The Bell Witch Haunting (2013) Script

Hello Adams County PD. Do you need assistance?


Go ahead Tom 1.

Dispatch, I got an abandoned vehicle in my location.

Tom 1.

Requesting plate info.

Quincy 0-4-Iowa-6-5.

Copy that Tom 1. Stand by for registration.

Copy that dispatch. Searching for vehicle owners now.


Police Officer.

Is anyone out there?


Dispatch. I've got 2 bodies.

20 yards away from the scene of the accident.

Requesting additional units.

On site coroner.

We're gonna need-

Awe sic- Fuck.


I need that Ambulance immediately.

Copy that Tom 1. Sending second unit now.




Yeah yeah yeah. Works great. Yeah it's rolling.

Happy Birthday.

Thanks Dad.

Thanks mom. That's dad.

This is awesome. Awe My boy on his birthday.

Is it rolling? It's working? Yeah. It's rolling guys.

We are live. Alright.

Dude let's make a movie.

Put the strap on. Oh its heavy, This is heavy!

It feels expensive.

It is expensive.

Can I borrow it? Can I take it home and do something?

No. No. No.

It does not leave my sight.

You can borrow my camera.

I won't borrow yours. Shitty ass little flip camera.

Hey looser. Opening up another present.

Dana. Good to see you. I see you found some other girls to suck off your life force for a while.

Oh so this is the dorky cousin that you said you had.

Yeah. See I told you.

Did you tell them about your fangs in your Vagina?

What? Good god? He's so gross.

Smile for the camera ladies. You're gonna be on tonight.

Happy Birthday.


Whoo! Hey Buddy!

Welcome to Tennessee. Welcome to Tennessee.

Shut up! Shut up!

She is so hot!

Hey I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Thanks guys You guys have a really great place.

Smile you're on camera.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Coby's got it.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Creepy camera cousin.


You probably shouldn't have told me that.

I got it on camera.

Oh Happy Birthday Brandon.

Hell yeah.

Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday.


What is my mom doing? What is she doing?

That was about to be a very proper Birthday.

Thank you guys. Yeah that's how we do it here.

Yeah that kid said he liked spitting on the ground.

Oh what's up fellas?

Hey uncle Mike.

How you like that? Birthday gift. Boobs. Huh.

Ya'll really know how to throw a party. I must say.

How's the camera working out? It's good huh?

It works great dad thanks. How do I look?

Do I look strong? Viral? That's right.

You look like a man who kinda know how to grill.

Alright, that's funny.

I'm in love with that camera. That's the best gift you've given anybody before.

Yeah your gonna move to Hollywood? Become the next Spielberg, huh?

I'm gonna become the next Spilberg. He's gonna be Lucas.

Why am I Lucas?

Cause you suck!

You guys, you know what, sleeping in your car.

Working at an all male dance review or something.

I encourage you to drop out of college and pursue your dreams.

I'm sure it will all work out.

It worked out for us. Yeah. Look at Brian here.

Successful, Handsome Plummer.

That's right.

Brandon get out of here.

Are you guys smoking pot?

No we're not.

Brandon, Don't tell mom. Come on!

♪ Dear Brandon. Happy Birthday to you ♪


What was that dad?

Ok, that's fine. Can we eat cake while you're gone?

Ah yeah! That's fine! We can eat cake now. We don't have to wait.

I fixed it! Yeah you fixed it. Yeah good for you.

Alright let's cut through this cake.

I'll tell you. Did you know that this property is almost 100 years old?


There use to be a family that lived here. And their house mysteriously burned down.


Video tape this.

What is going on over here?

How about a -How about a- Coby don't.

Give him a little.

I want documentation of this.

Are you actually recoding this?

Yeah, we are actually recording this.



Nooo, We'll be fine. I think it was a good move for us.

And I think it's really great that the kids are going to-


Baby are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok?

Are you ok?

You want to sit down?

Looks like someone had too much to drink.

Let me get you some water. Hold on.

Too much to drink huh.

It's the alcohol. Guess the old ladies can't handle it.

But you know how to hold your liquor.

You look like you're holding your liquor really well.

I don't believe in- Do you? I don't believe in Bigfoot.

Brandon. Brandon. Brandon.


