The Bandit (1996) Script

Thirty-five years ago, a gang of bandits... were caught by the gendarme on Cudi mountain.

In the course of these thirty-five years, illness and prison violence wiped off all the bandits.

All but one...

Mother Ceran. Is that you?

Yeah. Who are you?

It's Baran.

Baran. The Bandit, you are back?

I'm back Mother Ceran. What happened to the village?

The water came. Covered everything. They said "Go away from here."

Everyone has deserted the village. I, alone, stayed here.

I told them not to go. They wouldn't listen.

Things turned bad after you went to jail. Evil won the day.

The weak were trampled on.

Where is Mustafa, Ceran?

Left for the city, long time ago...

This place is finished. Everything's sunk.

Our graves will be next.

Come with me. You'll be food for the beasts here.

The beasts are of us. Evil is elsewhere.

I am the madwoman of this place. I cannot go anywhere.

You're heading for trouble.

I said the same to your father. I told him "They'll trap you."

He wouldn't listen. He went and didn't come back.

Now if I say "Don't go!" You'll go. I know you will.

Take this, Bandit. It will protect you from bullets.

Are you going to kill me, Bandit?

Aye Mustafa. I will.

Do you have a gun?

I do.

Give it to me.

Why did you inform on me, brother Mustafa?

Stupidity, poverty, call it what you like. This has been killing me.

I can't sleep. You visit me every night.

I hear your footsteps behind me. I'm tired of watching my back.

People call me informer. I've lost face. Even my children shun me.

Why did you do it?

I caved in for a few gold pieces. Shame on those who forced me.

Who forced you?

I was sworn not to tell, but it doesn't matter anymore.

Berfo made me do it.


Berfo! He is the one who asked me to inform on you.

Woe, brother Berfo...

Why did he do it?

To steal Keje from you.

Did Keje go with him?

Yeah. she went with him. After you went to jail...

Berfo took your gold, then he went to Keje's father.

I begged him not to. I said "Keje is Bandit's girl. Spare her at least."

He said, "Fool! I did it all for Keje."

He took the gold and Keje, and he disappeared.

Then we heard he went to Istanbul.

So, this is the thirty year story.

So Keje went with him.

Her father made her go. She became Berfo's.

We put you in jail. I made a mistake. I was starved.

Still I'm starved brother. Bad luck, that gold was.

All went to women and gambling, All of it.

Our village was covered with dam water. Everyone was scattered around.

No-one knows who is where.

I'm groveling here as you see.

Anyway, thank god it will all end now. Come on, finish it off.

Bandit... Bandit.

I can't wait any longer. Kill me...




Here. You smoke?

Have one of these, uncle.

No... Please. please take one of these.

Where are you heading, uncle?

Istanbul, God willing.

Yeah, you're the only one missing anyway.

Oh my God! Shit! The police. What shall I do now?..

Bring this bag to Kışmet Garage in Tarlabaşı.

Bring this to Kışmet Garage Car mechanic's.

For God's sake!

Please... It's life or death uncle. I'm begging you please.

I'll pay you a lot. Please do it man!

Stop! Police. What is this, man?..

Shut up! Cut it out! Go on!

Just a moment. There's a mistake. What's the charge?

Come on brother. Where are you taking me man?

I'm off the train, nicely going home.

Excuse me, can I ask something? What have I done now?



He's clean, inspector.

Come on, talk man!

Talk what brother?

You! Did you sell us out, you?

No! I swear. There's no such thing brother Demircan.

How can you give the stuff costing billions to just anyone in the street?

The police surrounded me. Honestly, I swear...

I wasn't afraid of getting caught. It was for the stuff.

Or? Are you a police mole?

What are you saying brother? That's the guy's suitcase over there.

What did we do? Didn't we send out two couriers and tipped... the cops on on the wrong one?

How come the cops didn't go after the decoy then? And got you?

This was only your first job. Talk! Are you an informer? Say it!

Bring him in.

Forgive me brother. I had trouble finding the place.

That's him! That's the guy!

It is my first time in Istanbul.

Okay. The stuff is here.

Wow! That was a close one.

What's happened to this thing?

It had an accident. I'm sorry.

Here. It was a promise. Buy yourself new suitcase.

No. I don't want it.

Take it. You have no idea what you saved me from. Thanks.

Wasn't trouble at all.

Almost had it man. Yours truly almost would've had it.


Nevermind. Okay. Thanks I'll be off now uncle if it's okay with you.

What are you doing?

Just looking.

What at?

Where am I now?


Well... Okay.

Where will you go now?

I don't know really. I'm looking for a place to stay.

A hotel?

