The Body Tree (2017) Script

Thirty years I waited to see this place.

It look like what you thought?

It's not what it looks like that matters.

It's what it feels like.

The Altai's one of the most spiritual places on Earth.

Healing, magic, energy.

They tap into shit here that the rest of the world can't even comprehend yet.

Maybe that's what you want to believe so that you didn't waste the last thirty years of your life studying it.


It's easy but it doesn't leave much room for happiness.

I'll keep that in mind professor.

Personally, I'd rather be in the Bahamas.

Well, maybe next time you could've asked one of your friends from the Bahamas to get stabbed four times instead.

Jesus, how'd I get stuck in a car with you?

Any idea what we should say to Kara's parents?

"I'm sorry?

"My condolences?"

Don't say anything.

It's been a year.

Yeah, they've probably already gotten over it, huh?

I just mean maybe they don't want to be reminded their daughter's dead the moment we step out of the car.

And you think they won't be, surrounded by all of her friends?

Maybe it'll be a little awkward when they see you, huh?

Mike, let it go.

You coulda all been one big happy family, Alice.

Is this you letting it go, Mike?

You think I'm the only one thinking that?

No, but you're the only one who's a big enough ass to bring it up.

There's bodies in these mountains.

Human bodies?

In 1993, archeologists found a female mummy encased in ice.

Twenty-five hundred years old.

The Altai did not want her moved.

Said she was there to bar the entrance of the kingdom of the dead.

Let me guess.

They moved her?

And as soon as they did, an earthquake shook the whole area.

Floods, disease.

Christ, even the suicide rate went up around here.

Sounds like a good time.

Let's just say this isn't a place where the dead like to be disturbed.

It'll be fine.

But if you need anything.




It's okay.

Don't be scared.

If even the locals gotta ask directions, we're really going to the middle of nowhere.

This is Siberia.

Everywhere's in the middle of nowhere.

Oh my God.

Welcome to my home!

It's very good to uh...

English, I understand but uh, speak not so...

This is Piotr.

I'm Sergei, the one who wrote you.



Ah, Mike.



Ah, my man.



Come! Come!

Please, hot tea inside.

Welcome, my friend, welcome.

You want to show everybody you're a tool?

He's like the Siberian Tarzan.

It's a Tree of Spirits.

In our culture, we believe that the distance between the living and the dead is not that far.

And some spirits choose to remain here.

So people hang ribbons.

As a sign of respect.

And to make a wish.

What do you really want in life?

I gotta show you something.

I miss Kara too but...

This is just creepy.

Alice, it's Brandon.

And you'd think they wouldn't want to see him here.

Hate to say this but you'd think they wouldn't wanna see you either.

What is this?

This must be why we're here.

Coño bro, my computer doesn't turn on, man.

Is the battery charged?

Here, let me take a look.

Oh, wait.

I know what it is.

Are you outta your mind, Tony?

Bringing that shit?

Tio, when traveling international, it's called smuggling.

Are you familiar with the term "gulag?"

Is that what the locals smoke?


Sorry about back in the car. I guess I'm just...

It's fine.

I just... want Kara's parents to know Brandon didn't do it.

You believe that, right?

It doesn't matter what I believe.

I wasn't on the jury.

Helen told me that your dad was gonna look through the case.

I, yeah.

Because if we could get one of the top defense lawyers in the country to help us...

Do you think I like Brandon?

No. No.

That doesn't mean I didn't want to know the truth.

I asked my dad to take the case when Brandon was arrested.

He was too busy.

I asked him when Brandon was convicted, he said, "do you know how hard the appeals process would be?"

At Brandon's sentencing, you wanna know what he said then?

"I didn't put you through college

"getting innocent people out of jail.

"They don't pay enough."

If there was new evidence, I...

Is there anything that suggests to you that Brandon wasn't the one who murdered Kara?

I can't get a signal.

Is there like internet, phone service?

Oh, not until the construction's finished in the house.

And when's that?

End of summer.

Yeah, I totally dig it, man.

Off the grid.


Dan, am I on a bad trip or is that a...

It's a doll.

It's a freaky little doll.

Did he just... Serve it food?


