The Bone Collector (1999) Script

The Bone Collector [1999] Blu-ray [HI]

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[ Helicopter Passes Overhead ]

[ Siren Wailing, People Chattering ]

Paulie, how's it look? Snitch says the cop's body's... about 300 yards down in an abandoned tunnel.

Howie? Right behind you, Captain.

Keep back till I process the scene, okay?

[ Creaking ] [ Man ] Watch out!

[ Machines Beeping Rapidly ]

[ Beeping Slows ]

[ Rain Falling ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

So where the hell is the car? I don't know.

That's the last time I'm going to take a goddamn red-eye. Maybe we can take a cab.

I'm gonna fire this son of a bitch.

He's always got an excuse.

[ Whistles ]

Come on. We'll be home before you know it.

Yeah, okay.

[ Cab Dispatcher On Radio, Indistinct ]

Excuse me. Excuse me. I think you're going the wrong way.

Excuse me.

Honey? Honey, wake up.

We're lost, or he's taking us for a ride.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

Hey, where the hell are you going? I said Fifth Avenue.

Hey! We're not tourists here, man!

Hey! Where are you going?

Let us out. Stop the car.

Stop this car, man! Can't--

Ah! Shit!

[ Woman Gasps ] Oh, my God. Son of a bitch!

Stop the goddamn car!


Please! Stop the car!

Let us out! Stop the car, goddamn it! Stop this car!

[ Woman ] Good morning.

You're looking a little dehydrated. How about some juice?

How about two fingers of vodka?

A little early for vodka, don't you think?

Time, as you well know, is a relative consideration, Thelma.

Juice. Vodka.

Juice. Vodka.

Juice. [ Buzzer Buzzing ]

Coming! Join me in a drink, Richard?

I'd love to, but a med-tech with liquor on his breath? I think not.

Thanks. So how are you?

Well, I'm better than your heart-pacing gear.

Every time I'm here, it's skewed further out of spec.

You really need a new unit. I really need a new body.

I'm afraid I can't help you with that, but I'll bring your new unit by tomorrow.

Okay. This one'll be stable till then.

Thank you, Richard. You take it easy.

I'll take it any way I can get it.

Good morning, Doctor. Hi, Richard.

Hey, would you look at this?

A... peregrine falcon. Am I right?

Yep. He likes cripples.

[ Doctor Chuckles ] There was a piece about them... in the Times the other day nesting all over the city.

Something to do with the architecture of all these old New York buildings.

I thought he liked my company.

They're a little shy. Uh, don't take it personally, Barry.

Can I get you a drink, Doc? No, thanks, Thelma. I'm fine.

Bed mode.

Got vodka in there? No.

And you ain't gettin' any, either.

All right. I'll let you guys talk.

So, Linc, you can imagine how much sleep I've gotten the past few days, considering your request.

That's funny. Since I made my decision, I've been sleeping like a baby.

After all, you have survived, beat all the odds.

You know as well as I do there's work on nerve regeneration every day.

One... finger, two shoulders and a brain.

That's all I have, Barry.

These dysreflexia seizures are occurring more frequently.

Buildup of fluid in my spine is a degenerative condition.

We both know I'm waiting for the... seizure that's gonna make me a vegetable.

I don't want to be a vegetable, Barry.

I want to make the final transition on my own terms.

I'll get it done with or without you.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, I suppose you would.

[ Chuckles ]


Okay. Okay, what?

Okay, I'll assist you... in your final transition.

What about today? There are preparations that have to be made.

This is not a flu shot. My business is in order. My bags are packed.

Besides, I've-- I've got a medical conference to go to. I've got a plane to catch.

You're lying. When do you get back?

Sunday. Okay. Sunday.

I'll see you then. Get the hell out before you change your mind.

Don't bother to get up. I'll show myself out.

Yeah, I'll race you to the door.


You are... a very good friend.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]



Hey. Morning.

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

I just couldn't sleep.

What time is it? It's early.

I'm gonna be late for work. I gotta shower.

Come on. No, you don't. Stay here.

I-- I gotta go.

[ Water Running, Man On Radio, Indistinct ]

Hey, I'll make breakfast? No, thanks. I'm gonna be late.

Another slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am?

All right, look.

My therapist tells me...

I might not be getting what I need out of this relationship.

Come on. What are we doing here? I think you and me make a great couple.

You know where I stand on this. You know what I want.

Steve, we've been through this.

I care about you.

You know that. I can't make a commitment.

Go to work, then.

You're gonna be late.

So, Amelia, it's true you're quitting the cops?

No, I'm transferring to Youth Services.

You lucky fuck. You must have one hell of a rabbi downtown.

We're gonna miss you in this neighborhood. 3-post-11, here.

[ Dispatcher ] Be advised frightened child at Amtrak site. I'm a block away. I'll take it.

Some kid found something over at the tracks.

Finish eating. I'll check it out.

See you, kid. All right.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Dispatcher ] 3-post-11, anything further on that 10-10?

Nothing yet.

Wait. I think I see him. Are you the one who called the police?

Wait there, okay?

[ Train Whistle Blowing ]

Are you outta your mind? Just shut off the engine, all right?

There's been a homicide. I can't let you through.

[ Police Radio, Indistinct ]

My name's Amelia. What's your name? Chris.

Chris, hey. I got a job for you. Here's some money.

I need you to buy me one of those cheapo cardboard cameras.

The ones you can throw away? Yeah.

Okay. Fast as you can.

3-post-11 to Central.

[ Whimpering ]

[ Crying ]

[ Siren Sounding ]

[ Man ] Send a bus. Get those passengers out of here.

[ Amelia ] I saw a hand sticking out-- [ Man ] Captain Cheney.

Detective Solomon. First officer on the scene is over there.

I found some strange stuff on the tracks near the body.

I collected it before it was washed away.

I also took some pictures. Thanks.

You're the one that stopped the train?

Yes, sir. I thought it might have disturbed the physical evidence.

Why not shut down Grand Central while you're at it, hmm?

Patrolman Donahue? Is that right?

Donaghy. A rookie, I take it.

No, sir. Pretty dumb.

Captain? Yeah?

Guess who the vic turns out to be. Talk to me.

Alan fucking Rubin. Mr. Rebuild New York himself?


I don't want anybody entering this area except for my crime scene guys.


♪ [ Woman Singing In French ] [ Linc ] Ah.

[ Chuckling ] Knight to H-6. Check.

You got company. Cops. Tell them I'm busy.

They said it was urgent. Tell them I'm out running.

She's too polite for that, Linc.

Hey! Lookee who's here.

I, uh-- I caught a serious situation, Linc.

Yeah, well, that's going around, Paulie.

Chief Murphy sent me.

Ah. Good chief.

