The Black Cauldron (1985) Script

Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain, there was once a king so cruel and so evil that even the gods feared him.

Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molten iron.

There, his demonic spirit was captured in the form of a great black cauldron.

For uncounted centuries, the Black Cauldron lay hidden, waiting, while evil men searched for it, knowing whoever possessed it would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors and, with them, rule the world.

There's something wrong. I can feel it in my bones.

And the Fairfolk know it, too.

You don't see any of them around.

The Horned King, that black-hearted devil, what's he waiting for?

Yes, yes, cat. I know you want your breakfast, but just now thinking is more important.

Taran! The pot is boiling over, Taran!

Oh, Dallben. I was just thinking.

What if the war's over, and I never had a chance to fight?

And a good thing, too.

War isn't a game. People get hurt.

But I'm not afraid. Ouch!

Yes, there you are.

If the Horned King ever returns, you'll have a great deal more to worry about than a burned finger.

No, no, no, cat. That is not for you. It's for Hen Wen.

Hen Wen, Hen Wen. It's always Hen Wen.

And one day, my boy, you may learn why.

Now, no more dreaming. You have chores to do.

Yes, sir.

He's so anxious and so blind to the dangers ahead.

Look! Look, cat. You're in luck.

Just enough left for you.

Dallben doesn't understand.

I'm not a little boy any more.

I should be doing heroic deeds for Prydain, not waiting hand and foot on a spoiled...


Oh, all right, Hen.

I didn't mean it.

You'd better eat it.

Dallben made it especially for you.

Is this to be my life? Pampering a pig?

I'm a warrior, not a pig keeper.

Dallben thinks I'd be afraid, but I wouldn't.

All I need is a chance, and I could be a famous warrior.

Look at me, Hen! I can do it!


Even you're afraid.

Do you challenge me? Run, you cowards.

There you are.

His Majesty, the Horned King.

So we meet at last.


Even the Horned King shakes with fear.

See, Hen? Everybody runs from the famous Taran of Caer Dallben!

Prydain's finest warrior draws his last breath.


Hmm. Not quite the blade for a hero.

I was... It's just that we were...

Hen Wen got dirty.

Oh, I see.

Another dream, Taran?

But, Dallben, won't I ever be anything but an assistant pig keeper?

She's a special pig, Taran.

Now, give her a nice bath.

Well, Hen, it looks as though I'll still be an assistant pig keeper when I'm as old as Dallben.

You like that, don't you?

Now for the part you like best.

Hey, come on, Hen. I haven't finished scrubbing your...

Hen, what's the matter? Calm down, Hen.

Stop it, please! What's the matter?

Hen Wen...

Taran, what's going on?

I don't know.

There's something wrong with Hen Wen.

What? Quickly, lad, bring her inside.

What's that for?

Put Hen Wen down.

I never use her powers unless I have to, but now I must.


Taran, what you are about to see, you must never reveal to anyone.

Hen Wen, from you I do beseech knowledge that lies beyond my reach, troubled thoughts beyond your heart.

Pray you now those thoughts impart.

Ah, the Horned King.

Don't interfere.

He is searching.

The Black Cauldron!

So that's it.

The Black Cauldron?

An awesome weapon, Taran.

It's been hidden for centuries, but if the Horned King should find it and unleash its power, nothing could stand against him.

That's Hen Wen.

He knows.

Stop! Enough! You must leave here at once.

Take Hen Wen to the hidden cottage at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

Hide there and never bring her out until I come for you.

Hide? But why?

Only I knew the secret of Hen Wen's power, but now the Horned King has discovered it.

We must make sure he never uses it to find the Black Cauldron.

I'm not afraid of the Horned King.

Then you are a very foolish lad.

Untried courage is no match for his evil.

Just remember that.

Now, off you go, my boy, and take care of yourself.

Goodbye, Dallben.

I won't fail you.

So much, so soon, to rest on his young shoulders.

Oh, yes.

Yes, my soldiers.

Soon the Black Cauldron will be mine.

Its evil power will course through my veins, and I shall make you Cauldron-Born.

Yes. Yes. Oh, yes.

Then you will worship me!


Oh, my soldiers.

How long I have thirsted to be a god among mortal men.

Gosh, Hen Wen, I never knew you could create visions and things like that.

I thought you were just an ordinary pig.

I had no idea you were so special.

Dallben's going to be glad that he put his trust in me.

Just you wait and see.

Now, don't go wandering about.

And don't you worry.

