The Blackout (1997) Script

How do you answer the question?

As you look at your life, are you satisfied... with what and where you are in your life?

What do you want to be different?

I want to be free of my past. I want to--

What comes to your mind? What are your options?

That's the problem. What do I do?

I can't get on with my life until I can solve my past, then I can move on.

You have these nagging thoughts that you did something terrible?

Has anybody ever supported those thoughts?

-So this is all in your mind? Yes.

Matty, what's up?

What's up, you rat bastard?

Where you goin'?

Lend me some money, man!

How ya doin', man?

I know you got it. Not that!

Have a Kiss!

There he is, folks.

The six-million-dollar movie man. I read it in Hollywood Reporter. It's true.

I'm bored, Annie. Tell us a joke.

You understand if I speak in French?

We understand.

In French. In French, you understand?

In French. In French, you understand?

Yes, in French.

Come on. I like that. Come on. For real.

Miami Beach.

I hate this guy.

Welcome home, Matty.

Yeah, and just when you thought it was safe to go into the water.

Hey, lover boy. What about your friends?

Jesus Christ.

They act like they haven't seen each other.

I missed you. Yeah? I missed you too, baby.

It's impossible. Why?

Why is it impossible for me to miss you?

Because I heard you've been a bad dude.

You heard I was a what? A bad dude?

It's not funny.

I got mine.

We're going upstairs. Be jealous, huh?

Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Don't show off.

What are you guys staring at, huh?

We saw you in the magazine. You're everywhere.

Check it out. You are everywhere.

That's not me. That's my brother. Your face is in every magazine.

Who's that girl?

That's you with long hair. That's my mother.

Madonna was here. She was looking for you. I swear to God.

She's finished with the basketball player. She said, ''That Matty--

He's got a big--'' You know.

The biggest. I swear to God.

She knows. She goes, ''Where's Matty?''

Right? Right? She was here a little while ago.

Annie, tell him. Annie was gonna kick her ass.

Yeah, Matty, yeah.

Matty, what about your friends? You got shades on and everything.

Hey. He hasn't got time to talk.

You're not a fag, okay. Come on. Talk to us.

We're rollin', Matty.

Come on. Do your thing.

Come on, Romeo. Gonna be around more than a day?

I got you something.

Thank you.

Come on. Show us somethin'.

Now that's a kiss. That's a real kiss. Yeah.

Watch and learn.

Hey. Leave her alone.

Like this. I can look like him.

Let me sleep.

Tell me this is--

Tell me this is to our future together.


To your future together.

No, to our future together. To our future together.

To our future together.

That's right.

Drink it.

Why do you ask me now? Why not before?

Because I was stupid.

I didn't know what I wanted.

Why did you ask me?

I know what I want now.

I want you. I want us.

I want us together.

I want this baby. I want this baby.

Motherfuck it I'll get straight to the point You don't dig what I'm sayin' Then fuck you

'Cause sellin'drugs the only job that a nigger got Sellin' 'caine to the niggers in the parkin'lot Some niggers live Some niggers gotta get dropped You say damn, my man You cannot understand How could you be so cold to the brotherman Don't come around here teachin'and preachin', my nigger Because a nigger like me you ain't reachin', my nigger

'Cause all I care about is sellin'my lleyo I'm makin'money like a nigger make mayo I toke weed sippin'on my Olde E And all the crackheads all want my wee-wee I'm rollin'hard in my ragtop Volvo

9 1 1 on my ass so I won't know You can't understand where a brother comin'from That's why the young black men always on the run

All right.

Keep 'em happy. Keep 'em happy.

You don't know me. Yeah. I know you. I know you!

Come on. Let's go. I know you. I know you!

Cut! Cut!

Cut it! Cut it! Cut it!

All right. All right.

There are some times at Mickey Ray's, man, when you have to be--

Silence! Silent.

'Cause we're shootin' some serious shit here too, man.

We're makin' Nana. Almost finished with Nana Miami.

But since film was too expensive for us... and we video artists, as we like to call ourselves... are gonna regenerate the world and pay for our own film videos.

You know what I mean?

Vidiots that we are!

Freaks of the light! Freaks of the light!

Freaks that record our own image.

Freaks that record our own image, man.

Whoa! All right. All right!

You know, and that green card, huh?

That green card gets you into the back room. That red card get you in here.

You sign your waivers at the door.

That blue card gives you access to the editing and to all the other rooms.

