The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005) Script

You knew my dad, right?

He wasn't senile. More of a bossy go-getter.

Then he started to bug me, bigtime.

He bugged me as a whole, but this was new.

Before, he'd only pretend to consult me. He'd say 'Do this' and I'd do it.

Now he starts asking my advice on everything, what I'd do if I were him... even what I think of him balling his female staff!

I hated it. It grossed me out.

He went on like we were buddies. It drove me nuts!

Then it clicked. This wasn't my dad, here.

He'd become like a kid that I was responsible for.

Like I was the dad, see?

See what happens?

You wake up one morning and things have switched places.

Gimme a light.

The bitch of it is, you're helpless.

You can scream and kick the walls, it's no goddamn use.

Time's moved on, your dad's an old man, you're not immortal anymore.

Do you believe in God?

Times like that make you start to believe.

Finally, you learn to put up with it.

Then my dad fell sick and I...

I nursed him like a baby.

Wiped his ass, fed him, cleaned his mouth...

The worst thing was, I didn't want it to stop.

The year after that, I had my first kid.


I really don't see why.

I told you about a house on Rue Carrel.

On the east side. You didn't mention the west side.

Whichever side, you knew it was my patch!

Why not the whole region?

You pulled a fast one on me, admit it.

Can't you kill the sound and your cigar?

How much d'you want? Dunno.

Don't know?


50-50? I set up the deal and you take half for nothing?

Hot stuff!

Hang on! I can bring know-how and cash.

Sure! Take a lot of know-how to make me swallow that.

What's your offer?

Nothing. Nada!

You're the one sweating it. I don't need you.

That's a new one!

Hear that, Sami?

I don't give a shit. Do your business.

Do your deal and stop crapping about it.

I'll give you 'I don't need you.'

In the last six months... Who found the warehouses?

Without me, you'd still be haggling with that old bag.

And the tennis courts... Tennis courts?

The acre along the highway.

If you don't remember that, what you need is a doctor!

So what's your offer?

I told you, 50-50.

OK, plus half of the Belgrand deal.

Like fuck! Belgrand's worth four times Massy!

Don't give me that!

If Massy's worth shit, why make such a big deal of it?

This it? On the left.

Cut it out!

You go that way.

Two floors up.

I can't see! Gimme a flashlight. You have a spare.

What's going on up there?

Search me. A rat must've bit him.

The asshole scared me!

What's up, Sami? It ran up my leg and bit me!

Where? Let me see.

Fuckin' bit me all over! I can't see.

What do you want? My smokes.

OK, fuck you.

Fuck you!

I've thought it over. It's a deal.

What's a deal? What we said.

Massy and the Belgrand place, 50-50.

When's the due date? 22nd.

How much under the table? 500,000.

250,000 each. OK with you?

One thing I don't get about Beefy.

If he hates rats, why does he plant them?

Why not plant something else? What, snakes?

Or his mother?

Feeling better? And you?

Go away!

When will you be done?

This part tonight. The rest in two days, minimum.


I'm signing the deal at 11 AM. Get me the plans by 8.

I can't. Course you can!

What's the rush? We can beat him down.

He owes Martens 60,000. I'll tell Martens to collect.

Why would he?

I know him. He owes me one.

If he finds out, we'll find ourselves buying from him.

Don't be paranoid. He won't know.

You handle Martens, I'll fix the lawyer and City Hall.

You can't go in there! You're trespassing!

They broke the lock!

You're trespassing on private property!

Where are you going? Get out!

What's your problem? I own this place!

Clear out.

You're crazy! No, I'm the owner.

No entry! I live here.

No! No, you don't.

Where were you?

Stuck in traffic. I came quick...

Can't you ever do what you say?

I was stuck in traffic!

Bullshit! The watchman says you never came here once.

And now look!

Get this zoo out of here!

Who are you? Leave them alone.

Who are you?

Housing Rights group. You the owners?


This is illegal.

The law's on our side.

They've been here 48 hours.

There's water, power. It's their home now.

You want your building back, find a place to rehouse them.

We can get the cops.

The cops are right there. Go get them!

They're not squatters, they're families. That's the point.

