The Babysitters (2007) Script

Shirley Lyner. I'm a junior at Alfred E. Groves High School.

This is my babysitting service.

The answer is 'No'.

Mom doesn't drink.

Dad didn't hit me.

Uncle Steve never showed me his privates.

I don't even have an uncle Steve.

The money's nice, ... and, paid fellatio isn't that much more humiliating than, flipping burgers.

But that's not why I do it.

Maybe we should back up.

If you're planning on attending college out of state, the S.A.T.s are what you want to worry about.

Time allotted to complete the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Hey, Brenda.


Brenda! I'm ignoring you ...

Your stepbrother keeps looking up here.

Dude, I think she's lookin' at you.

Do you think Nadine's ever tried to blow him?

It's not incest if he's a stepbrother.

What? Brenda knows her sister's a whore.

No one's feelings are hurt.

This is your future.

If you want it to be bright, study hard.

Everything you do now determines if you get into college.

What time is Mr. Beltran coming?

See my calculus book?

Maybe the basement?


Case almost wrapped up?

No. The guy's cousin is ... mmm.

He's here!

How ya been?

What's the matter with you?

Shirley, where do you live again? Southfield?

Oh. That's far, isn't it? Yeah.

Ankle bracelet ... Oh goddamn it.

You know if Gail wrote her autobiography, you know what it would be called?

"Hurry up and wait for me! "

You want to come upstairs with me?

Shirley is here.

Oh, great!

He's mad, because I won't leave him alone.


Mikey, what are you gonna to do if there's an emergency with Adam?

How're you going to get to the hospital? You gonna drive the car?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Exactly. Stop being a wise-ass. Alright, you be good, okay.


I'll see you in the morning.

Alright. Later guy. Alright?

Horse fuckers.

The emergency number is on the fridge. Right.

And the restaurant? Mm-mm.


Have fun. You, too.

Nice. 'kay, here we go.

Okay, good night. Please.

I'll tell you one thing though. If business keeps going the way it is, I'm gonna open up two more restaurants next year.

Yeah, one on the east side and one down river.

Keep the camel jockies from coming up here.

Jerry, come on.

And we go corporate ...

We're gonna come to you for the VP spot.

Well, I don't know about that.

I mean, I..I..I don't think I could leave Rockland, just like that.

J..J..Jesus Christ. You're like a broken record, it's all it is ...

We have two kids, Jerry.

And so? Well we got a kid.

We got a kid. I'll get you the benefits and all that, eventually.

Yeah you, you have one kid, we have two educations to pay for.

Alright, so, what, they can grow up, and go to Michigan and be dead like Mike.

What's the problem?

When I was your age, I got beat in the head every ten minutes!

Why do you keep talking every time I'm trying to tell you a story?

You ask questions, then you keep talking and talking.

All these things. Every day of my life.

Shirley. HELP! Me hearts bleedin'!

You never listen to me! Now where was I?

I don't know, I think..., I thought the idea about the restaurant was pretty cool, we should consider it. Think about it.

Vice president under Jerry? Yeah.

Anyway ... the day Jerry goes corporate is the day I join the circus, so ...

Gotta put it down, huh? Just had to put it down.

You got it great where you are, right?


Oh, hey, hey. See the old locomotive back there?

Come on. Come with me. Look at the old trains with me.

Where you goin'?

They got 'em all back there like broken toys.

The boys are waiting. No, they're not.

The boys are sleeping. Come on. Come on!

Do you think Mikey just goes to sleep at 9 o'clock?

You put a computer in his room.

You know wha..., you know what he's doing? He's online, buying heroin.

That's what he's doin'. That's what he...

It's a joke, it's a joke. It's not funny.

Nah, I know it's not funny, but everybody in the program gets to ...

Ok Michael, I don't want to fight. Okay? joke about it, but I can't.

Why don't you just say so, why don't'cha just ... If you're mad at me just say..., just say it.

It's late. Let's go, come on!

Call me an asshole. It'll make you feel better. I'm telling you, it's step 9. Go ahead ...

A'ight, forget it. Go in, go in, go in.

