The Beast and the Magic Sword (1983) Script

Once upon a time, when magic was in the air, was born the tragic legend of Waldemar Daninsky and his eternal curse.


The year 938.

The residence of the Emperor Otton the Great, in Messeburgo.

Your Majesty...

Bishop Liutprand of Cremona has arrived and asks to be seen.

Show him in at once.

Your Eminence may enter.

Your Majesty, I've travelled with all haste.

Sit down Bishop, speak.

Sir, I've said it many times, Burgundians are Charlatans and weak spirited.

Byzantines are cowards when sober and brave when drunk.

The same goes for Germans.

Romans are worthless swaggerers.

But the Hungarians are devils, insatiable vampires who seek out victims to steal away their blood and souls.

You believe that, Liutprand?

What does it matter what I think? Explain yourself.

What matters is what your subjects think, your soldiers, your people.

They say if Bulcho the Magyar chief is executed, instead of dying in combat, then he and everyone the Emperor has killed will return from hell.

Their ghosts will drink our blood and that of our children.

They'll condemn our souls, bring plague and ruin our harvests.

No one will be able to defeat Bulcho, he's the devil.

They say he can transform into a wolf and other wild beasts.

He is invulnerable.

But that can't be true. We've defeated the Magyar forces, their warriors weren't immortal, they died like anyone else.

Yes, it's true.

I've seen impaled prisoners dying, women and children thrown without pity into the flames.

And they died like anyone else.

So no more sermons, let's speak of the mission I gave you.

Following your instructions I travelled to Krakow.

Along and tiring trip, by the way.

Stories of your tribulations don't concern me.

Come to the point.

The night is cold and this hot wine soothes body and soul.


As you ordered, I had a meeting in Castle Wawel with Irinaeus Daninsky.

He hasn't forgotten that the Magyar hordes invaded Polish territory and killed most of his family.


He agrees to face Bulcho in single combat.

God be praised.

Irinaeus Daninsky is the last paladin capable of facing that demon.

Eight of your best warriors have lost their lives challenging the Voivode.

Would it not be better to finally finish off Bulcho and hang him in the gibbet?

I have him locked in the dungeons, but it seems the prisoner is me.

I fear to judge him.

I fear the curse will come true and my people will be damned.

No, he must die in a duel.

This Pole will defeat Bulcho.

But do not forget Armesse, the Magyar's mistress.

She has yet to be captured, and is more unholy and perverse than the Voivode.

If Bulcho is defeated, that witch will soon be ours as no one will fear her any more.

Armesse, Armesse!

Quercus, you cursed dwarf, how dare you interrupt me?

Forgive me, mistress, but Irinaeus Daninsky is at the court.

He's come to fight with our lord.

So, that wretch, he comes at last.

Irinaeus Daninsky, if you defeat Bulcho, I'll give you whatever you ask.

Nothing will be denied, nothing.

Majesty, I'll bring the Voivode's bloodstained head and in return...

And in return, what is it you wish?

As in the old legends, I am that paladin who comes to save the land from the dragon.

You know what the usual reward was.

You want one of my daughters.

Yes, I desire Uswika, your youngest daughter.

You ask too much.

Perhaps, your Eminence, but that is my price.

Bring me Bulcho's head... and Uswika shall be your wife.

You have my word.

Uswika, my daughter, today we gamble for your future and that of our people.

The die is cast.

He'll be defeated.

I'm not sure this was necessary.

Your Eminence, you know I had no other choice.

May God's will be done.

The Magyar vampire has been defeated.

His heart shall be pierced with a silver cross and his remains will be burned.

Then he will never be able to return from the grave.

You have killed the monster.

Uswika, my beloved daughter, shall be your wife.

Irinaeus, my husband, I'm very happy.

I love your country as much as the one I was born in.

And my people love you, they'd give their lives for you without hesitation.

I have something wonderful to tell you.

What is it? Your seed grows within my womb.

You shall have a son.

Wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts, all the chosen creatures of hell, I beg you to send me with all haste the great grey shadow which makes men tremble.

May the eternal malediction of the Lord of Night fell upon the Daninsky lineage.

May the souls that carry his blood never find peace.

Satan, Beelzebub, Belial, Belphegor, I invoke you!

Aid me!

Irina... it's been so long since my husband left for Valacoa, and still no news.

