The Art of Getting By (2011) Script

Since the dawn of recorded history, something like 110 billion human beings have been born into this world.

And not a single one of them made it.

There are 6.8 billion people on the planet.

Roughly 60 million of them die every year. 60 million people.

That comes out to about 160,000 per day.

I read this quote once when I was a kid, "We live alone, we die alone. Everything else is just an illusion. "

It used to keep me up at night.

We all die alone.

So, why am I supposed to spend my life working, sweating, struggling?

For an illusion?

Because no amount of friends, no girl, no assignments about conjugating the pluperfect or determining the square root of the hypotenuse is gonna help me avoid my fate.

I have better things to do with my time.

I've got a cupboard with cans of food Filtered water and pictures of you And I'm not coming out until this is all over

And I'm looking through the glass Where the light bends at the cracks And I'm screaming at the top of my lungs Pretending the echoes belong to someone

Someone I used to know

And we become

Silhouettes when our bodies finally go

Do you have your work, George?

No. Why not?

I was depressed.

Oh, yes? Why was that?

Because I realized I'm gonna die one day.

We're all gonna die one day, George.

I don't think that's a reasonable excuse for not completing your trigonometry exercise.

Well, I was trying to.

I just couldn't shake this awareness of my mortality.

Everything seemed meaningless, including the assignment, unfortunately.

I want you to go to the principal's office and find meaning in the homework.

Bring it to me completed by the end of the period.

You're late. I was so engrossed in my work.

Boy, I wouldn't wanna be you right now.

I haven't done anything. You've always done something.

You better go.


Even though you have off-campus privileges as a senior, if you are seen anywhere in the city smoking, you have your privileges revoked. Automatic probation.

Why are you telling me?

You think I can't smell? You can smell all you want.

Shall we get down to business?

Yes, we shall.

In a way, your future depends on the next few months.

Not just for college.

I mean, it sets the tone for everything that follows.

Now, I know how you think and I know you're thinking it's too late and you're gonna be a fatalist and let it all go to hell.

But, George, if you keep performing the way you are, forget about college, forget about graduating, even.

So, this counts as your official warning. Suspension is next.

I thought probation was next.

Don't play the angles, George. They won't work.

Neither do jokes.

I wasn't joking.

I know you're capable.

I have a real problem with motivating.

But I think I can do it.

I'll try.

All right, go.

And don't make me regret it.

Who's smoking up here?

George! What do you think you're doing?

Sorry. I...

I was having a tough day.

I guess the stress finally got to me, Mrs. Dougherty.

George, why do you do these things?

Thank you.

Now, what do you mean by stress?

Hi. Hi.

I got an e-mail from your school. Oh, Jesus.

Some kind of academic probation?

Can I help you?

Can I get you a tutor or a private college advisor?

If you don't get into a decent school, then I don't know how you're gonna get a job.

I have it under control.

Honey, if you don't get into a decent college...

I'm gonna go watch TV. No, you will not watch TV.

You will stay here till we can come up with a plan for getting you into college.

I had a hard day at school, I'm tired, and I'm gonna go relax now for half an hour.

Then I will do my work. Okay?


The fuck are you doing?

I'm drawing.

Are you sketching your subject, you little shit?


I don't have a subject, Harris. Why the heck not?

I don't know.

George, you're going to have to start digging around in there, so you can develop that talent of yours, so you can start to use that brain of yours to express that beautiful heart of yours.

So, figure out what you want to say, and say it.

Harris. Yes.

I don't have anything to say.

Find something!

Hey. Hey.

I'm Sally. I know.

Thanks for covering for me.

No problem.

Why did you?

I don't know.

You were doing something so renegade, I thought you deserved to get away with it.

I run afoul of the authorities so often, I figured I could handle it better than you.

You're really weird.

So, why don't you ever do your work?

There are so many more important things to think about, homework ends up seeming like an afterthought.


No, they tried everything.

Ritalin, Lexapro, tutors, therapy.

Nothing worked. I'm the Teflon slacker.

No, it's more like, we're living in a dying time, you know?

I mean, you got global warming, wars, terrorism, tsunamis.

