The Black Abbot (1963) Script

Hello! Here speaks Edgar Wallace!

What do you want? I don't like the walks you take... in the park every night. Does it really matter so much to you?

Well, your health... You're my administrator, not my doctor!

Or, are you afraid I could find things that might be... embarrassing to you in my walks? You seem irritable.

It's simply nerves. Perhaps tomorrow we'll be able to talk.

Anyway, if anyone should ask for the past 21 hours, you haven't left the house.

Here. To help you sleep.

Listen now, Harry. You went to bed very early.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Mr. Alford?


Chelford Manor is now complete, Sir. There's been a ghost for months.

And now we have a corpse, too.

There's a body in the abbey. Dead. Stabbed.

I would say, in the back.

Do you know who it is? Mr. Smooth, who had that hunting box.

You're astoundingly well informed. Have you informed the police?

I thought I should first speak to you about it.

And why speak with me? I saw His Lordship arrive late, after I had come in. And His Lordship seemed to be excited.

Are you sure it was Lord Chelford you saw? My eyes are very good, Sir.

This, I found right by the corpse.

Isn't it yours, Sir? It's not yours?

Yes, it is.

I was with Doctor Loxon, chess playing. On the way back, I almost tripped over the corpse. That's when I must have lost it.

Looks bad for you. No worse than for you, Thomas.

You just might have to explain to the police what you were doing... in the abbey at midnight.

Mr. Alford. Good evening, Sergeant.

Something has happened here.

You can take the corpse away.

Mr. Alford, just when did the victim buy the hunting box?

Three months ago. Perhaps he didn't like the country here.

These 3 matches were near the body! And what do you conclude?

He was looking around, Sir. For his murderer?

You may give them to Mr. Alford. They're yours, aren't they?

That could be. When I found the corpse... That's alright.

Tell me, who is Doctor Loxon? The man's your chess partner... and the Doctor who examined the body. He's just our doctor.

In general practice? Yes. But he is not entirely retired.

His practice is confined to our family. Does he make a living?

And the murder weapon is the property of the Chelfords?

Yes. And Lord Chelford sleeps... through all the excitement? He took a very strong sedative, Inspector Puddler. Are you saying, that Lord Chelford... had something to do with this? No. I don't think he would use... this weapon here. Or leave it near the body.

Mr. Alford. Why did you wait 45 minutes before you called in... the local police on this?

Miss Wenner, Mr. Alford has forbidden you to talk to His Lordship.

But, Thomas, I have yet to hear Harry brushed me off.

This administrator has the gall to insult a Lady, who almost was the...

Almost the Lady Chelford. But Lord Alford put a stop... to that quite thoroughly. Spare us your commentary!

I take it. You're still interested in the story of Fossaway and the gold treasure, aren't you? Still hoping! I'll complain about you to Harry!

You won't be able to see him at all. Mr Alford gave me strict orders... that you should be shown promptly to the door.

Miss Wenner... Good. I'll go.

But will you please tell Lord Chelford that I was here... with a great favour for him. And now, whatever else will happen, whatever will be his future, he can thank his administrator for it!

I will tell him so.

Also Harry ought to watch his bride-to-be. It's no secret at all... that Dick Alford loves her. Very well.


Sunbeam special. 115 PS. A pretty woman.

That's Miss Wenner. Formerly Private secretary to Lord Chelford.

Formerly? Wasn't she a good one? She was too good.

She planned to be the Lady of Fossaway. And that bothered you?

Exactly. And who is that?

Thomas Fortuna. He works in the house. Fortuna, "the lucky one".

Thomas! Inspector Puddler and his assistant want to look over the premises.

Show them every courtesy. You'll excuse me, Inspector, but I must take care of some business. But of course! Mr. Alford?

Could you put us up here for a while? You'll stay for some time?

Yes. I'm sure that Chelford House is as interested as we are... in clearing up this case? Naturally, Inspector.

Thomas. Arrange the quarters. With bath, if you please!

Horatio! At state expense, of course!

I'll say goodbye, Inspector. This way, please.

The Lord's mother, the Lady Chelford. She's dead, Sir.

When did she die? I think it's about 2 years.

You're new here, it seems, Mister... What was your name?

Fortuna. Ah, Fortuna.

You should do quite well with that name.

If I had never been called in here, who would know... that Streisser is your name?

And that you spent time in Dartmoor Prison!

You were planning to see Harry today? I don't believe I will.

