The Beast Within (1982) Script

Thank you.

Another 2 miles, he says.

The road to Jackson is just before the Nioba sign.


Still love me?

What'll you offer?

Come here.

Oh, shit!

You said it was before the sign, right Well, hang on.

You all right?

Want me to help?


I gotta go back to that gas station for a tow.

Lock up anyway I will.

I won't be long, now.


Stay close. Go on. Go on out! Go on, now!






Oh, god, thor.

Oh, god, Caroline.



Oh, my god.

Help me. Get her over there.

Come on, hurry.

Your boy is sicker than we know.

The iv's are the only thing sustaining him as it is.

We're going to have to supplement that With a full complement of life-Support systems, If we're going to have any chance to sustain him.

"Sustaining." "Chance."

I don't want my son sustained.

And I don't want any chances. I want him cured.


There's gotta be something you can do.

A month ago, he was a healthy, Perfectly all right, happy kid There's a chemical imbalance, An occult malignancy in his system.

What kind of medicine are you practicing here, doctor?

What we have is a pituitary gland That has gone crazy, out of control.

It's causing much too rapid rate of growth.

No matter what nourishment we give him, It just isn't enough.

Now, I thought it might be genetic, inherited.

But metabolic tests that we did on both of you Show that you're normal as pie So unless there's something we don't know, Unless there's something left out of the picture...



No. No.

Eli, please.

Atlanta or maybe Houston...

First thing we gotta do Is get him the hell out of here And someplace where they know what they're talking about.

We can't just wish it away We can't just go on pretending it never happened.

17 years ago, I was attacked And nothing's ever gonna change that fact He...

He is my son.

He is my own son and nobody else's.

Yes, he is your son.

You love him and he loves you.

And whatever we find out won't change that.

But Michael is dying.

We can't afford not to find out who was responsible.

You heard what dr. Odom said:

"Something more to go on."

, that man, his background His medical records, may be that something more

No! No!








You're leaving.

No, sweetheart Yes, you are. You're leaving me.

I’m just going with daddy for a little while.

Just where we think we can do you best.

We'll be right back, darling.

We'll be right here.

But I’m afraid.

I’m dying.

I don't want to be left alone.

Nobody, Daddy, Dr. Odom or me Is ever gonna let that happen to you I'll see you real soon, now.

You okay?

I’m fine.

Well, the fog is rolling in.


Looks peaceful enough.

There's the courthouse Hi.

Well, hi there, yourself.

Um... I’d like to get some information.

Honey, you've come to the right place I’m just a fount.

Yes, ma'am . May I help you I’d like to look through your back issues, if I could.

Oh, why?

I’m from Jackson, the extension school.

Is that a fact I’m writing a book on crime in rural America.

This isn't Jackson . This isn't even Shreveport There's no crime around here, Excepting an occasional barn burning.

You know, strictly local stuff to be exact.

That's exactly what I’m looking for.

Something to give me a feel of the area.

Well, the morgue's in the back if you gotta feel out the area You only got a few minutes. It's near lunchtime.

And I don't have anybody to mind the office And I’m not putting anybody on.

You help yourself, you hear?

Judge, mayor And sometime that pig-Headed son of a bitch.

What can I do for you?

The clerk outside, mrs. Gumfrey, Said you might be able to help me with an assault that Happened here about

17 years ago.

What kind of assault?



It wasn't described that way.

I’m interested in any possible Act of violence, Any Memorable behavior.

I’m sorry, I can't help you...mister?

Maccleary, Eli maccleary.

Well, I hope you won't hold The peaceableness of our little nioba Against you, just the same.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir

It's lunchtime.


Hey, missy, I said it was lunch.



I know.

But she ripped out that whole front page, All about Lionel and...

Who's that with her?

Well, if you was to give me odds, I’d say it was her husband.

You didn't tell him anything?

All right.

Oh lord, I better get a hold of Dexter and Horace.

We don't want them forgetting themselves.

We're real sorry, ma'am.

That's why it's a small town.

Yeah, we'll look into it.

Thank you for calling.

Excuse me, uh...

Sheriff brand?

Pool, bill pool.

Sheriff brand retired in '65.

Well, could you tell us where we can find him?

He passed on in '69.

You're just a tad late.

We were hoping that sheriff brand could tell us about Lionel curwin's murder.

I was deputy when it happened.