Okay... We're definitely on the downhill side.

So, what are we working towards? What's the point?

I thought I had fears, but they're pretty run-of-the-mill.

Pain, death. Not me.

I fear life.

Do you have any friends, George?

I'm kind of a misanthrope.

Not a choice, just a fact.

Okay, handsome.

Mom! Jesus!

Hi, banana!

You wanna come up?

I'm sorry about that, chicken. We had a really late night.

I think we got home right before you left for school.

Mom, this is my new friend, George.

Well, George. Hello, Mrs. Howe.

What a genuine pleasure. Very nice to...

Sally, do you know where our stemware went?

I'm drinking wine out of a tumbler.

What do you want, George?

And this was before we left the sticks.

So, I cock one eye, look down, expecting to see a giant water bug, or a water moccasin, or...

Water something. Something I had to kill.

But it was the pilot's hand!


Ticklish, this one!

Let me get you a paper towel.

You know, ticklish people make great lovers.

Everything is erogenous.

My God. She's amazing.

Not if you're her daughter.

How'd you end up in New York?

My mom had me when she was 16. My dad was a truck driver, and one day he took off and never came back.

And this was?

Clarksburg. It's a small town in Tennessee.

This rich guy from New York, who owned a textile plant, started coming down, and it was like we were castaways and he was the ship.

But I ended up here, eight years old, new school, new friends, fancy new clothes.

My mom divorced him a year ago, and now she's back on the singles scene with a vengeance.

I do think I should get some homework done, though.

I should get going then. Got work to do myself.

Yeah, right.

Thank you.


It's not the first time it's happened.

I know.

But you never think it's gonna be the people that it's gonna be.

They've been together for 15 years. I know. It's certainly ridiculous.

What happened to the electricity? Hi, sweetie.

We got take-out from the rotisserie chicken place.

Grab a plate and join us.

But the lights. What happened?

It's my fault. I forgot to pay the bill.

And it's no big deal. They'll be on tomorrow.

George, we're trying to turn this awkward little mix-up into a fun experience.

And if you can't get into the spirit of adventure, then you can just do your own thing. You don't have to stick around.

I'm sorry, Jack. I can't use my laptop, much less get my assignments.

So, go to the library or Starbucks. Be resourceful.

Does anyone have any ideas about which elements of the novel pinpoint it as part of the Romantic movement?





I was asking what conclusion you came to in the exercise we're doing.

Sorry. About what, again?

About which elements of the novel pinpoint it as part of the Romantic movement?

Which novel?

The Mayor of Casterbridge, George, which, obviously, you didn't read.

I loved it.

Clearly. Anyone else?

My favorite part of the book is how the town's layout is described from the perspective of a bee traveling from one side of town to the other.

It's so visual.

So, I guess what Hardy's doing is aligning his point of view not with an all-seeing God but with an insect, the tiniest, humblest creature in nature.

Which is pretty Romantic.

I think you just found your term paper, George.



Come join us. Cool.

You know Will and Zoe, right?

Yeah, we're in math class together, right?

You never have your homework.

Right. Right, it's my shtick.

Hi, George. Hey, Zoe.

Dude, what are you always drawing?

He's like the mad artist, just hunched over his books.

He never listens to a word the teacher says.

What, like you do? Can I see some of the shit you draw?

Yeah, sure.

You have issues.

No. Dude, you're sensitive.

The sensitive artiste.

Could you draw something like this for one of my parties?

I'm throwing a huge one at my brother's club on New Year's Eve.

You serious? Yeah.

You know, we can blow it up, make it a poster, invites, flyers.

Yeah, that'd be great, right?

Hey, George. How are you? Fine.

Well, what are you doing?

Just finishing my trig assignment.

Good man. That's what I like to hear.

I've got 72 comps on my list alone.

Most of them are your friends. Yeah.

And they're gonna be the coolest people there.

Yeah, you're right. So don't question it.

Besides, if I pull my people, your whole operation goes under.

Will. Brother George!

I love it, man.

Nice celebratory mood. Perfect for a party.

So, what now, Basquiat?

Rule number one about cutting school.

I've cut school before.

To shop.

