The Atomic Cafe (1982) Script

The Trinity test had been executed in New Mexico.

The people from Trinity had arrived in the Marianas and they had with them at that particular time color photographs of the Trinity explosion, so we got the gang together and we show them.

We didn't use the words "atomic bomb", we did not use that, but we said:

Okay now, this is the bomb, this is what will happen when we make our flight tomorrow and release it, this is what we're gonna see.

So with this preliminary indoctrination we got into the airplane and took off.

Once through we're ... in the air I then left the pilot seat of the airplane and I crawled back into the back, where the enlisted men were.

I got them all together back, then we pour some coffee out of the thermos jug and I told them actually what we were doing, what we are carrying at that time, and the weather being clear at our primary, which was Hiroshima, there was no decision left, I mean, we were on the way to the primary, so that part of it was perfectly routine, as we came in from our initial point to the bomb release point, it was again routine.

There we were bothered not in the least by any kind of either opposition, no flag.

We didn't see anything that causes any concerns, so we're able to concentrate strictly on the bombing problem.

The bomb was released.

We executed a turn around as we had been directed.

The bomb blast hits us.

It hits us in two different shockwaves, first being the stronger.

This essay was a perfectly unexciting and routine thing up until the point of taking a look at the damage we had been done, that was kinda a little bit hard to realize, it was kinda inconceivable as to what we were looking at there.

We pass comments back and forth in the airplane, we took pictures and by the time we had done that I became concerned that we better quit be in sight seers and get out of there.

We were gone and off to the coast in a matter of about 20 minutes from the time that the bomb was released.

We have spent more than two billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history, and we have won.

The Navy Department says that it's too early yet to tell what effect the atomic bomb will have on Japanese morale and that we may have to destroy 4 or 5 cities before they actually believe we have such a bomb.

Having found the atomic bomb, we have used it.

We shall continue to use it until we completely destroy Japan's power to make war.

Only a japanese surrender will stop us.

It is an awful responsibility which has come to us.

We thank God that it has come to us instead of to our enemies, and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes.

Captain Beahan, what was your most outstanding experience on this historic flight?

I suppose it was when the clouds don't pull out over the target, at Nagasaki, so it was pretty as a picture.

I made the run, let the bomb go.

That was my greatest thrill.

There was no atheists in the hole and men that had never prayed at all at the time they watched at the heaven and beg the Lord that ended up the war They told Him of their mothers on the homeland They told Him that they wanted to be there I think the bomb that stroke Hiroshima was the answer to our boys' prayers.

Hey, did you see that city where the first atomic bomb was dropped?

Yes, Fred. We flew over Hiroshima for about half an hour.

It was a shamble down. A shamble?

It looked like Evans field after a doubleheader with the Giants.

The group had been told to select some targets in Japan that had not been bombed.

In other words, they wanted virgin targets, and the reason behind it, even though not given to the group at that time, the reason behind it was that they wanted to be able to make bomb blast studies, or bomb damage studies on virgin targets once the bombs were used.

There are definitely military targets, there was no question about that, and they offered such a...

Well, you can almost say a classroom experiment, as far as being able to determine later the bomb damage.

I have been subjected many times to criticism,

I have been accused of being insane, being a drunkard, being everything that you can imagine a derelict to be, as a result of a guilty conscience for doing this, and as I said, no one's ever comes to my defense in that regard.

I look at it this way: that my part in this thing may well have been something that later or now the U. S. government might be looking at someone with a guilt complex, and their feeling could be that the less said about it by the United States government the better.

June 30 1946, almost time.

Another five seconds... two...


A spewing column of smoke 9 miles high in the sky, blinding light stronger than the Sun.

Bikini Atholon, present site of Operation Crossroads, and the fourth atom bomb explosion.

Bikini Atholon, where 200 warships will be anchored, 140 planes, 200 goats, 200 pigs, 4,000 rats.

How will this fourth bomb affect you?

What do you know of this atom bomb?

The bomb will not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all the gas, letting all the ships on all the oceans drop down to the bottom.

It will not blow out the bottom of the sea and let all the water run down the hole.

It will not destroy gravity.

I am NOT an atomic playboy, as one of my critics labeled me, exploding these bombs to satisfy my personal whim.

The natives expressed to the people of the United States their welcome, despite the fact that the Atholon of Bikini may be utterly destroyed on July 1.

But the natives, in their simplicity and their pleasantness and their courtesy, they're more than willing to cooperate, although they don't understand the world of nuclear energy anymore than we do, and all they have no way of understanding what the test is all about.

Scene 26, take 2.