Dude look.

What is she doing outside? Is she ok?

It's weird, she looking at you right in the eye.

Maybe this is my birthday present.

15 minutes tops.

Awkward eye contact.

She's like on something right now.

This party went south fast.

Dude she was just standing at you..


You guys good. Yeah we're fine.

Guys Scott and Lynn are taking off. Bye guys! have a goodnight.

Ye-ye-yeah we're fine gotta work in the morning. Ye-Yeah we got to get out of here Ok. See you soon.

You get her home safe.

Yeah you know it. Alright bye. Bye.

Hey everyone. Welcome to episode 5 of dressing Dana.

So you probably don't recognize this room because we finally made it to Adams, Tennessee.


So the clothes I picked up that you'll see in this episode are from different places on the way here. So the 1st dress I got at the O'Hara airport.

My last piece of home.

This was an amazing, only 12.75. Check it out. Maxi dress. Ruffle bottom.

Totally a 70's redox. I love it, it's totally on trend.

And if you guys, all my fans in Chicago. If you make it to the airport you should maybe pick one up.

And the next one I picked up at a thrift store.

What the fuck! Brandon!

What are you do- Mom!

Get out of my room! Get out! Get out!

I'm a freak. You're a slut.

No stop it! Mom.

Mom! Mom!

He was in m room. He was in my closet taping me mom. What if I was changing?

What are you some kind of pervert?

Mom he's a pervert.

Brandon! Turn off he camera would you!




Come out here!

I need you to help me with this...

Oh shit. I'm recording.

Dana. Dana.

It's just a dream.

It was so dark. I was lost. I was so lost.

I wanna go home.

It was so dark and scary, I just wanted to go home.

Brandon! Get out of here!

Brandon come on. Why don't you go get your sister a glass of water ok?

Hey what's up? Sorry I'm running late.

Hey mom.

Hey baby, what are you doing?

Just filming, what are you doing?

You brought your camera to school?

You wore pants today?

Hey! Welcome everyone, welcome to dressing with Dana.

Swimsuit edition.

He's a dicks with a trick?

Yeah, my brother is so edgy.

Fuck you Dana.

Your filming dinner?

What are you up to? Playing with your camera?

Yeah just testing it out. See what it does.

You guys are weird.


I need it for my story dad. Yeah you got that. The bread pass.

How about this. How about we don't make a movie at dinner.

How about you turn that thing off.

Peace out and thank you for joining us for dressing with Dana.

When did you stop wetting the bed? Yesterday?

Say goodbye ladies! Bye

Are you rolling?

Yeah I'm rolling. I'm rolling.

Alright, here we are in the woods in Tennessee. We're gonna scope it out.

Check out these holes here. The ground, it's pretty intense.

This. Be careful, zoom in. This is all poison oak right here.

Told you it was awesome.

Are there hillbillies that live in the woods still?

There is an old hermit that lives around here.

There's a hermit?

Yeah. Is he gonna make me squeal like a pig?

Got a pretty mouth boy.

This is uh- River bed. During the wet season.

This is all filled with- Water Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa.

Hey Look at that. What's that?

That looks like blood.

Does it taste like blood?

You taste it.

Where does it go?

Looks like it dropped out of the tree.

Or something died here. There's drops going this way.

Did it fall out of the tree? It's weird, there's like a trail.

Holy Shit! What the fuck is that?

Oh my god!

Eww! What is it?

The skin is ripped off the face. It's just the jaw. Like the skull is there.

I've never seen anything like that before.

Say Cheese


Show it Show it Show it!

What? What? There was something right there.

I swear to god. Let me show you. There's nothing there.

Yes there was!

Yes there was!

It's on the recording. I'll show you right now.

It's 3am.

And there is scratching at the door.

I think Dana is trying to scare me.

I'm gonna go check it out.

I see you Dana. Ha ha ha.

I'm gonna get her.

Maybe not.

Is she down stairs?

I'll check the bathroom out.

Where the hell did she go?

Defiantly not going in there.

It's way to late for this shit.

I'll fucking kill her.

Is she in the kitchen?

Where the fuck are you at Dana?

What the fuck? Shit!

I'm hearing some spooky sounds downstairs in the basement.

So I'm sending you down there to go check it out.



