The Bodyguard (1992) Script

FRANK: Stay down. Just stay down.

Freeze! Just freeze.

Your hands ever shake, Frank?


It's just adrenaline.

Of course. How did you know?

-Saw him washing the car. -So did I.

They don't wash cars on the parking levels.

Frank, l'd like you to stay on.

I'm no good in a permanent position.

My feet would go to sleep.

CROWD : Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!

MAN: Rachel!

THE LEFT BANKE : Just walk away Renee MAN: You're turning down 2000 bucks a week?

You're saying you won't protect Rachel Marron because she's in show business?

-l don't do celebrities. -2500.

There's several good men available for that kind of money. Have you talked to...

...Racine? Fitzgerald?

-Portman? -Yeah, Portman was interested.

But we heard that you were the best.

There's no such thing.

We're talking about a frightened lady with an 8-year-old son.

I wouldn't be here if this wasn't real.

Farmer, she begged me to get you.

-Please, Farmer. Just give me-- -All right, I'll come. Okay?

I'll look the situation over.

If l take it...'s 3000 a week.

You must be very deadly for three grand a week.

Watch and see.

-Hm. -Shit! l know it's something....



Better not stand there either.

MAN: Yes?

Frank Farmer to see Miss Marron.


Alexander Graham Bell to see Miss Marron.

Got an appointment?

Yeah. The atomic number of zinc is 30.

All right.

Yeah, can I help you?

You the man on the intercom?

No. Can I help you?

My name's Edison. I have an appointment.


That was arranged by...?

Mr. Devaney.

Oh, okay.

Go right ahead, Mr. Edison.

What happened to your arm?

A doll.


Henry Ford to see Mr. Devaney.

-Who? -Henry Ford.

Come in, please.



RACHEL: That's what l'm talking about.

Glad you came. Come on, l'll introduce you to Rachel.

RACHEL: Tony! -Huh?

RACHEL: Did you love it? -Yeah.

RACHEL: He doesn't know great art. -Rachel, Frank Farmer's here.

RACHEL: You think this is me? -Terrific.

-Frank Farmer's here. RACHEL: Who?

Frank Farmer. The bodyguard.

RACHEL: I think Rory should be my bodyguard.

Raise your butt out of there and come meet him.

All right, l'm up.

BlLL: Frank Farmer...

...Rachel Marron.

RACHEL: Hello. -Hi.

You don't look like a bodyguard.

What'd you expect?

I don't know, maybe a tough guy.

This is my disguise.


His timing's good.

This is Nicki, Rachel's sister and personal secretary.

NICKI: Nice to meet you, Mr. Farmer.

BlLL: Tony Scibelli.

Sy Spector, Rachel's publicist.

Can we get you a drink?

An orange juice.




This whole thing is Bill's idea, a sudden obsession with protecting me.

Tony's always done my security and we've done just fine.

WOMAN: Is this what you meant?

Bill's right, Rachel. It's time you took more precautions.

Nicki, Nicki. l'm sure the number of nuts writing fan letters...

...jumps whenever Rachel's on a magazine.

-Not like this. -Relax, guys. Relax!

I said l'm gonna do it and l'm gonna do it. See what l'm dealing with here?

I'll do it, as long as we understand each other.

-l'm not gonna let this thing alter my life. BlLL: That won't be a problem.

Rachel runs a very informal household. We're on a first-name basis.

SY: l'm sure you'll fit in fine. You can choose...

...the alarm system for the house, improved security for the gate.

What else? Rachel.

What else?

Well, l think l'm safe when l'm here at the house.

-So the main thing is when l go out. -Yeah, exactly.

Tony will fill you in. l don't want you falling over me everywhere I go.

The most important is that Fletcher cannot be affected by this.

I was going to cover that. We'll tell the boy you've got some other function.

I don't want him to think he's in prison, so the house must not be altered.

He shouldn't know you're here.

-Miss Marron. RACHEL: Rachel.

There's been a misunderstanding.

If you'll show me the way out, I'll save us a lot of trouble.

You can go by the pool.

FRANK: It was nice meeting you.

TONY: Or the door on the end. -Tony, shut up!

Farmer, wait a minute!

SY: We shouldn't be begging this guy for his services.

Sy, l'm handling this. Farmer, would you wait a minute?

I should have told you more. I was afraid you wouldn't go through with it.

-l thought l'd let you two work it out. -We did.

She's not a bad person. Whether she knows it or not, she needs you.

You've come this far. Just wait here for a minute.

I want to show you something.

-Please, Farmer! -All right.


How are you today?

I'm fine. How about yoursel¤ I'm fine. Do you like boats?


No, I don't like boats.

-Why not? -l don't know.

Sure you do. But you don't want to tell me.

You're a pretty smart kid.

One time I was stuck on a boat with some people for four months.

A lifeboat?

No. It was a big, white yacht.

You're the bodyguard, aren't you?

What do you know about it?

I've got ears.

I'll remember that.

BlLL: This is just in the last six months.

Have you ever tried having these professionally assessed?

-Bill said you were in the Secret Service. -That's right.

Ever guard the main man?

I was two years with Carter, four with Reagan.

Reagan got shot.

Not on my shift.

That's good.

This could be something.

You think it could be the same guy who rigged the doll?

I don't know. Did you tell Miss Marron about it?

Does she know about the doll?

We said there'd been some electrical problem, a short circuit.

I mean, she doesn't need this kind of worry right now. This would upset her.

What about the police?

There was no need. No one got hurt.

What about the chauffeur? He got hurt.

That was nothing. It was just our people there.

Sy, l think we should show him the room.

RACHEL : Share my life Take me for what l am

'Cause l'll never change All my colors for you Is this her bedroom?