I'm an asshole. See, now I feel better.

I was just getting some spots ... off the floor?


It's okay, don't worry about it, don't worry...

Are you gonna answer that? I'm sorry.

You didn't get anything to eat? I had a slice.

I can stop, you know. No, it's okay.

I'm, I'm fine. You know what, I need some coffee.

Well you know, I d..didn't want to send her home hungry.


You know what? Why don't you just turn the fan on, I'll bet it'll make the smell go away. Okay?

Yeah, I'll be-be home in about an hour or so. Alright, bye. Okay.

You're not tired? No, I'm kind of a night owl.

Yeah, I thought at some point I would outgrow it, but ...

That makes two of us. Oh yeah?

You know, I guess I should pay you extra for cleaning my kitchen, huh?

What? What's wrong? Sometimes I do stupid things.

I don't know why. That makes two of us.

It's ... It's stupid.

Well, this is how it works.

That's good. See that? You see where I'm going with this?

No, not really.

Now that ... is bad.

Uh, that's bad, right.

As soon as one thing is out of place it throws everything else around it, out of whack.

There's like this ... Domino Effect, or chain reaction, you know?


Everything, and everyone, has its place. - Right.

You think I'm a freak. Oh yeah.

No, no, I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I'm kidding. - Order of fries!

I'm kidding.

So, um, how'd you meet your wife? What?

What? I mean 'Why'?

Oh man.

Okay. I met her just outside of, uh, Ann Arbor, there's this bridge ... with, with a river underneath and train tracks on it, and uh...

It's pitch pitch black at night, that's where... I don't know why I'm telling you this.

Um, and that's where the kids go to get high. - Ahhh.

Ya know. And one night my friend Jerry takes me there.

The guy you had dinner with tonight?

Uh-huh. And we just go there to see what it was like, you know.

Sure. Yeah.

Anyway, so we're there and uh, this little, uh, party girl comes up to me.

And turns out to be Gail.

And, uh, she's on a shitload of, uh ...

Anyway, she gives me this long, once, twice, thrice over...

And then she turns to Jerry and she says, 'So what else did you bring me?'

I don't know, you had to be there. I wish I was.

Then what?

Oh, she goes over to her friends and I turn to Jerry, and I say, 'That girl looks like a lot o' trouble.'

It's funny how people change, huh?

So, you got a boyfriend?

What? Oh, come on. You're smart, you're mature, you're definitely unique, you got that.

Hey, you wanna see something cool?


I'm sorry.

You know we can't, we just can't ...

Y..You know, You know what I mean, I have kids and everything. - Yeah.

Okay. Wait, wait. Hey wait.

Thanks for watching the kids.

I didn't want that.

HPV. Herpes. Syphilis. Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea closeup.

Ladies and Gentlemen. The numbers show it.

The research shows it. Americans want a car.

A beautiful automobile that we can sell to them.

A car with torque, with horsepower. With how much horsepower?

A shitload, George.

Yes Phil. Yes Phil. Thank you. A shitload of horsepower.

Are you with me Mike?

..female version ...

It's my car. I'll bring it back.

You don't even have your licence. You saying I'm going to fuck it up?

Yes. I'm like a way better driver than you.

No, you're not, you trashed Ally's car.

And you let your mom's run out of gas that one time.

You failed drivers ed like three times.

That is because Brooka hated me.

No, it's because you're a bad driver.

I could get, like, arrested. My mom took Nadine's car away.

Fuck you, fat ass.

... around, and inside the vagina.

So he tells me he's only friends with her, but how come he's thinking of taking her to the dance alone and not like in a group?

Christ, Brenda, ask him out already. But girls aren't supposed to 'ask'.

Fine. Be alone, stay home and binge on diet pills and chunky monkey.

I'm sick of hearing it every day.

Why are you attacking me? Everyone be friends, okay?

It doesn't matter how many defence or attack problems he has.

No, No, you put it on the table, dad. Just like that.

Dude, baseball cards is a better game. It's much easier.

So what do you want? You want another brownie?

Uhhh. Ice cream.

Okay, whatever you want, man. You got good grades, right?