Right, friend. Some place cheap you know.

Ah! Okay. Come with me.

God bless you, brother. I felt a little strange you know.

Come with me, uncle. Don't worry.

I did it four times.

Big deal.

Cut the crap you two.

You should never trust a woman. They always cocktease.

How did it go? It was taken care of.

Is the job done? What job?

Are you still there? Just a minute uncle, wait for me.

How you doing?

Welcome back. Did you take care of your business?

Yeah. Why the long face?

I got news from my brother. He's really in a squeeze.

Well. Prison is a tough place.

Emel! Who are you talking to?

Just friends, come on mom.

Okay, see you then.

Get in! What friends at this hour? Come help me.

You are a slut. There is whore in you.

The place is coming down again. The witch's lost it.

This guy is waiting for you.

Who's this? Just a poor old soul.

Where are you taking him?

To my hotel. He has nowhere to stay. Wait for me.

Who did he say he was? His grandpa.

No? He's still alive? Lay off Avarel, you're a moron.

Cheapest hotel in Tarlabaşı. Girl Naci will do us a favour.

Naci, you got a room?

What do you want it for?

I'm going to stick it up you know where.

I'll headbutt your face in, then you'll see.

Say it girl, got a room? Yes Master Cumali, at your service.

Give a room for uncle here.

Who's this guy anyway? How do I know he'll pay?

Actor Kemal still owes me a month's rent.

You're having your period or something?

Give him the room, don't drive me crazy.

ID? What?

Hakan... What's up kid?

Come here, I'll kill you. I told him I'm not buying the Mitendo thing.

Bastard spat at me. Comehere!

Come on uncle Kemal have some water or something.

I'll be alright now.

Alright? You're getting worse every day.

You've got to see a doctor.

You haven't been around lately.

I took care of some business.

That's my boy.

It is worst when it starts during shooting.

The other day-what am I saying-six months ago, I was playing a small part.

I began coughing, it wouldn't go away.

Finally, they kicked me out. Didn't pay me, either.

I hate the communists but in those days these things were better in Russia.

If you fell ill, they took you straight to hospital.

This would never have happened. Especially to an artist like you.

Still, those reds. They ruined my country.

Don't start again Andrei Mishkin. All that's over now.

You know, you got me out of a difficult situation there.

Not at all.

Your binoculars puzzled the cops. I said I was peeping around.

Why do you carry them around anyway?

Well. It is a keepsake. You live in this hotel?


Why? Don't you have a family? A home?

No. It's better this way. Why are you in Istanbul uncle?

I am looking for somebody.

Where is that somebody?

I don't know...

What do you mean "I don't know"?

I don't know where he is.

How are you going to find him in this huge city?

I will.

Uncle, ten million people live in this city.

I will look at all ten million faces if I have to.

When did you last see this somebody?

Thirty, thirty five years ago.

And you're going to look for someone you haven't seen for...

...thirty five years in a city like Istanbul?

You're out of your mind!

Is she looking?

She is. You got her Cimbom.

What is this? You get mushy the moment you see the girls.

Are we going out tonight?

We got to do some work first. We're all broke.

Look at the legs on that Fatma.

I'm not going to spend the rest of my life stealing car stereos.

Wish we could break into Demircan's lot. He is close to Mafia.

I risked my life for Demircan's job while you were sitting...

...on your backs, you faggots.

Cumali, watch your language man.

Fuck off smart ass! So what?

I'm crazy for this Fatma.

What are you staring at you bums?

She's taking you for a ride, idiot.

What? Stupid!

Isn't this him?

What's up?

Well. You know... Nothing.

You're going to look for your man?

For God's sake, you'll get lost uncle!

Really? We'll see.

In Istanbul? I don't believe it. Idiot! Go get lost.

I'll come along with you today. Just in case. This city could swallow a man.

God bless you. So many people, so crowded.

Just like the ward I was in.

Now. Who are we looking for?


And where are we headed if we don't know where she is?

I don't know.

So, Why do we go this way and not that way?

I don't know. Don't keep asking questions. I'm only trying to hear...

...the sound of this place. Don't distract me. Just walk.

We're crazy to be walking like this. Someone called Keje.

Address: Istanbul. My feet hurt. This can't go on.

You go back if you want.

What if you get lost?

Displaying your wares again, eh?

You go to the hotel. I'll be along.

Who's that?

He's the guy who helped me. Got me walking all day.

Come inside. I'll ask you something.

What happened to the thing? What thing baby?

You were going to take me to see my brother in prison.

Anything for you. Tomorrow's the open visit.

Okay, we'll go. Mom will kill me if she finds out.