We're researching a book, Crime in small town America.

What you wanna know?


First off, Lionel curwin was a son of a bitch, If you'll pardon my French, ma'am.

Everybody was praying he'd give out.

But nobody was praying for the way he finally did.

What do you mean?

I mean he was ripped to pieces.

Parts of him was eaten, what parts was recognizable.

What did it to him A wild animal?

An animal that'll tear a man to pieces And then try to set fire to his house?

Then who?

We don't know.

Whoever it was hasn't done it again.

It's been quiet as a graveyard around here ever since.


Thanks anyway for your help, sheriff You bet.

Where is he? The maccleary boy, where is he?


Yes, it is.



Who is it?

It's dr. Odom. Michael's missing.

Will you let me sleep?

You have to promise me first.

Will you promise me?

All right.

You can come out now.

I know you're in here.

I know you are.

Missy, where is that delivery boy?

What do you mean, he's already delivered it?

I have turned this kitchen upside down.

Missy, that boy ain't worth the pottage you pay him.

I've turned the kitchen upside down And I’ll be damned if I can find Hide nor crumb of his order! Shit.



Come on in here, sweetheart.

It is about time.

Well, come on. Bring it on in, please.

Don't be dropping it.

You boys always dropping things.

I guess you play with yourselves too much.

Missy said no more than $5 for the meat And I expect her to stand by it.

She said $5, and carry the 2, that's 12...

All that's left over is for you.

What kind of slave wages is missy paying you?

You're the hungriest, drooling somebody I ever did see.

Sit down.

There's enough here to feed an army, anyhow.

'Course, if we could extend it a little.

Maybe if I crushed up some saltines in it.

No, that's too pretty to do that to it. I know.

Put a little of this in it and that makes it real good.

How do you like yours?

I like mine rare.

Makes waiting easy.

Oh, koko.


Where the hell are you, darling?


What's that?

No, it can't be.

Not this time of year.

You hear it?

Do you hear it




Tipper, it's dinner.




Tipper, you bad boy.

Okay. Okay.

He's sleeping peacefully now.

I think it best we don't disturb him.

He'll be fine, mrs. Maccleary Don't worry.

Platt girl found him Wandering around over at their place.

Judging by the scratches, He must have come through the woods.

He looks so good.

Lord, after al l he's been through, He actually looks so much better.

Anyway, the scratches are minor.

I told you there was nothing wrong with our son.

Nothing that some simple, Decent medical care couldn't cure.


Yes and no.

Right now, sleep's the best medicine.

Well, we could all use a little of that, doc.

There's nothing you can do here.

I think you're right.

Morning, Dexter.

Newspaper isn't open yet.

It's past 10:00.

D such a thing hasn't happened Since the night Lionel’s house was torched.

Thank you, Dexter.


The tests all seem to show he's still fine.

What are you 3 going to do now?

Maybe we better take you to Houston, Have them really check you out.

Just to be sure.



The astrodome, 8th wonder of the world?

No, I don't want to go.


I want to stay.


I don't know, i, uh...

I like it here Mr. And mrs. Maccleary?

Pardon me, I’m deputy Herbert.

The sheriff would like to see you.

You, too, doc.

What for?

Seeing's believing, doc.


You're better.

I wanted to thank you for last night.

What's your name?

Amanda Platt.

You saved my life.

Oh no, tipper wouldn't have hurt you No, I didn't mean that.

Can I come in?

Uh, no, Pa won't allow strangers i the house when he's not home.

I’m sorry.



What about outside?


I'll go get my coat.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I don't.

No? You should.

You're beautiful.

Don't you know that?

I just, Never had nobody tell me that before.

What's that?

Down there That's black pine bog.

Nobody ever goes there, though.

Not even to pick blackberries.

It's all full of briars.

You don't want to go there, Michael.

Come on.

Let's go.

Look at these bugs. Aren't they horrible?

No, they're not.

How come you don't have a boyfriend?

'Cause of pa, I guess.

He's awful strict.


Is, uh...

Is your father Horace Platt, Lionel Curwin's cousin?

Yeah, how'd you know?



Michael, what's wrong?

You want me to go get the doctor?


It's all right

You say that's where the dog was digging?

It was just down over there.


As if I didn't have enough trouble already.

What you doing here, girl?

We was just taking us a little walk, pa.

I give you permission?

Look, she didn't want to come. I talked her into it Get in the truck!