Well, James, tell them that the commodore will explain the atomic bomb.

All right. Now, James, will you tell them that the United States government now wants to turn this great destructive force into something good for mankind, and that this experiments here at Bikini are the first step in that direction.

Now, they have heard of our plan for their evacuation.

Will you ask King Judah to get up and tell us now what his people think, and if they're willing to go.

Yes, very good, they are willing to go and everything is in God hands.

Well, you tell them and King Judah that everything being in God's hands, it cannot be other than good.

American officials discuss plans with the Bikini natives for the evacuation of the atholon.

The natives are nomadic groups, and are well pleased that the yanks are going to add a little variety to their lives,

and here, by the way, you hear them singing a Marshallese version of "You are my sunshine".

They are in time.

I just have been in the ...

The boys in the control seat...

The pilot have it under his control.

No one can stop it, the atomic bomb is about to drop.

20 seconds.

42,000 men are here watching.

All the observers, ten seconds!

All the observer ships in position in the open sea, were about 10 miles away.

Three... two... one...

In the background was the growing struggle between two great powers for shape the post-war world:

Soviet Russia was expansively stabbing westward, knifening the nations left empty by war.

For orders from the Kremlin, Russia had launched one of history's most drastic political, moral and economic wars: a cold war.

The United States was obliged to help Europe safeguard its traditional freedoms and the independence of its nations.

Gone was the spirit of wartime unity that reached its peak on that historic afternoon in April 45 at the Elbe River in Germany.

Here two worlds actually met, but this coalition was to be torn asunder.

Already an Iron Curtain had dropped around Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria.

"But this is Europe", you say.

But let's see what can happen elsewhere, in the small town of Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Peaceful, isn't it?

But the red punching falls and the chief of police is hauled off to jail.

Next, public utilities are seized by fifth columnists.

Watch carefully what happens to an editor who operates under a free press.

He goes to jail too and his newspaper is confiscated. Exit freedom of thought.

Yes, this is life under the Soviet form of government.

The little town of Mosinee made this experiment for 24 hours of public service to all America.

It can't happen here?

Well, this is what it looks like if it should.

Fortunately we can move the clock back.

The time is not yet.

Let us pray that it never happens in our country.

Before we meet the members of the American Legion Post 279, who helped make this picture possible, I just like to say that gives me a great deal of satisfaction to present two outstanding shopping centers in California, Shopping Hub of the San Gabriel Valley in West Arcadia and the Whittier Quad Shopping Center in Whittier, California, because they are concrete expressions of the practical idealism that built America.

When you visit these two fine shopping centers, you will find more than four score beautiful stores, the sparkling assortments, an attractive atmosphere, and of course plenty of free parking for all the cars that we, capitalists, seem to acquire.

Who can help but contrast the beauty of the practical settings of the Arcadia Shopping Hub or the Whittier Quad with what you'd find under communism.

It's not sane to hope for the best without preparing for the worst.

Our object is not aggression.

We need not become militaristic, but we must keep our army, our navy, our air force at ready steam.

We must back up our team for security.

Well, I guess there's nothing for us to worry about.

We're the ones that have the bomb.

The atom bomb explodes again in the headlines of the world.

In Washington, the chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy, senator Brian McMahon, gives his reaction to the Russia's possession of the bomb.

This is no time for hysteria, this is no time for panic, this is a time for a calm reflection on the political and military implications of this transcendent event.

Everybody is worried about the atomic bomb but nobody's worried about the day my Lord will come when He hit, the Lord Almighty, like an atom bomb when He comes, when He comes

This suit is made of this material.

Inside this layer is a shredded led that resists against atomic rays.

Okay, Richard, go with this antirray jumper.

Everybody is worried about the atomic bomb but nobody's worried about the day my Lord will come One immediate effect of the announce of the Russian atom blast is the tight of security regulations of all atom installations.

At Hanford, Washington, where 200 million dollars have being spent in the ever expanding atomic government empire, the door is being locked, but tight.

The guards are get on their toes by constant targets practices, and they have orders to shoot to kill at any suspicious thing.

A highly trained, well equipped North Korean army swarmed across the 38th paralell to attack unprepared South Korean defenders.

Caught off guard they were all overwhelmed, until the United Nations took its historic vote to intervine.

The end of the war seemed in sight as the Allies pushed north towards the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

Then it happened.

The Chinese Red Army starts bring hundreds of thousands, swarmed over the frontier against thinly held United Nations positions.

Confronted by overwhelming numbers, UN army were forced to an inevitable retreat, while men wondered whether Red China detach off World War Three.

Will the atom bomb be the answer to the Chinese hordes?

