The Bleeding (2009) Script

Stay with me.

Lena. Lena.

Those monsters.

Killed her.

Killed her right in front of me.

There's nothing you could have done to save your friend.


What is your name?

I don't even know your name.

Black. Shawn Black.

Tired of this shit!

What, are they close? Not close enough.

No matter what happens, keep this rig moving.

This war started long before I was around and it will continue long after I'm gone.

This is good and evil shit, straight out of the Bible.

It began when the good angels kicked the bad angels outta heaven, sent them down to Earth where they would wage war against mankind until the end of time.

This enemy has been personified in many forms over righteousness.

I was about to become part of an upside down civilization.

A place I was invited into where my parents were cruelly murdered by this ruthless enemy.

I was kept alive, and for what reason I do not know.

I had a brother who was killed where we both fought in Afghanistan. He was murdered and his body disappeared.

Before he left this cruel world, he managed to somehow send me, a fore warrant.

It was a name... and an address.

That would be the beginning of a pursuit of whom I was to become.

Calm down, Mr.Black. You're in the hospital.

What hospital? You're at Reverton Memorial.

You were brought in late last night. You have to relax.

Where are my clothes?

You're scaring me. Where are my clothes?

In the closet.

The Police were here wanting to talk to you.

They will be back. Get up!

You're in no condition to leave?

Losing your entire family, takes a hell of a chunk out of you.

I was on my own now and it was time to man up.

I had to start all over again.

My dad and I loved cars.

And collecting them was our passion.

My poor mother, she never understood it. But hey, that's mothers.

What're you gonna do?

She was Irish and my father Italian.

With that combination, I didn't know what to do first, get revenge, or get drunk.

I needed to do both.

Relax, Black.

You know, I'm real sorry about your folks.

Your daddy was a good man.

Your mom, too.

You know,

I went to high school with her.

Lena. Y'know?


Look at that car!

That's some car!

What do you think of that car, Detective Williams?

What I think, I'm not gonna eat Mexican again.

We had it yesterday. Yessiree, boy.

But hell, life can't always be about bellies and T's. Can it?

I'll see you in the car.

That's my father's car.

He waited a long time for it.

Never got a chance to drive it.

That's a shame.

I think when you enlisted, though...

I mean, hell.

Your daddy worried his ass off the whole time you were in Afghanistan.

I mean, your brother turning up MIA, that was tough, wasn't it?

And having the both of you gone like that though.

He was kind of just left here... counting his days.

Just counting the days.

You know, there's an official way of things here, Black.

And then there's the good old way.

And me, I prefer the good old way.

As long as the good citizens of Riverton here, don't get hurt.

And that little nurse, she's one of the good ones. Understand?

Message heard. Good. Because I just think there's some things in this here world, Black, they're never talked about, you know.

But those things,

they can kill you.


They might be necessary, but I trusted that clown, the baddest boys he can throw at me.

I always believe, if you need something done, you just gotta take care of it yourself.

Otherwise, it always turns out the same, too many chiefs, and not enough Indians.

I still had no clue what happened to my brother when we were in battle, and that was very unsettling.

The lead he sent me, and the lighter which was used to decimate my parent's bodies... was what I had to go on.

How do you know if this Tagg character is a hostile or a friendly?

But I was going in heavy to find out.

Can I help you, sir? Is Tagg around?

Tagg? Tagg who? What kind of name is that?

Is Tagg around?

Are you fucking with me, boy?

I said there's nobody here named Tagg.

If I was you, I'd get my fucking ass out of here, right now.

Are you kidding me?

What are you gonna do with this?

You're fucked now, boy.

Pound that fucker.

Kick him again. That's it!

Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!

Kick him!

Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!



I smell a slayer, Tagg.

Is this... the evil magic you been up to?

Hit that bitch.

Shoot that, bitch! Cut me loose.

What the hell is going on?

We don't have much time.

Get me out of this thing.

Shot gun.

Shot gun!

Fucking things are worse than termites.

Who are you? Tagg.

Came in the nick of time.

Don't worry about those guys there. They're just meth heads.

That crazy bitch,

that's my old lady.

I tried to warn her.

She want to know too much.

She want to know everything.

She want to... find out.

I guess she found out.

Man, there's a whole world that people don't even know exists.

Thinks that... can't be explained.

Like this?


What was that thing down there?


Most people think of vampires, they think of...

Brad Pitt chasing Tom Cruise around in tights.

Clearly not the case.

Things are parasites.