-Yeah. -No.

She sleeps in a room next to Fletcher's. Sy had this done for a magazine layout.

"Superstars in their boudoirs." Did you see it?


We found the letter here.

Someone was in here?

Somebody broke in and masturbated on the bed.

-She doesn't know this either. SY: You kidding?

This would really freak her out.

What do you think?


Someone penetrates the house, gets upstairs, jerks off on the bed.

-l'd say that qualifies as a problem. -We don't need this, Bill.

BlLL: What kind of problem? FRANK: The house is wide open.

SY: Excuse me?

The house is wide open.

You people have no clue what security is or what it takes to achieve it.

Just tell me how and l'll accommodate you.

-l can't protect her like this. -Like what?

I won't be responsible for her safety if she doesn't understand what's going on.

I'll talk to her. I'll make her understand.

SY: Bill.

I'll talk to her.

BlLL: She won't give you static. You got my word.

Sure she will.

So, what job's perfect? You're a bodyguard, aren't you?


I have nothing, nothing, nothing Don't make me close one more door I don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare MAN : It's Oscar time again.

This year, the smart money's on Rachel Marron for best actress.

With the theme song from her last movie, "l Have Nothing," still big on the charts... looks like the versatile actress/singer...

...could soon end up actually having everything.

RACHEL : --nothing, nothing lf I don't have you You


Why'd you say your name was Edison?

I wanted to see how difficult it was to get in.

-And it wasn't, was it? -No.


-Put it on your arm. -What's this?

It'll help with the ache.

I bet you can fill a whole day washing cars and driving Miss Marron around.

Well, that's my job.

-We're adding to your duties. -Huh?

We're adding to your duties. You're my new assistant.

Says who?

Henry, I've spent a lot of time guarding people...

...and l've found one thing to be true.

No matter how incompetent the assassins or how much they miss... person always gets hit.


The cocky black chauffeur.

Put this in the pool.

This gate will be replaced next week. I'll have two cameras here.

A face camera by the call box and a scene camera on top of this pillar, looking down.

I want these trees cut back so the lights can shine onto the property.

HENRY: Okay.

The people who cut the property, make sure we know who they are.

I want these all cut back.

Miss Marron's paid enough for the property, she ought to be able to see it.

-Hey, what you looking at? -Frank.

FRANK: Fence is gonna come in all around this particular area and end by the gate.

Come on. Let's go.

Not yet, not yet. Not yet.

Now brake!


...and stop.

LlSA STANSFlELD : Ooh, call me, babe Someday, someway

'Cause l-- l never wanted anyone

Come here!

Come here.

That's a....

That's an unusual tactic for a guard dog, but it's effective.

You can take a look around if you want.

-Sorry to disturb you. -lt's all right. It's an excuse to rest.

This is my personal place. I'm the only one who works out around here.


My own ego wall. No platinum records.

FRANK: Is this you and Rachel?

NICKI: Mm-hm.

When I was a kid, I put together this little band.

We played school dances and stuff like that.

Rachel joined the act. As you can imagine, she was quite an entertainer.

Even then, she had a way of stopping the show.

So l kind of quit.

-Professionally, anyway. -You never went back?

It was pretty obvious who the star in our family was.

RAY: A lot of work went into this. A lot of work.

No fingerprints, though.

-You think this is tied to the doll? -That's what her manager thinks.

This "l have nothing" thing is a natural, given the record, the movie and all that.

I lost track of you after Washington.

FRANK: Yeah.

So how's the private stuff?

It's fine.

Big money, huh?


It's big money, right?

You wouldn't want this job, Ray.

It's big money. Fuck. I knew it. You need an assistant?

I'm due to get out of here, and l have had it with assholic behavior.

What a scumbag we're covering now!

A walking schlong senator who shall remain nameless.

-Hellfire Henry Kent. -Shh. Someone wants to pop him.

No surprise, with what the shithead's been saying.

Yeah, do everyone a favor.

As you know, we're non-political these days.


I'll send it to Behavioral Sciences. I'll have an answer in a couple days.


Ray, why am I getting all this cooperation?

-Are you kidding? -She's a big star.

Important people care about her.

Frank, politics and showbiz, it's the same thing these days.

Well, thanks.

-There she is. -Oh.

-Can l have your autograph? FRANK: No, hon.

-Sure you can. WOMAN: We're you're greatest fans.

Do you mind if we get a picture? She'll be so pleased.

You're her favorite actress. We've seen all your movies.

Take a good one.

Thank you so much. She'll really appreciate it.

I'm surprised you didn't plug them.

Help me with this stuff. You sign "Much love, Rachel" and you sign....

Let me set you straight about a few things.

For starters, l love this lady.

What l do for her, I do out of love.

I'm not some hired fucking gun who's here to make her life miserable.

I do things the way she likes.

Her happiness is everything to me.

No problem. I'd like to know how you handle things.

I handle things fine. You watch me and you'll learn something.

Turn right here.

HENRY: Is that him?

What's going on?

Short cut.

Want me to do a 180?

No, 180. I want you to slow down.

Take the car up to the house!


RACHEL : l wanna run to you, ooh l wanna run to you

Won't you hold me in your arms And keep me safe from harm? l wanna run to you, ooh

Shut up! Shut up! Just shut up!

He's through messing with my life.

I'm getting sick of running up here every time he steps on your toes.

Farmer, would you come in here?

RACHEL: Did you know he was nuts? -You know who couldn't get in yesterday?

-Who? -Robin Leach.

He speaks to 20 million people and he can't get in!

Did he have an appointment?

What's this about brunch at Charlie's? She's been going every Sunday for five years.