President Truman said that it was under consideration.

If the United Nations ... to the forces of agression, no nation will be safe or secure.

If the agression is successful in Korea we can expect it to spread throughout Asia and Europe and to this hemisphere.

We are fighting in Korea for our own national security and survival.

It's time for the Longines Chronicle.

Our distinguished guest for this evening is the honorable James E. Van Zandt, United States congressman from Pennsylvania.

It's my opinion that we should fight the war to win in Korea, rather than try to settle at the diplomatic table, which is impossible when you're dealing with Russia.

Would you extend your will to win so far as to include the atomic bomb?

Very definitely, dr. Peterson.

I've always been a firm believer that we should use the atomic bomb not only on Korea, but north of the yellow river in Manchuria.

Does that mean that you believe that it could be effectively used as a weapon in the Korean theater?

Yes, I think that there are several targets in Northern Korea we could use, that we could destroy with the atomic bomb, we could strong contaminate them.

And then, of course, there are targets in Manchuria that should be destroyed.

This is the destructive power we pray God we will never be called upon to hurt at any nation, but should if become necessary.

That it's not hesitate, because it is foreign to our nature not use the power which has been given us.

I propose the president of the United States invite at the commander of the north korean troops to withdraw his forces beyond the 38th parallel within one week, or use that week to evacuate civilians from a specified list of North Korean cities that will be subjected to atomic attack by the United States air force.

There will soon be uneven to this cold an wicked war when those hard headed comunists had got what they're looking for Only one thing that will stop then, and their outrageous fun, if General MacArthur drops the atomic bomb.

There'll be fire clouds and metal flying all around and radioactivity will burn until the ground If there's any commies left in

... if General MacArthur drops the atomic bomb.

I ask you, the American citizen, to let your Congressman know how you feel about this proposal.

I really don't know what to do.

But do you feel the Korean situation affects us more than anything else?

Yes, I feel that we should get out our boys home, they've been over there long enough and it doesn't seem to be any end to this situation.

Hear what my mom said about how bad things are back home.

"Everybody's hoarding.

Properties are getting fat contracts.

Neighbors say that politicians are using the war to their own advantage.

All our chief atomic scientists are spies."

And a lot more.

I just take it with a grain of salt.

Let me tell you how the commies plant propaganda back home.

Sometime ago Mack, Johnny and I managed to get our last leave together in a big city.

We must get rid from that atom bomb!

These poor boys will shed their innocent blood in a war that this country is provoking!

Get a load of us.

Asiatic people all want the peaceful establishment of native regimes without the interference of the United States troops.

Communist don't want war.

War would be world suicide.

Only communist countries can guarantee you peace!

Why don't you go live in a communist country then?

You're going to talk on a street corner there?

You look pretty well, sister, to be tearing down the country that gives you freedom of speech.

We're living in the country that's the finest place on Earth, but some folks don't appreciate this land that gave them birth I hear that up in Washington they're having an awful fuss

'cause communist spies are making monkeys out of us.

The question is: have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

You refuse to answer that question, is that correct?

I have told you that I will always ... my beliefs, my affiliations and anything else... to the American public, and they will know where I stand, as they do from all my writings.

The witness stay away!

I wrote of Americanism for many years, and I...

Stay away from the stand!

...for the Bill of Rights you are destroying.

Stay away from the stand!

The bureaus and departments have been busy night and day They're figuring out just how we gave our secrets all away and Congress has appointed a committee, so they said, to find out who's American and who's a low down red I'm holding in my hand a microfilm, a very highly confidential secret State Department documents.

These documents were fed out of the State Department over ten years ago, by communists who were employees of that Department, and who were interested in seeing that these documents were sent to the Soviet Union, when the interests of the Soviet Union happened to be in conflict with those of the United States.

I'm no communist, I tell you that right now!

I believe a man should own his own house and car and cow I like this private ownership and I want to be left alone Let the government run its business and let me run my own

Our education is proceeding a pace as to how Russia operates and how they got the atom bomb, not by independent research, but from America, from traitors within our own ranks.

This is a special broadcast on the scene as Sing Sing prison, where the Rosenbergs have just been executed.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg have gone to the electric chair.

The first to go into the death chamber was Julius Rosenberg.

He walked with an impassible expression on his face.

He walked in slowly.

He was preceded by a rabine who was singing the 23rd salm, which everyone knows very well.

He proceeded immediately over to the chair.

He didn't say a word to anyone, he didn't see to anyone.

He sat down on the chair, straps were applied, and the first jolt of electricity was sent through his body at 20.04 of the night.

She died a lot harder.