♪ [ Stops ] Have you heard about that couple at the airport... got in a taxi yesterday morning?

Never made it home? He don't watch the news anymore.

You used to read four papers a day, tape all the news shows.

Now I just hit the rewind button. A-3.

Things never change, Paulie.

Yeah, well, that was Alan Rubin and his wife in that taxi.

Found him dead, buried, shot in the face.

Hand sticking out of the ground with his wife's wedding band... shoved on one of his fingers which was skinned to the bone.

She's still missing. Excuse me while you guys catch up, okay?

Don't go too far, Thelma. We'll be letting these nice gentlemen out in 30 seconds.

Sounds like you got yourself an open-and-shut there, Paulie.

I don't think so. A man worth several hundred million dollars... found dead with his wife's wedding band on his mutilated hand.

What's that tell you?

The doer is saying he's got her.

He's probably contacting the family right now, making a ransom demand.

I'd have been paged if he had. Check your batteries.

It's definitely a ransom.

Excuse me. Mr. Rhyme, Kenneth Solomon.

I've read all your books. Scene of the Crime... at least a dozen times.

It's great to actually meet you.

Where do you find these guys, Paulie?

They wanna work with the best.

I guess now you're gonna ask me to... discuss the crime scene with you, huh?

As a matter of fact, we've got a bunch of physical evidence that doesn't make sense.

Some seriously weird stuff. It's all in the report.

[ Labored Breathing ] Thelma?

Linc, you okay? [ Machine Beeping Rapidly ]

Hey, Linc, you okay? Out, now!

Anything we can do? Asses out of here now!

[ Thelma ] Let me get you some air. Breathe for me, Linc.

[ Gasping Continues ] I said out!

Come on. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Come on.

Deep breaths. I'm getting a B.P. on you.

Come on, Rhyme. You gotta breathe. Look at me. Breathe.

Look at me. Deep breaths. Come on, come on.

You gotta take this oxygen. Come on, Rhyme. Stay with me.

Come on. You can do it. Don't go out on me, now.

Don't go out. Come on. Look at me.

[ Muffled ]

Thelma? You okay?

I would be okay if your powers of resuscitation were a little less adept.

[ Scoffs ] Not on my shift, all right?

If you have a problem with that, you can just fire my ass.

You know I provide generously for you in my will. Keep that in mind.

Rhyme, I am not interested in having this conversation. Okay?

Okay. Crime scene report Sellitto left.

Would you take those photos, load them into the viewer for me?

View scan.

Okay. Let's look at what we got here.

Where it says "location--" What's that--

What's it say about that newspaper?

"Newspaper found beneath a coarse-thread hex-bolt with '4:00 p.m.' circled on it."

"4:00 p.m." Zoom.

Zoom. Zoom.

What about the, uh, that little piece of paper? What's the number on there?

A torn book page with 119 on it.

119, 4:00 p.m.

119, 4:00 p.m. 119, 4:00 p.m.

One-- One--

Eleven, nine. What's today's date?

Today's November 9.

Phone mode. Sellitto, Paulie. Call.


[ Man ] Sad fact is a huge percentage of inner-city kids... are having their first drug experiences at the fifth-grade level.


Here are some of the drugs they'll most likely be offered.


How'd you like to get your hands on that briefcase?

Barbiturates. Amphetamines.


Rock cocaine.

You wanna tell me what this is about? You know who Lincoln Rhyme is?

Textbook guy? Yeah.

What does that have to do with me? We'll find out.

Hey. Come on in. They're right in there.

[ Door Closes ] [ Lincoln ] And you're saying a patrol cop took these pictures?

Yeah, first one on the scene. It started to rain. Smart cop.

Not only that, but had the balls to stop an Amtrak from running over the crime scene.

Here she is now. Officer "Donahoe."

Meet Lincoln Rhyme. Donaghy.

Took some terrific photographs, Officer.

You know who I am? I read your manual at the academy.

What'd you think of it? I'm not a book critic, sir.

But you found it useful.

Yeah, I guess so. "Guess so." Sure you did.

I mean, you stopped that train. Photos you took.

I'd say you have a natural instinct for forensics.

So what do we got, Paulie? [ Computer Beeps ]

We have footprints, size ten, thanks to Officer Donaghy... using a dollar bill to establish scale.

We have asbestos on a track bed where there shouldn't be any.

An iron bolt holding down a, uh, piece of paper.

A book page with 119 written on it.

Decaying oxidation on the bolt's head but not on the thread, which says to me that someone removed it from somewhere else... and placed it there recently.

Wouldn't you agree, Officer? Wouldn't you agree, Officer Donaghy?

Paulie, I'm convinced that this crime scene was staged.

Perp's trying to tell us something. What the fuck are you saying?

Book page 119. 11, 9. That's today's date.

Newspaper, 4:00 p.m. What time you got? 12:15.

She's alive, Paulie.

[ Paulie ] And he's gonna kill her at 4:00. P.M.

We have your interest yet, Officer?

I want you to work the case with us.

Uh, it's not my area.

Are you being modest or are you... a little uneasy about doing some real police work?

Excuse me? What department you work in, Officer?

Youth Services Division. I picked her up at orientation.

Ah, I see. Youth Services.

I've wait-listed over a year to get that transfer, and I am not gonna jeopardize--

Jeopardize what? Cushy desk job?

Forensics is not my area. I disagree with you.

You can't force me to take this assignment.

I can. And if I refuse?

I would say that you're putting your career at serious risk.

You think because of your condition you have the right to push people around?

I'm sorry. That is truly pathetic.


You're damn right, truly.

Well, forgive me, truly, if I insist on having someone with your brains and a fresh pair of eyes.

There's a life at stake here, Officer.

Paulie, we're gonna need some key people and some tech support.

Okay? I know the guys.


What the hell are you smiling at?

Pull up a chair.

I want you to tell me everything you know about the crime scene.

Basically, it's all in my report. I read your report.

I want to know want you felt, what you feel... in the deepest recesses of your senses.

Why, you really are in love with the sound of your own voice, aren't you?

Now it's your voice I'm yearning to hear. Pull up a chair. I won't bite you.

[ Ringing ]

[ Ringing Stops ]

[ Ticking ]

The rifling on the .38 slug they dug out of the victim... is consistent with a Webley, a very old turn-of-the-century handgun.

Thank you, Kenny. On the big board, please. Paulie, what do you got on that bolt?

There's three initials on the head-- N.S.G.

And the bolt's not steel. It's iron.

Iron? Iron, iron.

Making it old, like the Webley.

Officer Donaghy, what do you know about asbestos?

Uh, it kills hard-working Americans every day.

[ Chuckles ] Very good. You computer literate? A little.

Thelma! Thelma? Where's my Thelma?


Thelma, meet Amelia. Amelia, Thelma.