We got four live venues goin' at all times here, brother.

Tell us about the gold card! The gold card! Well, man!

The gold card gets you in bed. You're in the picture, brother.

You're in the picture, or sister, however it comes down.

Gold carder!


I understand what it is, but do you understand what it is?

That's all I'm trying to point out.

I understand, but do you understand?

Isn't that fuckin' simple? Isn't that fuckin' simple or what?

Am I going nuts here? So, anyway, in order--

Can we just-- Forget that. Forget that. It's over.

It doesn't matter what you think!

I know I fucked up! I'm saying I fucked up!

How could I listen to you tell me I didn't fuck up? I fucked up! All right?

What do you want to do about it? How the fuck do I know?

You think I know? That's absurd.

Hey! How you doin', man?

How'd the film go? Which one?

Flavor-of-the-month guy, huh?

All right. Me? Flavor-of-the-month guy?

That's right. You fucker you.

My star. This is my star.

You better fuckin'-- Get the fuck outta here with that!

Wait. We're makin' a movie, man.

We're makin' a movie here. Keep me out of it, will ya?

I'm makin' a movie. Get the fuck outta here.

-He's been following me since I came in! -He's filming her, man.

He's filming her. We're making a movie.

You want to be in the movie, great. Otherwise, stay away from us.

You gotta stay away from us. And you can't be the star of the movie either.

Why? You gotta do everything I tell you.

Because somebody else is the star.

I am the star.

The truth, brother.

Godard says 2 4 frames a minute. Or is it a second?

It's a second, isn't it? Twenty-four frames a second.

You sure? Yeah.

What is she doing? It's the future is what it is.

She's starring in my movie, man.

It's video, man.

Yeah, video. Video is the future.

Video is the future.

The star, baby. You could costar with her.

Got a part for you in this picture.

Wanna sign?

You're not gonna be able to see her otherwise.


They are happy. Everybody's happy.

This is good for you.

Matty is happy. Everybody is happy.

You think I love you?

I know you love me.

You know? I know you love me.

I know you love me when I touch you like this.

Everybody in the world can do that.

No one does it like me.

Yes, that. Everybody can do that like you.


Oh, yes.

I do that alone, and I feel the same thing.

I don't need that.

I love you so much.

You want somethin'?

I told you about Mickey, right?

The moment of awe.

He's telling me about the moment of--

He's called this prostitute up in the room.

And he's in a hotel.

The doorman rings him up and says...

''There's a girl here to see you.''

So he says, ''Send her up.''

She comes up to his room.

And she knocks on the door.

Please listen. And he's there.

Do you want to marry me because I was still pregnant?

Listen to me.

Would you like to come in?

Would you like to--

Would you like to have a drink... or would you just like to give me a blow job right now?

Did you want to marry me because I was still pregnant?

Did you have an abortion?

Did you have an abortion?

I don't want my baby to have a father who was a junkie. Do you understand?

Who's a junkie? Who you talkin' about?

You told me-- Did you have an abortion?

You told me to have it. Did you have an abortion?

Yes, but you told me to have an abortion. It's yours!

You had an abortion?

What did it feel like? What did it feel like?

What did it feel like to have an abortion?

What did it feel like to have an abortion?

Why would you fuckin' cut my--

I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say that!

I would never say somethin' like that!

What the fuck did you think I came down here for?

You fuckin' bitch!

If you were any kind of woman,you'd take a knife and cut that baby out!

Why did you go and cut a baby out of your fuckin' guts for?

You know what? Better yet. I'll take a knife and cut it out for you, all right?

Who knows what kind of fuckin'diseased dicks have been inside your cunt?

You fuckin'--

That ain't me.

Yeah, I heard about all the guys you been fuckin'.

Come on! It's all over Hollywood.

That ain't me. I was-- You fuckin'cunt. Who you fuckin'?

Why don't you tell me who you been fuckin'?

Because it ain't my baby.

It ain't my baby. Who knows who you been with?

Just talkin' to a friend, you know? We were--

Yeah, that's right. We were rehearsing.

You know, I was playin'. What am I talkin'to you for?

What am I talkin'to you for?

It's a waste of time.

Fuck you. Fuck the baby. Fuck everything.

I don't care if I ever see you again the rest of my life! Understand me?

I don't care if I ever see you.

And fuck you.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

There you go. Oh, yeah.


Keep it movin' in here. Keep it goin'.

Kate? Does this thing come down?

