The Black Water Vampire (2014) Script

Officer Dorner, badge number 142.

We're here at Black Water Creek approximately 28 miles from Fawnskin.

It's January 5th, 2003.

As you can see, there's a, uh, pretty large rock formation

What we have here is a brown boot belonging to a female.

The boot has stains, some extensive damage here.

There are some tears going up and down the side of the boot.

Here is an article of clothing presumably belonging to the victim.

It could have come from a blouse or a t-shirt.

All right, over here about 80 feet or so from the body.

Little rough terrain here.

We found, uh, two teeth.

They look to be molars.

We're gonna take them back to the lab to get them tested.

They're presumably the victim's.

What we're looking at here is the body of a white female.

Approximately 17 to 20 years of age. About 110 pounds.

The body was found this morning by a group of hunters at around 6:00 a.m.

The body is believed to be that of Millicent Barnem.

She's been missing for the last two weeks.

She was last seen, uh, leaving the hair salon in Fawnskin, where she works, on December 21st, at around midnight.

As you can see, she has a unidentified symbol etched into her skin here.

The victim sustained a, uh, blunt blow to the right side of her temple here.

On her throat, there is a large bite of some sort, from some sort of animal.

Aside from some dry blood on her body, there doesn't seem to be any traces of it in the area.

Which, if you ask me, seems very strange.

Danielle, hello, hello.


We going over everything?

Yeah. Just, um, making my checklist of all my stuff that I need.

Batteries are charged. You all right?

Yeah, I'm just... I'm just a little stressed out.

Trying to get everything ready.

Make sure I have everything.

On December 21st, 1972, a young woman was found brutally murdered and her body was dumped in what's known as the Black Water Woods.

Ten years later, another body was found in the area.

In 1992, another.

Ten years ago, the last victim, Millicent Barnem.

Four women in 40 years.

I'm making this because I need to know.

I need to know what happened.

I grew up in the area, so the story has been with me for practically my whole life.

Four women.

All disappeared on December 21st, the night of the winter solstice.

And were all found dead days later with bite marks on their neck.

I don't think Raymond Banks did this.

But then again, no part of this case actually fits together.

And that's why I'm doing this.

Organized, huh? Yeah.

Putting it together? Yeah, all my case files, um, some of the autopsy photos.

I'm really excited. A little nervous.

But, I think it's because I'm just hoping that it's...

It pans out.

Well, Danielle has been following the case of Raymond Banks for years.

Um, there's a lot of things that just don't add up.

For example, the women's bodies were completely drained of blood.

There was no blood or DNA found at the crime scenes.

We just wanna find out the truth before an innocent man is put to death.

What are you doing? Who do we have here?

Our camera guy.

That we found on the internet.

I thought you were gonna say, like, on the side of the street.

Super scary. Basically the same thing.

Get out of here. Hi. Hi.

So, Anthony, tell us a little bit about you.

Uh, the good stuff? Obviously.

The bad stuff, please. The bad stuff, there's none.

You want a synopsis. Synopsis.

I'm, uh... 200 words or less.

Fantastic, uh, human being.

Kind, considerate, I give to many charities.

You ever trekked three days through the snow?

No, but I'm used to the snow. Andrea?

You ever trekked three days through the snow?

I'm not a big fan of snow, so this should be...

She'll be fine. ...interesting.

We're gonna pick up Rob, actually.

And Rob is... We went to school with Rob.

So we worked with Rob on those last two documentaries.

I've already got all this loaded and charged. Okay, cool.

Oh, is that him? That's Rob.

This is the guy I've been hearing about?

Hey, we're looking for a sound guy. Do you know one?

You guys know you're late. Yeah?


I've been standing out here... Oh, thanks, newbie.

You good? Yeah, I got it.

Are you gonna record me? Yes.

Is that what's going on now? Hey. Anthony.

Rob. Rob, nice to meet you.


All right, you got me here.

Dropped everything for you. What are we doing?

Raymond Banks. Raymond Banks.

Yeah, the alleged serial killer?

Oh, alleged serial killer?

I thought he was on death row for killing, what, four women?

He's gonna be sentenced to death in less than three months.

Well, there it is. Done deal. It's case closed to me, right?

No, it's not a case closed.

First off, he was interrogated for 16 hours straight without his attorney present, before he confessed.

There was no physical evidence found that could link him to any of the murder scenes.

His whole conviction is based on circumstantial evidence.

You don't send a man to death on circumstantial evidence.

Oh, leave it to Danielle.

I get it, you have this idealistic streak about you.

You're always trying to find something or somebody to save.

Uh, what was it last time?

It was, um... It was whales.


Dolphins, whales, same thing. Fish is a fish.

A dolphin's a mammal not a fish.

Danielle, so why Banks?

I've been kind of obsessed with him for a long time.

I grew up around the area.

Oh, you're a small town girl then, huh?

Yeah, tiny little Baptist town.

You know, I mean, we... We thought we were safe.

You know, it's just home, school, church, nothing really else.

Then the murder. Millicent Barnem.

She grew up in Fawnskin, which was just a few miles from where I grew up.


She was 17.

She disappeared one night and they found her body two weeks later.