Alright, man. Fuck it.

Piotr is preparing as a shaman now.

It's important for the ceremony to take place tonight, on the one year anniversary of Kara's...


Will her parents be there?

We'll pay our respects later.

This is an Itterma doll, right?


Did you make it with Kara's actual hair?

Piotr cut it off before she was put in her coffin.

That's her favorite dress.

Isn't that what she wearing the night she was killed?

She did?

They washed out the blood stains.

And they stitched the knife holes.


The Itterma doll acts like a vessel for one's spirit.

Having all of you here tonight the way Kara was in her final moments helps to...

To summon her?


Can you stop touching Kara's hair?

It's amazing.

Yeah, that's not the word I would've used.


This is delicious, Sergei.

Yeah? You like it?


You guys aren't eating?


Kara's mother.


I thought you said her family wanted us to come out here.

A week after Kara's body got shipped from the States, her parent's car got...

it went off a mountain cliff.

I am family.

Kara, my sister.

Why are we out here?

He's asking for permission.

To call upon the dead in the presence of the living.

And the empty grave?

It must be Kara's.

They just haven't put her in it yet.

We believe that the ground is for those who found peace.

The sky is for those who are still searching.

After ceremony.

We bury my sister.

Where is she now?



Alice, please.

Please, guys, welcome.

Jeff. Helen.


This way, sir.

Take your hands, please.

Because Kara was killed in an act of violence, her soul has remained in a state of confusion.

Trapped between the two worlds.

Begging for peace.

The shamans call it the Black Sky Ceremony.


It allows the feelings you have for Kara to flow out.

And the love you have for her becomes like a light, to guide her soul from the darkness.


Get out! Get out! Get out!

I didn't sign up for this!

I didn't fucking sign up for this!

Did we have to see that?

I don't know.

All right, what was that?

Hey! Was that supposed to happen?


It was...

It was fucked up is what it was.

Can somebody please tell me that that shit wasn't just in my head?

And the smell.

It smelled like fucking death.

I can't get it out of my nose.

Kara's hair burning.

Sergei, what happened?

The Black Sky ceremony is... is very powerful.

It's been passed on through our shamans for many, many centuries.

You don't even know, do you?

Because you've never seen anything like it before.

And you have?

Doing field research in Tibet, Mongolia.

I saw white magic in the rituals.

Shit that can't be explained by natural laws.

What's your point?

The Altai tell us our universe is layered.

Levels of heaven, levels of the underworld.

Our Piotr just opened a gate.

The question is, in which direction?

Maybe you wanna fucking elaborate?

Everything is energy.

Light energy, dark energy.

And it flows back and forth.

And when you communicate with the spirit world, it doesn't just receive messages.

It also sends them.

That's what this was.

A message.

So what'd it say?

Ask the shaman.

What happened?

I think...

You... no sleep for many hours.

But what the fuck just happened?

What the fuck just happened?!


Crazy, right?

It was sorta crazy before it got crazy.

We've definitely veered off into...

The land of "what the fuck?"


It was brave of you to even come here.

Knowing how they'd look at you.

What they'd think of you.

We all lost our friend. But you...

I didn't lose Brandon.

I'm still gonna visit him every Sunday, twelve to one.

Until they find out who really killed Kara.

Maybe then they can even bury her, huh?

So the spirit world's sending a message, huh?

I mean, what the fuck?

Maybe arson's not the best way to fucking communicate, ya know?

I'm gonna go get some fresh air.

What is happening here?

It's going to be all right.

Alice is still convinced Brandon didn't do it.

Ya know what? Fuck Brandon. Okay?

I'm more concerned with the lunatics downstairs than the one in prison half a world away.

On the plane, in the car, you barely said two words to me.

You think I don't know why?

You only wanna sleep with me when you need a distraction.

That Altai voodoo shit you did, blew my fucking mind.

You know Kara was the first person I met when I came to the U.S.

Both from far away places.

But she made friends with everybody.

Some of us like each other, some don't, but we all loved Kara.

I was gonna show her Barcelona

and she was gonna show me the Altai mountains.

And here I am, here we are, without her.