We have to load this from the top with her.

She can't be pulled up on this. Is that right?

Right. Okay, yeah, well, that's a problem.

We got five cameras going in various places... on these big screens all around that you can see.

We're rackin' the money in comin' in... gettin' the people comin' in and then we, you know--

If they want to pay more, they can be in the film themselves.

We have live acts goin' on all the time.

We can run silent here, and everybody can stop talkin'.

We can shoot a picture over here.

-Hey, Matt. -We're makin' another movie called Nana.

Ever see Nana, the old French film?

You all right? I'm all right.

You seen Annie? No, man.

Is this bar open? Yeah, what do you want?

This is a whole functioning, like, film place.

Something cold.

That's what we're selling. That's the theme of the place.

We're gonna generate movies outta here.

Something wet.

You'd be lucky to get into the basement door.

Keep it fluid. Don't make it too jumpy and, you know, too erratic.

Keep it flowin'. It's lookin' good.

Erotic, not erratic. Yeah, erotic, not erratic. Good.

Could you start it from the top, please?

I don't want this to look too much like a gong show here.

I want this sexy and hot. I'm gettin' high-payin' high rollers in here.

Let loose of the tits with a brain or somethin'!

We're not even talkin'! Fuck it! Hey!

You got the nerve to tell me about cheating on my husband... when you haven't taken your eyes off these fuckin' bosoms.

Right. I chase-- That's all I do all day.

I fuckin' chase women, right? Touch them. Smell them. Taste them.

I'm fuckin' Madeline! I know.

And you're fucking humiliating her-- Bullshit!

Excuse me! Excuse me!

We're makin' film here! This is all over the big screen here!

Time out! Time out! I'm directing! This is my club!

I want it quiet!

Make this work related. Use it. Use it.

Don't spew it all over here.

All right. Come on over here. Move this.

Recognize this guy, huh? Yeah.

Matty, the movie star. Couldn't keep him outta the frame.

You gonna be in the movie?

Yeah, I'm gonna be in this movie. Let's ask the editor.

You know what I mean? He's fantastic.

I'm glad to have him on board.

One point, 25,000 in the club.

One point for the movie, 50,000.

7 5,000, you can be on the boat.

1 00,000, I'll put you in the movie. Think it over, Pete.

I got a long list. Let me know.

Oh, man. Hey.

Where's Annie?

How the fuck would I know? I left her with you.

She's the star of your movie. How can you make the movie without Annie?

I left her with you. Where is she?

Let me ask you a question.

You sleepin' with her?

Which would make you feel worse? If I say yes or no?

Are you fucking her?

No, I'm fucking you.

No, I'm fucking you. What do you mean, am I fuckin' her?

Give me a fuckin' answer. Come on.

Did you fuck her? Come on. Listen to me.

It's not a question of did I-- Did you fuck her?

It's not a question of did I? It's, do I remember?

But more importantly... do you fuckin' remember?

Think on it.

Let's go for a drive. Don't be pullin' on me.

Let's go for a ride. You got wheels?

Yeah, man, look at this.

I got a new one. Okay, cool. I'll drive.

Let's go.

Come on.

I wanted that fuckin'baby, man.

That baby meant that we had something that was real... that we weren't just fuckin' around... that we were capable of creating something that was--

Why would I-- Why would I-- I wouldn't do that, man.

Annie's the one, man. I mean, you ever been married?

Both of us. We've never been married.

Both of our parents were married one time.

Both of us were the only child in the whole family.

I'm telling you, man. It's like parallel lives.

Annie's-- She's like the other half of me. Dig what I'm sayin'?

She's gonna come back. She has to.


Do you ever think that in this world... there's somebody out there that's a perfect match for you?

That's what Annie is for me, man.

It's just bullshit. It's just bullshit, man.

Why would I tell her that I didn't want to have the kid?

Why would I--

I wouldn't say that.

You get it. I'm not gettin' up. You go get it.

Come on! Open up!

Who is it?

Come on!

Hey! Hi. I'm Jasmine.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Gold card, all right.

All right. You dance?

You got any beer? How ya doin'?

Dafney. Dafney. My pleasure.

She wouldn't dance in the club.

That was when I first started. I remember. I never forget.

I'm gettin' an idea here. This thing woofs.

Some chicks have poodles. They walk their dogs.

It's a party, all right.

Animal. Director is God.

Yeah, a director is born.