Keep close to me and no one will do you any harm, not while I'm around.

And I won't let the Horned King get close to you, Hen.

I'll protect you.

Taran of Caer Dallben, the greatest warrior in all Prydain, a true hero!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all.

But without the help of my pig, Hen Wen, here, I...

Hen Wen, where are you?

Hen Wen? Oh, no!


Hen Wen!

Is that you, Hen?

Look what I've got.

Come on out. Here's a lovely, juicy...

Oh, great prince, give poor, starving Gurgi munchings and crunchings.

Nice apple.

Good prince. Good apple. Oh, boy, what a juicy apple.

Hey! No, you don't.

I didn't give you that apple. You took it.


Hey, hold on, you hairy little thief. Come back with my apple!

If you don't give it back, you'll be sorry. I mean it.

I'm warning you.

Give it back.

Come on. The apple. Where is it?

Gurgi not know where the... Uh-oh.

Give it back. I warn you.

Come on.

Come on, the apple. Let's have it.

You horrible, greedy thing.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Oh, poor, miserable Gurgi deserves fierce smackings and whackings on his poor, tender head.

Always left with no munchings and crunchings.

Forgive poor Gurgi.

Oh, stop that sniveling. I'm not going to hurt you.

Now, look here. Have you seen my pig?

Piggy? Round, fat piggy?

Big snout?

Yes, yes.

Curly tail?

That's her. That's Hen Wen.

Nope. Gurgi not see piggy. Nope.

Oh, never mind.

No telling where Hen Wen is by now.

Oh, master, master, now Gurgi remembers! Yes, yes!

Clever, sharp-eyed Gurgi saw the piggy run.

Yes, right through the forest. I saw it. I saw it.

Come! Gurgi will find the lost piggy.

Then we'll be friends forever.

Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere.

It's Hen Wen! She's in trouble!


Hen Wen!


Hen Wen!

Hen Wen, look out!

Look out!

Come on! Hurry, Hen! No! No! Hen, hurry!

No! No!

No! No!

No! Come back!


No! No! Come back!

Hen Wen.

I must get her out of there.

Oh, no, great lord.

Not go in there. Forget the piggy.

What are you doing here?

Gurgi come back to be your friend.

Friend? You're no friend!

Why, you ran away when I... Oh, never mind.

I promised Dallben I would keep Hen safe.

I have to go.

Well, are you coming?

Me? Go in there?

Oh, no, no, no. It's a terrible place.

Just as I thought. You're no friend.

You're just a miserable coward.

Here. This is all you wanted.

If great lord go into evil castle, poor Gurgi will never see his friend again.

No, never.

Shut up, you thick-skulled dolt.

Always barking at nothing.

All right, might as well make our rounds.

Here's to everybody!

More wine and meat for my men!

And more women.

Quiet. I'm trying to sleep.

What about a kiss, eh, princess?

Gads, you're a lovely one!

Come on!


Keep your hands off, you little creeper.

Going somewhere, Creeper?

Kiss me, love, and I'll die with a smile on my face.

Welcome, Your Majesty.

We're just celebrating our success.

I mean your success.

We've made no mistakes this time.

Bring in the prisoner!

Oh, no.

There, sire.

This is the pig that creates visions.

All right, pig, show His Majesty where the Black Cauldron can be found.

Go on! Show it!

Stubborn little thing, isn't she?

Why, yes, sire. You're quite right. I'll take care of it at once.

The Black Cauldron. Where is it?

Show us, swine!

I warn you, the King's patience is short.

No, no!


Get him! The sneaking, no-good...

Get back, or I'll...


Release him.



Hen Wen.

Oh, Hen Wen. There, there.

I presume, my boy, you are the keeper of this oracular pig.

Yes, sir.

Then instruct her to show me the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron.

Oh, sir, I can't. I promised.

Very well.

In that case, the pig is no use to me.

What are you going to do?

No! You can't!


No! Stop!

I'll make her tell you.

That's better.

Now, get on with the vision, pig.

Hen Wen, from you I do beseech knowledge that lies beyond my reach.

Look! Look, sire! It's working!

Ah, yes. The Black Cauldron.

So it does exist. Go on.

Yes, yes. Where is it?

Show me.

Show me.

Come on, Hen!

After them! Get them! After them!

Gotcha, pig boy!

The moat. It's our only chance.

Come on, Hen.

Swim, Hen! Swim!

I'm coming.

Gotcha, pig boy!

I caught him, Your Majesty! I caught the boy.