He's usually too busy reading about the Chelford treasure or he's sleeping.

It must be difficult to look for a treasure in such a great estate.

I quite agree.

Do you think there's a treasure? To tell the truth... no.

And if there would be one, and we found it, well, we'd lose all the romance of Chelford Manor.

The gold makes the place romantic. Oh, impossibly!

If I would find that gold, I'd just bathe in it.

And leave it here for my decedents!

Don't you want to say hello to Harry? No. You say hello for me.

And, Dick...

I don't know how to say it, but I'll try anyway.

My engagement to Harry is not a real engagement. It's a...

I merely agreed Because of my brother, Arthur.

Now, why does Lord Chelford keep that Dick Alford around?

Alford is a very efficient fellow.

And you must admit, an extremely capable administrator.

Sometimes, I don't understand you. Are you on his side, or mine?

Don't forget, it's my office you work in. I'm sorry, Mr. Gine.

Does that mean, I have to agree... with every foolish idea you have?

How dare you!

Allow me, please. I think you've seen these notes before.

No. I think I'd better hold them.

How come you have those things? I bought them though they're worthless.

The signature of Lord Chelford is falsified, of course.

By you, Mr Gine!

You must take all those notes back! Can't do that.

But don't you worry. I don't intend to present them.

You bought the lot, just so you could blackmail me.

No, I mean simply to protect your name.

What do you want?

Your sister. Leslie?

You are insane. I remind you she's engaged to Chelford... lam sure he will willingly cut off the engagement.

I have in my bank account enough to give Miss Leslie whatever she wants.

Now, how on earth did you get so wealthy?

Don't forget, I know what you earn here as head clerk in my office.

If you please.

Treadman? That's my bookmaker. You picked a few winners.

I am Treadman. What?

You are the man who took thousands and thousands of pounds from me?

If you want the exact figures: To Treadman, the total was just 23.000.

And Wrathman... You're also Wrathman?

And Burton, and Smith. In the last 3 years, Mr. Gine, you lost altogether, 160.000.

I wonder what I shall admire:

Your shameful dishonesty, or your dishonest genius.

I'll leave that up to you. You'll be entirely willing to be my brother in-law, or plan on a long career in Dartmoor.

An easy decision to make!

Now then, I think the best way for us to start, is to have Leslie at my house tomorrow for tea.

Yes? I'm sorry, Sir.

Miss Mary Wenner wants to speak with you. Miss Wenner? Send her in.

Good morning. Excuse me for interrupting, but it's so important.

Is it bad news? Well, no.

I'm curious now.

You want me to prevent my sister's marriage to Harry Chelford, so that you can get him? But Mary! What I want, I pay for.

Can you give me more than Lord Chelford? Nobility? Prestige?

Millions? Yes.

Your ambition runs away with your logic. You're sick!

Is 2,5 tons of gold a sickness?

2,5 tons? Mary, that's over a million pounds!

I know. Mary, do you know what you're saying?

Be sure of it. And I'll use it to get what I want.

Harry means nothing. I'm after the title of Lady Chelford.

2,5 tons of gold? Is it the Bank of England you broke in to?

No. I know where the treasure of Chelford is.

I'm afraid you've been exposed to Harry's ideas too long.

The plans. I have them. Why did you come to me instead of Harry?

He might be willing to... He would not!

He always takes Dick Alford's word. Well, he'll still be around... to muddle things up. No. I know enough about Dick Alford... to take care of him. If I must, I'll threaten him... with a visit to Dartmoor. I've prepared a contract for us.

You'll be glad to sign it, if you want to be wealthy, Arthur.

Fascinating. I admire you. Or should I fear you?

Both. But who's to guarantee me... that you will keep your bargain? You're a lawyer!

Isn't that contract, and your share of the gold enough guarantee?

What is it? The contracts from Gines Gill & Son.

Mr. Gine insisted that they be mailed today.

Give them to me.

You won't regret this. I can hope.

Until tomorrow. Goodbye, Mary.

Will 5 o'clock in the afternoon be ok? 5?

Ah! My tea with Leslie, eh? There's a lot of excitement in the press with that murder over at Fossaway. You know that treasure at Chelford?

They mention it! Amazing that someone believes in it.

Well, they even talk about the Black Abbot a bit.

Didn't Miss Wenner tell you anything?

Why mention Miss Wenner? I just thought that as... secretary to Lord Chelford, she might have some information.

