The Apartment (1996) Script

Look at this one.

Simple, yet noble and discreet...

...without being ordinary.

Its charm lies in the fact that it isn't frivolous.

This one is more capricious... Sparkly, spicy.

But brush up too close and you could get hurt.

It's not meant to be caressed, simply looked at.

More discreet than that last one...

...and yet full of surprises. It appears dull...

...but change the light

...and it burns like a star.

See how it shines?

Beautiful, isn't it?


I don't know. I like all three.

Can I call you?


Mr Beccaria is expecting you with the Japanese.

Yes, I know, I'm late. Tell me all I need to know.


Airport check-in, 7 p.m.

Arrival? Tokyo, tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Meridien Hotel...

You'll be taking Mr Fumiko's jet the next day.

That's a pretty suit.

A taxi's waiting downstairs. You come back on the 24th.

The 24th?

Four days.

Without hearing your voice! Don't forget the jeweler.

Bye, Madeleine.



Is it really you?

You've changed your hair.

I thought you were in New York. I came back.


You'll be mad... Two months ago.

Couldn't you have called?

Look, don't take it like that. Let me explain.

I'm getting married.

Come off it!

No, her name's Muriel. I met her in New York.

Get out of it!

No, it's true.

All right! Fucking cars!

I'm double-parked.

I'm off to Japan tonight. I'll call you.

In two years!

I might not have the shop much longer. Keep the card.

I'll call you in five days.

Excuse me.

Mr Noda, Ms Tami, Max Mayer.

Pleased to meet you. Me, too.

Mr Noda can get his pen ready. Max is the man for the job.

Excuse me.

This lad's going to go far.


This is my sister Muriel Mr Noda, Ms Tami.

He's indispensable to us all! Stop it, Alain.

For the plane. Half a pill. OK, thanks.

Sorry, but we have to be at the airport in an hour.

To our project, then!

Mr Noda proposes a toast to our companies' engagement.

I have to make a phone call.

Where are you? You were supposed to meet me.

Look, I have to see you, right away.

No, you listen to me! I'm leaving you.

I called you just to say that. It's over.

There's nothing to explain.

I read about it in the paper. I don't believe it was an accident.

Daniel, I shouldn't have called you. Goodbye.


Are you all right?

Mr Noda wants to pay. No, I've got it.

Thank you.

You have to fix Mr Deville's mike for Monday.

I can't do it for Monday. I'm waiting for the recorder...

What do you expect? Sort it!

You've got a nerve!


This camera needs hours of work.

It'll never be ready for Wednesday.

When's it for?

Wednesday, I think.


Hello, Michéle. Hi, Lisa.

Demetrius loves your fair. O happy fair!

Your eyes are lode-stars Your tongue more tuneable than, lark to shepherd's ear.

Were favour catching yours would I catch.

My ear should catch your voice, my tongue should catch your tongue's sweet melody.

Teach me with what art you sway the motion of Demetrius' heart.

Max, what are you doing? Nothing.

Come on, we've only got half an hour.



Think about me and call me when you get there.

I'll call tomorrow.

Good evening.

Can I speak to room 413, please? Of course.

I'm sorry, but room 413 doesn't want to be disturbed.

Do you have a message?

It's very important.

I'm sorry, I have very strict instructions.

OK, thanks.

You're welcome.


No, it's my fault.

Room 413 is along the corridor on the right.

Oh, yes, sorry... Thanks.

You're welcome.

Straighten your leg out... Nice and straight.

You have very exquisite ankles.

Show them off!

Can I see the same in brown? I'd never wear these.

Just a minute.

I've met someone!

That's great. Who? A fabulous girl.

Yes? And?

Well, nothing. She's...

She's dark, very dark, with a stubborn sort of look to her.

She's got a high forehead and these really black eyes.

Something special about her. What?

I don't know, a sort of sadness, a tragic aspect...

Have you spoken to her?

No, that's the problem. She doesn't know I exist.

I've been following her.

She'll think I'm a stalker. I can't carry on like that.

That's for sure.

Josiane. Yes?

Where are the Stadlers?

