organ he's controlling me with.

It's bioware. He's made it smaller.

Nano, pico, Leonid's virus will carry it.

Everyone infected will grow a place the tech can sit.

This thing that they've done to me, they're gonna do it to everyone!

He wants to control everyone!

I'm just gonna shoot him!

Please! Please! You have to believe me, please. Please.

He's either crazy or he's telling the truth.

Yeah, I say crazy.

I've seen worse though. Korea.

There's this guy who thought he was the devil.

Another guy thought he was God.

Just to see what would happen, we put 'em in a cell together.

Straight off, they started whaling on each other. Real dirty.

Who won? It was even.

But the devil had the better moves.

Hey. Hey, is that plane following us?

Shit, it's firing something.

Is that you, Ryan? Back again?


What do you think about this arrangement?

No more dealing with inflatable balls and knockout drugs.

All the tech in the world and the best thing is to simply tie you up.

It's me, son.

Really. Yes.

I'm trying to imagine what it will be like to control anyone I choose.

The prospect makes me quite giddy.

Me, too.

We'll be more efficient and powerful than any government in the world.

A few necessary sacrifices, and people will not only want control, they'll demand it.

Leonid wants to see his kid free. Delivery is in a few days.

I would like to stretch my legs, son.

This? I might as well be back in the chair.

We can't let that happen.

You should have been chained the moment the fugues started, Father.

Ryan nearly destroyed the whole project.

The solar flares are settling, and they will no longer be effecting the satellite's signal.

One, maybe two episodes at most.

So you gave the satellite a high orbit.

I didn't know solar storms were going to interfere with the satellite.

It's an 11-year cycle. This size?

It's once every thousand years.

How am I... You should've checked all eventualities.

I did. I've sacrificed so much. I have worked so hard.

You demanded obedience, and I obeyed and succeeded, despite this.

You're right.

Your behavior these last few months has impressed me.

Thank you.

I may not often say, but I am proud to be your father.

Embrace me, son!


Clever, I admit.

But what now?

Save that kid?

From out here, the middle of nowhere?

In the amount of time that you have left?

I don't see that happening, do you?

Just enjoy the sun on your skin, breeze in your face.

Bird singing.

I have a suggestion. Let's have a drink.

I'll show you a picture of your wife. You remember her, don't you?


Have a seat.

I get it Ryan. I do.

Did I ever tell you about my mom?

She was 35. She was killed along with 26 other people by a solo crazed gunman who didn't wanna pay taxes anymore.

Now, how is that fair?

He did the wrong thing.

I'm doing the right thing.

Just like your wife. She's gone. Move on.

Don't spend the few remaining fragments of your life suffering.

Enjoy them.

To living every moment as if it were your last.

You're right.

So now I know what I need to do.

What's the point?

You don't wanna do that. You'll kill us both.

You followed me.

Following, watching, everywhere just like you asked.

I used the money you left me and the truth is, no one's been as good to me as you.


There isn't anytime.

So you might as well just let me die.

Will you, Ryan, come back again?

Maybe once or twice.

That's enough to save the boy.

We both have lost people that we care about.

We shouldn't lose this kid.

Put these on before you change.

Why are you really helping me?

What else do I have?


Reply, Eden.

Right answer, hero.

How long? Three days.

We're not far, but we haven't much time.

The other guy's been looking.

Ten minutes till you change back, right?


Here you go.

All right. Let's roll.

This is where it's all going down. Whatever it is.


I started a countdown. So you'll know.

Okay, I need you to listen to me. You need to run now.

'Cause if you see me again, it won't be me.

Do you understand? No.

Yes. Yes. No!

Listen, I'm trying to save your life. No. No.

Welcome, Dr. Langham.

I've made your virus, integrated the biotechnology.

Now let my son go, you bastards. Let him go!

I'll have to test it.

They killed Leonid... Drop the gun, Ryan.

Dr. Langham.


Drop the gun or the boy dies.

We took this subject to test the new virus when we rescued you from the plane.

Or me, I should say.

Less than a day, the body assimilates imbedded picotech.

Subject's online in two.

New population-control satellite's been launched.

You're looking at the first of the new breed.

I thought I was the first.

Third actually.

An expendable prototype.

All I have to do is walk out there, and within days, without them realizing it, people will be ready to be controlled.

Ready to be given purpose, my dear boy.

What do you plan to do with me?


Your satellite will be back online in a few moments.

I may just push white noise through your signal, keep you around like my favorite old pair of slippers.

You won't be coming back again, Ryan.

Any last requests?

A drink.

I do have one more question.


You know how you control the masses?


Humanity does appalling things.

Some of them, I've experienced.

We saw so many tragic cases come through the unit.

It was sickening.

War. War. War.

Endless fighting and dying, and dying and fighting.

But in the world that I create, if you break my laws, you will simply be switched off.

Your signal overtaken.

And that fear will create a beautiful future.

A world without conflict.

A world of harmony. Harmony.


So why do you wish to stop me?

Because I want my life back and you don't have the right.

Not only do I have the right. It's my duty.

Your life. You have no life. I've been your life!

I took you because you ended yours when you allowed your wife to die, because you couldn't make a choice.

It's important what you read last thing at night.

It sets the tone of your sleep.

That was one of the many things you taught me.

I learnt so much from you. So, so much.

Things I'd never even heard of before.

Like valencies, isomers and chemical reactions.

Did you meet him?

He's dead.

Doesn't matter.

How about this beautiful creature next?

You're fond of her aren't you?

My dad likes her, too. My mother had more class.

But this isn't just for her.

We need a new world and this is it.

Your dad's plan won't work, Harkin. I agree.

My father's an idealist, it doesn't mean he's wrong.

You see, I put a little more thought into it.

There are no good guys and bad guys, Ryan. Just opinions.

But you know the right way to get one individual controlling everyone?

By having me controlling the right individual.

For example, let's just say a particularly unstable world leader.

Control's inevitable in some form, whether it's us or not.

But this being airborne, people are gonna purge their systems.

They're gonna mimic the tech, they're gonna destroy the satellites.

I know that.

But me having the right person, doing the right thing to ensure that this planet has a future.

Now that makes sense, Ryan.

That's how I'll remake the world.

There's absolutely no reason to stop me.

You don't give up, I infect her, we win.

You shoot me, this falls, it goes airborne, we win.

You do nothing, you time out, I win.

This is not a situation that you can shoot yourself out of.

I guess not.

All this for a kid? You've caused me so many problems, Ryan.

So, I'm gonna let you watch me inject her before you time out.

Admittedly, it'll be a little different for my father.

Let's just see if he likes being inside her once again.

Something for him to toy around with before he ultimately realizes that he's not needed anymore.

She doesn't deserve that.

Oh, I know that.

But we should always try and do what's right for our family, Ryan.

You of all people should know that.


Let's see how you like it!

Hey, whore, say goodbye...

Hey, Ryan. Come on. Come on up.

You okay? Here. Here.

His name's Alex.

I want you to look after him as if he were your own.

Thank you so much.

No! You don't have to do this.

If I don't do it, I'm gonna change back.

Please! Please!

I'm sorry. No!

Time's up!

You okay? I got you. Hang on. It's okay.

Hang on a second.


Hey, it's me. It's okay now, it's over!

Harkin and Langham?

They're dead.

Look, I couldn't risk anyone else tuning in, so I cut them out.

Where are we?



I tried explaining to him as best I could.

It'll still probably take him a little time to get used to you.

He's a good kid.

I was thinking that maybe we could all hang until we figure things out.


Baby, that was no minor surgery. You need to rest.

I have an idea.

You take control.

...hang tight. We're live in five.