When it appeared that she had received enough electricity to kill an ordinary person, and have received the exact amount that killed her husband, the doctors went over and pulled down the cheap... prison dress a little dark green pulled the ... and place the steps... the steples... I can say it,

place the stethoscope... to her and then looked around, looked at each other rather dumbfounded and seemed surprised that she was not dead.

Believing she was dead, the attendants had taken off the ghastly strappings and electrodes and black belts.

These had to be readjusted again,

and she was given more electricity, which started again and a ghastly plume of smoke that rose from her head

and went up against the skylight overhead.

After two more of these jolts,

Ethel Rosenberg had met her Maker.

She'll have a lot of explaining to do to.

Immediately after the execution, the corpses, the bodies were taken away.

There is nothing much to report at this particular time.

There's don't be no demonstrations.

The heat here has been extremely intense with a heavy fog in there, and had been a bit tension about this whole proceeding up here, but it is all over, the news men had been left first, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg have gone to the electric chair.

That was an on-the-spot report of the execution tonight at Sing Sing prison of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

Now The Great Day Show, as we join Red Benson and The Gang in the marine barracks in Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The program is already in fact.

The question before us is this: should the hydrogen bomb be build?

All the world knows we Americans are constructive, not destructive.

However distasteful this maybe to us, there is no choice in the matter: let us build the bomb.

Is my decided opinion that the United States of America should immediately begin the construction of the H bomb.

I feel we must make the H bomb.

Is my personal opinion that we should manufacture and produce the H bomb in quantity.

The Russians will try it anyhow, and should they learn the secret of its manufacture before we do, the life and security of all freedom loving people will be in danger.

I would like to add however that the United States of America should not necessarily use this bomb, but rather look upon it as a peaceful guardian and protector of the basic American doctrines of liberty and democracy against the obstacles of red fascisms, materialistic and atheistic philosophy.

If the communist blocK does attack, our radar sites and observers will sound the alert.

Giant bombers will take to the air.

Jet fighters will scream aloud.

Fighters will account for some of the enemies, but some will get through to your home.

In times of social crisis and tension, in times when changes come so thick and fast that the individual can no longer place himself in his group, when he knows that something is wrong, but doesn't know what, when he feels himself a pawn, in times like these, most men become highly suggestible.

They listened eagerly for any voice which sounds authority.

They listen eagerly for anyone who can tell them what is wrong and what to do right, who can diagnose their trouble and prescribe a cure.

Eisenhower, the man of the moment

Ike, Ike, we like Ike!

Ike, Ike, we want Ike!

We like the shine of your smile We see the future in your eyes You led our men to victory You are the one we idolize.

I don't mean to say, and no one can say to you, that there are no dangers.

Of course there are risks if we are not vigilant, but we do not have to be hysterical.

We can be vigilant, we can be Americans, we can stand up and hold up our heads and say:

America is the greatest force that God has ever allowed to exist.

As such, it is up to us to lead this world to a peaceful and secure existence, and I assure you: we can do it.

Now, if we first take a look at the strength of America,

you and I know that is the most productive nation on Earth, that we are richer, by any standard of comparison, that any other nation in the world.

We know that we have great military strength, economic, intellectual.

But all in all, this total strength of America is one of those things we called, and the world calls, unbelievable.

Now, by then, with all his strength should we be worrying at times about what the world is doing to us?

Actually we see threats coming from all angles, the internal and external, and we wonder what's going to happen to us individually and as a nation.

Now, perhaps I can illustrate some of the reasons for this concern of today.

Now, only a year ago hydrogen bomb was exploded in the Pacific.

Last month, another series of ...

Now this transfer of power, this increase of power from the musket and the little cannon all the way to the hydrogen bomb in a single lifetime is indicative of the things that have happened to us.

They'd rather indicate how far the advances of science had outrace our social conscience.

How much more we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally and intellectually.

So that is one of the reasons that we have this great concern, of which the hydrogen bomb is merely a dramatic symbol.

Dad, I finished. Ok, ok.

Me too. The new puzzle, where is it?

In my bookcase. Thanks, daddy.

Kenny, put the news, it's about that time.

Oh, dad. You can watch that show tomorrow.

Ok. Thanks.

Anyone of intelligence and information is hoping and praying that we won't have a third world war, because in this age of atomic weapons, war would be... a third world war would be a catastrophe for all mankind, and then finally, and this is quite significant, about sixty percent of the american people reviewed in the study which we made through the University of Michigan a year ago, that they believed that the military could stop the atomic bombs from falling upon the United States.

Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you that the military will tell you that today they cannot stop a successful Russian attack.