Put that fuckin' camera away. I'm lookin' at you guys.

Could you start that again? I had a little boggle.

A little boggle?

Do you like this?

You girls done this before?

Oh, man. Go ahead. Keep rubbing, baby. Rub it, baby.

All right, now make her nipples hard. Make her nipples hard.

Look at that. I didn't know you had that. Wow.

Experience how beautiful it is, man.

Experience how beautiful it is.

That's sweet. That's really sweet.

Isn't that beautiful? Wow.

Spank her. Give her a little spank.

Give her a little spank. Come on. Yeah.

Make it pink. Come on. Let's make it pink.

Give it to her. Come on. Slap her. Come on.

A little bit more. Come on. There you go. All right.

Say something. Say, '' Fuck me, baby.''

Fuck me, baby. Fuck me, baby. Say--

Fuck, shit, cocksucker, motherfucker.

I feel like I'm in a vampire movie.

A vampire movie, eh?

You're pullin' my hair. Yeah, I know that.

Hey, wait a minute. Slow down.

A man saying slow down. Okay.

Let me see this. Positioning is hard.

Arch your back. Arch your back.

Arch your back. This way. Push up. Push up.

There you go. Let me see that. That's incredible.

Wait a second.

Where's my fuckin' camera?

Okay, I--

Sweetheart, what's wrong?

What's wrong? You don't want to party?

Come on. You need to relax. Come on.

What's wrong with you?

Come on. I can relax you.

What'd you stop for?

Will you answer me, please?

Big Foot? Big Foot or what, huh?

That's very nice.

You don't mind, dude, if I just get one fuckin' shot of you in those glasses.

Am I live out there? Am I hooked up back here?

I hope to hell I'm hooked up back here! Am I hooked up back there?

I can't get out of these French novels! These French novelists.

These playwrights, these novels.

All right, so, here we are.

Get a close-up.

Is this camera hooked up? Yes!

Am I live out there? Yes!

Nana's almost finished.

Balcony is about to begin.

Fantasy one, take two. That's real. This here is jive.

This is symbolic jive.

Hit it hard. Hit it loud. Go for it.

It was a boy, Matty.

It was a boy, Matty.

Are you okay? Can I get you something?

May I have a cup of coffee?

I loved you in your last movie.

You're one of my favorite actors.

Is your name Annie?

That's my name.

I'm so nervous. I never get nervous.

You made me have the abortion.

You made me have the abortion.

You made me.

It was a boy, Matty.

So what are you doing in Miami?

I came here to meet you.

Wanna get outta here?

When do you get off?.


Shall we?

Let's go.

''I can't help it.

It's a fixation.''

None of this is real.

Annie! Meet the new Annie!

Annie? That's my name.

How are you? Good.

You're doin' great, huh?

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me You like to watch yourself in dailies.

Most directors don't like their actors watchin' themselves in dailies.

I think that's bullshit.

You gotta see the good with the bad, right? See the good with the bad.

Know when your acting is shit. Know when you're faking it.

Know when you're fuckin' lyin'.

Want to be in pictures? Hey.

You want to be in pictures Come on.

Everybody wants to be in pictures. Don't they?

Do they? Sure.

Really. Hey.

You want to be an actress? I want to be an actress?

You want to be an actress? Yeah.

You're beautiful. Look at you.

Look at you. All right, huh?

You're pretty. Thank you.

I'm sure everybody tells you that, huh?

Huh? Yeah. Very, very pretty. Very nice.

Oh, yeah. Got that spark.

Hey, Matt? Matty?

I got a terrific idea. Listen, he's wasted.

Come with me. You wanna smoke a joint?

Sure. I'll smoke a joint. Cool. Let's go.

Wow! This stuff is cool! Fuckin' playground, huh?

What kind of movies do you do? Wow.

Good ones. Put this on. Put this on.

You said you never wanted to be an actress, huh?

Well-- Sit down.

I did a play in high school. How were ya?

I think I was very, very good.

How's that? You're gonna scare the shit outta him.

Fuckin' terrific. Really?

It's fuckin' great.

You look just like Annie, baby. I am Annie.

You're Annie 2. There's an Annie 1 .

Annie 1 ? Yeah. Anyway--

Do I look okay? You look fabulous.

You look really good.

Do you like him a lot? Do I like Matty?

Yeah. Yeah.

You in love with him, huh?

Maybe. I don't know. I just met him.

Okay, go wow him, baby. He's gonna like it?