Don't let mom find out about the prison. She hates my brother.

Come on. Give us a hug.

My dear Kemal Bey. It's been three months.

I can only bow in humiliation Naci Bey brother.

I can't wait till you get a part. This is your last week.

Besides, this coughing of yours. It's just too much.

I know. Even the syrups don't soothe it anymore.

All the guests are complaining. The whole building is shaking.

Any messages for me?

Sure, the mayor called. He is upset you haven't called.

Fuck off! I'm going out.

The police! If they ask I'm not here.

If the police find this on me, I'm fucked. They're already after me.

Why are you armed? Do you have enemies?

In Istanbul, everyone is your enemy.

You never know what will happen next.

See how it shines. Fourteen bullets at a time. We stole it.

Common property of the gang.

What is this place?



Where else?

Istanbul! It looks like where I live. There are plains... mountains and towns. As if I'm on top of Cudi.

How are you?

Fine. I miss you badly though.

Me too, sweetheart. How's Mom?

God damn her.

Shut up! Cut it out!

Is this him?

Cumali. My brother.

Hello Cumali brother.

Hello brother Sedat. May God spare you. How are you?

Not too well.

Something wrong?

Yes. Got mixed up in something here. The top guys passed my... sentence. They'll stab me.


Shut up! I've got to escape chief. If I make it to the medical centre, then I'll escape from the hospital.

But you need to bribe people to get to the medical centre.

How much?

Two hundred million.


Anyway, forget it now. You're okay?

I'm not.

You take care of this girl chief. She is your responsibility.

If anything happens to her I will get out of my grave, and find you.

They will kill him. How can he get this kind of money?

The money will be found.

Who will find it? Two hundred million isn't nothing.

I will find it.

No. How can you shoulder such a burden?

Your brother is my brother.

Cumali! My hero.

What are you doing here?

Looking around.

What is that in your hand?


You've no shame? Peeping on people's wives and daughters.

No, I wouldn't... I am looking for someone.

With binoculars?

Aye, How else could I see him?

Go away, man.

I have to find two hundred million.

You're kidding?

Where the hell is he? This is for you, from Sekine.

Where is mine, baby? Idiot!

Go inside. And you go home too.

He must have lost his way.


That guy, the one in the hotel.

Why do you hang around with that peasant?

Watch your language! He is old enough to be your father.

This is how I talk to my father.

Hey! Hakan. Where's your mom?

She's out working.

So she went out early today. Naci, girl, are you sure you didn't see uncle?

I told you I didn't. You sure get obsessed about things.

The guy's got lost. I shouldn't have let him go alone.

Where have you been, uncle? We were all worried about you.

We thought you were lost. I was lost, brother.

Great! So how did you find your way back?..

The old way. I trailed my way back. This city is a prison Cumali.

I can't breathe in this city.

It stinks like rotten carcass. The wards used to smell like this.

Here, I brought you candies.

What's that?


Can I have a look? Sure.

Who uses this?

The gendarme, army officers, and once... The bandits.

What is a bandit?

A brigand, a robber. Living on mountains.

Just a human being like you and me.

You know any bandits?

I know one. He was called Baran. The clan chief sent Baran's father... the mined border and had him killed.

And Baran rebelled and took to the mountains.

Baran is very young then. He is in love with a girl. And a terrific shot.

It was a mighty mountain like that one.

He fought the clan chief's bandits at that time.

He picked them out with these binoculars and gave them the bullet.

Are you that Baran?

Yes. I am.

Hakan. To your room, quick! It is bed time.

Come on, Cumali.

Shut up. Give me the binoculars Off you go.

Are you a bandit?

It was thirty five years ago.

Wow! Our uncle, a bandit!

So, what have you done all these thirty five years?

I was in jail.

What? For thirty five years?

Thirty five years.

That's enough to kill a man.

It did kill all my friends. Look, here.

How come you weren't pardoned?

I killed three more in prison.


They sent hired men on me. I finished them off.

You were talking about a sweetheart. Is that Keje?


You're looking for her?

Keje and the man who abducted Keje.

The first film about the Southeastern problem will soon be released.

The film is expected to boldly take up the greatest problem of this country.

In other news. The attempt on business tycoon Mahmut Saholu's life is under investigation. The police have not yet made a public statement. In the meantime, Saholu remains silent.

The elusive Saholu is the owner of an empire that has extraordinarily grown to the size of thirty companies in the last twenty years and has reached everywhere like the tentacles of an octopus.

He recently gave his only TV interview to date to Mithat Bereket.

Mahmut Bey, you have become the centre of attention with your outbursts against the Industrialists' Association and the government.


