The Big Boss (1971) Script

Uncle, are we here?

Yes, it's so different from China here.

Brother Hsu lives over there.

lt's fairly crowded here.

We'll be there in ten minutes.

Remember, you're traveling alone.

Take care of yourself and don't look for trouble. l know.

You must be thirsty after walking all day.

Let's get something to drink.

Some shaved ice. Two bowls.

Can you heat it up for me?

Hot shaved ice, right? lf you do, l'll pay twice as much.

She's a pretty one.

Let me have a look. Not bad at all.

Such light skin. Look.

Let go.

Stay out of this.

Let me go!

Don't you forget again.

Let me go!

-Don't be afraid, just keep us company. -Dumplings, dumplings. Nice and hot.

Not bad. Have one.

Take it.

You have to pay for it.

You can't eat those without paying for them.

What's that? Asking for money? Get out of here!

-What happened? -They refused to pay. Then they beat me.

Why are you bullying this kid?

You'll get a beating too.

ls that Hsu Chien?

-Brother Hsu? -Yes.

Come on.

Don't run.


Hsu Chien.


When did you arrive?

Just got here. l'm here to see you. l got your letter.

And this is... -Cheng Chao-an.

Come, let's go to my place.


-Uncle! -Uncle!

-Uncle. -Uncle.

This is my nephew, Cheng Chao-an.

My name's Ah Shan.

-l'm Ah Yen. -l'm Ah Won. l'm Ah Pei. l'm Ah Cheung. l'm Ah Kun. Just as in Kun Shan.

Cheng Chao-an.

Come in and sit down.

-Take Uncle's luggage. -All right.

Uncle, it's been two years. Please sit down.

Let's all have a seat.

Uncle, how are things back home?

Where to begin?

There've been many floods and the crops have failed.

Times are really tough.

Have some tea, Uncle.

There you are. You're more and more beautiful.

This is our little sister, Chow Mei.

This is Cheng Chao-an.

Have some tea.

Thank you.

Uncle. How is Uncle Cheong?

He fell ill, but had no money to see a doctor.

He died five months ago.

And what about Chen Yuk Fang?

Yuk Fang?

She got married three months ago due to the difficulties at home.


Mr. Wang went back home to find a wife a month ago.

-Have you seen him there? -Old Wang? l haven't see him.

Who can afford marriage nowadays?

Take the teahouse next door.

They've closed for lack of business.

Young people are leaving for the cities.

There's no reason for them to stay in the countryside.

-You've all been away for so long. -Yes, we have.

Many people have moved away.

My letter explained why l've come here. l know, l know.

There's no work for Chao-an in the countryside.

Don't worry. l've talked to the factory manager.

-l'll take Chao-an to see him tomorrow. -Thanks.

Chow Mei, buy plenty of food and wine. We'll give Uncle a proper welcome tonight.


Thank you.


You can go.

Remember, don't talk too much.

Just answer what he asks.

Uncle is coming.

-We'll be right back. -See you.

Uncle, l'll take him to see the manager.

-Thanks. -Stay here and keep him company.

-Uncle, over there. -This way.

Father said it's an important shipment and must be delivered immediately.

Don't worry. lt'll be finished tonight and delivered tomorrow.

Take extra care. l'm off.

Of course. Thank you, sir.

This way.

l won't see you out. Take care on the way home.

Hsu Chien. ls this your friend?

Yes. His name's Cheng Chao-an.

This is our factory manager.

Manager, he...

Very good. The work here can be quite tough.

Make sure he works hard. He can start tomorrow.


You start tomorrow.

-Thank you. -Don't mention it.

We're all making a living far from home.

We'll show you around town afterwards.

That looks like Mrs. Ma.

Mrs. Ma, why are you crying?

Did someone threaten you?

Tell me who it is. l'll take care of him.

Where's Mr. Ma?

We're broke, and he's gambling.

You watch over her. l'll go in and have a look.


Mr. Ma, have you lost everything?

Yes. You got any money?

You still want to gamble? Just look.

lt's a double! Banker wins.

How can you not lose?

Loaded dice?

Forget it. Nobody forced you to come here.

Don't be a sore loser. Come on.

You should quit gambling.

Here's a couple hundred. Take it.

-How can l -- -l have nothing here to spend money on.

-Pay me back when you can. -Thank you.

-Go on home. -Thank you.

Working here is tough, but the pay is steady.

You can make enough in five years to start a small business back home.

Hold it!

Please step aside, Chao-an.

They're troublemakers.

Trying to run away?

You're a real nuisance.

Only six of you?

Come on, try me.

Get lost!

You're pretty good. l learned some kung fu back home.

Mother gave me this to keep me from fighting.

Rise and shine. Time to go to work.

Get up.

You're safe in Hsu Chien's hands.