Damn you, boy.

You stay away from my baby.

You stay away from my little girl.

Goddamn you, girl!

Is he always like that?

That was civil A couple of years back, Caught his wife in bed with another man.

He killed them both.

He wasn't put away?

He's the judge's cousin.

He's going to hurt her.

No, he isn't, Michael.

Horace Platt will.


You're tired, hon.

You're still not well.

Jeff, Take the boy back with you.

I don't know what made you think You could go out like that.

Now, I’m putting you to bed.

And this time, you are going to stay put.

Go on.

That explains Michael's outburst this morning.



Our Michael has got a crush.


You go on back. I’m gonna stay here for a while.

You want to give us a hand here?

Oh, sure.

Holy shit.



Look what I found!

Good god.

Did you find that here?

Yes, sir. Right in here.

Oh, wait!

Here. Have you got it?

Oh, shit.

I’m gonna get some more men.

We gonna need a lot of help.

If you find anything, folks, sing out.

Hello, bill.

Doc, I got something down here I want to show you.

How many now?


Did you id any of them?

Not yet.

What do you think?

I don't know.

Could be an abandoned graveyard, An Indian burial ground, Civil war common grave, Or some murdering nut Sneaking in here and burying his bodies.

Maybe so.

Take a loo k at this one.

But this one's Emily Oldenburgh.

No, it can't be.

I know it.

We buried her in the church graveyard We were both there, remember?

But this one's still Emily.

I put this stainless steel Femur head in her hip joint myself.

Something else strange.

Looks gnawed on.

You noticed, too.

I’d have a talk with Dexter ward, if I was you.

There's a problem, bill.

What's that, doc?

Dexter wasn't undertaker when Emily died.

He was his assistant.

Who was?

Lionel Curwin.

You gonna ask us in?

You hear what's going on in black pine bog?

No, I got my own hands full here, As you can see.

You or Lionel do the work on Emily Oldenburgh?

Emily Oldenburgh?

Well, it's been so long i don't remember.


Her skeleton's one of them in the bog.

That's impossible.

I prepared her here for burial myself.

I remember placing her in the casket.

Her hips creaked.


Could anyone have removed the body Between here and the cemetery?

Well, of course not.

Who is he?

Uh, just answer our questions, Dexter.

No, I won't. It's insulting I don't owe this man any explanations.

I don't even know who he is.

I'll talk to you later, Dexter.

I like your new paint job, Dexter.


Well, what?

Who's buried in Emily Oldenburgh's coffin?


How are you, tom?

Who are you?

Been a long time.

It has?

Who are you?

Oh, you're the maccleary boy.

I’d offer you a drink, but your daddy may get mad You don't mind if I have one.

Don't you recognize me, tom?

Billy? Billy Connors!

Look in my eyes.


Now, you stop that.

Hey, Billy, Billy.

Billy Connors.

I remember Billy and me listening to my daddy.

We used to play games.

"Hey, Billy, "Can you do the magic

"Like the locusts and the cicadas?

"Can you get through anything

"By becoming something else?

"Changing, being reborn?"

You believe that shit?

I came back for them.

All of them. All the Curwins.

You ain't Billy.

Kept my peace for 17 years, judge, But it's getting too hot.

I want money, a lot of it, And I want out They're gonna be back here in a minute.

I want you over here tomorrow morning With the money, judge.

I want it here for sure, you hear

All right, it's you kids again now, ain't it?

All right, you kids, I’m gonna put you in cousin Edwin's place.

I’m warning you.

Peekaboo, I...



I’m gonna get you.

I’m gonna get you.

I got you.


Those are nothing but rocks.

Dexter ward?

Dexter ward.


Where are you?

Over here.

Oh, god!

Lord, save us.

He's been embalmed Alive.


Michael's gone.


You mean he's not with you?


Maybe he's at Amanda's.

Oh, shit.

Christ, Horace'll kill him. Doc, go with Jeff.

What the hell?

What the hell you want?

Is our son here?

Jesus Christ! Get the hell out of here!



What are you doing here?

There's a murderer running loose.

I didn't want to leave her alone.


He said he was only protecting the girl, Horace.

Now settle down!

Next time I’ll kill you, you little bastard, you hear?

No! Don't...

Jeff, get him out of here!

I’m gonna get that bastard.

I’m gonna kill you


I’m sorry, baby.