You ok little guy?

Yeah your good.

Whoa! Shit!

What the fuck?

Well you don't go out and dance with the girlfriends.

You know when you're dancing with your girlfriend, some guy comes up that you don't think he's attractive, your like "Oh we're lesbians".

Yeah Yeah Yeah. And you kind of grab your girlfriend.

You've done that?

I never made out with my girlfriend.

Hi. Your dad and I are gonna go to bed now. So can you keep it down a little bit.

Ok. Ok. Sorry. Sorry Mama Sawyer.


The Bra. I know dude.

Are these cute?

I love the ruffles.

You know, I just want to bring all the boys to the yard.

Yeah you are bringing the boys to the yard.

It makes your boobs look really big.

Thanks. Are you saying they are not usually big?

Nah they're always big.

What are you reading?

Ok. This question.


They're like the Dear Abby stuff but sexually.

Am I more likely to get a UTI in some sex positions-

Sshh! What's that? You hear it?


Wait. uh!

It's really old but... Yeah there we go.

I think you need to get a new one. I know.

Have your mom buy you a new one. Tell her your really depressed in Tennessee and you need a new music player.

I'm so depressed. I need more music.

I need music in my life. Can you buy me a new CD player.

Ok. Um I feel like I pee during an orgasm. What the fuck? What?

Ewww! Sshh! Shh!

Do you hear that?


What the fuck? Did you hear that?

Alright. Fuck this. I'm out of here.

Dude. Christy no come on.

No way. Just stay.

This is way to fucking freaky.

Come on where are you gonna go?

With all this creepy shit going on around here.

Just calm down.

I'm just gonna walk home. I'm sorry girls.

Tom 1 to Dispatch.

On site Bell Canyon. I got some personal belongings on the road,

Stand by.

Dispatch, we got a young girl's bag.

So scattered clothes.



Dispatch. Going out into the woods. I think I may have found our missing person.


Hello? Desi?

This is officer Bungalong. Adams county PD.

Come on out.




Police officer.

Oh Shit!

Dispatch. I'm gonna need another coroner on site.

Send a forensic team. We got another murder.

Hey are you ok?

Yeah. I'm ok I just...

I can't believe she's gone.


What did- What did the cops ask you?

They just asked me like when she left the house. If she left alone, I mean.

Who saw her and if I know if she was going anywhere.

I mean we- she shouldn't have left by herself obviously.

No! I don't even know why she left by herself.

She knows not to walk in the dark by herself.

Yeah, well obviously a lot of weird thing have been going on.

And it's like, really freaking me out.

Yeah, what is going on?

I don't know. I just knew her for a couple days.

But we became really good friends and I'm just...

I don't know. It's just fucked up.

It really is.

School is going to be really weird now.

Not having her around.

Well, You'll have- You'll have me.

I don't know what to say.

Thanks for being here for me. I really appreciate it.

Of course I'll be there for you.

What is your brother doing in he background?


Get out!

Can you hold on just one second?


Brandon! What is wrong with you!


Why do you always have to be in my room?

Sorry. He's so annoying.

It's ok.

I don't have a brother so I don't know what it's like.

Well I could be like your sister.

If that helps.

Do you want to hang out later?


Awesome. It's hang out at your house or something.

Yeah. Yeah. Come over like 5:30.



Alright, see you then.

Bye. Bye.

What were you doing? Turn off the camera.

Brandon stop it!

Dana, What's going on?

Brandon get out of here!

And it's so scary.

I'm right here. Why don't you relax.

She's soaking wet.

I know.

Keep breathing ok. Nice deep breaths.

God dammit Brandon get-

Welcome to dressing with Dana.

House edition. Where I show you our brand new house.

You see we haven't done all the unpacking yet, but.

Here's out.

And there is my dad.

Hopefully doing a little more unpacking.

Thank you.

I found it.

You found it. I found it!

What did you find?

Janet! Baby!

Baby. What's wrong?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

I heard something. And it freaked me out and I fell.

You're ok?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Jesus you scared the shit outta me.

We're never gonna be finished unpacking.

What scared you?

I don't know. It was some scratching or something.

Like that!

Yeah what was that?

It sounds like it's up there.

Maybe something is stuck in there.