They hunt alone, tend to hunt people that are by themselves.

Homeless people, wanderers.

People at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But every... 100... 200 years... a king is born.

Hatched from the soul of a dying warrior, killed in battle.

The beast... rises to lead an army of vampires.

That's when shit hits the fan.

The army's sole intention... is to consume and destroy mankind.

They ain't called the Black Plague for nothing.

This king, name is Cain.

He's out of Afghanistan.

He's here to ensure an evil kingdom of vampires.

In order to succeed in this quest, Cain must eliminate the one thing that stands in his way.

The slayer.


What are you talking about?

Oh, get this.

He knows that you are the slayer.

Vampire slayer.

Stop the crazy talk.

I'm just looking for the son of a bitch... that murdered my brother.

Well, that son of a bitch, is in the low country.

I have a friend down there, Father Roy.

He'll help you out.


Might want to take these.

What's so special about these? Silver.

Slimy bastards hate silver.

I've seen in a couple of few scumbags eat shit, might shock a guy. Not me, not anymore.

I'm pretty good at reading people and Tagg seemed like a legitimate guy.

He called me a vampire slayer and although I'm not too sure what the fuck he's talking about, I am a soldier, and in a slaying kind of mood.

So, however high I gotta stack them, so be it.

He knows, you're coming.

I have to go so bad.

Holy crap, is that a Shelby? Tight!

Is it a Super Snake? Yeah.


Lena, I have to pee. Go.

I don't wanna pee by myself.

You're the one that has to go.

God, you are such a bitch.

What are you doing driving a Super Snake?

You know, they only making a 1,000 of them.

I know.

Your name is Lena? Yeah.

How did you get your hands on one of these things?

I heard it was impossible to get on the list.

It was tough.

My brother, he would absolutely shit...

Jenny, you okay?

The fucking sink squirted water all over me.

Oh, my God. You're such an idiot.

Why does he have a gun, Lena?

Lena, let's just get hell out of here.

Lena, let's go. This whole thing is scaring me.

Do not deny me, my brother.

I'm here with your reward for helping the slayer.

But I got something for you, too.

Good old fashion ass kicking.

Don't worry.

I'll make you divine.

Black River city.

The heart of the low country.

Looks like a hell of a good place for showdown to me.

Don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Connie Stuart. She's just down the hall from me at the dorm. She told me about club Mortem.

She said to come here, to the Purple Eye and someone might be able to bring us some passes.

Jenny, let's go. No. I'm not gonna miss out on this partying.

Club Mortem is the hottest club ever, Lena.

I'm not gonna miss my chance to go.

The day that bitch, Connie Stuart, get used to go and I don't. Cold day in hell.

You're Johnny, right?

Please. Jenny.

I want to smell your panties. Whoa, take it easy, tiger.

Sick freak. Jenny, Are you sure you wanna do this?

Pin head? Yeah.

Are you ladies looking for deliverance?

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Next stop, Tagg's friend. Father Roy.

Talk about putting parishioners to sleep.

Seems like this guy's entire congregation, was resting in peace.


Nice going, baldy. My name is Black.

I lost. You done playing games?

I'm looking for Father Roy.

Well, if he owes you money, You'd have better luck getting it from one of these daisy pushers.

That's great. You know where he is?

Dude. A guy name Black's here.

This is Father Roy?



Totally busted. You're not snoozing.

My glasses.

You got a car? Yeah.

What is it? Shelby.

Doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Oh, shit.

Where you going?

Time for breakfast. You're buying.

Hey, Crash. Keep an eye on the fort, ok?

You got it.

Good eats.

You're picking up the check, right? Yeah, I got it.


Hey, honey. Hey, come here.

What you need?

Everything looks really good, but, Can I get some jam?

Hold on a second.

Peach jam. Yeah, peach jam.

Man, she's got a nice ass. I heard that Father.

I guess right about now, you're starting to wonder how come I haven't asked you what're you doing here, right?

Crossed my mind. Listen.

Being a man of the cloth and all that, I kind of, get to know people pretty good.

You don't strike me as, the type of guy, to buy holy water... or... solicit me for a divine plant, which is nothing more than a weed.

You also don't seem like the kind of a sucker to buy a bobble headed Jesus, with little red tears falling down his face, in food coloring.

In fact, what I do think, is that you're the kind of guy who only shows up... when the shit is about to hit the fan.

The kind of guy who's gonna show up, and when he does, the body counts gonna go up.

That's the kind of thing that I wanna stay the fuck away from.