III forebodings darken my soul. Don't fear, your husband will defeat the rebels and return safe and sound.

Your words comfort me.


I'm Armesse, Bulcho's mistress.

Your husband destroyed him and you must pay.

My eternal malediction will touch you and all your descendants.

All seventh sons born during the first night of the full moon shall be transformed into bloodthirsty beasts who will spread death everywhere.

The Daninskys will be a race of murderers, hated and persecuted forever!

Your son is already damned! Guards, aid us!

Come to us, guards! Help us!

Slaves of bastards! Don't you dare raise arms against me!

I am Armesse the Sorceress and in my hands lies the destiny of men.

She's wounded our lady! Fire!

Centuries passed and the evil curse was inexorably fulfilled.

Toledo, Spain, the second half of the 16th century.

This medallion is the symbol of our order, a brotherhood created to do good.

To aid mankind with wisdom.

Social status doesn't matter, nor race, nor origin, not even religion.

For our fraternity, only man matters, and we dedicate our lives to his redemption.

We have brothers throughout the known world, and though, because of incomprehension and ignorance, we have to act in secret, our work is every day more fruitful.

Therefore, from the moment you showed me this medallion, my soul and my house were open to you.

I'll do for you whatever lies within my power.

Salom Yehudah, I've traveled the world in endless search of a cure for my terrible curse.

At last, in old Egypt, your brother, the sage Kembese, gave me the medallion and sent me to speak with you.

In ancient treatises I've studied the story of your unfortunate lineage.

Will you help me? It's my duty.

I'll do everything I can to cure you.

You'll lodge here in my house and I'll get to work immediately.

But my staying in your home is very dangerous for you.

The cellar has thick walls and solid doors.

When the moment arrives I'll lock you there in chains.

We'll be safe and I'll be able to study your case in depth.

Trust me.

I'll do whatever you say. You're my last hope.

This is my niece, Esther.

She brings an infusion of herbs to ease the fatigue of your journey.

She's a sweet and lovely girl. She was born blind.

Her father was my younger brother, an intelligent and worthy man, but not very discreet.

One bad day, a group of fanatics, whose identity was never discovered, murdered him and his wife.

Esther was left an orphan. She was only five years old.

I took her in, and now she's like my own daughter.

Poor thing Yes but the Creator, in his infinite goodness, has sharpened her other senses to such a degree that she can see and hear more than those who possess both eyes.

She diligently manages this humble home for me, and is an invaluable help.

It's said that the Grand Inquisitor Alonso de Salazar Frias has left his latest trial and is heading here.

They say they're going to start proceedings on Salom Yehudah.

That Jew and his niece are in league with the Devil.

They are witches.

People have seen them fly from their chimney, riding great lizards to go to the Witches' Sabbath.

And those two foreigners who are staying in their house, only go outside with their faces concealed They dress like heretics.

Without a doubt they're servants of the Evil One.

Holy souls in purgatory, protect us.

On the full moon, frightening howls can be heard from the Jew's cellar.

Everyone is afraid and no one goes near there.

It's the screams of devils.

Time goes by and I can't find a remedy that can heal Waldemar.

Uncle, you must keep trying.

Do not be discouraged. Trust in God.

Esther, to find a solution I'll need much more time.

The research will be long and hard and I fear I'll never complete it.

What do you mean?

I have bad news.

The Grand Inquisitor... he's coming here and it seems I'm the cause of this sudden visit.

That can't be.

The cowardly and the envious denounced me.

They accuse me of being a warlock and heretic.

The Inquisition will waste no time in trying me.

It's probably for the best, perhaps someone already plots my death from the shadows, as they did with your poor father.

You're innocent and we'll prove it. My daughter, listen.

Waldemar and Kinga must prepare for their flight and I want you to go with them.

I'll stay here.

I'm an old man... and I'm tired.

I'll never leave you, never!

The holy Inquisition will sort out that hive of witches and devils.

Ricardo, the High Tribunal must investigate, interrogate, gather proof, all slow and troublesome, and maybe when the secular branch tries to catch them the birds will have flown.

You're right, Rodrigo.

Begone, beggar.

It's deliberateness is an obstacle to justice.

They can't hurt you.

You've helped everyone who came to your door.

You've dedicated your whole life to goodness and charity.

Your wisdom has calmed the ills of many afflicted men.

Unfortunately... intolerance and slander... always triumph over the just.