Right in front of your face!

I can't stop thinking about her. I haven't been to work.

What should I do?

Pull yourself together. Do something about it or forget her.

Thanks! I try to talk to you...

Look! Restricting yourself to one woman is bollocks!

It means missing out on all the others.

It's not just stupid, it's cowardly!

Look around you. They all have "something special".

Look at the little chubby one over there, the brunette outside...

I spend all my day at their feet.

Why do you think I do this job?


I'd like to try on the court shoes in the window.

The ones in the corner. Size 37.

Max, take care of the lady.


What size? 37. Do you have them in red?

In red? I don't know.

Could you go and check?

Red, 37... Red, 37...

37, red... Go for it! Attack!

These seem OK. Yes.

Perfect. I'll take them... in red!

In red?


Sorry. We don't have them in that colour.

A shame. Yes, it is.

But it doesn't matter, because...

We'll be happy to... Just leave me...

Leave us your number...

Do you spy on people a lot?

Sorry? I...

Don't act innocent.

Do you like stalking me?

Haven't you got anything better to do?

Look, you've got it wrong. Let me explain...

Let me buy you a coffee and...

Please! Just give me the time to...

No explanations, and no coffee, not even over the road.

Call me when the shoes come in.

Red ones, OK? Goodbye.

Rue de Paradis tomorrow at 7. You can stop stalking me now.

It lasted for a year. Really?

I fall for someone. Next day, it's over.

As if I had two or three different personalities.

Like a lunatic.

Thanks very much!

What I can't stand is half-heartedness.

One of your rules of life?

Let's talk about you.

I'm waiting for some replies.


Yes. I might get offered a job in New York.

But the thing I really want to do is write.

A writer?

Well, half of one. I've written half a novel.

Can I read it?

When it's finished.

Hurry up, I don't have your patience!

Thanks for the ride.

See you.


Tragic Weekend

Sir, we have a problem with 413.

Art dealer Daniel de Fouquieres lost his wife in a car crash on Friday, as she was on her way to their country house.

The funeral will be held on 21st September at Pére Lachaise crematorium.

I read about it in the paper. I don't believe it was an accident.

Get this door open, you idiots!

She's gone!

A whole week! You fools!

See if she left anything, hurry up!

Excuse me...

I found something here. What?

Some keys. I think they belong to a young woman.

When was this? Yesterday at about 6.

Pretty, dark, slender?

She broke her heel.

Yes, that was her.

She took her shoes off and walked out barefoot. Classy!

I'll take the keys. No.


If she comes for them, could you...

give her this note?

Please? No problem, sir.

Excuse me. What do you want?

You got a minute? Now?

Paola, take over here.

Your place?

Shouldn't you be in Tokyo? I didn't go.

Just pretending? I've found Lisa.

After two years you're still in love?

It's not that simple. I just want to...


I dropped it.

Can't you be more careful?

Sorry. You can always change the mirror.

I just want to know why... She disappeared without a word!

You're always complicating things. You're getting married.

What are you hoping for? Nothing.

I don't know, but I have to see her again.

Yeah, right...

I just want your help. No, not my car!

Not my car! Please.


I have to go to this funeral. It's my only chance.

You just won't listen.

But get it back by seven. I'm going outwith a brunette.


I've fallen for a brunette as if she's a blonde.

Serious, eh?

Agnés de Fouquiéres left us very suddenly, we won't see her again.

Let us remember her face.

Her eyes, mouth and forehead will lose their beauty, grace and colour, for our body is but dust, which cannot be reborn.

Life withers, just as water trickles through grass.

We are nothing but ashes.

All that remains is the memory of what was and never shall be again.

Agnés, you shall remain in our souls.

You are on high, far from torment.

You see our grief, you hear our cries.


Accept our tears, so that, alive or dead, your body shall be but roses...

Hello, I left a key with you.

Here. Thanks.

Shall I wrap it? Don't bother.

What can I get you? A glass of red wine.

Lisa, I've lost you. Why?

Your key is in your letterbox.

In exchange, let me see you one last time.

The very last.