Shirley. Hi. You come here. That's so cute.


I was gonna call you. I hate to ask, but I wonder if you could sit for us Thursday night?

I..I know it's a school night. You know, maybe you could clean my bathroom.

I'm kidding. Would, would Thursday work, do you think?


You okay?

Get on top.

Ohhh, okay, get... okay, no, no, no, no.

We made a mess.


Smell that?

It's the spring air coming in.

It's my favourite smell.

I, look, I'm sorry. I..I gotta go.

It's okay, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.

You will want to take particular care not to perforate the duodenum.

If you don't know where the duodenum is, you should check your book.

A perforated duodenum is no picnic.

Now, although the pancreas lies against the liver... What? What's wrong? - Nothing Yes there is. No, I just had a late night is all.

Little brats keep you from your studies?

Yeah. Make any money?

Mm-hmm. How much?

200 Dollars.

Jesus, Shirl. What, did you suck Mr. Beltran's cock?

I can't believe you didn't call me. Called you when I got my period.

When I lost my virginity at camp I sent the snuck around to your cabin to tell you.

Shit, I called you the second I lost my first tooth.

Okay! - And this isn't some tooth, Shirley. This is something happening...

Listen to me, nothing happened. The guy's got a family, kids, a job.

I've got .. I've got college to worry about.

Need a way to pay for college.

Don't even that way! If there's one thing in my life I know I should regret...

It's a little silly to regret something that never happened. According to you.

Don't stop, don't stop. Hey...

What? Before when I paid you ... it was, uh ...

I mean, I thought it could be like, uh...

I don't know ... it'd be a game or... I don't know what I was thinking...

I have no idea what I was thinking, and uh...

I thought maybe you looked a little unhappy after I paid you.

Yeah, well put, shithead.

I don't know.

I mean, you didn't say anything.

Guess I usually don't.

This is just how it works.

Dude, you can't, you can't tell anybody, man, you can't. - Jesus! Wait!

Don't tell anybody! No, no, I'm serious. Jesus! Wait!

Don't-don't even tell Tina, man. Jesus! Tina? What the fuck, Mike?

I don't know, she's your wife, I don't know.

Believe me, there's a lot I don't tell Tina, alright.

I'm sure it goes both ways.

God knows where she's been. I don't even want to ... who-o-o.

Ignorant bliss and all that.

Fuck man. What do you think our marriage works so well for?

I don't know, you know. I..I..I would venture to say you're going through a mid-life crisis, man?

But you've always been this stupid.

Right, so, you're the one pulling the babysitter and yet, I'm the one goin' through, uh, the mid-life ... ?

You'd have to be in my position to understand what I'm goin' through.


So this friend of mine wants to know if, if, well, if you know someone who could babysit ... for him, and uh ...

He says he's willing to pay.


Yeah, I know someone.

Take her home.


I'm going to eat you up!

Daddy! You won!

I'm just going to take her home.

So... what's your favourite subject?

Oh ... kay. Ohhh!

Hey. Are we going to hell?


I knew it.

Okay. I gotta go.

So, Doug, is over, like every day.

And, I mean, I know he's friends with my stepbrother, but come on, like Scott is not that cool, right, and he's always just, like, hanging around when I'm watching TV, or something, So I totally think he likes me. Totally.

Totally. Totally. Totally. I'll be right back.

What is that? Is that new?

He's a total freak!

Oh! He was wearing a cowboy outfit and he had a moustache!

Was he nice?

You know, I need ... I need coffee! Wait, Miss?


I was thinking ... Since I set it up... like uh...

I was thinking I could, maybe get some of the money ...

like 40 bucks?

I..I..It just seems fair.

Yeah it is.

20 percent. Thanks Shirl!

Oh my god, isn't this awesome?

Yeah, have fun cleaning up all the puke before your parents get back.

What!? It's totally awesome!

Shirley! We gotta go talk to Doug!


Hey! Hey.

Hey. Hey.

I've got a hookup for some weed.

You interested?

It's gonna be sweet...

Um, I don't really ... Sure!