Life, tio.

Fucking life.

It's just burning away right in front of us and we don't even fucking know it, man.

Okay, okay, smile.




Okay, okay. Okay, wait, did you take it?

It's a video.

Okay, you think you're funny?

I know I'm funny.

Okay, okay, smile.




Okay, okay. Okay, wait, did you take it?

It's a video.

Okay, you think you're funny?

I know I'm funny.

Hey Tony, have you seen Brandon?


He went...

I saw your face.

You couldn't even stand the thought of Brandon marrying Kara.

No, I couldn't! But that doesn't mean that I...

I'm sorry.

I was just looking for Brandon and Kara.

I need to say goodbye.

Last I saw, he was arguing with Rez about something.

Maybe you were right.

You told Brandon?




Whoa. I got you.

Are you in there?

I think I saw someone.



There's nobody, Sandra.

I know what I saw. Did you check everywhere?

Look, your mind's just playing tricks.

We haven't slept in almost two days.

Well, I can't sleep anymore.

Come with me.


Brandon needs me to make a wish for him.

I'm just going to wish to go back home.

Might as well.


Wait, you heard something too, right?


What the fuck?


Oh my god! Go, go, go, go, go!

Wait! Wait!

Wait! Wait! Wait!





Alice! Alice!

Are you okay?

Turn it off! Turn it off!

Take my hand.

Help us!

Help! Help!




Sandra! Sandra!

It's over.

It's over.

It's over.

Okay, motherfucker, who are you?!

Mike, be careful.


Oh, fuck.

What the fuck is going on?

Don't hurt him!

We need to help him.

We gotta take this out.


No, you pull it out, it will...

How do you say in English?

Bleed out.


So we're just gonna leave him there with a screwdriver in his back?

Where's the nearest hospital?


An hour, driving down the road.


Tomorrow we go.

By tomorrow he could be fucking dead.

He's getting medicine.

Why are you digging graves in the woods?


How many more are there?

And who are you putting in them?

Not what you think.

What do I think?

There's open fucking graves hidden behind the house!

I fell into one!

Listen man, you better start talking right now.

Not bury people.

What the fuck are you burying?

Itterma dolls.

That's what they're burying.

Of Kara friends.

Of all of us.

To surround her with kind spirits.

And to comfort her.

Yeah? You're comforting the dead with your bodies up in trees?

Your fucking graves for dolls?

We have to get the fuck out of here and get Dan some help.




Did you give Dan something?

Like what?

Drugs. Something crazy.

Bath salts or...

Helen, go fuck yourself.

I speak Spanish and so

because of that I deal meth in Siberian back alleys?

Like I run a fucking cartel?

That didn't answer the question, Tony.

No, bro, I didn't give him anything.

And it was after that ceremony that he started acting all crazy.

What do you mean crazy?

Crazy. Like when we went upstairs, he had some look in his eye like...

Like what?

Like I wouldn't be surprised if he...

Started hacking away at his friends with a fucking ax?

Actually, that was still surprising, but yeah.

He gonna live?

Yeah, impaled with a screwdriver. Should be fine.

You know what? Will you stop the sarcasm?

You think it's the sarcasm that's killing him?

All this guy can ever do is make a fucking joke.

You are the joke.

Rez, back off.

Yeah, come to his defense, Helen.

You faithful fucking dog.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Uh oh.

Got some anger issues there, Mikey.

Control yourselves.

Of all the fucking people to say that.


What did that mean?

You worried?

Why should I be worried?

Maybe I know something you don't want me to?

What is that a threat?

Or is the threat coming now?

About what you did to Kara.

To all those girls.

I heard those rumors on campus too. Okay?

They're not true.

I know.

Kara called me!

Too drunk to do more than mumble in the fucking phone.

Her dress torn-

You don't know!

Okay? And you'll keep your fucking mouth shut!

Cause you're a coward.

Cowards can't even kill themselves when maybe they should.

They try but they're just too afraid.

My father hit a lot harder.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

The Altai tell us Kara, out there, she can't find peace in the afterlife.

Some people, they can't find it in this life.

Never gonna be at peace.

