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Pavan. In this hour?

Have you seen hours, Pavan?

... This night what are you saying?

R u sure?

I see OK. I'm coming I come

Sir. Mr. Shekau is the director of the morgue The strange file All units of the Czech Kurdish?

The rest do not have any problem except one As we reported to you.

Video surveillance cameras did you consider?

Kate goes into Avnkarv Who was on duty?

Guardian Tara Singh The registration statement have you done?

He was afraid of what tell what does it mean? where is it?

Avnjast- Bya-

Tara Singh? - Yes What you see here? - Say what Dydy-

I was sitting at my desk, I saw the film with cell phone Come on alcohol Bgyrsh-

I was always obedient to parents

who's there?

who's there?

who's there?

who's there?

! Spirit

! Spirit

Lock was broken from the outside But no one came out, sir.

How do you know? You can see that making movies This one is not out, sir.

Got up and went dead.

Tell the truth, sir.

Sir, please let me go I got everything that I told you Why a soul must break the lock?

But did not get inside the package rejected Sir . Maybe go Sir, please let Brm- that Ayntvr-

When someone somewhere did not go to the movie camera. OK?

Who was truly dead?

Sir, Maya Verma's you know?

Ion industry? - Yes This morning due to heart attack man Possible heart attack is still not confirmed An autopsy has been done What his doctor's examination?

Tanya Mehra doctor, sir, here we come Coming soon Something Else how can Atmadh the Tara Singh?

Sir, I can only say that she is the only one who volunteered for the night shift I can not miss it, sir.

Most people find hard Sir. Elevators also have to consider?

Excuse me, sir.

There is a spirit and such things.

Sit focused on facts Tara Singh was using alcohol or drugs?

No sir. Never seen him so broke We can take an alcohol test We? - Bgyryd-

And let the media know it Bishan I'm with you

! Sir! Yes, sir.

Is it good I do not want the news media to hear it right?

Sir, remove the hard drive There is nothing tonight

.... why are off the page? Other Some cameras are broken, sir.

Why replace the camera's odd?

I Drkhvastshv, sir.

Getting property of the government, Zmanbrh Are stronger now How to steal his computer's hard drive?

Sir, please let me go Pavan. It 's your man Mfhvmh this area?


'M breathing tests

The dead could not get up and walk One entered and stole the body Yes Qrban-

The case is Maya Verma Death At what time did it happen?

4:30 Bdzhr This morning after a business meeting in Los Angeles Back About his family say His family are from Mumbai But he was born in Mauritius No other member of his family except her husband He was 18 when his father died His mother had no brothers and sisters died in childhood Mr. Ajay Puri But Maya Verma Yes sir. Maya Verma himself did not change after the wedding Name Mr. Puri is?

Maya's Laboratory Manager There is also a visiting professor University Where was the body found?

Home Maya Vrma- Who will find it? -

Ajay Puri Ajay Puri?

Let the wedding begin.

Not Maya what?

I do not want to get married

it's not funny Time is no joke I work?

Your fault What? - I know why you married me Kny-

For my money

Why honor me in front of these people go?

Have already said

If you previously told how the wedding was memorable?



"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me madly in love"

"Every breath, put your name in."

"You moonlit nights I"

"And my sunny days"

"My love for you Abdyh"

"I do not have a way to Abrazsh"

... I never had a lover like me. "

"You will not find ...

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me, madly in love."

I'm somewhere in between. "

"I lost memories ...

... and do not understand that. "

"Who am I ...

"I breathe hard and my heart is going."

"Even in the heart of put only your image."

"My love for you Abdyh"

"I do not have a way to Abrazsh"

... I never had a lover like me. "

"You will not find ...

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me, madly in love."

"Every breath, put your name in."

"Mehta night for me."

"And my sunny days"

"My love for you Abdyh"

"I do not have a way to Abrazsh"

... I never had a lover like me. "

"You will not find ...

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me, madly in love."

"Every inch of me, madly in love."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

"Every inch of me."

Brother Brother

All come to pass You could at least thank them

Truly I do not know why so sad He was getting a rep Treated like a dog with you

Shayna Please leave me alone And go back home.

I'll call you tomorrow. you're welcome all right

Something without I'm happy for you.

Ajay what are you doing here?

Before coming here, you'd ring Do not worry, nobody saw me Who was suspected?