I'll be waiting for your call. I love you. Daniel.

Are you taking the piss? Look, I'm really sorry...

The keys!

I know where she lives. You saw her?

No, but I left a note. To meet her tomorrow.

Great! Everything's fine, then.

Stop sulking! I'm sorry.

I'm not sulking, I'm thinking.

You're an hour and a half late.

I missed seeing Alice.

What can I say?

Aren't you going?

She's not the sort to wait.


It's Alice!

Yes, Alice.

I've been waiting an hour]

Look, I can explain...

I lent my car to someone and...

When you knew you were seeing me?

Well, it was...

You're making it all up.

- Look... Have a nice evening]

Come here.

I'm Max, Lucien's friend. It's my fault.

Listen, Alice, I can explain.

He didn't lend me his car, I nicked the keys.

Well, at least that's quite funny.

No, it was stupid. But I was desperate.

Sorry, I didn't mean...

No, it's my fault.

I was looking for someone. A woman.

It sounds so trite.

- Did you find her? Almost.

Well, I'll hand you back to Lucien. Kiss, kiss!

A weird friend! Yes, he's very sentimental.

Come and get me, then?

Yeah. Ten o'clock, after your rehearsal?

See you, darling. I love you.

The grey or the black?

The grey-

What are you doing?

I'm knackered.

But I get the strange feeling that you're in my bed.

My bed, right?

Sorry, but it's a bit small for three.

Oh, shit, Lucien, can't you go to her place?

She never invites me. What?

Look, she's...

It's complicated.

For once.

This isn't like you.

I know it isn't! Ready, then?

You're in love.

Switch the lights off when you leave.

You're kicking me out, right?

I love thee not, therefore pursue me not You draw me.

My heart is true as steel. Leave you your power to draw, and I shall have no power to follow you.

Do I entice you?

Demetrius, only give me leave...

Do I not tell you I do not, nor cannot, love you?

And even for that do I love you the more.

I am your spaniel.

Beat me, I will fawn on you.

Spurn me... Alice!

That won't do at all!

What's wrong?

You're completely stiff.

Helena's totally besotted...

And stop messing about with her dress! Get away!

What's the matter?

Haven't you ever been in love, Alice?

We open in two days! Wake up!

All of you!

It's those pills you gave me.

I fell asleep fully dressed I just woke up.

You sound so close.

You're 10,000 kilometres away and you sound right next to me.

Yeah, it's weird...

I miss you, my love.

- How's the weather? Well, it's night...

Night? It's 7 in the morning in Tokyo, isn't it?

Yes, of course. What an idiot!

I haven't drawn the curtains yet.

Sorry, I'm really tired.

Are you all right, Max?

Yes, I'm fine. Look, you won't be able to get hold of me.

Just tell your brother that everything's fine, OK? Will you tell him?

Lisa, I've got your compact.

I'll be in the small square at the Luxembourg, at 10.

I'll wait for you, Max.

Running away Water's like time, running away, running away Water's like time, running away all the time. ..

What is it?

I wanted to tell you something. Now?

Coming, Lisa?

Yes, I'll catch you up.

Hurry, then!

I tried calling you but it was always engaged, so...

You see, I... Are you OK?


Look, can we go and have a drink?

If you like.

I've been offered that job in New York.

That's great!

Yeah, it's a big computer company, great pay...

Three months ago I wouldn't have hesitated.


Because three months ago I hadn't met you.

What will you do?

I don't know, it all depends.

It's complicated, going away like that.

Can we move in together?

No, look, I mean...

Both of us in the same flat...

I'm in a hurry.

Are you paying? Yes.

Wait! Lisa, do you want to live with me?

I'm holding up the rehearsal.


Same time, same place, tomorrow.


For two months? Yes, they left yesterday.

Late morning. But she never said.

Lisa stood in for someone. Do you want the phone number?

No, really, stop it!

I don't feel like it.

Don't drop me!

I've got you.

I'm sopping!

It's all right.

Drink this.

Leave me alone! Hey, calm down.

You've ruined everything. Yeah, right!