They've only occupied the street side, not the back yet.

Get Lesrec and his guys here quick or we're stuck for six months.

How many apartments are there?

Won't be so easy now!



Did you order?

I was waiting for you.

Boy, that looks... What is it?


Try it?

You dig this for real?


I listen to it!

What's this shit called again?

Why are you jumpy? Balls itch?

You wanted to talk.

What if I got married again?

Do I know her?

Not yet. I asked her to come meet you.

Wait till you see her. A beaut!

She's got tits... legs up to her chin... and an ass!

That should do.

Am I making you awkward?

Do you have to marry her?

Have to?

No, why?

She's not pregnant.

That's not what I meant.

Tell me straight. You say no, I won't.

Do it, Dad. If that's what you want.

If it makes you happy, do it.

Sure! Do it.

One other thing.

There's a couscous joint owes me six months' rent.

Every time I ask for it, he whines, 'My wife's pregnant, my daughter's getting married,' etc.

Guess what? The rat's buying tax-deductible real estate!

He's fleecing me and lining his nest with it!

Can you fix him?

It won't take you a minute. I said OK.

I wrote it all down here.

Here comes Gorgeous!

My son Thomas, Chris.

I have a call to make. Sit there, I won't be long.

Want a drink? A kir.

You? I'm fine.

So you're Robert's son?

What do you do?

I model, for catalogs.

And commercials, if I can. I auditioned for one this morning.

Competition must be stiff.

All those East European girls.

Why East European?

It's just the way I heard it.

You're in real estate, like Robert?

How's business? OK.

So what's Chris short for?


No, Christine.

Are you getting at me? Did I offend you?

Why are you getting at me?

Just kidding. Are you serious about Robert?

I think so.

We haven't known each other long.

We go out and have fun. He makes me laugh.

Introduces me to people.

I love my dad.

I don't want him taken for a ride and have to pick up the pieces.

Did you order?

I can't stay.

Order, I'll be back.

Why are you leaving?

I forgot an appointment.

How do you like her?

You're the one marrying her.

I know, but what do you think?


What's that mean?

She's a whore, Dad.

Why? Because she models and stuff?

Because she's a whore!

You asked me, I answered.

Hey, forget it.

Forget it. Sorry I spoke.

Mr. Fox!

Could you ask that gentleman...

Don't you recognize me? Thomas Seyr.

Sonia's son?

Tom, right?

How old are you now? 28.

You're here for the concert?

Did you hear him play at Pleyel? I missed it.

You'll see he's very good. I'm his manager.

Have you kept it up?


Do you still play the piano?

Yes... and no.

It got complicated after Mom died.

That's a shame. You had talent.

I remember you played something for me.

A Haydn sonata, number 32.

It's starting.

I'll be off.

Here's my card.

Come play piano for me.

Come for an audition.

Call my assistant and set a date.

Don't let me down.

I can't focus.

Try again?

I'm too... My heart's beating too hard.

No good!

I'm too nervous. I can't do it.

- It's not perfect. - Very close.

Close but not quite!

It looks easy but...

It's very clean.

But the emotion is not very generous.

Can I help you?

You last played when? About ten years ago.

Ten years without practice?

I practice. I never gave up completely.

I play for myself, when I'm in the mood, or for friends.

And now you're auditioning?

That's right.

You're too old for the conservatory.

For a competition?

For an agent. A manager.


So he'll take me on.

I'm confused.

You're not a professional pianist?

So why a manager?

He offered to audition me.

My mother was a concert pianist... He managed her concerts.

I grew up with music. There was always a piano at home...

I know about it.

If I'm good, I think he'll take me on.

As what? A pianist?

A concert pianist?

May I ask what you do?

I work.

In what field?

I work in real estate.

I'm a broker, see?

I plant rats in buildings, cut off the water and power.

Sometimes me and my pals go in with baseball bats and force people out of their homes.

What exactly do you want?

Play me something, go on.

What are you doing? Fuck you, prick!

What's the big idea?

It's an agency downtown.

Call Madame Bouffera. I spoke with her.


I told you about it. I'm not wacko.