I don't want her doing what she's always done.

"I don't want her doing what she's always done." He's a fanatic!

-So are the guys he's protecting you from. -Excuse me if I don't faint.

Think about your son. What about Fle--?

What do you want?

-l want some peace around here! -That's right.


We're almost done.

And l want to eat brunch with my friends.

Go on Tuesdays.

Tuesday-morning brunch. Where'd you get this guy, Bill?

Louise, you've got too much great stuff.

Take it all, darling.

Yeah, l'll try this on.

Hey, Farmer.

Want to come in here with me?

Just to be safe?

You probably won't believe this...

...but l have a reputation for being a bitch.

I didn't used to be.

Get known for being a certain way, a way people think you are...

...and soon, you get like that.

Guess you can't help it.

Oh, so you don't think so?

You're an expert on famous people, huh?

-l've seen a few. -And you disagree?

You can be as you choose to be.

It's an act of discipline, but it can be done.

Is that why you never stay with one of your clients?

They too undisciplined for you?

-Or maybe you start caring about them? -That's right.

Can't you answer straight just once?

You're too clever for me. l can't keep up.

Look at me, Farmer!

You don't approve of me, do you?

Disapproval's a luxury l can't afford.

Gets in the way, right? Don't like your emotions getting to you?

Never mix business with pleasure?

That's right.

Will you grab that jacket for me? The red one, please.

I'm here to keep you alive, not help you shop.


l know that when you look at me There's so much That you just don't see

-Two minutes. -Three, four.

Wait. l want to make it really full.

Shh, shh, shh.


RACHEL : --in my heart you'd find Oh, a girl who's scared sometimes Who isn't always strong Can't you see the hurt in me?

Oh, I feel so all alone l wanna run to you, ooh Won't you hold me in your arms And keep me safe from harm? l wanna run to you, ooh

FRANK: Straight up. HENRY: Uh-huh.

FRANK: Right there. Hold it.

Hold it still.

HENRY: What am I looking for?


Don't worry, l already checked.

Put it back here a little deeper. Hold it still.

-Now turn it. Good. Now right there. HENRY: Oh.

FRANK: Wait, wait. Hold there for a second.

Son of a bitch.

I thought it was dinner.

-Are we going somewhere else? -The Mayan.

-What's the Mayan? -lt's a club, Frank.

-You have to tell me about these things. -l just did.

Nice suit, Frank.


I want you to keep this.

It's beautiful.

It has a radio transmitter. When you close the clasp, it sends a signal.

If there's ever a problem, press it. I'll know you need me.

Okay, she knows how it works. Come on, let's get going.

Come on, let's go.

Look at this!

Look at this, Rachel. They didn't forget. They don't forget.


Get inside. The show's inside.

Henry, just keep the car moving.

CROWD : Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

How you doing up there?

MAN: Rachel! Rachel--

I'm a fan!

This is his first video. Rachel loves it.

This is Sy's idea.

-l honestly thought-- -You told me l had an exclusive.

Maybe later. What can l say?

-Hi. -Laurie!

-Hi. -How are you? You know Paul.

-l know. -Speak to you later.

She normally doesn't do these places. He thinks it'll be good for the video.

BlLL: He sent another one.

RACHEL: What do you mean "another one"?

Bill, what do you mean?

-They didn't tell you. -Didn't tell me what?

There were some letters before. Same kind of threats.

We didn't want to worry you.

-And somebody got into the house. -Someone was in my house?

-Don't get hysterical. -Let's get her out.

Wait! While Fletcher was there?!

The house is like Fort Knox.

-Right, Frank? -We should go.

SY: There's no way anyone could-- -Anyone could what?

-Everyone calm down. -Sy.

Let's just see how she is. How are you, honey?

FRANK: "Watch the door" means no candy, no flowers.

Do you think he's out there?

-He's here, isn't he? -He might be.

We don't know that.

But you know he was in my house!

Let's go home. We'll have to make an announcement.

Fine, Bill, you make it!

You tell them! They'll tear the fucking place apart!

CROWD : Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!

BlLL: Ladies and gentlemen... -Oh, my God. Rachel!

...l'm sorry, but due to circumstances beyond our control....

Wait. Wait. Wait!

Rachel, don't do it. lt's not worth it.

No fucking freak is gonna run me off stage.

Hey, get this video up front. Cued up.

Let's go. We're on.

-Change of plan. We're not coming. -What?

BlLL: I'm afraid Rachel will not be able to appear tonight.

RACHEL: Bill Devaney, everybody!


Just wanted to stop by and maybe sing a song.

I hope you don't mind, do you?


All right, thank you so much!

Isn't Billy Thomas the greatest? Let's give him a hand.

-Go for it, Rachel. RACHEL: Come on.

Want to see my new video?


l've got the stuff that you want l've got the thing that you need l've got more than enough To make you drop to your knees

'Cause l'm the queen of the night The queen of the night Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah Are we having a communication problem?

-What? -A communication problem? l mean--

Excuse me. I need to keep this aisle clear.

I know what you're saying.

You got a job to do.

But understand that Rachel does too. And that's what she's doing.

Out there.

I mean, look, she's so hot now. This is her time.

If she doesn't get out there, she's dead.

Forget the crazy death threats, if she doesn't sing...

...she's dead anyway.

Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah Handled properly, this thing could be worth a million in free publicity.

-One word! -Yeah, well it--

-One word. One word in print about this-- -Yeah, okay--

About anything....

Queen of the night Queen of the night Queen of the night Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah You've got a problem With the way that I am They say l'm trouble And l don't give a damn But when l'm bad l know l'm better l just wanna get loose And turn it up for you, baby l've got the stuff that you want l've got the thing that you need l've got more than enough To make you drop to your knees

'Cause l'm the queen of the night Queen of the night Oh, yeah, oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah

Come on! Out of the way!