Here. Don't touch me!

All right, I'll put it here. A clean hankie, for you.

Do with it what you will.

What are you doing here?

I was waiting for someone. I'm a friend of Lisa.

A friend of Lisa?

Is that a joke?

No, really...

Look, I'm Lisa, I live here and I don't know you.


What do you want?

You live here alone?

If you touch me, I'll wake the whole neighbourhood!

No, trust me...


All right, then. I'll sit down in the corner and I won't move.

Now let me explain. No.

I came here looking for someone.

You see that letter?

Did you write it?

Have you read it?

Did you really find my compact?


It wasn't you in La Pergola?

Wednesday? Yes, I was there.

Can you explain now?

My Compact!


What's happened to you?

This is what you need.

I mistook you for someone else.

A girl I once knew, who I was madly in love with.

The bloke with the Jag?

I think he killed his wife for me. Not very nice!

I'd better go.

Yes, I'm going.

It's pouring down.

Wait for it to stop first.

I should be in Tokyo right now.

You saved my life, you're responsible for me.

I don't have time.

I have to go, and now!

Look at the state you're in.

You can't go out like that.

You'll get run over.

You'll never sleep in that chair.

Don't be silly, come over here.

I'll be all right.

I'm starting to get used to odd situations.

Let's get some sleep.

Good morning.


I think you need some.

I don't know where I am today, either!

Well, actually, I think I'll have a shower.


Do you want tea or coffee?

I've broken all my cups.

It's original, anyway.

One sugar or two? One.

To us two?

Are you going?

Yes, I've got a busy day.

What do you do?

I'm a nurse.

I'm going to the hospital, and then I have to buy some cups!

I can't imagine you in your uniform.

Isn't it a hard job? No.

No, you get used to it.

You can stay here.

I'll be back about 10 o'clock.

You've got a key.

See you tonight?

See you tonight.


Lisa? It's me.

You were supposed to meet me.

I know. I couldn't get away.

Look, I have to see you, right away.

My place in an hour. How's that?

Your place, OK.

Stop it, Lisa! What the hell are you doing?

Come back! Stop it!

Will you just stop it now! Come on!

Come back in.

No, don't do it!

I'm going, OK?

Come back in! Lisa!

May I?

You scared me to death.

I'm not afraid of heights.

And, anyway, I wanted to meet you.

Is it about us?

A diary?

It's sort of autobiographical.

It's nice of you to come here.

Besides working here, what do you do?

Lots of things. I read...

More books!

What? I love books.

I also listen to the radio, enter competitions...

Do you win?

Sometimes. Last week I won a holiday.

Where? I don't know yet.

I don't feel like going, anyway.

It's no fun travelling alone. Why do you say that?

If you had a boyfriend... That's not it!

It's important, though.

For some women, maybe. But we're not all the same.

Do you never fall in love?

Let's drop it, OK?

OK. See you tonight.

There's a flight to Tokyo at 11 every night.

When? Tonight.

Tonight? You don't plan ahead, do you?

The ticket will be ready at 6.

Thank you.

Alice, there's someone to see you.

Not now! Tell him I'm not here.

I didn't hear that.

Just five seconds. All right?

What are you doing here?

We had a date last night.

You just disappeared without a word...

It's these rehearsals... I don't know where I am.

You could have phoned.

You don't care.

Stop it! You don't understand...

I can't talk right now! This is the last run-through.

I won't bother you any longer.


I'm sure you'll be brilliant tonight. Break a leg!

Never wear green in a theater, especially the first night.


Because green is the devil's colour.

Let's do it.

I'm a seagull!

It's not that...

I'm an actress.

He was always making fun of my dreams, and in the end I stopped believing in them, too.

I lost my nerve.

And the torments of love, the jealousy, the fear...

No, stop!

Why? No...

Give it here.

You were really good. It's my turn now.

Is it broken? There's no sound.

I don't believe it!

Show me.

Do you know what to do? Not at all.

Nor me.

It doesn't matter.

I know where I can get it fixed.

You're not in love, are you?

Not at all.

I'm just interested.