Rule number one, cutting school is fun. That's a rule?

Rule number two, cut rarely to preserve the specialness.

Is that even a word?

Rule number three, do something culturally rewarding with your time to earn it morally.

Rule number four, you're a dork.

Wrong. Rule number four, noodles.


Is that how you see us? You're the old man and I'm your 12-year-old niece?


So, what, you take all the girls to this movie? Is it your secret weapon?

When you're cutting school, you go to whatever's playing.

I'm kidding.

Whoa. What?

That's my stepfather. So?

Well, A, his office is on the other side of town.

And B, he looks weird.

Let's follow him.

What do you think he's doing? Probably just going to a meeting.

I bet it's a lovers' rendezvous. My stepfather cheated all the time.


No offense, but he looks kind of creepy.

Strange place for a meeting.

Lovers' rendezvous amended to drug buy from skanky hooker.

Hey, Bill.

You are like a Cold War spy. You move only in shadow.

Me? I'm always around.

I see you made some new friends.

Not necessarily. Jury's still out.

I'm happy for you, George. I just...

I just want you to be careful.

What's wrong with them? Nothing.

But they have an easier time of getting by than you do.

You're not exactly hooking up with a study group.

Hey, I have something for you. Career Day is coming up in a few weeks, and we always assign an exemplary student to represent Morgan to the alumni speakers.

You know, to act as a liaison, escort them to the classroom, whatever...

You have really lost it.

Then there is that matter that Mrs. Dougherty broached to me.

The substitute? Yeah.

Smoking on campus is automatic suspension.

This is the last thing I wanna do.

No problem. Suspension it is. Done. Effective...

Fine. Fine.

I'll do it. Great. Great.

We'll be sending out an e-mail with your schedule and your responsibilities.

Are you Dustin?


Hi. I'm George. I'm your liaison.


My name is Dustin Heath.

I'm a student. I was a student here.

I was in the class with that terrifying old man over there.

Yeah, I'm an artist.

Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing here.

Was a little hungover when they called me and asked me to do this and I said yes just to get them off the phone.

I got the schedule in the mail several days later and I was a little embarrassed.

I'm not really established or anything.

I had my first art show a year ago, which was good.

Got me this coat.

Well, let me show you some of my work here.

I don't know, sometimes people look at your stuff and, you know, they think it's really interesting or they think it's bullshit, and I don't know the difference. I honestly don't.

You just, you know, hope not to be fooling yourself, I guess.

This is the next slide, here.

Anybody have any questions?

I mean, nobody asked me any questions. Did I just suck?

You were probably the only real, non-full-of-shit person speaking today.

It felt like Nagasaki in there.

You were great.

Thanks, man.

Do you paint?

Yeah, I'd like to.

I just don't know what to paint.

Yeah, well, it's the hardest part, you know?

Does that make me not a painter?

The fact that you struggle with it is a really good thing.

But how can you call yourself a painter if you don't paint?

You like Morgan? Not really.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

I don't think anybody does, George.

At least you admit it.

If you want, you can come to my studio in Brooklyn and check some stuff out.

You sticking around for the holidays?

Nah. St. Bart's. Family yacht.


Kidding. No plans.

You're a loser.

Well, me, too. We should hang out.


Merry Christmas!

Hi. Hey.

Should we come in?



These are amazing. How long did they take?

They're all kind of different, you know?

Each one goes through its own little process of death and rebirth.

That one literally took me two hours.

They're all their own little entities, really.

You live here, too? Mm-hmm.

It's so simple.

It's not about comfort, really, you know?

You... How old are you?



Every time I think about a subject, or even try to visualize an image of what I think I should paint, I just feel like I'm full of shit, like I'm trying to be something I'm not.

George, this is who you are.

This stuff is wonderful, man. It really is. It's fantastic.

Really? No, they're just doodles, you know, immature crap.

No, man. This is what you should be painting.

At least until you evolve into something else, you know what I mean?

But you gotta exercise the muscle even if you're not feeling it, you know what I mean?

You just... You gotta do it or else it'll never happen.

Hey, man, by the way, very nice work.

Huh? Very nice work.