I can not stay away from this nitrogen I had to come

L love you


are you well?

If not, feel alone

everything is going to be alright I promise

why do not you answer?

Certainly one wanted to tell condolences I do not want to answer And you're not sorry


Hello Yes . I'm

what do you mean?

This kind of joke?

Who're you? look

OK. I come damn it what has happened ? who was it?

Who Ajay?

What police? -

Maya's body disappeared from the morgue Disappear?

Someone stole his body?

Why would anyone steal his body? - I do not know Rytv-

Maybe the police made a mistake The body that will not disappear

I'm going to finish this game You should go?

If soft, police became suspicious

Yes, Mr. Puri I'm Inspector Pavan Zdyn call you? - Yes, I Bvdm-

Where is my body?

We searched the entire facility, but we could not find his body.

How do was disappear?

Here is a safe place. Not?

What can you do?

Mr. Puri ... Please be quiet.

...'re still investigating All through the ceremony tomorrow Svzandshh The Fhmyn?

Look, why do not you sit down? - no. Dun Bshynm-

Found dead fucking for- Bbkhshyd-

Mr. Ajay Puri Condolences We have the most Tlashmvn I work with us you're welcome OK. So do cartoons But I'll be here until his body was found Where Boudin?

Sorry. I am the superintendent of police Rawal Gera Where Boudin? - Mnzl-

Really? Sent a guard said there was no one there.

That's why you went alarm Yes. I went to buy medicine for a headache Strange Your maid or driver's Ndaryn that such things do for you?

Fresh air Mykhvastm- Ha-

What pharmacist?

What I told the pharmacist?

Pharmacy boarding nearby Jb- Rftm-

I'm going to ask you a few questions Why?

Research Rvtynh

Body missing And his body goes way, Mr. Ajay Puri This means that a stolen Jsdshv Definitely one wanted to hurt him even after the death of wife

Who would it hurt?

Or had no enmity with anyone?

Not And who cares?

Why would anyone steal Jsdshv?

Correct You Dshmntvn What do you do?

See inspector Acting Police Superintendent Police Rawal Gera Police Superintendent All in Port Louis knows that we are honorable people He would ask us identifier of Ryystvn

... and instead of my questions Brin looking body ...

Mr. Puri look. Daryn- not know what sense do not understand. you do not underestand Mr. Puri. We still need your cooperation in this matter Please be quiet.

No wonder your opinion?

CCTV cameras had seen the film?

Hard disks are missing camera How great this a joke ridiculous S.

So far, the bodies of missing here?

Please understand it, Mr. Puri He was an independent and powerful businesswomen He was involved in many trade In his position. Personal relationships or social boundaries are too thin Think Again!

... who Was not Think Again!

I did No one

And you? what about me?

You were hostile to anyone who wants to avenge his head?

Ever let's move on Yes. let's move on

How's your headache now?

I'm very good I was good to see you Yes, Kate?

Sir. Tanya doctor Avmdn- Oh yes. Of course-

I'd like to stay more questions Why?

This is because the all-night drugstore Mr. Puri


Yes Reto Find his body?

Not. But I have a job to do Responsible for investigating very Shkakh Rawal was named director of Gera I can bring whatever information Ajay. You can do better than I do A lot of things you know police I do not know the Maya knew I do not think I can understand what please, my darling Internet to look Maybe what you find Why come back?

I can not move from here to eat You were arrested?

No, darling, but are they question me

Listen, I'll call you again. OK?

I Ashqtm- Ashqtm-

thank you Hi Hi Tanya-

Wow thanks for this time of night scam I had never seen such a case I had to come up Now what about your medical opinion?

Preliminary analysis suggests heart attack Rest after an autopsy can confirm that Had a history of heart disease?

He was afraid of flying And today was a long flight from Los Angeles Sometimes stress after a long flight can lead to heart attack Body missing So there is no autopsy And I can not be wrong?

There is one other possibility What Katalpsy my God Do you really think the body may not actually be dead?

Katalpsy what?

The medical term for spirits say Katalpsy This theory has been proven a S-what Arajyfy-

Even after 12 hours of death of people almost neck OK. Even if I believe in open Hrftvn sense.

If you smash up so why not?