Amelia hates my books and also computers, but she's got an A-plus nose for evidence.

So I want you to give her a crash course in how to access D.E.P. files.

Check and see if there's any large asbestos cleanups going on anywhere in the city, okay?


Where the hell is Eddie Ortiz? I'm right here!

¿Qué pasa, Paco? ¿Qué pasa, Eddie?

How's the world's crankiest criminalist doing?

Playing beat the clock, you know? Everybody's worst nightmare.

You get into a cab, and there's a damn psycho from Jersey behind the wheel.

We don't know he's from Jersey.

Yeah, Bayonne. It's the toxins in the water over there.

What'd you do? Bring the whole lab with you? Mama told me "be prepared."

Where do you want this shit? Over here in the corner.

How is your mother? Oh, God. She's 76, and she's schtupping some guy named Morris.

God bless her. But it's Morris the schtarker I'm worried about.

He's 79 with a tricky ticker and an active pecker.


Afternoon. Captain Cheney. [ Lincoln ] Amelia, what do you got on that asbestos?

There's about a dozen cleanups scattered about the five boroughs.

Put it up on the viewer for me, will you, please?

See if you can narrow it down to the oldest location as soon as you can.

How're you doing, Howard? Fine, thank you.

How's it going? In the middle of the middle, as you can see.

Mm-hmm. Hey, Linc, look what I found on the threading of that bolt.

Huh. I was hoping to grab a minute with you, if you don't mind.

Excuse me, Howard. Oh. Sorry, sorry.

We got Officer Donaghy here to thank for photographing the crucial evidence.

Crucial evidence? We don't know that.

Listen, Linc, I just stopped by to make sure you had all the support you need.

As you know, I'm putting the full resources of my department at your... disposal.

And I appreciate it, Howie. Thank you.

But the thing is, Linc, you see, I've formalized the department's standard procedures since you were in charge, so--

Eddie, could you put what you got up on my screen, please?

So I'd appreciate it if you kept me in the loop.

Absolutely. At all times.

At all-- Eddie, what the hell is that we're looking at?

Uh, old paper.

Coarse grade.

I'd say, uh, 80, 90 years old.

Turn of the century, it looks like.

Huh. The perp likes old.

Uh, fine, then.

Look, I'll be in my office if you need me. Yeah, okay, Howard.


Old paper. Old gun.

Buries his victim in a vintage Civil War railroad bed.


Sand, sand. What-- Eddie, what do you got on the sand?

Doesn't really look like sand.

I'm not sure. Can you individuate it?

Oh, if I had an E.D.X. here, I could do anything.

We don't have a goddamn "E" the fuck "X," Eddie!

Oh, look who forgot their chill pill this morning. Excuse me.

Come on. I'm all over this thing now.

Okay, we're talking, uh, pearly looking.

Some kind of a... shellfish or something.

Oyster shells maybe?

Could be.

Definitely. If I had to bet on it, I'd say it was. Sure.

[ Amelia ] All right, I got it. The oldest asbestos sites are coming up.

In 1913 when the Woolworth Building was being built, workmen found the body of this rich industrialist, Talbot Soames.

He'd been kidnapped the year before, shot in the head and buried.

And what they thought was white sand turned out to be oyster... shells.

Crushed oyster shells. That's what they used as landfill in lower Manhattan.

That's how Pearl Street got its name. That's where Mrs. Rubin's gonna be.

Somewhere downtown.

She's gonna be underground.

She's gonna be in a basement... near... or in the Woolworth Building.

Hey, Paulie. Call Emergency Services Unit.

Have them meet us down by the Woolworth Building.

Tell them to start their search. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Okay? Eddie. Did you bring your van? Yeah.

Uh, it's downstairs. We're gonna need it.

Throw your keys to Amelia. Paulie, you and Solomon go with her.

Shouldn't I go with them? No, you gotta stay here with me.

We gotta work that bolt. That's the missing piece.

Shall we keep Cheney in the loop? Fuck him.

Fuck him.

Amelia. Trust me.

Follow those instincts you were born with. I'll be with you... every step of the way.

Jesus, 25 minutes left.

How did Rhyme get to be that way? He was born brilliant. It happens.

I mean the physical part.

About four years ago, he was working the body of a transit cop... been found shot in a subway tunnel.

Beam came down, damn near cut him in half.

Jesus. Family?

[ Elevator Bell Dinging ] Married sister in Phoenix.

[ Paulie ] He never sees her. Cut himself off.

Technically, he's still on active duty, collecting full pay.

P.B.A. insurance picks up round-the-clock care and all the gadgets.

On weekends, always one or two cops there lending a hand.

Tough deal winding up like that. You won't hear him complaining.

Nah, he gets too much pleasure pushing other people's buttons.

In your case, I'd be complimented.

You gotta learn to relax around a compliment, especially one from Rhyme.

You can be a little grating. Me?

Kiddo, if you were any more wound up, you'd be a Timex.

[ Paulie ] He was a human dynamo-- writing books, lecturing all over the world, giving expert opinion in trials, working half the crime scenes in the city.

You know what he'd do in his downtime? I can't imagine.

He'd collect things-- dirt, metals, plastics, hubcaps, plants, musical strings, medical tools, anything you could think of.

Obsessive. No, he'd have it all analyzed and catalogued... for his whatchacallit-- database.

Jesus Christ! I'd like to get there in one piece, if possible.

[ Man ] New York Security Gate Company. Start looking through those?

[ Lincoln ] That might be good. What else? Nicholas Steven Gerard.

Elevator construction. Gotta be underground.

I got a subway builder. Sounds--

Excuse me! N.S.G. Niagra Steam Generation.

Bought by Eastern Gas and Electric in 1928.

The six-inch iron bolt was used mainly for steam pipe assemblies.

[ Whimpering ]

No. No. [ Screaming ]

[ Siren Wailing ] [ Lincoln ] 349, you got 11 minutes left. Where are you?

[ Paulie ] We just hit the financial district.

There's a steam junction... with big asbestos-coated pipes.

That's where our victim's gonna be. I'd bet my legs on it.

She's gonna be at Wall and Nassau.

Wall and Nassau. Has E.S.U. been notified?

They're on their way. They'll probably get there before you.

E.S.U. says that steam is released through that junction every day at 4:00 p.m.

[ Paulie ] Shit, what's this asshole up to?

[ Lincoln ] I don't know, but it's gonna happen in about ten minutes and thirty seconds.

[ Tires Squealing ] All right, Linc, we're here. We're going down there.

[ Lincoln ] Amelia?

Yeah, I'm here.

It's their job to try and save Mrs. Rubin's life. It's your job to get ready and... work the crime scene, if necessary.