But you let the pig go, didn't you?

It wasn't my fault.

Throw the boy into the dungeon.

You must make sure he never uses Hen Wen to find the Black Cauldron.

I won't fail you, Dallben.

Look at me, Hen! I can do it!

I can do it. I can do it.

I thought I heard a noise in here.

Oh! Was that you?

Yeah. Yes.

You're being held a prisoner, aren't you?


I'm being held against my will, too.

It lights up.

Why, of course. It's magic.

Oh, I hate this place.

I do hope there aren't any rats in here.

Not that I really mind them, you know, but they do jump out at one so.

I'm Princess Eilonwy. Are you a lord or a warrior?

No. I'm an assistant pig keeper.

Oh, what a pity.

I was so hoping for someone who could help me escape.

Oh, well. If you want to come with me, you may.

Can I?

Well, yes. I said you could.

Oh, that wicked, wicked king.

You know, he stole me.

He thought my bauble could tell him where some old cauldron was.

That's what he wanted my pig for.

Oh, yes, your pig.

But my pig can tell the future.

Oh, how interesting.

Well, you'd better stay close to me, or you'll get lost.

Your bauble!

Oh, it's always chasing those rats.

A burial chamber.

This could be the tomb of the great king who built this castle before the Horned King took it over.

Are you all right?

Well, come on, then. Help me look around.

He must have been a great warrior.

A sword!

This will please him.

It's a good lot this time.

Hurry! In with it!

Finally. He'll reward me for this.

Don't stop, you weakling!

Put some muscle into it.

Let's get out of here before they come back.

Where did you get that sword?

Back there.

You mean...

Well, he's not going to use it.

You're making a horrendous mistake.

I'm not a spy!

I'm a bard! I sing.

I entertain. I...

Careful, sir. These are the hands of an artist.

This'll hold you.

Now, look. You seem an intelligent sort of chap to me.

I assure you I had no idea who owned this castle.

I just happened to be passing.

Oh, he's nice, isn't he? What's his name?

No! Down, boy!

Come on.

You don't realize who I am.

I shall sing of your dastardly deed.

I'm Fflewddur Fflam, minstrel of minstrels, balladeer to the grandest courts in all the land!

And I... Well, have you forgotten?

I have sung in some of the finest courts.

Well, I'm only waiting for an invitation.

Oh, shush.

Why do you have to judge every word I say?

Who's that?


Oh, hello. We'll have you untied in a moment.

I'm Princess Eilonwy and you're in bad trouble, aren't you?

"Trouble"? Don't you know where you are?

Haven't you seen him?

Pig boy has escaped. Look in there.

We've been discovered.

That's you?

Oh, great Belin, run! Run!

Make haste!

"Make haste"? I must save myself.

I think he went through the passage.

All right, let's try down here.


Princess Eilonwy?

Pig boy!

You little scut!

No, no, no.

Are you all right?

Oh, good. You're safe.

Why, of course. I...

Come on. I'm going to get you out of here. Aah!

There they are.

Quick! Up here.

Taran, the sword.

Great Belin!

Help! Murder!

Keep going, Princess.

There he is! There he is!

Over there!

Stop him!


There they are.

Come on! Get them!

Oh, no! Taran!

We've got you now, pig boy.

Taran, do something!

Use the sword!

Make way! Make way!

Stand aside, I command you. Get out from under my feet!

Let me go, you brute!

Run, Princess! Run!

Stay up! Please stay up!

Why didn't you tell me you had a magic sword?

I'll say it wasn't my fault. That's it.

That's it. I always get blamed for these things.

I'll just tell him, and if he gets mad...

I'll just straighten him out.

That's it. I'm not going to be kicked around for this.


You bring news of the pig?

No, not exactly, sire.

It's... Oh, it's the pig keeper.

He's... Oh, he's...

He's escaped.

Oh, sire! Allow me.

Isn't that enough?

Good. He'll find his pig.

Send the gwythaints to follow that boy.

Oh, yes, sire!

Oh, yes!

By all means, sire!

* The world will applaud me

* Its praise will reward me

* And I, Fflewddur Fflam, will find fame *

They're almost finished, Fflewddur.

It's not too good, but it'll hold for a while.

Yes, I shall sing of your deed.

It would be better to sing of our heroic escape.

Weren't you a bit frightened, Fflewddur?

A Fflam, frightened?

The word is not in my vocabulary.

But in this case, well-chosen, my dear.

I wasn't afraid.

Ouch! Not afraid?