Why ask for help? Pashdh and disappeared suddenly Exactly He was alive One Jsdshv stolen It's just a theory, men Okay, let's talk about it with logic If died of a heart attack Why would anyone Jsdshv not disappear?

Exactly Why?

Heart attack was the cause Strong material with a kind of poison or not?

Do you think this was a murder? it's true The autopsy was trying to prevent Someone was hiding his murder And that's why Ajay Puri've arrested here Didi was emotional when talking about his wife?

Not Ten-year-old Nancy died And I still talk about it as if you were still here.

Today the wife of the dead Sorry, sir, but I disagree with this theory If he wanted her dead body disappeared He has already done it Why dead body to the morgue taking?

I think right Pavanh If his wife is killed ...

Just work hard for him to make a body disappear ...

Drsth- you do not understand Shyn-

Try to understand the psychology Ajay He feared that the truth about the murder to dissect prove For the same mistake that created a whole new offenders Back and bodies of the disappeared I should think Aynjashv what do you mean?

Sir. I am following your hands ... If what I say Not to say. I say we talk Sir. I think all the files get too personal What do you mean? - It's all judged for-

The first time you saw Ajay Puri And as always you're suddenly conclusions Without proof or evidence is I mean, this Qzavt- Pavan. Please. Relax-

...Sir. The truth is that Do grief Nancy ... drop Nshdyn The victim of the accident ten years passed Ten years, sir.

It was not an accident

I'm sorry, sir.

Do not forget Pavan About pharmacist lied to us

Bashh- What happened? - where are the others?

Please sit inside Honorable when they go back to talk to you Watches see?

Say going home.

Yes I know Please sit inside Ltfa- touch me Nzn-

Ltfa- this ridiculous S.

You know who I am?

I know I see the problem is sit

is there anyone?

thank you The wealth?

I have to go to work.

So what?

I just do not eat

I'm drunk with you.

Come in and bring Lbastv Maya. I have to go back to the lab By three weeks You need to talk to us Maya'm meeting Knslsh now But I do not respond to someone

I do not know should be happy or ashamed Professor stay were happy or ashamed?

Rome you play?

Really? - Yes

... If you want to pay Dyntv Lbastv come in and bring ...

I am pleased to work Well, not sad?

See you

Good bye

Do not you?

I was here looking for my car keys Glad that did I do not have to go to work.

Ajay does not meet today Maya Sent a ball Print Maya. what are you doing?

Of course I'm serious It's my company, I want my howsoever

what does it mean?

Now we can spend the whole day together


I did not alarm anyone Behold

Maya How comfortable are you afraid

Come have dinner tonight Come early and fast all the cards now

He must sleep Because of jet lag

I do not sleep

Tonight you're mine

Sir, one of the manipulated fuse U What are you doing in this room?

Here was a voice heard They are personal belongings Maya Verma What were you looking for?

Nothing kit

Sorry I should be out

Sir. Missing Phone Phone Give Why I Mykhvaynsh?

So when I want to? The wife?

Jybat the Empty Shvkhytvn taken?

Why should pick Maya phone?

Or do you feel empty?


It's my phone Hands high now what? -

I say hands high, but why? -

Because I'm not sure Right menu navigation Ndaryn Sir. Let's say that right ....

Let me do my job, Pavan turn back

! Rev say what are you doing?

Do me right Ndaryn Please. We can not do anything After that my lawyer must answer what is this?

First you give me an answer, what is it?

I lay on the floor cutting Zmayshgahth own label We provide our products too cold Each drawer can check here We will find an overview of products T-16 What is HTML?

What kind of pharmaceutical drug thought it? -

We should consider our drug production Drug production you do not know what's next?

... Valley but I know what -

I do not know exactly what I do not know Not my department Khvahrmh be oriented Sorry Yes Shayna Ajay. I found an article on the Internet

... Acting Gera Raval- Shayna-

I'm fine, but Maya's body missing Can you talk now?

What's going on?

I'll call you later thank you No you do not save your sister?

Number Jdydshh Be sure to today Grftdsh I left the bathroom?


The end of the hallway Sorry Nervous

Sorry. Where is the bathroom? - Avnja-

Reto Come on do not have time A reporter for a great article About Gera Rawal wrote ...- Khb-

Gera Rawal was suspended a few days because of alcohol problems Then I was transferred here The man's wife and daughter left A few days under the advice They say he sees his dead wife I knew I crazy S.