There's some things you're gonna need. Look in the back of the truck, and you'll see an aluminum suitcase and a radio headset.

See it? Yeah, I see them.

[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Steam Hissing ] [ Indistinct Chattering ]

[ Man ] There must be a way in.

What's the problem here? Fuckin' valves freeze up easy.

Come on, guys. Shut it off.

You there? [ Amelia ] I'm here.

I'm inside the pipe. [ Grunting ]


I hear something! I hear something!

[ Amelia ] What is that? Someone's in there! I can hear her crying.

Everyone, quiet now! [ Man ] Shut all the valves down.

[ Muffled Cries ]

Mrs. Rubin? [ Muffled Cries Continue ]

Mrs. Rubin?

She's in there, Linc.

Mrs. Rubin, we're on our way in now!

Come on, guys. Let's go, let's go. Let's hurry the fuck up.

Get drill and a tap. Somebody cut this thing halfway through.

[ Man ] There's no way to turn that steam off, guys.

[ Rumbling, Hissing ]

Back! Back!

[ Car Alarms Blaring ]

[ Coughing ]



Linc, she's gone.

The whole place is scalded in steam.

Let's go! This way! in some way-- E.S.U. are gonna blow a hole in the subbasement wall.

There's no other way in. It's my understanding...

I'm working with Chief Murphy's authorization on this, right?

Yeah, that's right. I don't want those Emergency Services guys rushing in there, trampling the evidence before we get a chance to run the scene.

What do you want? When they blow the hole, I want Donaghy to go in first.

Hey, come on, Linc. She's not trained for this. We could get our asses in a sling.

My ass has been in a sling for four years.

Tell Hanson and his beasts that's what I want. Period.

All right. You got it.

[ Explosion ]

[ Car Alarms Blaring ]

Okay, let's move!

[ Man ] All the pipes in the junction have been secured.

[ Man #2 ] Right. Check all the way to Broadway.

[ Hanson ] I'm doing this under protest, Sellitto.

The perp could still be in there, for Christ's sake.

[ Paulie ] Rhyme's in charge, and they're his orders.

You can't handle it in there, I want you to get your ass out.

[ Lincoln ] Amelia, you ready? Yeah.

Listen to me.

I'm with you every step of the way.

Go on.

Good luck.

I'm in. Tell me what you see.

Everything's been boiled to hell. [ Clattering ]

Oh, God. [ Coughing ] What is it?

It's an awful smell.

That means you're close.

I can't believe I'm doing this. You're fine.

Just fine. You're doing great. Now just remember the academy.

When you walk, move in a straight line.

We don't want to disturb any footprints he might've left.

Yeah, assuming he's gone.

There's no footprints. There's nothing yet.

[ Gasps ] Oh, God.


Talk to me.

Talk to me, Amelia.

I can see her.

The steam pipe was opened, and she's tied down right in front of it.

Okay. There's nothing you can do about that now.

You can't do anything for her but help her by... working the crime scene; that's your job.

Open your suitcase. Get your camera.

[ Unlocks Case ]

I can't do this. You can do it.

Yes, you can. Yesterday you stopped a train.

You can do anything you want when you put your mind to it.

Don't work me, Rhyme.

Just tell me what to do next.

Very slowly, walk the grid... one foot in front of the other.

I want you to look around you now.

Remember, crime scenes are three dimensional.

Floors, walls and ceilings.

Rhyme. Yeah, I'm here.

There's something strange.

Things he left for us?


In a cluster again?

There's a small piece of wood, and, uh, looks like some hair.

All right, I'm gonna walk you through collecting the evidence.

You do everything exactly as I say.

Oh, Jesus. Talk to me.

It's a bloody bone. Where is it?

It's in my fucking hand.

[ Lincoln ] Human?

I think so, yeah.

All right. Photograph it. Bag it.

Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.

[ Lincoln ] One more thing.

We gotta process the body.

[ Amelia ] Wha-- I'm not a medical examiner. I can't do that.

I'm not asking you to do an autopsy. I just want you to--

Just describe the restraints.


They're strange-looking handcuffs.

They look more like old shackles or something.

There's a chain, uh, across her waist.

And her feet are, uh, are bound with a rope.

Hands above her head?


There's also a large, uh, a piece of flesh... missing from her right forearm.

It's right down to the bone. It looks like it was surgically removed.

This is what I want you to do.

We're gonna need those handcuffs, Amelia.

It's probably our best chance for good prints.

The M.E. can remove them when they get here.

M.E. is all thumbs. They're--

They'll mess up the prints.

Look in the suitcase. There's a small saw.


I want you to saw her hands off at the wrist line.

We gotta have those cuffs for prints.

I can't.

Cut her hands off. We need the handcuffs.

I can't. No.

Saw off her hands. Take off the cuffs.

I can't. Listen to me.

Saw off her-- We need those cuffs. I can't!

Amelia, we need-- No! Fuck you!

Amelia. Amelia.

He wants the woman's hands cut off, he can come and do it himself.

Amelia? Amelia.


[ Man ] That'll be 16.50.

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

[ Ringing Stops, Dial Tone ]

[ Knocking ]

[ Knocking ]


Who is it?



[ Rattling ]

Hey, hey, take it easy!

Shit! Solomon, what are you doing?

Are you okay? What the fuck are you doing?

Rhyme's been trying to call you for hours.

Your phone's down. He was concerned.

My phone's fine. I don't need his concern.

He needs you over to his place right away.

Well, I don't work for Lincoln Rhyme.

Rhyme believes the evidence you collected is telling him there's another vic in play.

And he is laying that at my feet? Hey.

Don't shoot the messenger.

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

You just move in? Uh, yeah, about a year ago.


You were a model.

Yeah, when I was a kid. Kid model to street cop.

There's a leap.

For whatever it's worth, I thought what you did today was pretty damn terrific.

♪ [ Sound System: Slow Techno-Rock ]

[ People Chattering ]

[ Laughing ]

Hey, you guys, I'm outta here.

I'm gonna grab a cab. I've got a paper to finish.

I'm just gonna hang. No problem.

I'll be there in a minute.

[ Man ] Can I finish that? [ Woman ] Go for it.

[ Heavy Breathing ]

[ Man ] I'll see you outside.

[ Door Closes, Ignition Starts ] Taxi.

[ Indistinct Radio Chatter ]

[ Eddie ] That bone's definitely not human. [ Phone Ringing ]

[ Lincoln ] And the hair? [ Eddie ] Not human either.

[ Lincoln ] Well, what is it?

I'm workin' fast as I can.

Glad to see you could join us.

I got Cheney on the line. He wants you to brief him.

Tell him I'll call him back.

Two things:

First, you did a hell of a job locating the evidence.

There's no question the perp knows forensics.