Nothing was ever the same after that.


I was 12 when they arrested him.

Banks. He became the boogeyman of my childhood, you know, he became the monster that was in the closet at night, you know?

Monster in the closet, what do you mean?

Well, as kids we would sing a rhyme.

Okay, we are gonna take Highway 14 to Fawnskin.

I just need you to find that on the map for me, Andrea.

Bloodsucker Highway.

Bloodsucker what?

Bloodsucker Highway. It's because of all the bodies and murders in that area.

What about 'em?

All the bodies were completely drained of blood.

Some of the town people made up stories and they believed that there's vampires living in the woods.


Yes, vampires, they're folktales.

Vampires? Yes, vampires.

So, yeah, about that.

You were saying something about a hike?

Oh, um, it's gonna be a three-day hike up to Black Water Creek.

That's where they found Millicent Barnem.

I just wanna get some footage up there.

I just wanna make sure I have my story straight.

We're going on a hike into the woods that could be full of vampires and God knows what other creatures.

That's the plan? That's what we're gonna do?

Rob, there's no vampires. There's no need for vampires.

What people can do to each other is far worse than any monster that we dream up. Trust me.

Do you guys know about any of the Black Water killings that have happened in these woods?

We know they happened. Yeah.

We know they found bodies. No blood.

No blood at all.

How do you feel about Raymond Banks' conviction?

I totally believe Raymond Banks is guilty.

He kind of had a reputation around town for chasing after young girls.

He was a weird old coot.

Do you know who Raymond Banks is?

Yeah, he scares me.

-Yeah, that Raymond Banks boy. I don't think he did it.

It's a shame that they just gotta snatch up somebody.

Get up in ours, 'cause poor white women, you gotta get somebody.

If Banks didn't kill them, then who did?

Yeah, they got a creature lives in here.

A creature? What kind of creature? -Oh, yeah.

He walks up like we do.

Got some fangs.

My grandmother, she called him Rat Teeth.

'Cause he was big. You think I'm tall?

She say he big, broad shoulder, and he's long arms, long nails.

And little feet. Kind of walk like this.

What they say about vampires, they got all this kind of stuff.

He ain't have all that, he had these little rat teeth.

So instead of... like that, he couldn't do that.

So he gets frustrated.

And just pull out the heart, and eat it like a apple.

That ain't right.

It's like you grow up with it. You feel more attached to it.

Like, it's more personal.

Because it's something that you've... You've known for so long.

We tried to get ahold of you for your comment on the case.

Can you please talk to us briefly about the Banks murder trial?

Look, I'm not gonna say anything I haven't said a hundred times.

How do you justify putting a man on death row with no physical evidence?

Well, the defendant confessed.

And we proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was guilty of those murders.

All right? We're done.


Before you retired, you investigated both of the murder cases of Ann Meyers in 1982 and Lea Carlyle in 1992.

Can you tell us about those?

I worked on the Black Water cases for 18 years.

From 1982 when they first discovered the body of Ann Meyers until the day I retired.

I was there when they found the body of Lea Carlyle.

She was only 16.

What can you tell us about the crime scenes?

There was a lack of evidence.

Both bodies were completely drained of blood.

There was no murder weapon.

No footprints, no hair, no fibers.

How do you explain the blood loss?

I don't.

Medical examiners didn't have an answer.

I don't have an answer.

What about the markings that were found on the bodies?

Both victims had a symbol etched into their skin.

We sorted through various cult literature, but nothing concrete was ever found.


What about the bite that was found on Ann Meyers' neck?

Well, we assumed the bite was from a wolf or some other animal, possibly postmortem.

But to be honest with you...

I never saw an animal leave bite marks that looked like that.

How do you explain or how do you feel about these loose ends?

I don't feel good about them.

And I can't explain them.

So, seems to me we got more questions than answers from Detective Miller.

I got something out of it. Oh, yeah, what's that?

He couldn't explain the bite mark, for example.

Vampires? I'm being serious, Rob.

So am I. You think I wanna go hiking for three days in the woods with vampires...

Woah! Holy fuck!

What happened? You guys okay?

You guys all right? I don't know...

Did you see that? Something just ran out of the woods.

What ran out of the woods?

I don't know. Shit! Dog?

No, it wasn't a fucking dog. What did you hit?

I swerved into a pot hole. God damn it!

Just stay here. I'll check it out.

It's definitely a flat.

You know how to work that thing all right?

Yeah, but we can't put the spare on unless I the take cap off, which I'm not gonna be able to do.

What does that mean?

It means you can't change it?

I don't have a tire iron. I can...

Do you have anything else back there? Do you have a wrench?

I don't know. -Did you see something? Or, what was it?

I didn't see an animal. Okay.

I saw like a figure, a shadow, a... A ghost?

No, I didn't see a fucking ghost.

What the fuck was that? Did you guys hear that?

Shh. What?

It's just, I swear I heard something.

Guys, we're outside, I wouldn't get too caught up on it.

What did you hear, Rob?

Eh, it was probably like a wolf, or coyote.

I don't know what's out here. Coyotes?

Right there.

Oh, shit.

Come on, so what? It's a bird. It's... an animal.