Tell her I sent you and call me back.

What do you want?

I heard you talking to our teacher.

You want piano lessons?

Just someone to judge my playing.

I have a friend, a pianist.

Her name is Miao Lin. She just arrived in Paris.

She studied at the Beijing Conservatory and won a two-year scholarship.

She has given lessons and concerts.

Are you interested?


If so, call this number and ask for Jean-Pierre.

Who's Jean-Pierre? Me.

What's this rathole?

I've got business nearby.

How's it going?

A strange thing happened.

Remember Mr. Fox? He managed Mom's concerts.

Tall, faggoty jerk?

I ran into him, we talked. Guess what?

He asked me for an audition.

Audition? You?

Why not me?

Think I'm not up to it?

Audition for what?

I don't know yet. Depends.

Depends on what?

Look how your mom ended up.

Don't talk about her that way.

What way do you want?

Your Fox is a pimp.

He didn't deal with her fits like I did.

At the end, you didn't even see her. It was me she talked to.

Don't give me that shit.

What's it to be?

Same as him.

Remember that favor I asked you?

What favor?

The couscous jerk who owes me six months rent.

Sorry, no time.

No time?

Time to see that fag and get psyched up about pianos, but not 20 minutes for me.

Don't get anal about it. I forgot.

I'll see him, end of story.

That's handy. He's across the street.

I don't believe it! How can you pull this on me?

You said you'd do it, do it.

Is this payback time or what?

Will you do it or not?

No way! Not like this.

Fix your own shit.



Beat it!

Mounir! The kitchen's on fire!

Quick! There's a fire!


My dad's money!

Touch my dad again, I'll kill you.


Not so hard, was it?

Do me a favor. Forget me for a while.

Is that how you want it?

How else do you want it?

Dammit, Dad!

My friend, Miao Lin.

What is your name?

What do you need exactly?

For an audition, to know where I stand.

Hold it. Doesn't she speak French?

She only just got here.

Only Chinese?

Chinese, Viet, and a little English.

Does it matter, no French?

No smoking, no talking? Pain in the...

We will work it out, don't worry.

She can coach you real well.

She has coached musicians for competitions.

She is very good.

Do you need some tea?

What about timing and money?

Mornings she has classes, otherwise she's free.

Every day at 2 PM, OK?

That one looks good.

It's pushing it, sizewise.

Over 350 square meters, City Hall may poke its nose in.

You're trading business premises for housing...

Can you show me Montmorency Villas again?

Same problem.

I have an architect friend...

I'm Thomas Seyr. Mr. Fox asked me to call.

He told you?

An audition, yes.


I don't know.

What's available?

I'll hold.

We've made a shortlist.

I forgot something.

Seyr again. We got cut off. Go on, I'm listening.

The 23rd? 11 o'clock?

Suits me fine.

Where? What's the address?

Are you busy tonight?


I told Aline we're having dinner.


She'll believe it if she sees you. Pick me up from home.

I cross town so you get laid?


Who is she? Who cares?

Tell me or I won't come.

The realty chick from uptown.

Same as before? The other one.

I won't do it. Asshole!

You've come for him? We're running late.

Dinner with a client?

How've you been? OK.

Will you be out late?

Not very.

Does he know I'm here? He's on the phone.

Fabrice! Tom's here. Coming!

Night, honey.

I won't be late.


She suspects something.

She doesn't suspect, in fact... she's happy I'm with you.

Next time, know what?

We change tactics. You drive me home.

To save me from driving home drunk. Dig it?

Is that all?

You smug, skirt-chasing smartass!

Don't you have any class?

Don't forget the bank tomorrow.

The loan for the Massy place. You want half, do half the work.

What time? 11.

Horowitz was the magician who revealed all the piano's magic... and especially its sparkle.

He had the most marvelous pianist's hands... like a delicately muscled racehorse.

I can't do it.

Having somebody behind me puts me off.

I can't take it. It won't work. I'm not used to it.

Come over here. Stand here.

Look that way.

Two Jacks on the rocks.

Guess what? Verodin told me he wants to build on the east side.

He's tight with the Illouz brothers, so I kept quiet.