In fact, there are various unpleasant allegations about your own wealth. You accuse the Association of illegal practices, but you cannot explain how you grew so powerful in a matter of twenty years?

You are also accused of loansharking and of seizing businesses with Mafia assistance.Your textile factory is shown as an example.

There are also allegations that granting of your bankers' licence is somewhat questionable. Who sent you here?

Excuse me?

You! Who pays you? How dare you present rumours as the truth?

Please watch your tone. You can't talk to me like that.

Go send me your boss... You won't pull me down, ever!

I am a journalist. You are a hired pen!

No, I am an independent journalist.

I employ a hundred people like you. Go tell those who mess with me they can't tear me down. They don't have what it takes.

Get out of my house! Get out! Turn the damn thing off. Cut!

I found you.

What does it say? Come on, tell us.

I'm not saying!

Say it and I'll treat you to a whore.

Fuck off then, don't!

You're going to talk, or not? Cumali, don't!

It could go off, man. Speak up, what did she write?

Brother Cumali, come help me.

What is it? What happened?

Come to the hotel. I'll show you someone. I saw him. On TV.

I'll be right back. You guys stay put. We'll be on a job tonight.

Yeah, you put the kid to bed.

Make sure he drinks his milk. Did you wet yourself?

He was here?


Berfo! In a wheelchair. Tubes up his nose.

Where is he? Where has he gone?

Who are you talking about, man?..

He means Mahmut Saholu.

Mahmut Saholu? You know him?

Take me to him.

Why did you bring this geezer?

Hush! He'll hear. He is an old bandit.

What? A bandit!

Meaning what?

You know, a bandit. On the mountains. A highwayman.

You sure he didn't make it up?

I saw the photo. He snuffed three people in prison.

Imagine what he must have done in the mountains.

Run for it!

Hey, Bandit, come on!

Will you find him for me? Take me to him Give me a break, for God's sake.

God damn it. We're just drifting bums.

Every job should have some respectability. Look at us.

As they say: Live fast, die young and you'll leave a handsome corpse.

Let me tell you something. Only way to play this game is to play it big When my father migrated to Istanbul, he got a job as a waiter.

That's where he lost the game I've been a mechanic, a bouncer at clubs, parked cars.

Still I am a nobody. I went to jail for nothing.

We're all the same.

The other day, I quarreled with my dad, He wants me to go back to my... job at the factory. I said no.

You're a worker and look where it got us. He went mad.

We should all move out like Cumali.

I will go to brother Demircan. I'll say: Rescue us from this life.

Get us on your team.

We'd be like royalty round here.

We'll get respect, man.

Everyone will look up to us, shop owners etc. The girls.

Maybe I shouldn't come.

Sure! Left to yourself, you'd get lost again. Stick to me Just a minute, uncle.

Beg your pardon?

The week is over. You owe me.

Put him on my bill.

But, Cumali... Shut up or I'll clobber you.

I have friends, I have partners I am responsible to. I have to be careful.

Now, you almost sank us on that job the other day. Still, you didn't talk to the police, you're okay. I know that.

Our business is no kids' play, amateurs fail.

So last time, you begged and prayed and I let you have your chance.

What will you say for yourself this time Cumali?

This time we are here to put ourselves entirely at your command.

I and my friends are solid, brother Demircan.

Order us to die and we will.

And we know our way around.

You can't find better men to deal the stuff.

There isn't a club we don't know.

Give us just one chance, then decide.

Okay, we'll give it a try. Not a word to anyone about this though.

And stay out of the police's way.

If you get caught I don't know you.

And this uncle over there, is he part of your gang?

No. He's a bandit.

A real bandit. A mountain man. That's of course, back when.

No bandits left on the mountains, uncle.

Now, all the bandits are down in the city.

I have important news for you.

Come inside, mom's out.

Sekine, when will you put out? Cimbom's all horny.

God damn you, asshole!

Didn't I tell you not to wear mini-skirts?

Mom first, now you start. You jealous pig!

What is it?

We have a deal with brother Demircan.

We'll push some of the stuff for him.

So, it means we're finding money. Don't look at my face like an idiot.

I'll be able to save your brother.

Thank god! My hero!

Don't. Mom will be back any minute now.

Come on girl, give it to me. We'll be married anyway.

Not before the wedding, Shit! It's mom.

What shall we do? Let's pretend we are just talking.

No! To the window...




We almost got nailed there.

This is not the right way to go.

What's wrong with way?

Drugs are bad news. Don't do it. You are poisoning people.

I've known many dealers in prison. They all ended up badly.

"Don't do it", eh? What should I do then? Is theft better?