I mean, we got nothing else in the car that we can take this tire off with? You have to have it.

No, I've never had a flat tire. It's a new car.

Oh, here we go.

Rob. There you go.

I got this. We need help.

There we go. All right.


Hey, we have a flat tire.


Where's he going?

Fuck! Was that a "no?"

God! Did you see him?

No, I didn't see him!

What the fuck was that about?

Yeah, man, my heart's just like...

You okay? Yeah, I just need my inhaler.

You okay, Rob?

Yeah, it just, like, shook me up. I'm just gonna, like...

You good? Yeah. No, I'm fine.

He's good. Let's go. What was that?

That was fucked up.


Good job.

Hey, future reference, other passengers, tire iron under the passenger's seat is not a good place to put it.

Sorry, I didn't know.

After all that. You good?

You good?

I'm fucking freezing. But at least we're back on track.

What? Straight?

You all right? Yeah.

Just... I don't know...

That was just weird. I've never almost been run over before.

Sure we know where we're going?

Danielle, are we close? Yeah, it's just up this road.

I can't see the numbers though.

It's that cabin up there.

This one?

That's us? Yeah.

Yeah, she's here to meet us.

Has she been waiting outside?

She doesn't look too happy, guys.

Well, we are two hours late.

I know, I'm so sorry.

We got a flat tire.

Hi, I'm Danielle. We spoke on the phone.

How long have you lived here?

Long time.

Do you rent this cabin out to people often?

Not often.

Well, thank you for renting it out to us.

Um, do you know anything about the Black Water killings?

Not much.

What do you think about Raymond Banks?

Raymond Banks?

He's the devil.

Thank you.

It's a weird town.

This is weird. Yeah. -Weird town.

It fits the small town model, right?

Yeah, that's the town motto. "Come on in, we're weird."

Danielle, can I say something? Yeah.


Everyone just got out of the shower, but you never looked better.

Our chemistry is disrupting the group.

So, I just wanted to address it.

Our chemistry? Yeah.


Okay, just say "no" then, if it's from...

No. Oh.

That was easy.

Well, crud.

Yeah, good luck with that one.

She doesn't do that stuff.

Do what stuff? You know...

What is that? That stuff.

What the fuck is that? Yeah, what was that?

That stuff. -It's called sexual abstinence.

That's her way of...

We go in front of our family and family friends and... -ANTHONY: Yeah.

...pledge that we will be abstinent until marriage.

Well, I made a pledge, I was gonna play, maybe, like, baseball.

-That didn't work out too well.

What's happening?

Shit, I heard it, too. Uh-huh.

Hold up.

Fuck. Is it on? Is it on?

What? Look!

What am I look...

Is that who was banging at the door?

If she was, why wouldn't she just wait at the door then, for us to answer? That was like a minute ago.

Think she needs help?

Go talk to her.

You go out and fucking talk to her.

I'm not gonna go talk to her.

Guys, what's going on?

Come check this out. Did you hear the knock at the door?

I heard something. Take a look for yourself.

You gotta see this. Oh, shit.

What am I looking at? Where'd she go?

There was a woman out there.

She was just there. You guys drank a lot tonight.

That's not the point. We're not hallucinating.

What, so you could slip on it later? On the ice? See if someone falls on it.

No, why would I put a banana peel on the ice?

It's either one or the other. That's too much comedy. Just to make sure.

Everything in here... Yes.

We can't really do an interview without...

No, I realize that.

So, that's why we're trying to find something.

Great. Thank you so much. Okay, bye.

Thoughts. Think. Where it could be? Andrea, did you see it?

What? Missing the lapel.

We had it for our last interview and I don't know why we don't have it now.

My daughter.


She was perfect.

Ann was, uh...

She... She was a happy one.

She always kept things up when it looked like things weren't so good.

She... She just had a way of...

Of looking at the positive side all the time.

Lea and I were like sisters.

We were like thick as thieves or just...

Always Lauren Lea, Lauren and Lea, Lauren and Lea, everywhere we went and...

Since we were like eight or nine years old, we were just inseparable.

Millicent and I were best friends.

Uh, we went to school together.

And, we really did everything together.

I didn't get to see her get married or...

Have children.

We miss her.

We miss her a lot.

She wanted to make something of herself.

She wanted to get educated. She wanted to go to school.

She wanted to go to college. She wanted to leave here.

She's not gonna have that chance now.

What can you remember about the night she went missing?

Yeah. Um...

Oof. Well...

Lea really wanted to go to, um, a movie.

So, uh, I think she wanted to see Wayne's World.

Um, so we grabbed a pizza at, um, Carlo's Pizza.

Just... But it was like any other fun weekend night and...

But then you say good-bye at the end of the night and I thought I'd see her again the next day like I did every single day.

And I never saw her again.

We didn't worry at first, but then...

By the time it got dark we knew something was... Something was off.

So we, uh...

Well, we got ahold of the sheriff's department and I think that was the hardest part 'cause then you gotta admit something's wrong.

You just...

And this... This is where we are now.

Do you think Raymond Banks is your daughter's killer?

You know, I don't understand that question, to be honest with you.

I'm not gonna answer that question.

Obviously, the police felt that it was enough.