That can be corroborated rather dramatically and we didn't plan it this way, governor, but the floor manager has just handed me a bulletin saying that the Russians had just exploded a hydrogen bomb.

We must learn to live in a world where we have the hydrogen bomb and the enemy of freedom has the hydrogen bomb.

It can destroy any city, that means Fort Worth and Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Amarillo, El Paso, yes, Johnson City.

Every dollar I make goes for taxes and bill Perhaps they've discovered the cure for my ill Ho, hai, ho, the hydrogen bomb God bless it all for let it fall Ho, hai, ho, the hydrogen bomb Oh, God, have mercy on me

The problem this time is especially acute because this entire area of the Pacific is subject to radiological fallout, and this area is inhabited by some 20,000 people.

The meteorologists had predicted a wind condition which should had carried the fallout to the north of a group of small atollons lying to the east of Bikini.

The wind failed to follow the predictions but shifted south of that line, and the little islands of Rongelap, Rongerik and Utirik were in the edge of the path of the fallout.

The task force commander rapidly evacuated all the people from these islands.

They were taken to the island of Kwajelin, where we maintain a naval establishment, and there they've placed under continuous and competent medical supervision.

I visited they there last week.

Today, a whole month after the event, the medical staff on Kwajelin have advised us that they anticipate normalness, except, of course, diseases which may be hereafter contracted.

The 236 natives appeared to me to be well and happy.

The survey aircraft carefully searched the area and reported no shipping.

A Japanese fishing trawler appears to have been missed by the search, but based on a statement attributed to their skipper, that in effect he saw the flash of the explosion and heard the concussion six minutes later, it must have been well within the danger area.

At the time of the explosion the tuna ship had been sailing far outside the designated safe area of a 75-mile radius.

Three hours after the H bomb had been detonated, a downpour of radioactive ash descended on The Fortunate Dragon and it's crew of 23.

None of them knew the nature of the deadly stole.

It was three days for before the ship and it's contaminated crew and fishing catch sailed into port.

By that time the men suffered from the beginning symptoms of deadly radiation poisoning.

By the time their illnesses have been properly diagnosed, the hot fish brought back in their holes had been sold in the markets all over Japan.

A panic ensued.

Midnight burials of recent catches in the vicinity of the h-bomb explosion took place all over Japan.

The bottom had dropped down the fish market, and the Japanese people chose to do without the staple food for a long time after the tragic affair.

Another byproduct of the stupendous mid-Pacific blast unfolds in San Francisco, where tuna fish, supposedly made radioactive during the tests, are scrutinized by federal agents armed with Geiger counters, for signs of contamination.

Hot tea anyone?

That's not an invitation, it's a problem for the Coast Guard and customs by the arrival in Brooklyn of a cargo of japanese tea slightly radioactive.

Final conclusion: the tea's radioactivity is within safety limits, not too hot to handle.


Yeah. June in January that's what I say.

If you ask me, I think it's because of those atom bombs.

Yeah? Yeah.

They've done some cockeyed ... of the world.

I think they got the south in the Equator.

Just like I keep saying, everybody's so uncertain about everything.

They don't seem to know what's gonna happen.

Bourbon, straight.

Well, as I was saying, I wouldn't be very eager as much about the atom bomb. if it were to kill you right out.

What scares me is that awful gas that deforms you.

Yeah, that would be bad. Yeah.

It's the drink you don't pour Now when you take one soup you won't need involved You're small as a beetle or big as a whale Bum... atomic cocktail

Corporal, give me your name and hometown address.

My name is corporal George Morland, I'm from Elmhurst, Illinois.

I'm tech sargent George Portell from Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Jerry Snyder, from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Sargent Weaver.

Where are you from, Sargent Weaver?

Columbus, Georgia.

Where you from? Portland, Oregon.

Where are you from? I'm New York City.

Little Rock... Kansas City... Missouri... New Jersey...

Gentlemen, I want to welcome you to Camp Desert Rock.

This will be your last briefing before you go up out to the firing area and take part of an atomic detonation.

The tactical situation behind troop test "Smokey" is this: the mythical enemy, which has landed on the coast of California, has made a deep penetration close to supplys, special weapons storage and missile launching installations in the vicinity of Las Vegas and Hoover Dam.

The tactical commander decided at this point to use an atomic weapon in this assault on the enemy.

The mission of these men is to move as quickly as possible into the blasted area and exploit the breech in the enemy lines.

You are here to participate in an atomic maneuver.

This is not a hap hazard maneuver.

Careful planning for it started months back.

Watched from a safe distance, this explosion is one of the most beautiful sights ever seen by man.