Like a mouse or something. There is something up there.

I feel something.

Please really be careful.

You feel anything?

Yeah. What is it?

I don't know.

Ow! Fuck.

Ouch! What the fuck?

Holy shit. Are you ok?

No I'm not ok.

Let me get you upstairs. I'm gonna wash this off or something.

I put the First Aid kit in the bathroom upstairs ok.

Hey Mom, Jumped back to pictures?

Hey baby. Yeah I found the box finally.

I've been searching for it.


Look at all these cards.

You get some good ones in there?

Yeah I do. I was going through the cards first.

Ah the cards.

Oh shit.


This picture is messed up.

Let me see. Let me see.


Right there.

It looks like it's underneath the frame too.

The originals? Did you like get a digital?

I might have them somewhere I'm not sure. That would be yet in another box.

I can only imagine.

Look at this one.


I know that one too.

That's really strange, may be it's just the ones in the frames.

Maybe just a broken pipe or something and it went underneath It's just Dana.

Maybe the camera hates Dana.

Oh stop it.

I can probably, I don't know I guess I could scan them and fix them on Photoshop.

Oh that's a bad one.

Yeah look. It looks like... I don't know what that would be. Is that mud? Is that water?

It's not coming off.

That one. Look how cute she is too.

I guess we are out of pictures to hang on the mantel.

Look at you. My baby.

Oh yeah. The old camera.

Movin' on up.

That is way before your time. That's way before my time.

There's not a lot to do here.

Awe man that was my favorite picture of her too.

Look look look.

Staring off angrily at me.

Probably. Odds are.

I'm sure you did something to piss her off.

Yes like being born.

Stop it.

So dad, are you bummed you didn't get to go to San Francisco with us?

Yeah. But I had to stay for work though.

It was fun though?

Oh it was so much fun.

We did the trolley. We did the wharf.

Ok I got some trivia. You like trivia?

I love trivia. I am the master of trivia.

The cable cars are the only national monument that that is able to be moved.

Wait. They are a national monument?

They are a national monument.



I did not know that.

Yeah that's awesome.

You've stumped the king of trivia.

Well played.

Yeah I know. Your never gonna win the next one.

Pier 39 was cool. But the Bridge was the best part. The Bridge was amazing.

It was really cool.

You can park right next to it and like walk around all these old military-

Holy shit!

What was that?

That is gross!

Oh my god it smells!

Eeww! Oh god.

Did you get it in you mouth?


You got it in your mouth!

What was that?

Oh my god. What is that?

Oh god.

It smells like a dead animal.

Move move move.

Did it get all over the place? Disgusting.

Nice pipes dad. Really nice pipes in this house.

What the hell was that?

That's gross.

That looks like one of your giant dumps all over you.

That's disgusting.

Turn that camera off.

Eww! You see that?

Yeah that's gross. Don't touch it.

Don't touch it!

That's the same stuff from the sink.

It is?

You think out septic tank in backed up or what?

I don't know what this is?

Well does it smell like poop?

It doesn't smell good.

I don't know. I think we might need a plumber or something.


Ok. So looking at the Bell Witch legend here.

Hauntings that took place in this guy home. In the Bell home.

With people being pinched. Stuff being thrown.

Um, Animals being spooked. Objects moving and not moving.

Uh the reason this is significant is...

If we were to look at good ol' Robertson county here.

Adams was previously know as red river.

And back in the 1800s this entire area, was owned and farmed by the very own

pastor of the church John Bell. As in, the Bell witch.

You are living on his property.

No way.

Yeah. 200 years later.


So this is his property?

This is his property.

My dad bought the property of the Bell Witch.

Yeah well he had a lot of property. He was big estate plantation type farm.

It seems pretty legit dude. Andrew Jackson Visited the home.

You recording this. Umhm.

There's a picture of her.

So he won his precedence.


And he died in 1820 and apparently the ghost stuck around and haunted the daughter and would say things to her. People could hear her singing.

And it took voice of a weak old woman at one point.

What? Pretty interesting.

And it all started when he found and animal half dog half rabbit.

He said he shot at it but it got away. And ever since then his whole family has been terrorized.

He found an animal?

Like the one that found in the woods?

The head of a rabbit and the body of a dog.