Um Shirley, if uh, if you need a ride home later, I can give one to you.

If you ... In case you need one.

Umm, 'cause I came with Melissa, but um... yeah maybe, yeah ...

I'm gonna puke.

What's the deal?

I got calls from two of Jerry's friends.

That's great! Great? It's not great!

Jerry can't keep his mouth shut, we're gonna go to jail.

We're minors, right, a few hours of mandatory counselling, we're off clean.

Wives, and parents, and kids. All take care of themselves.

They'll always believe that their husbands love them, their daughters are virgins... and their sons aren't making pipe bombs in the basement because it would kill them to believe otherwise.

They're the ones that make getting away with it so easy.

Both want Thursday. I got Jerry Thursday.

I know.

Can you take one of 'em?

Still leaves one guy dateless.

So find someone else to sit.

Jesus, Melissa. You know what the pimps say...

I didn't make her a ho, she was a ho already.

Oh, yeah,... That's great, you heard that where?

Hang on, I'm getting more beer.

Also ... Who's the ho? Hmmmm ...

Nooouuuu ...

Oh yeah, that's brilliant.

No! No! She would never ... She doesn't have to.

But let her make that choice.

For once in her life. Let her make a choice about something.

Do you want me to drive?


You leaving? Yeah, I'm just, waiting for Melissa, so...

You cold? You want my hoodie? No.

You sure? Thanks.

Ahh, um, I'm, I'm really sorry about your... Uhh, it's no problem.

It seems like, uh, kissing is always better in the cold.

Oops. Uhhhh ...

Okay, uh ... Night!


Pbbbt ...

I snuck out. Rebel.

Oh, yeah, I'm a rebel, right?



Uhh, mom says you might have some peroxide? - Uh...

Oh... How was the ... Uh, fine.

Were a lot of people there? Mmm.

Hey ... Uh... Oh... Who, uh... friend of, stepbrother... ? - Scott Yeah, he called for you the other day ... So, are you... going together?

Going where?

Uh, no, are you two ... No! No. No.

'Cause, oooh, he seemed like a ... seemed like a nice guy.

I mean, cool, he looks... cool.

Tall. Dad. I'm kinda tired right now, but...

So... Talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight.

Did the kids behave?

Where are we?

Friend of mine used to live around here. So... Uh...

Do we, do we stay in the car or do we go on the grass?


Oh, whoa! What? Whoa.

Come on, no games, no games.

Um, please stop! What?

You ... wait a minute, Shirley said you were one of hers.

One of her what?

Oh shit!

Uh ... Oh man, I knew this would all go wrong. I knew it!

This didn't happen.

Oh Jeees!

Uhhhhhh. Ffffff...

Hey, umm...


Brenda. When you go home I want you to take a picture of yourself.

Because right..right now you're perfection ... Aaahh...

And I want you to... look at that picture, every day, and never change.

Umm ... Ok.

We don't have to do anything.

Well you could talk,... I could listen.

Hold on a sec! Hey!

Hello? So how you doing?

I'm babysitting. For who?

Uh, look, I'm sorta busy right now.

Shirley, since when are you babysitting ... Excuse me.

I gotta go. Shirley! Shir-Shir-Shirley ... Ow!

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just tripped... clumsy.

Mmm-mm. - Can we do this? I..I mean, it's gettin' late!

How long? About a month now.

I thought you seemed differently lately.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

It doesn't make it okay what you did.


Who else?

Who else needs a sitter?

Hey, Shirley, I would like to order some pussy?

You mind not saying that on the phone? Melissa?

Uhhh, hee. I would like to order a... babysitter for which to watch my offspring.

That's better.

Make sure she's got big tits. - No, no, they have this new way of doing division.

They don't have the, the, like the, you know the, like, brackets, like when we were a kid.

They don't do long division any more. and Bailey is the only one in his kindergarten who is up to division.

So we had to go to this conference with other parents with gifted kids and, it was interesting how they taught us to cultivate the little brain.

Don't they all use calculators now?

Oh, Bailey's teacher said he doesn't need one.

The other day we were watching TV, and he actually turned to me and said, Mommy, I should be studying.