He's behind bars.

My daughter's dead.

Raymond Banks is a killer.

And he deserves to die for what he did to her.

I can't wait till...

I can't wait till he is dead.

Dead. I mean dead. I am gonna be in the front row and I'm gonna watch the whole thing 'cause I cannot wait for that beast...

He's not even a human.

He's a fucking... Excuse my language.

He's a beast.

I hope, above hope, that that boy rots in hell.

How are you doing?

Nice to be out of the hole.

Nice to see people from the outside for a change.

You don't have anybody that comes to visit you?

No. Nobody wants to see me.

Don't you know?

Know what?

I'm the devil.

Nobody wants to see the devil.

How about mail? Do you get mail?

Plenty of mail.

Got your letters.

What do other people write to you?

They hope I die.

They pray that I rot in hell for what I've done.

Do they write you anything else?


That I'm scum.

Do you wanna talk about what happened?

What happened when?

How about we start on the day that you were arrested? What happened that day?

Why are you here?

You wanna see how it looks like when a man stares death in the face, hmm?

Is... Is that why you came?

I came here to hear your side of the story, Mr. Banks.

My side, my side, my side, my side, my side of story?

You wanna hear my side of the story?

I'll tell you my side of the story.

Police don't like me. People in town never liked me.

Now why is that?

It's 'cause I know about them.

I know all about 'em.

You see, they came to my house.

They had these things, they looked like guns.

You'd think they was guns.

But they wasn't guns. Put these transistors in 'em.

Just like the CIA uses to listen to you.

Like a microphone, only you don't know it.

They think I don't know it.

'Cause they think I'm stupid.

My lawyer, he thinks I'm stupid!

Want me to plead insanity like I'm some kind of whacko.

I ain't no whacko!

I'm not stupid.

Do you think I'm stupid?

No. I don't.

I don't think you belong here.

I know about your arrest.

I know you were interrogated for 16 hours straight without your attorney present.

I know the lack of physical evidence.

I know you got an unfair trial, Mr. Banks.

They listen to everything I say.

'Cause they know I know.


That's why they shoot me up.

'Cause they don't want me opening my big, fat mouth.

Are... Are you saying that you were unjustly convicted?

Are you saying you're innocent of the crimes?

They did this.


Two inmates clamped me up like a fish.

I know they put 'em up to it.

Who put them up to it?


The FBI, cunt!

Who the hell do you think?

They've been putting thallium in my food since 2002. 2002!

You know anything about thallium? You know what it does?

It kills you slowly. You can't taste it, you can't smell it.

You see they mix it in with the food.

Sometimes potatoes, sometimes the meatloaf.

Know what it does? Know what thallium does?

You wanna see dying?

Meet thallium.

Kills you slow like a rat.

You're saying that they're trying to kill you. Why?

I told you.

'Cause I know!

What exactly do you know?

I know what they do.

I know what they do in the woods.

For the love of God.

They call me a monster?

They're the monsters.

Every one of 'em.

Are you saying you know who's killing these women?

Hey, hey, hey! -You want to know who killed those women?

Go! Go see!

You go see!

You want to know who killed them, you go see him!

We're not gonna discuss?

Any of that psycho blabber that just...

Anthony, just shut up.

There's no point in sitting in silence about it!

I mean, we were all there! We all saw it!

You gotta have some sort of an opinion, Danielle. This was your whole thing.

Rob, what about you?

Am I the only one that can speak up about this?

I know it was a little bit of an experience, but...

What? What did he... What did he draw?

Some sort of symbols.

What's that? Symbols.

Symbols? What? What kind of symbols?

I don't know.

So we could do 12... 12 hours the first day.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I mean...

Okay, then six hours. -We'll see how far we get the first day.

We're not exactly professional hikers here.

It's gonna be about 17-18 degrees tomorrow.

So, you might...

Yeah, during the day, but what about at night?

All right. Let's get going.

I'll get that.

Yeah? Yeah, I got them.

I said I would.

I can't wait to get out of this town.

Yeah, maybe we should just go now.

Nice try, Rob.

We good? Is there anything else? Almost out of here.

So it's supposed to be right up here where we're gonna leave the car.


Mind if I stay with the car?

You'll be fine, Rob.

I mean, you have, uh, both cameras? -Yep.

Uh, yeah. All right.

You sure you wanna go on this?

Yeah. Why, you scared?

Rob, are you scared?

In all seriousness, I'm actually asking.

I'm a little scared, dude. All right.

Here, I'll take the map.

No, I just wanna...

How do you feel?

Excited. Yeah. Yeah?

You're gonna let me know if I run into a tree walking backwards, right?

-You didn't answer my question!

I will. Okay.

So, if you're getting tired now, we can always go back.

Are you limping?

I'm fine! Huh?

I've got an old soccer injury, that's all.

If something really...

If we're really in trouble, you think we're not gonna hightail it outta here?

Hightail it out? We're in the middle of...

Uh, girls, beer, trucks, guy stuff, you know.

Hey, can I have the map?

So I could see how far we are?

You don't trust me?

Like three and a half more miles north.

Then we're gonna hit Banks' cabin.