Is there a picture? Can we see?

There we go.

Holy Shit.

That's a creepy little bitch.

So this is like your guys thing here.

You guys have the Bell Witch.

The Bell... I didn't realize it was this close. I mean I've heard of it but I didn't realize it was this close to home.

Literally. Home.

Yeah home.


Have you see any of this stuff in your house since you been here?

I mean I haven't seen a witch. Flying around on a broomstick or anything.

Have you seen, have you heard anything?

There has been some scratching sounds.

My sister has having night terrors. She's been freakin' out dude.

Like what happened?

She's been yelling craziness. Like crazy shit.

Ok listen to this.

The children of John Bell said they could hear and feel things while they were sleeping at night. Like covers being pulled. Pillows being moved while they were sitting there.

Yeah when they were sleeping.


Did she say anything like that?

No. She was just yelling and freaking out. She like really stressed out now.

She's like mega bitch.

I heard some scratching at the door the other night and I thought it was Dana and she was asleep.

That's creepy. That's creepy.

It is. There has been some weird shit happening around here actually.

Does this bother you? Have you heard anything?

I mean, it's like whatever it could be a mouse.

This house is a piece of shit anyways.

There's sludge. My dad got slimmed by the sink. Looked like the sink threw up on him.


It was gross man.

Hey what if it is? What if this is the Bell Witch?

This is the Bell Witch.

There has been no good documentation of it.

I mean it was 200 years ago. The only accounts they have are a diary and book.

From like 200 years ago.

I got some cameras. I got some little cameras that I could put on to of the house.

That's what I'm saying. We could like capture this. This could be our movie.

This could be our movie man.

Fuck bigfoot. Let's get the Bell Witch.

We can do like some paranormal investigation type stuff. Security Cams.

You know what I'm saying. We just leave them running at night.

See what happens, then we come back and watch it.

Ok yeah yeah.

We got this magic daddy. This thing is gonna catch some good stuff.

I'm saying. That would be awesome!

That would be awesome.

But we should put up some security cameras like right now.

I'm down. Let's go do it man.

Let's do it.

Let's do it.

Hang on a sec.

I got it.

How's that?

That's perfect. I'm bringing on that last one.

What's going on?

Michael go after her! Go go go!

Talk to me. What happened?

Mom! Mom come here. It's doing it again!


The light! It's doing it again!

Oh Ok. Hold on one second.

Hurry up this is awesome.

Oh it is.

Oh shit. Ok.

Ouch! Fuck fuck fuck!

Are you ok? Are you ok?

Shit Shit Shit.

I'm gonna go get Band-Aids ok.

Go get your dad.

Dad! Dad!


Hey guys! Welcome to get Electric with Denny!

Episode 42. That's right. Make sure to subscribe.

So today, interesting problem we got here.

First thing we like to do is take a look at the box Yeah.

Oh yeah, This looks like, pretty much uh a standard problem we got.

Already I'm seeing some problem. This is a conjugate coming here.

And here we see and exposed ground wire. That thing can be HOT.

That's a hot thing. We got our breaker that seems to be in very good condition.

This is relatively a new box as you can see.

This thing is hot right here. Looks like this might be the problem.



Brandon Brandon! Don't touch him get back!

Oh my god!

Jesus Christ.

Go call 9-1-1.

Wake up Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

It's alright. It's ok.

It's just a bad dream baby. It's just a bad dream.

You ok. You ok. We're right with you ok?

You're safe.

Michael I swear to god.

Alright let's not do this right now, It's ok baby It's ok.

It's just a bad dream alright.

It's just a bad dream.

Are you going to be ok?

I think so.

Do you want to talk to me about anything?

Not really.

Here you go baby.

Here's some water.

Thank you.

Feeling a little better?

Uh huh.

Ok. I love you.

You call me if you need anything ok?


Was it that witch again?


Is there a cave?


If you ever need to talk to me about anything, you can.

You know that.

I'm here.



I love you.

To the mood and back.

Hey Brandon?


I love you too.

And... I'm sorry I'm such a bitch sometimes.

It's ok. I can take it.

You got to see this. You got to see this. I put together a little something with the footage I've gotten.

Alright. Cool.