They're just hanging around, haunting the fuck out of the rest of us.

Is that what you're doing?


Well, at least you're taking to abusing people while they're conscious.

There's something I gotta show you upstairs.


What does it mean?

During the ceremony, your love for Kara should have been manifested as a good guiding spirit.

If there is darkness, if there is hate, then that too can...

Then the ceremony releases that too?


What do you mean, hate?

For Kara.

We call it "Kyuryum" but you may have a different word for it.


So the ceremony created an evil...

It can not create.

It can only take the bad that is already inside of you.

So you're blaming us for what happened to Dan?

Why would you do something that risked our lives?

How I know?

You all friends of Kara, yes?


All friends?


All love Kara?




One of you...

Kill Kara.

You killed my sister.

Only if a person who killed Kara was at the ceremony can a demon like this be released.

And it needs a body.

A host.


Dan is that host?

Dan die, Kyuryum go out.

Into new body.


Or you.

Or you.

It can possess anybody.

Apart from the person whose evil helped to form it.

Kara's real killer?

Only this killer safe.

Come the fuck on, bro.

I told you all it wasn't Brandon.

And this proves it? This half-ass shaman?

Yeah? That's not really grounds for an appeal.

You don't understand this culture, okay?

The power that these entities have.

Dan had some sort of psychotic breakdown.

No, no, no, no.

The altitude, no sleep.

Hey guys, maybe he just had a trauma. Reliving...

This truth!


The truth is that you're lying.

Okay, I don't know why yet but our friend's dying while you're fucking wasting time.

We gotta get to a car.

You have one?


Where is it?

It's in the shed.

Take the path along the graves.

Can you drive stick?

Yeah, I do.

Okay, you two go get the car.

Hey, you're not running things here!


The keys are inside.

Is that a?

Yeah, bro, that's a coffin.

What are you saying?!


Speak English!

You cannot take Dan to hospital.

Listen, listen, listen, because if you do, Kyuyum is going to escape into the world.

You know what? Maybe you didn't get the message...


So Piotr wants us to just watch Dan die?

Step back. Please.

Just hear us out.

We destroy demon.

And save Dan.

And how are we supposed to do that?

Okay, there are two ways of doing it.

First, Kara's murderer has to confess to killing her.

And then Piotr's going to perform a ceremony...

Yeah, cause it worked so well the last time, right?

What's the second way?

We must kill murderer.

This person die, demon die.

So you're talking about one of us?


But right one.

Eric, bro, if there's a dead body in here, I'm gonna run crying down the fucking mountain.

Joder, tio...

You know maybe they're right.

Maybe they, they use this coffin to bury some more of those crazy fucking dolls.

Or maybe they knew they'd be needing one.

Listen, listen.

The murderer has to confess to killing Kara.

What if this person, this killer, doesn't come forward?

Then our friend, Piotr's, gonna have to take matters into his own hands.

Aren't you?

Take your best guess at which one of us you think did it?


Move! Move!

Oh my God.

Piotr asks, he says we gotta get Tony and Eric back.

And we gotta tie everyone up.

What the fuck is he talking about?

Kyuryum, the demon, can enter either one of us.

I've got to get to Eric! He doesn't know!

No, you stay!

How long will it take?

Two minutes.


If all of us are tied up, Piotr can find out which one of us turns and then...

Kill one of us?

You're just gonna tie us up and then kill one of us?!

Not kill. Stop!

It gives the person who killed Kara more time to...

Admit what they did and to perform the ceremony.

We have to do this!

Wo, wo, wo, wo!

Hey, back the fuck off of her!

Hey, stop, stop stop, stop!

Calm down!

These are dark fucking forces we're dealing with!

I've spent my life studying rituals like this!

Omens, the occult...

Forgive us if we don't view you as a beacon of fucking truth.

What if Piotr, here, thinks that we are all in on Kara's murder?

What if he is tying us up so he can kill all of us?

What if that's the reason why we're here?

What if that's the reason why there are fucking graves out in the forest?!

You can't make decisions based on paranoia!

We should base them on your superstitious bullshit?

If you're wrong, we all die!

But if you're wrong, we still die, right?