Or conning people? Which one is better?

None. None of that is fitting for human beings.

All of that is fitting for human beings.

Or they wouldn't be around. Why did you do it then?

You know why my dad named me Cumali? My father adored Yilmaz Güney.

He named me after one of Güney's screen characters.

He saw "Ince Cumali" fifteen times.

In everyday life my father imitated Yilmaz Güney.

Walked and talked like him. Looked a bit like him too.

My stepmother betrayed him. Can you imagine?

A betrayed hero!

He shot them both. My stepmother was crippled and the guy died.

So that's what my father got for being a good guy.

I mean, anything can happen in life.

Besides, I don't like doing this. But Emel needs the money for her brother.

Back in jail, we knew two Kemals, Mustafa Kemal and Dodo Kemal.

Dodo Kemal was a very young convict. A murderer.

Every morning, he used to get the papers first. He used to go through... the pages like crazy, looking for news of an amnesty.

After years of this, he did receive his pardon and was freed.

A week later, he had murdered someone and was back in jail.

You remind me of him. If I had a son, he would be your age.

And if my father were alive, he would be your age, Bandit.

Will you take me to him, brother.


The man on the TV. Take me to him.

That's all I ask of you. This is my request.

Is this the place?

Yes. This is it.

Are you sure?

Don't drive me nuts Bandit. You said "take me", and I did.

This guy is one of the richest guys in Turkey.

What is your business with him uncle?

Look, I'm leaving. Can you find your way back to the hotel?

You saw what you wanted to see. The car's gone too. Let's go now.

Who are you looking for, man. Why should I care anyway?

I don't own you. I'm leaving.

Hey! What's going on? Just a minute. Where are you taking us?

Didn't I tell you "Let's go" It is my fault. I should have left.

Get lost if you want. Am I your mom or your dad? You're a grown man.

Get me out of here! Get me out!

I'll break down the door. Get me out of here!

Stop it Bandit! Are you out of your mind? Don't!

What were you doing there?..

Were you there to kill Mahmut Bey?

No. I don't have a gun.

Why were you watching the place?

You're an ex-convict. Are you a hitman?

No such thing.

Sir, there's a call for you sir.

Sir, please let me explain, you see, this poor old guy is penniless.

We were looking for a job for him when we saw that mansion.

We thought they might be hiring a gardener or something.

We are not terrorists or anything. We are your decent, honest... one hundred percent Turkish, sort of people.

Cut it out! Get out of here, both of you.

See, my spiel worked. The guys thought we were terrorists.

You're not going to that house again, understand?


Hello brother.

You are coming with us.

Where are you going? Who are you?

You are not coming. Just him.

Come Baran. Come closer.

I'll tear off these tubes! This emphysema is a motherfucker.

I've never been so helpless. Oxygen is like poison.

After a while, it starts eating up your brain. It makes you speak nonsense.

You have changed your name, Berfo.

Aye. I changed my name.

Is Keje alive?


Is she with you?


Why did you betray me Berfo?

Betray? So you call this betrayal, do you? I give up.

Now if I say to you: I did all of that because I was in love.

I was dying from love.

Who could possibly say anything to me?

What the hell is "betrayal"? I did it for love, damn it.

Yes I did it. I am a man who has informed on his closest friend.

Could you have done that? Betray your most beloved friend?

Could you steal his gold and use it to buy the woman your friend loved?

Could you have sent your friend to certain death.

I did do it. For love. Now tell me.

Which one of us loved Keje more? You, or I?

Which one of us dared to sin like that?

I am ready to burn in hell for this love. Are you?

Keje didn't want me though. Granted when I paid her father...

Keje curiously gave in. She followed me But never spoke a word since.

Not to me, not to anyone else.

For thirty five years now, she has kept silent, Baran.

I begged her to speak, I beat her, threw her out in the street.

I wept at her feet, but she didn't speak.

She didn't speak and she didn't give me children.

Still, I wouldn't give Keje up.

I didn't re-marry and I didn't ask for children.

If I had wanted it, you couldn't see me.

I could have sent you back to that prison.

Do you know why you are here?

You will go to Keje and talk to her.

If she doesn't speak to you either, then I'll know she has given up on the world, I'll know she doesn't want anybody.

That she has buried herself alive.

And if she speaks?

Keje. Keje.

I was shot in jail, Keje. I didn't die.

I fell ill, I left one lung there, still I lived on.

They beat me up relentlessly.

But I didn't die. I lived on to see you once again.

Now I am told that no-one hears your voice, that you have stopped speaking.

Aren't you going to talk to me either, Keje?

Am I not going to hear your voice?

Do bandits...