What is going on there?

Reto One Khbrh- what? -

Who? Cop?

Not afraid of the police Maya robbed and phone one of the shelves have won damn it T-etching was 16 I threw on the shelf Now the fold But how is it possible?

The police what did you say? - Did Askly, Ritu? -

But the nitrogen kill From there go The bigger problem is that the police But we only know of the Maya may have been eye And online due I did all the work correctly It was impossible to survive

Ajay May live somewhere else?


You think I'm pathetic for my case?

So everyone see killer Sometimes accidents happen But this was not random Maybe But his wife had a heart attack Assassin's not looking so check the corpse of Mr. Gera

"My heart says I love you"

"What am alive or not."

"My heart says I love you"

"What am alive or not."

"I once tell me"

"Beyond imagination love me"

"Beyond imagination love me"


"Beyond imagination love me"

Open late Yes. Your lab accident happened a little time I called the office Crete said that you went Bdzhr Really? - Yes I went to collect the samples Knm- the ringtone to your phone Zdm-

I had my bag and my bag was my phone in the car I'm sorry I did not see that called Maya wait

"... the aroma body"

One thing is what?

White hair

What did you think?

These days there is much stress

who is it? - Shayna-

Shayna. I'll call you a long time But you do not answer me

"My heart says that"

I am the Maya We are in the middle of an important discussion Was later to call you?

Ashqtm- Okay, Bashh-

Shayna had in mind

"Beyond imagination love me"

.... It was hard to accept that

Our relationship's not like before ...


And again you come home late.

Maya What's the problem?

The menu was pathetic songs I started thinking to ourselves.

I'm afraid of your hand

That you do not leave me. Not?

say Do not you leave me?

I will not

...My destiny"

"Only with your name tied ...

"When I say that"

"Believe me Hrfmv"

"Beyond imagination love me"

"Beyond imagination love me"

"Beyond imagination love me"

"Beyond imagination love me"

"Menu beyond imagination"


You Tvalth

"Beyond imagination love me"

Mr. Puri

Mr. Puri

Mr. Puri Yes Mr. Puri Are you sure? - Yes Qrban-

Mr. Puri know in're

Your Excellency will whisper Come with me, sir.

Please come Dizziness Darm- Alan-

! damn it Mr. Puri Let's take a minute

Mr. Puri

Mr. Puri let out, please

Take out or I come in?

So long Avnjayyn everything is OK?

I was sick I want to go home OK Let us have a clue found

Fresh footprints S

be careful This is our only clue What Srnkhyh? you do not know?

I would not know?

Yes. it's true In fact, here's body drag Tara Singh told us that this side is a back door This is how we found out How are you so sure?

These are the shoes News Kfshatvn see the field?


I like them ... maybe

Do not have money buy them I know, sir. That's why I want to see yours Seen here? Nasty dirty feet Testing acting you do not want to go Drshvn Bbynmshvn'm looking at. Please I understood See the bottom of my shoes is altogether different After looking at the door, do not worry

Here Pavan. Remember reject Savvy rejected unconditional control Thank you, sir We closed condition I said that the shoes you sign the house unconditional Beardmore I'm not the only one who can wear shoes size 43 Oh. Size 43 I write;

Because of the size of the wow Must wash my hands You Byarsh Kit Yes Qrban- Come Pavan-

all right

They say that the name written on the sand easily rinse well They're not real love

Behold I knew what?

That your love is real

Like children talking

Maya This is a Tvhmh no more This is a Vhmh- not a Bavrh-

The surprise was that you said?

Yes I am leaving, good bye where are you going?


This is my car Car Opener Please Take your own car There are also some joke

Well, this was a surprise.

Not that great?

"I'm in front of you."

"Menu mirror you do."

"You're everything define"

"I bring to language"

"If you want to Srznshm now"

"If you want to complain now."

"because of you"

"I will endure any pain.

"I'm in front of you."

"Menu mirror you do."

"You're everything define"

"I bring to language"

"You are my passion."

"Since I saw you."

"I found my salvation."

"And that is when"

"Joy in your eyes"

"Constantly reflect on my lips was"

"And I found my love"

"Wash my destiny."

"I came to the firm u"


"I'm in front of you."