But he came on strong, 'I want to work with you guys.'

I told him about the Bussy flour mills.

Guess what? He said he's through with the Illouz brothers.

He's sick of getting shafted.

That's Number 172, with the vacant lot.

The homeowner's getting divorced. He'll need dough.

Stick our card in his mailbox, he'll call us next week.

That's not my car. It's mine.

If you puke, you go in the trunk.

Stand up!

Is that you?

Who else?

Everything OK?

I am.

I put him there. You want him in the bedroom?

That's fine.

Well, I'll... Wait a sec.

Fabrice said he may sell this place. Is it true?

He didn't tell me.

Is business bad?

Not good.

Another drink?

Yeah, OK.

One more and I'll go.

Like this?

Yeah, I know.

Like this?

Excuse me. I need to talk to my partner.

There's a room next door.

Are you trying to screw me?

It's not what we said.

It's not the same price.

What's my call to Martens worth?

Name a price.

You're a rat!

Stop right there!

Rats are lazy slobs who live off other people's work!

You want to redraft the contract and meet with your lawyer?

It's me.

Hi there!

Been out on the town?

I went to a movie.

Which one? Hungry? They're closing.

I'm OK.

Have a seat.

You've been eating?

What's the matter?

That's odd.


Isn't Fabrice with you?

No, why?

We're eating later but I got hungry.

I skipped lunch.

We're meeting with a client uptown...

That's it.

How will you warn him?

Call him on your cell phone from the john?

'She's here, help! What do I do? '

How long have you been fooling me?

Fooling you? How?

Skip it.

How long's it been going on?

I dunno.

How can you not know?

Since day one, I guess.

Whenever he says he's going out with you, he's getting laid?


One girl or several?

Gimme a break! I don't fuckin' know.

You never see them? No, and I don't care!

Don't care? I don't give a shit.

Why do you do it?

Why I do it?

You wouldn't understand.


Aline, wait!

Stay away from me!


Fuck off!

Why do I cover for him?

Because I love you. Get lost.

Did you hear me? I love you!

That's how it is. I want you.

Did you never feel it?

What? Something between us.

So it's all in my mind?

Yes. It can't be!

Whenever we meet, we're tongue-tied and shy, like two little kids.

Is that normal? Am I making it up?

Honestly, am I?


You know I'm not making it up.

So, what now? I don't know.

I have to go. He'll be home soon.

What do you care? Stay.


I can't.

I'm leaving. Let's call each other.

That's good.

God, you're making my day.

If you're so damn good, show me.

I play like that?

No, come off it.

I get it!

Of course!

Move over.


And this?


Wrong. Cup.

And this?


What's this?



If you couldn't make the meeting, why didn't you call me?

Did you make it to the bank?

You got the files, didn't you?

For fuck's sake...

His secretary's gonna try and catch him.

Anything else you maybe forgot?

Alright already. What's alright?

I messed up. Nobody died.

If we lose the permit, we're fucked. I realize that.

So what do we do? You got his secretary. What can I do?

Nothing. It's the best thing.

I'm sick of this. Later.

So what's going on? Because...


Nothing? You don't want to tell me?

Tell you what?

Playing piano is making you flip?

Stop it. Now!

Nothing's making me flip. I'm not flipping.

I'm having a ball. I feel fantastic!

Don't you see?

It's important. I'm serious about it.

It's wicked.

You gonna make dough from pianos?

Not pianos. The piano!

It's not about making money. It's about art.

What's in it for us?

You coming to meetings all mellow?

'Hi guys, I've been playing piano.'

Shit, I'll take up the banjo.

It's over your head. It isn't at all.

Do what you like to relax after hours.

I make balsa models with my kids and I still keep my appointments.

But it's not about appointments. You don't seem on the ball.

Get on the ball, then do what you want.

Collect Panini figures, baseball cards, do your piano, nobody cares.

Did you tell your dad?

Yeah. What did he say?

It grabs him. Grabs him?

It's me.

How's it going?

What are you doing now?

Thinking of me?

All the time?

Think of me all the time. I think of you.

I need to see you.


I've had a shitty day. Don't you start.