FRANK: Tony!

-l'll take care of this! FRANK: Right there.

Follow me!

Where's the fucking limo?


SY: Henry!

It's me, Sy!

Stop it!


FRANK: Keep driving, Henry.

Never done that before.

It's been a long night.

Don't you want to know why l behaved that way?

I know why.

I don't want to talk about this again.

Hey, got you, didn't I?

Bet you're wondering what l'm doing.

Didn't know I jog, did you?

Afraid I'll get picked off in my snazzy running suit?

No, I'm afraid that I'll have to jog with you.

Will you walk with me a little?

RACHEL: Look, l know this is kind of late...

...but thank you.

I'm really glad you're here.

And l'm going to try to cooperate.

That would be good.

Farmer, I have this problem.

This minor little problem.

I'd like to go out for an evening.

With a guy, you know. Like a date.

But, I can't go out on a date...

...because you have to be with me every minute.

What if he wants to invite me up to his place? Will you come too?


...the only thing l can figure... for you to take me out.

That's what l was wondering.

You know? l mean, what do you think?

Only if you want to.

NICKI: Rachel!

God, this is so embarrassing.

You decide, okay?

-Yeah. -Sandy Harris is on the phone.

Tell her l'll call her back. I'm getting fixed up here.

RACHEL: He didn't look like he wanted to die to me.

FRANK: There's a big difference between wanting to die...

...and having no fear of death.

And so, because he had no fear of death, he was invincible?

What do you think?

-He sure creamed them all in the end. -Heh, heh, heh.

-Yeah, it was a good movie. -Yeah, it was good.

How many times have you seen that movie?


-Sixty-two times, I think. Heh, heh, heh. -Sixty-two times? Gosh.

I've seen it a lot.

-You can say that. -l've seen it a lot.


WAITRESS: Another beer, sir? -No. No, thanks.

Your kind of place?


Your kind of music?

Absolutely. Yeah.

You figure no one can get by you here, huh?

If someone's willing to swap his life for a kill, nothing can stop him.

Great. What do I need you for?

He might get me instead.

You're ready to die for me?

It's the job.

And you do it?


I can't sing.

Maybe there is some glory in saving a president, but just anybody?

Like you?

Yeah, like me.

It's a matter of conditioning and discipline.

I don't trust discipline.

I know at that crucial moment I'd cop out.

It happens.

Mm. But not to you, fierce Frank, huh?

It happens.

Have you ever liked anybody?

What do you mean?

Like me, a girl?

Yeah, a long time ago.

What happened? Do you mind if l ask?

Mind if I don't answer?

I don't want to pry.

Oh, yeah. I can see that.

What? Heh, heh.

She didn't die, did she?

While you were protecting her she got killed, right?

God, that's not it, is it?

That's it, isn't it?

Nobody's perfect.

I'm sorry, Frank.

I'm sorry.


Nice try, though.

You-- Frank.

It was less dramatic than that.

She didn't love me anymore.

Can you imagine that?

No, not really.

So... this a full-service date, Frank?

I'm just asking you to dance.

Come on.


You can dance, can't you?

--in your way So I'll go But l know l'll think of you each step of the way And I will always love you Oh, l will always love you

This is kind of a cowboy song, huh?


Bittersweet memories

-What? -Nothing. lt's nothing.


It's so depressing. Have you ever listened to the words?

We both know that l'm not What you need

-lt is kind of depressing. -Yes, it is.

It's one of those...

...somebody's-always-leaving-somebody songs.


Don't worry.

Don't worry. l'll protect you.

Oh, l will always love you

It's very quiet here.

You ever going to hang these up?

Maybe when l'm here long enough.

"West Virginia University Football."


Take a look at you.

-What'd you play? -End.

Were you tough?

No, I was fast.

So you were in the Secret Service?

What made you get out?


Yeah, l can see your tastes are extravagant.

May I?


Be careful.

You're a hard one to figure out, Frank Farmer.

A bodyguard must know very little peace.

Watch this.

I've never felt this safe before.

No one could get by you.

Right now might not be too difficult.

What are you doing?


I don't want to get confused about what l'm doing here.

I'm not confused.

You pay me to protect you. That's what l do.

-Have I done something wrong? -No. Nothing.

Then what is it?

-Do you want me to beg? -No.

What's going on, Frank?

I want to keep it straight in my head what my job is.

What is that, exactly? Making me feel like shit?


I'm sorry, this is my fault.

Don't apologize. Just tell me what I did. l'm a big girl.

You didn't do anything. lt was me.

-l got involved with my client. -Your client?

-l made a mistake. -Your client?!

You're not attracted to your client anymore?

Christ, l told you why!

I can't--

I can't protect you like this.

So that's it for me?

That's it?


I don't believe it!

You can live with it, or you can fire me.

But l can't fuck you.

She's real mad at you, isn't she?

She doesn't understand why you're being so shitty to her.

I don't like it when you use language like that.

I spent a lot of time learning not to react to things like other people do.

It's my job.

It doesn't always work.

Doesn't always work.

I don't think l understand.

I'm an old man compared to you, and l don't understand either.

I'm starting to get the feeling...

...that l never will.

NICKI: Ta-da!

Thought you'd like to know.

Everyone said she was a sure thing.

But you already knew that.

I am sorry. lt was out of line, none of my business.

Come on, buddy. Let's go.

MAN : lt's off to Miami today for Best Actress nominee Rachel Marron.

She'll give two AlDS charity concerts at the Fontainebleau Hilton.

A thousand a plate, no less.