Raymond Banks is first stop? -Yeah.

We got a couple hours.

Still got daylight, so we're good. I think so.

Oh, luckily, my legs are so strong.

Such a workout. You all right?

Oh, no! I'd help you out, but I remember how everyone's gonna make fun of me! One down! Man down!

Holy shit, what is that?

Oh, my God!

Blood or paint?


Is that the thing Banks drew? Huh?

Yeah. Is that the thing Banks drew?

It's maybe a trail marker, or maybe some kid is screwing around with us.

I don't know.

No, let's not let a stupid paint freak us out.

Lot of ground to cover, come on.

Let's rock. Let's go.

Come on, Rob.

Is this it? Yeah, this is it.

We doing this? This is it.

Yeah, this seems cozy.

Who knows what's inside? Let's...

Doesn't look well insulated.


I can't believe he lived out here. This is crazy.

Right, this is probably a mansion for lunatics.

Guess that makes it pretty clear how they feel about him around here.



What? We going in?


We gotta check this.

They're all pretty blocked up.

Can you get in there?


What the fuck?


All right. You okay? You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

We got a flashlight? Or, Rob, you got night vision on that.

Can you come in?

Do you see the symbol in the back as well? Yup.

I'm in front of Raymond Banks' cabin that's been abandoned now for over nine years since he's been in jail.

The local DA pressed for a capital case and got it based on very thin evidence.

Banks was spotted by eye witnesses near where Millicent worked, acting strange.

The town turned against him.

Many locals stated that he was dangerous.

The locals vandalized his home, as you can see behind me, and he was put in protective custody while he was under investigation.

He was arrested with no murder weapons or DNA that could match him to any of the murder scenes.

He was then tried and sentenced in a record two-week trial based on his own confession that the police obtained after a non-stop 16-hour interrogation.

If he is really guilty of the murders committed over the past 40 years, Banks is truly a monster.

Are you all right? Yeah.

No, it's not that long.

Yeah, we're good. It goes up from here. Okay.

Cool. All right.

I can't even see where we came from anymore.

It's gorgeous, good to get away for a while.

Oh. Yup. You all right?

Andrea? Thank you.

Ah! Shit! Oh, shit!

What the hell? Shit! Shit! Shit!

Rob, you okay? Yeah.

You all right, buddy?

Here, take that, Andrea.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Sound equipment all right?

Headphones got wet.

What did you slip on?

Maybe we should go in this area here.

All right. That works.

You got a flashlight?

Somewhere in this bag.

You all right? -Yeah. I know how to put a tent together.

All right! Take it easy. I'm just asking.

Okay, you gotta work with me here. Can we get some light?

We're good.

We're gonna lose these pegs in the snow, by the way.

Well, put them in the tent.

Good. What are they for?


So, this is day one of our hike.

We are in our tent.

After a freezing cold trek.

And I hope that we don't die of hypothermia tonight.

I don't even know if you can see the breath on the camera.

I think I was like seven and I remember having problems sleeping as a child

'cause I always felt like there was somebody in my room.

They think there's monsters in the closet and everything.

So, I'd always have to have my Mom or Dad to come tuck me into bed.

That was like, what I did every night.

One night, and I just remember this so vividly, I just couldn't sleep. Everyone else was asleep.

And I heard this, like, tapping noise, on my dresser.

I had my blanket, like, you know, right up to my face, like, so you could just see my eyes.

And I looked up and I saw, I'm not even joking, this dark shadow figure in my room.

Oh, shit.

I swear, and it was so creepy.

It was, like, dark black and it had a really pale face.

And this is where it gets really weird, it went like this to its teeth, and it had, like, these two fangs.

And I was so scared.

I just like, closed my eyes and I just prayed. I just prayed.

I said, "Oh, my God, please make it go away. Go away."

And I put my blanket. I just checked and it was gone.

It's on. What?

Did you hear that?

What? No.

Holy shit, I heard that.

Fuck. All right. Stay here, stay here.

Rob. What?

Rob, get up. Huh?

Come with me?

What? What? Will you come with me?


Where's the flashlight? Is there a flashlight?

Rob, be nice. Grab that flashlight.

You see anything?

No, there's nothing.

Shit! What was that?


It was like it was up that tree right there.

It's fine, it's like a squirrel or something.

Do you think it's just someone from the town, just fucking with us?

I just think it's an animal. We're fine.

Danielle, how you feeling?

Cold, but I feel good.

Not bad, right? Yeah. We got up early.

Holy shit! Which one of you did this?

Who did this?

Did you do that, Anthony? I didn't do that.

That's not funny. That's not funny at all.

Holy fuck.

What the fuck is that on our tent?

No, I didn't do it!

Someone just painted it on our tent!

That's not fucking funny.

If somebody were to attack us, all we have is a flashlight.

What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do?

There's four of us, Rob. They're just trying to scare us.

There's four of us. There could be a hundred of them.

First of all, I wouldn't think like that.

I'm pretty sure if there's a hundred of them, we would have already seen them by now. We wouldn't...

We're gonna go check out the site, then we're leaving.

That's it. We're done. All right?

We're almost there. We're almost done.

...just in case it gets icy...

Hey, just in case we get lost.