Looks like. Looks like some is coming through the kitchen to the dining room.

To the living room Yeah. That is the order of the house.

It takes like the path. That's right.

And then it goes out in her room and it's out.

It is out.

It ends in her room.

And there is no body here. And there like no body messing with the cameras.

That's pretty freaky. That's the same room the night terrors were in?

Yeah that's the same room the night terrors are in.

Well. I think the next step is to go out and get some footage in the woods again.

Right? Yes. Let's go find the cave.

I uh- asked my parents and they got me this camera as well.

What do you go there? What do you got there?

Is that, Panacrapic?

Is that a dent?

Does it come with a dent?

Um- yeah. I didn't get it new you know.

Clearly. Clearly you didn't.

Let's go. Does it at least record?

It's recording. I'm rolling right now.

Good. Alright come on. Let's go.

I'm recording. Alright.

Let's go do this. Let's go find a witch.

Still gotta finish unpacking all our shit.

You got a lot of stuff.

You got a lot of stuff to do.

Yeah. The interesting activities have been keeping them from unpacking.


That's Dana's room.

Try to sneak a peek.

She's got it boarded it up.

Scare the shit out of her.

Your neighbors are not much for cleaning are they?

Kinda looks like your house.

Shut up.

Home sweet home gulp.

It's kinda creepy.

This is old John Bell's property.

All this stuff.

If there's a witch she probably hates all this shit out here.

All John Bells property.

Coby what do you think? You think there's an actual witch out here?


Holy shit mom!

What are you doing?

We're gonna go hiking in the woods.

No I really need you inside. Hi Coby.

No I need you to get inside right now, Mom come on!

No. Seriously Brandon! What did we talk about. I need you to help me unpacking the house.

Please we wanna go find something. Real quick.

No. I'm sorry Coby. Absolutely not. He has things to do inside and he know it.

Get your butt inside.

I'm serious.

Ok. Go!

I'm coming.

I'm coming.

Alright I'll meet you in there.

Alright, I'll meet you inside.

Hey I'm gonna do. And it looks like it's about to rain.

Yeah it does.

Let me go uh ... Let me go get some stuff.

Be careful.


Good luck Brother.

Hey you mind if I take the backpack?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Alright, I'm go get what I can before it starts raining or the sun goes down.

And uh-

If you find any other animals make sure that you video tape it.

Oh yeah defiantly.



Don't get killed by Christy. Ok we'll rendezvous back tonight.

Here we are.

Back in the woods.

It's getting dark.

It's kinda creepy this time of night.

Here's the river bed.

This is where we're gonna film the forestman prophecies.

My first break through film.

This is where about the animal, dead animal should have been.


It was right here.

Just like I thought.

Something dragged it of.

But the blood is still there.

I heard a noise.

I got woken up by Lisa asking where Coby was.

Weren't you two suppose to be together?

Uh yeah. We were gonna go hiking but mom made me come inside to put some boxes away.

We were gonna go look for this cave.


Yeah, we were doing some research and there is suppose to be a cave somewhere on our property.

You haven't heard from him? He hasn't called you or text you anything?

No no I haven't heard from him at all.

Damn woods. I hate the woods.

You wanted to move to the woods.

Hey wait a minute, what's this?

What's this?

Shit that's the backpack. I gave it to him before we left.

Oh shit Brandon.

What? what? what?


Oh god.

Check everywhere. OK.

Oh god.

Oh god.

Oh my god. Wait hold on.

That's a lot of blood dad. That's a lot of blood.

There's a flash light up here Brandon. Come on!

Here's his camera.

Here's his camera.

He brought his camera?

Yeah there's the flash light.

Coby! Coby!


Coby! Are you here?

Cobs! Coby!


Oh shit! Oh my god!

Dad! Oh my god!


Holy shit!

Brandon we gotta get back to the car. We gotta call 9-1-1.

Let's go Brandon! We gotta get back to the car! Let's go!

Ok ok!

Hey um-

I'm here at, by wood creek.

Uh, this is my tribute to Coby.

Yeah so this is the spot.

I really miss you man.

Uh Just right over this hill is where, we use to catch tad pols.

When we were kids.


You the best friend that I...

Ever could have asked for.

I just really miss you.


I hope you're somewhere better right now.


