The Banished (2019) Script

I love you, Mary.

All of you.

Ms. Darcy. Where is my mother?

I have to warn you this can be rather shocking.

I found my father hanging from a meat hook when I was 12 years old.

I think, I can handle this.

Bloody hell, are you sure he's even home?

He said he'd be here.


Christopher, this is Jane Darcy.

So this is where my mother died.

Christopher found your mother out back.

Show me.

I was woken by her, her screams and babbling.

By the time I got down here, Emma was...

It's getting cold, can we go inside?


I gotta get back to the station.

Night, Ms. Darcy.

It's remarkable... how daughters resemble their mothers.

Show me where my mother's things are.

Are you sure there isn't a hotel in Greenvale I could stay in?

No, you'll be fine here.

This actually was her room... when she was a little girl.

Fuck's sake.



Are you all right?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're just leaving me like this?

She's a bit of a bitch.


That's what your loving mom said about you.

And how right she was.

Why would you say that?

Piss off.

Piss off!

Jane? Go!

Please open the door.

I'm sorry.

Go away.

It's just the blood, and...

And what?

Here look.

Look, look.

Suit yourself then.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I just wish I could've been there with her.

Just rest it there.

It's okay.

What's this?

Found it in Mom's suitcase.

Suppose she was planning one last painting.


So this is my homework.


While my mother rots, I'm filing out forms.

Better get this over and done this.

The sooner I get out of Greenvale the better.

You'll be out of here soon enough, what about the fee?

How much is it?

About $3,000.


Thanks, Mom, for bankrupting me.

I'm going to bury her here.

In Greenvale?

This was her home.

This should be her resting place.

Well, Christopher takes care of all of those arrangements.

Christopher's a bit off, isn't he?

You know, with the dark house, no mirrors.

Although if I looked like that, I certainly wouldn't want to see my reflection everyday.

And the weird little, sort of, doll things.



We all have our quirks, Ms. Darcy.

Christopher and I practically grew up together.

He's like my brother.

Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

So do you wanna go see him or what?

It seems I don't have much of a choice, doesn't it?

So check it out, Christopher.

The parade is gonna be at noon.

And guess who the turkey's gonna be?

M.C., he's gonna make all those girls gobble, gobble, gobble.

At 2:00 we got the pumpkin pie eating contest, the one you like a lot.

What's wrong?

No, it sounds great, yeah.


Okay, so check this one out.

Marge was pretending to be Pocahontas this year, and when I told her that she wasn't, dude, she was pissed to the bone, bro.

Hold up.

Hello there.

Is Christopher here?

Oh, is this official business?

Cut the crap.


Never mind me.

How's the repatriation coming?

Not too well actually.

That's why I'm here to see you.

I don't see how I can help.

I'm going to bury my mother in Greenvale.

I don't think so.

Well, why not?

This was her home it should be her resting place.

The town policy is that only residents of Greenvale can be buried in Greenvale.

It's not like she left here by choice.

Her cow of a mother abandoned her.

She might have stayed here her whole life if she'd have had the chance with you lot.

I seriously doubt that.

And besides, it's irrelevant.

Rules... rules, are rules, are rules!

You're so fucked up!

I don't understand what's wrong with you people.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I'm sorry who the fuck are you?

Cut it, Sam!

Cut it, Sam!

Jane, can you give us a minute?

Thanks for your help... not.

I'll be in the diner.

Hey, wait up.

Don't you dare, motherfucker.

Why you trippin'?

Her mother's just died.

I'm out of here.



Look at me.



Hey, um...

Why don't we grab a few at the Bone Yard?

Mom always loved a drink. Why not?

I can't.

I can't.

Hey, all right, all right, all right.

Let's give it up once again for Sandy Bells and her famous One Man Band!

All right, Sandy.

Whoo, Sandy!



Let me get that.

Okay, well, now next we have coming up for you here in the Bone Yard, thank you, Sandy.

We have the moment you have all been waiting for.

The one, the only Heart Slayer!

Thanks for the intro, dude.

Hell, yeah, man.

Here let me get the mic for you here.