Couldn't you imagine?

He's a baby!

I saw what you put together on the old, uh, Mustang account there.

Yes. What did you think?

Not exactly your best work.

Well... well, if you've got suggestions ... Mike that looked like a rough draft ...

Especially coming from you.

Is something going on?

Nothing's going on, nothin'. I..I..I don't know. I thought it was... I thought it was good...

An-and if you didn't... if you think it needs work then it needs work.

I mean what am I gonna do? Did you hear that?

We have the same babysitter!

Really? Yeah. Shirley.

Well, sometimes Shirley, sometimes the other ones.

She's a whole bunch of girls working for her.

Really? Show him it. Show Michael the card.

Oh, my god, look at that!

She's very enterprising. Hmm.

You know, I saw the card.


Yeah, well someone's bound to catch on.

You're right.

About what?

There's so many guys calling now, are your wives bound to get suspicious?

So just call it off and you don't need to, need to ... - 200 dollars?

Look at risk, look at reward.

Look at me.

Hey! Get back in your car!

You think we like this? Leave me alone!

Huh? You made those cards? Is that what, you want to do this?

I thought this was about us, huh? You don't want it anymore, stop paying for it!

Okay, they're right in there. They can hear us, okay? What if you get caught?

I stood right here! You fucking took that money out of your wallet and you fucking handed it to me!

So don't try to make me feel guilty.

You dodn't realise how over your head you are, do you.

Not that my reasons are any of..

You're risking everything! Teenagers! I don't want them.

Hi Dad! Hi.

The price is going up. 300 dollars from here on out.

Are you here for one reason or just to be like annoying?

You like this jacket?

Where'd you get it? Summerset - Hmmm.

Do you want to borrow it sometime? It's probably too big on me.

They had 'em in black too.

Dad says no more cash until I get my grades up.

I can help you get some.

Hi! Brenda.

Uhhh, I'm busy tonight, so is it okay if Nadine sits?

Can I get both of you?

It'll be alright. Just go.

Oh my God. Freakin' out! ... seven ... Freakin' out! Whatever.


Okay, I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

Hey. What's up?

Where were you at lunch?

I was tuning with the hots. Oh.

Um. Do you have my 20 percent?

I didn't go? What?

Oh, Jesus! He didn't care!

That's fucking ... It's fine.

You have my 20 percent?

We can help you with the math. Shut up.

Why should I pay you anything? I fucked the guy.

This is how it works, Nadine.

I arrange the appointments, I make sure everything is cool.

I get a percentage of what you make.

It's 60.

So should I add you to the roster or are you just a one-timer?

I'll do it again.


You'll miss your bus.


George, it's Nadine. I'm sure you remember me. - Yeah.

A couple of friends of mine want to get into ... babysitting?

I actually have something arranged with Shirley.

George, Shirley's friends aren't like these girls.

And George, let's keep this between us.

Oh, watch your head. Sorry, oh God.

Slow... Slow down, okay?

I only got two calls last week.

I'm telling you, it's fucking Nadine.

Brenda! Hey.

Come here.

What's up?

Is Nadine doing business on the side? No!

I don't .. no. You sure?

I don't think so.

Can you find out? How?

Just look around at home.

Can you do that? Yeah, yeah, no problem.


She's lying.

No extra money or phone numbers? No, nothing like that.

Well, what about her locker? Locker?

Uuuum ... I don't think, no.

You looked?

I saw in there the other day.

Okay. Thank's Brenda.

You okay? Uh huh.

Are you sure, because ...

What the hell are you doing? Just stand guard!

One second, for what? We're wasting time!

Shirley, come on, Shirley! I told you we should have called Jerry.


Hey, I told you ...

This is breaking and entering, come on, let's get the hell out of here ...

We're already here.

Nothing's broken.

Yeah, well it's not right. Okay, it's just not right.

Michael is having a moral crisis.

Thought you had the combination. What are you doing?

Careful, Nadine.

Fuck! Fuck!! Fucking Brenda! God, she's such a hole!

Okay, that's it, come on, let's go, let's get out of here ...