"Menu mirror you do."

"You're everything define"

"I bring to language"

Why so long, Kate? let's go

Why sprinklers turned on?

Go check the key panel Come all go to the lobby

I can not talk to you Ritu. Do not call me otherwise fall so stuck I can not imagine in what circumstances Where are you? - I'm coming ago Tv-

Do not go crazy To tell the police who did nothing You're with me.

Do not go crazy Turn around Not-Ritu. By car Brgrd-

I'm waiting Bmvny- very Khb-

I will return thank you I waiting for you




This Atrafh I can feel it, Reto She died, Ajay We think we Maybe I knew that I Msmvmsh This Trfndshh So yourself Ntrsvn

Ritu's why it happens?

Why is death not only TEM menu?

Frstad- me a note now what? -

Ritu. Make sure all the Hato message Perhaps we were aware

... that knows To hide the door I think Jvnt in danger These are maps that Maya is dead He wants us alone Bkshh- How does all this lead? -

One can not help Who? - do not know But now everything's going broke And no one can take it

To hell with the money To hell with the rest Come on out of there.

Let's go somewhere far away is anybody here

Knm- should be cut Qrban-

I clean stainless other Hato history Take care Okay, I love you Ajay

I do not know why are you sad Getting, he was a rep And treated like a dog with you

Shayna still awake?

I'm afraid Bradr- what? -

Sometimes dream that seemed so real what has happened?

Maya dreamed that is trying to kill me Very true

Brother. Do I have a sense of suffocation He could not sleep alive What How is it possible? - How do you explain? -

Hato close doors and windows Well I'll see you in the morning?

Where are you? - ... Mann Khvahrth?

Yes. Khvdshh- Bradr-

Be worried You want to talk to him?


Stay here to go back Who says you can not Bgyryn- my phone? -

Listen, where are you going??

Sir. One lit his fire alarms what's up here?

I checked that her sister had contacted No one except her sister not know you?

Sir. Do you think that he has something to hide?

He can not hide a murder But you do not believe that Hrfmv

Report HTML laboratory for the T-16 was Good read it A poison that Mary was called the Cobras Chinese And a small amount of anti-cancer drugs used in the field This?

There's more you sing No sir, this is a drug too Mrgbarh And if the body after a heart attack was caused in 8 hours I did not say? I did not say?

Go home now and now warrant the judge and wake Take Yes sir Where you go, sir?

I'm going outside for a cigarette Bkshm- Qrban-

Yes I'm sorry you were right about you

Ajay Ajay

Tonight you're mine

you are mine Only mine

Now I know the reason for all Atfaqatm

How I came here?

Everything started from here.

And everything ends here What do you want?

I'll drink

What's in it?

Both of us getting on the glass

Maya I am not a murderer I do not know what happened

How much cowardice only wine cheers

Maya Please do not hurt her, not her fault.

... Online Only


Ajay. The last time that I Srkart


Who is not?


Maya Phone left here who are you?

Trinity nightclub waitress How this phone to reach your hand?

Phone my wife's property He died this morning.

Oh. I'm sorry We went to the club head I'm 29 years old Slim and tall Is it dead?

It might be alive Complicated cases His big eyes And always order red wine Mydh- do not know He called his friend And got the win phone Which friend?

I do not know Try remembering Please I think his name was Tony Tony?

Excuse me, sir, do not know any plum, Lnty-

Sir. This order you want to drink?

No thanks Should come later? - Yes Mmnvn- the Bynmt-

Who was he? nobody Who was he, Maya?

I did you talk about?

We talk about work Do not lie to me

But the lawyers do not like this word Jdydmh New lawyer I want a change in the division of assets in our marriage my

Dog joke began opening

Whatever you want to laugh, but you'll regret it later.

All under Pahat gonna be?

not everyone

Only you

Not funny, not Maya I can not get myself comfortable in front of the dining Dodge So that is your new lawyer I'm not a psychologist Is it good Angry Dary- really need Nshv-

Well I'm sorry I joke You do not understand my humor all right I'm really sorry I'm a psychologist and I am not aware watches What the hell happened to you?

Love I love you And I'm going crazy

Reto Who is this number? listen I found a phone number to call her Maya I'm afraid Ajay

Come back soon and go somewhere far away Listen now One named Tony nightclub Trinity was coming to her phone Mhmyh issue?