I'm not wrong, goddammit!

You were all there the night that Kara was murdered.

So now you think it was one of us too?

I don't know what to think!

Peter was the one who performed this fucked-up ceremony that possessed Dan, right?

If you believe that.

I don't believe it!

But let's just say it's true.

Afterwards, Dan tried to kill you.

And Sandra.

And now Dan's dead.

And you want to trust Peter?

Over your own fucking friends?

My friends?

What do you mean, Brandon's friends or Kara's friends?

But what if that's not what you are?

We tie now!

Shut the fuck up!

They are strangers to us!

Who is gonna let a stranger tie them up?!

This demon, can he enter you?


So we could all be tied up and the only one who's loose is the one who's possessed, is that right?

Maybe we use the coffin.

For what?

To put Dan inside.

Keep him from rolling around the back of the...

Piotr is the only one who can perform the purification ceremony.

Guys, understand this.

He has to be free!

It's just simply a chance we have to take.

No, we don't!

No way.

Maybe there's a reason you don't want to do it.

Oh yeah?

And what's that? You think I killed Kara?

Did you?

You ever think maybe I just don't want to a fucking ax through my head?

Or be fucking tied up and watch it happen to all of you first?!

Where's Sandra?

Two minutes. Five minutes.

Either way, nothing's happened so you're wrong.

You know what?

I'm taking that car and I'm leaving with whoever the fuck wants to come with me.

It's now or never.

Fucking decide.

Whoa! Whoa!

Man with gun running things.






I understand!

What did he say?

He told me to protect myself.

Do I have permission to get some air?

Okay, I wanted to show you before I showed anyone else.

Ready? No, don't peek.

Okay, you can look.

I just um...

I never want to lose her.

That's what you do when you love someone, right?

I'm asking Kara tomorrow.

They're bringing out the cake.

Guys, guys, guys, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Kara, in honor of your birthday, I wrote a small speech.

And it's from the heart.

Let's fucking party like there's no tomorrow.

Is Brandon in there?

No, just Kara and...

I get to decide what I want.

I'm with Brandon now.

You need to leave me alone.


Right now!

Rez doesn't give up, does he?

I don't want it!

No, I guess not.

Just leave me alone!


I'm gonna go tell Brandon.

No, Alice, you know how he gets.


Alice, you'd better come.

I'm afraid Mike's gonna try to rush Sergei.

Try to get his gun.

Your friend Peter, he's a fraud, isn't he?

Of course he is.

My friend?

What do you want to call him?

I think to us that word means something different than to all of you.

Whatever the fuck you wanna call him, this ceremony, chanting, this demon, it's all just a bunch of fucking...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You did see Kara's Itterma doll levitate, didn't you?

Yeah, we all did.

And I also saw a woman sawed in half at a magic show in Las Vegas.

The Altai call it Dyula.

It's a sickly soul.

Yeah, you have some experience with that?

Now by the time you all figure out what you're dealing with here, it's gonna be too late.

Is that what you think, Sergei?

It's gonna be too late for us?




Don't what?

I think she's trying to tell you not to get yourself shot.

All we have to do is figure out which one of us killed Kara, right?

Well, I can tell you that.


Well, don't look so nervous, professor.

I think you're a fucking bastard but I don't think you did it.

Well, let's hear it then. Who?

Your brother.


Because he was the only who was convicted by a jury of his peers.

And he's rotting for it in prison right now while Kara's rotting out in their fucking woods.

Brandon didn't.

Of course he did, Alice.

Okay, we get it.

Growing up, all you had was each other but sometimes the people we love, they do horrible fucking shit.

I did tell you you not to tell Brandon about the argument we overheard.

We all knew what he was like when he was jealous.

I told Brandon because Rez was fucking terrifying her.

I was the last person that she was afraid of.

And I wasn't even in the room with her that night.

I was.

Helen told me Brandon was gonna propose.

I told Kara to say no.

Maybe that's why she's dead.

Because she did.

But I saw blood on Rez's hands.

That's because Brandon punched me so hard that he broke my nose.

Don't you think that an insane jealousy like that can drive someone to murder?

So stop blaming everyone else for what happened.