Now, as for the other thing, the, uh-- you know, the victim's hands, well, maybe, um--

maybe it was too much to handle, so we'll just forget it.

Is that your version of an apology? An apology?

Is that why you came over here?

You really are a piece of work.

Well, aren't we a pair.

I think you're terrific.

[ Monitor Beeps ]

You got a hell of an arrest record too.

High marks from all your bosses. Definite gold shield potential.

Why do you want to throw it all away to chase youth offenders?

I don't feel I have any need to explain that to you.

Come on, Amelia, cop to cop.

Cop to cop, let's just leave it at personal reasons.

Okay. [ Beeping ]

Doesn't have anything to do with your father, does it?

Man, you just keep charging at walls, don't you?

Stubbornness is something we both share.

You know, they say, genetically speaking, that we come into this world with a preordained destiny.

I don't believe it, though. For example, my parents.

Neither of them had more than an eighth grade education, never read more than one book between them, not one.

I've read thousands. I've written a dozen. What's your point?

My point... is that destiny is what you make it.

Whatever happened to your father doesn't mean it's gonna happen to you.

You're a great cop. You'll make a terrific detective.

It's a gift.

Don't throw it away.

A report from the Taxi Commission.

An NYU student was abducted late last night.

His girlfriend saw him struggling to get out as the taxi driver... was bludgeoning him with a flashlight.

No description of the driver.

Okay, everybody, this could be our next victim. Yeah, Tony.

Paulie here. It looks like we got another victim.

Did you get a deadline off that evidence yet?

Not yet. Something I was hoping you'd help me with.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Victim Shouting ]

No! No!

No! [ Screaming ]

[ Rattling ] Anyone for some osso buco?


The bone we found at the Wall Street scene-- veal shank.

Braised and overly salted to boot.

A cow bone? Uh-huh.

And I also found a piece of that old paper... embedded in the bone.

Take a look. [ Electronic Buzzing ]

What's going on? Just do what you need to do as quickly as possible.

This came in from the F.B.I. It's about the hair follicles. He says they're not human.

A rodent, probably a rat. Get this-- they were shaved off.

Now we're looking for a rat that shaves. I really like that.

I've known a few in my time. How about you, Amelia?

More than a few.

It's consistent with underground, that's for sure, huh?

What's he trying to say to us? Definitely communicating in our language.

Leaving clues. Forensic clues, at that.

Maybe it's a cop. Maybe.

Maybe he's trying to share the responsibility of these murders with us.

If we don't figure out the clues in time, the blood's on our hands.

And if we don't find the victim in time, we're as responsible for the murders as he is.

What do you got on that dirt you scraped from the wood?

I don't have it 100 percent individuated, but it does appear nitrogen-rich.

All set. Ready to rock and roll. Thanks for rushing, man.

All right, Thelma. Thank you, Richard.

Nitrogen-rich. Explosive carbons. Where do you find those in New York?

Bomb sites. Shooting ranges.

Maybe an old fort or an armory.

Let's not forget the shit factor, guys. The what?

Manure becomes a nitrate when it's aged.

That's true.

And you got cow bones, huh?

Old cow bones, old manure. Turn of the century.

Cows, farms, pastures, rats.

Dead cows.

Where do you find-- In stockyards.

Slaughterhouses-- that's what we wanna look for.

Stockyards and slaughterhouses from turn of the century.

Let's start there. Check the Internet.

Okay, I want tax records, sanitation records... and building code inspections, last hundred years, okay?

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ] [ Screeches ]

[ Squeaking ]

[ Whimpers ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Blood Pressure Cuff Hissing ]

Your blood pressure is way up.

[ Beeping Continues ]

You're pushing it too hard, Rhyme. I understand, Thelma.

What do we got on the stockyards over there? [ Amelia ] Almost there.

You okay? No, I'm not okay.

I can't figure out this damn time line... or these shards of cardboard.

I don't know what the hell it means. Uh, yeah.

We got three defunct stockyard sites. There's one on the East Side.

Lexington and the Harlem River Viaduct. Good.

Solomon, put the box down. Mark it down on the viewer as she calls them off.

Your blood pressure's gonna blow a gasket if you don't slow down.

My body has a mind of its own. It doesn't listen to me, all right?

What else, Amelia?

Yeah, there's another on the Hudson up at 155th.

Mark it down, Solomon. Look, your stats are going down.

You saw him have a seizure the other day. What else?

There's one underground at Greenwich and Houston. Mark it down, Solomon.

Why don't you knock it off, Linc? I don't need to knock it off!

[ Phone Ringing ]

Wh-What was the first one that you mentioned?

Lexington and the Harlem River Viaduct.

And when did it close? 1910.

Okay, what about, uh-- Houston and Greenwich?

When is that? Uh, 1898.

And Hudson and 155th was closed in 1906.

1906, 1898--

All right. Let's-- 1898.

Houston and Greenwich. Call Emergency Services, Paulie.

Tell 'em... meet us at Houston and Greenwich, okay?

[ Paulie ] Solomon, get on to Hanson. He'll need about 20 guys.

[ Detectives Speaking Simultaneously ]

You go with them. [ Paulie ] Come on, guys! Let's go!

[ Paulie ] Linc, you there?

Yeah. Ready.

[ Paulie ] We're here.

Okay. Amelia?


[ Lincoln On Radio ] All right. Same drill. I want you in first.

Let's do it.

You watch yourself, Amelia.

Man, I don't like this.

I don't like this.

Linc, I got a bad feeling about this, man.

I think all three of us ought to get in there together.

Not yet, Paulie. Just hold back.

[ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Footsteps Over Radio ]

[ Amelia ] I'm going down some stairs.

Cement walls. [ Exhales ]

[ Water Dripping ]

[ Exhales ] Wood crates.

Large columns.

[ Amelia Sniffs ] Smells like manure down here.

Ortiz sure knows his shit, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Always has.

Metal hooks... [ Metal Jingling ] and a pen.

It's a slaughterhouse.

[ Cop ] Come on, guys. [ Hanson ] Go, go, go, go!

[ Paulie ] E.S.U. are here. You hold 'em off.

Don't want 'em contaminating the scene.

[ Cop Speaking Over Bullhorn ] [ Paulie ] Hold it. Hold up, hold up!

You're not to go in. Why?

Rhyme's orders. Fuck him! Get me Cheney on the line.

[ Female Dispatcher ] Crime scene C.O. on air.

Switch to channel 22 for E.S.U. Fuck Rhyme.

[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Panting ]

Maybe this one's still alive.

Perp didn't leave a deadline.

[ Amelia ] What does that mean?

It means we're probably too late.

You don't know that, Rhyme. Get off the line.

Just move on, Amelia.

You know, there's five basic contaminants to every crime scene.

I'll skip to the worst one-- other cops.

