The Assassin (2015) Script

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In 7th century China, the Tang Dynasty is in decline.

The Imperial Court seeks to protect itself by establishing garrisons at the frontiers of its empire.

Two centuries later, the militarized provinces waver in their loyalty to the Court.

Some move to distance themselves from the Emperor's control.

At that time, Weibo asserts itself as the strongest of those provinces.

That man poisoned his own father, he killed his own brother.

His guilt condemns him.

Cut him down for me, expertly.

As if he were a bird in flight.

Don't pinch it!

Where's it going?

Where does it fly to?

Where indeed?

I want to touch it.

Where's it going?

Where's it going?

Play with the ball.

Why did it take you so long?

The governor's son was there.

I could not bring myself to do it.

Another time, first kill the one he loves, and then the man himself.

You have mastered the sword but your heart lacks resolve.

I shall return you to Weibo to kill your cousin.

Tian Ji'an.

The Assassin.

My lady, a nun is here.

She says she is bringing Yinniang back.

As your humble servant, I bow to you, Your Reverence.

Yinniang has completed her studies.

Today she returns.

I'll take my leave of you.

The King of Kophen's bluebird failed to sing for three years.

One day the Queen remarked:

Birds sing only to their own kind, set the bird before a mirror!

The King heeded her advice.

The bluebird saw its own image, it sang of its sadness, it danced,

until it expired.

Yinniang, these clothes are for you.

While you were away with the nun, your mother made them for you herself, every spring and autumn.

Grandmother, my respects.


This is from your Master.

She asked the tea-traders to bring it here.

This jade was given to Princess Jiacheng when she was obliged to marry the Lord of Weibo.

Her brother the Emperor offered it as a farewell gift.

This jade symbolizes a decisive break.

His Majesty was commanding her to depart from his Court and to secure Weibo.

To prevent Weibo from invading His Majesty's lands.

That year, your uncle and I were in charge of ceremonial protocol.

I recall that the princess refused her usual carriage.

So His Majesty gave her an Imperial gold carriage.

When Princess Jiacheng reached Weibo, she abandoned all her former customs and adapted to the manners of Weibo.

She sent away the retinue of staff provided by His Majesty.

She lavished gold and silk on them, so that they could have their freedom.

Since then, the Court is the Court and Weibo is Weibo.

The Princess implemented that decisive break.

When her son Tian Ji'an came of age, she divided two matching jades:

One to her son, one to you.

She wished the two of you to maintain the imperial edict.

To be resolute in preserving the peace between the Imperial Court and Weibo.

His Majesty passed away four years ago.

One year later, his nephew and heir also passed away.

When the imperial messenger brought the sad news, Princess Jiacheng coughed up blood and hurled her pearls and jades to the ground.

That year, the glorious white peonies she brought from the Court withered overnight.

The Princess had one last concern.

Her heart was troubled by the thought...

that she had let you down.

A year ago, the Court sent an official to Chengde to console Wang Chengzong for his father's death.

He persuaded Wang to pay the Court taxes on salt and iron and give away two provinces for a promotion.

The Court immediately established in these two provinces the Baoxin Garrison.

Lord Tian, you have a man in Chengde, seeding trouble between.

Wang and Xue Changchao.

He tells Wang that Xue has secret dealings with the Court.

That will goad Wang into capturing Xue, so Xue will not be able to receive his promotion!

This plan must be curtailed!

At the moment, the Imperial Court is actively extending its domain.

The Court will certainly be offended and send troops into Weibo!

Their new provinces adjoin Weibo, and it is where they built their new garrison.

The Court is showing off its strength to intimidate us in Weibo.

It is time to act.

The Court could take Weibo as easily as it took the Wushu provinces.

It will not be so easy to seize Weibo.

We are not like Wushu.

The Wushu garrison was encircled by the Court.

Their rulers behaved as autocrats and commanded no popular support!

Thus, the population instantly ceded to the Court's army.

There is no comparison with Weibo.

Our fifty-year history has forged bonds between ruler and ruled.

Furthermore, even if Wang and Xue fall out, they are related by marriage.

Their quarrel will not spill over borders.

Xue Changchao has interests in Weibo.

He does not always obey the Court.

My lord, setting Wang against Xue would offend the Court and they will send troops.

It will place Weibo in grave danger!

Lord Tian is arriving.

It was a woman in black.

Your son saw her while he was playing.

She seemed to mean him no harm.

The guard says my brother will be banished.

His blunt speaking caused offence.

How is he?

He had a stroke.

Yinniang is back. I heard.