You go wow him, okay?

Knock him dead.

We got another Annie in this film. You know that, huh?

Do you like it?

Wait now. You don't need that. You don't need that.

It's okay. It's okay, yeah.

Be the little waitress that you are.


Why did you leave me?

Come on. Hey.

I missed you so much.

It's okay.

I missed you so much. Oh, baby.

Why did you leave me?

I'm right here. Hey.

It's time for us to shoot the scene.

All that shit that you got on tape and this.

We're just gonna do it. We're gonna do it right now.

Just hang in there.

It's gonna be fuckin'great.

Do you believe in fate?

When you walked into that restaurant...

I just got all these shivers.

My whole body shook.

I just knew that something really big was about to happen.

I don't know. I thought maybe I wasn't gonna be alone anymore.

You'll never be alone again.

Are you acting?

I ain't acting. What the fuck is acting anyway?

I don't know the difference between life and acting anymore.

You know what I'm saying?

It's all started to blur together. It's just a big blur.

Listen to me.

You want to marry me because I was still pregnant?

I don't want my baby to have a father who is a junkie.

All right. Hey. Hey.

You're in the movie, right?

I don't want to waste a lot of film, if you're not in the movie.

This is really important to me. You gonna be in it or not?

Oh, man.

What? Where's Annie?

We're gonna find her. We're gonna find her for you.

There she is. She's right there. She's right there.

Hey. It's okay.

You didn't have an abortion, right?

I can do whatever I want.

My name is Matty.

I'm an alcoholic and drug addict.

It's been the longest year of my life.

The wonderful thing about being an actor is you get a script.

You know what it is you're supposed to say.

It's kind of hard for me to tell you my story... because I don't know where it began.

I suppose it started when I was 1 5 years old... with my grandmother.

She used to keep a big bottle of vodka in her closet, and I'd--

I'd sneak in there and watch her drink it... and wonder what her fascination with that bottle was.

There's lots of opportunities to--

Thanks. use...

forbidden illegal substances on motion picture movie sets.

Because of their availability and...

acceptance that it was sort of... something that was okay to do, I started to do that myself.

I didn't think I ever recognized it as a problem...

until I started finding it hard to look at myself in the mirror...

'cause I didn't know who I was lookin'at anymore.

So how'd it go?

Where's the water?

I'll go back out. I'll go get it.

Let me go back. You only bought stuff for yourself.

Well, I forgot. I'm sorry.

I'll go back out and get it now.

All right. Stay here first.

Get the coin or not?

You did? They tell you everything?

No, not everything.

How do you know that I got a coin?

Well, it's one year, right?

Here you go.

That's it? Yeah.

My Olympic medal. That's one year sober.

Like this.

It's real, right? Yeah.

That's really cool. ''To thine own self be true.''

So, you proud of yourself?

Yeah, I'm proud, yeah. Yeah.

So, you gonna be good when I'm gone?

Where you goin'?

You know, I gotta go on this trip tomorrow for three days.

You gonna be good?

Three days?

Of course, I'll be good.

Promise? I promise.

Did you ever think about seein' a psychiatrist?

Maybe after I'm through with your therapy.

You got an office down here in a bunker.

I think I could find Hitler hidin' around here someplace.

Have you ever declared your love to her?

Yeah. It's funny that I should send her letters and try to--

I've tried to let her off the hook... so that she doesn't have to feel responsible for the things she did.

We can get on with our life, but she--

How old is your mother?

She doesn't write me back. She doesn't call me.

She doesn't-- She's not willing to--

So, she's like Annie?

Now that you mention it, she is a bit like her.

How old is your mom? Sixty-four.

Have you had thoughts about the day when she would die?


How do you feel about that?

I feel like it would be a relief... that she'd finally be off the hook.

What was different about your relationship with Annie... than your relationship with Susan?

Susan doesn't get high. Susan doesn't drink.

Susan doesn't-- Susan doesn't--

She's like a health food store.

She's like a health food store.

So what do you think about that?

It's healthy.

So you don't think very much of it?

You dismiss her?

I don't dismiss her. I appreciate her.

But you're sarcastic when you refer to her.


So there's a part of you that wants to bury Annie once and for all?


How do you want to do that?

I want her to say good-bye. I want her to--

I want her to cut that cord.

I want her to cut that umbilical cord.

So she's got to do it, not you?

You're the passive one here. Well, yeah.

What? Yeah.