And anyway, it leaves a man to think. And what do you think?

That she, I mean Miss Wenner, has something to do with it.

With murder? You're absolutely insane, Gilder!

You'd be surprised at who could be a murderer.

Mr. Gilder? Yes.

And I guess you work for Scotland Yard. Inspector Puddler.

And my assistant, Horatio. W. Smith! Horatio is my first name.

Please go right in, Gentlemen. I've been expecting you.


Oh, you're serving tea. A delightful reception, eh, Horatio?

This tea wasn't brewed for us, Sir. This orchid here is not for the police.

I invited friends. Just a few questions.

I know what you will ask. My name is Fabian Gilder, 45 years old.

The victim, Mr. Smooth, was my employer. And at my orders, he bought me this house.

Why use him? I had private reasons.

A beautiful house. Bookmaking is very profitable, isn't it?

You have excellent information, Inspector. That is our job.

We'd still like the name of the murderer. I'd better examine Smooth's room, right?

A good idea, Horatio.

If you don't mind, Mr Gilder... Please, please! 2nd to the right.

Where were you yesterday evening?

Took a business friend to dinner at the club.

And how long did you stay there? Until 10, or so.

Then I went to a flat I keep in town. But, you didn't stay there.

You suspect that I went out again? Yes. Mr. Gine's gardener... saw you coming back here about 12. What did you do then?

Might you have met Mr. Smooth, perhaps?

Smooth wasn't here. I went to bed right away.

That's a very weak alibi, you know. By that time, Smooth had been killed.

You'll need a better story than that. One that is more convincing.

Good day, Mr. Gilder. Good day, Mr. Gilder.

Did you find anything? It's unbelievable!

A soccer pool card, that he had all filled out. 12 right on it!

He even picked the Birmingham-Liverpool game 2:1.

That means he'd win 5.000 pounds. What a guy! He's a lucky one!

Not very. Too bad.


Yes, they've been here. You should have called much earlier.

Ah! Interesting. Mr. Alford was quite shocked, when he became aware of it, you can be sure.

Anyway, the more bewildered, the better.

I will. Good.

I'll call you as soon as I'm able to.

With whom did you just talk there? Doctor Loxon wanted Mr. Alford, but Mr. Alford is out riding. Alone?

That I don't know, Sir. Oh? You don't know?

Phone and get me Miss Gine. Of course, My Lord.

The more I see you, the more I dislike you.

I regret, My Lord, that my face annoys you.

The Gines, apparently, are out. I have the feeling that Mr. Alford... gets more out of you than me. It seems that your loyalty lies with him.

If I might mention, Sir... Don't bother mentioning anything!

Just bring the tea!

Leslie? He's out of his mind! What is the total?

Oh, well... 20.000.

What? 20.000? Yes.

Forging notes! Your own sister, a victim of your dirty deals!

You worthless swine! I don't want Leslie involved with him.

It's blackmail. Dick, you're the only one who can help me. He can't do a thing... if you acknowledge those notes.

I can't understand how you are still allowed to practice.

Dick, in a week, I'll be able to cash those notes.

I know I will. I give my word!

Your word is worthless!

Dick, it's just Leslie. At this moment, she's having tea with Gilder.

You've been our neighbour now for weeks. And we've never gotten... to know each other, Mr. Gilder. Are you displeased with your neighbour?

Why, no, of course not! My brother should have been here by now.

A lawyer as well-known as he? He must have a lot to do.

And besides, let him come later. I don't mind.

That's a Gainsborough. An early painting.

It's nice. A beautiful house. I know you love it, of course.

I expected you to ask how I could afford all this.

My brother told me that you were very lucky at the race track.

Absolutely true. And that puts me in the position... to give the right girl the best of everything.

The right girl, Mr. Gilder? Getting married?

Yes, I think so. The one I want to marry, the girl of my dreams, is about to be told, I want her. What is this, Mr. Gilder?

Leslie, listen to me. I'm engaged to Lord Chelford!

An engagement that doesn't mean a thing. Leslie, what will you have... with that Harry Chelford? Yes, they'll call you Lady.

But he wouldn't treat you as I would. A man like him.

You're obviously out of your mind! I don't want to hear your ranting.

You speak as if you had the right to... This is my right!

I love you! You believe I want all this stuff for myself?

I know what a young wife wants from a man! You're a fool! Let me go!