I think I hear something.

[ Rat Squeaking ] [ Panting ]

I hate this shit.

I see something. Something's there.

[ Rats Squeaking ]

I think I found him.

I-- I can't tell if he's alive.

Oh, geez. He's covered in rats.

[ Sighs ] They're all over him.

We're goin' in. No, you're not. No, you're not!

[ Rats Squeaking ]

[ Paulie ] Go, go! [ Hanson ] Central, we have shots fired. Shots fired.

Oh, God.

[ Amelia Sighing ]

You were right. We never had a shot.

He cut him up pretty bad and left him for the rats.

There's also a big cut in his leg. It's right down to the bone.

The blood attracted the rats.

[ Cops Chattering ]

Goddamn son of a bitch.

You okay?

I'm fine. You wanna step aside so I can walk the grid?

Yeah. Yeah. All right.

Let's back 'em up. Let's give her some room. Move it, guys.

[ Amelia ] Rhyme, I'm gonna walk the grid.


You know what to do.

[ Panting ]

[ Amelia Panting ]

Rhyme, I found it.

Another cluster.

[ Amelia ] It's a piece of old paper, just like the other two.

And a matchbox.

Will somebody get that black suitcase and bring it over here, please?

[ Amelia ] Pull out the brown envelope.

Sounds like you're starting to enjoy this work.

[ Siren Wailing, Horn Honking ] [ Dispatcher On Radio ]

Damn! The press is here.

Right there, right there.

[ Man Shouting Orders ]

Lincoln Rhyme is no longer working this case. I'm takin' over. Understood?

Do what you wanna do, Captain, but maybe you ought to check with Murphy first.

Fuck Murphy and fuck Rhyme.

[ Cheney ] This has been cleared downtown. We got a dead kid in there.

I, for one, am not taking the heat for that. You understand, hmm?

Call Ortiz. Tell him and his crew to vacate Rhyme's place now.

Excuse me, but the victim was already dead when we arrived.

And you, half-assed patrolman working a crime scene, those days are over.

I'll take that evidence bag now, thank you.

You can take it with a chain of custody voucher, sir.

Are you outta your mind?

- [ Man ] Cheney says he wants all the evidence. Hmm?

[ Siren Wailing Over Radio ] [ Cheney ] Let's go. You're coming with us.

[ Amelia ] What, are you arresting me?

[ Cheney ] Just get in the car and keep your mouth shut to the press.

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Phone Ringing ]

You're not gonna find any prints. The guy's too good for that.

[ Sighs ]

Well, it looks like we have a nice, clean friction print here.

Unless, of course, it's yours.

No. I was wearing gloves when I collected it.

We'll know soon enough. Put this through, highest priority.

You got it. Thank you.

Hey, you know, I got a feeling this perp's been in business a long time.

Yeah, I hear you, but that's Cheney's problem now.

Yeah, that's what scares me. Do me a favor, will you?

Check and see if there's been any homicides in the last 12 months... involving surgically removed flesh exposing bone.

No problem. I'll see you soon.

Hope so, Eddie. Hey, Thelma?

Don't you let him run no circles around you now. Stay right, Eddie.

[ Computer Beeps ]

Oh, that print. We just got a positive I.D. on it.

The guy has three extremely violent priors.

Oh, look at that. Taxi license, no less.

We got him. Let's go, boys! Somebody call E.S.U.

[ Shouts ]

♪ [ Music Playing ]

Now slide out nice and easy.

[ Paulie ] That explains your print, Captain.

[ Female Reporter On TV ] He's now the fourth victim of a killing spree...

- that has prompted NYPD brass to launch a task force... - [ Doorbell Buzzing ] to track the killer.

This morning's raid follows leads found in one of the earlier murder sites.

Hey! Hey.

I was hoping you'd show up.

[ News Report Continues ] He's been worried about you.

[ Female Reporter ] ...Lincoln Rhyme. Yeah, sure.

[ Reporter ] Viewers will know Rhyme from his book, Scene of the Crime, a chronicle of old New York's most grisly murders-- Hey.

I didn't expect to see you again.

[ News Report Continues ] Poor Cheney, huh?

Grabbed the ball with both hands and scored one for the other team.

I can't comment at this time-- Yeah.

I tried to warn him that the perp was too smart to leave a print.

How you doin' with that stuff? [ Beeps ]

Not too good. [ Beeping ]

Two pieces of the puzzle, but I don't know what it means.

[ Beeping Continues ]

Maybe this'll help.

Cheney will have your badge for that.

He wouldn't give me a chain of custody voucher, so what could I do?

You could bring it back to him.

The man is a living monument to ineptitude.

True. Let's take a look.

[ Chuckles ] What do you got there?

Ah! Third piece of the puzzle.

There's something really strange about it.

You gotta smell it.


Are you-- Oh, shoot.

[ Chuckles ] Sorry.

It's okay. Take your time.


[ Doorbell Buzzes ]

You have to put it closer to my nose.

[ Sniffs ] What do you think it is?


[ Door Closes ]


This just came in from Eddie Ortiz.

Amelia, could you load these into the viewer, please? Shit!

Sorry about that, Thelma.

E.C.U. View scan.

[ Beeps ]

"Dear Linc: I'm enclosing photos of four unsolved homicides...

"which took place in the last 12 months.

"Flesh has been surgically removed from each of the victims' extremities.

I miss you. Love, Eddie."

I'm gonna spare myself the pleasure, if you don't mind. Okay, Thelma.

[ Lincoln ] Zoom.

Same mark.


Zoom. Zoom.


Same messages. [ Beeps ]

[ Beeping ]

It's him.

The perp was trying to make contact even then.

But Cheney never put it together.

[ Beeping ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ] [ Alarm Sounding ]


Dysreflexia seizure, a bad one.

Hang on. Hang on, Rhyme. Breathe now. [ Gasping ]

Come on. Breathe with me. Damn catheter's blocked.

Let me get a B.P. on you. Stay with me. Stay with me. Breathe!

Hang on. Hang on. Just let me check it. [ Gasping Continues ]

Diastolic's over 125. I gotta get it down now.

[ Rapid Gasping ]

[ Gasping Slows ]

Just give it a few seconds to work.

Come on, breathe with me. Breathe with me, Rhyme. Rhyme?

Rhyme! Rhyme!

[ Steady Breathing ] Come on. [ Panting ]

Hang on, Rhyme. Hang on.

Is he gonna make it?

If he does, he won't be happy.

What-- What are you talking about?

[ Sighs ] He's already finalized arrangements to self-terminate.

He's convinced some doctor friend to help... with his "final transition," as he calls it.

But suicide? I mean-- It's the seizures.

Any one of 'em could put him into a vegetative state.

That's what he fears more than anything.

[ Doorbell Buzzes ] Who is it?