But a group of anonymous vigilantes... could act quickly and finish those witches once and for all.

Yes, to help the hard work of the Holy Inquisition.

We're good Christians, and our duty is to cleanse the world of heretics.

I'll tell the others.

We must work with caution and speed.

Not one witch must be spared.

I know my end is nigh, therefore I shall leave a record for future generations of a strange event that disrupted my life and changed my destiny.

It happened in the year of Our Lord 1580, on the 6th of September to be exact.

A man, a foreigner of noble lineage, born in the distant land of Poland near mysterious Transylvania, came to see me, accompanied by a Hungarian girl.

He sought my help to...

Infernal warlock, the bolts with which you protect your lair, we break them as if they were of glass.

Our faith in God gives strength to our arms.

Do not blaspheme, murderers!

Use not the holy name of our Lord to justify your hatred and your evil.

We've come to destroy you and your people, cursed devil's acolyte!

What are you waiting for?

Search the house and kill every man, woman or beast you find!

Waldemar... listen to me...

There is a great sage called Kian.

He lives in a distant land beyond the oceans.

Tell me, Salom, what land is it?

Go to Japan, to ancient Zipangu... to the city of Kyoto.

And there seek Kian.

Only he can help you.

Show him the medallion.

Give him my documents...

Perhaps he may be able cure you.

Waldemar... for the eternal peace of my soul protect Esther.

Take her with you.

If you leave her here... she'll suffer a horrible death.

Protect her.

Hear me, Kian.

We bring you here because the matter we're dealing with is grave and we need you to use your profound knowledge and science in our service.

My Lord, I am at your service and I'll do all in my power to be useful.

Your uncle, General Yukio Goto will inform you of the matter.

Wise Kian, for some time now horrible things have been happening.

Half eaten corpses have been found, savagely mutilated.

Panic is spreading in the city.

And in the country the poor people are terrified and fear is spreading.

Yes, I already know.

In spite of the solitude in which I live, I am aware of the tragedy that besets our people.

I understand your concerns and I share them.

Thank you.

It's known that the crimes occur at night, during the full moon.

Yes, I too have heard this.

Wise Kian, who would do such a thing?

What fearful devil is tormenting us, spreading terror and death?

That I know not, my lord.

We are facing a mysterious, shadowy enigma, whose solution won't be easy to find.

Could it be an animal?

But what known beast would act in such a manner?

I beg you to allow me a few days.

I must study the matter thoroughly.

Unfortunately, we have little time.

Bear in mind that very soon the full moon will rise again.

General Yukio Goto, you will organize men to patrol the streets and forests at night.

Let's see if that savage beast which murders defenceless victims attacks our brave samurai in the same manner.

My Lord Oda Nobunaga I'll carry out your orders and I'll choose my best warriors.

General Goto, you must hunt down this beast.

And remember, you must not fail me!

I swear by my honor I'll put an end to this full moon killer, or I shall die.

It seems that devil is afraid of our swords... and has decided tonight to stay hidden in his hole.

It's a pity, if it had shown up, we would have taken its head as atrophy.

Akane, my sister, tonight...

the beast will crawl from its den and innocent blood will flow again.

I fear that against this diabolical being, the samurai's sharp katana will be useless.

Elder brother, don't torment yourself so.

The glorious spirits of our ancestors...

I'm sure they will help you to discover the killer's identity.

You'll find a way to destroy it, however strong or powerful it may be.

Akane, there's something that worries me.

I fear for our noble uncle Yukio Goto's fate.

He's sworn to Shogun Oda Nobunaga to do away with the beast.

Brother, we know our uncle is a brave warrior.

He'll keep his word.

He has staked his honor and his life on this task, and I'm convinced that he could lose both.

Elder brother, remember that good will always defeat evil.

Thus it is written, and therefore it will be so.

Nephew, this is all that remains of Captain Hisato Kobayashi, one of my best men.

I've never seen such dreadful slaughter.

I want your opinion on this matter.

I must study the cadaver.

Perhaps a great wolf or bear is responsible for these deaths.

It's possible, General Takasoma.

However, there's something...

I think the General is right.

A bear or a large wolf has powerful claws and sharp fangs.

Only they could have done such a thing.

Yes, it could be.

But there's a detail here that worries me.

One which seemingly makes no sense.

Explain yourself!