You're probably saying: So it's beautiful.

What makes it so dangerous?

Basically there are only three things to think about: blast,

heat... and radiation.

Radiation: this is the one new effect obtained by the use of an atomic weapon.

Truthfully, it's the least important of the three efects, as far as the soldier on the ground is concerned.

You can't see radiation, feel it, smell it or taste.

Film badges and dosimeters issued to you enable the radiological safety monitor in your unit to read the amount of your exposure.

The radiation level may be high, but if you follow orders, you'll be moved out in time to avoid sickness.

Finally, if you receive enough gamma radiation to cause sterility or severe sickness, you'll be killed by blast, flying debris or heat anyway.

Well, that's the story.

Don't worry about yourselves.

As far as the test is concerned, you'll be okay.

Well, we knew now exactly where we'd be for the big show.

All we had to do is wait.

Now that it's so close it makes you feel kind of restless.

You wonder if everything's gonna turn out alright and filled your mind no matter what you were doing.

What seems to be the trouble, soldier?

You look a little bit worried.

Well, I am, caplain, just a little bit.

Actually there's no need to be worried as the Army has taken all of the necessary precautions to see that were perfectly safe here.

Sir, have you been on one of these shots before?

Yes, I've had the opportunity to see a number of the atomic tests.

I feel that as a chaplain, it is my responsibility to be with my men.

What's it like, chaplain?

First of all, one sees a very, very bright light, followed by a sharp wave, and then you hear the sound of the blast and then it seems as there's a minor earthquake, and then you look up and you see the fireball as it ascends up into the heaven.

It's a wonderful sight to behold.

30 seconds.

15 seconds.

10 seconds.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

The blast shock passes in a matter of seconds and the heat and blast effects you can see and feel.

You cannot sense the presence of nuclear radiation effects.

Alpha and beta particles, because of their low penetrating power, are stopped by most surfaces, even a soldier skin.

They are a hazard only when materials emitting these particles get into the body through breaks in the skin or through the nose or mouth.

Didn't keep your mouth shut and you get a mouthful of dirt.

I got my mouth filled with dirt.

Hey, young, did you wear any type of protective clothing or just what did you wear?

None, just the regular war cloth.

We see on your lapels here this white badge.

Can you tell me what that is?

That's a tin badge to determine or to take the amount of radiation you received in the area.

They can tell commander if you received a lethal dose.

That's right.

If you were driving from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City on US Highway 91, you would pass through St. George, Utah, just a short way from the Nevada Test Site

140 miles to the west.

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this program to bring you important news.

Word has just been received from the Atomic Energy Commission that due a change in wind direction the residue from this morning's atomic detonation is drifting in the direction of St. George.

It is suggested that everyone remain indoors for one hour or until further notice.

There is no danger, this is simply routine Atomic Energy Commission safety procedure.

Parents need not be alarmed about children at school.

No recesses outdoors will be permitted.

And as the people of St. George took cover, it was natural that some of them have questions about atomic tests.

What is the atomic bomb?

Why do we have to test bombs?

A little of the amount of radiation will cause how many mutations?

Never before have so many know so little about a subject so big and so important. the capabilities of most weapons are pretty well understood, but when it comes to atomic explosions the guessing game starts.

Alright, let's take a few minutes right now and get acquainted with the A bomb.

Mean Test Able.

A submarine bomb exploded in the harbor might affect the city.

The affected area would be a poor picnic site, but might be able briefly to pass through quickly with a varying degree of risk.

Risk is something the military doesn't have the monopoly.

Occupational hazards are accepted in a matter of fact manner in civilian life.

Risk is part of the pattern of daily routine.

Some of the falsehoods circulating about radiation effects are trivial but upsetting.

They've being drive to one self esteem and will eventually result in a race of bold headed people.

Just imagine it. Imagine yourself with no hair.

They'll call you all skinhead, all cone dome.

And that's not all radioactivity will do.

It will...

Enough exposure to radiation will cause loss of hair.

The treatment, if you insist, would be symptomatic: a toupee.

But the condition would only be temporary.

Your hair would come back, same color, same quality.

Which puts the finger squarely upon one of the major fallacies in the public attitude toward atomic weapons: it's the fallacy of devoting eighty-five percent of one's worrying capacity to an agent that constitutes only about fifteen percent of an atomic bomb destroying potential, and that's unsound, doesn't fit.

There are those few who love to maintain that there is no actual threat to the free world at all, certainly none that can justify either nuclear testing or nuclear armament.

The opposite viewpoint holds that the development of our nuclear power has been absolutely necessary protection against communist hostility and nuclear threats.