And it's a brave man who'd deny the lovely lady was worth every cent.


MAN 1 [OVER WALKlE-TALKIE]: Mobile 1 to station 2. 02, engineering.

Have them do a 14 reference to presidential suite balcony right away.

MAN 2: It's okay. They're cleared.

MAN 3 [OVER WALKlE-TALKIE]: Mobile 2 to Catering.

Security requests main kitchen aisle to be kept free...

...of all obstructions on stage level, effective immediately.

Mobile 2 to front of house.

Security requests updated list of all ticket holders for Rachel Marron concert.

Please fax any names which are added to the list to Security Office.

What a silly job this is.

MAN: Okay, we're rolling!

-Showtime, everybody! -ls this necessary?

Yes, it is. Let's go.

Quit bitching! This is the part you do get paid for.

REPORTER: Give us a couple of minutes? RACHEL: Sure.

REPORTER: How do you like our city? -l love it! I love Miami!

Take my love l'll never ask for too much Just all that you are And everything that you do l don't really need to look Very much further l don't wanna have to go Where you don't follow l won't hold it back again This passion inside l can't run from myself There's nowhere to hide Your love l'll remember forever Don't make me close one more door l don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare Or must l imagine you there Don't walk away from me l have nothing, nothing, nothing Don't make me close one more door l don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare

WOMAN: Do you arrange all this? -Mm-hm.

Hey, that's me!

PORTMAN: Hello, Frank.


It's been a long time.

You on the job?

Technically, l'm off duty. But the governor might show up here later, so l thought...

...l'd give it a light check.

Someone else is covering him now.

How old's she?

Maybe 18.

RACHEL: Thank you.

Thank you so much. Listen, you're so right.

I want you to have a good time...

...and drink as much of Ben Schiller's liquor as possible. Thank you.

I'd call that a step up from the president.

Probably sings better too.

-Handful. -Oh, yeah.

Lost track of you after the Reagan thing.


Wasn't your fault, Frank.

You weren't even there.

I need a drink.


It's orange juice.

So who are you?

Greg Portman.

I take it you've met my bodyguard.

We used to work together.


Well, well, well....

What do you do now?

Same thing as Farmer.

Two samurai, huh?

So are you working now?

Not right now.


Because I'm the only person in this room that needs protection.

Come on, let's go get a drink. A real one.

WAITER: Orange juice, sir?

I've been watching you all night from across the room.

Why don't you go back there, keep watching.


No, I'm not doing this.

-l think you are. -No.


Please go now.

Not right now.


Mr. Portman was just leaving us.

Good night, Rachel.


What are you looking at?

Probably never had a heavy night in your whole damn disciplined life.

-Oh. WOMAN: Coffee?

Farmer, you're a self-righteous son of a bitch.

And don't laugh at me. Don't you dare judge me!

Give me a break. l didn't tell you to fuck everybody in the hotel.

RACHEL: Fuck this. I don't need this shit.

RAY: lndustrial detergent matches the traces in the glue.

We're getting to him. We're gonna nail this sucker.

Don't take too long.


It's good money, isn't it?

It's good money.


-Where is she? -l don't know.

-Where's Tony? -l don't know.

I thought you were with her.

Thuringer, this is Farmer. Where's your man at the door?

The door to the suite. Where is he?

Get someone up here now.

He doesn't know.

BlLL: Where are you going?

RACHEL: Hi, Bill. BlLL: Where have you been?

RACHEL: I went to Bal Harbor, did a little shopping.

TONY: Want these in the bedroom? RACHEL: Leave them. I wanna look at them.

BlLL: You had us worried. You're not supposed to do that.

I'll do what I want when l want.


...l'm tired of hanging around deadbeats.

No offense, Tony.

One more time and l'm gone.

You remember something: You work here! You work for me!


-Where are you going? -l'm gonna check the route, as usual.

Did Fletcher call?


Luis Gomez?

-What are you doing? -lt's none of your fucking business.

Move it.

Why don't you stick it up your ass!

Don't hurt my husband. Please. Don't hurt my husband.

Please, don't hurt my husband. He not up to nothing.

I'm sorry.

-Hello. MAN: Mommy?

Fletcher, is that you?




-l'm through, Bill. -What?

I'll get you back to L.A., and that's it.

The guy with Fletcher can cover you till you get a replacement.

She got a call while you were downstairs.

-l don't care. -lt was him. Same guy!

-l said l don't care. -Frank, it really shook her up!

She thought it was Fletcher calling from L.A.

I know she'll be reasonable now.

-Come on. -Save it, Devaney!

The people who hire me, they don't have to be convinced to save their own lives.

Call me when she's ready to go down.

BlLL: Frank!

Farmer, nothing that's happened between us matters.

I understand now.

You'll have to believe me, because l'm not gonna beg.

It wasn't what he said... was the way he said it.

Frank, l need you. l'm afraid.

And l hate my fear.

Please protect me. Protect Fletcher.

If anything happened to him, Frank....

I can't.

I can't-- I can't protect you like this.

It's impossible. The odds are all on his side.

I will do whatever you say.

I'd want to take you away from here for a while.

All right, l can do that.

It'd mean canceling the rest of your concert dates.

All right.

No more Sy.

Give Devaney and Tony a vacation.

Okay. All right.

You cross me up this time, I swear l'll kill you myself.

Lake's a little low.

It'll rise when it thaws.

Are they all in trouble?

Just one.

He likes you, Fletcher.

-So is that gonna protect us? -Yeah, he's a trained noisemaker.

-Come here, Foster. -Terrific. Just what we need.

Well, l don't like big dogs. They don't know who they're eating.

RACHEL: And this one does?