Do you consider yourself a passive person?

A baby doesn't cut his own cord, does he?

You're the helpless baby?

Yeah, I guess so. Yeah?

So you don't want to take charge of your life?

I can't-- I can't?

I don't have the tools to cut the cord.

Annie has the tools?

What is it?

What is it?

Honey, what is it?

When I was a little girl, I also had bad dreams.

My grandmother took me to church.

It was really scary, because it was really dark... and there was a priest with a long beard.

He really scared me.

And he put his big, black robe around me, you know.

And he read the Bible to me, and all my bad dreams went away.

You think I should go to see a priest?

Well, you could tell me. Maybe it'll help.

Tell me.

Tell me. You can tell me.

Yes, you can.

Please, Matty. Tell me.

Come on.

Why did you come? Why are you here?

'Cause I'm having bad dreams.

What are those dreams like?

They're dreams of death.

Dreams of--

Very violent dreams.

When you say violent, in what way are they violent?

I say and do things in the dreams...

that I know I wouldn't do, that I know I'm not capable of doing.

But they're so real and so vivid that... they feel as though I've actually done them.

Can you give me an example of a dream like that?

What's the last dream you've had that was upsetting?

That Annie was pregnant... and I--

that I... took my hands and...

choked her to death.

So, in your mind you're a murderer.

Not in my mind. In my nightmares.

In your nightmares.

If I could just speak to her-- If you could get her to call here--

She doesn't want to speak to you. Why?

I don't know, but it's obvious. So she's out of your life.

But you're hanging onto this painful thought.

Not only are you missing her and feeling the pain of that... but you're going yourself one better-- you're telling yourself that you killed her.

Maybe that's what I want to do.

That's a nice intellectualization.

That way I could get her out of my life.

If I could just kill the bitch, then she'd be gone.

You already think you did.

Where are you gonna find Annie?


Is that a question or an answer?

Miami is an answer. Maybe she's still down there.

What prevents you from going to Miami?


What do you mean, 90 percent of my work is seen on television?

What do you mean, 90 percent of my work is seen on television?

Yeah, after it comes out on video and the ABC, NBC, CBS bullshit.

I'm flattered that he came to me first, but I don't give a shit.

When was the last time one of his movies made any money?

And now you're trying to push me into a TV series so I don't have a career.

Look at the people I've worked with. Have I ever cared about money?

Why would I start being interested in money at this point in my life?

Seventy-five grand a week?

Just a minute. What?

Did he say 7 5,000?

He said $7 5,000 a week.

Wow, that's a lot of money.

Susan thinks that $7 5,000 a week is a lot of money.

Well, $7 5,000 is a lot of money... if I wanted to be a television actor.

Yeah, thank you.

Tell him that. Schmuck. What did he say?

What did he say, Matty?

It's not really any of your business.

It's,just, you know--

What do you mean ?

It's none of my business? How much did this painting cost?

Why? Let's talk about this, not that.

Because this is your business, and that is my business.

And you're talking about my business?

What is this, a basin people used to wash their faces in?

I mean, who cares? Great. Yeah. Thanks.

Come on. What did he say?

He said to mind your own fucking business.

You have to go back to work sometime. I know I have to go back to work!

I know that. I know that.

You don't think that I know that I have to go back to work sometime?

Let's go. Don't be like this.

Like what? Stop treating me like you're some prison warden.

I don't want to leave it like this.

I can take care of myself for three days while you're gone.

You'll miss the plane. You said it yourself.

Come on. You said 20 minutes. You're gonna make her late.

Fuckin' dick-head.

Wait a minute. Fuckin' son of a bitch.

Wait a minute. Susan.


This is fuckin' cool.

Go for it, baby. Go for it.

You know what'd really be cool? If you guys had some fans.

If you had some fans, you could fan me.

Oh, shit. Oh, man.

What the fuck are you doing here?

You look great, man. You okay? Yeah, I feel great.

What are you backpedaling for?

I need to talk to you. I don't want to talk in front of those--

I gotta see Annie.

No, you don't have to see Annie. Annie's living in Mexico City, man.

She's got an old man. She's been there a year. She's doing fine.

Just go back to New York. You don't want to be looking for trouble down here.

Just go home.

I gotta see Annie. I gotta make my peace.

Just let it go, man.

I gotta see her. I gotta talk to her.

That chick was kickin' the shit out of you, brother.