You'd tell me? Of course.

Well, I've got some things to do.

Shall I come with you? No. I'll get the camera.

See you tonight. Yeah, tonight.


I'm supposed to see Max this afternoon.

But I have to go to Italy.

What for? A two-month tour.

I explain it all in this letter. Here.

No! I...

I couldn't find a stamp.

My train leaves in 15 minutes.

He asked me to live with him! I'll keep you informed.

Are you going to?

Yes, if he can wait two months.

Why Rome?

I've got a friend there who's lending me his house.

When are you going?

Tomorrow. Are you sure you don't want to come with me?

I can't leave the hospital just like that.

I've got responsibilities.

You can't spend your life in a hospital!

It's good to care for others.

Yes. Especially when they send you roses!

Is he nice?

Not bad.

We made love in the staff room last night.

The problem is, I'm already going outwith his colleague, who works days. A dermatologist.

He's lovely and he adores me.

The serious sort.

So, to sum up, she has the same name and shoe size, but it's not her.

What's she like, though?

I don't know how I confused the two.

Have you...?


No. We were...

Well, I couldn't leave her on her own.

I slept in an armchair.

She fell fast asleep.

Fast asleep?

Yes. And when I woke up she'd already gone. Like I'd dreamt it.

No regrets?

What do you mean?

Nothing. Just a feeling.

No, hang on just a minute!

Lucien, I... Max!

I know you.

I'm going to Tokyo tonight.

All I care about is Muriel. I'm sure about that now.

If you say so.

How did it go with Alice the other night'? You never said.

It was fine.

Fine? Yes. Do you want a diagram?

Hey, sorry for taking an interest in your life!

We went for something to eat...

I told her about your weird story. It made her laugh.

Then we went home.

Shall we eat?

How did your pal get on'?

How did he get on'? He found Lisa.


He saw her?

No, not her, but the building she lives in.

Will he see her, then?

Yeah, he left her a note.

Indian or Japanese?

Indian or Japanese?

I don't feel very well. Can you take me home?

Don't you want... Do you love me?

I want to come up with you. Stop it! You can't!

Sorry, I'm really tired tonight.

Tomorrow, maybe.

What do you mean by that?

Don't shout. I'll call you tomorrow.

I won't be here. I'm fed up of your cold showers!

Please! Tomorrow.

We made love all night.

Then at dawn she fell asleep in my arms. Really sweet...

Really sweet.

When are you going to introduce us?

Her play opens tonight.

Why don't you come?

Do you know who I dreamt about last night?

Max... Max Mayer. Do you remember?

Two years ago, before Daniel. You must remember.


Well, we met in the street...

I wonder if he's forgotten me.

Do you believe in premonitions?

I bet he's married now with two or three kids.

He left just like that, without even saying goodbye.

The one time I felt like getting serious.

You see, you should never go against your true nature.

Try not to think about it.

I no longer care about anything.


Travel? And go where?


What's that?

It's the trip I won.

Aren't you going?

So I'll go instead?

Dear A,-'foe, One should never question fate.

Thanks to you, I met the man for me.

His name's Daniel.

He's rich, handsome... and married.

I love you. Lisa.

Alice, what is it?


I need your car again tonight. Do you mind?

Night shift again?

Well, if it's an emergency.

But don't go near my place.

Daniel knows my car. I wouldn't like him showing up here.

Aren't you overdoing it?

You think I'm mad, do you?

I'm imagining it?

I never said that.

But you've got no proof.

I know Daniel. I think he's capable of anything.

But you didn't even give him a chance to explain.

You don't love him any more?

Maybe he simply lost his wife and wants to start again with you.

Where are you? I couldn't hurt you.

I know, but... So why are you hiding?

Did you see my letter?

Letter? What letter?

I haven't been home for a week.

Don't take me for a bloody fool!

It's the truth. The truth? You want the truth?

You love someone else]

I don't know what you mean.

I saw him at your window!

I saw him, Lisa.

Daniel, stop it! You're crazy!

Where are you?


Wait, miss!

I have a letter for you.

You dropped your keys.

A young man left this note for you.