Yeah, this one does.

Excuse me.

Katherine had this place organized the way she liked.

That's Frank's mama.

Fletcher can't swim very well.

He better stay in the boat, then.

Try it again. Try it.

You wanna pull again?

-Frank tells me you're a singer. -Yeah, that's right.

Yeah, well...

...we're kind of out of things up here. I'm sorry.

That's okay.

You must be very successful if you need someone like Frank.

It's quiet here.

Frank spent six months up here after that Reagan thing.

Reagan thing?

Frank wasn't there the day Reagan was shot. He's never gotten over it.


...the day we buried Katherine.

NICKI: He's a real rascal now. RACHEL: Tell us.

HERB: l never hit him ever. -You should have.

That's unusual for my people.

So, what happens, he's 10 years old...

...and he comes to me and starts complaining. How about that?

FRANK: I'll tell them about the time you stripped in court.

NICKI: I wanna hear that story.

HERB: I don't mind. l'm proud of that!

Anyway, he starts playing tackle football when he's 10 years old...

...and one day he says to me and he says he's afraid of being hit.

Says it's my fault. "How come you never hit me?" he says to me.

How about that, huh?

He got over it, turned into one hell of a wide receiver.

He was always like that, my son. Couldn't stand being afraid.

Something scared him, he'd keep doing it until the fear went away.

His mama was the same way.

NICKI: You have a beautiful family.

HERB: Had enough to eat? RACHEL: Wipe your mouth.

HERB: Save some for dessert.

FRANK: You through?

I won't tell them about the time you were 13, when you first found out about girls.

HERB: Come on, Frank. You can run but you can't hide.

FRANK: All right.

So l'm black, right?

Don't touch that. You know you're white. Your move.

It's my move? You're sure?

The last move, I took your rook with my bishop. Right there.

That's right.

How long has this been going on?

Three years.

First year he had me on the run.

What do you think?

Knight to king-4.

City kid.

Son, you come here and sit with me.

That's it for me, guys. l'm tired. I'm going to bed.

You're in trouble.


FRANK: Foster, right here. Turn around.


Good night, Rachel.

Good night, Frank.

Good night, Foster.

It's good to hear you laugh.


NICKI: You're very thorough.

What's happening with you and Rachel?

One minute she has magnetic hands, the next she hates you.

I don't know what's going on now.

You follow all her moves this closely?

It's a living.

No, it's not.

You must think my life's pretty sickly, don't you?

-No. -You must.

I do.

FRANK: Then why don't you change it?

Is it that easy?

You're a lovely woman.

But you don't want me?

I'm surprised. Thorough fellow like you.

Why stop at one sister when you could've fuck them both?

I make my mistakes.

But you didn't say no to the boss.

Is this elk?


-A deer? -Yup.

It's big.

NICKI : --loves me Yes, Jesus loves me First time l've heard church music in the middle of the week.

For the Bible tells me so

Jesus loves me Oh, yes, he does Jesus loves me Oh, yes, he does BOTH: Jesus loves me Oh, yes, he does For the Bible tells me so

-Hey, kiddo. -Hey, honey.

Where's Fletcher?

-Fletcher! RACHEL: Fletcher!


Fletcher, no!



RACHEL: He can't swim!



RACHEL: Fletcher! -Help.

RACHEL: Let me have him!



HERB: Frank. Here, Frank.

What were you doing?

Frank, you're crazy! You are out of your mind!

You could have drowned him! You could have drowned him!

I'm sorry.

I got careless.

How will we get the boat?

RACHEL: Put them in there. It doesn't matter.

Okay, this thermometer.

Someone's cut the phone lines. Could be anywhere from here to town.

Both cars are dead and l can't see how it was done.


Who knows you're here?

Don't know. This place has nothing to do with her.

Maybe it has to do with you.

-We can't walk out of here at night with them. -l know.

Let's button down tonight and walk out at first light.

I was an idiot last night.

What'd you think about today?

I think this is no maniac.

He knows what he's doing.

You're right. He does.

Tell me about him.

-Who is it, Nicki? -He almost got Fletcher.

How do we stop him?

-He almost got the baby! -Who is it?

I don't know.

-Call it off. -He doesn't even know who hired him.

I don't know who he is. He doesn't know who I am.

How did you do it?

-l went to-- -How?

I went to a bar in East L.A.

I asked around, and there was this guy....


-Give me a name! -Armando.


He arranged it. That's all l know.

It's all paid for?

-ls it all paid for? -And then some, okay? Till it's done.

-He keeps going until he kills her? -Yeah.


-What's the name of the bar? -l'm not sure. l was very stoned.

All right. How about the letters?

The letters came first. I don't know who's writing them.

Shit, but they're reading my mind.

Those are my thoughts. l hate her.

It made me think I could do it.

But l would never hurt the baby. I would never hurt Fletcher!

-You must stop it. -We will.

We will, you and me.


Frank, don't you even want to know why?

You told me. She has everything.

-What if we can't find this guy? -Shh. Shh.

Stay here and don't move.

-lt's me. -God--

RACHEL: What's happening?

Stay with Rachel!

RACHEL: Where's Nicki? -No, stop! l'm the one who paid you.

FRANK: Dad? -We're all right.

-Doesn't make sense. FRANK: What do you mean?

We got him.

-What do you mean? Where? -Here, last night in L.A.

You should see this guy's locker. He's obsessed with her.

-You sure it's him? -Forensics say a 100 percent positive ID.

And he's got a black Toyota 4 x 4.

RAY: We know you did it.

Ray's with him now.

RAY: You sent her the letters. We don't need you to admit it.

-We know. -No.

-We know it. -No.