Why is this phone?

And because only Maya 's number?

Why now ringing for?

Why, when I am calling the waiter picks?

Calm confused Maya wants to say something.

Listen, what you're saying? what are you saying?

Ritu must understand that Tony Kieran Maya helps him to get And then what?

I promise that we'll leave everything and go far.

Just do this one thing for me Trinity's Maya nightclub to go and make new friends Follow

The door was open, sir.

But I'd lock what?

I do have a spare key?

Not. You're poison What do you do?

Who arrested me and my lawyers do not they?

I think you're gonna cooperation I will not abuse the literature After a smooth take a seat.

Please Morsi sit Kit Sit down

What's left to say?

U know You've poisoned your wife and ships with T-HD 16 And then his body disappeared, did you go to get away from autopsy it's true?

Select your job, you've got it wrong Have you got science fiction writer And you were in prison I did not do anything I want my lawyer HTML T-16 was produced in the laboratory you I was in the pocket The poison was causing a heart attack Wife died because of heart attack And you did say that You think I'm stupid?

You think I'm stupid?

... If I had Msmvmsh Why should the police in front of his bottles, you were with me? ... enough. Just confess Stop Lamb I do not have any evidence against Oh. Surprise fall We do not know Chia After Maya's body find Is one thing to say How did you meet your wife?


Would you want to sit with me?

It's going to be?

I'm not like how the killers saw each other?


As far as to marry a girl You're not enough to talk to me like that.

He was my lover And you were in love with money.

I see What else do you know about me?

I know when to lie, laugh Smile Kjh

Last time you saw him?

Morning And you are not bothered by losing?

Do not bother?

I cried so much Really? So get ready to cry more Wife three months ago, hired a detective I got this deal from his lawyer.

The contract between him and Detective He has agreed to marry changed What do you call it?

I want a change in the division of assets in our marriage my

... According to the new agreement Your Marriage If you divorce None of the companies you a hard money The detective was looking for what?

And you know the answer But before he could divorce your wife leave You ship it We prove this.

Pavan has gone out to Tony Dykasta

The dead man I tell you, she died. look

It was here?

It was here I Jsdshv

How long it takes to get a warrant?

Karshym you, sir, very early into the game

Ritu. Why are you ringing this number?

Ajay is over What's wrong, baby?

Come on out of there.

Say, what's the problem?

Tony Dykasta, Detective Maya is I know did you find?

Not I found the menu I was in an envelope behind It was a flash in it.

Wait Tony Dykasta name was on the envelope?

Not the method name But in a flash ... that it is a folder called Dykasta Contents for you to Frstm- very Khb-


Ajay Yes. Grftmshvn

did you see?

Yes There's more We were under it. Listen Who do you think?

Maya goes to Los Angeles tomorrow That should be back, do we Astrssh was afraid of flying leads Comfortable lead after myocardial infarction Damn, damn, damn We knew about this trick is his Rytv.avn Wants you to know Why?

As crazy S.

We wanted to scare Listen, get out quickly from there.

Yes You know where to go I'll see you there.

I go But not to kill them, Barry Your security is important Torre Just go But how do you come?

I'll not worry about me What happened, Ajay?

Why not met?

What was that sound?

... Ajay. Elevator you are good?

Listen, you okay?

One is, Ajay One I feel that one is Reto Ritu. Please do not think about anything else.

I'm with you am by your side Please come quick here I'm afraid I love you honey I love you too I can not live without you me too Ajay Reto

Reto Sir. If it's okay to be wrong to judge Frstm- Ndarh- very Khb-

!let me go Where going?

! let me go What's Going On? - Wait Mr. Pvry-

I just have to go Here'm You're under arrest

! To hell with your orders

! One needs to help Help you? - Yes Of?

Who are you thinking? You have no right to ask me out

Correct Okay Bring him to me

Well after police there.

say Who is this girl?

Why do you think that someone wanted to kill him?

The first time I saw Ritu's University I was there to speak There was a special day But after seeing it was special

"I'm familiar with delicacy"

"There's no secret."

"I can hear a voice"


"I'm familiar with delicacy"

"There's no secret."

"I can hear a voice"


"I knew that yes that is."

"Ankart in hiding"

"I knew that yes that is."