...turn into...

...stars when they die?

On the mountains, you hear the sounds of wilderness.

I used to lie on a rock and watch the sky, the stars.

I would think of you.

And a star would shoot across the sky and I would say...

"There, another bandit has died."

I would remember, when we were kids how I told you of ancient brigands... and how you looked at the stars.

I also...

...have been...

...watching the stars at night.


...I have not seen you.

That's how I knew... were alive.

And I waited for the day you would come back.

My voice sounds...

...strange to me now.

As if someone else is speaking. and I am listening.

I lived my whole life for this moment alone.

Whatever happens now, let it.

I will come back for you. Wait for me, Keje.

Well done boys. Here you are.

I hope we've done a good job, brother Demircan.

Do you still want to join the team?

You mean we're in the Mafia now?

Let's get laid tonight. Let's splash out.

How much did you take?

More than you did.

Why is that?

I'm the boss. I arranged the job.

Don't steal from me again. Don't steal my money!

I swear to buggery, I haven't Cemal.

They don't call me Razor Cemal for nothing, I swear I'll cut you up.

I swear I'm only putting aside a few pennies for the mitendo.

What the hell is that?

A toy for the kid.

Don't make me shit on your toy. I'll kill you.

Don't, brother. She is our sister.

Cemal, don't!

Stay out of this, old fart. You might catch your death.

Why didn't you kill that man? She beats up mom all the time.

Weren't you a bad-knit?

That was way back when. I am not a bandit any more.

Who did this? You went to that guy again, didn't you?

It wasn't them. Just a little accident downstairs.

Weren't you done with that?

This is the last time.

No-one knows about it. You don't either, okay?

I cut on what Demircan gave us. If he finds out, he'll skin me.

You said you wouldn't.

I swear this is the last time. I'm doing this for Emel's brother.

Don't tell anyone. Not even the gang.

I'm sorry. See what happened to you because of me.

Don't mention it. It's alright.

That pimp wasn't worth it dear.

No harm done..

My son says you used to be a bandit. That you will save us all.

Kids are strange. He is making it up.

He's always been a dreamer anyway.

Do I have any messages, my dear Naci Bey?

I am not your personal secretary.

No, it's just that, it was about this film.

A glass of wine?

No, Andrei Mishkin. It's bad for my cough.

My father used to be a connoisseur of wine.

As you know, ambassadors value expertise in wine, more than anything else.

He would feel its bouquet, its aroma and establish its vintage.

He used drink white wine in a tulip glass... and the red in short stemmed Roman.

He opened an exquisite bottle the day I graduated from Law School.

I, timidly, told him I wouldn't practise law and I wanted to be an actor, he threw me out of the house.

You made a mistake by choosing acting.

No. See, I am penniless, I can't pay the rent, I can't even buy medicine.

But I wouldn't give up acting for anything. I don't mind the illness but being a burden on other people saddens me.

Cumali has raised the money.


The two hundred million is ready, brother Sedat.

You're kidding!

Please brother. Please. It's nothing.

You are quite a guy, you know that? I entrust Emel to you.

God knows when I'll appear again.

Slip the money to the guard, he'll give it to me.

Brother Cumali, I have decided to return home.

And Keje?

I will take her with me as well.

That would mean war.

No. It wouldn't. I have to make some money though.

You mean I'm supposed to find you a job.

Aye. That's it.

You go to the hotel and stay put. I'll take care of it.

I bet he is not getting any action either.

How do you mean? How do you mean?

The poor soul has gone thirty five years without a woman.

That's right. I wonder if he ever did it.


An amulet? How cute.

It's for bullets.


It is said that no bullets will touch a man wearing this.

Come on, don't look so naive.

Don't worry about the fee, it's on Cumali.


What is it? Trouble?

No. Mom's at my aunt's tonight. So I thought I'd drop by.

Wow! I've hit the jackpot, girl. Come here you.

Slow down! I shouldn't have come. You're behaving like an animal.

I've had enough of your teasing. Come here.

Let go of my arm... I swear you're hurting me.

Let go I said, or I'll get mad.

God bless you, but I am tied to someone else.

You're offering me a treasure but, I can't. Go to your child.

Can't I stay a little longer then?

I promise I won't bother you.

We belong to each other now. If necessary, I'll marry you under... both religious and civil law. I gave my word to your brother.

What a nasty world this is!

Thanks for all you've done for my brother.

I love you so bad, man. I'm going to die of this love, man.

You too must return home, Androshka Mishkin.

To die in your own country Even if the communists are back.

What kind of country is this? An ambassador's son hangs himself... because he couldn't get medicine. He couldn't see a doctor.