Let me out of here! No, Leslie!

You force me to tell you something, I wanted to spare you:

Harry Chelford wants you because he thinks you're rich.

I'm in love with you. What are you saying?

You ask your brother! Leslie! I love you so!

Let me go! Let me go!

Help! No!

He'll! Are you mad? No! Let me go!

No! Help!

No! Help!

What do you want here? I've got time to kill you, after Leslie has a chance to get out of here! You go home, now.

You have your nerve! She's a guest in my house!

Guest? I think Miss Leslie has had enough of your hospitality!

I have no intention of letting her stay in this house, not another second!

Come, Leslie.

I should have punched you in the jaw!

Listen, Mr. Alford. This is my house. I won't be threatened here!

If you think this is your own home, there's something you don't remember.

I sold this house to Smooth, of course, but not to you!

And it was Mr. Smooth, I bought the house from.

You couldn't have. Because Mr. Smooth signed a contract, that gives me the right to approve any buyer! It's amusing that I can throw you out at will.

There's other interesting news. You have notes in your possession... for 26.500 pounds, which you thought you could use.

I will cash them.


And, of course, you know, the signatures are forged.

If I acknowledge the signatures, you might as well let the notes be paid.

I'm astounded that someone like you, the administrator and successor to Lord Chelford, would be in on a business like this one.

Watch it, Gilder!

You press your luck!

Oh, one more thing. Mr. Gine won't have any further use for... your extremely dubious abilities.

Sorry to have been so late. I'm in a hurry. What is it?

Our talk will take a moment. I don't want you to do something stupid.

You waste my time! You're going to... give Mr. Gine information, right? How do you know?

I also know, he said he wouldn't let the wedding of his sister... and Lord Chelford take place. So Lord Chelford will turn to you.

For this you will reveal the location of the treasure of Chelford.

Well, I must say... I warn you.

Gine will cheat you. You think I'm naive? Here.

I have it all in writing, you see?

I thought he might do that. This piece of paper is worthless.

What do you mean? It's a contract. Look at that added clause.

He can just claim he made the deal to get information for a client.

He can always claim that Lord Chelford... is his client in this case.

In this book...

In this book, 2 pages are missing. If I had them, I could solve the problem.

Question, My Lord. Where did your mother die?

Some sanatorium near Lausanne. She'd been sick for years.

And there she was buried?


Did Doctor Loxon treat your mother? Yes. Why do you ask?

I must ask. You told us she was interested in the same treasure, didn't you?

My mother collected all the books She could about the Chelford treasure.

My father wasn't very active. But my mother was obsessed with it!

Not just because of the gold but of some special drug was hidden with it.

Hello, Harry. Hello, Inspector.

How delightful to see you, Leslie. I'm glad you came by.

So much for us to talk about.

Yes but I don't want to disturb you while you talk to these people.

Allow me, My Lord, to say goodbye. I must go to London.

You're going to London? Since you are working on this murder case, I thought that you might be here a while. There's nothing to worry about.

My assistant remains here.

He'll be quite busy.

My Lord, I will be quite busy examining this labyrinth!

I don't mean to criticise the place...

Horatio, why don't you just get started? Of course. Immediately or sooner.

Yes, Sir. Promptness is the word! Come on.

That Puddler doesn't show much interest in the case.

It's just his job. I know it's his job.

He should work at it. And your job will be with me.

I'm sorry you don't drop over more often. Every morning I ride by on horseback.

It should be me, not Dick that you come by to see.

When you ride by, I mean. Harry! You're misunderstanding.

I'm near my goal. I'll do more with Fossaway in time.

My studies. You really mind? No. But, I'd like to help you.

Everyone wants to help me.

The treasure is mine, my dear. You too.

Harry, why do you want to marry me?


I am the last Chelford.

And what about love?

Love is for people who lack the ability needed to face reality.


Do you understand? It means gravel and chisel.

It makes no sense at all.

Harry? I must ask a question.

Then ask.

If I were poor...

You are poor.

You are poor because you belong to me.

You are my treasure, and I will protect you.

My Lord, the books are here.

You can go.


This way!

All afternoon I tried to ask. But I couldn't get him to speak.

About anything. Except the treasure!

You got nowhere, huh? You laugh, but there's a difference, if a man marries money, or just a girl.

Naturally. But is it so important? In marriage, yes.

Leslie? Harry worries you, doesn't he?

A funny engagement.