Oh, swoon.


Hey, Rob, look. Weapons, we're all set.


Rob, just ignore him.

I do it all the time.

Keep walking.

Rob, you're putting arrows? We're fine.

Okay. You know, if you wanna... What if it snows?

If you wanna do it, just keep doing it. It's fine.

Whatever works for you guys.

Hey, don't break my camera.


What is it, huh?

I don't know, okay?

It's not like I drew them, Rob.

It's some kind of cult, probably.

Now we have a bunch of townsy, old hillbilly, folky, cult chasing after us.

Well, they're not gonna hurt us. Maybe they're just trying to scare us, okay?

'Cause they know we're here. We're trying to uncover something.

Maybe they're just trying to scare us away from here.

I'm about two seconds away from just taking this and going back home.

Why? Why, 'cause your scared? Because this isn't okay.

Listen, whatever you guys wanna do, I'm there.

If you guys wanna leave, I'm there.

It's your call. I wanna continue.

Of course you do.

Please, Rob, can you just do this for me?

This is something I've been working on for a really long time.

It's my dream to do this project. Just, please.

Let's just keep going, 'cause I don't even know where going back is anymore.

Probably in that direction.

Hey, Rob.

Some other dummy's marking his tracks too.

Oh, shut up.

All right. I don't think that's some other dummy's.


Sorry, guys.

Fuck, man. We just wasted like three hours.

God damn it.

It's not funny. You just ran us in a circle.

Yeah, I get it! I'm sorry.

Hey, if it wasn't for your stupid mark we wouldn't even know that we were running in circles.

Oh, that's great logic. You got me there.

What number mark is this? You did like, seven.


When you took the map over, we were...

East is that way.

Hey, hold on.


What are you looking at?

Rob, what is it?

It's the old lady from the cabin.

It's that old fucking lady from the cabin. No. No.

What is she doing in the middle of the woods?

That's not okay. This is not okay.

Should I point out the fact that we've been hiking for two fucking days right now?

And we're being followed by, like a 75-year-old woman?

She's obviously crazy.

It's just an old lady, let's go. Come on.

What is that supposed to mean? Rob, come on!

I'm trying to figure it out. in these mountains.

There's a mountain over there, but I don't know if that's...

I mean, it looks a little higher than where we are.

Where are we? Lost.

Tell me on the map where we're at. Lost.

Okay, we've passed... Thank you. Thank you, Rob.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Okay, I think we've passed stormy mountain.

I think we're at 7,000 feet, but I'm not sure. -You think?

I don't know because we missed a creek.

I don't have a creek that we were supposed to pass on this mountain.

So I don't know exactly where we are, but I'm trying to figure it out.

We should have passed it five hours ago, Danielle!

Okay, what do you want me to do?

Figure out where we're at! -Don't you think that's what we're trying to do right now?

Okay? Guys. - I'm trying to figure this out to fucking please the women here, okay?

'Cause obviously we have enough fucking balls to sit here and try to figure this out instead of freaking out!

You're freaking out! Hold on! Hold on, you guys.

Seriously, God!

Okay, we're out here, we need to just deal with what's going on right now, okay?

It's... We've got maybe 30 minutes of daylight left.

We're gonna have to stay here and camp tonight, okay?

Which is way off trail. No. I don't care.

Which is way off schedule.

Would you rather fucking walk in the dark?

No! -I wouldn't even rather fucking be here!

You know what, then? Fine. You figure out the fucking map!

All right, hold on you guys.

No, that's fine. Fine.

I'm done arguing. I'm done arguing. We're good. Let's...

We're staying here. Rob, come on!

You know, if we at least pitch a tent, we'll be able to figure it out in the morning when we have more daylight.

We're running out of daylight.

I'm well aware. All right? Let's go.

Can you guys get your buddy, please? 'Cause he is...


Did you guys hear that?

You guys hear that? Shh.

It's outside. Do you know what's outside?

Oh, shit. Shh!

Oh, fuck!

What is it? What the fuck is it?

What the fuck is that?

What the fuck is that?

What was that?

Oh, shit.


This has got to end. This has got to stop. What're you doing?

What are you doing? Danielle!

I'm so tired of these people...

Danielle, stay the fuck in here!

God damn it. What are you doing?

Can you just leave us alone?

Let's just get back in the tent.

What the fuck is that?

Anthony, let's get back in the tent!

Anthony! What?

Rob's having an asthma attack.

Rob? Rob, are you all right?

Look around, just take a second to look around. Calm down!

Just look around for a second.

Come on, just relax.

Hold on, here it is. Okay, okay. Here you go.

Here, here, here.

Better? It's okay.

Takes a few minutes.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah.

How about you?

Thoughts? What do you want us to say?

I'm trying to... I'm trying to understand. At this point.

Once we get to the location of the last killing, we're gonna go home.


I can hear the creek. You hear that?

Hear that Rob?

Wait, what?

The creek, I can hear it. Yeah?

Yeah, listen. Listen.


Hey, what's up?

I don't know. I just got a bad feeling about all this.

Not long. Almost there.

Yeah, I gave up a... I gave up a really good job for this.

Good money. Hot chicks.