I gotta make my amends. I can't get on with my life until I seal this thing up.

Oh, you fuckin' AA people and your fuckin' amends.

-Just let the fuckin' thing go. No, I'm not gonna let it go!

Don't give me that AA shit. You don't know what I've been through.

I've been crying for two years.

My gut's coming out of my stomach.

We were together for five years, and she just walked out of my life.

I'll make some calls. I'm not promising you nothin'.

Please, Mick. All right, all right.

I'll make some calls.

Take it easy down here.

You're looking great.

You look good straight, man.

That's fuckin' really nice.

You want something?

I told you about Mickey, right?

The moment of awe. The moment of awe.

Yeah, baby.

She comes up to me... and she-- she knocks on the door... and he's there.

You want to marry me because I was still pregnant?

Listen to me.

Would you like to come in?

Would you like to have a drink... or would you just like to give me a blow job right now?

Did you want to marry me because I was still pregnant?

Did you have an abortion?

Did you?

I don't want my baby to have a father who is a junkie.

You understand that?

Who's the junkie?

Who you talking about?

You told me-- Did you have an abortion?


You told me to have an abortion. It's yours!

What did it feel like? Huh? What did it feel like?

What did it feel like to have an abortion?

Why would you fuckin'cut my--

That's it.

That's it.

Go for it, Matty. Oh,yeah.

Go for it.

That's pure, man.

That's pure.

Hello, Rene, it's Matty.

Hey, listen, I'm sorry to be calling you so late... but did Annie-- did Annie go home to see--

Did Annie go home?

Did she return to France?

Did she go home?

No, no, I don't.

You see, I don't know where she is. That's why I'm calling you.

I was hoping maybe you could tell me where she was.

No, no, it's Matt. How you doing, baby?

Listen, I need to talk to Annie.

You haven't seen her, have you?

I've been calling all over the place, and I thought you would know.


Forget the ''I-got-a-lot-of-nerve''shit. Where is she?

Fuck you, man! You know who this is. You shot the pictures for Premiere.

You were the last person to see her. Now, where the fuck is she? Huh?

No, fuck you, you fucking cocksucker!

Tell me where she is, or I'm gonna come over there and put my fist up your ass!

Where are you?

Hi, baby-- Ow.

What do you mean, ''Hi, baby''? Where the hell are you?

Matty, where are you?

I come home, and there's nobody here, not even a note.

Where are you?

I am in Miami.

In Miami? In Miami. Have you been drinking?

Have you been drinking?

You've been drinking. Oh, okay.

Don't lie to me. Come on. Don't do this to me.

I'm not lying.

Oh, God, you're so fucking drunk.

You're so fucking drunk.

Why'd you do that? Why?

I'm pregnant.

What do you say to that?

I'm gonna come down. Okay?

No, I'm gonna come home tonight. I'll be home.

The guy, the concierge... he's making the reservations, so there's no reason for you to come down.

Which plane are you taking?

I don't know. The guy is making the reservations.

Do you promise?

I promise. I promise.


Just be cool. Just stay there.

I miss you so much.

I love you. I love you too.

I really do.

How are you? Close the door.

How the fuck are you? Fuckin' nut.

How you doin'? When you gonna meet me later?

I gotta get goin'. People are beeping me all night.

What do you got? What do I always got?

You all right? Yeah, man.

This ain't talcum powder, is it? It's all rocks. Give me the money.

You don't trust me?

Hey, I saw that movie you were in.

You played a cop and you fuckin' killed all the coke addicts.

I couldn't fuckin' believe it. You want a drink?

No, I don't drink. I want you to show me how you killed all those fuckin' guys.

I believe that's where she's at. How would she have died?

That's one of my nightmares. What is the nightmare?

That I'm responsible.

In what way are you responsible in the dream?

That I took my hands and... choked her.

I'll see you later. Okay?

You all right? Yeah. Thanks.

That's it.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

That's it. Wow. That's pure, man.

That's pure.

He's looking for me?

He's fuckin' pathetic, man.

She's here.

I got her from Acapulco, man. She's here.

You're alive.

I missed you so much.

Where you been, baby?

Ayear and a half and...

you never even called me.

Don't you care about me, baby?

You look like a piece of shit.

I believed so much you stopped drinking.

I'm not drinking. I just--

Oh, I see.

I'm not drinking. This was--

Tell her, Mickey.

Tell her. I was straight, man.

I was straight, man!

The whole time I was gone, I wasn't drinking!