Do you think I should go through with it?

What I want really isn't important. It is!

Leslie, I have no money, either. And, of course, the House of Chelford must have an heir.

I had better see you home.

A fine pair. Harry should see. Shh.

Come on!

I don't understand you. Arthur spent all of your money?

Don't make it difficult for me. You're Harry's fiancé.

That's all.

Shall I tell Harry that you're really a rich woman?

I'll tell him myself.

Shall I light a match? No. No light.

Incredible. Come on.

No! That's awful! They won't harm you!

Quiet down, will you? Hush!


The chisel!

It's heavy. This is the gold!

What's that? There!

Help me! Are you crazy? Shut up, you fool!

I want to get out! Please!

Take me back! I want to get out! Please!


You wait here. I'm going back there. No! Take me away from him, please!

I'm scared to death, Gilder! He must be back there!

Believe me, he's hiding somewhere! You're just hysterical!

You wanna leave the gold here? We can come back tomorrow! Come! Hurry!

I have been waiting. The police have been everywhere, I'm sorry. I understand. When will you return?

Monday at midnight.

Sir, I have to know what you're looking for!

Sir! I'm from Scotland Yard!

Impudent fool! Doesn't know who I am!

Hands in the air! Even if you're a ghost!

The law... I mean, an arm, you see here.

Horatio W. Smith!

One, and two, and ho!

Do you want more?

With a fist? That's...

Listen here. I've been working.

When they're all put together, they form a plan of the abbey.

It's connected with the gold.

Well, hello. I thought you were afraid? Not so much as you think.

Where are the packages?

Vanished. And it's your fault! That vanishing act is your specialty.

You wrote a contract with me, and it seems the ink... took just 24 hours to vanish! Mary, listen.

It was a joke. A joke?

You won't double-cross me twice!

Tell me where the gold is hidden! Mary! For God's sake!

Stand still, Gilder! You scare me. Where is the gold?

Mary. This is so foolish.

Give it to me. Let me have that. It's dangerous!

One scandal after another! First a murder, about which, just nobody seems to care! Mr. Puddler seems to be a visitor around here!

And now this! As if I haven't been abused enough!

Miss Leslie Gine tells me, my engagement to her is cancelled!

Things like that will happen sometimes! But to Lord Chelford?

Even the best families.

I might begin to think... the reason for it all is Dick Alford.

But Harry, that's nonsense. Oh?

Then prove it. I expect you, as my advisor, to talk to the Gines, and make them come to their senses.

It can't be done, Harry! Leslie can't be forced to marry you.

And why not? Either she marries me, or Arthur Gine will be unemployed in my home!

And I'll see to it that no one else employs him.

Mr. Alford, may I speak to you? I'm in a hurry right now.

I think you should here me out. Alright, talk to me.

I made an interesting discovery, last night.

I saw the late Lady Chelford in the abbey.

You saw Lady Chelford? I think you suffer from hallucinations.

This kind of rambling is not of interest! Maybe the police will be interested.

What are you saying? I thought... you'd prefer keeping it a secret.

If you really feel it's a police matter, just inform the inspector. Mr. Streisser!

Are you mad? In the middle of the day! Inspector Puddler could see!

Don't worry. He's in London. What's going on?

Too much. And not good.

First, Alford made a threat to fire me. He noticed something?

Could be. Another thing: Leslie cancelled her engagement to Harry.

Ah, that's interesting!

And third, Gine has embezzled a huge amount.

How do you know that? Oh...

I keep my ears open.

Now, keep talking!

Gine told Alford he embezzled 50.000 pounds from the Lord Chelford accounts.

And Alford says, he won't protect Gine any longer.

That's excellent news, Thomas.


A little extra.

And if Lord Chelford puts me out?

You needn't be worried. I have...

I have another job, that must be finished in the next 24 hours.

I call it blackmail. But I just don't believe that Thomas... would talk to Puddler about it. I hope, you're right!

Do you still believe, Doctor, that the Chelford treasure... could still exist? I guess it could.

Why are you so sceptical?

If we knew that, if we only knew for sure!

No doubt we'd be through with the problem of the Gines.

Come in!

Where have you been? I was looking for you! You don't look well.

I used to look better. I suppose you had a fight... with the Black Abbot? I did!

Don't make jokes. What was it? A wrestling match with our phantom.

I was doing fine, believe me, but he was unfair.

He hit me with his bare fist! Don't believe me, hey?