I don't know who...

I gotta move on now I guess.

It's just hard and...

You're just the best and I'll always have a spot in here.

For you.

Coby I...

I don't know, maybe you can hear this I guess...





Mom what's going on?

Oh my god!


Go go go go!

Go go go go! Get out of here!

Ok ok ok! Yeah yeah yeah.

911. What's your emergency?

Oh my god... Oh my god... Please help me Ma'am please calm down, tell me your name.

Oh my god... My husband is missing.

Ma'am I need you to stay call. What's your address?

My god, there's blood everywhere.

Sir. Sir.

Sir. I need you to turn around.

What are you doing?


You need to get down.

Sir, you need to get down on the ground right now.

Get out of my house.


Get out of my house!

Get down on the ground now!

Get out of my house!

Get on the ground.


Get down on the ground sir! Get out of my house!


He just got home a couple minutes ago. He's gonna be fine but...

I don't know. I couldn't find him for hours.

I don't know what's going on at this place.

No. He's has a huge gash on his arm. I don't know how he got it.

I don't know where it came from.

I don't know what's going on.


Dad are you ok?

Dad are you ok?





Mom! What what what?

Call 9-1-1. Do it!

Michael! Michael! No! Oh my god!

Call 9-1-1.

Baby can you hear me or see me. Say something.

Please! Oh my god. Oh my god.

Oh my god! Brandon call 9-1-1 fast!


Yeah the cops found him down the road.

God I hate this freakin' house.

Oh my god, is he gonna be ok?

Yeah as soon as he got out of the hospital my mom said he got better so we'll see.

Crap I got to go. I'll call you later?

Ok, Bye.

Headphones. There you are.


Brandon this is not funny.

Brandon, open the door.

Your hilarious open the door.

Come on!

Seriously, come on Brandon.

Brandon open the door!

This isn't funny. Open the door now.

Brandon open the door!

Hello? Who's there?


9-1-1 What's your emergency?

Oh my god. Oh my god. Please help me.

Ma'am Calm down. Tell me your name?

My daughter! She's gone!

What happened to your daughter?

Something has my family!

Hello? Ma'am? Ma'am?

Are you there?

Tom 1 to Dispatch. I got a visual on Dana Sawyer.

Pursuing on foot.

Copy Tom 1.

Dana Sawyer?

This is officer Budlong. Adams county PD. It's ok.

I'm here to take you home.






Oh god.

Oh god Dana!

Tom 1 to Dispatch.

I have Dana Sawyer.

I need a medic on site.

Dana come here.

You ok?

Come here.

What happened to you?

Oh god.

Thank you officer, Thank you so much.

I'm so so sorry. This will not happen again.

We really appreciate this. if there is anything we could ever do for you.

Just call this number if you have any other problems.

Thank you. You have a good night.

Look at your face. Are you ok?

You Ok baby. You Ok.

You Ok.

She's so cold. Look at her. Ok. Let's get you something warm ok.

You ok baby.

I want you to go in your room. I want you to change your clothes.

Alright, then we're gonna get you in the shower.

She'll be just fine.

Can you look at me?

Get out of those clothes. I'll meet you in the bathroom.

We'll get you all cleaned up, ok?

You'll be ok huh baby.

Huh baby. You're gonna be ok.

It's ok.

Come on. Get the fuck off of me.


Come on, it's me your talking to.

It's gonna be ok.

Did you see her Michael? It's ok. She's going to be ok.

Alright things happen.

No. No No. No. She is not safe. Nobody is safe in this fucking house.

Janet, please don't over react. Ok. She came home and she's alive.

That's the important thing alright?

That's the important thing. Yeah she's alive. No body else is alive.

Nicole. No body else is!

There is something going on here. I don't know what it is but we need to get the fuck out of here.

We're not going. We're not gonna go anywhere.

Things happen. Accidents happen all the time.

Everything is ok.

Can you listen to me for one second.

Listen it's ok.

We need to go.

Where are we gonna go babe?

We can't afford anywhere else.

I'm up to my eye balls in fucking debt here.

I suck everything into this house.

This is our home. This is where we live ok?

We're not going anywhere. We're going to stay right here.

Please please just listen to me.


It's ok Dad. Things are not ok.