So, I really appreciate all the grub.

A very nice gesture on your part... but I'm gonna eat it, by myself.

And our business is over.

Before I go... chomp on this.

I'm chomping on this.

Try that.

Everything is telling me, not to pick up that piece of paper.

Curiosity has always been one of my downfalls.

Father Roy - Black is a vampire killer...

A slayer! It's in his blood. The time is right to kill Cain. - Tagg.

Time to "vamanos". Don't you wanna finish your breakfast?


Lost my appetite.

Can I get a check, please? Give it to him.

Walk or die, priest.

Beat it, mime.

Fuck you.

Get outta the away.

Where you going? Where you going?

How cool is this club Mortem right down here.

Gee, I don't know. I think we should head back.

I'm telling you, this place give me bad vibes.

There's perverts in Memphis, too. It is pervs everywhere.

Let's just get the car and go to the party.

I mean, priest and the hooker?

I love this place. It's crazy.

Come on. Move.

I guess Cain must be quaking in his boots right about now.

Quiet priest. Your mighty slayer is dead by now.

Oh, maybe not.

Lights out, freaks!

Oh, shit. Ain't that the guy we met in the road?

The one with the gun? Yeah, that guy.

I got a bad feeling about this. Come on.

Come on.

Trust me when I tell you. All them vamps are bunch of fucking wannabees. I've seen their kind before.

They usually dress up in all kinds of weird, freaky costumes.

What are you doing?

We need firepower.

When the day of evil comes, you will stand your ground, but you're gonna need more firepower than that.

It's in the Bible.

Some place. Heh, heh.

Let me tell you I've been waiting a long time for you to get here.

That's the war wagon.

Look at that fucking thing. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

It's bullet proof.

You being here means one thing Cain and all of his pals are getting ready to swarm.


Yeah, like a bunch of hornets.

Taking breeders making new vampires.

Inviting the good looking ones to their evil little party.

Bet your bottom dollar that party is gonna be tonight.

This, my humble friend... is firepower.

All these weapons have been blessed.

The guns, the ammo, the explosives.


It's a vampire's worst nightmare.

I'll give you a crash course on these coffin dwellers.

Forget all that crap you hear about them, not being able to move around during the daytime.

They're a little weak, but they're still as dangerous as a rattlesnake. So, don't get cocky.

Garlic is good, but I don't like to get that close.

I prefer a blessed hollow point, right through the heart.

Crash, he likes head shots. Don't you, Crash? Ha, ha, ha.

All we gotta do is find the hive and the coffins.

They can't survive for long without their coffins.

We take them all out, we get the whole cell.


My weapon of choice.

Take your pick.

Listen, I gotta tell you about something and you're probably not gonna like it very much.

You're the only one that can kill Cain.

Why me?

Because he was your brother.

My brother's been missing for five years.

The man you knew as your brother is dead.

Whether you like it or not.

What he is now is an altogether different thing.

He's an animal.

I know we've been trained to kill, but there's no way in hell, he'd ever murder, like that monster.

Cain is not my brother.

He was your brother, that makes you the slayer!

You're the only one that can kill him!

You gotta do it, you gotta stop him!

You got the same blood! You got the king's blood!

Nobody can kill him except you!

You and only you, whether you like it or not!

I've had enough of this madness.

We're screwed now, bro.

I'm optimistic. Okay?

Get the C4. Every single bit of it.

If Black doesn't kill that bastard... we're gonna blow that place to kingdom come.

He looks ready, Crash.

Get the sword.

I'm sure your brother was a fine man.

He was.

You know, God only asks for help from those who can give it.

I'm ready.

Yeah, I think you are.

The sword of Dhamphir.

You gonna need that to finish off Cain.

That fucking thing will scare the shit out of him.

We got enough C4 to blow that place to hell.

Trouble is, I'll need some better information on the location.

Who would know? One of the sickest, weirdest fuckers I know.

Calls himself Johnny the Perv.

I don't know, what the fuck you're talking about, man.

Oh, man. Man!

Tell us. Cain... will kill me.

Go ahead.

Tell us... or I'll kill you.

Club Mortem.

The old Vextel factory.

Shoulda guessed that.

It's the perfect place for Cain and all of his pals to hang out.

It's probably where they're gonna deliver the coffins.

Okay. This is Vextel.

Best way in is through the swamp.

In the back.

Cut through here...

Cain will never even see us coming.

There's the entrance to the club.

Right there.