The nun-princess brought her back.

Lord Tian is here.

You're thinking about that woman?

Tian Xing will be sent away.

He provoked panic. They all support the Court!

Cowards, all of them!

It was Yinniang.

It was her.

I understand.

She wanted me to recognize her.

Who? Yinniang.

She wanted me to recognize her before taking my life.

She wants me to know why.

These jades were given... to my mother when she married into the Weibo clan.

When I came of age, Mother gave one to me, one to Yinniang.

One jade each, she betrothed us.

Mother intended us to wed when Yinniang turned fifteen.

The following year, Yuan, the Ming lord, formed an alliance with Weibo.

Father wanted to cement the alliance with a marriage.

I was born to a concubine, Mother adopted me.

To be sure that I would inherit Weibo.

Mother betrayed her promise to Yinniang.

Back then, Yinniang stayed in the forest.

Like a phoenix!

She broke into the Yuans' mansion.

Their guards wounded her.

She could have died.

Mother asked her twin sister, Princess Jiaxin, to take Yinniang away.

I feel for Yinniang.

When I was ten I had a serious fever.

The pain was unbearable.

The doctors were no help.

A small coffin was prepared.

Yinniang's father suggested I be rolled in a bamboo mat and put in a cool spot.

After three days and nights, I was cured.

In my delirium, I sensed a presence.

It was Yinniang.

No one could have made her leave.

Excuse me, sir, our guard has a report.


Lord Provost, an assassin entered Lord Tian's mansion.

Our guards are in pursuit.

What is the situation?

Nothing is certain.

I withdraw.

We should not have allowed the nun to take Yinniang away.

What choice did we have?

We had to save her somehow.

Do you realize?

Yinniang is back to kill Lord Tian on the orders of her Master!

Provost, a messenger is here.

Lord Tian urgently requires your presence.

My Lord, the Provost is here.

Your humble servant pays his respects.

I sent for you, because I want you to escort Commander Tian Xing to the border.

Make sure he reaches it safely.

My Lord, Tian Xing went home yesterday.

He had a stroke.

He's pretending.

As you command.


Be ready for anything.

Three years ago, his predecessor was seized and buried alive.

That must not happen again!

Yinniang... returned home yesterday.

We came face to face last night.

As My Lady guessed, she faked her period with chicken blood.

Lord Tian is here.

Tell the nurse to fetch the boys.

Jiang, show yourself!

Yesterday, I ordered Tian Xing to leave.

He has a new post.

Just now, I ordered Provost Nie Feng to escort him.

The incident of three years ago must not be repeated!


I hear we had an intruder last night.

The same woman in black?

You are well informed!

Travel safely!

Bring Xiaomian here.

Master, it is exactly as Madame guessed.

Huji is pregnant.

She faked her period with chicken blood.

Commander Tian Xing will leave. When it gets dark, go after him.

What news? Tian Xing has left the staging post.

They took a fork in the road.

With Commander Tian?

It was too dark to tell.

Our man is chasing them.

We should not have let the nun take you away.

Princess Jiacheng taught me the zither.

She told me a story about a bluebird's dance.

She herself was the bluebird.

She left the Court for Weibo all by herself.

There was no one like her in Weibo.

Come and help!


Huji is pregnant.

I found this in the corridor.

My father showed me one of these shortly before he died.

When the Lord died suddenly in the night, one was found by his bed.

Father suspected a plot by Princess Jiaxin.

He traced her to a temple in the south, where they spoke.

She blamed him for his suspicions, saying she served the heavens, not evil spirits and such black magic just scares the simple-minded.

In her opinion, the Lord died of fear.

He scared himself to death.

Lord Tian is here.

Come here, boys!


All of you.


Clear this away.

Reporting, sir! Commander Tian reached his post.

And Provost Nie is recovering from his wounds.

He remains weak, but will report to you himself tomorrow.

My Lord, Wang Chengzong has sent 200 cavalrymen to arrest Xue Changchao.

My Lord, if we behave aggressively and destroy the Imperial troops, the Court will mobilize against Weibo.

I propose that we distract the Court's men by offering them food and wine.

Meanwhile, we negotiate with Wang...

Were Tian Ji'an to die while his sons are still young, Weibo would fall into chaos.

So I chose not to kill him.

The way of the sword is pitiless.

Saintly virtues play no part in it.

Your skills are matchless, but your mind is hostage to human sentiments.

Look! The young woman kept her promise.

She said she'd come back.

She is trustworthy.

She'll escort him into the land of Xinro.

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