I’m sorry.


, what were you doing in there In Amanda’s room?


Caroline, not now.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Come on, buddy.


What I thought.


This is what I’ve been feeling beneath the skin.

What is it A subcutaneous layer just beneath the epidermis I've never seen anything like it before, But I knew I felt something.

What does it mean?

I don't know.

Can he travel?


I think it's time we got him back to Jackson And his doctors there, don't you?

Yeah, or maybe Houston Okay, hotshot, A big surprise.

You can stop faking it now. We are going home.


Listen, the doc's checked you out.

You can't argue with doc.

And you can write to Amanda when you get home.

Now, come on, let's get going.

Hop to, my man. Your mom insists.

No, I’m not going.

And you can't make me.

Wanna see me try?

Get your hands off me!


Don't talk to your father like that.

He ain't my father Billy Connors is my daddy.


What did you say?

Why did you say that?

I don't know, the words just slipped out.

Just leave me alone.

Please just leave me alone!

He's known.

Billy Connors.

I am looking for Dexter.

I went down to the mortuary, It was locked up.

I wonder where he would be.

He's dead, judge.

Who did it?

That's what we're trying to find out Trying?

Edwin and Dexter were Curwins.

And that's who he's killing.


Now you call the state police if you have to.

Hey, bill?


Bill, I...

I know who it was.

Was what?

Who done the killings.

It was Billy.

Only it wasn't Billy, it was the boy.

The Maccleary boy come back as Billy.

Uh tom, uh...

Why don't you get some breakfast?

You look like the hind end of a coon dog Just leaving the swamp.



No, you promised!

Michael, If you don't mind, I’d like to, uh...

What's that?

What's that bandage?

It's nothing.

Nothing, you don't see I told you it's just a scratch.

You never know.

It might get infected.

Now, just relax.




You've got to stop him.

Stop who?

The boy, your boy.

Only he ain't your boy I mean not in his head anyways What are you talking about?

, he's the one that' s been doing all the killing He told me so himself Don't you see?

Billy hated the Curwins.


Billy Connors?

You're the one, you're the one Who has been talking to my son And filling his head with that Billy Connors!

You stay away from me and you stay away from my son.


I think you remember this voice.


Where we used to come when we were kids, tom!

Do you think I could ever forget that?

It took me 17 years, tom.

Like the cicadas, but I came back.




Jeff, Let's check this out.



What was-Uh Billy Connors like?


Strange boy.

Beautiful to look at, though.

Tall, silent when he moved, He loved the woods And everything in them.

He talked to the animals.

It was said That even the bugs would answer him.

You could be talking about our son.

You believe it, don't you?


What tom laws was saying about Michael and Billy Connors.

I wouldn't put much stock in that Indian palaver, local nioba nonsense.


Tom laws is dead.

I want to talk to your boy.


Michael! What are you doing here?

You gotta get out.

Pa's gonna be home any second!

He said he'd kill you.

He do that to you?

Can you drive?



I want you to get in the car Right now and leave.

And you keep going until you're far away from here.


Whoever killed the others Is gonna come for you, Amanda.

I know.

But why? I never did anything to hurt anybody.

It doesn't make any difference.

You're a Curwin.

Now, grab some things And get out of here.

Will you come with me?

Then I won't go either.

Goddamn it!

You have to.

Is it that important to you that I go?

Oh, yes.

Okay then, I promise.

Did I do that?

Oh, it's nothing.

I’m sorry. I-I...

It's okay.

I didn't mean to hurt you.


What's the matter?

Uh, the cicadas.

They're in the trees now, The branches.

Soon they'll be shedding their skins.



Get in your car and go!

Right now!


I'll be out in a second.

I warned you.

I warned you to go.


I warned you.

I warned you to go.





Michael, what's wrong?

What are you doing?


Michael, what's the matter?


Get away from me!




Michael, why are you hiding?



Oh, my god!



What is it?

I don't know.

Kill me.


Kill me.


An hour, it'll be too late.


What are you saying What are you doing here, Amanda?

You promised me you'd go.

You promised me.

You promised!


You tried to kill yourself?


To save you.

To save all of you.

He killed Edwin And then Dexter.

They deserved it, But not tom.

They were friends, best friends, But he's gone crazy.

Who, Michael?

He's gone crazy!

Who, Michael?

Kill me or you won't be able to stop him.