Couple of years ago, back in 1982, 800 employees of Vextel, gassed to death, by what was supposed to be a non lethal gas. This case it killed everybody.

The government completely covered it up.

Never even made the fucking papers.

If Cain was gonna pick a place to have a club, an evil place, well, by God, he did.

Right here.


We're gonna miss Wheel of Fortune, we don't get this show on the road.

You're not going.

Neither is the kid.

Why not?

You've done your job.

You've blessed the weapons.

You sure? If I'm the only one who can kill Cain...

I'm the only one who should risk dying.

This is a suicide mission, dude. Yeah... be a way to put it. I like my odds.

Alright, then. Let me send you off with a blessing.

Good luck.

I don't know how my brother transformed into this pure evil king, but if he is in fact evil, fuck him. He ain't my brother no more.

He must have known his perdition, which is why he put me on this quest.

So for my brother's sake, I'll put an end to what he's become.

Oh, my God. It's Club Mortem, it's right there. It's right there. I know.

Oh, my God. This is gonna be so awesome, I've been waiting for this for so... Jenny. Calm down.

Listen to me. Ow, you suck!

Alright, when we get in there just stay close, okay? Okay!

Oh, my God. Pull up. Pull up.

Can you hold my phone? Okay!

Just had the coin things a second ago.

Good evening, ladies.

How are you doing? Welcome to our club.

I have a bad feeling about this.

What the fuck?

That was great.

Girl, you didn't even check... Oh, my God.

Cutting up bodies with a meat cleaver?

Was foul as fuck. And looking at this guy's face was even worse.

Why so sad?

Your death brings me life.

Cain wants them done tonight.

We must be ready to move.


Where's your date, sweety?

Thank you. I'm your date now, baby.

Yummy. Yummy, baby. You smell good. Hot! Hot, man. Hot. Yeah...

I got you. I got you. It's over now.

Head to the woods. Go north. No.

Come with us, please. They'll kill you. No.

This ends tonight.



So, you came for deliverance?


Once you enter, you're mine... Don't touch me.

I'll do more than touch you, my sweet child.

Looks like Father Roy knew what he was talking about.

There's coffins all over this ungodly fucking place.

Sweet child. Let go of me!




No! No! No!






Come on, Jenny!


Welcome my brother. My brother's dead.

Soon you will be, too.

I'm not too sure about that.

Ah, she...

She... was to be divine.

This is between us.

What kind of king would rule, if he wasn't willing to die for his kingdom?

Now, I may die here tonight, but the kingdom will rule.

Let's go.

Black! No!

Think we're gonna let you have all the fun?

Get the coffins first. He's getting away.

He'll be easier to catch without an army.

Watch your back.


Come on. We have to go.

Come on!

Get down!

It's okay. Oh, my God. Oh, my...

We have to go. I can't handle it.

You can. I can't! I cannot handle it!

Lena! You can do this. But we have to do it together.


Let's go.

Hey, priest.

Get back.

They're after the coffins. Go.

I want the priest dead. Yes, master.

Head for the truck.

I think they're pissed.

Take this.

Die, priest.

You know anything about shotguns? Yeah.

Load it. Okay.

You're hurt?

Have you set the charges? Yeah.

It's gonna be gnarly.

I'm finished.

Come on. It's time to go. I'm fucking finished.

Ah, give me cigarette.

This was supposed to be fun.


Stay with me.

Those monsters.

Killed her.

Killed her right in front of me.

There's nothing you could have done to save your friend.


You'd better get outta here.

You better save yourself while you can.

You stay... I stay.

God be with you.

What is your name?

I don't even know your name.

Black. Shawn Black.

Tired of this, shit.

What, are they close? Not close enough.

I want him dead. I want him dead!

Suck on this.

Grab the wheel. What?

Grab the goddamn wheel. Suit yourself. Screw it.

No matter what happens, keep this rig moving.

Eat this!

Bring it on, motherfuckers!

Hey, Cain.

For the blood of kings to run through my veins, you must die, my brother.

The only blood that's gonna run tonight is yours.

You're too weak to fight, brother.

Die, brother.

Tonight we fight on your terms, my brother.

But the morning comes... and with it, my death.

When we meet again, it will be on my terms.

My brother died on the battlefield, with honor.

The only way to deal with a night like last night, was to try not to deal with it at all.

But then again, who am I kidding.

My destination was set.

Set on the path of righteousness.

Scripture says, there is a time to pick up the sword.

Well, I've picked up mine.