"Ankart in hiding"

"Do not laugh at me for no reason."

"And without a word, forget everything you think"

"You're pointing and excuses"

"To test my patience."

"This is the story of unheard"

"Having just heard from you."

"I knew that yes that is."

"Ankart in hiding"

It was important to decide

I chose Reto

I knew that lying

You do not love me You can never leave

And I can not carry it

And let's go to a place far But

It was not easy Aynqdra

Maya can not divorce the bad and you can not leave me You just can not do anything, Ajay Nothing

It's finnished

I can get rid of him without divorce And I'll keep my money


Maya could get a heart attack You crazy?

Not I mean seriously Ritu wanted more time but he did not listen to me.

And then Maya got poisoned and you ship it.

Asked're happy tone Now please Ritu me to Bbryn Mr. Puri would sooner admit you do So not stayed up all night Maya alive and going to kill Reto Midi prefer prison or the madhouse?

Did you ever listen to me More I listen, anywhere Brnmykhvrh Please you're welcome


He was ready Be sure to spit it has Must be forged after his death Thirty-four seconds.

Notice Nmyshyd Drugs are like water in blood flow were solved And the breathing rate after they While the heart stops beating And the effect of the Lambs The body returns to normal Only a crazy woman made such risk He's crazy S.

He loved to play with the mind of Mrdmh And never failed not postulate I told you everything Please Ritu me to Bbryn

Sir, Telephone Bash- here, sir Ltfa- be here -

Say Pavan I'm at home Ajay Map of freezing and we find our escape route He knew well from the cold We find it's sports shoes Size and bottom of the shoes was quite match One more thing, Qrban- what? -

Video Surveillance missing hard drive was found in the morgue His house? - Yes Qrban-

Frstadysh? - Yes -

Films sent to a mobile kit you can see it Yes . I can see Hard disk was missing

... Mother

I found your home What is?

Lost footage from CCTV I would not know how my house is this?

Maya Where is the body? - do not know Maya Ko'm dead?

... did you forget where did you find evidence Maya's house ...

Go to the point.

So all these things have Maya And so now I laugh

It allows her to be Maya money and the power it disappear Prove that the Maya still alive And I promise that you let go How do I do?

Ah . My service was Listen to me Sir. Please Here's totally confused with the circus Yes Pavan What


Okay, I'll see you there.

Come with me

The body of a woman found


"Goodbye along"

"I do not see each other again or not."

"Goodbye along"

"I do not see each other again or not."

"But there'll always belong to you."

"Goodbye along"

"On this trip alone and painful"

"God be with you"

"Our story"

"Very strange"

"you are not"

"And yet, the closest person to me."

"Goodbye along"

"Even the moments when you're not."

"Menu, you're drunk."

Where is the body?

Where did you find her? - You Dryachh-

OK. I'll go with him

Bzarydsh Earth Bzarydsh Earth Open, please

It was a good map

... If it was not for the dead I believe that all work is Maya ...

We did not find anyone at the address you gave us There's a girl named Ritu We asked all A young girl is not someone's profile You know what I think?

I do not work Rytvyy Only his voice was That it has to pay and up to kill incitement to murder his wife Pavan Give the body And to judge that Mr. Puri held Notify us And whenever we can bring him to court Fingers dead body

I'm dead all right stand up

! Come on, get up

Ajay Wait Ajay

what has happened?

What happened was I going?

I was over eight hours

I remember I He died ten years ago.

Nancy, Nancy? You good? - Aysha-

We got people that they could save the body But do not

We were still alive.

Do you remember?

You and Maya Boudin

Maya was never wrong Unlike you go Maya

I can not hit my shoulder driving

let's go

He saw our kids

Fear not Chyzyt Sit down I stay here I turn your mom I'm coming

Nansy- Mom

That day forever changed our lives

check this out


My daughter Isha

Isha you see on campus

Are you sure? - I'm sure Baba-

They say time heals all pain was

But revenge is more fun

... The only motivation for me and my daughter In the last ten years, revenge ...

Maya could get a heart attack

... everything that comes to you in the past 8 hours Program was my revenge ...

Now I confess I have put together records

But to send you to prison For the past ten years was not enough

Isha's why you poisoned eight hours ago T-etched with the same 16 that were used to kill Maya

and now TIC Tac The settlement was Hsabmvn