Plenty of food.

I'm out here with a virgin and a fuckin' slave driver.

I love Andrea, but she's... What's your other option?

Go back. We're on track right now.

We're actually closer to the end than we are to the start.

So it doesn't really make sense to do that.

I don't know if I wanna find out what's at the end though.

I can find my way back.

I wouldn't do that.

It's already been a day and a half of hiking, man, I wouldn't do it.


Just go with the flow, and like I told you, if it ever gets to the breaking point, fuck it, we're gone. Okay?

We're not putting our lives at risk, or anything like...

And I'm also not gonna pinky swear on anything.

You've got my word, all right? Yeah.

You good? -I could find my way back, though.

Hey, guys!

Sorry, we were just resting our legs. We're good. All right.

You good?

You done? Smoke break's over?

Come on. We're good. Go ahead.

Thanks for that, Robin. No problem.

Ha! Oh, my God!

We're here. We found it.

Look! We found it!

Is this it? Yeah!

This is where... All right.

Come on! I'm coming.

Come on, Rob! We found it.

Yeah, this is the marker.

Was it worth it?


Rob? Rob, we're here!

He trailed a bit far behind.


How long do you think it'll take us to set up?

Uh, give me about 10 minutes on the camera.

I want to start setting this up now. Hey, Rob!

Rob, we need you. Come on!

God damn. How far behind was he?

Here. Take this for a second. All right.

Just watch the bag, all right?



He just ran down the river bank and I didn't see him at all.

I'm just heading up this hill real quick.

Danielle, I have a really, really bad feeling about this.

Did he ditch us?

He's got the fuckin' map.

There's not even tracks back there. There's nothing.

When's the last time you saw him? You said 20 minutes ago?

I don't know.

What were you guys talking about when you guys were having that meeting?

And you're not saying anything? No, why would I say...

Why would he say he was gonna leave without saying anything?

He's been talking about leaving since the moment we got here.

Exactly. He's been doing the same thing he's been doing all week.

He's got the map. So he at least knows where we are.

Yeah, do we know where we are, though?

We need to set up right now.

The on-board mic sucks. We're not even gonna get good audio off of that.

I'll rig something. I might have some of his shit in my bag too.

I don't know. We'll do something.

We have to get the shot regardless, right?

It's not gonna sound good in post. It's gonna sound like shit.

I didn't travel this long to fucking have no sound.

Yo, are you pissed because you're gonna have a ruined documentary?

Or, are you pissed because your friend's gone? -No!

I am standing at the site where the fourth murder victim was found ten years ago, to the day, of the night of the winter solstice.

All four murder victims were found within a 25 mile radius, of the Black Water Woods.

First murder victim, Gale Aberdeen.

Her parents reported her missing after she never showed up for work.

Her body was then later found in the Black Water Woods.

Second murder victim, Ann Meyers.

Where she spent the night at a slumber party.

Her body was then found three months later after the snow had melted.

Her head was severed from her torso and to this day has never been found.

Third murder victim, Lea Carlyle.

She went missing after she spent a night out with some friends.

Her on and off again boyfriend was suspected of the murder until he provided an alibi for the night that she went missing.

Her mutilated torso was found and was only identified by her appendix scar.

Fourth murder, Millicent Barnem.

Her mother reported her missing after she never came home from work.

Her body was then found two weeks later deep in the woods by hunters.



Rob! Where are you?


Andrea? What?


No. Where's Danielle?

Over here.



Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

That's not Rob's, right?

That's not Rob's, right?

Why does it just stop?

Not Rob. All right?

I don't know what to say, but it's not Rob.

We're running out of daylight, guys.

We got about a half hour 'till it's dark.

Rob. Rob!




He doesn't even have any food.

We gotta set camp right here. For the night.

What? No. -We gotta get back and get help.

Yeah, we gotta go back.

We can't... Look. Look at the light.

You got 20 minutes, max. Yeah.

Yeah, he's already been gone for four hours.

Where are you gonna go in 20 minutes?

We have to get back to call a park ranger.

He doesn't have anything to keep him warm at night!

Where do you think he is? What are you gonna accomplish in that time?

We're setting up camp for the night, all right?

Look, you guys have run the show so far.

I'm making the decision 'cause we're gonna set camp.

If he's looking for us, he's gonna come back to where we were supposed to be. Is that all right?

Maybe he's just waiting by the car once we get there. I don't know.

I don't know.

Maybe he does know the way back.

We'll meet him half way. We'll catch up with him.

He'll follow the tracks. We made tracks.

We hit a lot of tracks going lots of different directions.

I should have just let him go when he wanted to go.

He would have been closer to the car than all the way out here.

How many times did he say he wanted to leave?

He said it from day one.

He said it from when we picked him up.

He wouldn't have left us like this.

We finally got to our destination, like, he wasn't there.

He was there the entire time and then he would just leave?

What if something bad happened to him?

Like, what about his, like, asthma, okay?

I don't want to, like, stumble upon his body on the way back.

Was that Rob? It's the same noise.

Is that Rob? Rob?


Pretty sure it was...

I heard that.

Do you think that's Rob? No idea.


Rob! -Should we go check it out, you guys?