Just a moment, Sir. Here it is. Here's all the proof you need.

From his cowl? Yes, Sir. Before his... sneaky illegal attack, I had him in the judo hold, Sir.

And then, I passed out, cold. And, when you woke up?

He vanished. No! You had the Black Abbot and then... let him get away. Did you see his face? The hood didn't come off.

He's human. You fought him, anyway. All in all, your encounter was worthwhile. You didn't get punched, Sir.

This might cheer you up: It seems, in London, I might just have the murder of Smooth solved.

So. One more tablet, and I guarantee you will sleep well.

Huh... that's good.

Nothing but aggravation and trouble in this house!

Dick. I believe he's the cause of my trouble.

And I don't seem to be able to make much progress in my research.

You still have faith in that? I haven't lost faith in it!

The same as my mother felt. Although, she had more interest in the wonder-drug, than the gold. I'd give anything to have her back.

The treasure? Treasure?


Who made that noise here? I was exercising, and I kicked 2 chairs. Please excuse it. You won't solve the case that way.

I'm sorry, but this little exercise makes the head clear. A few seconds, and I'll be a fresh, new man! I hope so!

If everybody had yoga training, murder might not be committed.

Could be, standing on your head seems to improve your mind.

It completely clears the brain, and I... We came here to clear up a murder, not to practice yoga here. We have to check those who live in this house, so stay on your feet!

Mr. Alford?

Yes? Anything wrong? I heard a noise.

Nothing, Inspector. Thank you for checking, though.

Sorry I bothered you. Goodnight. Goodnight!

Now! What are you trying to do!

I hate you!

But, Harry...

Your nerves are playing tricks. No one will harm you.


The murderer!

The Black Abbot! That fiend, Thomas!

Leslie! All want my gold.

My gold!

You too!


Sir? What are you doing?

I'm working hard on the murder. More quietly, if you please.

Of course, Sir.

Lady Chelford!

Hello. Don't run away!

Wait, won't you? Who are you?

That fellow, Thomas. Is he around? I've no idea.

Horatio, you see if you can find Thomas! Sure, Sir.



Remarkable. Only one shot was fired with this weapon.

Where's Mr. Alford? I believe he ran over there.

Get back!

Come no closer!

Don't be foolish, Harry! The Black Abbot!

I shot him!

Nonsense, Harry! You have no pistol, and you shot no one, do you hear?

You shot no one! Taking care of your cousin, Alford?

My Lord, what did you see? Inspector...

My cousin had a shock.

Thomas took a shot at him. No! Not Thomas! The Black Abbot!

And then, I... My cousin is completely bewildered!

Just let him talk, Mr. Alford! My Lord, you can go on.

I was going to the abbey. And?

Suddenly, he was in front of me, wearing a cowl.

The Black Abbot? Yes!

But he looked like my Mother. I ran away, but he came after me!

Harry, you don't know what you're saying! Mr. Alford! I'll thank you not to... interfere with the questioning! But believe me, Inspector!

It was...her face.

Inspector, you must not continue!

Help Lord Chelford to his room. Yes, Sir!

My Lord?

Better give me your revolver.

Haven't any.

Perhaps, you'll have it, Mr. Alford?

Oh, please, Inspector...


Sir! Sir!

Sir, I can't find that fellow.

Oh, my goodness! I see you've found him, Sir.

And dead, quite dead!

Oh dear!

So, that's the Black Abbot. Just a fake.

You mean, there's another? Yes. The real one.

Listen, Dr. Loxon! What I was afraid of, has happened:

Harry has seen her! What did you say?

I think I got there in time. No, she's unconscious now.

No, no. No hypo. But give Harry 2 tablets. Yellow ones.

Leslie, put your mind at ease. It's not as bad as it seems.

The forged signatures, I will acknowledge. Those notes are going to be honoured.

Gilder tells the police that my brother stole 50.000 pounds!

Aside from the forged signatures! We simply have to stop him!

How long did he say he'd wait? By tomorrow noon.

By tomorrow?

Well, I'll try to think of a way. Oh, Dick.

Might as well face it. How could we ever raise such a fortune?

I marry Gilder, or Arthur will go to prison.

You must remember, your brother is already ruined. He's responsible for it.

You can't take your entire life, and just give it up for him!

As much as you love him, he will have to pay his own bills sooner or later.

The fellow really can't entirely be saved.