Captain Cheney! [ Thelma ] What can I help you with?

Police business. Open up, please.

Mr. Rhyme is asleep.

Well, wake him up. I need to see him now.

Let me deal with this asshole Cheney. You watch him.

Anything, just call me. He's all right.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Doorbell Buzzing ]

[ Grunts ] Look, lady.

Now, I hope you know that obstructing justice is a felony offense.

[ Thelma ] Look, don't "lady" me. And I know my rights.

Unless you have a warrant, you can't come in. I'm comin' in.

[ Cheney ] I have reason to believe there's stolen evidence on these premises.

Now, what's your full name, hmm?

Thelma what?

[ Thelma ] You want to get official, huh? What did you say your name was?

[ Cheney ] All right. I'm not here to play the name game, honey.

You got a smart mouth, and it's gonna get you in trouble one day.

Yeah, and it also may bite your ass if you don't stop trying to aggravate my patient.

I'm gonna leave now, but I'll be back.

And when I come back, it'll be with a warrant.

[ People Chattering ]

I looked everywhere, and I thought the conductor was gonna be so angry.

I kept on searching everywhere, and finally it was right on my lap.

[ Police Whistle Blowing ]

Grandma can't wait to see you.

[ Whistle Blowing, Car Horn Honking ]

[ Dispatcher On Radio, Indistinct ]

[ Engine Revs, Tires Squeal ]

[ Dispatcher On Radio, Indistinct ]

[ Tires Squeal ]

[ Siren Wailing ]

What'd I do?

First off, you're carrying a fare and your meter's not on.

Number two, your license is not displayed-- [ Grunts ]

[ Gunshot ] [ Screams ]

[ Siren Wailing In Distance ]

There's laws against molesting the handicapped, you know.


I wasn't a pretty sight, was I?

[ Gasping ]

Thelma told me about your plans for your "final transition."

Cop to cop, that subject's not open to discussion.

Why, would you miss me?

Well, destiny's what we make it, right?

Touché. You seem to have your reasons for checking out.

I just-- I would've expected more from someone like you.

Well, I might surprise you and... live forever.

Nothing you could do would surprise me, Rhyme. Well!

Look who's still in the land of the living. For the moment.

Cheney was here, huffin' and puffin'.

Promised to return with a warrant. Sorry I missed him.

[ Phone Ringing ]

If that's him, tell him I'm, uh... Say no more. skiing.

Hello? Oh, hey, Paulie. Hang on.

Linc, I don't know if this is anything more than a coincidence, but a taxi inspector was killed today by a cabbie who was off the meter.

Thing about this taxi, a witness-- a male, who wouldn't give his name-- saw the taxi speeding away with an old man and a little girl inside.

Probably the doer that called. Jesus, he's got a kid.

And an old man.

Thank you, Paulie. [ Paulie ] Okay.

We better take a closer look at that third piece of the puzzle.


Three murders. Three evidence clusters.

Three pieces of paper.

View scan.

[ Beeping ]

[ Beeping ]

Come on, Thelma. You're the queen of puzzles. What do you see?

I'm looking. I'm lookin'.

What if we lower the little one, that one?

Twist that big one around.

Doesn't that kind of look like a face? Mouth, nose, eye.



That's a woman's face.

Yes, it is.

It's a logo.

An old, turn-of-the-century... publisher's logo.

You know it?

I used to own a few of the books. Gothic stories.

Crime stories.

The killer is pointing us to an old book.

Can I help you?

I called before about turn-of-the-century crime books.

Around the corner. Help yourself.


[ Pilot On Radio ] Aviation Two to Central.

We're taking a flyby at the Brooklyn Bridge.

The report appears unfounded at this time.

Will proceed to check East River shoreline and advise.

I need more small boats over here to search under the piers.

It's by the heliport. Under the piers.

Lincoln, it was the last murder in the book.

They've got to be along the shore here. [ Lincoln ] Listen.

The lab says the odor we smelled on the third piece of the puzzle... is probably diesel fuel.

There's an old boat refueling station at the Staten Island ferry pier.

Check the pilings under the pier.

[ Sobbing ]

Found them! Over here!

Here! Here!

[ Pilot ] Central, I can see someone with a light signaling us... from the old Staten Island ferry pier.

There appears to be two bodies in the water next to the pilings.

[ Grunts ]

Subject signaling is most likely NYPD officer at the site. Come on.

Over here! Here!

Watch the pilings!

[ Pilot ] We've got divers coming in to you now.

[ Chattering ] Come over to the ladder.

[ Pilot ] Central, be advised aideds are out of the water... and E.S.U. is working on them at this time.

[ Cop ] Choppers on standby.

[ Cops Chattering ]

Rhyme, you there?

Yeah. Looks like we're too late.

Uh-uh, forget it. He's dead.

[ Cop ] Bring the chopper in.

The old man is gone.

They're still working on the little girl, but it doesn't look good.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cop ] We need a Task Level One mobilization, okay?

Let's try it again. I know she's still there. Come on, kid.

Come on. Try it.

[ Cop ] Breathe. Come on. You can do it.

Come on.

Breathe. Breathe.

[ Coughs ]

[ Cop ] There you go!

She's breathing. I think she's gonna be okay.

Can you hear me?

I think she's gonna make it. Good. Good.

You gotta find the clues that he left for us, Amelia.

See what you can find around the fuel tanks. All right.

Lincoln, I found it.

It's a map of some kind, some chunk of a clean bone and a piece of a metal or a badge.

There are some initials engraved. It looks like a-- a "P" and a "B," or a--

It's a "D." It's definitely a "D."

P-D. It sounds like a cop's badge.

You think he's gonna kill a cop?

Could be.

Thelma. Maps?

Tell me about the map.

Looks like an old subway map.

I don't recognize any of the stations.

When I was scanning those asbestos sites, I came across... a lot of stations that aren't in use anymore.

Okay, there it is, the oldest station.

On your map, is there an old station indicated at the tip of Manhattan?

- Navy Street. It's right next to the pier.

Oh, shit. Cheney's here.

[ Boat Horn Blows ]

You talking to Rhyme on that thing? Give me the radio!

Yeah, listen, Linc. This is Cheney, man. What the hell you doin'?

Stealing evidence is a goddamn felony. You know that.

To my understanding, there's no chain of evidence voucher.

Yeah? I got news for you. You are not a cop anymore. You understand that?

What you are is a fucking meddling cripple.

I'm going to place your gofer here under arrest.

You don't mind that, do ya?

Lock her up!

[ Siren Wailing ] Where'd she go?

[ Siren Grows Louder ]

[ Chains Rattling ]

[ Door Creaks ]

[ Amelia ] I'm inside the Navy Street tunnel.