Kara is dead because of your brother and because of the decisions that you made.

You and Rez just want Brandon to be guilty because you're both in love with Kara and she didn't choose either one of you.

No, she didn't choose us!

And look where the fuck that got her!


Okay, you can stop this whole lie and just tell us why the fuck we're here.

Do you think this world is only what you can see?

As children, Kara wanted to travel the world and Piotr went to study from our best shamans to understand the world that we cannot see.

So when Piotr tell me that kyuryum, the demon, is inside one of you,

it's as real to me as this gun.

Sergei, they don't understand this culture.

But you do.

You do.

With your field research?

You understand our grief?

You understand what makes our mountain roads slippery?

I don't...

Piotr's parents car?

It never turned.

It drove straight off the mountain cliff.

So whichever one of you put the knife in Kara, you killed them too.

You win.

No rope.

Everyone free.

Now your friend dead.



Eric killed Tony.

Alice, Alice, find out which one of these bastards killed Kara.

Car dead.

You destroyed our only way out of here?

You believe now?

Or need...


Oh, fuck.

What Eric do to your friend!

Kyuryum, the demon is taunting us with a message.

You mean the burns on the floor from Kara's Itterma doll?

Yeah, and with the writing...

In blood.

It wants to be released.

It's trying to get out into the city, into the country.

To world.

To keep killing.

Sergei, Sandra.

You need to go.


Get to the bottom of the mountain.

Get to people.

Okay, so it's one of us?

Anyone want to make a confession?


No? Okay, so then what do we do?

Do we draw straws to figure out which one of us we kill first?



We kill somebody, we save Eric, right?

We take a life, we save a life.

And we know that Eric didn't do it.

How about you first professor? You're deserving.

Maybe it should be you.

You don't want to be here anyway.

How many times you try suicide?

Not enough, obviously.

Maybe you're just not good at it.

A failure at even that.

Yeah, fuck yeah. That's it.

That's you.

That's the real you.

Now we're having a conversation.

No one can leave.

Piotr said.

He said that the person who's possessed won't try to kill Kara's murderer.

But Dan tried to kill Alice and me.

So you know, you know I didn't do it, don't you?

Look, Eric will probably be dead before I find help, but I can't live with myself if I don't try.

So if you're gonna shoot me, you can put a bullet in my back.

Why do you go to a party with a bunch of twenty year-old's? Hm?

And why are you here?

Kara was my student.

She was my best student.

And she was my friend.

Like the rest of you.

Her trusted mentor.

And you just loved her beautiful culture.

Look, we have to focus.

There's a killer out there.

There's a killer in here too.

Oh God.

We start falling apart, we're not gonna make it.

I'm so fucking exhausted.

Okay, this needs to be the focus.


Which one of us really killed Kara?

You fuck.

Stay close together.

Why is he breaking windows?

He's trying to confuse us.

To divide us.

He stopped.

Where's Piotr?

And Sandra?

I don't know.

We need weapons.

Everyone grab something.

An ax, a hammer, a fucking shovel.

A hammer and a fucking shovel.

Stop. Mike, just stop!

What the fuck are you laughing at, Rez?

Sergei's got a gun.

And we shoot Eric?

You're goddam right we shoot Eric.

And who's possessed next after we shoot Eric?

He's right. If we shoot kill Eric, another one of us turns.

We gotta, we gotta fucking catch him.

How're we supposed to do that?

Why don't we dig a hols in the middle of the fucking room, cover it with sticks?

Go! Go! Go!

Shut the door!

Where are the girls?

Shut the fucking door!

What are those?

Oh fuck.


There's eight of them. One for each of us.

Give me the gun.

No. I don't think so.

I gotta find the girls, Rez!

Give him the fucking gun!

I don't think so.

Please be quiet.

Please, please, please.

I think that's me.

These are the dolls that they're gonna bury with Kara.

It's Mike.

That's me.

Wait, look at the clothes.

This is what I wore the night Kara died.

What we all wore.

That's what we're gonna be soon.


Dead eyes.

Stop screaming! Stop screaming!

Stop screaming!

Oh, jeez.

Ah, okay.