Well, you guys are together, right?


I'm sorry. That was stupid. I shouldn't have said anything.

No, not at all. We're not together.

You like her.

You should like her, if you don't.

I'll leave that alone.

That was so cool. Uh-huh.

I mean, he's amazing. Really talented. Don't you think?

A little derivative. I'm not sure he's the real deal.

Really? He seemed like it to me. I mean, he's a mentor to you now.

Aren't you psyched? I think he's a bit of a blowhard.

You're so weird.

Did he say anything about me?


Did you read the Book Review? Mmm-hmm.

New book about the M-1 tank. Can't wait.

What about you?

I'm interested in...

Great job. Thank you.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What happened?

I don't wanna lose this!

Viv, we're not gonna lose this place. I promise you.

I don't believe you anymore. He's gonna come through.

No! Yes, he's gonna come through, and I have two other guys...

It's always some other person, it's always some other thing.

I'm tired of this!


What? Nothing.

You okay?

I'm allergic to hormones.

What hormones?


Hi, George! Hey, Zoe. Great place.

Your folks getting dinner at the soup kitchen?

No, they don't live here. They live in Greenwich.

You live here alone? Yes, George.

I wanted to go to school in the city, so my parents rented me this place.

Hey, Nick.

Looking pretty hot, Sal.


I think we need some one-on-one time, you and me.

Oh, you do, do you?

Zinavoy, what's with the overcoat?

We're indoors now.

I like layers.

Did you see it, man? See what?

The invite. Check it out.


It's pretty solid, huh?

All right, y'all. Let's go to the club.

I'm not dressed for this.

You're fine. And we're with Will.

It's not a big deal, but I've never been to one of these before.

Don't worry. I won't lose you.

Hey! Hey, guys.

This is yours, for the drawing. Dominate it.


Come on!

Come on.

Nick is here! Hey!



Do you want me to introduce you to any girls?


I have a lot of slutty friends here you might like.

Oh, no. No, I'm cool.

I mean, I'm cool just hanging out.

That's all right, George. We all know who you're waiting for.

What? No. I'm not.

Zoe, that's not what I... Bye-bye!

Yeah, yeah!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!

Happy New Year!


Why didn't you go with Nick?

Why would I? I spent two hours in there looking for you.

Didn't you used to date him? Yeah, for like five minutes.

Why do you like that guy?

I don't! I would tell you if I did.

I'm so sorry.

Sally, I'm so sorry. I ruined your night.

No, I'm sorry. I lost you.

Broke my promise.

I think you're


What a stupid thing to say.

No. No, it was...

It was sweet.

Come on.


This is the cure to end all cures.

My daddy used to put a raw egg in his to really get the effects.

You want an egg? No.

You've heard of a hair of the dog?

Beef bouillon floater there.

How are you feeling?

Much better. Thank you for taking care of me.

Mom, what are you doing?

But you have to have a coalminer's tonic, Miss Grumpy.

It's like a vaccine.

I can't deal. I'm going back to bed.

Angrier than a pit bull when she wakes up.

I like that boy.

So do I.

Sal, I don't think you should be messing around with him.

Are you giving me dating advice?

I just think you should be going out with someone your own speed.

Don't worry, we're just friends.

That's exactly what worries me.

Charlotte, I don't comment on your social life.

You hardly have the right to comment on mine.

I've seen the way he looks at you. Jesus.

This all means something much more to him.

Trust me, I've played with their affections my whole life.

But with the good ones, it's not right.

That's what you do. It's not what I'm doing.

This is a great idea, by the way.

I got a show coming up in a couple of months.

I needed some inspiration, you know?

Big time.

Do you like this?

I get it. Do you?

I think anyone could turn this out, except why would they want to?

What's it saying?

Makes a room look great, though, you know?

It looks like money.

Oh, God.

This is heaven to me.

Pretty great.

This makes you feel something instantly, you know what I mean?

Like anger or wrath.


So, how's it going with our friend Sally? Make any moves?

She hasn't shown any interest.

Well, have you?

What do you think, she's gonna go around wearing a sign around her neck?

Women love being desired.

You just go throw her up against the wall, start kissing her.