There's grey dust everywhere. It's all over my shoes.

[ Radio Static ]

There's footprints, one set of footprints.

[ Broken Transmission ] Hello, Lincoln. Hello?

Amelia? Hello?

[ Automated Voice ] The mobile unit you've called is not responding, or is outside the coverage area. Recall.


[ Creaking Sound ]

[ Creaking Continues ]

[ Creaking Stops ]

[ Chains Jingling ]

[ Train Rumbling Overhead ]

No dust. He changed the numbers.

7-8-4-9-9. What is it?


[ Quietly ] What does it mean?

What does it mean? 7-8-4-9-9.


8-4... 9-9.

Help me, Rhyme. Help me.

[ Gasps ]

[ Gasps ]

He's gonna kill Rhyme.

[ Car Horns Honk ]

[ Doorbell Buzzing ]


Hey. What are you doing here?

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Knife Clatters Onto Floor ]

[ Door Closes ]

[ Rustling ]


Is that Amelia?

Bed mode.

[ Water Running ] Thelma?

Thelma, is that you?

No, it's me-- Richard.

Richard. What's up?

Thelma asked me to come by, check the heart pacing machine.

Oh. [ Coughs ]

[ Monitor Beeps ]

Uh... where is Thelma?

Out in the hall.

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

[ Clicks ] [ Ringing Continues ]

[ Ringing ] Phone mode.

I thought it was time we had a little quiet moment together, you and I, no interruptions.

Okay. What's on your mind, Richard?

I think it's time to set the record straight, Mr. Rhyme.


You remember Syracuse, don't you?

You wrote an expert opinion.

I've written thousands of opinions, Richard.

Don't fucking tell me you don't remember Syracuse.

They called it an investigation. It was a witch-hunt.

There was a forensics cop up in Syracuse, New York--

Marcus Andrews.

Okay, yeah, that was the cop that was... suspected of tampering with evidence in some homicide cases, right?

Nothing was tampered with. Six innocent people went to jail; one hung himself.

No, no, no. They went to jail because they were guilty, they were scum.

He doctored the serology reports.

No, nothing was doctored. He planted blood evidence at the crime scenes.

My work was impeccable.

Where we going with this...


Your report destroyed my life.

You know my report was not a legal finding.

You never gave me the opportunity to defend myself. I never even met you.

I was sent to prison for six years.

I spent two more years trying to get to you.

Do you know what happens to a cop in jail?

Every day, every single day, over and over, I was brutalized.

I became a human toilet, because of your expert opinion.

Well, you will never point the finger of blame at anyone ever again.

[ Cracking Sound ] [ Sharp Groan ]

You were never as good as they said you were. I played you.

I tested you. I gave you every clue.

You and your little helper couldn't save those people.

Their blood is on your hands. You failed.

You failed, you fuck.

Game of chess, Mr. Rhyme. Some people win, some people lose.

I win, Mr. Rhyme. I win, you lose. [ Beeping ]

[ Grunts, Pants ] [ Monitor Beeping ]

What kind of vegetable would you like to be, Mr. Rhyme? A carrot?

[ Groans ]

How about a zucchini?

[ Groans ] Zucchini?

You want to be a zucchini? Thelma!

I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Did you say zucchini?

[ Screaming ]

[ Moaning ]

You want to play? [ Panting ]

Shall we cut out your tongue, Mr. Rhyme?

How about your eye? Your eye.

I'll just pop it right out of there. No, let's leave that for now... so you can watch me.

You can watch me while I gut you open right down the middle.

[ Indistinct Whispering ]

[ Gasping ] What?



[ Richard Groaning ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Knife Clatters Onto Floor ]

[ Siren Wailing ]

Lincoln? [ Sniffling ]

Lincoln. Can you hear me?


Oh, God. [ Sobbing ]

[ Cop #1 ] Two more in here. [ Cop #2 ] Step aside, ma'am.

[ Squawking ]

[ Siren Wailing ]

I've always loved this view. I like it, too, Doc.

It's looking better every day.

Hey, how you guys doin'?

[ Doc, Lincoln ] Good.

[ Eddie ] Ho-ho, ho, ho, ho-ho!

Ho-ho, ho, ho-ho!

Hey, Linc! You got an operating license for that?

I got a learner's permit.

Mami, mira Lincoln. Feliz Navidad.

¿Cómo estás?

Mira. [ Speaks Spanish ]

How's your boyfriend Morris? He's in Florida.

He play golf. Playing golf?

Captain Flash on wheels. Yo, Paulie.

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Linc, if you gonna be cruisin', you might as well be amusin'.

There you go. Thank you, Eddie.

[ Eddie's Mother ] It's nice. Qué bonito.

Hey. Come on in.

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. [ Man ] How you doin'?

You're looking real good, Mr. Rhyme. "Mr. Rhyme"?

It's Lincoln to you. Loosen your shorts.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, my goodness! Merry Christmas. What are you doing here?

Merry Christmas, Uncle Linc. Oh, give me a kiss.

Merry Christmas, Kimmy. How are you?

How you doin', Tony? My goodness, I didn't know you were gonna make this trip.

Wouldn't be a surprise if you knew.

I'm sorry. Amelia, this is my sister Janine, her family.

Amelia. Yeah, I know. Hi.

You know? We've met.

On the phone. How you doin'?

Merry Christmas, Lincoln.

Merry Christmas.

[ Man ] ♪ In this proud land we grew up strong ♪

♪ We were wanted all along ♪

♪ I was taught to fight taught to win ♪

♪ I never thought I could fail ♪

♪ No fight left or so it seems ♪

♪ I am a man whose dreams have all deserted ♪

♪ I've changed my face I've changed my name ♪

♪ But no one wants you when you lose ♪

[ Woman ] ♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ You still have us ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ We don't need much of anything ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ 'Cause somewhere there's a place ♪

♪ Where we belong ♪

♪ Rest your head ♪

♪ You worry too much ♪

♪ It's gonna be all right ♪

♪ When times get rough ♪

♪ You can fall back on us ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ Please don't give up ♪

[ Man ] ♪ Got to walk out of here ♪

♪ I can't take anymore ♪

♪ Gonna stand on that bridge ♪

♪ Keep my eyes down below ♪

♪ Whatever may come ♪

♪ And whatever may go ♪

♪ That river's flowin' ♪

♪ That river's flowin' ♪

♪ Moved on to another town ♪

♪ Tried hard to settle down ♪

♪ For every job, so many men ♪

♪ So many men no one needs ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ 'Cause you have friends ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ You're not the only one ♪

♪ Don't give up now ♪

♪ We're proud of who you are ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ You know it's never been easy ♪

♪ Don't give up ♪

♪ 'Cause I believe ♪

♪ There's a place ♪

♪ There's a place where we belong ♪