Here, it's for you.

Are you all right?

Can I delay my flight to Rome?

I can't do anything by telephone. You'll have to come here.

We close at seven. OK, I'll be right there.

They really suit you.

I don't want them damaging my feet.


What is it?

I have to get my ticket at the agency.

You're going now? Yeah.

Aren't you coming tonight?

I told you I couldn't. I'm sorry, but I really can't.

I'll call you, all right?


You have to come. I'd really like you to.

Help me... I'm nervous.

For her?

And me.

Things aren't going too well.

She's acting really weird...

I'm losing control and... It scares you.

You've got it!

OK, see you later. 7.30?

Charles de Gaulle, terminal B, right?

Yes, sir. One hour before take-off.

Sorry, you have to change this sort of ticket 48 hours beforehand.

Are you sure?

Excuse me, have you got a light?


Stay on thy peril.

I am out of breath in this fond chase.

The more my prayer, the lesser my grace.

Happy is Hermia wheresoe'er she lies.

But who is here?


Sorry I'm late. Look, it's Alice.

If you live, good sir, awake.

Run through fire I will for thy sweet sake.

Transparent Helena.

Nature shows art.

Demetrius. How fit a word is that vile name to perish on my sword.

Do not say so.

For... Go on!

Yet Hermia loves you.

Content with Hermia!

I repent the minutes I with her have spent.

Not Hermia but Helena I love.

But... What's the matter with her?

Do not say so...

Hermia, sleep thou there.

Francis, lower the curtain!

Help me, Lysander!

Pluck this crawling serpent from my breast]

Calm down. Shall I come?

No, I'll go on my own.

Go and catch your plane.

Thanks a lot!

You made us look ridiculous, destroyed our work, and put my career on the line!

I'm sorry, I don't know...

You're out! Brigitte will replace you.

You're more suited to the circus than the theater!

It's Lucien. Can I come in?

Leave me alone, Lucien I want to be on my own.

Don't be silly. Let me in.

No. I don't want your friend to see me in this state.

I'm on my own. He's gone.

He thought I was useless.

I drove everyone away, eh?

What are you talking about?

He had to catch a plane for Tokyo.


But I thought...

Are you all right?

I was terrible!

I don't know what happened.

Get dressed, I'll take you to dinner.

I'm not hungry.

Yes, you are.

You'll have to help me here.

How do you prefer me'?

With or without?

Or half made-up?

Did he find that woman?


Your friend who's going to Japan.

He found some nutter.

I'm a nutter, too! Haven't you realised?

Calm down.

I've never loved anyone like I love you.

I so wanted you to come here.

I want to see you every day, I want to live with you.

I love you.

Let me guide your steps through life Give me a chance to win your love Rest your head on my shoulder like a child Let me help you to forget The time that passes and slumbers, the joyless time The time of marvels, the time of a day Like a second, the time that speeds by Or groans by Time, time and nothing else Your time, my time. ..

A,-'foe, it's Lisa Lisa, where are you?

In Paris.

But you said...

I'll explain. Look, can we meet today?

- I don't know if... At La Pergola in two hours?

If it's urgent, I can make it. It's urgent]

Kiss your friend for me. You don't know her.

Why not introduce her?

See you tonight.

Land the contract, and Mr Noda will come in for 50%.

Mr Noda can get his pen ready. Max is the man for the job.

This lad's going to go far.

I'm not here right now.

Lucien, it's Maxi Pick the phone up

Max, didn't you go?

No, I came and slept in the apartment again.

I don't understand. What's going on?

She didn't come.

Who are you talking about? The girl in the apartment.

I don't believe it!

I didn't tell you everything.

We made love. I thought nothing of it, but...

Lucien, I don't know what to do.

- Tell me! Calm down.

And come here, OK?

Could I speak to Max, please?

- Who's speaking? My name is Lisa.

I'm a friend of Max. I'm phoning about my compact.

Which one?

Sorry about last night. I got held up at the hospital.

I couldn't get away.

Are you mad?

No, really. I had a great evening.

Well, apart from my breakfast...