Chances are she'll kiss you back.

And if she doesn't, then at least you tried.

You gotta do something or you might lose her.

You love this.

No, it's good.

Fetishizing an object. That suits you.

I can't believe we're participating in this consumer circle jerk.

The dateless need to stick together tonight.

We're like survivors huddling for warmth.

You've probably had so many Valentines.

Is that some kind of euphemism for slut?

The one I remember most was my dad.

Where was that?

It was before we left Tennessee.

I was six and he had already left, but he'd come back every so often.

He roared up on his motorcycle, took me out alone.

We had pancakes with chocolate syrup at a diner, at night.

He let me order.

Where's your father?

Beijing. He moved there years ago for the economic boom.

You guys have a relationship?

He checks in, pays my tuition.

But we couldn't be more different. I think he's a little disappointed.

I spent some time in Tokyo with him when I was seven.

He was running a company there, working 12, 14 hours a day.

So, I had this full-time Japanese babysitter who didn't speak English.

We couldn't understand each other at all.

Pretty soon, she ran out of things to do with me and I ended up never leaving the hotel room.

I was like a veal.

What were you like as a child?

I was such a better person than I am now.

Come on. I'm serious.

I was happy, I was open, I was curious.

But I'll tell you this, I knew when it was ending.

I was overwhelmed with sadness when I realized that I was gonna change and that it was all most likely gonna get worse.

Like a nostalgia for the present, I couldn't shake it.


I'm weird, right?


No, you're not.

It's weird not having a boyfriend.

It's been so long.

That's because it's the first year at school nobody's older than you.

Your pool dried up.

How do you know that? I'm a very insightful person.

Have you ever had sex?

Yeah, tons.

No, really. Have you?

Why are you asking me this?

You know I haven't.

Well, I don't know, I'm just wondering.

Have you ever thought about me?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean. Have you ever thought about it?

Why are you doing this?

Will you have sex with me?

I'm just kidding.

Bad idea.

I mean, can you imagine how weird that would be?

You're my only real friend.

Let's not ruin it.

Should we check in with Will and Zoe?



I have to go.


I'm not feeling well.

Okay. Well, will I see you tomorrow?

I don't know.

This is wrong. It's a joke.

You think too much, George!

Trav'ling lady, stay awhile

I'm just a station on your way I know I'm not your lover

Trav'ling lady, stay awhile

Get out.

George? What is going on? Why aren't you at school?

If you speak even the most rudimentary form of the English language, then you'll understand this, leave me alone.

What did you just say to me?

Vivian, my voice is calm.

I'm a free-thinking individual who chooses not to be engaged in this discussion.


Trav'ling lady, stay awhile Until the night is over

George, what are you doing?

I'm sorry, Jack. I need to be left alone right now.

What about your work?

I just can't do it right now.

I'm going through something.

That's pathetic.

At least it's the truth.

What's that supposed to mean?

And why are you so quiet now standing there in the doorway?

You chose your journey long before You came upon this highway

Trav'ling lady, stay awhile Until the night is over

Hey. Hey.

How are you? Good.

That's good.

Everything... Everything all right?

Yeah. Yeah, everything's all right.

How's George? He hasn't returned my calls.

Yeah, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.

He's not exactly speaking to me either.

Why? What happened? I don't know.

You know George.

He's complicated, I guess.


I was wondering, I'm not just George's friend to you, am I?

You and George should be together, Sally.

We're just friends.

There's no such thing.

I love this song.

You wanna dance?

Come on.


We shouldn't be doing this.

We're just dancing. Oh, yeah?


Been looking forward to reading your Hardy paper. Today's the day.

Sorry, I don't have it.

George, this was your final project of the year.

After this, there's just exams. How am I supposed to grade you?

I'll have it to you by next week, I promise.

That's not gonna be good enough.

Hey, pal.

I called this meeting because your teachers have reported to me that you continue to refuse to do the course work.

You have made zero effort to turn your career here at Morgan around.

Yes, I did.

I mean, I did struggle with it at the beginning, but I just couldn't.

Well, you are out of time.

The moment to decide your future has arrived.