What are you wearing?

It matters. Pants? A dress?

God, I knew it!

What underneath?

Stockings? Panties?

You don't have to shout. Whisper.

Pantyhose? Any panties?

Do you love me or not?

You love me!

Do you still fuck him?

Do you still fuck Fabrice?

What's wrong with you?

I'm only asking if you fuck. Yes or no?

You have no right to ask me that.

So that's it!

When you leave me, you fuck him.

He's my husband!

I know. And what am I?

Why not ask me if I fuck someone else?

It's none of my business.

Of course it is, if you love me.

Do you fuck someone else? Yeah.

You fuck someone else?


Shut up.

Get off my ass!

I don't understand you!

This is all useless! I'm sick of it!

Where? I can't see you.

What bus shelter?

I'm there.

I see you. I'm coming.

Is it bad? Need a hospital?

Take me home.

Get a move on!

Lean forward.

Breathe deep.

What do you care what happened to me?

We're done talking, right?

You gonna sit there all day staring at me like a mutt?

Suit yourself. See if I care.


What's the matter with you?

Stop it!

OK, now.

I was set to get half the site just by putting up the cash deposit.

The site was valued at two million but easily worth double.


That hurt?

Want another pill? I'm OK.

I figured a profit of 2.5 million on 300,000... wasn't bad.

So I put up the cash and we signed.

A month later, I heard the city had blocked the sale so I asked him to pay back my cash.

He said sure, Monday, no problem.

Come Monday, zilch.

How long ago was it?

About... three months.

I kept at him but he stopped taking my calls.

Socks? Leave them on.

When I heard he was in town, I went there.

Who is he?

His name is...


You don't know him. He's a Russian.

Where did you find him?

The Riviera, where else?

You don't say.

Can you handle it?

No answer?

What do you expect me to say?

How's your fiancée? It's over.

Call me!

What happened with my dad?

That's why you wanted to see me? Not specially.

But I need to know what happened. Shouldn't I care about him?

No. He's the father, not you. I'm not sure anymore.

Did you walk out?

He dumped me.

Beat me to it by an inch. He'd become a total pain.

Always griping and yelling at me.

You said you had fun.

At first. It wore off.

I'm going to ask you something.

Go back to him.

Are you crazy?

Wait, I know what you'll say.

I say no. Wait.

Think of it as a contract, like a role in a film.

You act. I'm the producer, I cough up.

How much do you get as a model?

I'll pay you the same. No, double! It's worth it.

Just stick with him, watch what he gets up to.

I'll call you twice a day and you'll tell me if he's doing OK.

That's all.

If something goes wrong or he starts acting weird or you lose him, give me a call.

See? Nothing to it, right?

I'm not a whore, you know.

What do you mean? Who says you're a whore?


You did. Robert told me.

I'm his son, right? Can't expect miracles!

I know.

Mr. Minskov, please.

Did Mr. Minskov go out?

He's in the pool. Should I call him?

Don't bother him.

St. James Albany Hotel? Mr. Minskov, please.

It's personal.

Mr. Minskov?

I'm Mr. Seyr's son. You don't know me...

Don't you speak French?

Don't speak French, asshole? What an asshole!

You understand scumbag, motherfucker?

I'll ram French up your ass!

Understand that?


You look pretty glooey!

Listen! Money. You understand that?

Remember Robert Seyr, fuckwit?

Listen, Gloogloo...

Can I talk to you, Miss?

Hang on, there's a guy... I need to talk.

Lotsa love. See you tomorrow.


What? Minskov owes me money.

What do I care?

Are those two apes always with him? I'm not talking to you.

You could answer my question!

Hands off!

I just want to meet Minskov.

You're getting boring.

Minskov can drop dead.

Matter of fact, I just need to call him and you're dead.

I get it.

That's why you stay with him.

So you can say shit like 'I call him, you're dead.' What a buzz!

I get it.

But it's the opposite, right? You're scared shitless.

You're shaking. You have goosebumps.

Wild, right? You need his permission to breathe.

Are you done?

Fuck off.

It's me. Again? Go away or I'll scream.

No need to scream. You're a pain!