Everything is fine.

We are not leaving this house.

We are not leaving this house!

We are not leaving this house.

We are not leaving this house, Is that understood?

Do you understand me?

You understand me Brandon.

Brandon! Do you understand! We are not leaving this house!

Do you understand me!

I understand.

Do you understand! I had enough of this fucking shit! We are not leaving this house!

We are not leaving this house! We are not leaving this house!

This is where we live. We can't stay here!

We are gonna stay here.

Hello Father Scruggs.

Hi father Scruggs, um this is Janet Sawyer. I was referred to you by Linda Roberts.

How can I help you?

Hi, um my family and I are kind of new to town and um-

I don't- I'm sorry.

I've never made a phone call like this before. There's-

It's ok, Slow down and take your time.

There's some strange things happening.

In my house.

Would you like to talk about it real quick?

Yeah, um It's gonna sound a little crazy Ever since we moved in over a week ago. Um, just thing have been happening.

Lights have been turning on and off. And pots and pans are falling.

It feels like, there's something here and-

My family is...

Ok Ok, Just take your time.

My daughter was taken home by the police the other night, and she was eating a raccoon.

And my husband, He's sick. I don't know what it is.

He just, not him self.

So let me ask you this, What do you need? What would you like me to poltergeist?

I want you to tell me if there is something in my house.

Cause I can't explain... Anything that's been going on.

I don't understand. I really... I really need help.

We're at 9375 Clear brook Road.

Oh you're out there on the old road?


Yeah, I just-

I would really love some help.

I'll talk to you soon.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

You're Welcome. I'll talk to you soon. Goodbye.

Is that him?

Looks like him.

Brando. Brandon. Turn that thing off. Seriously. Show some respect.

Father welcome.

Please come here and have a seat.

Before we get started.

I want to make sure that you know one thing.

Don't be afraid. Don't show any fear.

And keep your faith at all times. Keep your faith.

I cast you out.

Unclaimed spirit.

Along with every satanic power of the enemy.

Every sector from hell.

In the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Be gone! And stay far from this preach of god.

He commands you. He who flung you from head loft from the flights of heaven.

Into the depth of hell. It is he who commands you.

He who once, who once still the sea and the wind and the storm.

There for tremble in in fear Satan. You enemy of the faith.

You fall of the human race.

You gather of death and robber of life.

You corrupter of justice, You root of all evil and vise.

Seducer of man, betrayer of the nations. Instigator of envy.

Fan of everos. Ferment of discord. Author of pain and sorrow.

What's happening?

Michael Michael!

You should have left when you were told.

Fear him. When Isaac was offered in sacrifice-

Be gone satan! In with the Father and with the son and -


Michael Michael!

Mommy Help me!


Michael! Let me go!

Oh god! Let me go!

9-1-1 What's your emergency?

Somebody needs to help us!

Mom what are you doing?

Ma'am slow down.

My daughter is possessed!

Where is your daughter now? She's getting away! We need to go now!


Dana baby please!


Dana! Where is she?








Dana! Dana!

Gosh Dammit Michael.


Go go go go!

Holy shit! Guys it's Chris.

Chris! Chris!

Bran... No Brandon just stay back.

Chris! Fuck Michael!

Oh my god!


Alright we gotta find Dana.

We gotta find Dana.


Just- Just follow me alright.

Dana! Dana!

Dana! Please!

Dana! Dana!





My leg.


My leg.

Oh my god.

Dana baby please answer me.


Michael. Dana!

Ow, ow, Oh Shit.

Brandon... Brandon...



Dana baby can you hear me?


Be careful Be careful. Ok Ok. Dana!






Dana! Baby Please! Dana!

Holy Shit.

Ok ok. Oh my god.

Oh my god.


Dana where are you?!

Oh Michael Come on. Come on.

Ok Ok.

Come on. Dana! Dana! baby please listen to me!


Holy shit Michael.

Wait, Where is Brandon?

Brandon! Where did he go?


Baby look out!

Oh god. Oh god.

Oh no. Baby Baby Baby.

Please baby.

Please don't leave me.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry,

I'm sorry baby.

Dana. Dana. What are you doing Dana.


Oh Fuck, where am I?






Give her back to me!