Whoever you got wasn't here last night. This was a professional.

This is crazy. What do you want to do?

How long can you keep him?

All he's done is write some letters. Forty-eight hours. You know the deal.

I know.

MAN : Stringent security surrounded the funeral of Nicki Marron...

...who was gunned down at a lakeside retreat by an unknown intruder.

Nicki was the eldest sister of Rachel Marron.

A spokesman for the Oscar-nominated actress said she was devastated...

...and that it cast a pall over the upcoming Academy Award ceremony.

It's not known whether Miss Marron will now be attending the Oscars.

Police at the sight of the killings say they--

You okay, Frank?

Yeah, Fletcher, I'm okay. How about yourself?

I couldn't sleep.

It was so scary, just thinking about it.

You feel scared, Frank?

Everybody's afraid of something.

That's how we know we care about things, when we're afraid to lose them.

What are you afraid of?

I think you should try to go back to sleep.

Is it the man who killed Nicki?

Are you afraid of him?


Then what?

What are you afraid of?

I'm af--

I'm afraid of not...

...being there.

It's late. Want me to take you up to your room?


Do you mind if l sit down?


It isn't over yet, is it?

So he'll come again?

It's possible.

At the Oscars?


You know, when l was back in Squirrel Hill...

...l started betting my friends 50 bucks each that someday l'd win an Oscar.

It's very important for them to see me up there if l win.

And if every one of those pikers comes through, it could add up to a lot of money.

I don't know, Rachel.

I think it's still dangerous.

I didn't get to this place in my life by doing the smart thing every time.

How about you?

Frank Farmer. Out there on the edge.

Have you done something in your life that didn't make sense?

Except somewhere inside you, in your stomach somewhere?

I know you have.

Because no one gets good without it.

And l know you're good.


...l don't know why this is happening...

...but l know it's not your fault.

I hope you hear me, because this is the way l say I'm sorry.


...l'm going to the Oscars and see if l win.

And l won't worry about it at all, because...

...l have you to protect me, right?

That's right.

MAN : Jason. Jason Bogart, ladies and gentlemen.

MAN [OVER WALKlE-TALKlE]: A-limos 14, 27, 29, move up to arrivals area.

We'll go straight to the green room, right, Frank? Got that, Tony?

Tony knows what he's doing.

RACHEL: l wish you guys would relax. Nothing bad's going to happen.


Unless I lose the fucking award.

Jesus. What a crew.

Screw it. I'm tired of worrying about it.

When your time is up...'s up.

Right, Frank?

MAN : This could be it. Who's that?

Let's see, that looks like... of our big Best Actress Academy Award nominees....

Yes! That's Rachel! Rachel Marron!

Rachel! Rachel! Rachel Marron, ladies and gentlemen.

-How are you? -Fine. And you?

Very good. You look lovely.

-Thank you. -They love you.

-They're going wild! -lsn't that great?

How about being the queen of this night?

Let's hope l'm the queen of this night.

-Good luck. -Thank you.

Rachel Marron, everybody.

PRESENTER: And the award for Best Achievement in Sound...

...goes to Kay Colvin...

...and Mychal Smith for Hot and Cold.

Thank you so much. l want to thank our producers.

There is a gap, house left, rows EE, FF. Get fillers.

Hi, Rachel. l just need to fill you in on some of your responsibilities.

RACHEL: All right. SKlP: Okay.

Right now, it's Best Sound. Then another song, then you.

At 8:07, you will be presenting with Clive Healy.

These are your lines.

The TelePrompTer is straight ahead and, we pray, working perfectly.

-Thanks. -Yeah.

Rachel, l understand it's my honor to escort you on stage.

That's right, and I don't like it one bit that you look skinnier than me.

I wish.

How's the Hollywood cricket team doing?

WOMAN 1 : Coming out of commercial.

Five, four, three, two. Cue music.

And cue Robert.

And enter Robert's monologue.

Stand by, dancers.

I heard that the New York economy is so bad...

...that the Mafia has laid off five judges.


I'm going to look around, then come back for her.

-Okay. -Hey.

No more carrots.

ROBERT : The couple that won Best Sound...

...did you ever see a woman who worked on sound that looked like that?

She must have been the boom girl.

Looked like the bada-bing-bada-boom girl. lf she's working sound, who's listening?

MAN : Thirty seconds to lighting change.

ROBERT: He was eloquent: "This is the most happiest day of my life."

His mother must have been very most proudest of him at that moment.

MAN : Twenty seconds. WOMAN 1 : Twenty seconds.

-Portman. -Hey, Frank. How are you doing?

What are you doing here?

-On the job. -Who?

MAN : Standby.


Short-term gig...

...but profitable.

MAN : Ten seconds.

Listen, Frank, I'm sorry about Miami.

WOMAN 1 : Three, two. Cue music.

And cue dancers.

WOMAN 2 : Don't make me close one more door Back to work. See you at the Governor's Ball. l don't wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare Must I imagine you there Don't walk away from me RACHEL: Not a bad voice. MAN: Sounds great.

Now, l want that broad run out of town.

She's got to go!

Tony, you there?

-Tony, you there? -Yeah, Frank.

Tony, I have a feeling this is the night. I think he'll go for her on camera.

That's crazy!

That's how he wants it to look, except he isn't crazy. He's very clever.

-Listen. l need you to help me tonight. -Excuse me.

You can't use that back here. The breakthrough is killing our radio mikes.

I'm going to have to disconnect you. I'm sorry.

I said l'll do it.


You get it back after the show. I'm sorry.

SKlP: Rachel. Live.

-What's wrong? SKlP: We're ready to go, okay?

-Frank. CLIVE: Rachel, shall we go?