Tell me one thing. I don't understand.

How old are you? 22, 23, 24?

You're young, not dumb.

Why stick with him? You don't even speak Russian.

You don't need to. He just fucks you and slaps you around.

Forget it.

Speak up. I can't hear you. We're all alone.

We can't see each other. Just say...

Whatever. I'm interested. What did you do before?

I didn't hear. Say it again.

I said I should stop...

What are you doing? Where are you?

You've moved!

What on earth...

Make room for me.

Move over!

Here I come!

What do you mean, you only had him on the phone?

What did the bastard come up with?

Dad, you're gonna have to forget your money.

Forget it.

Stop thinking about it, stop counting it at night.

Write it off and move on.


The guy's dangerous. He's a thug, a killer.

He's not the Illouz brothers. He's not one of us.

You crossed his path. It was a mistake.

Forget it.

Hold on. What did you talk about on the phone?

Just bullshit.

Didn't you try anything?

I told you, there's no way.

I fucked his girlfriend.

You fucked his girlfriend?

I just told you.

I ask you to get my money back and all you do is fuck his chick?

I don't believe it. You're turning dumb.

You're turning very dumb.

You there, Dad?

She said she'd gone off sex since they split up.

I thought, no chance.

We snort a line in the john. Like hitting a magic button. Pow!

She goes sex-crazy. Grabs my dick and sucks it.

Can't you say excuse me?


A real friend!

We went on to her girlfriend's place.

Her girlfriend, man! We're at it till 5 AM.

I'm seeing her tonight. I told Aline I'm eating with you.

OK, right.

Don't move.

Stay like that.

What's the matter? Wait, please.

I'm cold.

Wait a second.


I'm off.

You think this'll help?


I heard you.

I know you're in there!

Open up!

I've been ringing for hours!

I was asleep. Get dressed and come.

Verodin's buying the whole site!

So? He's ready to sign tonight. Come on!

I'm not going out. Let's discuss it tomorrow.

You heard me? Verodin's buying! He's leaving tomorrow for two weeks.

It can wait two weeks. It can't. He's waiting to sign now.

Move your foot please.

Come off it! You know what Verodin's worth?

Fuck him! I need sleep. Move your foot.

Is this your piano crap?

What's keeping you? He won't come, God knows why.

Are you in there? I'm not going out.

Mind explaining?

I don't want to. I have a big day tomorrow.

What's big about tomorrow?

Does it concern Sami and me?

Go to hell.

What's he up to?

Where are you?

Cut the crap. Open up!

It's not only your money, it's ours too. You can't do this to us!

Open this fucking door.

I'll kick it in. And your head!

Stop it! They'll call the cops.

Which way? Don't ask me!

OK, got it!

Wait! He wants to see the place again.

He wants another look.

Now? Now. Come on.

For Christ's sake!

Bring the keys. For fuck's sake!

Gimme the keys.

Get a move on!

What's up? Some jerks moved in upstairs.

What are you going to do? Guess.

Move it!

Rise and shine! Snap, crackle, pop!

You got music? Cool!

Thomas Seyr?

You're next.

The Toccata in E minor, right?

You can sit there if you like.

Call me, we'll meet.

Don't let me down.

Thomas Seyr is here.


All set?

You're going to play the Toccata in E Minor?

Mind starting with the fugue?

No, sure.

Want to start over?

I don't understand it.

I can play this piece.

By myself, I play it fine.

Don't worry. Call me when you're ready.

I'm sorry.


Two years later

Hear me? Yes, Mr. Seyr.

I'm done. Don't let anybody on stage.

OK, Mr. Seyr.

Everything OK?

How did it go? OK.

Did they take pictures?

Were they nice to you?

Want to sit in the back? No, in front with you.

How do you feel? I'm aching all over.

Are we late?

We're fine.

I changed the tour dates for Lyon and Geneva.

Did I mention the dinner with EMI UK?

Eyvind Johnson's in Paris next week.

He wants to see you.

Which evening's best?

I don't know.

We'll discuss it tomorrow.

Is it still sore?

Let me.


I'll park and come.

Door, dammit!

What is it?

Do I know you?