I like that.

Thank you, Parta. Man, you rock it.


Actually, I wrote it today.

And this song is called Situations.

So I hope you guys like it.

♪ I swear that Jane ♪

♪ Is driving me insane ♪

♪ For better or for worse ♪

♪ I'm cursed with a simple mind to hide ♪

♪ The spider webs of shame that pierce into my heart ♪

♪ Slowly down to the ground ♪

♪ I'm singing this song ♪

♪ If you help me sing along ♪

♪ Baby, I don't wanna funk ♪

♪ I just want to remember ♪

♪ Baby, go inside this lonely heart ♪

♪ And come and break the loss ♪

♪ And dance onto the funk, funk, funk, funk, funk, funk ♪

♪ Hey, eh ♪

♪ Situation Jane ♪

♪ Radioactive nights ♪

♪ Going into the night they crumble ♪

♪ Hey, situation Jane ♪

♪ Radioactive nights ♪

♪ Going into the night ♪

♪ Into the night ♪ Thank you.

Sure was.

You were awesome.

I've never met anyone like you before.

You know you never will again if you stay here.

You just need to go somewhere where stuff happens, you know, like London.


I could get you some gigs.

I don't know.

Why not you're really talented.

Be not afraid of greatness.

Give me that.

That's what father always quoted to me.

My mom used to try and encourage me too... when we weren't at each other's throats.

You didn't get along with her.

Don't touch that!

Don't... don't touch that!

What the fuck are you doing with my mom's suitcase?

Weave, reset, weave, concentrate.

Weave, concentrate. What the fuck is that thing?

Weave, concentrate.

Weave, weave.

Look at me and speak to me!

What the fuck is that?

Oh, Jane.

Jane, oh, oh.

My soul, it broke.

It broke when Emma was taken away from me.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Your Emma? My Emma.

You don't fucking know my mother.

My Emma! You don't talk about her!

You have to understand that night.

That night Emma, Emma.

I had to, I had to do it I'm sorry.

I had defend myself!

I had to do it!

What the fuck are you saying?

She came at me I had to defend myself.

I had to do it!

You fucking freak!

Get the fuck out of here!


He's out of his fucking mind. What the hell is going on?

He killed my mother. What are you talking about?

He killed my mother. What?

He tried to attack me. You know what, stay here, stay here.


Christopher, what the hell happened?

I deserved it.

I deserved it.

I deserved it.

I deserved it.

Christopher, you are completely out of control.

Just go to your room now, and let me handle it.

I don't need your protection!

Oh, no?

No, no, no.

Oh, no!?

You're so capable of taking care of yourself that you just let that bitch walk out of here?

What are you doing?

Give me this!

Get off me!

What are you doing? Don't!


Why, don't.

All I ever wanted was for me and Emma to find our way back to each other.

Have you ever wandered what people would look like if they were the reflections of their soul?

I had to do it, Jane.

I had to!

You really gotta be more sensitive, princess.

You fucking, bitch.



Look at me, Christopher!

Clean this mess up.

We could have made her understand.

I need my family, my blood.

I am your family!

No, no.

More than those two bitches ever were or could be.

No, no.


I swore to Father that I would protect you whether you want me to or not.

I never wanted it.

I'll have no more arguments. I never wanted you.

I'll have no more arguments, Christopher.

Hey, what's going on?

Damn, that trash, oh, it's rank.

What a stench.


Either of you seen Jane?

Yeah, she's on the red-eye back to London.

The red-eye?

Yeah, she's probably on the train right now.


And you're sure?

Yeah, I'm positive.

She was running out of here when I drove up.

There goes London.


What's going on with you?

Nothing, he's fine.

Leave it, Sam!

He's fine.

Okay, Sheriff.

I was finally gonna get out of here.


What are you talking about?

Leaving Greenvale.

You think she was gonna take you to London?


You don't even have a passport, Sam.

Oh, well.

That's right.

Better work on that, dude.

Christopher, now that she's gone...

can I have my room back?

It was really harsh the way you kicked me out.

Of course.