Now, against the recommendation of some in this room, I'm giving you a choice.

First is expulsion.

It's yours if you want it.

Second option, if you want to graduate, you make up every single assignment you missed.

Every paper, every exercise.

Essentially, a year's worth of homework.

If even one is missing on graduation day, no diploma.

You have a little over three weeks.

George, I used to believe you had more potential than anyone else here.

But you never delivered, not once.

I wasn't gonna waste the time getting mad at you.

I'm not gonna waste the time defending you now.

Forget the lack of respect you show, George.

This is the way we make our living, how we spend our lives.

But you simply don't care what goes on around here.

Why would we continue to reward that?

You're right.

You shouldn't reward it.

I honestly don't know what to say.

Maybe it should be expulsion.

Let us know on Monday.

All right. All right.

Thank you.

Did you tell my parents about this?

Yes, George, I had to.


I don't know what to say.

Is it my fault? I mean, I've had a lot on my mind and...

It's not your fault.

I don't think I can do it.

Well, what do you mean? What other choice is there?

Mom, I'm not sure that I can. You're just gonna have to do it.

You're just gonna have to sit down and just do it!

Mom, I'm trying to speak to you honestly.

I don't care! I'm done listening to your lies!

Come on, that's really the way to fix this!

Hey, George! This is your mess, and it's a disaster.

You're right, Jack. It is my mess.

I'll handle my mess, you handle yours.

Okay, watch that tone. Wait, Viv.

What does that mean?

I mean, you wanna tell us where you've been spending your days for a couple of months this past winter?

What's going on with your disaster?

Phone gets shut off. We can't pay the electricity.

Furniture is disappearing around here piece by piece.

George, stop it. You don't understand.

Do you?

Do you know that Jack was wandering the streets for weeks, pretending to go to work?

Did you get that sorted out, Jack?

Or are you still working out of a coffee shop booth like a homeless person?

Jack, stop!

Stop it!

Jack! Stop!

Get off!





What's going on? What happened?

What's wrong?

What is it?


George, hey.

I just wanted to make sure you're all right.

I had a really hard time, George.

I swear. I promise, I...

I thought you were gonna leave it alone.

I'm not gonna say sorry.

Isn't it better that it's me?

As opposed to some douche bag she just met and wouldn't even let you look at her?

You want me to thank you?

I actually felt something.

That doesn't always happen. It hasn't happened in a very long time.

And I've lived long enough to know that when it does, you should act on it.

I didn't think you were ready.

I thought you were so cool.

I never meet anyone cool.



I didn't want to be up there.

Can't have been fun for you.

He broke his collarbone. We were in the ER all night.

I'm so sorry. That should have never happened.

Mom, I started it.

He's a 50-year-old man.

He's supposed to protect you.

Mom, I'm obnoxious, I'm deeply disrespectful.

We're getting a divorce.

Come on, I'm sure he'll never do it again.

Now that he knows I can hospitalize him.

We were already headed there.

His business went bankrupt about a year ago, and I thought I should have faith in him and support him.

But there was always some sort of excuse, or his luck was about to turn.

So, he convinced me to mortgage the apartment, and then my own business.

But it was never enough.

He's a sick man, and I should have told you, but you were under enough pressure and I didn't wanna distract you.

I like distractions.

It gets worse.

I have to sell the apartment.


The debt has erased my credit.

What am I gonna do?

I'll do it.

Hold on.

You have three weeks.

And you still have to come to school and take finals.

You know that already?

Pick up your assignment packets from your teachers. You miss one, no diploma.

Okay. Go.

I've given this a lot of thought, George.

I don't think I'm being easy on you.

I simply don't believe that dull, lifeless assignments are the measures of a person's soul.

I want one, one meaningful work from you.

I want you to look in the mirror, listen to your gut, and make an image that speaks to the real you.

What you care about. What you believe.

It can be big, it can be small.

It can be painted in bat shit.

As long as it's honest and fearless.

Harris, you have no idea how much this helps...

But! But. The caveat.

If I smell a rat, if you didn't find something you've never had the courage to say before, I don't pass you. You don't get out of here.

All your work down the drain.