No! No! No!


No, no, no, no, Helen.

Helen, be quiet.

Be quiet. Be quiet.

Please be quiet. Please be quiet.

No, no, no, no, no. Helen.

Please be quiet.

Helen, Helen. We gotta go!

We gotta go!

Help! Help! Help!


Let us in! Let us in! Let us in!


Lock the door! Lock the door!

Where's Eric?

Piotr shot him.



It's okay.


Please! Please! Please!

Choices have to be made.

What do you mean choices?

Or we're all gonna die.

Don't you do something stupid, Rez.

Yeah, like what?

Punch someone?

Slap someone?

Shoot someone?

You know, a few days before Kara died, she called me to come pick her up at this house.

Couldn't even walk.

Dress torn.

Someone had slipped something into her drink and she just managed to get out of there.

And she asked my advice.

"Um, should I uninvite this person to my birthday party?

"Should I press charges?

"Should I file a report?"

Now you,

you would probably want to stop something like that from happening, wouldn't you, professor?

What did you do?


Did you kill Kara?


You see, the thing is that not all secrets go to the grave.

Okay. Okay.

Oh, jeez.



There were plenty of girls.

Plenty of girls who woke up in your bed, not remembering what happened, weren't there, professor?

Is that true?

He's fucking crazy! Look at his wrists!

Yeah, look!

Look what I did to myself!


But it's not me who is sick.

It is you! It is you!

It is people like you!

I didn't kill Kara.

Maybe you did.

Maybe you didn't.

You did enough though.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Give me the gun Rez!

No, no, no, no!

This does not end unless we end it here and now.

Shoot the fucking door!


The person on the other side of that door is just paying the price for what one of us did, right?

Shoot the goddam door!

What do you think? Shoot the door?

Shoot the door or someone else?

No, no, no, Rez.

Or maybe I shoot myself?


Yeah. It's what you want!

What the fuck are you talking about?!

Pull the trigger.

Just pull the trigger man!

Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, Kara's sending a message.

Rez, you listen to me, before you get us all killed.

Don't you wanna be free?

Shut the fuck up, Jeff!


Kara's spoken.


You know, you were right.

I was not very good at suicide.

But it broke my heart when Kara was killed and now I get to do something about it.

We gotta get out of here.

Make our way down the mountain.

Go! Go! Go!

Now, now, now, go!

You okay?

Come on, baby.

Come on.


Oh, fuck.

Go! Go! Go back!

Go back! Go back!

Go back!

Oh God.


give me the gun.

Don't do it.

Give me the gun.

We need to shoot Alice.

Helen, no.

It's Alice, Helen.

She's the one that killed Kara.

He's lying.

She's the only one left.

My brother is in jail for Kara's murder and you know how much I loved him, that I would do anything for him.

She's trying to manipulate you.

You saw Eric try and kill both of us!

I can't be Kara's murderer!

Stop! All of you!

Goddam it, you fucking bitch!

Mike, stop or I'll shoot you!

Helen, you shoot me, you turn into the demon.

You get that?

There's no fucking time!

Helen, Helen, if Mike couldn't be with Kara, he didn't want anyone else to be.

You know that.

You know it. You know it.

Trust me.

You know it.

Baby, it's me.

All I wanted was to be with you!

You don't know what you're...

I got you. I got you.

Oh, you did the right thing.

You did the right thing.

Everyone knew Brandon's jealousy.

I knew they'd all accuse him.

He was gonna leave me and start another life.

But now he'll always need me.

I just didn't want to lose him.

And that's what you do when you love someone, right?

♪ In my garden, wither ♪

♪ In my garden, we grow old ♪

♪ In my garden, wither ♪

♪ In my garden, we grow old ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ We're wilting ♪

♪ We're burning ♪

♪ I'm taking life ♪

♪ From the outside ♪

♪ To the inside ♪

♪ Change ♪

♪ We'll all become lost ♪

♪ We're so tempting ♪

♪ You and I ♪

♪ We'll keep the ghost ♪

♪ In the daylight ♪

♪ In the daylight of the known ♪

♪ In the daylight ♪

♪ In the daylight of the known ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