You'll sleep like a baby tonight.

Yeah, right.

Here you go.

Don't let that soup get cold, all right.

Thank you.

How is it?

It's delicious, Christopher.

Drink it up.

I'm never gonna get out of this hell hole.

None of us are.

Gotta run after tea, mom.

I'm going to a concert with Mark.


What's on?

The Bugger Offs. They're wicked.

Oh, god.

I'm sorry.

Mom, what's wrong?

What's so funny?

I'm about to bugger off, myself.

Where to?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.

Mom, what's the matter? Oh, fuck.


Darling, I've just returned from seeing my physician.

What for?

It seems that I have an inoperable brain tumor.

I didn't want to involve you until I knew for certain.

I won't let you deal with this on your own.

Of course not.

But there is something I must do on my own.


Go back to Greenvale.


The town where I was born.

Where my mother left me.

Mom, you've just told me that you're terminally ill, and now you're buggering off to some town in the middle of nowhere that I've never heard of before.

You can't do that to me, Mom, it's not fair.

This is not all about you, okay!

Mom, you cannot go off like this.

You cannot leave me...

I shall do as I wish!

As you always have done, Lady Macbeth.

Just don't badger me!

Okay, you don't know anything about it.

I'm sorry.

Can I help you find your seat, Miss?

Help what?

Can I help you find your seat?

Um, yeah, I think it...

It's over by the window.


I'm terribly sorry, sir.

Thank you.


Is everything okay, Miss?

Can I get you anything?

How about a lobotomy?

How about a Bloody Mary?

Make it triple.

I'll get you some water.

All right, that just about does it.

Handsome as always.

Your have the magic touch.

Hey, the pumpkin festival's happening this weekend.

Do you wanna go?

Yeah, it sounds like fun.

The hot apple cider's always so yummy.

Father loved that festival.

Sorry to interrupt the coffee klatch, but there's this lady here that wants to see you, Christopher.

She sounds like the Queen of England.

Well, don't keep her waiting, Sam.

Send her in. Okay, cool.

You can come in, ma'am.

Thank you.

Good morning.

May I help you?

I do hope so.

Christopher Dodd, yes?

Yes, please sit down.

Emma Grey.

Mrs. Stanley over at the B&B suggested that I come see you.

Well, I do hope I'm not interfering.

So, Mrs. Grey, exactly why are you in Greenvale?

Thank you for stopping by, Sheriff.

See you after while, have a good day.

Mrs. Grey, at the Stanley a guest?

Oh, yes, yes.

I'm a guest.

Hmm, yes, yes.

The muffins they're like stones.

I nearly broke my tooth.

I'm sorry.

I was a little girl here in Greenvale, and I've come to learn that the diocese occupies my girlhood home and that you actually live there.




The lady who owned the house was named...

Mary Gerard?


She's been called Mother Mary around here ever since she gave the house to the diocese.

Sam, please find the Gerard file.


Stop, stop please.

I'm sorry.

Here we go.

Thank you, thank you.

Here's the letter that your mother left when she went away.

Can somebody read this for me, please?

Sure, ma'am. Thank you.

"Dear Father Pedro.

"I am unable to cope with the reality

"that Bobby won't be coming home to me and Emma."

"I am so ill with grief that I'm no longer able

"to care for myself or my beloved angel, Emma."

My angel.

"I'm leaving Greenvale, "and I want the diocese to have the house.

"Please find a good home for my precious angel.

"Yours in faith,

"Mary Gerard."

Father Pedro, didn't find the letter until about a week later, and then when he went to the house, he...

He, um.

Go on.

Found you in a fetal position in the corner of your room.

Oh, yes.

Yes, that is where my mother left me.


I need to go back to that house.

Are you sure you really wanna do that?

It's the only thing I can do!

Okay, okay, okay.

Alright, I'll take you over there now.

It's okay.

Thank you.

It's funny how things seem so different when you remember them.

Please, make yourself comfortable.

Take a seat on the sofa.


Nasty little bugger, aren't you?

Friend of yours, is he?

It's just a hobby.