You'll have to face it. He's letting you suffer for it, and you shouldn't.

Leslie, with a man like Gilder, marriage is out!

I'm sorry to disturb you again. Hello!

It looks like you will make it a habit.

Excuse me, please. I saw your car outside.

How long have you known Streisser?


Not at all! Well, that's strange!

It seems you recommended him.

For a job at Fossaway.

Oh, so...

You mean Mr. Fortuna. Now, this name, Streisser, I don't...

I'm sure you knew it. Your straw man, the late Mr. Smooth, was a great friend of Streisser. Smooth gave him money regularly.

I have an idea it was your money. That's a complete false...

I can prove it. You can be sure of that. Streisser was in your employment.

And you used him at Fossaway as a spy, so you knew all along about the gold. At your command, Streisser murdered Smooth! Don't make such charges, Inspector!

What went on with those two, I've no idea!

What do you say to this, then? Your initials.

How did you get it? From your own man, Streisser.

He fired at Lord Chelford. He wasn't able to tell me, where the weapon came from. He simply stole it!

I'm going to show that rascal! I'm afraid not. The man's dead.

Inspector, you must not think that I did it! That pistol, this morning... was in my desk with some important papers. They vanished, too.

What important papers? They're not... not important.

I wouldn't say that. You're referring to these?

Yes! You know Miss Mary Wenner?

Miss Wenner? No. You should learn the names of your... lady friends. Where is Miss Wenner?

How should I know that?

It's bad? Yes.

I've been in touch with a famous colleague over the telephone.

He says that she musn't be moved. Any pains?

No, I gave her an injection. A stranger ran away. From me.

A man, a man I never saw.

Why must he run off? The Black Abbot isn't evil.

No! No!

It's awful! Nothing we can do. Go now, Dick.

Yes, but Doctor, can't I just... No, she has to rest.

What can save her now, is peace and quiet.


I had an errand to take care of. Anyway, I don't like the way you talk to me.

It's too arrogant. You'll get used to it.

You'll have to get used to it. Think so?

Haven't you been talking to your sister? About what?

Now, you listen, Gine. You act as if you think I'm joking!

I've kept quiet, but your time is very nearly up.

I'll turn you in! Unless, Leslie will quickly marry me. She won't do it.

And you won't go to the police. You're annoying me, Gine.

I plan to. I found out you're a murderer, you know.

Seems I saw you when you came out of the gravel pit a few nights back.

That's nonsense!

What would I do down there? I asked myself that question.

But then I found Mary Wenner. Quite dead. Lying there in that pit.

But I didn't do it! You think the police will believe that, when they find out you, and Miss Mary were out searching for the treasure together?

Swine! You killed Mary Wenner! You're framing me, so that you can get away with that embezzlement! Blackmailer!

I don't like your tone. As I mentioned before.

I can't let you leave my house alive. Don't move!

I will shoot you like a dog! And then I'll call the police.

And tell them you threatened me. You threatened to shoot me.

And the gun you would use on me?

Beside you, on the wall.

And the rifle? It's near your hand.

You simply didn't have a chance, you know.

Spare me a moment?

Inspector. Why do you sit down there? I play hide and seek.

Same as you. What on earth would I have to hide?

Maybe a revolver you took from His Lordship.

Inspector, we can talk about it later. I have to look for Harry.

I just checked upon his room. Is he asleep?

No. He's not in his room at all. What? You saw him go out?

Do you believe I would have allowed it? I've checked the entire house.

Horatio is searching outside. I'll get the servants to search for him.

Nobody, please. I feel responsible for Harry!

Do you? If something happens to him...

What could happen? You have his revolver.

Yes, that's so, but... Mr. Alford?

You started to tell me.

Could it have been why Thomas was shot?

Harry did shoot him, then. Well, yes. But in his own defence.

Out of fear?

I think he would kill anyone he thinks might be the Black Abbot.

Do you think so? Yes. I'm convinced.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alford, I have to ask you this:

How does Harry feel toward Lady Chelford?

I believe they both, he and his Moth... his Mother's picture!

The head! Cut out!

But, by whom? I believe it was Harry.

His mother was also a bit odd, huh? Yes. Doctor Loxon has been afraid... that Harry might have mental trouble, too.

Hello? Ah, Doctor Loxon!

Any pains?

Dr. Loxon, please come over to the house. Yes, I'm afraid it's about Harry.


Lady Chelford? Yes.