But he likes to help the underdog. l'm afraid you'll take after him and get yourself into trouble.

Don't worry, Uncle.

With Mother's amulet, l won't do any fighting.

All right then.

Take care. l'm off.

Goodbye, Uncle.

Hey, little girl, l've been doing all the talking here.

You haven't said a word.

We should get to know each other.

Don't be shy.

Why don't you answer? l'm talking to you. You hear me?

Where do you live? l'll take you out tonight.

Let me go!

Not until you answer me.

Brother Cheng.

l'm off to work.

Cheng Chao-an.

-Here to start work? -Yes.

Report to the foreman first.

Who's the foreman?

He's in dark clothes.

Hurry up. Be careful.

The short and chubby one.

What's your job?

My name's Cheng Chao-an.

You're the one Hsu Chien brought?

What took you so long?

All right, get to work.

Go help him.

Set it down carefully.

Push this over there.

Don't just stand there.

Get cracking.

Do you want the job or not?

What should l do?

Help them move the ice.

What's this?

None of your business. Back to work.



What was that for?

He was reckless and broke the ice!

He's new here.

Just dock his pay. Why get violent?

Why did you hit him?

Why be so violent?

Shut up! Get to work!

Forget it. They're hooligans. lgnore them.

Quite a meal tonight. Let's go.

Wait, you two.

-What is it? -The manager wants to see you.

Time to eat.

Wait, Ah Cheung and Ah Won aren't back.

Never mind. l heard the foreman say the manager wanted to talk to them.

-The manager? What for? -l don't know.

Save some for them.

Pass that over.

Thank you.

Sit down.

Now that we've eaten, let's have a serious talk.

Here's 2,000 for you.

-Manager... -Listen.

We've come so far to work and to earn money.

Did you two discover something in the ice today?

Yes. lt's heroin.

-Heroin? -Yes.

How much money can an ice factory make?

There are more profitable trades.

Now that you know, we'll let you in.

We're in this together now.

Manager, when we left home, Father told us to work hard, but to stay away from crime. l'm trying to be nice. 2,000 is a lot of money.

We don't want it.

l won't force you, but don't tell anyone.

Don't worry. We won't tell anyone.

Very well. l trust you.

We'll be going then.

All right.

-Goodbye. -Good night.

Hurry. Hurry, hurry.

Hey, have Ah Cheung and Ah Won arrived yet?


Get to work.

-Didn't the manager send for them? -Yes.

Why didn't they return last night?

How should l know

-ls the manager in? -Yes.


Ah Cheung and Ah Won haven't returned. Do you know where they are?

Why ask me?

The foreman said you sent for them. lt's only natural for me to ask.

The boss phoned yesterday and asked to see them.

What for? l don't know.

Strange. l don't believe it.

You can go to the boss's place after work. See for yourself.

Mr. Wang disappeared two months ago.

Mr. Wang didn't disappear. He went home to find a wife.

All right, get to work.

They might turn up anytime.

-Any news? -What did the manager say?

He said the boss sent for them. lf they're not back soon, l'll go there after work.

Alone? -Why not? l'll go, too.

Don't move.

Step back. Just watch me.

Come on.

See? That's the way to do it.

You were too slow. You left yourself exposed.

-Remember that next time. -Yes.

Father, let me have 2,000.

What, broke again?

l have a reason for wanting the money.

You change women every year. l've found one for you.


Yeah. Tall, slim, pretty and gentle.

Not like these plain ones here.

So where is she? l'll find her for 2,000.

That's blackmail.

Let's have it.

Sir, two workers are here to see you. l'll see them inside.

You take a rest. l'll be right back.

This way. Come in.

This is the boss.


-You can leave. -Yes.

What is it?

Two workers are missing. They were summoned here last night.


Ah Cheung and Ah Won work very hard. l sent for them to reward them. l'm also promoting them.

Do you know they haven't returned?

Yes. l've informed the police.

They'll be found.

You said the same thing about Mr. Wang. lt's been over a month now.

What can l do?

You workers eat, drink, gamble. You do all sorts of things.

They've got their own hands and legs. How can l tell them where to go?

That's no explanation. l'll get to the bottom of this.

You needn't lose your temper.

Why so upset? They're nothing to you.

Be smart.

You're both bright and hardworking. l'll see that you're rewarded. l don't understand.

Then let me make it clear.

Don't meddle, and l'll make you rich.

-What? So something's happened to them? -l didn't say that.

Hand them over. Otherwise, l'll report you. l don't give a damn. You have no evidence.

Don't think you can threaten us. Hand them over today.

-No. -l'll report you for murder.

Brother Hsu!

Ah Pei.

lt's 12:30.

Time to go to bed.

Hurry and come to bed.

Hurry up.