Yeah, come on.


Okay, stay together.

Oh, God, what was that?

Rob! Come on.





Say something!

Where? What?

What the... What is it, up in the trees?

Is something playing tricks with us?

In the fucking trees? I don't know!

Guys, I think we should go back to the tent.

I don't think it's Rob.

Can you hear it?

Anthony, it's coming from...

Where? Where? Somewhere over there.

Where? What the fuck!


Anthony, come on!

Where is it?

Andrea, let's go!

Come on, come on, come on!

Oh, shit.


Put the light out.

Turn the light off!

Shit! Shut that fuckin' light off.


No, no, no. Shh!

It's still there.

Can you please just turn it off?


Run! Go! Go! Go!

Danielle! Danielle!



We have to go! We have to go where?

We have to go help her. -Are you out of your fucking mind?

Danielle! Come on, come on! We have to go help her! -Stop it!

Come on! You wanna go after her, fine!

Here's your camera. You go after her. I'm out of here.

I'm done.


Packing my shit and I am out!

Danielle! Keep your voice down! You hear me?

You wanna go after her, do it!

Get your bag and come with me now!


Let's go.

Let's go! Come on!

Slow down. Anthony?

Danielle! Anthony, wait. Danielle!

Anthony, we have to go get her!

Shh! Andrea, keep your voice down.

Keep your voice down. All right?

Come on. Follow me. Shh!

Come on.

What was that thing last night? What took her?

Fuck if I know. I have no fucking idea!

I'll tell you this, though, we just figured out what killed all those women.

Bloodsucker Highway, the...

The stories, the vampire in the woods, it's all...

It's all real, isn't it?

Well, that thing wasn't a fucking bunny rabbit, I can tell you that much.

I've never seen a vampire. That was a fucking vampire. You happy?

What a great documentary we have on our hands, huh? Are you happy now?

Guess we found out what happened to Rob, didn't we?


What the fuck?



What happened to you?

Give her your jacket. It's okay.

Pants, socks.


You're all right. Uh...

Her head. Hat, hat, hat.

We gotta get her help.

I see something around this way.

God damn it.

Let's go, pick it up!

Danielle, you okay?


Hold on.


Anthony, I think we need to help.

I think we should help her walk.

Let's go.

Come on.

Give me a second. Go ahead.

Stop, stop.

Anthony, we have to get her help.

I know.

What do...

You tell me how to do that, and I'm there.

You want to get her to a hospital? Point me in the direction of the hospital and I'll take us there.

I don't know where the fuck we are, Andrea.

What the hell happened to her out there?

I don't know, but it wasn't...


It wasn't good at all.

But she's alive and we're okay, so...

Is she? Have you seen her?

Look at her!

Fuck. Anthony.


Where we goin'? Tell me.

Just point in a direction. Give, give me hope!

Over here, we have to keep heading this direction.

We're gonna be good?

Yes, Anthony, we're gonna be good. Yeah?

Five minutes, we're out of here? What do you want me to say?

I want you to lie to me for once.

Yes, Anthony. We're gonna be fine.

You know where you're going?

Just say, "Yes."



Danielle, what's wrong?


You all right?

What's wrong?

What's the matter?

I think there's something inside of me.

What are you talking about?

Oh, my God. Oh, shit!

What the fuck is that?


Oh, my God... What the fuck is that?

We gotta leave her behind. Anthony, we can't.

What do you mean, "We can't"?

Look at her.

Why don't I just go? I'll go get help, I'll go...

Go find a hospital. I don't know...

You can't leave us. We have to stick together.

It's her or us at this point.

Did you not see what she looks like?

I'll just go. This'll be quick. Oh, shit.

We're gonna die out here.



It's either her or us, right now. Make a decision.

Anthony, we have to stay together.

Anthony, come on! Please, I can't do this anymore.

Me neither!

Do you have any idea what's happened? We lost the fucking map!

Rob's God damn gone, he's never coming back.

I know. -We got something hunting us in the forest.

What is in her fucking stomach, Andrea? You tell me!

You tell me right now!

Best of luck. I'm, uh... I'm gonna go.

Uh, why don't you guys just hang out for a little bit.

Maybe I send help.

Maybe I go get a coffee, I don't know.

Either way, I appreciate you hiring me on such late notice.

-It's been doing wonders for my resume. Take care.


There's something...

There's something inside me, I can feel it.

It's running through my veins.

And I'm scared.

It's gonna take over.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have come out here.

They're here.

We should ask them for help.


Can you help us?


There's one over there, too.

What do they want?

Go, go!

Oh, shit.

Let's go.

Do you see him?


Oh, my God.

Hey, where is she?


Hey! Hey, you see her?

You think he saw us?

I don't know.

What's that?


You see 'em?

I think he's gone.

Oh, shit.

What was that?


Danielle, Danielle.

Oh, God, I can't see a thing out here.

It's okay.


What do you want from me?

Hold her.

Hold her down! Come on!


I see it! Hold her!

There it is.

Here comes the cake.

Oh, our little Tim's...



Look. Oh. Look! -The cake.


What a great cake!

Yeah, really, it's great.


Nice. First birthday.

It's so cute. Sweet baby.