I was missing you, and you fucking wouldn't come to me!

I'll lose my time in Acapulco.

Say something, man! Say something!

Hey, man, we're getting out of here.

I'm taking her to the airport. Do whatever you want.

I don't want to lose my time. She's back. Back to Acapulco.

I just lie down and I can look up and see all the stars.

The roof opens?

Well,you know, like a sunroof.

But it doesn't close, so when it rains it's kinda shitty. You know?

Where is it?


Are you okay?

Do I have goals?

Do you?


You want a kiss?

Oh, you're beautiful. Thank you.

I'm sure everybody tells you that.

Ooh, yeah. Got that spark.

You wanna smoke a joint? Sure.

Cool. Let's go. Right out that way.

Where are we going?

How about candle wax? You ever had candle wax dripped on you?

That's pretty fuckin' harmless. I never heard of anyone dying from that.

How's that? You'll scare the shit out of him.

Fuckin' terrific. Really?

It's fuckin' great.

Annie. You look just like Annie, baby.

I am Annie.

No, no, you're Annie 2. There's an Annie 1 .

Annie 1 ? Yeah.

Do your lips like that.

No, not like that. Excuse me.

Lick your lips casually. Just casually.

Look at my crotch and lick your lips. Come on!

You can do that. I'm not touching you. Do it.

Let's walk and talk. Let's go blow his mind.

You ready? Okay, should I leave this--

Do you like him a lot? Huh?

Maybe. I don't know. I just met him.

Okay, go wow him, baby. You go wow him.

Knock him dead.

Do you like it?

Wait a second, baby. You don't need that.

It's okay, it's okay. Yeah.

Go ahead.

Be the little waitress that you are, baby.

Why did you leave me?

I was just in the next room. Why did you go?

I'm right here.

Hey. Hey, hey. What's going on?

Tell her, man.

You didn't have an abortion, right?

It's not impor--

Is this acting? What are you doing? Matty.

Just go with it, baby. Just go with it.

Tell her.

Tell her, Matty.

Where's the baby? You're hurting me.

Where's the baby?

Stop it! Help!

I'm choking, Matty. Tell me.

Tell me!

Pretty emotional about that take, huh?

Did you feel that one, did ya?

Best fuckin' work you've ever done.

It's too bad you don't fuckin' remember it.

Too bad you're a fuckin' coked-up drunk.

You don't fuckin' remember your best performance.

It's hard for me to fuckin' forget it.

What kind of piece of shit are you?

What kind of piece of filth are you?

You big fuckin' movie star.

Come down and shit all over my parade, brother.

Shit on my little fuckin' parade, you big, privileged fuckin' movie star.


You killed that chick that fuckin' night... and I watched you.

And I don't wanna fuckin' cop out on this... but I didn't know she was fuckin' dead until I touched her fuckin' face.

And you couldn't have known she was dead 'cause you were in a fuckin' blackout.

I got rid of her. I got rid of her.

When are you gonna fuckin' take responsibility?

Look in the mirror at a fuckin' murderer and grow up, motherfucker.

Grow up real fuckin' quick, 'cause you ain't gonna live very long.

'Cause this is my life too... you piece of shit.

Fuck you and the fuckin' horse you rode in on.

You get out of my fuckin' life. You get out of my fuckin' life.

Out of my fuckin' mind. Out of my fuckin' memory.

Get outta here! Out!

Out! Out! Out! Out!

Get outta here!

Fuckin' live with it, motherfucker!

Live with it! Grow up, you cocksucker!

Learn to live with it!

You piece of filth.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you!

I answered your question.

As you look at your life, are you satisfied with what and where you are?

What do you want to be different?

I wanna be free from my past.

What comes to your mind? What are your options?

What are you doing?

I told you to stay in New York!

Get outta here! I told you not to come here!

Stop it!

I don't love you.

I don't love you.

I don't love you. Okay?

Do you think you love me? I love you.

You don't even know me. You don't know anything about me!

Listen to me. Listen.

Listen to me!

I'm a murderer.

I'm a murderer.

You hear me?

I'm a murderer! Do you hear me?

I killed somebody!

You think you love me?

I don't even love myself.

So how can you love me?

Do you understand?

I took a 1 7-year-old by the throat, and I choked the life out of her.

Do you understand?

If you love me, you'll let me go.

Let me go.

Get outta here! Go home!

Don't do that!


Did you miss me?