No news of them yet.

We'll wait till tomorrow. Let's get some sleep.

Don't cry. Brother Hsu will be okay.

Go to bed.

Brother Hsu isn't back yet.

Now we should be worried. Something may have happened.

Chao-an, do you know the pier?

There's a shop there.

Brother Hsu often goes there to play chess.

-Go and see if he's been there. -All right.

Ah Shan. -Yes.

Go quietly to the gambling den and look for anything suspicious.

-All right. -Hurry.

Come on.

l'll go and poke around. You go to Mr. Ma's place.

Ask him to help.

-All right. -Hurry.

Chow Mei, stay inside. lf he returns, come let us know.

-Has Brother Hsu been here? -Brother Hsu?

No, not for some time.

Did you see Brother Hsu?

Which Brother Hsu?

The one who was in the fight.


Have Brother Hsu and Ah Pei returned yet?

No. Everyone's waiting.

What do we do?

Ask the manager to call the boss to see if there's any news.

l've called the boss.

-What did he say? -Anything about Brother Hsu?

And what of the other two who disappeared two days ago?

The boss said Hsu Chien and Ah Pei came to his home, but they left soon afterwards.

As for the other two, the boss has informed the police.

They'll look into it.

They went to the boss's place. He must have them there.

Right. Tell him to hand them over.

That's right.

You're being unreasonable.

You gamble all day. Nobody can tell you what to do.

They may have gone to Bangkok.

No, Brother Hsu doesn't gamble.

He's our leader. He'd tell us if he were going away.

Hand them over, or we'll tear down this factory.

Hand them over!

What's the use of picking on me?

How should l know where they went?

We don't care what you say.

Hand them over, or we won't work.

Quiet. lt's no use shouting.

Start work. We'll talk it over tomorrow.

Hey! Get back to work! lf we don't get Brother Hsu back, we won't work.

-We'll go on strike. -Yeah, we'll strike!

What's going on? Get to work.

All right, no need to get violent.

-Damn you! -You hit him.

Why did you hit him?

Get me 336.

Boss, we've got trouble.

Chao-an, help.

Where did they come from?

Stop! Stop fighting! lt's all a misunderstanding.

We don't need your help. lf you want to fight, fight me.

Chao-an is pretty tough.

Come on.

Come on! Come on!


What's stopping you?

Get out of here!

-Good work. -You were tough.

Cheng Chao-an.

Come to my office with those three.

Why did the manager want Chao-an?

Will he start trouble? lf the manager is rough on Chao-an, we'll fight.

Shall we go and have a look?

No. He won't dare hurt Chao-an.

-Let's see what happens. -We'll wait here.

-What's going on? -Let's go have a look.


What does it say?

Cheng Chao-an is promoted to foreman.

What about Ah Shing?

He's demoted to janitor.

That's justice.

Now Chao-an is our leader.

He's our big brother from Tangshan.

Here comes our big brother.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

One, two, three, four!

-Hey! -Join us!

One, two, three, four!

-Halt! Fall out! -Fall out!

Fall out!

Ah Kun, why are you so happy?

Don't you know Cheng Chao-an is now foreman.

How did that happen? Tell me.

The manager says he's righteous and courageous.

Righteous and courageous.

What happened?

We had a fight with the foreman, Shing.

He hit me, and then l got angry and hit him.

He called over ten men to beat us up.

Cheng Chao-an suddenly stepped in.

He's fast, fierce and skilled.

Bam, bam, bam! ln a few seconds of kicks and punches, they're all flat on the ground.

The manager said when he saw justice was being done, he promoted him to foreman.

Why did you fight the foreman?

He tried to make us work.

He hit me, and the fight started.

Did you refuse to work?

We asked for our four men back. Otherwise, we'd refuse to work.

There's still no news of Brother Hsu.

All of you were just itching for a fight.

And we still don't know where Brother Hsu is.

Chow Mei, don't cry. l'll talk to the manager tomorrow. lf he won't hand them over... l'll show him no mercy.

-Well? -He said he's reported it to the police. lf they don't return today, he'll come to the station with me.

All right.

Let's get to work.

Time to eat.

Wait, wait.

Chao-an went to the police station and hasn't returned.

We should wait for him.

Wait a while.

Don't get up.

The boss says he can't make it.

He's having dinner with the chief of police. ls there any news of Brother Hsu?

Don't worry. The chief is a good friend.

They'll do whatever they can to find him.

We'll be notified once he's found.

Come, let's eat.


They've come.

Come in.

Come in and have a seat.

Let me introduce you. This is Wu Man.

This is Ting Heung.

This is Rose.

Our foreman, Cheng Chao-an.

Manager, a toast to you.

Very well. All right.

Mr. Cheng, l'll also toast to you.