Why does this horrible beast only attack on full moon nights?

I think we're possibly confronting something that's much more destructive and wicked... than any mere bear or wolf.

My science has no place for magical powers... but what's happening is too terrible and strange to be understood.

Kian, remember that my honor and life are at stake.

By your ancient and brave samurai spirit, try to discover the nature of this being.

Uncle, you know I feel a deep and sincere affection for you.

From today I will devote myself to my investigations, I promise you.

Waldemar, we're in a strange unknown land.

It will be hard to find that sage, but I know we will.

Perhaps... but still, on each full moon, I transform into a bloodthirsty beast who slaughters the innocent.

We've brought horror and death to these lands.

I think my cure is demanding too high a price.

Have you learned anything? Not about Kian's whereabouts, but I've been told about someone who might be able help us.

Who is it? A sorceress called Satomi.

She lives in an old castle in the mountains.

She possesses powerful magical abilities and great wisdom.

She's performed many miracle cures, and it's even said she can bring the dead back to life.

A sorceress...

Yes, it could be... Perhaps she could.

I made this mould by using wax on the beast's footprints near the woods.

It has the shape of a human foot.

Exactly, Uncle.

It has the appearance of a human foot, but with huge, sharp claws.

Uncle, look... Look at the sole.

It has a strange, unique characteristic.

Its ruggedness is reminiscent of a dog's paw, of a great dog, or perhaps more precisely, of a wolf's.

So? It may seem absurd... but I'm convinced of what I'm saying.

What I saw on the brothel's roof...

was a devilish and threatening wolf man.

We were face to face for a few moments.

Its eyes were like fiery coals, and just when it seemed about to pounce... it fled.

It vanished into the shadows of night.

A wolf man? Yes.

A chanthrope.

A being who on nights of the full moon, and due to a curse or a black magic ritual, becomes a bloodthirsty wolf.

They can be recognized by the strange scar they bear in the shape of a pentagram on their chest.

If an extremity is cut off it immediately grows back.

They're invulnerable to any attack only a silver weapon may strike them down.

What are you saying?

Those beings only exist in the imaginations of poor illiterates.

Perhaps, wise Kian, you've had a bit too much saké.

We all do it on occasion.

It's pleasant to drink beside beautiful and accommodating women.

There's no reason to be ashamed.

Honored Uncle, I know what I'm saying sounds like madness, but I repeat, I'm sure it's a wolf man and only a silver weapon can end its dangerous existence.

Silver? To kill that beast?

Why make that useless expenditure?

The steel of my katana would finish him once and for all.

You're a great boaster, Captain.

If one day you had the misfortune of seeing this beast, you wouldn't stop running until you were out of breath.

What are you saying? Are you calling me a coward?

A just reply to your impertinence.

If I'm a drunkard then you're a coward!

Enough! Have forgotten the respect you owe me?

I'm sorry, Uncle, I'm ashamed Forgive me, General, I beg you.

I know that for years you've been separated by profound differences, but I thought that the danger we face would unite you.

General, I have always served you faithfully.

You've committed a grave disciplinary error and you're a military man.

You'll suffer a stern punishment. Begone!

Your conduct has not matched your wisdom.

I retire ashamed. Forgive me.

You must do everything I've ordered you to.

Bastard, I swear by my ancestors that you'll pay for this someday.

I'll kill you.

Tomonori, I don't like crossing the forest during the full moon.

It's very dangerous.

Shut up, woman. You're always grumbling.

Our cousin is very ill and we have to visit him.

Akane, my sister...

the beast that terrorizes us comes from a distant country, and according to legend its presence here will bring the gravest misfortune.

The dead will rise from their graves, demons will roam free.

The ghosts of witches and murderers will come out from their tombs... to torment mankind.

Elder brother, how can a wolf man be destroyed?

It's written in these old parchments.

Please, read.

In order for a wolf man to be finally free from his terrible curse, he must be killed by a woman who pierces his heart with a silver weapon during a full moon.

The woman must love him more than her own life and not hesitate to die for him.

But if the chanthrope is struck down with hatred or fear, when the silver is removed he will come back to life to sow death and destruction.

So... he can only be freed by a great and true love.

Who are you? What do you want?

Be calm. My name is Kian and you have no reason to fear me.

You... Kian?

It's not possible! How did you find me?

By studying your footprints and following your trail.