Making them is very, very soothing.

Perhaps I should try it then.

Please eat your food, darling.

It would mean so much to me.

Why won't you play with us, mama?

We're hungry.

You're not busy.

Why can't I go?

You're there every day.

What's in there I just wanna know.

Please let me go to the silo, mama.

What was that man doing here?

Did he hurt you?

Why are you so upset?

He's scary.


Mama, where are you?

♪ Ring around the rosy ♪

♪ Pocket full of posies ♪

♪ Ashes ♪

♪ Ashes ♪

♪ We all fall down ♪

Oh, no, mama, no!

You're hurting me, no!

Are you alright?

Can I get you anything?

No, I don't like to make a fuss.

All right.

I'll just be upstairs if you do need anything.



How was your journey?


But I was excited about getting back to Greenvale that I hardly noticed.


Greenvale? Yes.

This will always be my home.

Don't you know that, Mary?

Can I get you something to drink, father?

How thoughtful.

Cold water.

I can't tell you how much I missed your cooking.

I'm pleased you like it.

You have a true gift, Mary, one of many.

Would you join me?

Oh, no.

Please, Mary.

I want to tell you all about the amazing things I've experienced.

I miss our visits, how we would sit for hours talking...

Excuse me, father.

I really must go.

I'm late for Emma.

Of course.

I do love nothing in the world so much as you.

My angel.

Nothing like a good breakfast.

And this looks better than good.

I'm sure Father Hammond loved all of your attention.

Father Hammond was a goddamn pig.

Oh, forgive me, Father.

I shouldn't have said that.

It's alright, Mary.

Enjoy your breakfast.


Sit down for a moment, please.

I know it will take sometime for us to get used to each other again.

But you shouldn't be anxious or nervous.

I need to see to the house now.

Excuse me.

There will be a new cassock in the sacristy for you.

I made sure of it, Father.

Take a look at this.

I learned how to weave these in a community that lives up high in the lush mountains.

It holds much power.

And this, Mary, this is the most exciting treasure of all.

I'm sorry.


I brought this for Emma.

How is she?

She's wonderful.

I'm glad to hear.

I also have a gift for you.

I cannot, I'm sorry, Father.

Why not?

Well, that's too beautiful for the likes of me.


It was made

by women just like you

for women just like you.

Let me take a look at you.

Well, Charles, come on out with it.

Well, I don't suppose it really matters much.

It's just that the fellas around here, they don't seem too friendly.

Not friendly?

Are you sure they are the ones who are standoffish and not you?

After all, you're the new one.

Yes, Mary, but maybe he's right.

You know, kids can be pretty rough on a newcomer sometimes.

Good morning, Emma.

Sleep well?

Hmm, what?

No, not really, never do.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Well, have a seat.


You know, I was thinking about my mother.


She really was quite loving to me.

Oh, that's comforting, right?


Oh, are these pumpkin pancakes?

My mother...


By the way, thank you for having my things brought over.

Well, it is your home.

Oh, goodness me look at this.

Oh, this berry jam looks wonderful.

I make it myself. Oh, tasty.

And I went with blackberry and strawberry.

Sometimes I use blueberries, you know.

I also grow my own herbs and dry them out.

I cook with them.

Do you wanna see my collection?

I can show you.

What, hmm? The herbs.


Yeah, I have a collection of herbs.

Oh, all right.




Wanna see?

Hmm? The herbs?

Oh, right. Yeah.

So we've got, um, well, more jam.

Please take as much as you want.

Whatever you need, whatever you want let me know and I'll get it for you.

I'll make it for you.

So there's more of that, and then there's some thyme and rosemary and sage and hemlock.

Hemlock. Whatever for?

Well, it helps me to sleep and, you know, with pain and stuff.

Right, you better be careful or you'll sleep forever.

Like I'm about to. Yeah.

And do you know what I'll have a nip of this cannabis if that's alright?

Of course. It's for the pain.

Of course, and there's a pipe right in here too for you.

Okay? Lovely.

Enjoy your breakfast.

Say, I'm gonna be leaving for the office soon.