In this view, the fallout casualties, if any, will be seen as those of unidentified soldiers in the service of humanity, unknown soldiers in a war which is not started.

We're going to be talking about nuclear energy and the kinds of things that could happen with an atomic emergency, and we do this not to worried you, nor to frighten you, but really we've got admit that we live in a atomic age, so exist an atomic bomb, so we have to be aware of this, and know what to do in case an emergency happens.

If there will be a need to spend two weeks in a fallout shelter, we have had our survival kit.

For the food supply packed variety of croods, soups, evaporated milk, vegetables, napkins.

The purpose of our demonstration today is to show you the actual preparation of one of the meals which was prepared in a modern day key.

One new meal consists of the following food: canned chicken, peas, dry potatoes, tomato juice.

My poster treats defenses against fallout, and if you're far outside during a nuclear explosion decontamination may be necessary.

You have to burn or bury all your clothes and food afterwards you should wash thoroughly.

John, let me interrupt you here just a moment.

I have some film here that I think would describe what might happen, will describe a little about the atom, so John, why don't you catch the lights and we'll try? Good.

There was a turtle by the name of Burt and Burt the Turtle was very alert When danger threated him, he would never get hurted He know just what to do He duck and cover Duck and cover Now, you and I don't have shells to crawl into like Burt the Turtle, so we have to cover up in our own way.

Paul and Patty know this. no matter where they go or what they do, they always try to remember what to do if the atom bomb explodes right then.

It's a bomb! Duck and cover!

Here's Tony going to his cub scout meeting.

Tony knows the bomb can explode anytime of the year, day or night.

Duck and cover!

Atta boy Tony, that flash means "act fast".

Sundays, holidays, vacation time, we must be ready every day all the time to do the right thing if the atomic bomb explodes.

Duck and cover!

And that's the first thing to do: duck and cover.

First you duck, then you cover.

You duck and cover.

Duck and cover under the table.

It's a bomb! Duck and cover! Duck and cover!

Duck and cover yourself.

He did what we all must learn to do you and you and you and you you and you and you and you you and you and you and you you and you and you and you Duck and cover Remember what to do, friends.

Now tell me right out loud, what are you supposed to do when you see the flash?

Duck and cover!

Question. Yes?

How far we have to be from the blast for get through it?

Well, let's take a 20 megatons surface burst.

You would have a good chance of surviving if you're more than 12 miles from the point of detonation.

A bomb equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT would cause an intense fire, called a firestorm, in an area about 2,000 square miles around the center of the blast, and in such an area it would be futile, desperately futile, to construct what are called fallout shelters.

This man, like thousands of others around the country, is suffering from a dread disease called "nucleorosis".

The symptoms: nuclear blindness.

All you can see is a mushroom cloud.

He's blinded from the fear of it, deaf from the sound of it, and there is a short circuit in his brain.

He can only think on the awful threath of the nuclear bomb.

We ought to learn something from the Second War World at this respect.

The bombing there, even by Second World War bombs, on Hamburg, on Tokyo and on other cities, showed that such shelters became centers for incinerating or asphyxiating the people who are in them.

A fallout shelter in your basement will give adequate shielding from radioactive fallout.

Finally getting the message.

Are you?

A new housing development near Denver, Colorado, shows the nation's first model homes with built in fallout shelters.

The room is designed with an atomic war in mind, but behind each eight inch thick reinforced concrete wall it may prove to be just what the herring housewive is looking for: one life with the kids gets too hectic.

You don't think that shelters are deterrent to a nuclear war either?

On the contrary, I believe that psychologically they will push both us and the Russians into thinking more of having the war.

There are some instances where you may be ahead of us, for example in the development of your... the thrust of your rockets for the investigation of outer space.

Maybe in some instances, for example the color television, we are ahead of you.

In order for both rise...

No, in rockets we've passed you by...

We'll show you our success in you show the actual possibilities of America, and we will be able to say:

"Here are the possibilities of America".

How long does it exist? How many years?

Three hundred years?

150 years of independence?

Then we will say that America exists

150 years and this is its level.

We are 42 years not quite.

Another seven years we'll be in the same level of America.

Then in the future we will go ahead and wait for you in the crossroad.

That increasing communication will teach us domething, and it will teach you some things too, because after all you don't know everything.

Yes, I don't know everything and I would say that you know absolutely nothing about communism, nothing except fear of it.

Let's say you've got your family in your shelter, the attack is on.

A question might come up of admitting anyone over and above the number for the home shelter was design.