You know we Japanese are famous for being patient.

I've also been searching for you.

I've searched everywhere because I need your help.

But please, come in.

I warn you that my duty as a loyal citizen is to denounce you to the authorities.

Will you do so?

A fight has been raging in my soul.

Doubt has tormented me without pity.

I've spent much time debating with my conscience.

But at last I've taken the decision to help you.

I'm a doctor and for me you must simply be a patient.

It could be that by this I'm committing a serious sin and perhaps even a grave offense against the law.

But I've made my decision and nothing will make me change it.

The sacred eye of Eternal Knowledge... the Hebrew Kabbalah... the Seven Secrets.

This chest was given to me by Salom Yehudah to give to you.

Its contents are extremely valuable and will be useful to us.

Salom Yehudah was a great scientist and eminent doctor.

Knowing he sent you comforts me and bolsters my decision to help you.

I will fight to find the cure to your illness.

Salom trusted only you.

He told us you were the only one who could help Waldemar.

I'll do everything in my power to cure him.

I promise you.

But if that's not possible, I myself will destroy you.

I know you will work justly.

I must go now.

I will return tomorrow and begin working immediately.

For several days you'll accompany me to the hot springs to purify your body and prepare you for the difficult trials to come.

How many foreigners are there? Two women and one man.

It seems the honorable Kian is involved in a mess.

But to act with assurance I need more details.

What must we do?

Keep watching him and find out everything you can.

Kian is cunning, he might discover us.

It will be difficult, almost impossible

but if that happens, kill him.

Won't you turn around?


Turn around and you'll see.

I have the Tibetan plant in my possession.

Now the formula can be completed.

But when? During the next full moon.

Who sent you?

Speak! Speak or I'll slit your throat!

You are a traitor.

It was you that sent the ninjas.

The traitor is you.

You're helping some wretched foreigners... and I know why.

Very soon I'll make you appear before the Shogun.

You are doomed!

Not even your powerful uncle will be able to save your head.

Eiko Watanabe... I'm going to kill you!

With the juice of the magical Tibetan flower, the formula is complete. Let's hope it works.

The magical snow flower will work miracles and will forever cure your companion of his terrible illness.

And if it doesn't work? We must have faith.

The power of our faith will aid Waldemar.

Waldemar... take comfort.

I think we've finally done it.

Remember that I had already warned you the sage Kian has not the power to cure your lover.

He'll never do it, never.

You're right.

You must convince Waldemar to come and see my Lady.

She is the only one who can save him.

I'll do what you say.


I can cure your terrible illness.

I can free your soul forever from that diabolical curse.

But for this you must do anything I order without hesitation.

You're mistrustful. I sense the hostility you feel towards me.

You're like my enemies who destroyed the clan to which I belonged, then trapped me forever in this old castle.

They lacked the courage to execute me.

They thought it enough to shun me like a pariah.

They feared my powers.

Now they believe me to be a forgotten shadow.

As for you girl, listen to me. I can return light to your eyes.

I can give them life, but for that it's necessary that you believe in me, that your heart be dominated by faith and hope.

Only then can I help you to recover your sight.

Now listen...

Kian must not know a single word of this.

If he were to find out, all my efforts will have been in vain.

We won't tell him anything.

You can be sure.

There's been another slaughter and you did nothing to stop it.

You're right, my Lord, but I... Silence!

The beast is still free.

However, I'll give you another chance.

I haven't forgotten that you have served me loyally in many military campaigns.

Thank you, my Lord.

I assure you that if I fail again I will do what must be done.

We'll speak no more of it.


There's an old Hebrew fable that says:

The spider invited the fly to its house and the fly was stupid enough to accept.

Satomi is the spider and I am the fly?

We must not go to the meeting.

The sorceress is an evil being.

She won't cure you and will use you for her ends.

Moreover, her castle does not seem real.

Everything about it is like a dreaded nightmare.

Kian has failed. I have no alternative.

We must try again. Kian will manage to cure you.

I'll keep the appointment with the sorceress.

Going there is as travelling in time into a terrible and fiendish past.

Satomi is a specter from hell.

Satomi is real and she will cure me!

Salom told you, only Kian can save you.

Keep your trust in him...

I beg you.

It's useless, Esther.

Don't go if you wish, but Kinga and I will go to the castle.

I'll go with you.

I won't abandon you.