That's what this country is like.

That's why we have to have money. You are powerful if you have money.

She's gone... the slut! The whore! She ran away!

She left me alone like this.

No... I swear I didn't do a thing. I wasn't the one.

Idiot! I'm not talking about you, I mean her lover. He was in jail.

Now he escaped. And they ran off together.

Her father had also run away like this. God damn them all.

Wasn't that her brother in jail?

What brother? It was her lover! She fooled you, the slut.

He was a sworn hooligan. Here, the letter. I couldn't separate them.

The bastard went to jail, but she still stuck with him.

God! The whore really took good advantage of you, man.

Milked you like a cow.

Shut up you, shut up! I'm going nuts.

Brother Demircan wants you.



Get me those buggers! Find them. Wherever they crawled in. Find them!

Nice place, isn't it?

Very nice, brother. It's paradise.

I'm closing the deal on it.

I'll divide it into plots and I'll sell it to the developers.

Cumali, some of the stuff we gave you is missing.

We brought you all the money we got right and honest, brother.

Please brother. You know we aren't that sort.

You were seen dealing the other night. You sold our stuff... and got your money.

So I wondered whose stuff it was that you were dealing.

No brother, definitely. We're your men.

There must be a mistake here somewhere.

Still, keep your eyes open. We've got two packs missing.

If you hear anything.

Sure brother, your wish is my command.

Hey lad, it seems something else is on your mind.

Somebody played a trick on me, I'm pissed. But I'll get even.

That's my boy. Never forgive things done to you. I never did.

What's this?

The stereo wouldn't come off, so I swiped the whole car.

Come on. Get off the car.

I'm sorry. I lost control.

Here. Shoot me.

Don't be stupid. Put it back.

Any news on Emel?


They are at this hotel. Go bring my daughter.

The bastard bedded me first, spent my money. Then he seduced Emel.

Go bring my daughter. I'll give you whatever you want. Anything.

Bandit! Come here.

Where to?

The call? It didn't come.

What if it came while we were out?

We never went out. We made love non-stop. You are an animal.

My bones are aching.

We have to get the passports today.

We catch the loving brother and sister in bed.

Do brothers do this to their sisters?

Don't you know incest results in disaster?

God forbid, you could have handicapped kids or something.

Now look here, whore.

I'm going to pull the trigger, and blow the bastard's head off.

Bloody pieces of his brains will splatter all over your face.

Don't do it. Don'! Don't!

I will, I will, I will.

Brother, I did wrong, okay, she's all yours. Let me go.

Let's forget the whole thing. I'll never cross your path again. Ever.

I'll stand guard at the door.

See who you left me for! The guy for whom you broke my heart.

And I stole from the worst man in the country for you.

I put my life in the line. If he hears it, he'll wipe me off.

I do that for you, and you do this to me.

And all for this bugger. How could you?


This is not worth going to jail for. Spare them.

We're going.

I always imagined it would be hard to kill a man.

But it was so easy, Bandit.

You go back home. Now murder has come into this.

Police is in this thing. We'll go elsewhere.

I've ruined my life.

We must get out of town. Go to the mountains.


We will go up the mountain. They can't find us there.

We will take her, and go...



Let's go to the hotel tonight, and get our things.

My money's at the hotel, too.

Come out! Come here. I'm talking to you.

Stop, or I'll shoot!

What place is this?

I don't know.

I was hit.

Let me see.

Shall I die?

Everybody dies.

Will this wound kill me?

No. It's just the skin. Don't worry.

I've never been wounded before. We couldn't get the money either.

We'll make it, won't we? We'll get out of this whore of a city?

Get out of here.

The police are looking for you. You'll get us in trouble, too.

We'll just lie low for a day or two, and then we'll leave.

Definitely not. Go away from here.

Auntie, dear... Okay. Lend me some money then.

Go away! Not a penny for you. You were trouble even as a child.

When I was a child? Very well, Let me tell you about my childhood.

There's nothing to tell.

You know what I went through in this house after my father... went to jail, don't you? Shut up!

Every time your child-bugging husband came after me... you would hide in the kitchen.

That bugger almost raped me before I stabbed him.

Every time he made a pass, you looked away 'cos he might leave you.

Talk about decency, you slut!

You screwed every guy in the neighbourhood.

Go away. Get out of my house. Police! Help!

We've got to find some money. Can you ask Keje?

No. I can't.

Suppose we robbed someplace?

I took an oath not to do such things.

You say no to everything. You get us money then.

Hey, Deli. Listen, we're fine. Get us some money.

We've got money. Brother Demircan gave us work. Come over.