How'd you know? Simply guessed.

I hope you and Doctor Loxon tell me the whole story.

Yes, Inspector.

My uncle, Harry's father, and Doctor Loxon, were good friends.

His last wish was that Harry should never know about his mother.

And Doctor Loxon was afraid that a meeting between Harry and his mother... would make Harry a mental patient. So, he brought Lady Joan to his house, and issued an announcement that she had passed away.

Yes. And Lady Chelford, in her fancy, thought that a wonder-drug... from the Black Abbot would help her.

Dr. Loxon and you, Mr. Alford, had to take on the role of the Black Abbot for her.

You know that, too. You're a clairvoyant.

Not at all. I would know where Harry is.

Here she is! My mother, you know.

I loved her much more, but everyone wants me to fear.

Absolutely, Harry. But please, please let me loose.

I might do it later. I mustn't let you go now!

I must keep you here! But you promised to take me to Dick!

You said that he'd been hurt! That was because...

I had to fool you, my dear. I'm smart.

They all think I'm dumb! They all do, all!

With my mother, it was a trick!

Just to scare me! It was to steal my gold!

Harry, let me free, please, if you love me. The rope hurts!

Leslie, love often hurts.

I'm the 18th Lord Chelford!

The gold is mine!

No... not mine.

Yours, Leslie.

We're so lucky, my darling.

Believe me. I'll find the gold. I've been studying for so long.

I know where to look!

I'm sure!

You'll see how clever I am!

Help! Help!

A 4 hour search, and nothing. Except, a dead woman.

This complicates things even more. Do you believe that Harry...

No, no. The murderer of Mary Wenner is someone else.

Sir! Sir!

I've been told that Dick Alford was hurt. Good day. Oh!

You! You seem to be alright. What is all this foolishness?

The Gines's porter told me about a phone call for Miss Leslie to... come to the abbey, where Mr. Alford was. That Mr. Alford was wounded.

On the way here, I stopped at the abbey, and found nothing. Except a hole...

I had never seen there. Where was it?

Near the tower. I was ready to dive right in to that hole, like a shot!

But then, I stopped, and I said to myself, I said, listen.

Horatio, you have orders not to be careless!

So I reported it. Sir? Sir! Wait for Horatio! Sir?

Safe at last!

They cannot find this place at all. Never! You hear!

Sir! Everyone's ready. Fine. Let's go.

This must be the cave.

There are numbers written on the map here.

Sir! That plan is like a chess board layout.

And so is the floor! D...

A, B, C, D!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!

There, it must be right there!

Mr. Alford, I am a genius!

Gilder! Yes, another corpse.

Slugged from behind.

Must have hit him with this. I guess the Black Abbot ran into him.

You'd better say: Lord Chelford. If only I knew where they had gone to!

Let's figure out where we go from here.

Here, that chess plan won't help you, now. No, Sir!

Oh, well. Come on!

Here, the whole map. It's difficult to read down here.

Lights here, men!

Horatio! Send two men to the house to get some shovels, quick!

Very good, Sir! Here.

What happened?

Hello, up there? Please don't come down here! You'll get wet!

What happened to you, Horatio? Nothing.

I'm taking a bath.

Help me! Help me!

Quiet! If anybody needs help, I do!

That was Leslie! One moment, I'm coming! Wait! There's no room here!

Oh, no! Help!


Wake up. Leslie!

I'll take care of you, take care of you...

Have to... have to watch for them.

Can you see anything? Someone just ran by with a torch.

It's dark again, now, Sir.

Don't do that.

Wet down there, Sir.

There, Sir!

Don't shoot!

He went down there! Be still! Now what?



Harry, listen to me!

Leslie! We must run!

Don't worry, you'll go with me. Come!

Halt! Stop right there!

Oh! Close call.

It surely was. But I'm entitled to a new hat, you see?


Put out the torch.

Horatio, you remain here. Of course, Sir.

Harry! Harry, we won't hurt you!

Wounded? Slightly.

He can't shoot forever.


Just sand.

He'll run out of bullets, I hope. I'm going to shoot overhead.


Come here.

I'm not armed.

See, Harry?

Don't be frightened.

It's alright, Harry. My gold!

Leslie, answer!

I won't give them to you! I won't do it!

Look out!


There was a treasure. Sir!

I was so cold, I changed my clothes, Sir. Why the hood?

That's the natural modesty in me coming out, Sir!