Waldemar, drink this potion.

Its effects will take you into the past, and the mysterious origin of your illness will finally be revealed.

I've seen the origin of my sickness.

I've seen how the Magyar witch took revenge on my ancestors, passing the curse of the pentagram to my unfortunate bloodline.

I've brought them back from the shadows to demonstrate my power.

A power that allows me to control forces beyond life and death.

The sun fades and soon the full moon shall shine in the sky.

I must prepare the magical ritual which will heal Waldemar.

You must undergo your transformation inside here.

I'll be observing you from this side of the door.

To cure you I must know the entire process.

We'll release Shere Khan. It will test our guest's powers.

Who is Shere Khan? What are you going to do?

Shere Khan is a fierce and beautiful creature.

If your eyes had life you'd see an extraordinary spectacle, but sadly you'll only be able to hear it.

We should never have come.


Your companion has just defeated the tiger.

Shere Khan was a king, a lovely devil, brave and fierce, but he was powerless against the beast!

And now his terrible and infernal power is mine to use.

They've disappeared and it's all my fault!

Sister, I've failed in my attempt.

No, you've worked according to your conscience.

You're not guilty of anything. The formula didn't work.

There must be a reason and I have to find it.

But what use will it be if Waldemar does not return?

Now you must drink this potion.

Why have you chained me? It's necessary.

Kinga and Esther, where are they?

When it suits me I'll bring them here.

What do you mean? They're both my prisoners.

They're in the dungeons.

Soon I'll turn Kinga into a soulless being who will obey my every command.

I'll use the blind girl's blood for my ceremonies.

As you see I now control their fates.

Hell spawn, how could I be so stupid as to fall into your trap?

Your great selfishness blinded you.

You sought only a cure for your curse.

You cared not what might happen to the others.

Just as you don't care about the damage you do when possessed by that madness.

Look at this katana.

It was forged by a monk from a mysterious temple in Tibet.

The soul of this masterpiece is of silver.

A slight thrust would split your heart in half and destroy you.

We received a report that led us to the home of those foreigners.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived they had already fled.

What makes you think they were connected with the beast?

We have initiated a thorough investigation of all foreigners who live in Kyoto.

They pretended to be merchants coming from distant Europe.

That was easily proven false.

Is there any evidence, something truly definite?

There were bloodstains in the house and in the garden there were footprints like the ones you showed me a moulding of.

Then I must accept it. You are correct.

There were also prints of clad feet.

We're dealing with a man and two women.

They're probably hiding in the forest.

I've ordered traps set and patrols of warriors to search the area.

I wish you luck, Uncle.

Now let's talk of something else.

Did you know Eiko Watanabe's corpse was found floating in the river?

I heard something.

They killed him when he was returning from the brothel, it seems.

He came across a more skilful swordsman than himself.

What luck.

He had the fortune to mix pleasure with death.

What better end could any mortal wish for?

That's so.

Everyone gets the death they deserve.

To the beast's destruction!

Creature from hell...

I'll make you humble yourself before me, before your owner.

You are my slave and you'll obey me, damn you!

Get back!

Guards, why are you waiting? Stop him!


never... abandon...


Go back... to Kian.

Go back... back to... back to him.

Kill the demon inside this body!

- Death to the whore! It's the Devil!

Daughter of Satan! We'll destroy the both of them!

Damned bastards! Murderers!

That woman there, that creature was the lover of a wolf man, and if you dare defend her it's because you're the same kind.

Do it! Come on, tear him to pieces!

What a horrible nightmare.

And that poor woman's face was that of Akane.

The wound is almost cured.

That silver katana could have finished me.

Sadly, it wasn't so.

Waldemar, we must go back to Kyoto.

We have to return to Kian.

Very well, we'll return, but if he doesn't cure me before the next full moon, I'll pierce my own heart with a silver weapon.

But suicide won't soothe your soul.

Not even in Salom Yehudah's writings

was there a solution to this problem The Tibetan flower doesn't work.

Then you haven't found a remedy?

Magic doesn't seem to be effective, but perhaps medicine will be.

The origins of good and evil can be found In our minds.

In human beings there are two completely opposite natures.

The Greeks represented this duality with the double-faced god, Janus.

If I were to operate on Waldemar and remove the source of his beastly instincts.

If I could restore balance in his brain, he would be cured.


go back... to... Kian.