Can I get you anything before I go?

What's that?

What is that noise?

What noise?

Do you know what, I'll go into town with you.

Hey, dude.

Not whacking off again, right?



That lady's back again.

She's waiting for you outside.

Tell her I'll be there in a minute, okay?

Okay, bro.

You cozy?


Greenvale is a real shit hole, isn't it?

Yeah, but it's home.


What did you do today?

I went for a lovely walk actually by the lake and some lovely nature there, would make for a nice picture.

Oh, you're a painter?

Yes, yeah.

Landscapes, animals, people.


There's this little monster that pops up in all of my paintings.


My collectors go crazy for him.

They call him Caliban.

Hmm, Caliban that's interesting.


Hello, Father.

Good afternoon, Mary.

How are you?

I'm fine.

You haven't been back to the rectory for days.


Emma, has been so sick.

It's a cold.

Why didn't you phone?

I'm sorry.

How is she now?

Much better, thank you.

Back at school.

I'm glad to hear.

May I come in?

Of course.


Oh, Lord, is that the time already?

Did you want something to drink, Father?

No, thank you.

The house looks nice.


Bobby's family didn't want me living in the main house.

So they put us up in the barn.

Well, you've made a nice home, despite them.

Yeah, we did what we could.

They were wheat farmers, right?


Bobby's granddaddy and daddy were.

But Bobby said he had better things to do than to watch grass grow.

Then the Korean War happened, and Bobby could never stay away from a fight.

I wonder if he married me just to spite everybody.

You know, the town's golden boy taking its beast.


You shouldn't think of yourself like that.

You are a wonderful woman.

I wrote Bobby as soon as I found out I was carrying Emma.

But he didn't write back.

I know how that feels.

Then Emma came along about five months later, and times got hard.


I may have been gone seven years, but I can still tell when something is troubling you.

What is it?

It's in the silo.


Just go.

It's the devil's spawn.

It's the devil's spawn.

The devil's spawn.

It's the devil's spawn.

It's the devil's spawn.

What is that thing?

Answer me!

The devil!

It was the devil that marked me, father... when I was just a little girl no older than Emma is now.

And God gave me an angel, and the devil gave me that.

No, Mary.

You are wrong.

Hello, Emma.

Look at you.

I'm Father Pedro.

It's okay, baby.

It's okay now that you're here.

What a rust bucket.

There were plans to convert it into something else over the years, like a puppet theater.

That's funny. Never any money!

Never any money.

No, no, so they just let it rot, yeah.

You know what? It looks like a petrified cock to me.

Is that the appeal, darling?

Doesn't have any appeal to me.

You know what? You should burn it down.

Well, haven't you gone to a bit of trouble, love?

Well, yes, I wanted to make it kind of special for you.


What was that?

Yes, I got the fucker.


Check the corner, love, over there.

Yes, I've been cleaning up the place.

Oh, no.

Oh, my Ben.

My Ben.


Come, let us drink down unkindness.

Oh, yes, let's do that.

Ah, nice.

I can't remember the last time someone actually...

Jane, that's my daughter, would never, ever...

Jane that's a nice name.

It's strong and reliable, isn't it?

Is it?

I think so.

Jane well she's a bit of a bitch, that one is.

Very much a child of the "Me" generation.

Hmm-mm. Hmm.

Yes, it was, um, lovely.

Painter too.

Oh, really what does she paint?

Well, what does she call it? Destructivism!

Just like we were part of the 70's, you know with the flower power and LSD, peace and love and all that rubbish.


Love, what's wrong, love?

Really, weren't you into the groove?

No, no.

Punk, punk is more my thing.

Yeah, people wouldn't know it to look at me, but I love a good punk, you know.

People are always surprised to hear it, but I love it when, grahh! I like to get loose like that.

And I've never been into like group anything really.

Sorry, I really don't mean to be insensitive.

No, no, me, I just like to stay here, like at home, and listen to my music alone.

As long as, you know, as long as you know your place, you will always be home.

Well, you, you are lucky to have been brought to England.

Yeah, well, my aunt and uncle took me in.