Now, go, get out of here.

How are you?

How are things with Jack?

Look, what is so wrong with me seeing Dustin?

He told me he was gonna leave it alone.

But you told him we weren't together! What should I have said?

What did you wanna say?

There you go again with the mind games. Treacherous, sadistic little hussy.

George! There was nothing between us.

I'm sorry. No. You're right.

I gotta go. I have to make up a year's worth of homework or I don't graduate.

What? Have fun with Dustin.

I'm so pleased to have made the introduction.

And it's good.

We've had some great memories here, you know?

We should definitely look into signing a lease for this place.

It's absolutely perfect. Sure, sure.

What the rest did I was average But I don't mind Drawn on two sides without disguise But I don't mind

It's a great room. Hi, honey.

And you, you don't believe me And I, I find it easy Easy

You're recruited head diluted through a glass eye Dreams in fiction lost religion But I don't mind Cause I spit fire on lovers and liars And you, you don't believe me And I, I find it easy Easy

And I, I spit fire on lovers and liars And you, you don't believe me And I, I find it easy Easy

I, I spit fire on lovers and liars And you won't deceive me And I, I find it easy Easy I think I'm done.

Me, too.

We had a lot of fun in the beginning, you, me, and your father.

I don't get what happened.

After Dad.

Things change.

Sometimes so quickly you don't even notice it.

I don't know. Happiness is, like, something you have to look after, be vigilant about.

I mean, you know that Jack loved us.

That wasn't an illusion.

He loved you like a son.

Do you know where he is now?


Do you have any idea of what you wanna do?

I wanna try and get into an art school.

I need real training.

Thank you for coming.

So much has happened, and so much is happening, and...

I just need you to be my friend, okay?

I really, really need that. Please.

My mom is marrying this guy she's known for three months and moving to Texas to be with him.

She's already down there.

Getting engaged means her alimony payment stops, which means she can't pay my tuition for Boulder next year, which means I don't get out.

She wants me to go live with her in Texas.

What are you gonna do?

That's the hard part.

Because I'm leaving tomorrow.

Where are you going?

Dustin and I are gonna backpack around Europe for the summer.

His show sold out. It's his present to me.

What about graduation?

After everything, I'm over it. They can mail it to me.

And Zoe, Will, and...

I love those guys, but that was never really me.

And after Europe?

Who knows? Not Texas.

I need to tell you something.

You were right, in a way.

I should've been able to say what I wanted to.

I'm in love with you. I always have been.

I thought you were the unfair one, but it was unfair of me not to say it.

So, I've said it.

I was nothing.

I felt like nothing.

Less than.

You changed that.

You know we're gonna be together one day.

We have to sort through all of our messed-up issues and you have to sleep with a lot of girls to get it out of your system.

Don't go.


It's a long life.

We're not done.

Treacherous, sadistic little hussy.

I love you, too.

Here it is.

We'll see.

We are getting down to the wire.

I'll either be calling your name or I won't.

Son of a bitch.

Mara Ryder.

Did she say when she'd be back?

I can't believe she didn't even call me.

What did I do?

Will Sharpe.

They're about to close the doors.

Final boarding call for Dallas Flight 2013, passenger Diana Mayer.

Come here.

Veronica Walsh.

You're gonna be okay.

I'm fine.

We'll have plenty of girls lined up for you, I promise.

Zoe, really, I'm...

Thank you.

And George Zinavoy.

Anything is possible.

Hey. Hey, what's up?

I'm starving.

Not bad.

I mean, it's all right.

It's good.

So, what are you gonna do?

Are you staying?

I don't know.

The hours of choking century I blame you

I thank you

I blame you

Wasn't fit to have you But I will never run and hide I don't feel so bad And then I will not apologize I am fit to hang and in the falling rain And I meant to make it out tonight The hours that go in front of me Remind it how it used be And you down in the grass with me The hours of choking century I blame you I thank you I blame you I thank you

Yeah, you come to mind

Yeah, you come to mind Yeah, you come to mind Yeah, you come to mind

Yeah, you come to mind

Yeah, you come to mind Yeah, you come to mind Yeah, you come to mind

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