I was waiting for you.

I knew some day you would return.

Kinga... is dead.

Let's leave this house. Being here is very risky.

Come, I'll take you to my brother.

The witch possessed a silver katana with which she managed to wound me.

Give it to me.

How did you find the enchantress?

I don't know, Kinga arranged everything.

Your tale is indeed strange because Satomi in fact existed.

Old legends speak of her, of her desire for vengeance, of her terrible powers, of her infinite evil.

Existed? I don't understand.

Seton“ died about 200 years ago.

She was murdered by members of a rival clan.

That's impossible.

I've been to her castle. It was all real.

Yes, I believe you I think I should go to the mountains myself.

Perhaps there I'll find something that can help us.

I know an old hut hidden in the heart of the forest.

Take shelter there while I work.

My sister Akane will bring you food.

And I hope that at no time will you put her life in danger.

Waldemar... trust my brother.

There is still hope.

But the full moon draws near, and I'll kill again.

Elder brother, when do you think you can operate on Waldemar?

I still don't know. I'm beginning to have doubts.

You were determined to remove the evil from his brain.

I'm afraid of failing again and that fills me with doubt.

And I'm not so sure I've made the right decision.

Brother, what do you mean by that?

I lacked humility.

In my pride I believed my wisdom was much greater than it truly is.

Now I'm aware of my many limitations.

What are you going to do? You can't stop trying.

Perhaps there's only one solution.

To destroy him, right?

You've forsaken his salvation?

You're going to abandon him.

I feel a profound pity for him to see that all his struggles, all of his efforts, his exhausting search for salvation, have all come to nothing.

His life will end and Kinga and Esther will have died in vain.

I'm ready to lose my life in exchange for freeing his soul.


I can find no other solution. The beast must die!

But I want you both to live.

I don't want you to die!

Akane, I can read your soul as if it were the clearest crystal.

Don't fall in love with Waldemar.

It would be a cursed love, full of tragedy.

Please brother, don't torment me.

I beg of you, please!

General... the beast has never caused such a terrible massacre as the one tonight.

This has been a total disaster!

My Lord, I admit my failure.

I have failed to free our people from the threat of that demon.

Now you only have your honor.

Don't stain it.

Fear not, my Lord.

I shall not dishonor you nor myself.

I shall behave like a samurai.

Akane, I don't know how long I've roamed through the forest.

My mind and soul are a jumble of desperation and shame.

Do you know what this means?

I know, and I've wanted it for a long time.

Waldemar, I want my fate to be tied to yours for all eternity.

It's evident that the silver katana exists.

The wound on Waldemar's arm leaves no room for doubt.

Then have you decided?

Last night's massacre and the tragic end of our noble uncle leave me with no other choice.

I can't let things pass and allow these crimes to continue.

I have to correct my mistake as soon as possible.

Wherever he may be, I'll find the monster and destroy it.

But elder brother, you're putting your life in danger as well.

Yes, I know.

But my obligation is to play the hand that fate has dealt me.

At dawn I leave for Satomi's castle.

I don't know how long I'll be gone.

I'll have to face great dangers in a magical world where science will be of no use to me, but I must try to find the silver katana by any means necessary.

Akane, listen to me carefully.

Don't move from here whatever happens.

And don't go near the hut for any reason.

At last the circle is drawing to a close.

Kian will return with the magic sword and my suffering will end.

But don't forget... to save my soul permanently, it must be you who uses the silver katana.


Akane, the end draws near. Your sacrifice will be great and you'll need all your courage.

You can be sure that I won't hesitate.

I swear it, Waldemar.

When Kian returns, travel to the great temple.

I'll go there in the evening before the full moon rises.

Everything must happen in that place.

Good spirits inhabit the temple and will help you.

Tonight when the full moon shines in the sky I'll go to the great temple and confront the beast.

The forces of evil will be defeated for good.

I'll destroy Waldemar, and peace and prosperity will return to our land once more.

I'll come with you. No.

You must stay here.

I must complete this mission alone.

But you can die, or suffer something worse than death itself.

If the beast wounds you on the chest and you survive, the curse will spread to you too!

I know all this very well.

But I possess the magic katana and my strength of spirit.

It's over now.

The wolf man is no more.

History shall recall this harsh and turbulent period, but the story of the killer beast will be lost forever in the shadows of time.