Good drinker. Once more.

Well done! Well done!

Let's have a peaceful dinner.

We're all colleagues.

You have a big future, Chao-an.

Thank you.

A toast.

Come, let's eat.

One, two, three!

That's nothing great.

Still waiting up?

Go to bed. You'll catch cold.

-Ah Kun, l'm afraid. Afraid of what?

Five people who lived here haven't returned.

Do you think Brother Cheng also --

Put it out of your mind.

He'll be all right because he's so good at kung fu. l'm worried.

Why are you crying? l know you like him, but we don't know much about him.

He's young. Don't worry about him.

Leaving in such a hurry?


-Where could Chao-an have gone? -l wonder.

There he is.

Chao-an. You didn't return last night. Where did you go?

We were worried sick.

-What did the police say? -Well?

The police? l didn't go there.

-You didn't? Why not? -Where did you go?

The manager asked me to dinner.


-So you forgot about Brother Hsu? -No.

Don't forget how you got this job.

Listen to me.

You're completely ungrateful.

Let's get to work.

-Come on. -What's the rush?

One dinner and your head's all swollen.

Acting high and mighty just because you know the manager.

Go brownnose him. l earn my keep with my muscles. l'm not afraid of anything.

-Manager. -Who is it?

Cheng Chao-an.

What is it?

There's no news of Brother Hsu.

The workers are all worried.

l'd like to see the boss.

All right. l'll call him. Go after work.

All right.

Hsiao Chiun.

-What's up? -There's a man coming to see me.

-We'll have to put on a show. A show

Who are you?

The foreman from the factory.

-What's your name? -Cheng Chao-an.


You can go in.




-Are you the foreman, Cheng? -Yes.

Manager Zhang called about your visit. Come in and have a seat.

Come have a seat.

l know why you've come.

ls it about Hsu Chien?

ldiot! Don't be so careless.


l'm very troubled. l've lost a lot, too.

How so? l've been here so many years.

Many people envy my success.

They're using this opportunity to attack me.

You'll hear a lot of rumors about me.

Don't believe them. l treat the workers like my own children. l advise them to be thrifty.

We're all from faraway places.

We should work hard and save money.

You're young. You have a lot of potential.

Thank you, but about the men...

Don't worry. l've informed the police.

They'll find them.


We've looked everywhere. Not a trace.

You're useless! Up to no good all day.

You can't do a single thing right.

Why are you home so early? lt's almost dark.

You'll look again tomorrow. And don't come home until you find them!

Boss, l'll take my leave.

Fine. Ask the workers not to worry. l'll do everything l can.

Very well. Goodbye.

We've avoided suspicion for now.

But we must take extra care with the factory from now on.

You don't need to know so much.

Cheng is certainly no idiot.

-Keep a close eye on that one. -Yes.

Father, come.

l've found out where the girl is.

She's beautiful.

Good. l'll get hold of her tonight. lt's time for a taste of something new.

Have you eaten?

Thank you.

What, did the boss ask you to dinner?


What did he say?

That he'd informed the police? And they'll let us know if they're found?


A foreman eating cold food?

That's tough.

Yes, the foreman isn't used to such meager fare.

Ah Kun, why do you say that? l don't like him. Don't fall for him.

Ah Kun, we'd better keep our distance from him. lt's no use being nice to him.

We'll tell him to leave when Brother Hsu returns.

Ah Kun is a good man, but he's impulsive.

Don't be angry. l won't.

They don't understand me. ln time, they'll get over it.

You'd better go home. l'm going to take a walk.

Mr. Cheng, why are you leaving?

Since you're here, come in and sit down.

Come along.

What's making you so unhappy?

Some workers have disappeared. There's been no news of them.

You have to be careful.

Your boss is up to no good.

Think about it. How much can an ice factory bring in?

Do you know how he made his fortune?

How They hide heroin in the ice.

-How do you know -l was their maid. Look.

He did this.


lt's Brother Hsu!

l knew you'd come here.

You guys are up to no good.

That's right. We're up to no good, but there's no escape for you now. l'm going to kill you.

Get him!

Chow Mei?

Chow Mei.

Chow Mei!

Chow Mei.

Mother told me not to get into trouble.

Now l've killed so many. What am l to do?

And if something shouId happen to me, Mother is already 70 years old.

What will become of her?

l should go back home.

l got to know them here.

They were honest, kind and earnest.

They treated me as one of their own and looked after me.

Then they were cruelly murdered. l will avenge their deaths. l will kill the cold-blooded murderers.

The young master didn't return last night. Go take a look and report back to me.


This has nothing to do with you. Step aside!

This has nothing to do with you. Get lost!

Come out. The boss and the foreman are fighting.


Why should you save me?

Never mind. Run.

Over there.

Brother Cheng.