- Where are you? Now?

In a café by the hospital.

I'm coming now. Will you wait?

I'm expecting him any minute. Can I have your number?

- Do you have a pen? Yes, go on.

No, just tell him I'll wait at the Luxembourg, between four and five.

The small square. Did you get that?

Yes, I'll tell him.

What a surprise, eh?

Hang on, I think...

No, it's not him.

I went to get some cigarettes.

What is it? It's amazing.

I just spoke to Max. He's not in Tokyo, he's here.

He spent the night in that girl's apartment, the idiot!


Yeah, but hang on...

The real Lisa just phoned!

His ex, the one he really loves.

The other one pretended to be her. A nutter!

Did you tell her? What?

About the nutter?

No, it's a bit delicate.

Where are you going?

I'll call you later.

Where are you going?

I can't stay.

Wait, wait...

Do you like me, at least?

You're round the bend!

Are you free tonight?

We could meet here.

All right.

You this time, not your shadow!


What's that?

A present.

For me?

Sit down and try them on.

You should have asked first. I take a 39.

It doesn't matter.

It's really sweet of you.

Something crazy's happened, I have to tell you...

I've something to tell you.

I feel terrible.

I'm doing all these awful things and I can't stop myself.

I can't stop lying...

What's going on?

It's too complicated.

I want to just stop it all.

Look, I'm not going away any more.

Use my ticket.

Go to Rome for a bit.

I have to tell you...

I've never been near a hospital]

Ma che did?

What are you doing here?

I said my place.

What's wrong?

I saw that girl again. Shit!

Come on, I'll introduce you to Alice. Come on!

Thanks for calling. I didn't take too long?

Max, this is Alice. Alice, Max.

It's like you already knew each other.

What're you having'?

Double vodka.

Two large vodkas, Roger.

Tell us what happened.

Alice knows the whole story.

Nothing. I had my doubts about her. That's why I went.

I'm curious like that.

Yes, a very curious boy!

It's like when you see a pretty girl from behind. You should never check.

Nine times out often...

Did you see her again?

Just long enough to find out she's a liar.


A fuss about nothing.

Not very much. I'm reassured.

Didn't you leave a message at the bar?

How do you know'?

Lisa told me. Your Lisa!

She wants to see you at the Luxembourg at 4.


It was her compact, anyway.

And I almost believed her.

She seemed so helpless.

Beware of people who seem too sincere.

What do you think, Alice? You seem the trustworthy type!

It's easy to judge.

What do you know about her?

She's a liar, and totally without scruples.

She might still be sincere.

You're the same, but a hypocrite, too!

How do you make that out'?

Hey, you two! Cool it, Alice.

No, leave her. Go on, I'm interested.

Maybe she's loved you for ages.

She was just trying everything.

You sound like an agony aunt!

She just wanted to get close to you.

You don't know the damage you do when you're in love.

You found yourself a real nutter, that's all there is to it.

I'll get some cigarettes.

This is me.

I don't regret a thing.

That was my farewell in the apartment.

I'll be gone in a few hours.

I'm flying to Rome.

It's a lovely city.

Well, according to Lisa.

Look, I... Stop!

I don't want to hear it.

This is for you.

You both look miserable!

Got a fag?

You smoking again?

Want anything else?


I'll have a JB whisky with a drop of... not too much!

OK. Coming up.

I have to go.

Let me know what happens, OK?

He doesn't have much luck with women.

This'll never work. Let's end it!


I'm not the right woman for you.

We can never live together.

We haven't tried yet.

I used you!

I don't love you, I'm not who you think I am, it's over!

Understand? Over!

I don't understand. Can't you explain?

Tell me why.

I'll be right back.

A drop of water...

Good luck.

I'm really nervous. I don't know why.

I'm getting sentimental with age.


Look at the angel on your ticket. It'll help you to fly.

We'll see. I'll call you.

Long, dark hair. No, nobody of that description.

Got here just in time, eh?

Ten minutes later and...

What? I'd have been on the next plane to Rome.

Wait here, I'll go and get my luggage.

Watch my bag.