I'd say we should rely on the best prudential judgment that the father, or the one responsible for the shelter, can make under circumstances, but I say let him think twice before he admits the needy stranger if admitting the needy stranger is going to cut down the chances of survival of the group it's already there.

And then that final point: can a man have protective devices in order to protect his family once they are in the shelter from, let's say, strangers that try to use a crowbar to get in?

I'd say from what I have been talking about, the matter of self-defense.

It would be wise for a man to at least consider the possibility of putting some protective devices in the shelter together with the other elements of the survival kit.

Alright, you've been down there eight to ten days.

You come out and you find that half or three quarters of Los Angeles has been destroyed, but how you going to continue to live?

Well, the first thing we have to recognize is that half of Los Angeles is destroyed, maybe eighty, ninety percent of the people will be dead and there will be fewer mouths to feed, and those of us who'd survive, we'll have more water and food to divide out.

Last night I was dreaming dreaming about the H bomb Well, the bomb went off and I was caught I was the only way on the ground There were 13 women And only one man in the town

13 women at all And only one man in town And as funny as it may be The one and only man in town was me Thirteen women and me the only man around.

I had two girls every morning Seeing if I was well fed And believe you me, one sweetened my tea While another one buttered my bread Cheese, macaroni, instant potatoes...

Something exploded down inside and rushed tears up in my eyes Oh, yes, I hava that funny feeling I guess it's my atomic love for you

Our artillery and our Tactical Air Force in the Pacific, are now equipped, at this moment, with atomic explosives which can and will be used on military targets with precision and effectiveness.

It's just...

On the steps of the nation's Capitol the bell announces the opening of Mental Health Week.

It's rung by Vice President Nixon, and the Senator Smathers of Florida.

Characterizing mental health as the nation's number one problem, the Vice President says that the ringing of the bell throughout the nation will be a reminder of suffering Americans.

Atom bomb baby, little atom bomb I want her in my wigwam She's just the way I want her to be They're gonna live live live in my fallout shelter It was a 50 megatons atom jump Like a radioatomic bomb

By all means provide some tranquilizers to ease the strain and monotony of life in a shelter.

A bottle of 100 should be adequate for a family of four.

Tranquilizers are not a narcotic, They're not habit formers.

And by the way, do you know exactly what your family would do if an attack came, say, at ten o'clock tomorrow morning?

It's a good question, isn't?

There were meant, dearest. George.

I make a toast to my bride-to-be.


Darling and I toast the most wonderful man in all the world.

Why, Lucy, your eyes are filled with tears.

My heart is filled with gladness.

Oh, look, the orchestra's getting ready.

Dance with me, George!

George, I wonder if we thought this too.

I'm afraid for you, George.

Oh, nonsense, my silly.

Yes, George, afraid.

My fiancée, Luther Marshall...

We interrupt our normal program in the interest of security and civil defense measures as requested for the United States government.

Attention, attention!

This is an official Civil Defense warning.

This is not a test.

The United States are under nuclear attack.

Take cover immediately in your nearer nuclear shelter.

Repeat: the United States are under nuclear attack.

This is an official Civil Defense broadcast.

Enemy aircrafts are over Canada and headed this way.

The United States are under nuclear attack.

Take cover immediately in the shelters of your area.

We repeat: the nation is under nuclear attack.

This is an extreme emergency.

You must stay in calm.

Go to your designated shelter without delay.

This is an official Civil Defense broadcast.

This is not a test.

The United States is under nuclear attack.

Take cover immediately in the nearer fallout shelter.

Repeat: the United States are under nuclear attack.

Take cover immediately in your nearer fallout shelter.

Now children, I want that you sit down here against the wall.

That's it.

Now go get against it.

Now listen, kids:

If they'll drop an atomic bomb it may take off any second now.

Whatever happens, I'll give the signal that's all right for us to get up.

If there's any explosion, we'll wait about a minute after's all over, then we'll go upstairs and took a look at all.

See if all's right to clean up.

Children, you better clean up the broken glass and all these debris.

All an all, let's say we've been very lucky around here.

Nothing to do now but... wait for orders from the authorities and relax.

The sun goes down And leave me sad and blue The iron curtain falls On this cold war with you

'Cause you won't speak And I won't speak, that's true Two stubborn people With a cold war to go through.

Why, oh why, should love ever come To couples like you and me Whose cold, cold wars are never done And whose hearts just can't be free?

So let's do right And let's just say we're through I just can't stand another Cold, cold war with you.

Why, oh, why should love ever come To couples like you and me Whose cold, cold wars are never done

So let's be right And let's just say we're through I just can't stand Another cold, cold war with you.