Why, we were running for our lives.

Well, I got us out of the castle, didn't I?

You? I'd say it was the sword's magic.

But it takes a great warrior to handle a sword like this.

But still, it is a magic sword.

What does a girl know about swords, anyway?

Girl? Girl?

If it weren't for this girl, you would still be in the Horned King's dungeon.

Here now, Princess Eilonwy, Taran...

At least I don't keep talking about it forever.

Oh, you're so boring!

Princess Eilonwy...

How dare you take his side?

I really didn't... I didn't mean to interfere, you know.

Silly girl. Even if she is a princess.

But we're going to have to... To...

Dear, oh, dear.



Fflewddur is right, you know.

We are going to have to work together.

And we'll find your pig.

I'm sure it's important.

Thank you for getting me out of the dungeon.

Oh, but we couldn't have done it without you.

Well, at least we're all safe.

Great Belin!


Help! Murder!


Gurgi's lucky day.

Get this thing off me.


Yes, keep it! It's a gift!

Want this. Gurgi want this.

Go ahead.

I'm sure you've murdered for less.

Want. Gurgi want!


Master? Oh, old man fell down.

Get up. Get up.

Well, really.

Who is your pungent little friend?

He's no friend of mine.

He's just a coward and a thief.

Too big anyway.

You're charming.

And pungent, too.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Yes, yes. Exactly. Now toddle off, toddle off.

Gurgi go.

Tracks? Tracks!

Gurgi remember. Saw piggy's tracks.

You did? Today!

Today? Wait a minute.

He'll try anything.

Oh, you're both horrid. He just might know.

Pretty lady come, too?

Well, I...

Yes, yes, yes! Follow Gurgi! Follow Gurgi!

You better be telling the truth.

Gurgi not lie, not this time.

See, master?

Piggy's footsteps. No lie.

Oh, good. They look fresh.

Oh, master. Master!

Gurgi, hold on!

Oh, no! Taran! Give me your hand.

We're doomed!


How did they get in here?

Old Doli's whirlpool broke again.

I bet they wake up soon.

We better tell King Eidilleg.

No, silly. You know we're not supposed to be up here.

Uh-oh. We're all gonna be in trouble.

Not me.

Me, either.


Oh, yes. I see you fixed that.


When I get this last peg in here, I'll be finished.

Good. Yes, that should work.

It's perfect. Grab that pole!

I got it!

Oh, aren't you all darling?


I'm King Eidilleg of the Fairfolk.

How the blazes did they...

I thought I told you to fix the whirlpool.

I fixed it. I did fix it! It was perfect!

Evidently, not completely perfect.

It's supposed to keep them out.

Can I be of any service?

Is everything that happens around here my fault?

Are you here on a friendly visit?

And I suppose it's my fault the pig's here, too?

Hen Wen?

Oh, she's your pig?

Oh, good.

One less thing for old Doli to worry about.


What now?

Would you hurry and fetch the pig?

Hey, you kids, what are you doing?

Oh, Mr. Doli, I just wanna see the pretty lady.

Well, now, you watch yourselves, hear?

I can't believe my eyes, Your Majesty.

Watch it. Watch it!

Oh, Hen!

Thank goodness you're...

Tell me, is the burning and killing still going on up there?

You refer to that joke on humanity, the Horned King.

Will no one ever stand up to him?

We've seen him, and if he finds the Cauldron, he'll kill us all.

Oh, no, no. He'll never find it.

No, no. It's safely hidden in Morva.


Well, at least I think it is.

Oh, Doli, is it?


Is that one of my new jobs, remembering where the Cauldron was last seen?


Oh, he'll know right where it is. You'll see.

If we could get to the Cauldron first and destroy it...

Oh, this isn't right, Taran.

But don't you see?

If we destroy the Cauldron, it will stop the Horned King.

Please, come with me.

Wait, I never thought... Morva.

That's a hard place to get to.


Why, you can take them.


Do you mean we're trusting our lives to him?

And what is wrong with me?

Oh, nothing. Splendid choice.

Shall we, then?

Wait! Hen Wen!

Oh, don't worry. We'll get her home safely.

Oh, thank you, sir. Be good, Hen.

Well, if it's the Marshes of Morva you wanted, here you are.

Such a dreary place.

Let's see what it looks like from up here.

I think we're lost.

Are you sure this is the right place, Doli?

Yes, I'm sure.

Well, if you ask me...

Fflewddur! Doli!

Are you all right?