Kill me!

Kill me! Kill me!

Let's strap him down.

Kill me!



Kill me!


Kill me!

Kill me!

Kill me! Kill me!

Kill me!

Go to Lionel Curwin's house, In the root cellar.

And then you'll see It's not me you'll be killing, I'll be dead anyway, B- But him!


Can't you do something?


We can check it out.

Dammit, judge, I can't have that boy Messing with my Amanda.

How you gonna stop him?

Well, hell, I’ll just kill him!

Blow him away.

You're liable to get caught.

Unless, of course, uh He happened to be another victim Of that maniac killer.

That's right.

R just be another Victim of the Maniac killer.

Oh, doc.

Do something!


What the hell's down there?


Hold it.

Oh, Jesus! Oh, god!

Billy Connors probably.

Can't be, it's too big.

He's chained anyway.

Maybe once, But damned sure not always.

He's quieted down, mrs. Maccleary.

Let's hope the crisis has passed.

"You gotta get out, 'cause you're a curwin."

But I never hurt anybody.


"Cicadas in the trees now."

What's with those cicadas anyway?


I really tried to stop him.




Jesus Christ!


Oh, my god!

Shoot him!

What are you?

Shoot him!


For Christ's sake, shoot him!

There's something terrible happening in there.

Caroline? Caroline?

Jeff, let's go.

What is it, Jeff?

Looks like right here He left the ground for a while.

Don't worry, I’ll find him.


It's Horace.

Oh, god!

What's wrong?

Tracks are gone again.

Just disappear in thin air.

It's shed its skin like a cicada.


We should have kept looking.

Let me in!

In Jesus’ name, let me in!


Please let me in!

He's after me!

He's after me.

My god, you gotta help me.

You gotta help me.



Why the Curwins?

Why does he have to kill you all?

I don't know. How would I know?

You don't know, huh?

N- No!

Get out of here.


Get out.


Stay out o f this, sheriff.

I hold you responsible, You and this whole damn town, too.

N but this man's got information And I’m going to get it Or he's going out on the street.

No, I don't know anything-

You know everything.

You know what happened that night, What happened to my son, And you're gonna tell us, by god Or I’m throwing you out that door.

I swear to god, i-I...

If you know anything, judge you better start talking.

I don't know anything. Don't let him...

You son of a bitch, you tell us.

It was Billy.

Billy Connors!

It was my brother Lionel He's the one who did it.

He's the one who turned him into whatever he is.

None of us knew what to do with Lionel Would you like to hear something?

My brother Lionel, He wouldn't even touch Sarah, His own wife.

Know why?

He thought it was sinful.

You think Sarah ran off with Billy, don't you?

She didn't.

She never got the chance.

When he caught Billy and her together, He like as went crazy.

He killed her all right.


But that wasn't good enough for him.

Oh, no.

He had to take Billy And lock him up in that cellar.

And he kept him there Until Billy couldn't stand it anymore, Until he was starving.

And Lionel, He opened up that cellar door And he says:

"Billy, "You still want her?

"Well, now you can have her."

And he throws her body down.

After that, it was easy.

Lionel, The town undertaker, Robbing his own coffin s to feed Billy his flesh, The human flesh Billy needed to live.

Ha, it was easy.

And you all covered for him.

No, Not till Dexter found..

Found his body He found it all.

Jesus Christ, man, I didn't even know about your wife!

But he got out.

And he attacked my wife, you son of a bitch!

You son of a-

You son of a bitch!

It wasn't our fault.

No, it's all right!

It's all right, it's all right.

And you listen now, I’ll explain to you.

It wasn't our fault.

It wasn't our fault.

As soon as we found out, We went after him. We did!

And you left him to die.

And somehow he got back to that cellar, The only place he ever knew.

We just found his remains.

My god!

Get down!

Over there!

All right, everybody, get back by the cells.

Get it!

Eli, Cover the back Jeff!

Sheriff, lock me in here. It's the only safe place.

Doc, shut him up!

A gun...

Give me a gun!

He's coming through. For god's sake, give me a gun!

Give it to him.

What's that?

The cicadas.

They're coming after me!

They're coming after me.

Your gutless hide is safe.

He'd have to kill us first.

Got to come through that door, There's no other way.


Jeff, let's go.


Oh, my god!

She's still alive. Let's get her to the hospital.

Oh, there's so much blood.