I can't leave it like this, they'll ask Nadine who trashed her locker, she'll point to us.

We can't fix this, okay, she's obviously insane, she's gonna...

Screw you, pervert. Hey you need help.

Grow up. Bite me!

Everyone, stay cool.


One, two, three!

Hey, I'm sorry, I had to work late. I called every hospital, every police station.

Gail, I'm, I'm sorry, I was in a conference.

I couldn't hear the phone and I didn't want to call you and wake up the kids.

Michael, I'm only going to ask you this once.

Were you...


Next time ... you call me.

Ok, ok, I'm sorry.

I'm, I'm really sorry.

Attention all students, there will be a mandatory assembly at 11:15 in the auditorium.

Attendance will be taken.

You do not steal my clients.

You do not take money out of my pocket.

And you do not walk around in $1200 worth of shit... assuming no one's going to notice.

And everyone gives me a cut.

You fuck no one, not even your prom date... without my say so.

I would hope after today, no one here would doubt how serious I am.

You're missing the assembly.

Shirley Lyner, you could use a vacation.


Wow, actually, I was thinking, more like a working vacation.

Jerry's got a place up north.

What are those? Permission slips.

Hey dude, don't forget to feed the fish, alright?

Yeah, nice, that's nice.

These ridiculous company retreats.

I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep this teamwork blindfolded it's all worthless ...

Try to have a good time, it could be fun.

Alright, I'll see you, I'll see you Sunday, okay?

Hey, I don't get a kiss? Oh, babe, I'm sorry I love you. Mwah! Okay.

Hey, do you wanna get something to eat? What time is it?

Oh! It's dinnertime!

Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh ...

Seriously? Wha ... What're you doing?

Oh my God. Hey Jerry, look at all these animals?

Rooms free.

Hi. You nervous?

Hey ... Get up.


Take one of those.

You know ... Medicine.

What is it?

Don't let that spill, look like you peed your pants.

You ever, uh... you ever take a turn with any of the other girls?


Hey, you know who's really ... really special?


Every time I get her, I leave a little extra on the tip, 'cause...

It's not like she does anything ... particularly... wild ...

Nothing I can put my... pinpoint on.

It's more like...

You know, she's just so young and dumb.

She has no idea what she gets from us, she just has no idea.

One day she's gonna look back and say, 'wow, that was... was really somethin' special.'

It's something special, man.

We're the best thing that's ever going to happen to these girls.

Jesus Christ, uh ... Ahh, Nadine ... You are ...

You know what I'm saying? Nadine?

Stupid old people think X makes you horny.

Your skin is beautiful.

Your hair is like ... Christ, like, it's like luminescent, it's so beautiful.

Oh gosh. Ahhh!


Ho-o-o-oly Toledo!

No, Michael, I... Try it.

Do you have any water?

Hey, come here, come here. No, get away.

I'm in here.

Brenda, you okay? Yeah.

Can I come in?

Just a second.

Oh, there... Sorry.

Oh, oh, what's wrong? I want it to stop.

O..oh what, D..did you, d..did you take too much?

I don't know, not a lot.

Oh, okay, well...

Ahhh, come over here, and I'll... I'll try and talk you down.

I used to be really good at that.

Yeah? - Yup, just, uh, what you want to do is...

You're really ... sweaty.

Just uh... look at ... look at, don't look at me, look at you, look at you right in the eyes.

Now just... just focus on your eyes and...

What's the matter?

What's the matter? I don't like looking at myself.

What are you talking about? Look at that face!

Oh my god! Look at those eyes!

Beautiful, beautiful eyes! They're green... with little... little specks of blue.

Ooo ahhh. Just stop!

I can't help it. I don't want ... I feel sick!

Yeah, like I took too much! No, no, no.

I'll make it better. Just ...

No, no, I..I'm gonna throw up.

Don't don't, don't...

Get away! Get away! Come on, don't throw up, come on, boy...

Come on, there's my boy.

Come on, stand up. Stop.

Help me, come on. Help me, help me, help me.

Jerry! - Come on now.

Stay, come on ...