Hey, look out, you big, clumsy oaf!

Look where you... Uh-oh.

Welcome to Morva.

Well, someone must live here.

Gurgi not like this place.


It seems empty.

Maybe we should have a look.

If I can just get this door open...

How will we ever find the Black Cauldron in a place like this?

It must be here somewhere.

They're only frogs, Eilonwy.

Those were people.

You mean they were turned into frogs?

Oh, master, come quickly.

Gurgi found the wicked Cauldron.

Quick, quick, quick! Follow Gurgi!

Behold, master.

The whole room is full of cauldrons.

I don't understand.

Why would anyone want so many...

Thieves! Thieves!

Someone stole all our frogs.

You evil, nasty people.

You shall all be turned into frogs and eaten.

Nice and tender.

Stop that, you... You...

Oh. So nice to meet you, ladies.

Goodbye. Aah!


My, aren't you the handsome one?

Who? Me?

Oh, honestly, now, don't you find me irresistible?

Yes. Well, of course, most attractive.

Shush! Stop that.

You don't mind if I pluck your harp,

do you, handsome?

Enough of that lovesick nonsense.

Great Belin!

Quick! We're going to have toad stew.

You're not gonna eat this one.

Come here, love.

Can anyone here perform marriages?


You love-struck witch!

Where is he? Where'd he go?

Yoo-hoo! Where are you?

Don't go.

Now look what you've done.

He's gone!

I'll never forgive you for this, Orgoch, never!

Ooh! There you are.

Enough! We've come for the Black Cauldron.

Did you hear that, sisters?

Why, nobody's asked for the Black Cauldron in over 2,000 years.

It's a trick.

We're not going to let them have it, are we?

Don't worry.

Leave it to me.

Perhaps I might interest you in something else?

A kettle, a cook pot, a skillet, a teapot, a bucket, a jar, a platter?

See anything you like?

I don't believe it.

I've never seen a sword like that.

I've got to have that sword.

Listen carefully.

We'll trade the Cauldron for the sword.

But what can they do with the Cauldron, Orddu?

Nothing! That's the point. Don't you see?

We'll end up with both the sword and the Cauldron.

It's decided, then. You shall have the Black Cauldron.

You mean you'll give it to us?

That's not what I said.

You weren't listening.

We never give anything away.

What we do is bargain, trade.

Well, you'll not have my sword!

May I ask you ladies to perhaps consider this magnificent harp?

A harp?

Oh, when we want music, we send for the birds.

What would we do with a simple harp?

Wait! Gurgi will trade his crunchings and munchings.

Who would want...

Hold it, sister. Not so fast.

All right. I know what you want.


No, Taran! No!

It's our only chance.

Here is my sword. Take it.

Is it your own choice, duckling?

Remember, with this sword, you could be the greatest of warriors.

Yes. I offer my dearest possession in exchange for the Black Cauldron.

Agreed. We have made a bargain.

Look out!


Taran, watch out!

Great Belin!



The Black Cauldron. It's ours!

I say, what funny little ducklings.

Don't they know the Black Cauldron is indestructible?

Now listen carefully.

The Black Cauldron can never be destroyed.

Only its evil powers can be stopped.

Then there is a way. But how?

A living being must climb into it of his own free will.

Gurgi is bold and brave. He will climb into the evil Cauldron.

However, the poor duckling will never climb out alive.


Now, look here, madam.

Don't forget we had an agreement.

Yes. You said we could have the Cauldron.

Of course we said you could have the Cauldron.

It's not our fault you can't do anything with it.

Goodbye, goslings.

Remember, we always keep a bargain.

What a bunch of blundering misfits!

Things just never work out when you're dealing with people.

You can go back to feeding pigs.

I've had it. Goodbye.

Doli's right. It's my fault.

I let you down.

Without my sword, I'm nothing, just an assistant pig keeper.

Look, you are somebody.

You must believe in yourself.

I believe in you.

You do?

And I think that you're... I mean...

That is... Yes, Taran?

I mean...

What I mean is, I'm grateful to all of you.

You've been true friends. Now it's up to me...


Trouble. Goodbye.

Quick! We can't let them find us.

Pig boy!

Fight where you are, pig boy.


Gotcha now, pig boy.

Get a move on! Careful, now.

You! Pile them up over there!

And get that cart out of here!

Oh, I'm sorry.

I've ignored you.

You did come for the Black Cauldron, didn't you?

Good. Then climb in!

It will only cost you your life.



Everything is ready, sire.