Are you crazy? The police are everywhere.

No they are gone. They think you left for good.

We'll be over. Okay. I'm going back to the neighbourhood You go. I have to take care of some business. I will see you there.

Don't get lost, okay?

We have to leave the city. There's this lad who helped me a lot.

He is in trouble. I must help him.

Will you come with me?

I will.

I will come back for you.

Have you seen Cumali, my friend? I can't find him, or his friends.

Demircan's men took him away.

It seems it's not only the police he's in trouble with.

Where is my stuff?

You talked before you killed the girl. You said you stole.

Your closest friend told me. Are they in this too?

No. They know nothing. I did it alone.

You will either return the stuff, or the money.

I gave the money to the woman.

Give me back my money! Cut the crap!

I killed two people. They betrayed me.

And you betrayed me.

She conned me.

What is it to me? I want my money.

What is it?

You have the boy. Yes, I have him.

Let him go.

Not before he pays me back. It's not the money.

We spend it in one night sometimes. Our reputation is at stake here.

You know these things. If you let someone cheat you... it is bad for your reputation.

If he is an upstart bastard like this, it's worse.

I can't let the word get around.

The police are after him. And he was conned out of his money.

Let me put it this way to you. If he doesn't pay up, it won't be the police who pulls his rope.

How much does he owe?

Two hundred million.

I'll pay you.

Where will you find that kind of money?

The debt is my responsibility. Leave the kid alone.

This is between you and me.

From now on, if something goes wrong, you and I will talk.

Okay, bring the money and take the kid.

What is this? I want money.

It is a cheque. It stands for money. Just give it to them.

You owed me a life. You've settled your debt now.


She stays.

So it's Keje in return for a kid's life. Keje for a life.


I don't know how long I'll live but I shall not give you up until... my last breath. I may yet...

come back to you, Keje.

I'll keep silent Baran. Until you return.

Where did you get this cheque? It's as good as gold.

Return the boy.

Go cash this at the bank.

You go, I'll have a word with Cumali.

Don't you ever cross my path again.

Now, it's the police's turn.

Don't hide behind a poor old man. One more mistake and I'll kill you!

I won't even bother asking this time. Now fuck off!

Boy, we sure got fucked back there.

The police, let's disperse. We'll meet back at the neighbourhood.

I am lost.

Master Demircan has news for you. The cheque bounced.

Wha? What're you saying, brother?

Bandit! Run!

The police will be here any minute. Cumali was shot.

Who shot him? Demircan's men.


Your cheque bounced. The guy you got it from cheated you.

We're all in trouble.

Where is Cumali? Must have run to the hotel.

There is this warmth crawling up my legs. What is it?

You were shot often enough, Bandit. You ought to know. Am I going to die?

I remember my stepmother. How she jumped off the roof in her... white dress. I thought she'd fly away like a bird.

But she hit the ground like a rock.

Then, I thought of Emel. She never believed I could shoot her.

Neither did I. It all happened so fast.

I will go to hell, won't I?

Who knows where anyone goes?

We were going to go where you lived, to the mountains.

I'm so scared. Don't leave me, I'm scared.

Don't be scared. You are only going into earth.

Then you will be earth.

Then you will flow with the waters and become the sap of a flower.

A bee will come to the sap. And, perhaps, I will be that bee.

The boy died. That thing you gave me was a fake. Why?

Remember we used to play stones as boys?

I used to beat you all the time.

You never asked why I always won. I always cheated.

You knew the boy would die. Why did you do it?

Why is the boy's death so important?

You sacrificed Keje to save the life of a nobody.

That woman has spent her whole life waiting for you.

What does life matter in the face of love?

True. What does life matter in the face of love?

I told you I would answer for the boy.

"You should talk to me if anything goes wrong," I said.

You didn't keep your promise. You killed him. That won't do.

You broke the agreement.

Watch it, you bastard!


The motive behind one of the bloodiest massacres in recent years is still unknown.

Is there a connection between the murder of Mahmut Saholu and the slaughter of the drug dealers?

Saholu's widow remains silent.

We know where you are. Give yourself up! You won't be harmed.

Surrender! Hands on your head! Or we shall open fire.

I won't go back to jail.

I can't stand being locked up anymore.

Surrender! Or we'll open fire!

Once, I came face to face with a wolf. I pointed my gun at her... and the wolf was growling.

I thought, one of us will be dead in a moment. A matter of strength.

Go, you are too young. It'd be a pity...

We don't want to harm you. This is the last warning. Surrender.

I am coming, bandits! I am coming.

Keje! Keje!

Goodbye, Bandit.

Ah! Bandit, ah!