I'm going to throw up. Come on, big boy. Please don't! No! No!

There's my boy.

Noooo! C'mon ... Do-do-do-do ... Get away! Get away!

No-no-no-Shhh-shhh-shhh, come on, shh-shh, don't, don't say that...

Oh, come on!

Oh, come onnn!!

Mom ... ?

Mom ... ??

Ooh-kay ...

Ohh-kay ...


It's not fuckin' worth it.

Guys, it's time to go to go to bed, alright...

You guys, come on, come on you guys, don't touch me alright!

Don't touch me!! - It's my turn!

Come on guys, let's go to bed, alright?

My turn, my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn, my turn!! - Shut up! Shut up!!

Shut up .. I'm just gonna scream. My turn, my turn, my turn!!!

I gotta get outta here, I gotta get outta here!

Come on, come on, come on.


Brenda, what is going on? You go!

Brenda, what is it? Go! Go!!!

Brenda. Who's slamming the door?

She's babysitting and she called me hysterical...

Should I call your Mom? No!

I'm sorry. What happened?

I can't ... It's okay.

This isn't me ... I'm not ... It's okay. Brenda.

Calm down. I can't do it any more!

I go out for you, I do these things with strangers ...

And then I get home and I gotta wash the stuff out of my hair before my parents ...

Shhhhh! I can't do it anymore!

Listen to me Brenda, you want out, you are out.

But be quiet! What's going on?

Family problems.

Yeah, no shit.

I gotta go.

I got in.

I graduate a year early, I'm done in June.

So you're leave me? You can't let Brenda go.


She'll tell, everyone.

You getting scared all of a sudden? Afraid the Ivy League doesn't take hookers?

She's not going to turn herself in if she's still in the club.

Don't blow this, Shirley.

We've worked too hard.

Go home.

You've a test tomorrow.

Ahhh! Get away! - Don't hurt him! Get away! Get away! Get away!

Kid, listen to me! You tell your sister, to shut the fuck up, or we'll fuck her up!

Leave her the fuck alone! Ahhhh!

Fuck! Ahhh!

Oh my god! Oh my god, what happened?

I got in a fight. With who? - Nothing happened.

Scott! Who did this? Nothing happened!

Did you steal my thing again?

What did you do? What's your problem?

Don't talk to me like I'm a fucking idiot! You're losing it.

I told you to leave Brenda alone.

I didn't go near Brenda.

I did it for you.

I did it, so you can keep this thing going.

A few months from now, I'm gone. Who's gonna back you up?

You're in control. Not of you I'm not.

This is always your game, Shirley. I was just here to play.

Hey, what are you doin' home early?

Mikey's principal called.

Mikey told his teacher to ... to eff off.

Tuh.. Why did he ... he ... ? It's not funny!

No, I know. I know. - Your son is lashing out already.. he's not even twelve?

I can't believe it. Why are you home now?

Oh, I got taken off the Mustang account.

You got fired?

No, I didn't get fired.

They just moved me to an account that's a little less high profile, that's all.

So in other words, a demotion?

No it's not a demotion.

George just thinks I..I'm better suited for something a little less ...

Well, did you tell him how many things are going on? With the kids, and the, the, and the ...

... less structured ... Just stop it, okay, just stop it, just stop it ...

You're working as hard as you can, and you'll work harder ...

I'm grown man and I can argue my own points! And I argued it, okay?

And that's the way it is, so, let's let it go. It is everything we've been working for!

Alright! How much do you want? How much do you want?

How much is going to make you happy, huh? We have it!

Alright! How much security do you need? Oh my God!

What? - I..I can't have this talk with you right now.

I'm sorry.

I can't have this discussion right now.

That's right, that's right, just walk away, every single time.

Every single time.

If you have a problem with me? Tell me.

If I'm doing something wrong, just tell me!

I shouldn't have to tell you if you've done something wrong. I'm not your conscience.

Why don't you go upstairs and talk to your son?

I'm going to go to the Friday meeting.

What do you mean you're... you're going to the Friday... but we have... we have plans!

Yeah, well, plans change.

Hey champ.