Excuse me, is this necessary? We have our own man at the door!

Rachel, please.

No. I want him.


Stay alert.

CLIVE: Let us brighten this firmament.

WOMAN 2 : You, you, you, you You

SKlP: Coming through, please. How much time do we have?

MAN: Resetting staircases. WOMAN 1: Resetting staircases.

SKlP: Scenery coming in. Heads up, guys.

WOMAN 1 : Thirty seconds to lighting change.

MAN : Thirty seconds to lighting change.

Thirty seconds. Don't panic. Clear this area, please.

MAN : Standby caption super.

SKlP: Okay, Rachel.

Up the steps, to the right and through.

Clive, up, to the left and through. You'll meet on the landing.

WOMAN 1 : Fifteen seconds.

SKlP: Watch your step. Somebody spilled water.

CLIVE: Rachel?

Shall we?

Try to relax, Rachel. You must be very excited.

Thank you.

ROBERT : Presenting the award for Best Song...

...Hollywood's newest royal couple. England's knight in shining armor...

...and America's queen of the night.

Please welcome Clive Healy and Rachel Marron.

CLIVE: Well, Rachel.

I know you only came to present. You'll want to leave when we're done.

No, Clive, I'm very interested in one of the awards tonight.

Best Actor.

We've heard five smashing songs and the names of the artists who created them.

And, no matter what anyone thinks, I know you have no personal favorites.

The Best Song nominees are:

"Clock on the Wall" from A Dining Room Table by Dana S. Lee and Sarah Spring.

"Give Me Your Trust" from Out ofthe Gloom by David Siegel and Barbara Gordon.

"I Have Nothing" from Queen ofthe Night by Nancy Garber.

And "Reflections of My Heart" from Hot and Cold by Leslie Moraes.

RACHEL: All right, Clive.

Let's find out...

...who the winner is.

CLIVE: The envelope. Shall l do the honors?

And the winner is: "I Have Nothing"...

...from Queen of the Night by Nancy Garber.

She's good. No, she's good, Frank.

RACHEL: I'm okay. I'm fine!

I always said she was nuts.

-l'm okay, all right? -You sure?

RACHEL: Farmer! You made me a raving lunatic!

-Jesus. MAN : Fifteen seconds.

-For God's sake. -Yeah, okay. l got you.

-You gonna be okay? -Yeah.

-Great. TONY: She'll be good.

Fucking actresses!

-Where's Portman? -Who?

-Portman. -Never heard of him.

Rachel, if you want to be in your seat for Best Actress, you have to go now.

I'm moving as fast as l can. Why don't you go twitch somewhere else?

Everything's fine. No one noticed.

Everyone's jumping out of their skins with nerves.

-Bullshit! He's making me into a lunatic! -Something's going on... should know about. -You're driving her crazy!

Rachel, l know who it is.

-You're driving us all crazy. -Shut up! Shut up!

You're a maniac! You've embarrassed me... front of billions of people. You won't quit!

Rachel, wait for Frank. Honey, please.

-Three minutes-- -You calm the fuck down!

RACHEL: Is he coming or not?

Tony. I know who it is.

-Who? -lt's Portman.

-Who? -Remember?

The guy in Miami.

-Yeah, pencil neck! -ls anybody coming with me?

Him? What are you--?

After tonight, you're in charge.

This guy knows nothing about show business.

WOMAN 1 : Two minutes to Best Actress.

You're an asshole.

ROBERT : To present the Best Actress award...

...we have the man who won last year...

...for his performance in South of Waco.

Please welcome Mr. Tom Winston.

Thank you, Academy.

-Tony. -Yeah, did you see him?


-l need you on the other side of the stage. -What do I do?

FRANK: See those people? They don't need to be there.

That camera guy doesn't need to be there.

I'll take care of it.

TOM : Rachel Marron for Queen of the Night.

Tony! Tony!

TONY: What are you doing there? TOM: The winner is:

Rachel Marron...

...Queen of the Night.

MAN: Go to commercial! He's got a gun!

Frank, what are you doing?!

TONY: Portman!


RACHEL: Oh, my God! MAN 1: What's going on?

MAN 2: She's bleeding!

It's not me! lt's not me!

He's my bodyguard!

Frank! Frank.

No, no! Frank!

Frank! Stay with me, Frank! Stay with me.

Come on, Frank, come on.

God! Hurry up!

Come on, Frank! Stay with me! Stay with me.


How's it going?

It's under control.

-Won't be the same without you. -Hi, Frank!

How you doing, Fletch?

RACHEL: You shouldn't be here.

-So you're quitting show business, huh? -Yeah.

Too bad. You had talent.

Fletcher, go to the plane. Go.

So how's the new guy?

RACHEL: He's got white hair, Frank.

He's very good.

Yeah, but did you have to get me an old man?

I don't trust you.

Let's get this over with, okay? Give me a kiss.

Goodbye, Rachel.

Bye, Frank.

-You okay? -Yeah, I'm okay.


You My darling you

Bittersweet memories That is all l'm taking with me So goodbye Please don't cry We both know I'm not what you You need And I will always love you l will always love you

MAN: Our speaker this evening has been a lone courageous voice.

He alone has challenged those who have linked organized crime...

...with legitimate business throughout our state.

Welcome, congressman.

First our benediction will be delivered by Reverend Phillip Hardy...

...of the First Presbyterian Church of lowa Rapids.

Heavenly Father...

...please bless us today as we meet in friendship and duty.

And, Lord, whatever dangerous endeavors we may take...

...let them never be without your sanctuary.

We all know in our hearts...

...though we may pass through the valley of the shadow of death... are with us, guiding and protecting us.


[English - US - SDH]