My, such a brave and handsome group: a pig boy, a scullery maid and a broken-down minstrel.

Perhaps it may interest you to see what fate has in store for you.

Now I call on my army of the dead, the Cauldron-Born.

Arise, my messengers of death.

Our time has arrived.

Oh, it's horrible.

My beloved warriors have come to life, all the dead of centuries past.

Never has anyone created an army like this.

Go forth, my deathless warriors.

Destroy all in your path.

Come, sire. We can get a better view from above.

Oh, Taran.

I'm afraid it'll soon be over for us.

I hadn't planned it to end like this, Eilonwy.

Oh, I wish I'd stayed a toad.

Only moments away from victory, my greatest triumph.

We did it, sire! We did it!

Oh, I mean you.

Yes, of course. You did it, sire.


Gurgi? Gurgi? Is that you?


Gurgi, what are you doing here?

Gurgi is sorry he always runs away when there's trouble.

He will untie everybody, then we will leave this evil place.

Yeah, but get on with it.

Good boy, Gurgi.

Eilonwy, you and Fflewddur go with Gurgi.

I must stop the Cauldron.

Oh, but, Taran, that's impossible. Why, you'd be...


I'm sorry, Eilonwy.

Please, Taran. No! You can't!

My mind is made up.

Wait, master! Gurgi not let you jump into Cauldron.

Gurgi, get out of my way.



Please, master, not go into evil Cauldron.

If I don't, we're all lost. Out of my way!

No, Gurgi not let his friend die.

Taran has many friends.

Gurgi has no friends.

Gurgi, no!

Don't jump! Wait!

No! No!

Oh, no.


Sire, look. Something's wrong.

What is it, sire? They're dying!

It can't be.

This had better not be your fault.

Perhaps it needs another body, sire.

Yes, yours.

Get Eilonwy out of here. Hurry!

But, Taran, I... Please, I...

Go on! Go with Fflewddur.

Maybe there's still a chance for Gurgi.


No, sire! Please!

Get up! Come alive!

Maybe they're only resting, sire.

Do something! My life is at stake!

Get up, you fools! Kill!

Look! Sire, look!

It's the pig boy.

It's his fault. Yes.

He's the cause of it!

You've interfered for the last time.

Go for his throat, sire.

Now, pig keeper, you shall die.

No! No!

What? What's this?

No, you'll not escape.

You shall satisfy the Cauldron's hunger.

Oh, no!

No! You'll not have me!

My power cannot die!

Curse you!

No! No!

Oh, no.

How horrible.

Poor sire.

He's gone.

He's gone!

He's gone!

He's gone!

Fflewddur! Eilonwy!

Over here! Hurry!

Thank goodness you're safe.

Come on, Fflewddur. Hurry!

Run for your lives!

Come on. Jump.

Taran, look!

Quick. Get in.

Let's go.

Here. Push off, Fflewddur.

Uh-oh. Trouble.

Oh, we can't get through.

I'll try to open the gate.

Taran, be careful, please.

Hurry! Move on through.

Come on, Fflewddur. Hurry!

Oh, good work, lad. Here, let me give you...

Look out!




Why is the poor duckling so sad?

Yes. He's got what he wanted, and he's still not satisfied.

Just what do you think you're up to, ladies?

Oh, we have business with your little hero.

Hero? Gurgi was the hero.

The only thing that mattered to you was the Cauldron, but now it's no use to you, so we'll just take it and be on our way.

Wait... But... Wait a minute.

Stay your hand, ladies.

We never give anything away.

We bargain. We trade.


Did these old ears hear the word "bargain"?

Yes, madam, those old ears heard right.

I adore forceful men.

Oh, pull yourself together, madam.

Now, come on, out with it. What is your offer?

No, not my... Then I'll do it.

A magnificent sword for a warrior.

I'm not a warrior.

I'm a pig boy.

What would I do with a sword?

Absolutely nothing.

But I would trade...


The Cauldron for Gurgi.

Oh, dear!

It's not possible.

Just as I thought, ladies.

You've got no real power!

Admit it! Admit it!

We have made a bargain.

Oh, Taran.

Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere.

Gurgi! You're alive!

He's alive!

Great Belin, he is alive.

Oh, Fflewddur, Fflewddur, he's alive!

I'm alive! Gurgi's alive!

Look, look, look! Touch me!

Gurgi, you clever little thing.

Come on, Gurgi, let's go home.

Gurgi's happy day!

Come on.

Great Belin!

You did well, my boy.