Uh-huh, were they kind to you?

Yes, she was very proper... on the surface.

What about your mommy and daddy?

Well, Mother died when I was very young, and Father, he did do the best he could.

Oh, was that him in the picture?

Hmm? The picture?

Hmm? In your office?

Worried looking fucker?

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, love, it's the tumor.

Well, you know what...

He reminds me of someone.

He was knowledgeable and worldly.

He instilled me in a love of literature and chess and music and going outside into nature, going outdoors.

How lovely, where is he now?

Well, he's dead.


Emma, please sit back.

Sit back.

Easy, easy.

Careful, careful, careful.

Sit back, straighten up your head.

Put your head.


Oh, here.

Here, let's get you to your room, okay.

Come on, come on hold onto me.

You can hold onto me!

Hold onto me.

Our Father in heaven.

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

-Thy will be done.

-On earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us the day... Our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not... Into temptation.

And deliver us from evil.


Hello, Father.

That was a wonderful sermon today.

Thank you.

Where is Emma?

At a friends house.



What you are doing is wrong?

And I'm certain that the heavenly bodies do not approve.

They abandoned me.

That creature it just came out of me one night.

It ripped me apart!

I wanted to burn it.

But the Lord wouldn't approve of that, would he, Father?

What else could I do but what I have done?


Do you know what that actually is?

Not only have you locked away and tortured an innocent child, you also have damaged Emma.

Surely, she must know.

Emma knows not to go near that silo, and she is obedient.

If you want any chance at salvation, you will come with me now.


Mary, you are going to cleanse that child just like Jesus cleaned the beggars and the whores and the lepers.

Jesus did not cleanse Satan in the Garden of Gethsemane.

He vanquished him.


You are that child's mother.

Its protector not its captor.

Not its judge!

I cannot!

I will not.

No, I won't do it.


Hello, child.

It's all right.

Do not be afraid.

Dear God.

What has she done to you?


Light and air.

She will never hurt you again.

Oh, it got you, didn't it?

Mary, that child is frightened out of his mind.

You need to take him outside, and clean him of all that filth.

That creature was born of filth!

-No more lies, Mary.

I swear to God I will bring the sheriff here.

Emma will be taken from you, and you will be locked away.

You wouldn't!


You made a terrible mistake.

But we can make it right.

I am with you.

♪ I'm going on a picnic ♪

♪ And I bring spice cake ♪

I wanna stay with you, Mama.

I wanna stay.

It's you.

I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing ants.

You can't bring ants to a picnic, silly angel.

What are you bringing?

I'm going on a picnic, and I'm bringing spice cake.

Oh, ants love spice cake.

So do monsters.

I know what you've been doing.

You snuck into that silo.

You let that demon touch you.

I can smell it on you.

I can smell it on you!

No, Mama!


Mama, I love you.

Shut up, just shut up!

Stay in there with it!

I love you, Mama.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

You'll burn!

Oh, Emma.

No, Emma.


Please, I need you.

Please, I love you, Emma.

Good morning, my angel.

Now, you're going to Teresa's after school today, right?

Now, I need you to stay there until I call over.


Oh, hurry now before your breakfast gets cold, okay?

Better three hours too soon than a minute late, honey.


Goodbye, my angel.

Come here.

Oh, I love you.

I love you forever and ever.

Go, girl, go on.

Oh, thank you, that's beautiful.

Did you do as I said?

Did you bathe him?

I'd sooner fuck a pig.


Where is he now?

It's outside, in the sun like you wanted!


I pray the Lord burns that demon to hell.

God has given you one face, and you made yourself another.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You are that child's mother.

That thing is not my child!



He is our son.

My son.

We made love the night before I left.

No, the demons.

The demons they must have possessed us.

'Cause Bobby is coming home soon.

Bobby was killed in Korea, Mary.

Bobby is not dead!

He is not dead!

He's not gonna abandon me.

God, you lie up to the hearing of the gods!

You filthy girl!

Forgive me, Father.

Forgive me.




God, please, Mary.


Mary, please.

No, no.