Okay. So what's the name of that teacher, huh?

Miss Labette.

Well dude, you can't go around F'ing people.

I already heard it from mom.

I know how you feel, man, I know how you feel.

I..I get angry too, I get angry at my boss, 'cause he never listens to me ... and he has all these silly rules that, he likes to enforce just because he likes to tell people what to do. You know?


I should just tell him to go fuck off.

Right? I should just tell him to go fuck himself!

That's what I should do!

Hey! Hey, are hungry? Yeah!

How's a large pizza sound to you, huh? Okay.

Okay, you know where the number is, right? Uh, yeah, it's in the big drawer.

That's right, and get two large pies, no olives, in case I want some, and ask Adam what he wants.

And don't forget to tip the guy.

Oh, where you going?

Oh dude.

You don't mind taking care of Adam for me?

Not at all. Thank you man, and remember, no olives.

And this, this is for you.

What? You've had this appointment for weeks!

I'm totally sorry, Shirley, but my dad says if I fail this test I can't go to Cancun this summer.

Can't you find somebody else? Are you kidding?

Look, I'm sorry, okay, I just can't do it.

What was that? My life!

I'll talk to you later.

She has it coming, Brenda.

Doesn't this part come later?

Gail cancelled my date. Huh. - Yeah.

Hey, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about ... about the pills.

The way that whole thing just ...

But Gail, you know, you and I ... we're just not ...

We.. Gail and I... I don't think we're gonna ... Please don't say it.

Yeah, we're awful people.

We probably deserve each other.

But it's just something to be nostalgic about later.

You know, I..I've been full of shit for most of my life.

But some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth is just so...

What do you expect is going to happen? I..I don't know. I've never ...

We going to run away together?

It's fuck you, to everyone who .. oves us... or, or, or depends on us?

What do you think's gonna happen?!

Listen to me!

Hey. You're the first thing that I wanted in 15 years.

I just can't handle you being a part of my secret life any more, do you understand?

I need you.

I need you in my .. every piece of my life.

I need you here...

Why do you have to do this?

Why can't you just leave it alone?

You want me to pay you? Is that what you want? Do you want me to pay you?

Is that all this is to you?

I'll pay you to listen to me. Pay you to be with me.

Pay..Pay you to love me, will it pay you to just .. just to ..

I don't want this between us any more ...

Do you understand? I don't need that anymore.

Just tell me how I can get you back.

Tell me how I can get every piece of you.

It's too late.

Who's up here?

You know this is private property? No. I'm sorry, I didn't know.

What are you doin' up here? I just like trains.

I-I was just lookin' around.

Seventy Charlie, I have an 1125 ...

Anyone else here with you?

One Romeo No. You sure?

Yeah, I'm ... there's, there's no one. I just like trains, that's, so I came ... to look around, that's all. Mmmm.

Well it's time for you to go. Yes, sir, thank you.

24, stand by ...

Oooh. Stay down.

Hello. It's Shirley. Is Brenda there?

She can't come to the phone.

Well, then can I talk to Nadine?

She's busy.

Scott, just put her on the phone.

She's babysitting.

I'm ... trying not to hold anything against you.

Please, don't call here again.

Oh. - What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck are you doing?

Hello? Nadine did it again.

She's .. taking business behind my back. She's fucking doing it right now.

I know where she goes. Where are you?

There, turn.

You owe me for this bullshit, Shirley! You owe me big time!

So hey ... hey, hey, wait, what're ya ... - Out!!

Hey! Wait! What'cha ya doin' ... You out of your mind!?

Shut the fuck up!

Come here!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Stop!

Please, stop! Shirley!

What did I tell you? What did I do to you?

I can't control you!!


You had it coming ...

You had it coming ... You had it coming ...

We all lead secret lives Even if only in our heads

I guess the question is: Why?

Aren't there easier ways to pinch myself awake?

He-e-e-y! Hi!

Okay. We don't deal with that here.

I'm not asking forgiveness for the things I've done.

My sins are mine to live with.

I guess it was just ... one of those moments.

A unique detail ... in an otherwise ...